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Saturday February 15th 2020

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Beta is proud to announce its Factory Team that will race with the colors of the Tuscan brand in 2020 national and international competitions.
For this season, the team will count 4 riders: a new member, Matteo Grattarola, joins the team along with the reconfirmed James Dabill, Benoit Bincaz, and Luca Petrella.
James Dabill and Benoit Bincaz will not only take part to
the TrialGp Outdoor World Championship, but also to their respective national championships. The British pilot will compete in the Top category of the English league, while Bincaz will fight to defend his first place in the French Elite category. Moreover, the French rider will also race in the Indoor World Championship, while Dabill will compete in the Scottish Six Days and the Scott Trial.
Luca Petrella and Matteo Grattarola will line up in the Trail2 category at the Outdoor World Championship, in addition to taking part in both the Outdoor and Indoor Italian Championships.
The Beta Factory Team will debut during the first round of the Outdoor World Championship taking place in the Czech Republic on May 23rd and 24th


Meanwhile in Canada, Sam King is being sponsored by Beta Canada this year to do demos and promote both Trials and Enduro bikes. - As most people know, Outlaw sponsored Sam for the first few years after he came over from Oz - He’s a great lad with lots of Talent so be sure to try and hook up with him if he is in your area.

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Not sure who took this excellent pic in the Classic Scottish, but what a wonderful setting. ( Think it came up on the Trials Guru site- so a big thanks to the photographer)  Check out that rear tyre !! The best improvement you can make to any old Trials bike, is fit modern 2 ply Tyres. ( BTW Tyres are spelled Tyres not Tires !!) to Tire is to get weary !!
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As the 2020 Cabin Fever rolls along.t was nice to get this Mag in the mail today - It has fantastic content, as well as quality photographs and stories - I urge all Trials enthusiasts to subscribe to this UK Publication.
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Just a year ago, and we were out for the first time on the neat TRRS 125 - I feel that these small bikes are often overlooked when people are shopping, especially for teenagers - they have a lot of endearing features ( this one in particular which is sold) and as we have quite a lot of experience in both riding and setting up the “Tiddlers” - the TRRS provided us with lots of fun ( we later improved the performance with Boysen reeds and jetting changes !!) We still have a Beta Evo 125, which again is brilliant and the price is right while the snow is on the ground!! or How about a Beta Evo 80 -? we have one in stock blowing out at $3,999.00 !!!  Better be quick if you want a deal because when the snow melts, so do the great prices.
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And now for something really crazy !!  Steve Day  ( say no more)

'Moto photo challenge 10/10 nominated  by Matt Fracy. This is at the  top of the  Goat in Bretania the day before the Squamish  trial last summer. Great day with 7 or 8 of  us out for a trail ride. This gap,splat was on Ricky  Style's buckett list so we went  for it! I remember saying a little prayer  for my master link on my chain before take off.'


Friday February 14th 2020

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Happy Valentines Day to everybody - especially to my Babsy - We’ve traveled a long road together since I met this Welsh beauty back in 1959.

Anybody who has been involved with the Motorcycle Industry, knows just how it is - “A way of Life” is how I’ve often described it. - However, it’s also a very hard way to make a living - especially for the enthusiast dealer.  ( The buddy system doesn’t always pay the bills)

It’s always sad to see a great shop close the doors, especially if you know the people involved - I thought our readers would like to see this article from our friends South of the Border.

16 hrs ·

Dear Skagit Powersports Friends and Customers,

As you’ve probably heard the dealership is closing in the near future. We’ve moved into the warehouse with everything in the showroom and are operating out of there. We will be open every day just as we were in our other building.

