Sunday July 12th 2020

July 12th, 2020

🏆 Spectacular victory by @adamraga in the return of CET, celebrated in Pobladura de las Regueras.
Unbeatable results for TRRS in the Spanish championship😀
Adam Raga P1 TR1
Eric Miquel P1 TR2
Marc Horrach 1 P TR3
Sandra Gomez P1 woman’s
also more podiums in other categories..
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It appears as though Toni wasn’t at this Spanish Championship event - which is strange.

Steve Saunders 2021 TRS Estart.- Pic by Heath Brindley.
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The sun is up this morning and although the forecast is a bit uncertain for later - we are heading down to Summerland to meet Ted - we also have a new rider tagging along - not sure who else will join us. ( Just another nice trail ride - nothing serious)  Today I will take my fantastic TRS Xtrack 300 estart ( Which is for sale later this month)


Yesterday I watched some of the Golf followed by the Indy car race - both were very entertaining -  early this morning the second F1 race of the short 2020 Season took place in Austria - and if you try to ignore all the BS involving Lewis Hamilton - it was a good race - very close with a lot of new teams  and drivers, Yes it was a Mercedes 1-2 but the action behind the leaders was good.


Saturday July 11th 2020

July 11th, 2020

We have posted a pic of this magnificent machine before - but I still can’t believe that this was built in 1938.  V4 Supercharged. -British Engineering at it’s finest -(And Sammy has it in his Museum)

Who remembers this brand ?  and what famous World Trials Champion rode one?

When Mick had a “Perm” and strutted his stuff  on the Ossa.


What a wonderful photo of Battle of Britain  a flight of Hurricanes.

They also had a Spitfire “Fly-over” at the funeral of Vera Lynn - The Forces Sweetheart. ( Look at the crowds)
Forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn will be honoured with a flypast


I’m sure all our readers know by now, that we love getting out in the Countryside - the pic below is up on a ridge near Rocky Mountain House.
No photo description available.

And this one below was taken by Chris on a  ride near Revelstoke just recently - everything looking very green, - he was out on his TRS Xtrack 300 ( in Trials trim)
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So here are a couple of things to ponder about the latest crop of Dirt bikes we see a lot of the time on the back of Pick-ups etc - we have noticed over the past few years that lots of these have numbers on their number plates - BUT they likely never see an MX track - at one time somebody suggested that this was a way for the young bucks to impress the young ladies “Yes I’m a racer”!!


Keith Simmons from Vancouver sent me a bunch of pics he took at the 1986 World Round at Ioco - here is one of Bernie Schreiber on a TY 350.  ( The event was sponsored by Yamaha Motor Canada and Keith worked there as Parts Manager for  quite a long time) Sorry they didn’t copy too well >>

The one below is Eddie Lejuene  on the Rothman’s Honda ( Steve Saunders was also on one) - I  attended that event, must say that I was super impressed by the new World Class riders,-  and this was a big  reason for my renewed interest in the sport.


The ATAQ club are back in action..

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Friday July 10th 2020

July 10th, 2020

Here’s one for Taff Parfitt - I think he might have attended this World Trial - held just down the road from where he lived back in Wales.
No photo description available.


Sammy Miller has been posting some interesting stuff on FB - doing work on old vintage bikes - He still goes into the shop every day. And although he seems to be quite “Stooped” these days, he really is an amazing guy who still likes to ride when he can.


The Spanish Championships will resume this weekend after the Pandemic shut down - the top riders have all been trying to keep fit and hone their skills in the past few months - Toni Bou has been posting some pretty incredible video of the stuff he has been practicing, and this is a nice shot of Adam Raga getting ready do battle.
However ! It seems not all Factories will attend - this just posted by Vertigo

Official Release:
Vertigo Spain has made the difficult decision not to go as a team to the second test of the Spanish Trial Championship in Pobladura de las Regueras, León, scheduled for this weekend.
After evaluating the exceptional situation we currently find ourselves in, with a significant increase in restrictions and increased Covid-19 rebounds in the last few hours, it has been considered appropriate to take this drastic but necessary resolution thinking in the well-being and safety of drivers, mechanics and staff of the team who usually move to races.

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The Wednesday quiz with the Scottish section, only got one email by Brett Clark, who thought the section might be Spean Bridge, however yesterday we got a call from Stan to say no, it’s definitely   Leanachin ( not sure of spelling)  Stan mentioned that the two sections under the bridge are usually the first ones used on Monday morning, with the large boulders always very slick for the early numbers, and with one “Big” rock at the end.  -

Having watched numerous videos from the event, I think Stan is correct. Stan said these sections are a real test to start the week, as everybody is very nervous and there are always a ton of spectators watching from up on and below the bridge.


