Monday March 20th 2023

March 20th, 2023

Answer to the Sunday quiz -  Tommi Ahvala on the Aprilia - who won the World Championship in  either 1992- or 1993  - Brett was the first in with the correct response. followed by Pete Varey.
But This one is difficult - a blast from the past - rider and machine please - I will tell you it’s at the Scottish, and this guy later rode for the Royal Enfield Factory Team.
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Now this is a good looking 1937 Norton.
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A great shot of Steve McQueen at the 1964 ISDE in Germany - he failed to finish after a big crash. - did you know that World MX Champ Joel Robert also rode this event? Steve and Joel became friends and Joel  later got to keep Steve’s Helmet .

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We now have the results from the  - TRS Trial at Ioco from a couple of weeks back   - and it was certainly a good day for the Spanish bikes with Alex Walton (TRS)  taking Expert with 21 points  ahead of Sean Bird (Scorpa 23 followed by Kirk McDowall  40. They had 10 riders in this class  very good turn out.

In other classes - Ted McDowall (TRS) took the Senior 45 and it was a TRS sweep in the Sportsman with the Clark bros one & two followed by Tom Hillman. -  Full results are on the CPTA site - Thanks to  Don Doerksen for the results.

Yesterday they held a Ladies event at Ioco and it appears this went well - with our own Vernon rider Katie McG (Beta) finishing runner up in the Inter class to Karaleen Gidia, followed by Lisa Rae (TRS) - In Junior it was Amanda Porsild followed by Sarah Detour and Britt Lee Koeler - Jaclyn Delacroix rode as an exhibition rider. - We look forward to hearing all about this event when we see Katie later today.

(Note!  the results don’t show what bikes for many of the riders)


Sunday March 19th 2023

March 19th, 2023

Quiz - Who is this rider and what is the bike?

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Meet Jim Groat  from Blairmore Alberta, who just picked up one of the gorgeous new Beta Evo 300 SS models. - Although Jim owned a TY 175 many moons ago - he has been riding other big bikes for the last several years, so he is looking forward to learning all about the new techniques and will enjoy riding the local trails in the Crowsnest Pass area.
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Anybody who remembers the old practice days in the Okanagan, can relate to this great pic of Steve Colley showing perfect technique as Barry used to yell “ARM UP LEG OUT”
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The Super Enduro Championship is now over and here are the top three - Billy Bolt ( Husky) Jonny Walker (Beta) Taddy Blazuek  ( GG)

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Team Scotland all ready for the 2 Day Jersey Trial, with Harry McKay (#10)  -That will be some trip for sure.
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Saturday March 18th 2023

March 18th, 2023

Here is a great shot of young Harry Hemingway at last weeks very difficult British Championship event, both Harry and his brother George are two of the brightest hopes for UK Trials success in quite a while. - The Hemmingway family have a long history in the world of Trials, being related to John Lampkin the Beta UK Importer, means they get very good support. However, I wonder if Honda already have these lads on their “Shopping list”


A couple of really nice old Bultacos - post says they are located in Vctoria.
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We came across this old Sammy Catalogue  - We used to buy quite a lot of spares from Sammy back in the day.( Then he sold up)
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And here is a pic that shows modern World Trials - Yes it’s a different sport - should be called Stunt Trials

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And this is why they used to call the English Trials riders - “Mud-pluggers”

Friday March 17th 2023 “St Patrick’s Day”

March 17th, 2023

The most notable thing about this date for us -  is that - back in 1959 , Babsy and myself met at a local dance, and started dating. - I guess if we weren’t Welsh - you could call it the “Luck of the Irish” - We were married in 1962.
Later when we came to Canada, I was a bit surprised to see all the celebrations including Green Beer etc. - no I have never been to Ireland, although Babs visited there before we met.

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We now have Katie all fired up to promote Vernon Trials ( We will help when we can)
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I must say that it’s very  exciting to see the new renewed Trials interest in Vernon. - We held a lot of events up on Vernon Mountain in the 1980’s - then the access land was sold and a new development was planned, but this never did go head.

We have been riding up there quite a few times but not much in the last few years. - We know of  Lots of neat sections.


Thinking about our sport of Trials - I saw an article posted on Trials Guru by Bernie Schreiber on Practice.

As I have mentioned before, my introduction to the sport was by reading a book on Trials technique by Max King - the ONLY one available at that time in the 1950’s -At age 15 - I read it from cover to cover over and over - taking in all his advice on everything to do with Trials, but mainly as it pertained to different sections.

The book covered a lot about terrain from deep mud, slippery leafy cambers, big steep climbs etc etc. - and yes I  later tried to remember this while out on a Saturday practicing. - I listened and watched the older club riders, and learned from the experience.