Gary, Pete and I started in 1992 in Mount Vernon on the West Side in a tiny rented building. In 1996 we started looking for a bigger store. I met a local businessman named Gary Steen, owner of Holiday Market, and he showed me an acre lot for sale in the new Burlington Business Park right on I-5. We built and moved into our new store in 1996, made it bigger in 1998, and ending up expanding three more times. Later we bought another lot across the street and built the warehouse where we are now. Our plan was to run a business that would provide us with a living income and that would eventually provide retirement for the three of us.Through the nearly 30 years we’ve been in business we’ve had championship teams in road racing, motocross, off road, trials, and flat track. We’ve started some fun programs such as dealer track days, warehouse racing and the Monkey Butt 300 ride to Winthrop. As a business, Skagit Powersports has been honored with dozens of national awards, including U.S. Dealership Of The Year in 2010.Along the way we’ve had offers to buy our property but none were generous enough to convince us to close the store. Not until we met Jeri Drager, owner of Drager’s Club House in Lynnwood. Jeri intends on creating a hotrod / custom / exotic car museum in our redesigned
showroom. That sounds like a fun idea! I’m glad our showroom get’s to be another cool place!Over time, the development of the internet has presented a new challenge that faces nearly all retail businesses, online ordering. Parts and accessories sales have been declining for each of the last ten years, a real problem when that department is an important piece of the whole puzzle. The motorcycle industry isn’t innocent in this either, everyone is racing to get as much of their products onto the web as they can. The local motorcycle dealer is the one who takes the hit. Please keep that in mind every time you need help and only a real shop can give it.It’s been a great 30 years, I’ve had too many adventures to count and a lot of good friends to go riding with now that I’m free. Thank you all so much for letting me play for 30 years.- Bill Cameron
Anybody remember the Ariel Arrow?  - quite a revolutionary bike back in the day - one of the Photographers from the Newspaper Plant I worked at had one, and said I could take it for a ride !! Now being young and super mad about road racing at that time - I jumped at the chance, and took it for a quite long zip around the Country roads in the Oswestry area. - However, this could have turned ugly, as when going flat out in top gear, a pigeon flew across- hitting me in the face - fortunately I managed to survive, although the pigeon wasn’t so lucky. ( And I managed to return the bike intact)  - A guy by the name of Peter Inchly tuned one for the 250 TT in the Isle of Man  which went well as I recall.
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When I first saw this pic, I thought it was Swampy at one of the Stan Bakgaard Stunt shows, but this was taken in the UK, and Stan’s Scaffolding was about three times this high - amazing how Swampman never got hurt especially at the BC Place event.
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Hard to believe that this pic was taken in January or February last year !! - What a different story this year with all the snow. Shane & Chris plus Dale Wellborn and his son were out with us that day.
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A sad memory today as it was 8 years ago that the Trials World lost the great Italian rider Diego Bosis at just 44 years old, from a heart attack.
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Today is also the birthday of John Dearie  who lives on the West Coast, but was in Kelowna for many years.  John holds the dubious record of taking the longest time to fix a flat on a Beta rear wheel - I think it’s about ten years !!


I think it’s also Sam’s birthday today - I took this pic of him the first year he came over from OZ - only took him a few sections to modify the Outlaw Beta rear fender ( But if I showed you the section - you would understand why!!)   Anyway Happy birthday buddy.
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Thursday February 13th 2020

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Here is an interesting entry list at the SSDT in 1974 - It shows the Team entrees - What I noticed, was the fact that Mick Andrews was only listed in the Yamaha “B” Team - Strange.
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I wonder how many visitors to the Scottish have seen this monument   in the Valley of Glencoe ? - So much history there. Both the Cambells and the Fraser Clans were part of this - ( My Grandmother on my Father’s side was a Fraser)
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A couple more videos to click on >>
Passione artigliata

une belle réussite à découvrir … Tristan et Jean nous présentent cette belle TRRS !! Restez connecté , les autres trials arrivent aussi ;-)


John Moffat has just started a link on his Website for showing pics from when Trials were all Non-Stop !! In other words, if you stopped, it was a “5″  - Also back then, the scoring system was 1-3-5 the “2″ was added much later to the way things are now scored.  However, the scoring these days, causes just as much controversy as it did in the old days. - For example in the Indoor Events - riders are penalized for “Sumping out” on an obstacle.  - And it seems a lot of Expert riders in  our events, seem to think it’s OK to stop with a foot on the ground for a couple of minutes, and still score a “Dab”  ( If in doubt, check with the Clerk of the Course at any event you are riding)
The pic below is from the UK, but shows how organizers sometimes threw in a big bog section to add to the fun.  ( People who were at the FIM World Trial in Calgary might remember that I put one of these in that event)
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Although the pic below is a beautiful rebuild Special - it’s a far cry from what the original BSA Bantam looked like, but does show just how serious some of the Classic group are in Europe.


I watched the Hockey game last night - a nice tribute to the Sedin’s - As for the way the Cannucks played  Hmm ! - They won, but only because of the Goalie.


