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Saturday April 14th 2018

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Here are a couple of good ol’ boys, picking up their TRS Trials bikes from Outlaw on Friday - they are from Williams Lake and we definitely plan on making a weekend fun Trial up in this area later in the year, so keep an eye open for news on my blog.

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Many people are unaware that KTM built a couple of Trials models back in the Twin-shock era - Walter Luft rode one a number of times in the Scottish Six Days Trial.
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A question, we often get asked - especially when we sold three different lines of Trials bikes, is - Which is best? - and my answer to this has always been - “Which ever is right for you.”- We then ask the customer to explain what they want to use the bike for ? - most Trials machines are never ridden in a Trials competition !! ( That might surprise a few) - The most common answer is -”To ride around my property: or to explore the Mountain trails.”
Back in my Yamaha days, I taught a Sales Seminar right across the Country, from Vancouver to St Johns Newfoundland - an epic journey that saw me tackle a lot of “Super Salesmen” - on the merits of qualifying a customer. - A lot of those dealerships have since gone broke, maybe because they didn’t listen? or maybe for other economic reasons.
Naturally - we always point out the selling features of each model - AND mention some things that could be improved on, because believe me, there are NO perfect trials bikes out there - and we know them all.

The plain fact is that no Big Box store has the slightest interest in Trials bikes - Why? because sales are few and the market is so different they don’t understand it.

Again referring to my Yamaha days - in 1974 sales of the TY 250 were greater that most Trials models today - because each Yamaha Dealer across the Country bought one unit - so 500 dealers x one = 500 bikes.

The trouble was most of these were still on the dealers showroom floors at the end of the year - in spite of  Trials promotions involving Mick Andrews across the Country.  -( Hell I did more Trials demos than I care to remember on my travels around the West.) - and yes it was a great time with much promise.

At that time, all the Japanese Factories thought “Trials” was a great way to promote their products -but they also failed to understand the limits on numbers. -  In 1972 Honda introduced the TL 125 - later we saw Suzuki with the RL 250 then Kawasaki with the KL250   - none of these models sold well, and were soon dropped, only Yamaha continued  with the TY gaining popularity for it’s performance and reliability ( in truth they had so many left in the USA Warehouse they had to continue- in Japan it’s called “Loss of Face”
Leaping ahead to the modern era, we all know that there are too many manufactures in a very small market - most of them in Spain. - How many will survive is anyone’s guess.
Simply put - Factories making Trials bikes need to limit their production to sales projections - having left over models to be sold at discounted prices, does not work. - Trials buyers want the latest and greatest, or a used machine that has been proven. ( at a very good price) - Staying small - is -in my opinion the secret for success .

We hope that the above, has given  an incite into the past and future of the sport in Canada. - We fear that there are battles ahead with use on Crown Land.  - But we really hope that the sport as it was originally designed, will not be lost.

The reports on last weekends MotoGP race in Argentina - have been both for and against what happened between Marquez and Rossi, - Here is what somebody else thinks, ( Kevin Schwantz)
“As a rider you can’t knock someone down just because you’re four seconds a lap faster than they are. It’s really basic. I think that it’s still something that they teach in every new rider school for racers: that it is the responsibility of the rider making the pass to insure that the pass is safe and clean.”


Just checked the entry list for the Scottish which is now only a couple of week’s down the road -  no riders from Canada, but 4 from the USA and a few from OZ plus one from NZ.


Friday April 13th 2018

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Yes the dreaded Friday the 13th !!! -   This has just been posted regarding a recent FIM Meeting ( Note: Only two Trials Manufactures were represented - BUT no riders Rep ?? )

The FIM and Sport7 the promoter of the FIM Trial World Championships is delighted to confirm a highly positive and productive outcome to their recent meeting with the Trial manufacturers’ representatives.

The occasion was used to confirm and agree the final details of the soon to start 2018 series and to outline the framework and protocols to ensure a more structured and timely working process for future editions of the championship. All parties also expressed a strong desire to reach a longer term agreement that would commit the manufacturers to the championship for a minimum three-year period.

Those attending the meeting in Barcelona included FIM Sporting Director Fabio Muner, FIM CTR Director Thierry Michaud, FIM CTR Co-Ordinator Anna Clarena, Sport7 Director Jake Miller plus Trial manufacturers’ representatives Albert Casanovas (Gas Gas) and Donato Miglio (Beta).

