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Thursday May 24th 2018

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

We love riding at this location when all the flowers are in bloom - later these yellow “Dog-daisies”  will be replaced by blue bells- absolutely stunning.
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Here is another sea of yellow - this time from the TRS Factory

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It’s a bit cooler this morning in the Valley, which is nice - perhaps a shower of rain later, which would be good.


Here is the poster for the WTC Western Canadian Championship at Revelstoke - Round #1 of the National Series in the West. - Florian already has the route planned with some new stuff cut out - this was done last year, but of course we had to cancel because of the Fire hazard.

Click for WTC National Championship (West) Round 1 poster


Thisn’t one of my pics - but it could very well be - as there is nothing I like doing more than climbing Mountains on my Trials bike.
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Wednesday May 23rd 2018

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

A bit of a lazy day on Tuesday - after the busy long weekend - looks like we will get hot weather for most of the week, with maybe a shower on Saturday.

This old memory from the 25th running of the Outlaw Trial just popped up on FB - it shows Tony Down from Colorado with his very nice  Yamaha Majesty  - In case you can’t tell Tony is an Ex Brit, who was a Pilot in the RAF before settling in the USA.
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Jordi and Adam unveil the new TRS “Gold” model in Spain - Not sure if we will get any as there are only 150 being built. - Steve Saunders the UK Importer is getting 20 & says they are fabulous - but then again so are the stock bikes - Here is what a Trials dealer from North Wales just posted.

David Williams Hi guys!! I am a trials dealer and former Welsh clubmans champion in north wales…I had the opportunity to ride one of these on a test day and these machines are absolutely fantastic!! I only ride what bikes I have in the shop, as many come and go etc. I’ve always been a Montesa rider by choice…and ridden and competed on almost any trials bike!! These TRS bikes in my personal opinion have become my personal favourite and wishing to own one before the end of the year!!


Bob Clark our TRS Importer, and former Beta Importer - decided to ride a Beta Evo 300 4T at the Outlaw Trial - we don’t see too many of these out on the loop, but having had one a couple of years ago, I can tell you that they are neat bikes - really easy to start, very quiet, and a pleasure to ride as a “Trail” bike - However, like all the four-strokes - they are heavier than the 2T versions,  so it’s a case of personal choices.

Bob Clark at the Outlaw Trial

As everybody knows, the World Champ rides a Honda 4T - but this is a very expensive factory model  full of exotic materials which bring it down close to the same weight as the other Factories 2T bikes -  However, the FIM have a “Weight limit” for these events, which means that many of the factories have to add lead weights to their 2T bikes ( Some say Honda dictate the rules to the FIM ??)
Many people might remember that a few years ago, the FIM ( under pressure from Honda) that all the World Trials bikes, would have to be four-stokes, by I think the year 2005 - but of course this simply didn’t happen.  - All that did was cost some of the smaller European Factories, a bundle of money in design and new manufacturing costs.

Sherco brought out the 320 in 2005 ( A bit of a disaster) and Gas Gas played around with a side-valve model  -   ( never went into production) - So finally common sense prevailed, and things reverted back to normal. (  except for the lead weights to make the 2T’s the same weight as the Honda)
The latest buzz on the Trials scene - is the new Electric class - which sees Gas Gas and others - including Yamaha - exploring this market - but these bikes are only good for parking lot Trials and are super expensive. - ( Maybe these might work out for the next generation of riders - but not for old guys like me)


Tuesday May 22nd 2018

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

The opening round of the 2018 FIM World Championship appeared to be a toughie - with heavy rain half way through making for slick conditions.  No surprise about who won.  Must admit I thought  Raga and Caby would have been further up.

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Here is a pic of Sammy at the Outlaw - he seems to have adapted nicely to the new ride. ( I pressed the shutter a bit too soon)
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So Monday was a quiet day around the Outlaw Camp -  except of course we had to unload the van - found some things that people wanted at the event !!!! What the !!