Wednesday February 12th 2020

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Another cold day in the Valley - but at least our TRS Xtrack arrived - this is another one of the brilliant E-Start models - a hot seller this year.


This is a nice pic of a Beta Factory - Not in Canada but could very well be  considering the snow.
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3ème vidéo d’une série ‘’Si on parlait trial 2020 ‘’ Les modéles 2020 sont arrivées chez Dherbey Moto , on y était pour retrouver la protégée …


I didn’t know “James” made bikes back in 1928 !! I only got to know the brand in the 1950’s
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Video for today >>  Color graded and slightly recut with better quality music from the soundtrack (music is Dominic Frontiere - I Believe)


A great shot of Sammy Miller on the first Bultaco Sherpa T he designed and took to so many Victories back in 1965.
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Another gloomy cold day  in the Valley - Yuk !


Tuesday February 11th 2020

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

The BSA Bantam, was the bike that started my long love for motorcycles - an old school buddy stopped by our house in 1954 with the Trials version - and I was hooked.  Although I never owned a Bantam - BSA sold a ton of them, and they were also used by the British Post Office for delivering mail.

While the original purchase price was about 100 pounds stirling - this restored beauty, recently sold for 2,200 pounds in the UK  !!! And to think I gave away some of my “Classics”

Another Bantam - this one being very much tricked up, and ridden in the Scottish Pre 65, by Former World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen.
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And here is another BSA beauty.
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We now have the results from the CPTA Beta Trial from last Sunday  ( first three) ( Thanks to Don Doerksen)

1 Alex Walton TRRS  22 points

2 Kirk McDowal  TRS  36

3 Jesse McDowal  TRS 47


1 Carl Muller  Beta  14

2 Melissa Andrist   GG  18

3 Ian Carlson  Beta  19


1 Don Doerksen  Scorpa  15

2 Cam Collie  Mont  26

3 Gary Lawyer  GG  29


1 Brian Dye   ?  13

2 Jason Watson  ?  33

3 Brian Pegg  ?  34


1 Mike Hays  Vert  5

2 Bob Clark  TRS 10

3 Skip Parker  Beta  17


1 Brett Clark  TRS  30

2 Bill Thomson  GG  43


1 Emily Jarmin  ?  55

A total of 37 riders showed up for a good day at Ioco. ( Thanks Roger for catching the typo)

Your video for today >   Yamaha Mick Andrews Trials Champion


Monday February 10th 2020

Monday, February 10th, 2020

Some interesting scores from the weekend Spanish  event - no Toni Bou and Busto retired after losing 25 first loop.?
No photo description available.

BC Boy makes good - Well done Trystan.

Inaugural AMA Extreme Off Road Series win for Cody Webb at King of Motos ahead of Trystan Hart with Mani Lettenbichler third after an hour time penalty.Cody Webb came back with a bang to take the opening AMA Extreme Off Road West Series round of 2020 at the King of Motos.Competing his first race since major ACL injury and his first outing in the Sherco USA colours, Webb made the best possible start to the newly formed AMA series. Trystan Hart came home in second place while WESS champion, Manuel Lettenbichler had to settle for third after receiving an hour time penalty.The inaugural AMA Extreme Off-Road West Series saw Lettenbichler take the holeshot at the start of the three lap race, reaching the top of the event’s first rock-strewn climb ahead of previous King of Motos winner Cody Webb, Trystan Hart and Colton Haaker.

 Image may contain: 3 people, including Cody Webb, people smiling, sky and outdoor

With the leading quartet completing much of the opening lap together, Lettenbichler edged ahead on lap two with Webb in tow in his first competitive outing for the Sherco USA.

The GPS-based event increases in difficulty with each lap with Lettenbichler and Webb successfully completing lap two out ahead of the rest before taking a pit stop heading in to the third and hardest lap of the event.


The event took a dramatic twist close to the finish when Lettenbichler took the wrong line through a canyon while leading. The line had been used earlier in the day but the fresh GPS route for lap three meant an error for Mani and heavy one-hour time penalty which, remarkably still only dropped him to third. Colton Haaker was fourth.

Full results will appear here when they are published…

The 2020 AMA Extreme Off-Road West Series returns on March 28/29 at the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro, in Decatur, Texas.