Fast forward to the modern era, and yes things are different - but while I have little interest in all the hop & bop - the same practice ethics are required, and instead of reading a book - new riders have been able to study video tapes. ( In fact one of the very best tools for learning technique - is to have a buddy video tape you riding various sections  - study these tapes then do the exercise over and over until you get it right - funny thing is that when you do manage this - it feels so simple!!)
The one common item with this regard - is that  a new rider, needs to learn ALL the basics, from how to set up the bike, to standing correctly -   using the controls  smoothly. AND don’t forget that if your bike is not set up correctly or running good - then clean rides will be a LOT harder.

DO NOT PRACTICE what you find easy !!  Practice the harder stuff - but don’t get frustrated by failing over and over - stop and think about the section and break it down into parts. - Better to move on to easier stuff rather than get mad.
Over the years - we have seen a lot of changes - both with bikes and events - ( Not all to my liking) - but the one thing that has remained the same, is that riders who listen and practice technique, not only enjoy the sport more, but are more likely to succeed.

To ride a Trials bike “slowly”  over difficult terrain, is far more difficult than twisting the throttle wide open   and dazzling your buddies on a smooth parking lot.

( But don’t think that as a young 16 year old - I did everything right!!  Riding through the deepest mud holes I could find and jumping as high as possible !! Because that’s what you do when you’re a kid!!)

One final note .  Taking in a Trials training school can be a big help ( but sometimes expensive) The main thing is that if you don’t later practice things you have learned - over and over - then you have wasted your money.

Answer to the last quiz Heikki Mikkola  - only Cam Wiffing got this. but thanks to all who send in emails

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Thursday March 16th 2023

March 16th, 2023

The sun is a shining to welcome the day !!! Anybody remember the movie this song was in??


Not much news to report today, although there are plans to host some weekly  Tuesday night Trials training/fun evening rides at Vernon - later when the snow clears - We will post more details on this later when we have details.  ( Katie is the one in charge of this)

Here is an old pic taken by Florian prior to the WTC National at Revelstoke a few years ago - wonderful scenery up on the loop.

We always hoped this area would become a Trials “Mecca” - as it had really good potential , but like they say, “Sometimes things just don’t work out”
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I have posted this super pic from a bygone era, to show the great - “panning” effect - something that  only Photographers from back in the day will both remember and understand - but who is the Yamaha rider?

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Wednesday March 15th 2023

March 15th, 2023

Happening this coming Sunday at IOCO

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The latest from CMA - Nice to see our own Katie on the Ladies Team.

Canadian Motorcycle Association

2023 Trial des Nations Team Announced
The Canadian Motorcycle Association is pleased to announce that Canada will be represented at the Trial des Nations, in Auron, France, on September 8-10 by the following riders:
Women’s Team:
Melissa Andrist, Victoria, BC - Gas Gas
Jennifer Dickson, Nanaimo, BC - TRS
Katie McGeachy, Vernon, BC - Beta
Men’s Team:
Sean Bird, Port Coquitlam, BC - Scorpa
Michel Fortin-Belanger, Notre-Dame-Du-Portage, QC - Beta
Alex Walton, Mission, BC - TRS
Team Manager:
Derek Thomas, Moose Jaw, SK
Assistant Manager:
Michael Traves, Dartmouth, NS
Canada will be well represented by this team, and we look forward to supporting these riders in 2023!
Nice Opti Display at Helmut Clasen’s shop - Did you know that Opti ( Interlube International) supplied the Men’s ISDE Team with product when they attended the Australian 4 day event back a few years ?? ( And they all finished)
No photo description available.
If you want to learn more about this fine product  ( Distributed by Outlaw since 1987) shoot us an email or give us a call
I see the Trial scheduled for this weekend South of the border has been cancelled last minute !! Not sure why - but I know some riders had planned to go from both the OK and the West Coast.
Answer to the last quiz - Jordi Tarres on the Protype Beta Zero  - Brett got in first ahead of Pete Varey and Harlow. - I saw Jordi with this bike at the 1989 Scottish, but he seized it first day  when the rad plugged with good old Scottish mud.
I watched some of the British Championship Trial from Hook Woods on You Tube - but found it quite boring - trick riders slipping and sliding all over the place in the terrible conditions - reminded me of Mart Lampkin’s comment at our 1975 World Round at Bragg Creek -  “What does Dave think we are  ” Bloody Supermen?”  - But the difference that day, was that I heard the riders were having a really tough time on the first part of the loop, so as I was out ahead to make sure all the arrows were up on the 69 mile course - I was able to ease the sections, which made all the difference - The bottom line is that the weather can kill you as an organizer - you have to be prepared to change things, which I did. ( Maybe hard to do in Parking lot type Trial with a large entry)
Flashback to the last Trial we had at Ymir - we had a visit with Pat Horan and Caroline - they were out on a BMW ride. ( That might have been my 75th birthday weekend) - Caroline now lives in Fintry and has a TRS Xtrack - not sure where Paddy is now - maybe back home in Nelson?)
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Tuesday March 14th 2023

March 14th, 2023

Quiz - Who is this rider?

