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Friday April 16th 2021

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Bultaco Motorcycles ruled in many aspects of the sport in the late 60’s and into the 70’s - the most famous perhaps the Sammy Miller designed Sherpa T Trials model - but the Moto Cross “Pursang” was also hugely popular -as shown in this pic of the bike raced to World success by Jim Pomeroy -

Barry Sheene began his road racing career on a Bill Webster Bultaco, while the Flat Track “Astro” model is still being used today. - Plus lets not forget the ISDT “Matador” model and the lesser known “Frontera”.  -  A legacy that lives on in the name of the Spanish founder.May be an image of motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'BULT ACO 8 International Motocross Museum'


And here’s one for our vintage enthusiasts >>>>.
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says '20 SV 4461 5668 A Avery images'


Video selection. VIDEO | Official Kenda Rev Limiter Texas Hard Enduro Highlights 2021 Kenda Rev Limiter Texas Hard Enduro Watch the Official Highlight Video



Stan found a rock in his yard!!!!

Thursday April 15th 2021

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

I love the Xtrack TRS - having spent quite a lot of time on them for the past year - the estart makes this a joy to head  out onto the trails, no matter what age you are- and while I did like to zip up a lot of hills - I was sensible enough to remember my age. - Now I have to wait and see if I can keep one for myself later this year. ( They are in huge demand)
The bike has all the top suspension and power that the regular Trials model has - in fact it comes with a spare Trials gas tank should the owner decide to convert it to a regular Trials bike.

Adam shows just what the bike is capable of.
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No description available.

==================================== > 05 CANADA 🇨🇦 | 1996 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Check out the review of TRIAL CANADA | Fifth round of the 1996 TRIAL World Championship.Subscribe to VintageTRIAL:


Here is a pic that shows Euro riders enjoying the high Alpine - Although we did a little of this when we lived & rode in Alberta back in the 70’s - it wasn’t until much later after moving to BC that I got really into exploring the high mountain terrain.- There is no doubt that a Trials bike can get you into places that are only otherwise accessible  by Mountain Goats - But you do need to be prepared and take extra gas. ( We make special bags for this)

No photo description available.

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Sun is up and it looks like it’s going to be a glorious weekend - glad to say that Babsy is coming along well - but will need 6-8 weeks to recuperate  from her operation.


Wednesday April 14th 2021

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Team of TRS riders in Europe.
May be an image of 4 people, motorcycle and text that says '07 MOTORCYCLES TRS CREW RACING Wy'


With my daily routine having been changed due to Babs’ Health issues - my Motorcycle updates have had to take a backseat I’m afraid.

We have heard that a bunch of the lads will be riding down South in the Penticton area on Saturday  - ( with social distancing in effect).

I was hoping to get out on the neat Beta 300 SS this weekend - but doubt that will happen now - I’m interested to see how it performs with the updates I’ve done.


Nice to see that Jordi has released pics of the new 2022 Xtrack model - However, we are still waiting for the rest of our 2021 units to arrive, so hard to get too excited.

Here is Adam putting one through it’s paces.

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Tuesday April 13th 2021

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

A blast from the past at Summerland on one of my favorite Beta Evo 200’s - complete with one of the old NZI Helmets which we used to sell ( still have it on the shelf)
No photo description available.

Jordi with an Xtrack - brilliant bike and in big demand - complete with estart.
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Late getting to the blog today as I slept in - rare for me but with all the extra activity around the house with Babsy - things have got a bit out of sync:  - Also had Steve Doel stop by yesterday to pick up some spares parts & Opti as he is out in the Valley for the week - then later we had other customers called to pick up parts - so a lot happening at the moment.


This is a great event from what our buddy Turk tells us - good to see that it’s going ahead in these troubling times.
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Monday April 12th 2021

Monday, April 12th, 2021

Babsy is home from the hospital and thanks everybody for the kind messages - she will need to take things easy for a while and has enough pills to stock a drugstore ( big job for me trying to figure them all out & when to take them)

Helen (seen here with her Mum)  has been fantastic - a wonderful caring daughter.