Later Britta called around to drop off some of some stuff from her farm in Enderby ( nothing like fresh veg)

We chatted about the weekend, and in particular about her ride up over Cougar Bluff ( with another young lady) - This is not an easy ride - so kudo’s to her for making it around -  (We heard brakes were smoking on the down-hills)-  I must say that I’m amazed at how quickly Britta has caught on to the Trials riding, with her TRS -( it’s a 300)
We hope to get out at the weekend with maybe some other folks.

Looking back at the weekend event - I have to congratulate Ross Rathbone, for setting up another great Outlaw Trial . - The idea behind this way back in 1987, was for it to be a fun Trial with a long loop and traditional style sections. - For 25 years, or so, we ran it at Summerland  - everybody liked Summerland - but times change and you move on. - I think this latest campground at Scotch Creek, will attract many more people.
While there are folk who think, we should now be changing our plan - and hosting this as a Spectator type event. with circus like obstacles - I can assure you that this will NEVER happen ( as long as I’m alive)

We tend to think and watch, what is happening at the Scottish Six Days - and although we understand that this is a unique event, the basic idea of how I myself feel about Trials, remains the same. - Keep it simple and the riders will come back.

In  the World Enduro events,  riders are now trying to ride “Trials” sections”  - - Why is this? I don’t understand it at all, but of course it is easy to see why ex Trials riders are always winning these events. — The powers that be at the FIM,  now have a “Race type”  section for qualifying at World Championship Trials  ????  None of this makes sense to me -  Trials is and always has been a unique sport - if we try to change it, it will die.

We had Chris Hrabb, stop by yesterday on his way out of town,   he was at the Squealing Pig Hare Scramble just outside Vernon,  but unfortunately pulled some muscles in his side before the event, so ended up helping out and playing medic to a couple of injured riders.  - Chris told me that it was a great event - our Beta Importer was there with demo rides on the neat Enduro bikes and by all accounts this went really well.  A big “well done” to Steve Howland for driving all across Canada ( from New Brunswick) to promote the Beta product.


Monday May 21st 2018

Monday, May 21st, 2018

The 31st running of the Outlaw Trial.  is now in the history books - and we can honestly say that it was a huge success. - The new  large campground near the hiway is a big improvement, with easy access and room for a hundred vehicles if required, thanks to Dan & Helena Roane for continuing to support our events, they always stop by to make sure everything is OK - great people.

The weather was great for entire weekend - a tad on the hot side maybe, but nobody was complaining - we had riders from all over, with some new faces this year, from Vancouver Island and other places - quite a number were riding in their very first event, and Ross and his crew did an outstanding job getting the degree of difficulty spot on, for the various classes - the Outlaw Trial is always about having fun, with low scores big smiles at the end.

It’s hard to believe that we started this event, back in 1987, as a one off deal - and it’s still going as one of the most popular Trials on the Calendar. - We would like to thank everybody who continues to keep this going, including our great Results Team - Julie, Judy, and Barb - did a fantastic job - calibrating the scores and posting.

We had 37 riders sign up on Saturday for Day #1, followed by 40 on Sunday - a very good turn out, and it was nice to hear that many of the new riders, expect to make this  a regular fixture when  planning for “Must Do” events.

I would like to thank the girls and Stan, for surprising  me at the end of the day, reading out the details about the Hall of Fame thing - everybody was so kind, it was a touching moment that I will never forget.