Photo Credit: Mary Rinnell + KTM


Here is a pic of Christie out for the first time on a Sherco at Ioco yesterday - We will post the results when we hear.  UPDATE:  Just heard Alex Walton TRRS took the win - But Ted McDowall’s lads finished 2nd & 3rd - ( So maybe a TRS Sweep)
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Your video link for today >>  Early video footage from the Scottish Six Days Trial 1984 from the Bennett archive. Introduced by Alex Bennett


As for me - Yesterday I just watched the golf from Pebble Beach CA.  wonderful area with great video from the “Goodyear Blimp”   Canadian Nick Tayler took the win - only his second BIG win,  but it was nice to see.


Sunday February 9th 2020

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Today is the first CPTA Trial of the year - but with poor driving conditions on the Pass, I doubt anybody will venture down from our neck of the woods.  Too bad really - The event is sponsored by Beta Canada.

Just in case some of our younger readers don’t recognize the face - This is the Great Sammy Miller. - Still active at age 86. - Sammy still rides one of his fantastic old road racers at the Annual Goodwood Festival of Speed.
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The Telford Classic Bike Show, seems to be getting more popular every year, it started long after I moved to Canada, but the town in Shropshire, was actually a new place built while I lived about 30 miles away. - With the vintage stuff getting more popular, it would be a great place to visit. - Read this report >>
.TELFORD 15th – 16th February 2020
Kick-starting the off-road season, the Classic Dirt Bike Show sponsored by Hagon Shocks will be back with a bang on February 15th & 16th, 2020. Two big names in the off-road scene have been confirmed as the guests of honour for the show and you can share an evening of food, drink and stories with the star guests. The fantastic guest line-up including American World Trials Champion of 1979 Bernie Schreiber and British 500cc Motocross Champion Bryan Goss will be at the off-road show over the weekend at Telford International Centre. Join the dirt bike stars on the Saturday evening for an exclusive three-course, sit-down meal with other like-minded enthusiasts. Between courses, the star guests will recount memories from their successful racing career to assembled guests – at just £33.00. Exhibition manager Nick Mowbray says: “The Classic Dirt Bike Show dinner is a fantastic opportunity for dirt bike fans to listen to fascinating exploits from their off-road heroes during the course of the meal. It is guaranteed to be an exceptional evening where like-minded enthusiasts come together to kick off the start of the season”. This year’s show will once again help you get kitted out ready for the off-road season – whether that’s some new riding gear, a piece of machinery you’ve been searching high and low for, or a bargain in the vast Autojumble. Some of the finest off-road machines will once again flood into the venue, polished to perfection before the muddy season commences. Further details of advance ticket sales and of the dinner can be found at


So Bernie Schreiber  is really getting involved in the Classic Trials scene, and has just posted his new Web Site.  - He shares his views on both the old and new styles of riding.


Another interesting post. >   Olga Kevelos and Me Words by: Colin Turbett In my early teens in Hampshire, friends and I would cycle out to watch off-road events at Weavers Down, and also the Greybeards Trial that would come by …


Love this old pic of Mick having a laugh with Helmut Clasen a few years ago at a Canadian Classic event.
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Remember when doing “Stunts”  was riding over old VW’s ? Here a Fantic rider does the business on a small European car - not sure what that is or who is riding, but these shows usually got a a good crowd.
Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and natureUPDATE  Casales (GG) takes Round #1 of Spanish Championship - Raga (TRRS) 2nd  - Fajardo (Sherco ) 3rd. - Doesn’t look as though Bou was riding.
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Saturday February 8th 2020

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

I was chatting to somebody from the Coast, about the rider ability we see at events in Canada, and the fact that a lot of people from other types of competition, give it a try, thinking it’s going to be easy.

Of course this isn’t the case, and never has been - I made the comment that I soon found out how different things were in Canada, when I started winning events in Alberta  as an “Over the Hill”  new guy from the UK, back in the 70’s. - ( The best I ever did as a young rider in Wales, was finish in the top 15- 20, at club trials  - nothing to get excited about,  - the Canadian lads needed a bit of coaching.
I’ve often said that a decent club rider from Europe can clean up in North American Trials  - perhaps the fact that James Duxbury who came over with Dougie last year doing schools, impressed so many people with his ability, is a case in point.

Not that I’m putting down any of our riders -we have some very good lads, it’s just that the degree  of ability is so much higher in Europe. - ( and things changed a lot in the 70’s)

Here is an interesting clip from a Vancouver paper that I saw posted.
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With access to some beautiful Countryside, we are sure lucky to live in BC - this was taken a few years ago up near Cougar Bluff.
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Yesterday I went in for some Surgery to remove  some skin cancer on my forehead, so I look a bit like something out of the “Munsters” today.