I like this old poster
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Here are the results of the Rev Limiter in the States - Cody wins- Trystan grabs 3rd - Shelby Turner takes the Ladies class. RESULTS - 2021 Rev Limiter Extreme Enduro Results 2021 Rev Limiter Extreme Enduro KENDA AMA Extreme Championship MJSMotoPhotos Shelby Turner, Trystan Hart


An old pic with a gaggle of new Evos arrived at Outlaw.
No photo description available.

This is a great poster >>
May be an image of motorcycle and text that says 'YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU More and more clubs are struggling with not enough people helping or more and more being left o the senior members. EVENTS ARE BEING CUT SECTIONS ARE BEING CUT CLUBS ARE FOLDING Please get along to your club, offer to help, offer to observe, help to mark out, every little helps. ACU WESTASOUTH CENTRE DON'T THINK THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO IT WE NEED YOU TO BE THAT Ask your club or centre secretary how you can get involved.'

There is no  doubt that a large percentage of Trials bikes are bought just for doing this - Exploring in the Mountains”

Another great shot of the Late Prince Philip watching the start of the TT in the Isle of Man -  # 3 is Phil Read on the Yamaha.
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They finally got to run a few events in the UK last weekend - this one in the Yorkshire snow.
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And finally  Jordi posted this pic, showing himself (arrowed) at age 13 watching the great Yrjo Vesterinen - A World Champion who inspired many, and the winner of the first ever Canadian World Round which I set up near Bragg Creek Alberta in 1975.

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Sunday April 11th 2021

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

The morning Hospital Report >>

Chatted to Babsy last night and she says the operation to remove her gall bladder went well with the surgeon pleased with her recovery and may send her home today - !!   ( Big sigh of relief) - A huge thanks to people who have sent emails and kind messages from all across the Country, and around the World  - We really do have a very large Trials family.
A lot of people have contacted us with regard to the WTC these past few weeks - so here is a brief summary of how this all came about.

In 2009 I got a phone call from somebody involved with the WEC ( World Enduro Canada) - asking if we would like to host a National Trials Round - He explained that we would get free  insurance coverage for the organizers and Land owners ( if required) -

.Now I was aware that the WEC had been very successful in running an Enduro Series, so this appeared to be a good opportunity for our Western Clubs to hook up with a group as part of the WEC and under the MCC  National umbrella.

- As most people who have been around the sport for any length of time will recall - We had to give up on the CMA for our events, because of the cost.  -  ( and other issues)
This first WEC National Trial was held at Summerland in 2009 - with another one in Eastern Canada  -  the rest is History -

It was suggested ( by WEC) that we call our Trials group by  a slightly different name, and hence the WTC logo was decided on. ( World Trials Canada) - For over a decade successful  WTC Trials were held from Vancouver Island in the West to Quebec and Nova Scotia  in the East.   -  National Championship events were also promoted. - All very successful, all run by volunteers with nobody getting paid -

Bob Johns set up a webpage attached to his widely read Trials Canada site ( in English and French)  it was widely accepted by many competitors, that the WTC was the way to go..

In 2020, with the Pandemic causing a shut down of all  Motorized events - plus WEC operations - the WTC were left in a similar situation, with no free Insurance to offer clubs,  if and when, any Trials competitions could be held, in the future.   - The 2020 season was a Non-event for everybody.

.At this point in time, going into the 2021 Season - the WTC are unable to offer any help to clubs wanting to use the extremely easy and popular approach to organized Trials at a club level, so we have decided to discontinue  under this format - but will look at options being explored by our Eastern members,  who are also operating under the MCC banner. -

- We will post details of any news as we hear more.  ( Yes there has been a lot of “Behind the scenes talks)

As times and the World have changed, perhaps the question should be “Do we need a National body for Motorcycle Sport ?” - Obviously the WTC proved that unpaid volunteers can help guide clubs promote Trials in their  area.
That is a question that I will leave for the masses.