Speaking after the meeting FIM Sporting Director Fabio Muner stated. “Despite some inaccurate reports in the media suggesting otherwise, I am pleased that the FIM, Sport7 and the manufacturers were already working hard together to ensure that the 2018 FIM Trial World Championship is a great success. With the support of our CTR Director and the Bureau of the Trial Commission, it is important that we continue to work in this way in the future in order to reach the best possible results for this series. We would like to thank our partners for their valued time and efforts.”

Adding his comments Manufacturers representative Albert Casanovas reinforced their position. “It is clear to say that we had some concerns ahead of the meeting, but we are very satisfied that our opinion was received well and that now after good compromise and agreement on the important points we can look forward to a great 2018 season that will build on the success of 2017. Working in this new way is a positive step and this is much thanks to all the parties who attended the meeting.”

Rounding off Sport 7 Director Jake Miller explained. “Since becoming promoter last season we are continuing to go through a process of realignment with the key stakeholders as all parties adapt to the new TrialGP era. It is important that we take these opportunities to sit around the table so everyone can express their different positions.”

“Despite suggestions otherwise, all parties share similar views on the fundamentals, and as such it was a relatively straightforward process to agree the outstanding details. We would like to thank both the FIM and the manufacturers for working in such a positive and productive way to ensure the success of the 2018 season. We look forward to hosting further meetings to clearly define the future of the sport.”

Sport7 and the FIM looks forward to welcoming all the manufacturers and their associated riders to the opening round of the 2018 TrialGP series that will take place in Spain on 19/20 May.


Here is a blast from the past - that is myself on the left in the raincoat, looking through the window - think I was 15 at that time - I bought a few bikes from Roy Evans back in the day. ( He is on the far right- Roy finished 3rd in the Senior TT one year, and had a few top road racers attend the opening of his new shop in Oswestry)
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Most keen Motorcyclists from the UK - will like to see this old video of when Norton, were simply the best
Made in Metal Motorcycles


This just popped up on FB - A nice pic of Debbie Ashton picking up her new Beta Evo 250 in 2016. - Debbie has since become quite an accomplished Trials rider, although she has yet to compete in an event - Most of her riding is done in the Invermere area, climbing the Mountain slopes with Jon Godin, who also has an Outlaw Evo. - We hope to see Debbie joining some of the other ladies at the May long weekend Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek.
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Today we have a couple of TRS bikes being picked up by our new Williams Lake enthusiasts - No doubt we will see much more of these guys in the coming months.

Sunday is the Team Squid/Outlaw Trial - with Clerk of the Course Steve Day promising an enjoyable long loop, at Ioco, with 20 sections. This is Round #1 of the Outlaw Series. - At this point I’m not sure if I will drive down tomorrow, or Sunday morning. ( Some last minute stuff happening)  If you need anything put on the Van best let me know asap.

Thursday April 12th 2018

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

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I don’t think any words are needed for our reason to post this today

Last night I watched the Winnipeg Hockey game - what a crowd and a great win for the Jets.

Wednesday was clean up the yard junk day - packed up all the empty crates and made a trip to the re-cycling then to the landfill - As usual, this  also entailed a good chat with buddy Andrew Christiansen - catching up on all the latest local news. - Weather was very much like Spring, but on checking the forecast I see they were still calling for snow on the Pass.


Here is a link to a very good guide on the Spark Arrester issue. ( Thanks Chris Hrabb for sending this)


Here is another video - it shows James Dabill practicing for Round #2 of the British Trials Championship which goes this weekend. - Just like Albert Cabestany, Dabill appears to be very much at home on the Beta.


We are sure looking forward to our first ride at Summerland - the heavy snow pack has made 2018 the latest ever for our Spring trip around the Outlaw Loop. - This pic was taken on March 26th 2010 - when I was out with Pete.
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Wednesday April 11th 2018

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

As we look ahead to the weekend, a reminder that we have the first round of the Outlaw Series on Sunday at Ioco, Steve Day is the man in charge, and we just hope those April showers stay away. It is also called the “Team Squid” Trial.
Unfortunately, Outlaw -TRS Sponsored rider Sammy King has a Stunt Show booked at the Armstrong Rodeo on Saturday, so  will not be able to make it.  - Date clashes in a short season are inevitable, and juggling the Calendar is always a challenge.  - Of course another thing to consider these days in BC, is the price of gas - last week, we had the lowest in BC at the Vernon pumps  $1.08 - Now it’s up to $1.35 in most locations and higher still in the lower mainland. - I hate Politics in any shape or form, this latest  fiasco in Canada, will have far reaching consequences.

