Thursday November 26th 2020

November 26th, 2020

Jonny Walker and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing part ways

No other details of what the future holds for the British rider

Jonny Walker, KTM split


Yesterday was quite a busy day - first thing, I was in the van & headed up the Valley to Backus Racing - They are a very successful Polaris Dealer  selling lots of sleds plus a ton of side-by-sides - they are very involved in Baja racing at the moment, although all this has been put on hold for this year because of the Pandemic. - They also sell a lot of Opti Snowmobile oil, and have used it in their Snowmobile Hill Climb winning sleds over the years.


Today, I will head the other way - down the Valley to Kelowna, again to deliver Opti Oil - it will also give me a chance to visit Paul at C & S Printers, who do all our Trials cards etc.


A few birthdays to announce - November 24th was my brother’s 87th birthday back in the UK - today it’s Joel Robert’s 77th and over in Vancouver Kirk McDowel is another year older.

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Check out these videos.

Trialeros del Mundo…/james-dabill-retires-a…/

August Workshop Update: New Imperials, Fruin, BSA, Triumph and more!


This is a shot of the late Martin Lampkin on an SWM - note the perfect style - right arm up - right leg out - finger on the clutch as Mart used to say “Perfect”

New riders today are very lucky to have all the quick hi-tech video available from phones & cameras. - the best tool for learning the correct riding style  - instant play back.  - We use video all the time when out training newbies.
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Wednesday November 25th 2020

November 25th, 2020

I sent this post to Walter in Spruce Grove after he had mailed me a pic of a buddy crossing a River in Alberta.

- I remember the 1973 Moose Mountain race - I was riding my Bultaco Sherpa T 325 - brilliant bike but it had a crap gas tap and mine was leaking on the line - I was fiddling around
trying to fix this with some JB weld - with Bob Sadownick holding my bike ( as
it didn’t have a side stand ) - all of a sudden the shotgun went off and Bob
dropped my bike on top of me while he started his Bultaco Alpina and raced away with
the other 170 riders !!  - What a great start to my 2nd Cross Country
event - by the time I got going I was dead last! -

However about a mile from the start was a huge slippery hill and this was covered with bikes &
bodies - so being a Trials rider, I just rode up one side over all the logs etc and likely passed 50 or so in one go.
Later I came to this river crossing, and watched in amazement as all the
guys were leaping off the bank into the deep rushing water, only to  be
either upside-down or watered out.

I decided to ride farther up the bank where I noticed a sandbar in the
center of the river - and managed to use this to my advantage riding
downstream and exited  where a bunch of guys were parked with their bikes
upside down draining the water out !!  - - I still remember that both Rudi
Zsasko and Zoli Snr - looked  astounded as I rode out of the river Feet  Up.

-that race was two 50 mile loops and some of those guys were still
there when I came around on my 2nd loop. -

The mud was so bad on one cut line not far from the finish that my front wheel with a low fender got so clogged up it wouldn’t turn, and I lost a position to a guy on a Husky because of
that. - basically within sight of the finish.
In the end I finished 6th overall & 3rd Open - As you can see by the
pic I was totally  knackered. - I can’t remember who won but probably Ken
Haybeck from the States - He used to come up early and find out where the
course went so he always cheated -  ( But a very good rider)

UPDATE :  That Hill I mentioned looked a bit like this >>>

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Thankfully, still no snow out the window today, which is good because I have to go up the Valley & pick up an Opti shipment from my friends at Backus Racing - they sell a lot of Opti Injection oil in the winter months, so I use them as a drop point for the 45 gal drums etc.


This just popped up from a year ago on this date - Shane and myself out on a rather cold but dry day up above Peachland.

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Tuesday November 24th 2020

November 24th, 2020

Last week, I mentioned that things were starting to get busy with regard to shipping out any parts or accessories before Christmas - Well Monday I was in a line-up with about 15 other people trying to mail off a small box to Penticton, so with this in mind PLEASE  don’t leave stuff until the last minute.


This is a shot I took of Murray Nutt many years ago at Blackfoot Park  in Calgary - It was the Western Canadian National Trial, and while there were some hot dogs from the Coast entered - Murray took the win.( Surprised a lot of people)
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With the short World Trials series now over - and with riders like James Dabill retiring - we go into the “Silly Season” - this is when Factory Contracts get renewed, and rumors circulate - the latest is that the mighty KTM money giant are trying to buy Adam Raga !! - I for one will be very surprised if this happens - Jaimie Busto has been bouncing all over the place, so who knows where he will end up - As they say at the Circus “Bring in the Clowns”


Weather in the Valley is still looking good this week, which is great, because we have some Opti Snowmobile oil to sort out & deliver.


