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Friday January 11th 2019

Friday, January 11th, 2019

This is a shot I took back in 1967 when they were building the Husky Tower ( now called the Calgary Tower) - I worked on 4th Avenue close to this location, and watched with interest how they constructed this with a continuous pour concrete method. - I still have a ton of old B&W 35mm negatives in my file  - quite a collection from that era. - This print got torn over the years, so it would be nice to get a reprint at some point - but at my time of life, it’s not likely to happen.


The Edmonton Motorcycle Show goes this weekend - We have not heard how the Calgary  or Toronto Shows went for attendance numbers.
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Jordi has published the list of his Team and support riders for the 2019 Trials Season - and it’s huge check out the link.

TRRS 2019 Team Riders


The Dakar Rally is living up to it’s name, proving to be tough, with some top runners already out - Super broad Laia Sanz is still going - click onto Enduro 21 for more info.

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This is Sam Sutherland from the UK, a previous winner and currently in 5th place.


The King Eddy Extreme Enduro goes in the UK this weekend - and we will see #1 British Trials rider James Dabill, out for a blast on  nice RR Beta .

This is one trick Bultaco Sherpa T - nothing spared on the rebuild for 3 time World Champ Yrjo Vesterien
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It’s a 250, bored out to 280 - then fitted with a 280 GG piston. - Plus of course a ton of other mods, like the one off swing arm.
As a lot of people know, I’ve promoted a few “Small bore” bikes over the years, both for Trials and Cross Country Racing, but nothing under 125cc - Back in the day - there were also a number of enthusiasts that chose to experiment  with light weight models. - In fact one year - The runner up at the famous Scott Time & Observation Trial, was on a 125 -  Check this out from 1969.
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Thursday January 10th 2019

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Just in case you thought that Ladies riding Motorcycles was something “New” - check out this shot from 1940 - from a series in Life Magazine.


This is from way back ( you can tell by the helmet) setting up the Outlaw at Summerland with Pete, and I cut my arm while breaking a large branch on the deer trail - It was a hot day so with nothing to fix the cut - I found a large leaf and used flagging to wrap it tight - It worked and I didn’t even have much of a scar when it healed. ( Wonder what the leaf was?)
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So with the dates for the Outlaw series now set - it’s time for all you guys with vintage bikes, to dig them out of the shed and fettle them ready for the first round at Ioco ( watch this space for details on this) The Scotch Creek Vintage event will go on Monday and I will look after this ( with some help)  - The ATRA Rocky Trial in August, is followed by the final in Ymir - A lot of exciting events to look forward to.

In addition to that - We will be having a Fun weekend at Summerland at Easter ( Sunday is April 21st) - Outlaw intend showing off new bikes with demo rides available and coaching of basic techniques. ( No we will not be showing how to hop from rock to rock on the rear wheel!!)
We have been in talks with the Vernon Club - to do a similar thing at their June event - which takes place in the Noble Canyon area.  - The Revy club will also likely be hosting a “Fun” day at some point. and there are other people also interested, so 2019 looks like another busy year.

Some News from from the World Indoor Series.


Contenders confirmed for the second Round of the series

The protagonists for Round Two of the FIM X-Trial World Championship, set for Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi on 3rd February, are now confirmed.Once again, Spain’s stars will have the opportunity to shine as they compete in front of a demanding and knowledgeable home fanbase, as the 42nd edition of the most historic event on the calendar.

Leading the Spanish Armada will be twelve-times World Champion Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa-HRC), also a twelve times winner in Barcelona after his victory over Adam Raga (TRS) by just six marks in a tight 2018 Final.  Both riders will be fighting for home honours again in 2019, the veteran contingent against youth hopefuls Jaime Busto (Gas Gas), Benoit Bincaz (Beta) and Miquel Gelabert (Sherco).  All three made it onto the podium on at least one occasion last season and were the revelations of 2018; Busto in particular, having even taken his first X-Trial victory.

Joining the five permanent riders in Barcelona will be Jeroni Fajardo (Gas Gas), who made the podium in his home event last year, Japan’s spectacular star Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa-HRC), and Vertigo’s Jorge Casales.

The ninth participant in this second Round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship will be the best-performing of the four “event riders” from the opening Round in Budapest, which takes place on 20th January.


With lots of snow up in the hills and especially in Eastern Canada - Snow-biker’s have been  making the most of it - one of the most popular brands out there is Beta - with a full line being offered for tours in many places.

