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Saturday October 5th 2019

Saturday, October 5th, 2019

So by the time most read this - I will be well on my way to the Brown Memorial Trial in the Shuswap.  On board we have a  2019 Beta 200-( Demo)  a New 2019 Beta Evo 300 Super Smooth and a New Beta Evo 300 4T  - Many people have not even seen these models, so it will be a chance to check them out.  Prices are crazy - almost FREE.
We also have some of the New Wulf Trials boots on board, as well as some Wulf clothing -( a couple of rain suits!!) Gloves etc.  We will have special end of season deals on lots of stuff including one Gas Back Pak  complete with three bottles for only $160. -   However  unless you ordered ahead - don’t expect the van to be crammed with every part in the shop as this is the last Trial of the year.

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Video for today >>

And if you think that Trials riding is all about Hopping & Bopping - Check out this video of     Gary MacDonald riding the famous Trotters Burn Section - used every year in the Scottish Six Days and yes he is on a Vintage Triumph Tiger Cub. Absolutely brilliant.  ( Of course he lives just down the road !!!)

I was chatting to Stan about this and he mentioned how Trotters has altered in the past couple of years with big storms and washouts making the top section more like Witches Burn.
# Topoftrotters


Dougie has just announced that he has had to withdraw from next week’s Scott Trial - The Time & Observation event that is rated as the toughest one day Trial in the World.  Seems Dougie pulled something and as you need to be super fit in order to win this event ( And that is always his plan) he has decided to sit this one out. - As an example of how exhausting Time Trials are    ( And I’ve ridden a few)  take a look at this pic of Dougie after last year.

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Have a great weekend - You will if you  are at  the Trial -  More news & pics  Monday

Friday October 4th 2019

Friday, October 4th, 2019

IMPORTANT - When traveling to the Trial this weekend - You turn left off the main road at line 17 - ( Up the hill)  - then right at Biscoff at the top.  If you get lost phone Martin (250) 319-1331 - Don’t forget it’s a two hour drive from Vernon, so plan accordingly to arrive at a reasonable time for sign up - event starts at 10 am both days.

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Check out this link to see Albert Cabestany on the TRRS


The lads managed to find at least one big rock for the Experts !!!
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This is another great shot of Big John Moffat on his Sherpa T riding a slippery creek section at the Leven Valley Two Day in Scotland - Pic courtesy Ian Laurie
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Unless you have been living under a rock - you will have seen the news that KTM have hooked up to save Gas Gas - For  some of the story and speculation - check out this link. >>


The latest Edition of Trial Mag: UK arrived Thursday - Brilliant as always with a great article on the Beta Trials Story. Total of Six pages.
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Our New Wulf Trials boots just arrived & we will have at the Trial  limited supply in this first shipment so shout up quick if you are looking. ( They even have a Beta rider on the box now)

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Olivier Bonnefoy stopped by on Thursday to pick up this nice Beta Evo 80 JR - You can tell young Jeremy is excited. He already rides really well on his little Oset and KTM

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Here is your video “Fix” for today  >>>>>. Classic 2 Strokes


Thursday October 3rd 2019

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

It was another busy day Wednesday - out in the shop doing set up on the bikes -  not that this is a chore, as I really enjoy it - We had an early morning phone call from our Beta Importer who is shipping us another 2019 Evo 4T so somebody else will get the chance of a REALLY good deal on a great bike - I will have one of these at the Trial this weekend along with some other models (all Beta as we are sold out of TRS) - Interested customers can test & try around Martin’s yard.

We got the little Evo 80 Junior ready for Olivier to pick up tomorrow - rode it around the yard - what a hoot - Jeremy is going to love this bike.  - Note We will have at least two junior riders at the Trial which bodes well for the future.
We heard from our customer who bought the TRRS 125 ( the only one in Canada)  and he is super impressed with the bike - not surprising as this was one of the bikes I had the most fun on this year.( It was Imported especially for me)

Of course we also have the Beta 125 and this is a real Giant killer - We haven’t done anything to this at the moment & it’s still stock - but believe me if you want to have fun and are on a budget - this is also a bike to consider.

I found this old clipping from Cycle Canada, (1974) while looking through my files for something else, so posted it on FB - guess what- it got a big response.  - This could have been written today.
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We have heard from Martin - who says the route to his place will be marked with blue&red flagging - but you can also google it for directions.