We would also like to wish young Sam all the very best for the upcoming season, as he embarks on another stage of his career, we have enjoyed helping him get established over the last 4 years. - ( we will always be around to help if we can)

Results (Top 3)



1st Jordan Rice - Kamloops  BC- Sherco  - 3 points

2nd Leigh Stocks - Revelstoke BC  - TRS  - 4 ”

3rd Russel Nelson - Celista BC - Montesa  - 6  ”


1st Lee Usher  - Nelson  BC  - Beta  - 21 points

2nd Wyatt Pospisil - Edmonton AB  Beta - 29

3rd  Ty Morrison  - Scotch Creek  BC -Beta 42

Sportsman  ( 2 finishers)
1st Bob Clark - Coquitlam BC   -Beta   25 points

2nd  Richard Ouellet - Calgary AB  -Scorpa - 56


1st Ben Pospisil - Edmonton AB  -Beta   12 points

2nd Cam Collie - Vancouver  BC  Vertigo 17

3rd Kolten Morrison - Scotch Creek  BC Beta - 18

Senior Advanced

1st  Ted McDowall  - Vancouver  BC  -TRS    9 points

2nd  Ross Rathbone - Scotch Creek  BC - Beta  16

3rd Don Doerksen  - Mission BC  Scorpa -  29


1st  Sam King   Sicamous  BC  - GG  - 7 points

2nd  Sean Bird  Vancouver BC  - Scorpa 12

3rd  Steve Day - Mission  BC  - Vertigo - 25



1st  Harold Pospisil  Edmonton  AB  Beta  - 5 points

2nd Martin Lucas - Celista  BC  TRS       - 6

3rd  Oscar Usher - Nelson  BC  Beta    -   51


1st  Lee  Usher  Nelson  BC   Beta  -  21 points

2nd  Ty  Morrison  Scotch Creek  BC  Beta - 23

3rd Wyatt Pospisil  Edmonton AB - Beta    24


1st  Bob Clark  - Coquitlam  BC   Beta     14 points

2nd  Mike Lynnes  - 150 Mile House  BC  Mont - 27

3rd  Richard  Ouellet - Calgary  AB  -Scorpa  - 40


1st  Ben Pospisil  - Edmonton  AB  - Beta  -  3 points

2nd  Byron Neu   - Calgary  AB  - Scorpa   - 9

3rd  Jake Wideman - Scotch Creek  BC - Beta - 19

Senior Advanced

1st  Ross Rathboone  - Scotch Creek  BC  -Beta  3 points

2nd  Ted McDowall  -  Vancouver  BC   - TRS      8

3rd  Don Doerksen  - Mission  BC   - Scorpa  - 24


1st   Sam King  - Sicamous  BC    GG     8 points

2nd  Stan Bakgaard - Yale  BC   Scorpa - 14

3rd   Sean Bird   - Vancouver  BC   Scorpa  15


Sunday May 20th 2018

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

What  a scorcher of a day yesterday up at Scotch Creek  !!  We had a great entry out for Day #1 of the 2018 Outlaw Trial, and as usual - Ross and his crew laid out a super loop from the new camp spot  - which is huge and so easy to get to.

We had riders from all over  Western Canada, quite a few riding their very first event, with everybody having a great time - Day #2 goes today.

At the sharp end of the scale  Sammy took a narrow win  on his new Gasser ride, over buddy  Sean Bird              ( Scorpa)- we will post the full results just as soon as I get a minute ( likely tonight)

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Here is Julie holding up the Expert result sheet - The girls did a fantastic job as usual  -A huge thank-you for this


Now I have to run - to get an early start to the day -   >>>>>

Saturday May 20th 2018

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

BIG day today - The Outlaw Trial - Day #1 - not much time to post anything before i head out - more later tonight

Good luck to everybody - See you there

Friday May 18th 2018

Friday, May 18th, 2018

So here is the latest news.
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Obviously I feel very honored by this nomination - and for sure Motorcycling has been a huge part of my life - Along with my wife Babsy, we have traveled a long road, and met lots of wonderful people along the way.  I got “hooked” on Motorcycles back in 1953, and still love to talk bikes, and competition. any chance I get - so thanks for the memories Canada, and for me, it’s very gratifying to see my old buddy Al Perret also on the list - it looks like it will be a fun time in Burnaby, come November.