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After reading up on some of the hard enduro news - I got to thinking that in spite of these being really tough - they might not be much more difficult than the Cross Country races we used to have in Alberta back in the 70’s  - yes they were bloody tough - muskeg swamps.- deep river crossings. - really steep slippery uphills, and other stuff that tested the rider to the limit. -Plus they were usually 50 mile loops.

That’s why there were so few riders that ever finished. ( also why Trials riders did well - same as today)


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2019 TRS Raga RACE Replicas arriving this week. (Just clearing customs now)…….. Time to get excited!

1 – New Graphics.
2 – Water pump cover with new centerings.
3 – New water pump shaft – Better reliability.
4 – Rear brake pump with new curved tube double diameter.
5 – New Braktec front brake caliper.
6 – New Braktec V2 brake and clutch pumps.
7 – Engine covers new mechanization.
8 – Rear Wheel axle screw with steel insert. Avoid potential seizures.
9 – New exhaust forged supports with silentblock. Avoids vibration and improves reliability.
10 – New setting on rear shock REIGER.
11 – TECH Front fork with new setting.
12 – New KEIHIN carburetor settings, new jet sizes for more power, and smoother running.
13 – CDI with new programme and more power on bottom.
14 – Crankcases with new tolerances and mechanization. Improves performance.
15 – Cylinder with new flow patterns.
16 – Reinforced connecting rod.
17 – Frame tap devaporizer tube adaptor plastic.
18 – New protector for the filter box.
19 – Clutch selector with new spring. Better feel and softer.
20 – New side stand


Wednesday January 9th 2019

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

This is the Legends Wall that they had at the Vancouver Hall of Fame - I spent some time looking at all the familiar faces, and telling stories to my family. - ( I’m nursing that very expensive drink of Scotch)
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Snowing again today - looks like a good dump - although the forecast for the rest of the week look good so hopefully it will all melt  down low in the Valley.


This is a great pic of Stevie Baker “Pit racing” on a mini bike - Did you know that Stevie and myself  were both born on September 5th.?

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Here is a pic of the 2019 Factory Beta Evo - Hope you like the “All new Graphics”  Note! - These are always limited production, so if you want one - You need to let us know ASAP.
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There are three 2-stroke versions (125, 250 and 300 cc) and a 4-stroke version (300 cc), all of which have undergone meticulous technical development to make the bikes even better than the previous models.
Beta, Italy’s only trial bike manufacturer and the undisputed global market leader, provides an engine with a distinctly “racing” character that, together with the first-class chassis set-up, provides ultra-high performance without diminishing the fun factor.


Compared to the standard version presented in September, the Evo Factory models stand out due to the following features.

• Black magnesium covers: these provide major weight savings, combining even more agile, enjoyable riding with eye-catching design.
• Titanium exhaust (with conical cylinder connector 125cc only): boosts performance significantly and reduces weight.
• Profiled clutch discs: maintain clutch precision and control even under the most extreme conditions while providing a light clutch lever pull.
• Cylinder with revised porting: provides a more powerful and consistent power delivery for the serious rider without removing the user-friendliness Beta is popular for.
• Cylinder head with specially-designed volume and squish (300cc only): considerable performance increase; the red color also offers a ‘racing’ look.
• Optimized control unit (ECU) mappings to enhance low-rev power delivery and maintain excellent performance at mid-high revs.
• Black anodized engine oil plugs.


Check out this old MX video from either 1973-4 - It shows just how good the new Yamaha YZ was in the hands of Haken Anderson - The all new Mono shock suspension was so good ( I loved that bike)


Tuesday January 8th 2019

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

I’m a bit late getting to the blog today -  one of those sleepless nights - then an early morning phone call from buddy Florian - Glad to say that Flo is well, and busy as usual. - We chatted about having an event at Revy at some point this year - not sure when, but we will for sure post details.

This is another of those “Pop up” pics on Face book today - it shows me on the first Evo 250, back in 2009 - that step is one we used to use for practice sessions for many years to explain the “Double-blip”
David H Rhodes's photo.


We heard from Bruce Baker, who is down in Baja having all kinds of fun, riding with Stan and Trent Burgis - Trent is a very good Cross Country rider from NZ - who came out with me one day for some Trials Training.

They just posted this pic on what looks like a really neat section .

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In health news - it was another trip to the Dentist yesterday - this time to have stitches removed - now we wait until April to see how things heal, before the next step - ( So everybody has to see me with no front teeth for quite a while yet)
Big change in temperature in the Valley today - down to -8 but that’s OK - we are still having a really mild winter. - supposed to go up to +7 by the weekend ( maybe a ride !!)