Trials Motorcycles have changed a lot over the past few decades, going from thinly disguised  street bikes, to the new lightweight units, fitted with disc brakes, liquid cooling,etc -  but perhaps the biggest change was when the Europeans decided to dispose of the seat !! - which often had comments such as ” Is that one of those Flat-track bikes”

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Not only have things changed with the machines, but the rider’s outfits have gone from the same one color waxed cotton suits, to the bright colored and often skin tight spandex gear, worn by the top factory stars.

Here is a summary on this subject, written by Heath Brindley for Trial Mag : UK.

Not long after the European manufacturers entered the trials bike market in the early 70’s there was also a change in the clothing the riders were wearing, out went the waxed cotton jackets and trousers and new modern materials and styles started to be seen. Suddenly there was colour!

Some of the companies that have come and gone since those days include Brema, Trap, Mototenica, Ellgren and perhaps one of the most recognizable was Garibaldi.

Garibaldi used new techniques of manufacture and very technical materials, and riders sponsors and bike company logos were often part of the design and dyed into the product rather than sewed on at a later date.

In the world rounds it was Jordi Tarres who was very visible in the Garibaldi clothing and here in the UK the Trick Star of the day, Jason Finn, was a company ambassador


At Outlaw, we stock mainly Wulf Clothing, which fits into the trend of being colorful, and light, but also caters to the rider with the rather “Fuller” figure. - We feel the Ballerina style suits are best left to the Indoor arena or stage, and the Wulf line also comes in basic black - a popular choice for many.


Check out this shot of the USA Blue Angels Aerobatic Team flying very close to somebodies balcony.
Oshkosh Songs | Blue Angels Buzz Balcony Full Of People Just A Few Feet Away-Watch The Video | Frontline Videos


With the recent announcement that all Off Road Vehicles in BC using Crown Land must be fitted with Spark Arrestors - many people are contacting us about the Trials bikes, and we have in fact brought in a couple from the States to check out. - The main thing that we would advise is -  Don’t be in a rush to buy  from South of the border, as these units are REALLY expensive.  - We do have feelers out for more reasonable supplies. - We will keep you all posted.


A lot of Off Road racers, headed to the Stump Jumpers Desert race last weekend which had literally thousands of bikes entered.  Some of our local lads brought back some hardware, as did riders from Alberta.


Tuesday April 10th 2018

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Lets hear it for the Ladies - showing good style here in this pic.  - Arm up- leg out !!!
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I know a lot of our readers are interested in aircraft and in particular the Spitfire of World War Two - Here is a nice shot from 1940. - These are actually Hurricanes  - which, while slower than a Spitfire, could out-turn both those and the ME 109. - The German aircraft were fuel Injected versus the Carbs used on the British planes. - The Spitfire would stall sometimes because of lack of fuel.
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Jordan Szoke has joined the TRS Family

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Check out this video of Gary MacDonald practicing on the 350 Triumph he will be riding in the Pre-65 Scottish next month.  - Turn the volume up.

And here is another goodie !! The Lomax Cup   in North Wales - the start was always about 5 miles from where I grew up. It was the only National Trial that I ever rode in the UK. - As I recall the conditions were similar !!!


Here’s a different shot from Ioco - all the bikes parked while the modern riders check out the section - How many different manufacturers can you count?

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In case you are counting - there are more Beta’s in this bunch followed by TRS  !!!

more news as it happens ………………

Monday April 9th 2018

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Wow - A Brit leads the Moto GP Championship - who would have thought?