The small Family owned Beta Factory have had an amazing year with their Enduro bikes - winning in Europe and now also in Japan.

On a side note - did you know that KTM once tried to buy Beta?  but were turned down by the Bianchi  family. -  Could the recent buy out of Gas Gas and spending lots of money in every aspect of motorcycle sport, be just   more about the Austrian Factory trying to take over the Motorcycle World ? and will it all fall apart as History has proved for other German conquests?

( Many people are unaware that KTM were in receivership about 20 years ago, but were bailed out by the German Banks)
I remember Bob Hannah saying to me back in 1975 “Money will buy anyone”  - and it did for him, when he was lured away from Yamaha  - Brand loyalty certainly is rare at the top end of the scale.
Beta se estrena como campeona en Japón gracias al título de Tadashi Kugimura


And finally - Here is another video for “The Silly Season”  ( sent by old friend Chris Wilson from High River AB)

Motorcycle Chariots Australian Motorcycle News Australian Motorcycle News • 59K views 2 years ago


Monday November 23rd 2020

November 23rd, 2020

We often get people asking about Trials Training and if we can help - and while it’s true I did quite a lot of this in the 70’s - in later years we have just helped new riders on a “One on one” basis showing basic techniques.  -

One of the main things that I stress these days, is clutch control, which is a “Must” on the modern bikes.  Also - new riders need to practice one thing at a time - start “Slowly”  - forget about those big rock steps until later. - ( After you master the “Double blip” - and tight turn etc )
>We recently attended a school put on by Sam King  at Scotch Creek, and  I was impressed with how well he was able to explain things.  Although most of Sam’s schools planned for 2020 had to be cancelled because of the Pandemic - We are hoping this will change for 2021.

The most common mistake that we hear about from  newbies - is that the first thing they want to learn is “How to Wheelie” - when in fact this should be well down the list .  - We have had more than one so called expert MX/Enduro rider get into trouble trying this on a Trials bike in our yard.

One of the bestTrials teachers is Ryan Young from the States  - A few years ago I helped Jacek Jablonski when he arranged for Ryan to  come up to Western Canada to put on a School first in Red Deer ( see video) then another one in Summerland.  - Ryan covers all aspects of the sport with a program that caters to all abilities.
We had Motorcycle Mojo gal Emily Roberts out for some Trials Training a few weeks ago - and while she is a very good rider, and also taught riding schools in Ontario. - Trials bikes are so different with the power to weight ratio being exceptional, so going over backwards when trying to pull a wheelie happens often to new riders. - This pic shows Emily on our Beta 200 in perfect control - finger on the clutch, and also a finger covering the front brake plus ready to tap the back brake  to bring the front end down, if things go haywire.
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We have a bunch of Training videos on VHS - which of course few people use anymore - Mick Andrews, Steve Colley etc etc.

In the meantime check out these two which I found posted on U tube.

Ryan Young Trials School Red Deer AB 2017 YouTube Stationary Jap Zap · Moto Trials Technique · Jochen Fleschutz Trainer Jochen Fleschutz (RGA Kempten) demonstrates the Stationary Jap Zap in comparison to the Jap Zap at the Trial Day at TuS Fürstenfeldbruck. October 3rd…

and another one Tim Coleman : TRIALS VS ENDURO feat Lachy Andrews Watch as Tim Coleman & Lachy Andrews battle it out on an epic landscape to determine which is the better bike… Filmed & Edited by Full Moto Films SUBSCRIBE…


Another comment we often hear is “Trials is growing isn’t it? - Well Of course this is not true especially at the World level - check this out - The sport at World level has become such a “Circus” that some top riders have recently  called in quits. - Remember the glorious years when thousands of Trials bikes were sold Worldwide? - that was when the bikes had seats and were perhaps more “Normal”

The largest growth area for Trials bike sales, is to riders with enduro bikes, who want a cheap trials bike to learn to ride like Graeme Jarvis.  Good luck.


We see a lot of posts on the internet and of course on the TV, by people who do not  believe in  taking this Pandemic seriously. -.

I was reminded about a poem written by a World War Two Spitfire pilot- his name was Richard Hilary and I have his book called “The Last Enemy” - he wrote it while in hospital recovering from terrible burns after being shot down. - He was later killed in action.
“We grow cold, and we grow callous.

’til death stalks into our home,

with some deed that doth appal us,

then the deeper feelings come.”