After Scotch Creek - you follow the road around the lake making  a  left turn on Stevens Road - drive up the hill then turn right onto Bischoff Road ( gravel) follow to the end which goes right into the Lucas property.  - Trial starts 10am both Saturday and Sunday - Don’t be late - Free camping and the weather looks good.- Martin’s phone - (250) 319-1331 - my phone (250) 545-6139 (land line)

This is a pic of one of the sections - nice natural twists & turns in the trees.
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Wednesday October 2nd 2019

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

Here is a great shot of Diego Bosis - who died way too young ( I believe he was only 41) of a Heart Attack.  The 94 Beta was a great bike.
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Tuesday turned out to be a gorgeous day , it started off with another trip to the Kelowna Airport to drop off my nephew, for his flight back to New York.   Then I did a lot of chores - got rid of a bunch of motorcycle  crates & tidied up around the carport - after that it was time to pdi one of the Betas - and as it was so nice, I couldn’t resist taking the 4T  for a ride around the yard  - it was while I was doing this that Andrew Vipond stopped by, so we sat outside the shop in the sunshine and caught up on the latest news.

Of course, the main topic was about the Trial this weekend in the Shuswap - the forecast looks pretty good, so it should be a great weekend - nothing too difficult at this one, which winds up our Trials season.

Although the location is new, I have ridden there with Martin quite a few times, the sections will consist mainly of tricky cambers and turns on the hillside, with a few rocks thrown in for good measure. - It’s all about getting out for the cause, as we remember both Peter and Adrian Brown - a couple of great Trials people, who got taken by Cancer.

Camping is free and available right at Martin & Julie’s place - they have a large heated shop for  sign in, and we have heard that Ross might be bringing the big BBQ for a Saturday night feast. - all included in the $25 entry fee.

There will be classes for everybody, both days. including a Junior B for the kids.
For directions - you head for Scotch Creek, then continue on around the lake through Celista - before turning left up the hill to Bischoff Road, ( I’m sure Martin will have some signs up)

I will have the #1 plates with me, for both the WTC National, and also the Outlaw Series.

A reminder that if you need parts or accessories - be sure to email me by Thursday night.

We will have some Betas on hand for interested customers ( All at great end of the year prices)

And if you think Prices of Trials bikes are high at around 9 grand - check this out - and this is in pounds stirling !!!

New Vertigo Combat Titanium R - £10,295


This is Big John Moffat the “Trials Guru” riding in the hugely successful Leven Valley 2 Day near Kinlochlieven in Scotland.  - Bernie Schreiber also rode this one on a borrowed Triumph twin

All the sections consisted of nice natural terrain with lots of creeks.


A Scramble photo from the past - showing a big ditch that riders had to jump - quite common back in the day.
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Tuesday October 1st 2019

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

If you either have a Trials bike, or are merely interested in watching - the place to be next weekend is the Shuswap. phone Outlaw Dave if you need more info:-  Come out & watch - make a donation to the Cancer Fund.


This is a great shot of the late Dave Bickers on the Greeves ( not sure who took the pic) - Bickers was a Protege of the legend Brian Stonebridge ( Sadly killed in a car accident).

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Another Golden Oldie - this time Jeff Smith in 1953 - The year I started work in the Printing trade, and began to take interest in motorcycles - who would have thought that 26 years later, I would be on the start line with World MX Champ Smith at Moose Mountain.
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Check out this video from the Trial Des Nations on the Island of Ibiza last weekend - great weather & location for a holiday.


Today I do another early morning airport run to take my Nephew Robbie to catch his flight back to New York.  It was great to see him after many years. Naturally we chatted a lot about bikes, as he has a Motorcycle Repair and Scooter shop in Brooklin. I don’t think it will be long before he gets his two young lads involved with Trials, as he also has a place in the Catskill Mountains.
While he was here, Robbie tok some pics of my old van, which I put out to pasture a number of years ago, with over a million km on it.

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Monday September 30th 2019

Monday, September 30th, 2019

This is a family photo taken by one of the guests last Saturday  - the Lakeside Winery made for a nice backdrop.
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And this is a “Selfie” taken by my Nephew Robbie who lives in New York, my son Steve, and the old guy.

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September weather in Alberta is unpredictable.
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Love this pic from the Vintage Trial in Scotland last weekend.
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Sunday was definitely “Kick back” day - after the turmoil of the wedding - but what a great day it was - the weather was cool, but it didn’t rain and everything went off “Perfect” - Now it’s full steam ahead for the Brown Memorial Trial next weekend.


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Sunday September 29th 2019

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

Yesterday was a very big day for our family, as our beautiful daughter got married - this time for
“Keeps” -  Babsy and myself, welcome Grant to our family.
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So today is likely going to be a pretty slow day -  we need to drive to Kelowna to drop our Emma off at the airport for her flight back to New Brunswick, where she goes to University - it’s been a very hectic weekend with the wedding, luckily the rain stayed away, and everything turned out perfect, it was a very special day, with a large gathering of family & friends .  I mentioned in my speech that Helen used to ride a TY 175 when she was a teenager, and she did very well.

Also in for the occasion was our nephew, who lives in New York so it was quite the celebration. -


Back in the Motorcycle World - the TDN in Ibiza looked to be a tad warmer, than it was in the OK Valley - We will post some info on this later.

