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Wednesday February 16th 2011

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

A look through the window this morning, confirmed my worst fears - “White over” - so on with the TV and the weather channel to see the forecast for tomorrow. - This looks good for the Okanagan, but what the situation will be through the Rogers Pass we won’t know ’till we get there. - It was closed most of yesterday due to an Avalanche - Ah ! the joys of trying to attend Alberta Motorcycle Shows.


The results of the first big Xtreme Enduro of 2011 (See report from yesterday) only bring to light, just how good the top Trials riders are when it comes to handling these races. - Graham Jarvis and Dougie Lampkin were followed home by new Beta signing, and US Trials Champ Cody Webb, making it an all Trials podium. - A video posted on facebook showed a very steep rocky uphill, and it was easy to pick out the Trials riders as they rode “Feet up”.

In another video posted on Heath’s r2w site - A fun race between Enduro super star Ivan Cervantes (KTM)  - Tony Bou (Mont)  and Pol Tarres (GG) - at the World Indoor Enduro, was again an easy win for the Trials riders, with Cervantes only leading with a blistering hole-shot, on the Enduro bike. - when it came to the obstacles the trials bikes took over.


I see that Cycle News has a new digital magazine out - not sure how successful these are, seems to me that once the “Free” period expires, so does the interest of the home computer operator. - They do have an article today, on the 2011 Zero Motorcycles - These are the all electric bikes from the USA, and while many people think these are just a gimmick - there is no doubt that in some areas, they will find a following.


Tuesday February 15th 2011

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

As an old guy, and a comparative newcomer to the World of Computers etc, it never ceases to amaze me, how much information is available, by just a “Click of the mouse” - Of course I also find it equally amazing, when some items that I post, just disappear into cyber space, for no obvious reason. - Then of course, there is the challenge of remembering passwords, for all the various sites visited - actually remembering anything when you are the wrong side of 70 can be a problem.

At the moment, I have two computers in use, and find it interesting, that emails sent on one, sometimes get a reply on the other one. ?? - Yesterday I posted a write up and picture ( Courtesy of Trial mag) of  a Trial in the UK, and while this was downloaded and in place at the time, it has since disappeared only to be seen with access to my editing facility.  Ah ! Well, the wonders of the web will always be somewhat of a mystery to me I guess.

The “Blast from the Past Album” on my gallery certainly gets a lot of “Hits” and I keep adding more still pictures from the archives when time permits, however the latest request by ATRA founder Harlow Rankin, might take some time to find. - these are some black & white shots of Harlow, which I took back in the 70’s, when I was contributing to publications such as Cycle Canada etc. - now I know I still have many files of 35mm negatives stored away someplace, which cover the decades before digital made this form of picture taking obsolete. - but finding these might take awhile. - In our modern “Throw away” society, it is good that some of the history has been saved for future generations on film.
A post on facebook today, mentioned the famous “Dab” taken by Trials superstar, Gordon Jackson (AJS) while winning the 1961 Scottish Six Day Trial - this record still stands. - What few people know, is that the Observer (Checker) who noted that “Dab” on his score sheet that day, has lived in Calgary, for many years. - Dave Johnson was that man, and we still hear from him  occasionally. - I have a picture of this in one of my books somewhere, and will post on the “Blast from the Past” album , when I find it ( It’s the memory thing again)

UPDATE - Eureka I found it !!! Now posted on page 18 of the Blast from the past.


Jarvis takes 2011 Hell’s Gate win

Gas Gas Mounted Trials legend Dougie Lampkin takes second. Beta’s Cody Webb had a very strong qualifing time, but was then given an 8 minute penalty and had to start back in the 28th position. Even with that bad start Cody finishes in third place.

This is the text I got earlier today from the Webb team : ” Cody into final, had the fastest special test but got a heavy time penalty, 4 minutes or something, but still managed 5th for  qualifying. Keep your fingers crossed, Cody says the hardest part is happening now.”

Cody later mentioned that he pretty much got snubbed at the awards banquet as no one even knows who he is.