Sunday November 22nd 2020

November 22nd, 2020

Just in case you didn’t read the blog yesterday - here is an update on our situation in all of BC - that  includes  Outlaw Trialsport. - Also  please phone ahead to make an appointment.
COVID-19 province-wide restrictions

Maybe I should do a reprint of my original business cards from 1987 !!!!

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We now have a sign up in the carport >>>


With not much happening these days - it’s a good time to catch up on videos Final Round of the 2020 British Championships Motorbike riding and sidecar crashing with Toby Martyn

And another old one from when I started riding!! I seem to recall doing a bit of that !!!

Trial Off Road La Nucia


So I wonder how many people saw the brilliant video of young Dan Hemmingway, practicing in Spain, on the Beta Factory 125 -  The 125 class is very popular in Europe as younger riders are restricted to this size engine.  - We loved riding both the Beta and TRS 125’s - but while we promoted these - and many top riders tried them with glowing reports - The fact is that in North America, the small capacity bikes do not sell well, and therefore we will only be bringing these in to special orders in future. - In other words if you want ANY particular model - Best to Pre-order  in these uncertain times, with possible Factory closures and cut- backs.

Saturday November 21st 2020

November 21st, 2020

You don’t have to enter Sidecar Trials to look good in Wulf riding gear - We have all the Helmets,jackets,shirts,pants,gloves & boots in stock, and ship all over Canada.  -  But don’t delay if you want something as  the Christmas Rush has already started at the Post Office.
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I guess I could call yesterday “Black Friday Sale Day”  my phone was ringing off the hook and we had two people coming to pick up bikes, so  we are now sold out of Betas and the only TRS we have is my own Special Gold Edition.-  If you think you are in the market for 2021 my advice is to give us a call, get your order in - ( we already have a list)

PLEASE NOTE.  As of today, we require all customers to phone ahead for an appointment and they also HAVE to wear a mask.  Also  please note that while we try to be flexible — our winter hours are 9am-4pm.  If this does not fit into your schedule give us a call and we will try to work something out.


So I got an email fro Michael Traves  ( Nova Scotia) saying that there is another Canadian rider entered for the 2021 Scottish ( if it happens)   Michael does an excellent job of promoting Trials at a club level and is getting more support each year. - All his events are run under the WTC banner. - He mentioned that he was thinking of going to the Scottish and volunteering as an Observer ( checker) - I emailed back and told him that if he does go - pack his thermal underwear and rain gear.

Here is one section that he will be sure to see - The Pipeline.
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Friday November 20th 2020

November 20th, 2020

This is World Champion Road racer Giacomo Agostini - trying out a Bultaco Sherpa T back around 1973 - not sure if he ever rode in any Trials, but many Road racers did during the winter months to keep fit.
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So you will notice that there is a tool bag fitted behind the seat of this old vintage Ossa - a great idea for long distance events - We make an Outlaw one like this for only $29.95 - also great for Enduro bikes.

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or you can grab one of our World Class Outlaw toolbelts - hand made in the OK Valley since 1987  - only$69.95.
Outlaw Tool Belts


Here is a pic I took of Zoli JR at Blackfoot Park back in the 70’s - I remember that I talked to Zoli SR first before signing JR for Yamaha Canada, as of course they were both involved with Scona Cycle Honda.  - Zoli Snr said - “Sure go ahead Honda is not helping us at all”Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, motorcycle and outdoor


As most of our regular  members know - we have been promoting both the TRS 125 and the Beta 125, for a couple of years. - Great bikes especially for junior riders, but they can also pull off amazing stuff in the right hands. - make sure you turn the sound on FULL. - to see Adam Raga on the new TRS 125.

JordiTRS on Instagram: “Adam Raga play with New 125cc engine👊🏻 it is a good influence for young riders😉”


Any Bob Hannah fans out there? - Click on this to order his CD>


The weather continues to be very mild in the Valley, so I spent Friday morning out in the shop working on the bikes. -After lunch I headed up to the Landfill to get rid of a bunch of garbage - and of course got caught up on all the latest news with Andrew.


STOP PRESS.  Another top Trials rider calls it quits - Vertigo’s Jack Price is the latest.


Thursday November 19th 2020

November 19th, 2020

Stan took this pic of me on my final ride up Joss Mountain - the sun broke through the snow clouds for a short time when we were up  into the Alpine. in 2012.
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==========================================> trial “seventies” Championnat de France Carcassone Coutard - Desnoyers


Did you know that a bike similar to this 1938 BSA Empire Star, lapped the Brooklands track in the UK at 100mph in 1937 ( The year I was born) - And did you know that a Billionaire from India is planning on building the iconic BSA line of motorcycles again?