Answer to Yesterday - Bernie Schreiber at the 1980 Scottish Six Day Trial - a few correct answers on this.


Heath Brindley told us a few weeks ago, that he was going to be selling the new Mecatecno electric bikes for Importer Steve Saunders - here he is with stunt rider Jason Finn, at the Hook Woods Trial - Obviously got his order in early for the woolly hat & jacket!!


Katie stopped by yesterday to drop off some stuff for me - picked up at the weekend in Vancouver - she said the drive was pretty ugly, with lots of rain, and while she finished the trial, she had some issues with the Beta, which were a bit frustrating,

She is definitely  super keen to progress, and will do well as time goes on.  - Don’t forget it’s Ladies day at Ioco this coming weekend, with Christie Williams instructing.

And finally - This old pic just popped up - it’s one I took of Shane Bridden’s TRS at Peachland, while we were out for   some practice - this would have been a tough section as there were a lot of dead grass etc  in between the rocks. We decided leave it for another day.
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Monday March 13th 2023

March 13th, 2023

Well! I wonder how many readers were up early and spotted the mistake on the blog yesterday !! ? I told people to put their clocks BACK instead of FORWARD - ( I did correct this when I got up on Sunday morning !!) Yup it’s an old guy thing !! Forgot the “Spring forward-Fall back”

With regard to the quiz !  Brett seemed to think the pic was me at Summerland, but of course it’s a shot I took of Ross Rathbone at Summerland - Hey up Did everybody sleep in ??  No other guesses .
Quiz Today - Who - where and when???? hint - pic taken by Len Weed.
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Pic from the UK Trial - Dougie doesn’t look very happy - Maybe he had just seen Alfie’s result!!


Podium at the British Championship Round #1 - Very tough slippery conditions = high scores

#1 Jack Peace (Sherco) #2 Toby Martyn (Mont) #3 Billy Green ( Scorpa)

The Expert Class was won by Brad Bullock on the Beta. - But with most scores over 100 points - I have to think they didn’t get this one quite right!! - Lots of retirements  - Interesting that French guy Chatagno won on an electric EM - - Alfie Lampkin finished 11th with 139 points.
Somebody posted this !!

Jack Peace ? wins the first round of the England ?? championship with 134 points .. ? 18 FAILS… 11 times 3 points… ? (3 rounds of 12 zones). Brutal


So Sunday I took my second ride of the year !!!! Around the yard !! - this time on the new 2023 Beta Evo 200 - as most people know we have always sold a lot of 200’s and this new one really does look good, the all red “Ferrari” type color is very striking, and the new updates  such as the Michelin lite tires, plus the nice exhaust guard are nice features - can’t wait to get out on this for a real test. - We liked the fact that we only needed to remove one small Liquid Moly decal - so we could put on the Opti ones - this is the ONLY oil that goes in all our bikes. ( They must be running short on the LM decals - they are normally plastered all over the bikes)
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We will post the results from Ioco when we we see them. ( Katie will likely be over later with the story)


Sunday March 12th 2023

March 12th, 2023

So did everybody remember to put their clocks FORWARD one hour - It’s 12.05 while I post this - but no wait a minute it’s only 1.05 - Confusing isn’t it?

Not Trials I know - but what a time in Yamaha racing .
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Today is the TRS Trial at Ioco - we hope everybody has a good ride, and safe free travels for anybody going over the Coq!


It is also the first round of the British Trials Championship at Hook Woods in the UK - Hopefully the snow will have melted in this area, as a lot of Trials in both Wales and Scotland have been postponed due to the weather.

However the Yorkshire Trial at Whetherby is Cancelled !!!!

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Steve Saunders will be showing off his new bike line at the trial - the Electric Metatechno. - alongside his hugely successful TRS.
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In The World Indoor  - Busto took the win over Bou and Raga on Friday night.


Quiz for today ( an easy one for most) Who is this rider ? BUT where was the pic taken?

No photo description available.


Saturday March 11th 2023

March 11th, 2023

Don’t forget !!  Clocks go back tonight !! a reminder for all you riders going to the TRS Trial tomorrow at IOCO.


With the cold winter weather, it’s easy to forget that it’s Daytona Speed Week down in Florida - a few Cannucks are  there   and have all qualified fairly well. Of course it’s not like the “Heady” days when we had Stevie Baker battling for the win!! -

The first time I went down was in 1976 with the Yamaha Canada Crew. - Babsy was with me and we felt a bit silly getting off the plane in our heavy jackets, and seeing everybody in shorts!! - We have a photo somewhere of a bunch of dealers              ( including Walt) in our Hotel room looking very red and burnt after a day by the pool.


Anybody that has driven down the Westside road   has likely seen a few of these magnificent sheep on the road, often in bunches - this one was by himself back in 2014, can’t remember what camera I used to capture this nice shot.
No photo description available.


The 2023 Beta Trials bikes have finally arrived - and they look great - The 300 is sold and we will keep the 200 as a demo - next shipment should be the Factory model!!!