We had a visit by Steve Howland and his son, yesterday, who have just driven across Canada with this neat rig - Steve will be in Vernon tomorrow for the Squealing  Pig Hare Scramble, where interested ridrs can get to try out the fleet of fantastic new Beta models, including the wicked 125 rocket ship. - On  Sunday, Steve will join us at the Outlaw Trial in Scotch Creek, before they pack up and head out on the road again.

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Today I will be loading up the van before heading up to the Trials site at Scotch Creek   - it’s always a challenge trying to remember everything to take - Opti Oil - parts etc.

As usual, we are lucky to have Julie in charge of sign in, which will get underway around 8 am tomorrow. - the weather looks like it will be perfect, and I’m sure Ross has everything set up for an enjoyable two days of competition.   - I will be available at home until this afternoon for any last minute orders.

Here is the soon to be limited TRS Gold model - Only 150 being built !!
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Adam Raga will ride the new Gold Special - in the FIM World Round in Spain this weekend.

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Thursday May 17th 2018

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

As we head into the May Long weekend, please be aware that the CO’s are likely going to be out there at the popular play areas on Crown land,checking for, registration,Insurance and Spark Arrestors. -  Our Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek, is all on PRIVATE land, so no worries, as is the following event on June 10th at Malakwa.

The weather looks awesome in the OK Valley, with just maybe the odd shower ( to keep the dust down)  - Again a reminder that if you need parts put on the van - let me know TODAY.

The FIM World Outdoor Series begins this weekend in Spain, and Albert Cabestany has a Fire in his belly !!!
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When the 2018 FIM Trial World Championship kicks off at Camprodon in Spain this coming weekend there will be a very familiar face on what is for him quite an unfamiliar machine.

For the last thirteen years Spain’s ALBERT CABESTANY has been synonymous with the Sherco marque, but the veteran from the Catalan city of Tarragona will start his twenty-first season in top-flight Trial competition mounted on a Beta after making the switch during the off-season.

Following a tough 2017 season that saw him slip out of the World top five for the first time in fourteen years, Albert - who celebrates his thirty-eighth birthday next month - decided to return to the Italian manufacturer who he won the FIM X-Trial World Championship with in 2002.”Last year was very hard for me,” says Albert, the current World number seven. “In my mind I thought it could be the last, but after the season I thought that wasn’t the way I want and deserve to finish my career so I decided that I wanted a bike that fits my riding.”"I had the chance to speak with Lapo Bianchi and Donato Miglio and after sharing our thoughts and trying the bike I immediately knew I wanted to ride this bike for 2018!”Albert has gelled very quickly with his new machine and as early as February took a third place ahead of World number three Jaime Busto at the opening round of the Spanish Trial Championship.”The truth is that I feel so comfortable. From the very first minute riding the Beta I understood that it would take some time to bring out my best, but the main things I was looking for in my bike I found in the Beta Evo.”"I think it is the first time in my whole career that I don’t look to my competitors’ bikes thinking they have a better weapon than me and this is a fantastic feeling.”After a solid winter program of testing and training Albert has his set-up fully dialed in and is confident he can perform at his best in the premier Trial GP class.

“Being honest, I put a lot of pressure on myself because I would like to be in the top positions again. I know this year will be more difficult than ever before because the younger riders are more ready than ever, but I think I have a good chance and I hope to end the season in a podium position!”


Just came across this old pic from an Outlaw Trial a few years ago - It shows our old buddy Peter Brown hiking back down one of the sections - I had sent him up top to put in the “End” cards, but when he got up there, he found the stapler I had given him was out of staples - !! ( He was a bit grumpy !!)
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Another flashback to Scotland, showing Welsh lad Iwan Roberts on the TRS
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So Wednesday night, I attended the Vernon Off Road Club monthly meeting - always interesting with friendly people to chat to, while covering all the latest happenings on the sporting calendar.

This weekend some of the members will ride in the Squealing Pig Hare Scramble out at Lavington , which goes on Sunday, but Saturday riders can sign up for a test ride on all the Beta Enduro bikes plus one 300 4T Evo - all great bikes. - Of course I will be away at the Outlaw Trial in Scotch Creek , but if anybody wants to talk Beta or Trials, I’m as near as the phone.