In other news, Gord Rinke called, to say they are still in OK Falls, and have a new rider from France with them - seems his Gasser is in need of parts, and although I checked our stock, it’s getting harder to find stuff for this brand.

Gord says they will stop in for a visit on  Monday on route back to Alberta.


I saw some  Industry sales figures posted from the States , saying the Off Road Motorcycle sales are up a whopping 42% - although this certainly is not the case with the Trials market.  -

We have often said that when times are tough, people buy groceries, not motorcycles. - However obviously with this Covid 19 scare, many people are choosing getting out on a dirt bike as a way to relieve boredom. - Likely the best way to get exercise and remain socially “Distanced”

We still have Beta and TRS bikes available, with more arriving next month, so if you are in the market, give us a call ( during the day please) (250) 545-6139 or email

We have noticed that our accessory sales are up this year, especially Wulf Trials stuff.


Who remembers Italjet? - This is a shot of Steve Troupe on one of the “Sherpa T - copies” built after the demise of the Bultaco brand. - I never owned or rode one, and was not a fan of the green color- ( still not - sorry Vertigo lovers) - This looks like a cold day with slippery logs - don’t forget only hard rubber Dunlop 4 ply tires were available back then ( unless you were a Super-Star)  - I think Steve Imported these.
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Thursday July 9th 2020

July 9th, 2020

This is an important message to owners of Beta 80cc Trials bikes - if the fuel tap is left on when the bike is stored - the gas runs into the crankcase and the corks in the weights will swell up causing a real issue - it means the engine has to be stripped and the corks removed  (they can be left out as they are not needed- not sure why the factory fit these unless it’s a performance thing)  - We do mention this to all our customers, but with the youngsters riding them - it’s worth reminding !! - The pic below illustrates the problem.


Sam King posted this as he is now in the Yukon - looks  like he is going “Local”
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This is a fantastic shot of Ben Hemmingway on the John Lampkin Beta - at Erzberg a couple of years ago.


I took this shot last year, when Dominique and myself went up over the top of the Mountain at Summerland - I remarked that it was so lush and our Trials tires left no sign of us being there - it isn’t an easy ride and I think we might have been the only bikes over that way in 2019. The tree on the left, is the one that Sammy was playing on when I took him up there four years ago.
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The Man himself - King Jordi on the TRS Xtrack - I have the one with the Estart which is awesome.
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Your video for today >>>>
ACU Trial GB R T Keedwell Round 1 Hookwood Trials Club 23 March 2019 Part 2


A great “Blast from the Past”   Brad Lack leads Roger De Coster - Bob Hannah and Marty Smith
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The Victoria Club have decided to go ahead and hold a Trial on July 19th - details on the poster
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Wednesday July 8th 2020

July 8th, 2020

Here is a nice shot I took last year up on Bear ridge overlooking Lake Okanagan - the riders at the base of the hill-climb are Marris and his buddy from Ft McMurray - who were visiting for the weekend.
No photo description available.

And this is a pic of the Brecon Beacons in Wales - We were last there in 1983 for the ISDE - the riders had to navigate a lot of the muddy terrain in this area ( very much like muskeg) -
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There is no doubt that many top riders got their start on the famous Bultaco Brand - for Trials it was of course headed up by Sammy Miller, but in the USA Jim Pomeroy showed just how good the MX Pursang model was - this is a great shot of “Bimbo”  at Saddleback Park - Photographer unknown I’m sorry

I wonder how many readers know that Barry Sheene got his start in Road Racing on a Bultaco ?  And lets not forget the Bultaco Astro was a huge success on the Flat Tracks of North America. - And finally there was the ISDT Matador -and the Frontera  -  again very successful.

The  Bultaco Factory closed the doors a long time ago,  but the name was revived in 1999, when French Businessman  Mark Tessier - brought out the “New”  Sherpa model  - this was later renamed Sherco ( a combination of Sherpa and Bultaco)  Sher-co!!  And now you know the rest of the story.

Note:  We sold these  new Bultaco /Sherco bikes from 1999-2013  - We Sold Gas Gas from 1993-2005 .  We have been Beta dealers since 1993 and TRS since they began  in 2016. - We are passionate about the sport of Trials and that is why we do what we do  ( End of commercial)


And your quiz for today >>  This is a typical Section in the Scottish Six Day Trial - But what is it called?


I think we might have been ahead of our time when we had these business cards in 1987 !!! Now everybody is wearing a mask.
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Tuesday July 7th 2020

July 7th, 2020

This is a an old pic of Ontario rider Steve Troupe on the early JCM, which he Imported for a while - it featured  a gas powered rear shock, which apparently worked well - but was not very reliable,  - These days Steve is more interested in Fishing and riding one of his Italian Street bikes ( He has quite a collection)


Crash scenes from the past >>


Weather is certainly  not very much like Summer at the moment - we seem to be getting a lot more rain than normal, but at least this helps the Forest Fire situation.