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Now we will plan on getting things sorted for the Brown Memorial Trial next weekend.

More news as it happens.  >>>>

Saturday September 28th 2019

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Big News from Beta Canada - Sammy King is back on board, this time sponsored by Beta Canada. Welcome back Sam.  To think that his journey in Canada, started with an email he sent to me 4 years ago. ( I see he’s still wearing the Airoh Helmet we gave him- nice) - And before anyone asks - no Sammy will not be riding a 4T - this was just a photo shoot.
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The TDN gets going today with qualifications - here is a pic of the British Team

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Big twin shock Trial in Scotland again this weekend - 219 riders entered !! including Bernie Schreiber on a Triumph twin that was previously taken to a Scottish Pre- 65 win, by Steve Saunders.

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And finally   Steve Holcombe has won the E3 World Enduro Championship again for Beta.

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Note !  We will be closed today -  My daughter is getting married - hope the rain stays away.. Open again Monday


Friday September 27th 2019

Friday, September 27th, 2019

The 2019 TDN ( Trial des Nations)  goes this weekend on the Island of Ibiza  -  No Canadian Teams entered.

Naturally everybody expects the Spanish to dominate as usual.


Another flash back to the 1979 FIM World Trial at Waiparous Creek near Calgary Alberta - Martin Lampkin grabbed 2nd on the day.

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We have just ordered some of the new Wulf Trials boots which should arrive before the Trial next week - They list a number of improvements, including thicker leather and a better design around the ankle area.  We expect our pricing to remain the same at $295.00
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A wet day today in the Valley - but at least no snow ( unlike Alberta)  - My missing Beta bikes showed up yesterday  - An Evo 300 SS and an Evo 300 4T - big price saving on both these and other Beta’s in Stock - call quick if you are in the market.


My nephew arrived last night from New York, to attend our daughter’s wedding tomorrow - it’s been many years since we have seen Rob, who has a Scooter business in the big apple. - Naturally the first stop was out back to check out the bikes.  Rob has a couple of old neat vintage street bikes, a Laverda - which ironically, he bought from a guy who lives in Kamloops and who met me years ago when we had a show going at the OKeefe ranch in Vernon. As they say, it’s a small World.


Big news plastered  on FB today- is the deal between KTM and Gas Gas - it will be interesting to see how that pans out. - ( Few people know that KTM were in receivership themselves many years ago and got bailed out by Dietcher Bank -  Later they also tried to buy Beta - but the Family owned Beta business turned them down)

Watch for some big news from Beta Canada today ( Something we have been keeping under our hat for a while)


Check out this great video clip of Gary MacDonald riding Trotters Burn on the Tiger Cub -Brilliant.



Thursday September 26th 2019

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Just one week away - The last but maybe the most important Trials event on our Calendar - when we remember our friends Peter Brown and Adrian Brown, both lost to cancer.  Ady came to Vernon, from London England, and rode his first event with us back in 1986 - the first ever Outlaw Trial.  - He soon graduated to the Expert Class, and was a regular rider at events in the Okanagan and the West Coast. - Sadly on a trip home to the UK, he discovered he had cancer, and elected to stay in England to get the operation, which at first seemed successful, but would later claim his life, at the young age of 51. - His ready wit, and sense of Humor added much to our local scene.

Peter Brown was also a Brit, and spent his early Trials years, competing on the West Coast, before moving to Summerland, where he hooked up with us, and became our “Right hand man” setting up the Outlaw Trials for many years. -

We spent a lot of time together, and it was a big shock, when he was diagnosed with Cancer, he was a short stocky chap, who seemed very fit.  -

Our memories of both these great friends will always linger in our mind.  We urge everyone to make the effort and attend the Trial in the Shuswap next weekend - a new location, with free camping and lots of great Natural sections - there will likely be a “Cook out” on the Saturday evening around the Camp fire - a time to reminisce about days gone by. -

As always, we will make a donation to the Cancer fund from the proceeds. - If you wish to know more about the Trial - you can get in touch with either Martin, Ross or myself  ( Yes we also have a kids class - so watch out for a couple of new wiz kids on little Beta Evos.)
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Here is a pic of one of the sections set up in the natural wooded area on the Lucas property.

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We now have the #1 plates for the WTC 2019 Championship (West) which was held at Scotch Creek on the May long weekend. - We will have these at the Brown Trial to give out to riders who are there. - The winners are

Expert - Sam King - Advanced - Brian McNeal - Senior Advanced - Ross Rathbone - Sportsman -Bob Clark - Intermediate - Lee Usher - Junior- Starla Smeeth.

These nice awards are provided each year, by the WEC Head Office, in Ontario.
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The Outlaw Shop will be closed this Saturday as my daughter is getting married.  Open as usual on Monday