Here is some news to cheer up the old guys !!

AMA Hall of Famer Jeff Ward says he’s coming out of retirement to race—flat track, more specifically TT. Yes, Jeff Ward is going TT racing in 2019!

The seven-time AMA Motocross Champion and AMA Supermoto Champion got the bug to go racing again and plans to compete in all five TT rounds on the 2019 AFT schedule.

Even at the age of 57, Ward says that “…I’m still pretty fast on a motorcycle and in great shape.”

(Ed : Did you know that Ward was born in Scotland?)

Monday January 7th 2019

Monday, January 7th, 2019

Here are a couple of shots from the Sheffield Indoor - top shows new Beta Factory rider Toby Martyn ( riding in his first ever Indoor) and bottom - Adam Raga - pics courtesy Heath Brindley.
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Here is a pic of the Ontario Vintage Trials club group at the Toronto Show at the weekend - they put on some great events.

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It was another nice day Sunday, and I really should have made the effort to go for a ride with Shane - but with a ton of old crates & garbage to get rid of, I decided to do this instead - only to find the Landfill closed !! (winter hours) - So my only other option was to kick back in the shop - then have a quick blast around the yard.


Although we like the fact that we have had very little snow down low in the Valley - at least they have had lots up high on the hills - a really good thing in view of the forest fire situation for later in the year.


Today I go in again for more Dental stuff - this ongoing saga, is really getting to be a pain (literally)


Here is a “Flash-back” pic from 1973 - it shows the line up at the Moose Mountain Cross Country - I’m the guy on the Bultaco 325 Sherpa T nearest the camera - 172 starters  2 loops of 50 miles - I finished 3rd open bike & 6th overall

.'Moose Mountain XC 1973 - Outlaw Dave is on the Bultaco nearest the camera - 150 riders. - 8 finished'
More news as it happens >>

Sunday January 6th 2019

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

This was posted on FB - and the reason I have copied it, is because the Oswestry Club is the one I belonged to as a lad, and rode all their Trials. - Although I had long been in Canada by 1987. - The lad that won this, is I think the son of one of the guys who used to win a lot in my day, on a homemade bike he called a “WOTSIT” - Other names that I recognize are the Sagar family, and Brian Morris who I used to ride with.
No photo description available.


Saturday - I had my first ride of 2019, although this was only around the yard ( after I had finished counting inventory) - i posted these pics on face book as a quiz to see if anybody could guess which bike made the tracks in the snow,  A lot of people posted, but only a couple guessed  correctly that the tracks were made my the Michelins, fitted to the Raga 125 which I have. ( Some thought it would be the Dunlops on the Beta 200)
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No photo description available.

Here’s a nice shot of a Ferry ride that we have made many times. Does anybody know where this is?
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This is a flashback to 2015 !!  As you can see we had quite a lot of snow that year. ( Compare this pic with the one from Yesterday)
'Never seen snow like this in Vernon - lots of shoveling to get to the shop.'


As expected, Tony Bou came out on top at Sheffield - but only after a big battle with Busto and Raga - in fact it all came down to the last section in the final - some very good riding by the newbies at the event - Toby Martyn and Jack Price etc - but the good news is that nobody got hurt !!

Here is a video clip from the night. >>>  post

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Saturday January 5th 2019

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

An early morning sunrise overlooking the Valley from the top of Chambers Mountain ( pic courtesy David Chambers)

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The first weekend of the New Year, and lots happening - The Calgary Motorcycle Show, The Toronto Motorcycle Show, - and over in the UK The Martin Lampkin Indoor Trial at Sheffield. - Then Sunday is the start of the Dakar Rally.
We used to do the shows for many years - in fact while I was with Yamaha, I would leave home right after New Year, and not get back until early February.  - Later we would supply bikes for the Alberta Club booths in both Calgary & Edmonton, and man the booths to help out. - These days, we don’t attend any, except maybe a day  at the Vancouver show, but now Pete has gone, even this has stopped.
Of course if you are a Hockey Fan - the Gold Medal game goes later today, between the USA and Finland - the Yanks should win this, but as we saw in the earlier match-ups, this series has been full of surprises.

The weather in the Valley is quite mild at the moment, but with plenty of snow on the hills - plus huge dumps on the Passes, and Avalanche warnings everywhere.

A lot has been written lately, about the State of World Trials - and how these events have become a Circus act, so take a look at this short video, of the late Diego Bosis, riding a typical section in the Scottish Six Days. - Simply put, I feel that a lot more of the general public, will see this as something that maybe they would like to try on their Trials bike, in contrast to all the usual videos posted of riders bouncing from Rock to Rock on the rear wheel.