Birthday greetings to go to Stan Currington of Edmonton - Stan was a top MX rider back in the day, and still rides Vintage MX ( They have quite a group in Alberta)


I saw a very good article on FB by Tim Gibbes - the great rider from New Zealand, who took part doing stunt work in the Movie “The Great Escape” along with his friend from the States Bud Ekens - He talked about how the various motorcycle scenes were set up. including the much publicized jump over the Barb wire fence ( done by stunt double for Steve McQueen - Bud Ekens)  But what I didn’t know is that he was the  Kiwi  Bultaco Importer in the early 70’s and also rode Trials as well as Scrambles plus car rallies, Here he is on a Sherpa T. - ( It looks like a 1973 325cc - the best Bultaco that I ever had)

Not a lot to report on today so a rather short blog  >>

Monday July 6th 2020

July 6th, 2020

Below you see an old report that I did for a local Newspaper back in the days when I spent some of my time going around to the various events - I also covered a few for Motorcycling Magazine - this of course was when we were using 35mm film - I would dash to the nearest train station after the event and send overnight to London’s Fleet Street ( Home of all the National Press) - You always hoped that you got the pics in focus etc as the weather was often poor - As I recall we all used Kodak Tri -X film in those days.
This is the second  old clip of mine that somebody has posted on Face Book - I don’t have any of these old newspaper reports, so it’s nice to see them after all these years.
No photo description available.


Beta 1-2 on the Podium at the first European Enduro this past weekend


This is a still from a video Roy took of me yesterday over on the Westside - coming back down a Gully section we have been working on - I’m the only one who has tried this - and it’s a real challenge - because the recent storms have washed  all kinds of crap  down the very narrow ravine - plus everything has now got so overgrown - eventually we want to chainsaw the top part, so that we can exit onto the upper hillside. - But this might be a while ( I was quite amazed at how high the grass was everywhere - hiding all the holes and rocks!!)

( Naturally this still is a bit fuzzy because it’s taken from the video - but the Beta Evo 125 performed well)


An early “Go Pro”  - This is how they mounted a TV camera on Jeff Smith to film a Scramble course back in the day !!

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Birthday greetings go out today to Turk over on the Island and Dennis Brumwell in Yellowknife - Have a great day lads.

Here is a real “Gem” of Turk - posted I think by his wife.

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Sunday July 5th 2020

July 5th, 2020

I took the pic below at Stony Plain  many years ago - Can’t remember  the  names of the rider or minder.
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Yamaha Classic Racing Team 2-Stroke Start Up at Jarama Vintage Festival (Awesome Sound!)

And another neat Yamaha - Mick’s OW10 Factory special with the Cantilever  rear suspension - later  - to be known as Mono shock. It had a snowmobile “Pumper Carb ” and Mick won the 1975 Scottish on this bike. ( However it was the twin shock that he later brought to Canada that year for our World Round)
It is in fact Mick’s birthday today and somebody has posted some video of the man himself getting a bit of practice in his backyard on a very nice BSA Bantam., not quite sure how old he is today, but my guess would be about 76 -77 - still riding and enjoying Trials. - You can see these video clips by clicking onto this link

> Hard To Find Twinshock Trials & Aircooled Mono ™

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We have noticed a huge increase in the amount of traffic in the Valley this past weekend  - a lot of red number plates, but also a bunch of US vehicles !!!! - The beaches are packed - ( Not that we ever go there anyway)  but a spike in the Virus is almost certain to follow.  - If I go out at all for a ride - it’s only with one other person. - Today I plan on going over to Roy’s  to check out the “Hully Gully” section we cleared - will take some video and may ride it, if there is not too much water ( I have my trick Beta 125 loaded in the van)

However, anytime we get a customer - there is always the risk and it’s very hard to remember to stay distanced and then wash the hands etc.  It’s hard to tell people to stay away, and very few wear masks.


Friday I added a bit of bling to my Evo 125 - with some old Outlaw rim decals that I found ( Courtesy Nick Hellings -from Edmonton)


The 2020 Enduro series finally got under way this weekend in Italy, and it was the Team Beta riders, who started as they left off  last year - Brad Freeman 1st - Steve Holcombe 2nd. ( round #2 goes today)


This is a neat pic of Sam King doing one of his back flips at the show he put on last week ( think it was in Squamish) - He also posted a couple of videos - on Friday - in the first one he crashes but then gets back up and nails in on the Beta Canada Evo 300 Factory 4T.
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Sorry we don’t know who took this photo.