As both Bob Johns and myself are now on the wrong side of 80 - we really would like younger enthusiasts to pick up what has been a very good and popular series . But the choice is yours.

In the meantime -get out on your bike, when you can, while still social distancing.

Our Motorcycle Mojo gal Emily is in the Valley this weekend and riding with a bunch of friends at OK Falls - looks like they got up into the snow level on Friday.
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Here is a nice shot of 19year old Bill Wilkinson   riding in the British Experts Trial held near Builth  Wells in Wales - The young Yorkshireman surprised many of the established stars by winning the event. ( Check out his rather strange boots!!)
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I’ve posted this pic only because it shows a Viscount aircraft - When we came to Canada in 1965 - this was the last plane that we  were on, when we landed in Calgary. - We started in a Boeing 707, from Manchester UK to Montreal - then switched to a DC 8 from Montreal, with stops in Toronto and Winnipeg - then the Viscount with one more stop in Saskatoon before landing in Calgary at midnight March 3rd with the temperature -20. - Talk about a milk run. - And as has been reported by Mr Harlow Rankin - my first thoughts as the icy blast hit us from the open cabin door - with everything outside completely white was “What have I done”?
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Yes the grand old Duke loved bikes and cars.
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Saturday April 10th 2021

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

The Morning Hospital Report.

Babs was due to have an op: last night to remove her gall bladder - but we won’t know anything further until later today.  - We will keep everyone posted.
We have fitted these nice S3 pegs to our 2021 Beta Evo 300 SS  demo and really like them - now we just need to get more in for stock.


I’ve seen pics of this lady road racer before in her Isle of Man TT debut - not many gals were into this back in the day - but looking at this pic, it struck me as to how insane a place it was to mount the registration plate ( just in front on top of the forks) - Now I’m not sure why these race bikes would need to be licensed  but it reminded me of a similar design flaw (IMHO) with the early Yamaha IT series - a round plastic number plate mounted above the headlight.  - Of course back in the day - this was quite popular on ISDT type bikes.   But I can tell you from experience it was a bad idea. -

Back in the day I was racing with buddy Murray Nutt out West of Calgary when we crossed a creek on an old  logging trail - both “Pinned” he was on his CR Honda - I was on an IT 175 - over a bit of a hill we roared side by side, only to find a large tree across the trail -  Murray was on the left side and luckily for him the tree had broken leaving a narrow gap - I was not so lucky hitting the large log - with both me and the Yam going up in the air - but what goes up - must come down - and in my case, I came down with my chin onto the top of that number plate!!  -

The result was a rather large nasty gash, which required a trip to the hospital and another long explanation to  first the Doc - then my wife Babsy when I arrived home from another “Fun day out in the Woods” - ( Yes we all wore open face helmets back then)

One interesting aspect that should be added to that story - was I drove myself to the Hospital - told the guys I would be fine -I didn’t want to spoil their day -  but as I was heading out of Cochrane on the road to Calgary - I met an RCMP car going the other way - lights came on as he did a u-turn and came after me - I remember I was speeding in my rush - so pulling over - I sat waiting for him to walk up to my window which I had opened - As he started to read the riot act to me - I lifted my head up which dropped my blood soaked bandana  to show my injury - at the same time - I said -” I just need to get to the hospital” !
“Holy shit” - he said - follow me- - that’s the first and last time I had a police escort lights flashing doing over 80 mph - in order to get to the Foothills hospital - I followed him in where he parked in front of emergency - He quickly jumped out of his car - came back to me and said go in there - I’ll look after your van. - ( Think I had over 20 stitches in my chin that day )  I often wonder who that nice RCMP Officer was..

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Another road race pic - this time it shows Prince Philip starting the 1949 TT in the Isle of man -( He was a great Motorcycle enthusiast)  The rider is Artie Bell - and I remember listening to that race on the radio  with Graham Walker commentating. - Ah yes memories.