In Industry News, I see that Royal Enfield are looking to buy Ducati  - Also  Harley Sales are down


I saw this pic advertising the “Hell’s Gate” hard Enduro - reminded me of Moose Mountain in the 70’s

Hell's Gate 2015

UPDATE - Round #4 of the Outlaw Series will be held at Ymir BC on the September Labor Day weekend - Pete Bustin and Jay Colley will be doing the set up. - more details later


Friday January 4th 2019

Friday, January 4th, 2019

Good to see a BC lad getting some help. ( Word has it that he has a Beta Trials bike to improve his skills)

It’s nice to look back at old pics that tell a story - this is the Como family, who were the  USA Beta Importers for many years - And as I recall did a lot to promote Trials and the brand. -Times have changed, and we don’t see the same dedication from the New Beta Importer Stateside - it’s all about Enduro and numbers. (At least that is how I view it from North of the border)  - I think the Como family are now promoting TRS
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Take a look at this video of what would seem to be a great Trials section - but these days, the Enduro events are filled with these - It should be mentioned that both riders are accomplished Trials riders and as I remember, Cross Country races in Canada, often required  Trials ability if you wanted to make it through the day.   ( You also used to need to be lucky to find your way around the loop !!)


Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor

I posted the info: on our 2019 Calendar yesterday - but would like to add that yes we are really considering putting on a Vintage Class - on the Monday - which is a holiday - another possibility is a kids class on this day - We would like to include everybody on this weekend - As everybody knows, Ross and his crew, always put on a fantastic event, and I think that making this into a “Bonanza” that would include other fun things might be the way to go, for the future. - ( Now I just have to let our Super gals Julie & Judy know what we are doing)

( Note ! Vintage would be for both air-cooled mono and twin-shock)


Obviously, not everybody reads the blog - so please pass the word - We look forward to 2019 and Trials


When Men were Men >>>>>>.

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Here is your video for today - Stevie Baker winning at Brands Hatch UK


They say that a new broom sweeps clean and this certainly appears to be the case with the FIM. Just before Christmas its new new President, Jorge Viegas, provided a shock for the International trials world with the announcement that: “Further to recent discussions between the two respective parties, the FIM and Sport7 can confirm that by way of mutual agreement and with immediate effect, management of the FIM Trial World Championship, the FIM Women’s Trial Championship and the FIM Trial des Nations, including all associated classes and FIM World Cups has been passed to the FIM.” “It has been an incredible couple of years at the helm of TrialGP,” said Sport7 boss Jake Miller. Undoubtedly much has been achieved in a relatively short period of time, all of which we can be proud of. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Sport7 staff, associates, partners and not forgetting the riders for making it such an amazing experience.” Final details are currently being confirmed but it’s expected that the 2019 calendar will remain unchanged. “The FIM would like to thank Sport7 for its good work over the last two seasons,” said new FIM President Jorge Viegas. “The FIM is excited to have the Trial World Championship back in its care and will do its utmost to ensure that the series continues to enjoy ongoing improvement.” I have been following the World Championships closely since 1980 so feel justified in making the following observations. Just two years ago the FIM, faced with decreasing entries and little interest in the Trial World Championship after years of stagnation made the bold decision to hand over the future of the series to a private promoter, Sport7, headed by Brit Jake Miller. The series had been frankly going nowhere and in a nutshell Sport7 gave it a tremendous kick into the 21st century. The classes were renamed and reconfigured, TrialGP, Trial2 and Trial125 and this gave World Championship trials a very similar format and feel to its successful siblings MotoGP and MXGP – both series which are, of course, run by private promoters. Trial2 in particular was given a breath of fresh air, becoming a 250cc World Championship in its own right (again, that feel of MotoGP and MXGP). The event format was then changed to a single trials day (in Europe – flyaways were two days) with the previous day allocated to an exciting new Qualifying format with all competitors riding a section against the clock. This served multiple functions. It was fresh and new, it gave ALL riders a fighting chance of a favoured place at the back of the draw – not just the same top few – and it also gave the organisers something to feed online and to social media followers. The latter was something that Sport7 really wanted to take advantage of and build on as an integral, important part of going forward. Yes, event spectators are important but in the 21st century everyone in the world now demands instant access and gratification and this new, quickfire format was perfect for that purpose. And the introduction of instant online scoring was pure science fiction against the previous pencil and card manual operation. Each event was given a slick professional facade as Sport7 invested in a clever, modulised mobile TrialHQ that doubled as a press centre. This was light years ahead of what had gone before. The magic word of course is Professional. Sport7 also engaged an experienced crew which attended each and every round to ensure a continuity never even approached previously. All this is simple fact. Of course, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. And not everyone was happy, with some riders and teams (not to mention certain FIM officials with their noses out of joint) making a fuss, especially from the top riders in the early days as they saw their built-in advantage erroded with the Qualification system. Yes, a lot of feathers were ruffled and there has been plenty of ongoing bitterness and tale-telling. But exactly why the FIM has decided to dispense with Sport7 after two years of positive transformation will probably never be known and we can all only speculate. If the exciting game-changing innovations that Sport7 had implemented remain, why not leave Sport7 to nurture them and finish the job that they started? Given that the FIM had presided over a stagnant (and that is being charitable) TWC just two short years ago it will be interesting to see exactly what has changed in that time in the corridors – well, the trials corridor anyway – of power in Geneva. We look forward to 2019 with interest.Read more at:

Thursday January 3rd 2019

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Jamie McGregor from Brantford Ontario posted a bunch of pics from his trip to the Scottish, back in 1999 - there are some taken with Dougie, who was on a Beta at that time - In fact he rode the Italian bikes for much of his early career. - It was only when Honda came calling with a big money contract that he changed brands.

You can see all 19 of them by clicking onto this link > Image may contain: one or more people, mountain, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature


This is a pic of myself and Steve Crevier at the Hall of Fame Gala - Can’t remember what we were laughing at though. ( But he really is a funny guy)
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and suit


First action pic of Toby Martyn since he signed with Beta - His first outing will be on Saturday night in Sheffield at the “Martin Lampkin” Indoor -  It will be interesting to see how he does.
Image may contain: grass, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

Take a look at this shot - I think some of the stuff they are putting in World Trials these days is crazy. - But this is nine years ago.
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Or this ?

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

Now take a look at these results and the total scores

Image may contain: text


Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor

We are happy to announce that the 2019 WTC National Championship (West) - will be held on the May Long weekend, in conjunction with the Outlaw Trial, at Scotch Creek.  Clerk of the Course will be Ross Rathbone.

More details will be posted later.

Other Calendar dates already confirmed, are Round #1 of the Outlaw Series at Ioco BC on April 28th, and Round #3 of the Outlaw Series is a go at Rocky Mountain House AB in August.  - Stay tuned for all the latest, by clicking on the blog.

Wednesday January 2nd 2019

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Not many people know that Bob Johns of Trials Canada fame - rode Trials for many years - hence his understanding of the sport, and his dedication to hosting the Web Site. plus his work on the WTC Board. - I would like to remind everybody, that it takes a LOT of effort to keep any website current and interesting

Bob is pictured  here with his brother in the late 1950’s - Bob is on a Greeves, while his brother is on a rigid framed James.

As we have mentioned many times - Safety or Crash helmets, were not required for Motorcycles back then and the checkered cap that Bob is wearing was quite popular ( My brother had one) - On the other hand, I preferred the “Martin Lampkin”  corduroy head gear - usually worn back to front with goggles. -                 ( Remember most Trials back in the day, involved a lot of road work)
Image may contain: 1 person, motorcycle, outdoor and nature


Beta sign Benoit  Bincaz  for 2019 - He rode Scorpa in 2018

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So now we are into the year 2019 - and one thing that both my wife and myself have noticed, is that with the Electronic age - very few people pick up the phone to wish a Happy New Year.  - Sad in a way, that new technology has stopped people talking !! -  Of course we are lucky that we can still retain contact via face-time - which is wonderful - in fact I think the best Christmas Present that I bought Babsy a few years ago was an Ipad.

How about New Year resolutions? - Who is going to quit drinking - smoking etc ?   -
And who is going to “Step up” in 2019 - Who REALLY improved?
Obviously, we can’t wait to get out for a blast - snow riding is good fun, when you are young - but wears you out when you are getting on in years.

Over on the Island they are lucky to have no snow and good conditions - some friendly faces here.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree, motorcycle, bicycle, outdoor and nature

Last night Babsy  face-timed an old friend in the UK, - she is married to a guy that rode Trials with me back in the day & I had not seen him for decades - interesting that the first thing he noticed, was that I still have my hair !! We chatted a bit about the old days & I reminded him that he rode a 197 Norman  ( There used to be a lot of different makes back then - most using the Villiers engines)

Looks like Cabestany has found himself a new job - teaching at a local Trials area.

Here is a video to start your day >>