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Meanwhile Marquez was doing what he does best  >>>   “Oh Sorry Valentino”

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This is Roy on his Wife’s Scorpa - they live over on the Westside  at the “Valley of The Sun”   -( Only about 1/2 hour drive from my place)  Roy has an Evo 250 which he likes to put- put  around on - and we have enjoyed some great rides together - one time up to an old Gold Mine - which we covered on the blog.  - Sunday we were late getting out but still managed a good hour of practice and exercise ( the most important thing)  - The Evo 200 is working fantastic as all my “Special” 200’s do. - the only thing that stopped me trying some tough stuff today was the lack of a good minder - You really have to work together on this, and while I looked at some big ups - I figured that I would save them for another day    ( and maybe  somebody with a soft mattress for me to fall on)

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Snow all gone from this area - lots of water - but good riding

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Of course because I headed out Sunday afternoon - I missed the finish of the Masters, but my darling wife was able to tell me all about the guys that screwed up by hitting the ball into what she calls ” sand boxes”  !!!!!!  Rory who ??

Good news from the West Coast - that our WTC Director and Trials Canada Website Guru , Bob Johns, is now well on the way to recovery after a triple by pass surgery.  - Bob would like everybody to know that he will be back up and at it reporting the Trials news pretty quick.


Sounds like the Classic Trial at Ioco went well in the rain - Dave Craig set out some traditional sections for the old bikes plus some modern lines which kept everybody honest.

Here is TRS Importer Bob Clark on the SWM  - photo credit Jeff Green.
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Results are available by checking the CPTA website.


Sunday April 8th 2018

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

A great shot of Adam Raga waving his leg !!
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So Aussi Jack Miller is on pole in Argentina after staying on slicks when the track started to dry out - absolutely insane footage on the web showing his close high sides. - Crazy stuff - The race goes today.


We had a visit from Pete Matheson on Saturday - It must be nearly 40 years since I last saw Pete - He was a star Trials rider back in the day, and lived in Vancouver, before moving to Grand Forks ( a few of the crew moved there - including Kelvin Marshal and Al Macleod)  -  The visit was far too short to catch up on all the memories, but glad to say that he is in good health at 72 . ( Both Kelvin and Al are no longer with us)

Today it’s the Spring Classic Trial at Ioco and they usually get a good turn out for this - we promoted the vintage bikes for many years with our Outlaw Series but that seems to have gone by the wayside.


With Trials folk following the snow plows on the hiway to the second event in Eastern Canada - you could say that the weather is affecting everybody this year. - In Spain they have postponed the start of the European Championship, because there is too much Mud !!! - Don’t think that would ever happen in the UK ( Remember that pic of James Dabill at the last round?)


Sammy posted this pic from one of his demo rides at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show earlier this year - as usual, Tiki the dog is keeping a close eye on things. - Glad to say the Outlaw TRS has stood up well to all Sam’s high flying acrobatics.

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Who remembers the “Cheese-Cutter” wheels fitted to the Merlin? - The company was bought out by GG and they disappeared . - (  Not many “Minders” willing to grab those front wheels)

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And here is your old video clip for today.


This is a pic I took of Pete on this date at Summerland in 2011 - I’m sure there will still be a lot of snow at this location this year.

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Results from the European Championship held today in Spain.

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Saturday April 7th 2018

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Here are the results of what they call the X trial des Nations  -
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Well Saturday was pretty cloudy & dull in the Valley - but my customers from Williams Lake who arrived said they had snow up their way - A nice couple of “Mature” gentlemen” - who both arranged to buy TRS bikes from the old guy - We also promised to head back up to their neck of the woods this year, and I explained that we held a few Trials at McLeese Lake a few years ago.  - Both these guys live close to Crown Land - so this area definitely  is on the agenda for 2018.

In other related topics - the Alberta Forestry area is still very much under the gun, with a Political Power that appear to have  links to the USA Environmental movement -( they have HUGE funding)  lots of under cover BS going on here - all the more reason to make your vote count in the next election

This is Gary MacDonald, with the bike he will ride in next months Scottish Pre-65 - It’s a 350 Triumph Twin  specially built by the same engineer who supplied Gary with the BSA Bantam last year - he is hoping to take another win in the two day event.
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They sure know how to advertise Trials events in Europe - check this out>

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We have just heard that Trials Canada Editor and WTC Director Bob Johns is on the mend after his Heart Surgery - I’m sure that all our readers wish him a speedy recovery.