Sunday February 13th 2011

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

We sure had a big wind storm in Vernon last night - pine cones everywhere in the yard, but the temperature was still plus eight at mid-night - Yes hard to believe but the old guy was still up. - Actually I had hoped to tape a clip from the CHBC news on the Ringette Tournament in Kelowna, which featured the team that my grand-daughter plays on. - Momma Bear is down with the Team as support, & gave me strict instructions to make a DVD. - However, all that was on the box ( before the power went off for most of the night due to the storm) was the Variety Show of Hearts Telethon.

In Super Cross - it was a night of big crashes, with Trey Canard (Hon) taking the win ahead of Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto. as the teams start their Eastern tour.

As posted in a Newsflash yesterday - Tony Bou was again in a class of his own in Geneva - check out the full report below courtesy Trials Mag:

Moto >> News

Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa continued his undefeated run, when he cruised to his fourth consecutive victory at round four of the 2011 SPEA FIM X-Trial World Championship held in Geneva, Switzerland. After an absence of eleven years, top level Trial made a welcome return to this beautiful city and delivered an event packed with action and incident. Albert Cabestany - Sherco enhanced his second place in the championship with yet another runners up spot, whilst Jeroni Fajardo - Ossa gave his new bike and team its first podium finish.

French section maestro Bernard Estripeau created seven technical and dramatic looking hazards plus an ultra fast dual lane section that took a mixture of marks from all the riders throughout the competition, in what proved to be one of the best events of the series to date. Even the rocks in the water pool caught Bou out in qualification as he booked his place in the semi-final ahead of Fajardo, Cabestany and Adam Raga - Gas Gas respectively. Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa and Jack Challoner completed the six-man line up for the second week in a row, as fixed riders James Dabill - Beta and Michael Brown - Gas Gas failed to qualify along with wild card entrants Loris Gubian - Gas Gas and Matteo Grattarola - Gas Gas.

It was in the semi-final where Bou began to stamp his authority on the event, by winning his race and cleaning all four observed sections. Behind him the battle was much closer, with Cabestany edging into the final with a narrow two-mark margin over both Fajardo and Raga. Challoner dropped a single mark on the large tree logs whilst all the others riders went clean, but it was Bou’s feet up performance in the next hazard that set him apart from the rest. Fajardo had come closest to reaching the ends cards ahead of Bou’s attempt, but failed to crest the final climb. Toni brought the crowd to its feet as he wheelied over the final and massive bundle of wooden planks whilst still finding time to turn his head towards his adoring fans.

Fajardo spoilt his chances of taking the runners up spot when he crashed out heavily in his dual lane encounter with Bou, as he tried to match the sheer speed of the Montesa rider. Whilst both Cabestany and Raga failed each of the last three sections in the final, Albert had already done enough to secure his second runners up placing in a row. Fajardo was obviously delighted with his first podium finish since switching to Ossa, however Raga was extremely disappointed with a below par fourth position. Even Bou fived the Roman temple section in the final, but this did not prevent him taking the victory and opening up such a lead in the overall standings that he can now clinch his fifth consecutive title at the next and penultimate round in Madrid.


Round 3
Geneva – Switzerland
12 February - Saturday


1: Bou 10
2: Cabestany 22
3: Fajardo 25
4: Raga 25
5: Fujinami 8
6: Challoner 17

1: Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa-HRC) 5
2: Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Ossa) 9
3: Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco) 10
4: Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas) 11
5: Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa-HRC) 11
6: Jack Challoner (GBR-Beta) 14

7: Loris Gubian (FRA-Gas Gas) 14
8: James Dabill (GBR-Beta) 15
9 : Matteo Grattarola (ITA-Gas Gas) 17
10: Michael Brown (GBR-Gas Gas) 20

2011 Current FIM championship standings: 1: Bou 80; 2: Cabestany 57; 3: Raga 48; 4: Fajardo 36; 5: Fujinami 26; 6: Challoner 16; 7: Brown 11; 8: Dabill 11; 9: Gubian 5; 10: Iolitta 1; 11: Grattarola 1

Saturday February 12th 2011

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

With Politics in the news on a regular basis, and general unrest in the World, it is perhaps fitting, that I should mention that today is the anniversary of Abe Lincoln’s birthday. - although my knowledge on American History is limited, it would appear that some things haven’t changed in the past 100 years, -  if only the human race could learn by mistakes from the past.