The lady surgeon, was  really nice, and told me she grew up near Drayton Valley  Alberta, which led to my story of cutting my thumb off in that Cross Country race back in 1979 - near the Big Horn Dam - she was very familiar with the area, and also told me she studied at the University Hospital in Edmonton - the place where they managed to stitch my thumb back on  using micro-surgery - something fairly new in those days - she also spent her Honeymoon in Wales.

As they say, it’s a small World.

More snow yesterday and overnight, so we won’t be going far this weekend - hope the CPTA Trial goes off well, tomorrow.

Of course if you are into Sleds or Snow-bikes - this is the place to be - Chris took this pic near Revvy a few years ago.

No photo description available.


I see the Moto GP Teams are in Sepang at the moment, with the new French kid setting a blistering pace on the Factory Yamaha.


Friday February 7th 2020

Friday, February 7th, 2020

1985 Kelowna Regatta and Stan Bakgaard stunt show. - Stan is on top of the A frame - I’m kneeling  in the front. The lads put on a great show for the Crowds.  I was still involved with Kelowna Yamaha at that time. Note:  This was the picture they used on the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame poster in 2018, which was held in Vancouver.
No photo description available.

This is a youngster on Jordi’s Electric kids bike - Call us if you are  interested in one of these, they might be Imported by Mountain MC if we have enough interest. ( Beta also have a couple of electric kids bikes)
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And the latest news is that TRRS Trials models WILL be available with electric start later this year !! better give us a call if you want one. ( And if you ask the price you can’t afford one (Lol))

We WILL have an Electric start Xtrack 300 in stock next week for anybody wanting to check it out.
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Who is this rider on the BSA 249?   By the way - Notice his upright position   on the bike - even with low handle-bars. ( It’s all about bar/foot-peg position)
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Looking ahead to the upcoming season, I must admit to being quite excited at the prospect of riding a different bike - The TRRS Xtrack E start, will I feel be perfect for this old guy, and although I don’t intend to totally neglect my favorite  Evo 200 - the idea of a seat and the E start are sure going to be a selling feature for me.  ( This might be the answer for people with bad knees !!)

Fantic was a big name in Trials back in the day ( before the TY Mono changed everything) - The Highland Classic event this year will feature this Brand.
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Hard To Find Twinshock Trials & Aircooled Mono ™


Thursday February 6th 2020

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

As many of our readers like Motorcycle sport in general, rather than just one particular aspect such as Trials - I urge you to take a minute or two, to read the article on the Suzuki Road Race success which I’ve posted a link. - It’s a fascinating story, of what goes on behind the scenes.
Suzuki’s won its last premier-class championship in 2000, with Kenny Roberts Junior, son of King Kenny, riding an RGV500. It was the factory’s first title success since Kevin Schwantz won the 1993 crown and it came against the flow of Honda and Yamaha hegemony.


This is a good article to read - especially if you are new to the sport.  - Many expect success to happen quickly, and give up when it doesn’t happen. - This is true in all Sports - but with regard to Trials, it tends to be a bit different, because you often have your competitors standing just a few feet away as you ride a section, so keeping concentration is of the utmost importance.

As Derek Rickman says - he didn’t realize he was  sticking his tongue out - but another thing that many riders forget to do is “Breathe” - they hold their breath as they try to get through a difficult spot, a bad habit that takes a lot of practice to shake.
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With all the snow we have been getting - it’s been impossible to not notice the Politics on TV regarding Donald Trump - While I’m not into this thing - as in my Opinion  many Politicians are crooks, only into it for the money - It has to be a concern to see the USA so divided - but maybe it was always that way.

Of course Politics has always played a part in both Motor- and Motorcycle Sport, and at all levels. - Although we try to stay out of it if we can, I do remember how steamed some Club meetings used to get back in the day, in Alberta.  - That’s why I like the WTC approach - no rider or club dues or paid officers - just keep things simple.


Here is the poster for the WTC  ( East )  Championship  Series.
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Thinking about this day in History - I believe it was on this day back in 1952 that King George Sixth died, while Princess Elizabeth  was in South Africa on Holiday.


That’s it for another Snow Day in the Valley>