The Tragic accident in Saskatchewan involving the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team - is on everybody’s mind today - I traveled this area a lot when working for Yamaha. Our condolences to the families.
More news as it happens >>>>

Friday April 6th 2018

Friday, April 6th, 2018

This is a shot of Barry Sheene  the Super-star of Road racing back in the day   - Barry was loud, flamboyant - always had the chicks around him - and he did a tremendous amount to bring Motorcycle Road Racing to the every day customer. - The Lucky #7 only lasted so long, until his horrific crash that left him with pins in most of his limbs.

Barry came back and raced again, before moving to Australia where he died of cancer - yes he smoked, lots.
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It’s been a busy week for all sorts of reasons - birthday’s,  ( Momma bear - John Lampkin - Adam Raga to name a few)  -  bike sales, have been brisk - and  the Masters Golf started yesterday .

The Team X Trial event goes tonight and I read somewhere that Toni Bou is riding - I really think the Champ is pushing his luck.

The Moto GP Teams are in Argentina this weekend - can Dovi pull off another win?

Chatted to Sam yesterday about the upcoming season - he has his Rodeo gig happening next weekend in Armstrong. - our conversation also included the June Trial at Malakwa.

The Sedin Twins are retiring and the Cannuck fans gave them a great send off in their last home game - voted as two of the nicest guys in the NHL, they also did a lot for the Vancouver children’s hospital.

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Weather is a bit rainy in the Valley at the moment - but consider how things are in Alberta - I talked to Chris Tronnes yesterday and he said it was going down to -28 in Bentley overnight - crazy stuff happening all over.


We hope to get out for a ride this weekend - but with customers coming from out of Town - not sure if this will happen.

more news later >>>>>>>.

Thursday April 5th 2018

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

It was an early start for the old guy yesterday - out the door at 6 am & headed to Revy to deliver a Beta Factory 4T - Mitch Watts and his family are on a sledding holiday for the week, so we took the opportunity to hook up. - Glad to say the weather and the roads were both good - but could not help notice the ton of snow up on the mountains around Joss.  ( five years since I was up there with Stan)

Later Hugh stopped by to pick up his new Evo 200 - unfortunately he has to fly down to California for the next couple of weeks, so he won’t get to ride it for a bit.


Then it was time to head out for a very nice birthday celebration dinner with Babsy and the family - it was a great evening at the Vernon Lodge - good food  and excellent service .

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Roger Boothroyd sent me this old pic of Stan - not sure if this was the Monty that he hated or not,  I ended up with the 200 that he had quite a lot of success on - then he was on the TY Mono for a lot of years ( he still has one)
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It’s hard to believe that 2018 Scottish is only 3 weeks away - with all the snow that they have had in the Highlands this might be one of those very wet years, ( last year was a rare dry one)  - We haven’t heard if anybody from Canada is entered.


In weather news - our friends down East are getting hammered with cold temperatures and snow - they have a Trial scheduled for Sunday so good luck with that. - It’s the same story in Alberta, with the coldest April on record.


Here is a good article by Jim Snell on Del Orto carbs. - We had a couple of these float issues back in our Gas Gas Dealer days - As always, it’s sometimes the little things that get missed when problem solving.

(this message applies to any brand trials bike with a DellOrto carburetor)

If you have an older Trials machine and you are experiencing a rich condition, hard starting, fouled spark plugs, and/or excess gasoline is coming from the float bowl overflows onto your engine cases, it could be a faulty “float”.

Older Dellorto carburetors use the black floats that are not hollow. when they are bad, the only way to test them is by weighing them with a very precise scale or the “floating test” as shown in one of the attached images.

If you have the newer white plastic floats, they are easy to diagnose as they will be full of gasoline if they are bad. Shown in the two attached images.
The two images of faulty white plastic floats are a perfect example of the damage caused by using Ethanol blended gasoline. (Ethanol fuel can damage the black floats as well)The black floats and the white plastic floats interchange as they are used within the Dellorto carburetor model range for trials applications since the early 1980s. Typical correct float weight for this application is 2.8 grams. Dellorto typically casts or imprints the OEM float weight specification in the side of the float.

JETTING NOTE: It is advisable to NOT change carburetor jets until you have first tested your floats. Bad floats will mimic rich jetting.

Installing jets that are too lean to correct a rich condition that is actually caused by a faulty float can cause engine damage.

Note : You can see the full article with pics on the TRS Rising Sun website.

We just received our latest copy of Trial Mag: UK - Fantastic reading - gets better with every issue.

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