As most people know, motorcycle sport began back around 1903, when a group of enthusiasts in England, wanted to test the reliability of their machines in what were termed “Reliability Trials” - while much has been written on these early days, what might not be common knowledge, is the fact that the F.I.M is 107 years old today. - Just as the general public need governments to run the Countries of the World, - Motorcycle sport requires dedicated people to organize and run the business side of things. - and the Federation of motorcyclists, based in Europe, has been doing just that for all those years. - Of course, like any other governing body, the FIM, has taken some abuse over time, but the bottom line is that without order, there would be chaos.  - So today while our American friends remember old Abe, we salute the people who work unselfishly, with little reward, to benefit the masses of motorcyclists, year in, year out.


Yesterday was another busy day in Outlaw-land - a trip to Kelowna to pick up a new 2011 Sherco ( Thanks Mountain motorcycles) - this will be assembled today, in readiness for the Red Deer show next week. - along with other projects.  The weather looks like it will co-operate with temperatures supposed to go up to +6.

I also did some work on the 95 Beta Techno that  a local guy will be picking up on Monday - this is in exceptional shape for an old bike, and a good example of the machine that started riders like Dougie Lampkin on the path to glory.


The World Indoor should be happening fairly soon in Geneva Switzerland, and we will monitor the web for news and results - my wife and myself passed through this beautiful City back in 1963, while touring Europe on our Norton Dominator. ( 3,000 miles and the old British twin never missed a beat or leaked oil)

****************************************>>>>>>>NEWSFLASH - BOU WINS AGAIN IN GENEVA - CABESTANY 2nd FAJARDO 3rd RAGA 4th - NOT SURE WHO WAS 5th maybe Fuji - BUt CHALLONER WAS 6th !!!!!!

Friday February 11th 2011

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The big news of the day, is that we had a very interesting conference call last night, with WEC, about the latest developments in the Industry and sport in Canada. - There will be a News Release posted very soon, with details on the exciting changes that will be coming within the next couple of months. - As most readers know, we sanction our Outlaw and other Trials events through the WEC, which has worked out very well for the past couple of years, including the 09 National.

The World economy appears to be having an effect on the Trials business ( Like everything else) - and in the UK, at least one Importer is selling off non-current bikes at bargain (for them) prices, dealers are also feeling the pinch, and although there seems to be lots of dealers for some brands, that old saying of “Too many cooks in the Kitchen” springs to mind, as the motorcycle “Pie”  - can only be cut up in so many pieces. - On that note, from what I have gathered, there is now only ONE Trials dealer for Honda/Montesa in the UK !! - Of course with their  4RT costing in the region of $13000.00, maybe this is enough.?


We had a call from Ted Pepperdine, the other day, - Ted lives in Summerland, and he called to say that he has picked up a used Rev 3, which he will use for  trail riding in the area. - He told me that his motorcycle collection, has now grown to something close to 35 bikes of various makes and models, and he is busy setting these up in a display in his shop. - Ted also sent me a pic of a beautiful BMW Dakar model that he is selling for $5200.  -  A keen enthusiast, Ted and other people from  Summerland will again help out with checking duties at our May WEC National.


The weather in the valley, doesn’t look very promising today, I will very likely make a trip to Kelowna later to pick up a Sherco, hopefully the snow will stay away. - I have been busy trying to figure out what to take to the Red Deer show next week, and what I can squeeze into my 10×10 booth.