Read all about it by clicking onto this link>> BSA returns with new UK factory, petrol and electric bike plans Read about the return of the BSA marque as the Indian-owned firm plans a new UK factory building petrol and electric motorbikes.

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Here is the  entry list for the 2021 Scottish Six Days - One Canadian rider -Jon English and I see Marc Colomer is also entered and a few other “Old timers” from Europe.

This is a Neil Sturgeon photo of Dougie on a very wet day in Scotland - maybe caption should read “Full Steam ahead”

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Wednesday November 18th 2020

November 18th, 2020

Yesterday, we mentioned the 1971 National Trial which we did for the Calgary Club - and how it snowed 2ft overnight !!  This is the program which we printed up ( we did this for all our big events back then) - It shows John Jones on the cover riding a Bultaco in the Scottish Six Days Trial.

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Dibs calls it quits!!!  James Dabill has announced his retirement from World Trials after a successful  career spanning almost two decades - He has not indicated if he plans on continuing riding British events, or if he will be tempted to do like many other top riders and get into Enduro.
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video for today >>>>>>


Glad to say that the warm weather continues in the Valley - hope it stays for a while, makes for a shorter winter  and of course a lot easier on getting around. ( Although we don’t go out much)  I see they had some blustery conditions on the West Coast with snow on Vancouver Island, and all the passes.


You can tell Christmas is getting closer, as the lines at the Post office are getting longer. - We spend quite a lot of time their, shipping parts and Accessories  all over Canada. ( And in case you haven’t noticed - the cost of shipping ANYTHING - these days is outrageous . Don’t mention rear fenders for the Evo !!)

We had a call from a guy named Bakgaard yesterday - No it wasn’t Stan, but turns out to be an older relative of our good friend - seems he lives in Vernon and plans on stopping by to talk about getting a Trials bike - He told me that he is quite old for getting into something like this at age 63 - so of course I just laughed and said that he is just a “youngster”. - ( He asked where my shop was as he had read about me in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine)

I saw this posted on FB and took note that the rider is Dutchman John DeGraf - which reminded me of a guy  by that name Peter De Graf - who showed up at one of our early 1970’s Trials in Alberta on a Honda TL 125 - and proceeded to spank all us experts.!! ( We learned later that he was a former Dutch Champion) - Pete would  become well known for his success in Moto Cross and we got to know him quite well - we even sold him a couple of Beta Trials bikes at one time, but I don’t think he ever entered a Trial at this time - Just used them for playing around his land near Lethbridge.
Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor, text that says 'OKTOBER dagen MOTOR 31ste JAAR Prijs Verschijnt RT SPORT EN TOERISME OFFICIEEL BULLETIN VAN DE BELGISCHE MOTORUDERSBOND NITAM Bb.g V.Z.W.D.'


Tuesday November 17th 2020

November 17th, 2020

Here is a an old pic by Mike Davies - of a “Scramble” back in the day - these events were often a real mud-fest  as they were often run in the winter months.

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and  here is another one

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We had a Wulf delivery yesterday - and another is on the way - hard to keep some sizes of the new Trials boots on the shelf - I must say I’m very impressed with these and we are getting very good reports from customers. - Christmas is coming and Wulfsport UK, can supply all the very best  gear for Trials - Helmets,shirts,pants - jackets - gloves - We stock lots of this - great quality at a very fair price.
New Wulf Trials boots


This is a shot of a nice Kawasaki at a vintage event in Japan - I remember that John Jones   from Toronto showed up at the 1971 Canadian National Trial that I set up for the Calgary club, with a “Special 175″  which he had made up from an Enduro bike - ( I think he was riding for Manly the Kaw Importer )
John who was another transplanted English rider - was a top dog at the time and with the Japanese Factories all “Eying” the Trials market - this was one of the first attempts that we saw. - unfortunately  we had a big dump of snow the night before the event, so I had to lead everybody around the 30 mile loop through the deep snow, as I was the only one who knew the way.

What a day that was - I was out for the first time on the Blackfoot Motorcycle Montesa, and struggled all day - the bike eventually quit & I had to push it down through five  creek sections to the finish.

Jones took the win that day, with his bike also running very poorly seizing up more than once in the difficult conditions ( and  high altitude)  - I have a video somewhere of that day shot by John Whitby.


And finally for today - a great shot of Steve Oliver’s lad from Australia ( or NZ) - A lot of kids started their career on one of the little TY 80’s.  - This was back in the day when Yamaha were promoting Trials as a family sport -  TY 250 for Dad - TY 175 for Mum and TY 80 for junior. - It was a very good Marketing strategy.