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Wednesday May 16th 2018

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

As many people will know, Steve Howland from Moncton NB - Has been the Beta Importer for Canada for the past few years, and is once again doing a cross Canada tour to promote the product, - with the main emphasis being the Enduro bikes that have really taken off all over. - This is a huge undertaking to drive across our vast Country  for the second time. - Steve will be in the Okanagan this weekend, offering free rides to Off road enthusiasts at the Vernon Squealing Pig Cross Country Race, and while we will not be there, due to the conflict with our long running Outlaw Trial ( now in it’s 31st year) - We hope that both the demo and race, go well.
At Outlaw Trialsport, we specialize in Trials bikes, and have been promoting the sport now since we got involved  in Calgary back in 1969, but we also keep a close eye on what is happening, in other Motorcycle events, and did quite a lot of Cross Country racing in the 1970’s - finally hanging up our leathers in 1986.

During this time we were working for Yamaha Canada, and were very involved in the development  of the “IT” series - great times and much success.

In 2013, we brought in a Beta RR250 ( Mountain MC were still the Importer) and rode it a bit as a demo - fantastic bike, but like all the modern Enduro models, they are tall and cumbersome for an old guy.  -

However, in my opinion, the Beta range of race bikes, are second to none, so we urge anyone looking for a change of mount, to take the opportunity of contacting Beta Canada to give one a test ride, and Yes - we can supply. We have been a Beta Dealer since 1993.

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In other Beta news - check out this Press Release following last weeks Scottish Six Days, at which James Dabill was robbed of the win when his rear Tire came off the rim in one of the last sections.


SSDT 2018.

Beta had a very successful SSDT with James Dabill taking a very close second place to his friend and rival Dougie Lampkin after leading until the end of the week. Beta riders also filled four of the top ten positions. Ben Hemingway won the best 4T award, Jiri Svoboda won the best newcomer and Joe Dawson the best 125cc award.

Beta had 98 riders from 282 starters this year, over a third of the entry. This shows the confidence riders have in the Beta Evo which has proved itself as being able to stand up to the extreme SSDT conditions.

After having great weather in 2017 it was unlikely the Scottish trial gods would be kind again to the riders so the bad weather at the start of the week was a tough test for both bikes and riders. We pride ourselves on providing a good service to all our Beta riders and it is always a pleasure to work with Beta riders from all over the world.

Photo credit: Trials Central.


Results from ATAQ

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Here is the video link for today - check out the one of Gary Mac on the 350 Triumph twin - absolutely stunning.
# wheeliewednesday


Tuesday May 15th 2018

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

We will call this TRS Tuesday - as I could not resist posting this great shot of Welsh lad Iwan Roberts in the Scottish last week. - As mentioned previously, Iwan the 2017 World Junior Champion, has struggled for the past few months with health issues, so to see him able to finish in the top twenty is fantastic, especially as he was the only rider to “Clean” everything one day mid week. ( photo credit Matt Betts)
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Still on the TRS Topic - we had another superb Raga 280 arrive yesterday - What a fantastic bike this is.

If you haven’t seen one - This is what they look like up close >>

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See us at the Outlaw Trial to talk about a test ride. !!

Breaking News - TRS Special “GOLD” Edition being built - Only 150 units.


And on a different note ! - This is a Lancaster Bomber, flying over one of the Dams in the Welsh Valley, where the original World War Two “Dam Busters” Squadrons practiced before setting off for their epic raids on the Ruhr.
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Another “Cooker” of a day in the OK Valley - and more trouble for people in the flood zones.


A reminder about this weekend, and the Outlaw Trial - If anyone needs parts or accessories put on the van - please let me know  - We will not be camping this year, but of course will at Scotch Creek both Saturday and Sunday. - Don’t forget!!!!   new start area this year - turn left just past the “Welcome to Scotch Creek”  sign