Of course the snow is much needed on the Mountains and hills around the Valley, not just for the recreation folks, but for water supply in the summer, and also to keep Forest fires at bay. - You have to feel sorry for the people  “Down under” - floods in the North & Fires in the South. - As I mentioned to somebody yesterday, I think I made the right choice coming to Canada in 1965, when the other choice was Australia.


Thursday February 10th 2011

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

The new “Trick” parts arrived from Italy yesterday, and  they certainly look good, we will be distributing these in Canada for all brands, and will post pics on our “for sale page” asap. - We will also fit some to our 2011 Beta which will be on display at the Red Deer show next week, for anybody that likes “Bling” - this is the answer.

Another exclusive line we have this year is the RAW clothing, and we have just posted a pic of Matt Fracy wearing the new gear, on the “Odds & Sods” album. - Again this is top quality and the black color scheme blends well with the new 2011 Evo. - you can also see this clothing on the Accessory page ( scroll down)

Like most people, we spend a lot of time checking the weather channel at this time of the year - and like most people in the Okanagan Valley at least, we are getting a bit frustrated with having reasonable forecasts during the week, but with snow posted for the weekend. - Of course after my crappy drive over the Rogers Pass last week, I am hoping for better things next week, when I head to Red Deer Alberta, for the bike show - this will be the first chance for Trials fans in that Province, to check out the new Beta and Sherco models ( Which look fabulous)

In other news from Alberta, the ATRA held their AGM last weekend in Leduc, at which time they elected Harold Pospisil as President for another year, and scheduled their calendar of events for 2011- they also came up with some new ideas to make the classes more interesting. - we hope to hear more on this next week.- plus we will try to get the dates for the events scheduled by the Second Gear Club.

Wednesday February 9th 2011

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

As we approach the middle of the month, we are getting more and more emails and phone calls for Trials stuff, a sure sign that many people are trying to get rid of “Cabin Fever” by preparing for the upcoming season. - Naturally, we are as excited as everyone with the focus on another great WEC National on the May long weekend - this will as usual be a round of the popular Outlaw Series, with the Sunday counting for the modern, and then the Monday will feature the vintage class.

Although Calendars tend to change a bit, as dates get juggled - we expect to post the ones from Alberta, after the Red Deer Show, and Bob always lists complete details of all events on Trials Canada. - For those riders planning the trip to Summerland, we would like to remind you that as with all WEC Trials, the only cost is for the entry, you don’t have to join any club or association. In these tight economic times we are also working on getting lower rates at local Motels, for people attending the National. ( More on this at a later date)

The 2011 Beta’s are getting rave reviews by the lucky guys who have the new models - both Kevin Couves and Mark Grey contacted me to say the latest gem from the Italian factory rides super plush with the slightly lower handlebar position  adding to the “Perfect” balance - We do have a new 250 in the shop, but that will not be started until after the Red Deer show next weekend. - The Sherco shipment is now on route from Montreal, so these should be in the hands of happy customers within a couple of weeks.

Looking at the way the World Indoor Series is shaping up, it appears that things are going pretty much as expected, with Tony Bou dominating all three events to date. - the only real surprise, has been the fantastic performance by young Jack Challoner - he has shown amazing composure in his first year on the World stage, and has outclassed his more experienced countrymen from the UK - It should also be mentioned that Challoner is not riding a full factory bike, although the TTT Beta, is certainly up to the task. - Next stop is Geneva this weekend.

Moto >> News
Swedish Championship X-Trial 2011

On Saturday the first Swedish Champion in X-Trial was crowned.

The 16 year old Eddie Karlsson from Kungsbacka won his first title in
Sundsvall, some 800 kilometres from home riding his brand new 290cc

In competition with veterans Adam Thiger, Emil Gyllenhammar and Jesper
Johansson he took the victory by clearing the last section consisting
of containers stacked up like an enormous pyramid rising 6 meters up in
the air.

Local club Nordanstigs MK arranged the first ever X-Trial
championships together with promoter TrialNews in the arena
Nordichallen during the big event “SM-veckan” and was televised with a
45 minute production the day after reaching 1,5 million viewers on
national TV-channel SVT 1.