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Friday April 9th 2021

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Health Update on Babsy - She is back in Vernon Hospital  having had gall stones  operation in Kelowna - next step appears to be for gall bladder removal but not sure when this will happen - she is however doing OK -  Last night we were able to talk to her on the phone and she sounded quite upbeat - saying that the medical staff and Paramedics have been wonderful - she is still very weak, but did manage to eat something last night - the first since Monday  - no question that she  was in serious trouble with very low blood pressure - Thanks again for all who are  emailing, with best wishes.
Naturally all this has been very stressful for the old guy - so to take my mind off things yesterday - added some bling to the 2021 Evo 300 SS. - Check it out.

The British Trials Team at the 2015 World Round in Japan - Only one rider in this group still competes at this level - What does that tell you??
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This is a shot I took of Pete back a few years, when we went up over the Mountain in Summerland while the snow drifts were still about - in early April.
No photo description available.


Today I have to go to Kelowna to pick up  a shipment of Opti Oil - after that it will be a busy afternoon sorting this for shipping out to dealers. - We had a visit yesterday from a new Trials guy from the Shuswap - he bought Ross’  2020 Evo Factory and needed some gear - we fitted him out with all the great  Wulf products.


RIP Prince Philip - We think that he was a great man.

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Thursday April 8th 2021

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Well Wednesday was a frustrating day - waiting for a call from the Hospital regarding Babsy - but no luck with that - In fact it wasn’t until my daughter managed to get through at 4 30 pm that we found out a bit of what is going on - seems they will be taking Babs to Kelowna  to  remove  gall stones - which  sounds like an awful procedure. - but absolutely no contact with me as to what the hell is happening - very stressful and frustrating - especially when I click on the news and see somebody died at the Vernon Hospital on Wednesday.

A big Thanks to everybody who has sent Best Wishes via email and phone calls  - much appreciated.

Below is a pic of our Summerland “Devil’s Staircase”  which Pete and myself spent many hours building - one of our better sections.
No photo description available.

TRS Factory line up.
May be an image of motorcycle and bicycle Prueba TRRS One Raga Racing 300 2021 | Trialworld Prueba a fondo de la TRRS One Raga Racing 300 2021, el nuevo modelo de TRS Motorcycles RR, con opción de arranque eléctrico.


Dougie practicing back in his Beta days  his Dad on the left - uncle John on the right
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Wednesday April 7th 2021

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Wednesday blog posted early :
Well we hope that everybody had an enjoyable Easter weekend - unfortunately ours did not go so good .-  While I did manage to get out for a ride on Good Friday -  Then Babsy & me went for our shots on Saturday -

We were looking forward to a nice day on Sunday  as it was Babsy’s birthday, but she became unwell and spent the day in bed - Monday she was in terrible pain and after suffering all day, she finally let me take her to the Hospital late that night. - Of course with Covid restrictions everything is very controlled. - I was not allowed to stay. - Later that night (11,45pm)  they called to say that she could come home and I could pick her up - after zipping over to the hospital, ( which is the other side of town)  I sat around for about an hour before a male nurse came out & said they were keeping her in.
At this point we are still waiting to hear  what the Doctors have found ( I suspect gall bladder) - At least she is in good care - the nurses and hospital staff who have  endured all the trauma of Covid for over a year now, are absolutely wonderful and so kind.

The good news is that I was able to talk to her on the phone Tuesday afternoon along with Helen our daughter - she will be undergoing more tests .
- Babsy thanks everybody for the birthday greetings she really liked those. -

As a foot note - Babsy and I have been together now for 62 years - she is not only the kindest person that I have ever known  -but has also put up with  me  as  I  continued with my motorcycle career.  ( A lot of wives would have given up)

Obviously I am very concerned - I will give updates on her condition as we learn more .

Here is a terrific memory - Stevie Baker and Bob Work at Imola in 1967 - Stevie won - and that sure as hell got a lot of attention.

Not sure who this Fantic rider is - but what a neat section.
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This is Bernie Schreiber when he really took it to the Europeans back in 1968 - he won a lot and served notice that  he was World class. ( note he only has one glove!!)
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Video for today  >>…/2021-trialgb-calendar…/