Saturday July 4th 2020

July 4th, 2020

This is a shot from 2012 taken at the Fire lookout near Rocky Mountain House - I was there to attend one of the ATRA events. - Fantastic view from that spot.
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check out this great video  on Joey Dunlop >>>

and another couple. >>> (Three)
Archive - The humanitarian

Bikers in Tallinn pay tribute to Joey Dunlop



2021 TRS - They sure look good. - Available in most sizes.


And a “Happy 4th of July” to all our American friends and neighbors. Lets hope they can get through the day without more shootings and riots.

Only Brett Clark guessed who the Trials rider was yesterday - It was Mike Hailwood - on a Factory Triumph cub - believe it or not, the very first competition he entered, was the Scottish Six Day Trial.  He did not finish -

His Dad owned Kings of Oxford a large motorcycle dealership, and young Mike started work there - but the old man fired him for being lazy & he ended up working at Triumph - Mike soon got the bug for road racing and I did see him ride at perhaps his first event at Aintree near Liverpool - He always had a special slogan painted on the fairing of his bikes ” Ecurie Sportive”  ( For love of the sport)

I have his book ( actually Roy has this at the moment)  and it gives a great account of his racing career - including his time spent in South Africa with Dave Chadwick ( Sadly killed racing)


And here we have an old shot of John Banks leading a European rider in an International Scramble - Banks is wearing his homemade face-guard. - Cut out from a Kitchen utensil !!! - He later got somebody to market these. ( Before full face helmets became the norm)
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Friday July 3rd 2020

July 3rd, 2020

Birthday Greetings go out to our wonderful Daughter Helen today - she was just a baby when we came to Canada in 1965

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Please note - that we are having  some computer issues  at the moment and sometimes cannot receive any emails - we can however be contacted via messenger !! or of course by phone ( land line) 250-545-6139 - All good at the moment - but if you try to contact us via the net and don’t receive a reply within 12 hours - phone us.

So this might be a difficult quiz for even our regular experts - Who is this famous rider and what event was he riding in his very first competition?
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Here is the latest news from Quebec regarding  events they are planning and also with the WTC Trials  National (East) .

The ATAQ Board of Directors had a meeting this week and important decisions were made. We share the highlights to you:
1-Permission to practice trial in Deschambault is no longer allowed by the municipality and the ATAQ dissociate itself from any responsibility in case of possible criminals.
2-Competition will be able to resume as of July 18-19th for the round 1 and 2 of the 2020. Championship. These will take place in Notre-Dame-Du-Portage (not in Deschambault such as on the original calendar). Rules to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 will be in place, as set out by the FQMHR (Quebec Federation of Off-Road Motorcycles). Details will follow on the exact course of the days.
3-It will now be required for all competitors to register for the FQMHR (park / competition member). This is effective from the first event of July 18th. Click here for the next step:
4-The dates originally planned for Westbury have been picked up by the organizers of St-Ambrose, which will be held on August 15th and 16th.
5-Morin heights dates remain uncertain, we are waiting for a decision and more info from the station and the organizers in August.
So here is today’s 2020 calendar:
July 18-19-Notre-Dame-du-Portage - Round 1 and 2
August 15-16th - St-Ambrose - Round 3 and 4
September 19-20-Morin heights - Round 5 and 6 * UNCERTAIN *
Oct 10-11-Notre-Dame-du-Portage - Round 7 and Trial of the Regions
The registration site will be updated based on this new calendar in the next few days.
Please note that all registrations will have to be done online via this system this season.
Can’t read this - but assume they are hosting an event
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Check out this Fantic stuff - Once a Trials Powerhouse   - then they were gone like so many Manufacturers  ( Including the British Empire)
With that thought in mind - you have to take your hat off to the family owned Beta Factory - founded  about a 100 years ago ( bicycles) and still going strong today with some of the best bikes on the market .
Did you know that KTM tried to buy them out? but the family said “NO”
They were the first to bring out the water cooled Zero - I was at the 1989 Scottish Six Day Trial when Jordi rode the Prototype - Unfortunately the very wet conditions and a plugged radiator - led to an early retirement. - But - the stage was set and everybody was trying to catch up.
They are still the only Manufacturer that use the Alloy frame as a gas tank.  ( Back in the day BSA used the frame to house the engine oil)
The new Canadian Importer ( Steve Howland) has done a fantastic job promoting the brand - driving across Canada - hosting schools and setting up dealers -  We have been lucky enough to share the odd weekend with Steve - he was new to Trials when he first took over -  so I was able to help him enjoy the Okanagan.  - He never forgot that first ride and came back again this year.
Here are the results from the Trial held in Ontario last Sunday.