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Thursday March 31st 2011

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

With little interesting to watch on the box last night, I took in another of my Video Trials collection - this time the 1997 World Outdoor Series, which was named “Dougie Does It” - The reason of course, was due to the fact that this was the year Lampkin (Beta) won the World Championship, after a long battle with defending champ Marc Colomer (Mont) - As we all know, this was the beginning of Dougie’s domination of the sport, but at that time, there were still other riders capable of winning - the Japanese Beta rider Kuroyama, was also right up there, and took a win, plus Graham Jarvis (Scorpa) was on the podium.

The rules back then allowed stopping, hopping and backing up, so that riders often took a long time in the sections, and while the skill level was amazing, for spectators, the events became quite boring. - Fast forward to 2011, and things have changed big time - it appears that Tony Bou is almost invincible and the World sections are designed with “Hopping” in mind. - Over the years, the FIM have tried desperately to make Trials a spectator sport, and succeeded to some degree in the 90’s, but for the masses, all they want to do is go out and ride, and that is why regular club riders, like the events that feature a long loop - that’s how the sport originated back in 1910.

Not that I see anything wrong with having World style events put on at spectator friendly locations, like the Donner Ski area, for example, but with the increased cost of hosting such events  - few clubs can undertake the huge expense, with the very good good possibility that they will lose money. - Obviously the European scene is different, with both Teams and spectators able to drive to the venue, but with the World economy in a slump, many promoters, such as the people who are putting on the UK Round in Scotland, must be concerned about breaking even, especially as the event has now been down-graded to a “One Day”  - One spectator posted on TC that it will cost the average family around $2000 to spectate in Scotland, when everything is considered - that’s a chunk of change that might keep the crowds at home.

Back on this side of the pond, rising fuel prices are also cause for concern, with many families having to adjust plans for the season, at least the costs of attending our WTC National are very reasonable compared to  some, and in fact Trials riding has to be one of the least expensive sports to take up - a two gal can of fuel, will usually last for a couple of weekend trips, and bikes don’t wear out quickly, so a new machine can last many years, often being passed on to other family or club members.  - So the message today is “Get out and ride”

Wednesday March 30th 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

The BIG news of the day, is that the MCC ( Motorcycle Industry Council) have donated a fairly large sum of money to the WTC ( World Trials Canada) for use in promoting the sport. This is in recognition of the effort put in by the various clubs to host a successful National Trials Series since 2009. - (The 2011 Series starts on the May long weekend in Summerland BC) - Further details will be announced in the near future.

Another wet morning, and not a lot to report as we head into April - We have posted a report & pic on the Whats New page of Jordi Tarres working with his engineer on the JTG project. - How this will go in a market already overstressed with too many manufacturers and not enough paying customers, is hard to predict.

Trials Magazine have posted an article confirming that former World Champ Marc Colomer has indeed left OSSA , they cite personal reasons for the split.
The Second round of the Spanish outdoor Championship took place in Ibiza, last weekend, and unlike the first event, when 90% of all the riders were disqualified, at least this one had the usual podium - Bou, Caby & Raga. - The idea of running the series as “Gate Trials” - still appears less than popular with the top riders, and you have to wonder why the Spanish are doing this. ( Why try to fix when it ‘aint broke?”)
As an example of this, consider the Scottish Six Days Trial, which will celebrate it’s 100th birthday in four weeks. - although there was a time when the entry list dropped a bit, the event has been oversubscribed for the past decade, and  reverting back to the “No Stop” scoring system, seems to have helped. - Keeping things simple for riders and spectators, is the way to succeed with any type of competition.


Monday March 14th 2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Checking the weekend Trials news, I see that Becky Cook (Sherco) won the first British Ladies Round, and that Jake Luter Evans (Beta) won the Welsh Championship held at Llanfyllin . - I still have a small Silver cup that I won at this venue back in 1956, when I finished second to Oswestry rider Don Morris.


Ladies British Championship Rd 1 2011

Becky Cooks back on form

Results: RD 1 – Ipstones Staffs

Ladies (Route A): 1: Becky Cook (MRS-Sherco) 7; 2: Emma Bristow (Ossa Moto UK) 12; 3: Donna Fox (Sherco) 21; 4: Hannah Styles (JST-Gas Gas) 37.


Youth A class (Route A): 1: Danielle Whitham (Beta-Trials UK) 65; 2: Chloe Richardson (MRS Sherco) 98.


Youth B class (Route B): 1: Nikita Smith (Feet Up Beta) 11; 2: Simone Wallis (Trials UK Gas Gas) 29; 3: Victoria Payne (BVM Beta) 50; 4: Kate Hunter (Sherco) 53; 5: Hannah Richardson (Gas Gas) 61.


Youth C class (Route C): 1: Naimh Richardson (Beta) 2; 2: Beth Waite (Off-Road-Beta) 4; 3: Gabrielle Whitham (Beta Trials UK) 13; 4: Eleanor Attrill (Beta) 17; 5: Megan Savage (Putoline Beta) 20.


Ladies Intermediate (Route B): 1: Harriet Shore (Beta) 39; 2: Catherine Alford (Gas Gas) 48; 3: Nicki Wright (Scorpa) 53.

Sunday March 13th 2011

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

It’s daylight saving time for most, so Spring has to be on the way. - !!

Yesterday was a TV day, as we took in the Daytona 200 road race ( Red flagged) & then the SX from Indianapolis.

The Road Racing was pretty exciting, but also controversial, after a two hour delay on the restart, because of front tire safety concerns. - Jason DeSalvo eventually got the win - the first for Ducati, as Josh Herrin and Dane Westby  collided on the 175mph straight, and Taylor Knapp also crashing - all three escaped uninjured.

The SX was also good to watch - Stewart didn’t win but created the usual excitement as he came from the back to finish second behind Ryan Villopoto.

Earlier in the day we never did manage to hook up to the Eurovision  broadcast of the Madrid World Indoor - but after it was all over, Tony Bou had clinched yet another title.

Read the full report by Trials Mazagine.

Moto >> News

Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa is the 2011 SPEA FIM X-Trial World Champion, after he won the fifth and penultimate round of the series in Madrid, Spain. Whilst Bou eventually carved out a clear margin to take the victory, in reality the event was a tense affair as Adam Raga - Gas Gas pushed him hard throughout the competition. With Albert Cabestany - Sherco finishing third on the night, Raga now sits just six points behind his compatriot with one round remaining.

Wild card entrant Alfredo Gomez - Montesa joined the eight fixed riders in qualification, which was split into two parts. The initial four sections being ridden behind closed doors, then with the deciding two hazards being used to open the show in front of a packed arena. Gomez was immediately locked in a battle for survival as he fought with Michael Brown - Gas Gas and James Dabill - Beta, who was off form once again, as the young trio tried to remain in the competition. In the end Takahisa Fujinami’s - Repsol Montesa experience shone through as he became the last of the qualifiers.

Early in the semi final the pattern of the evening began to emerge with Raga almost matching Bou mark for mark through the four observed hazards, after having lost out to him in the dual lane section. These two riders had already moved clear of their rivals, as Cabestany was left to duel with Jeroni Fajardo - Ossa for the final podium place, whilst Fujinami managed to just defeat Jack Challoner - Beta for fifth spot by a single mark as the rookie transferred to the main event for the third round in a row.

The final was an all Spanish affair, with the last three sections being played out in an electric atmosphere, as the expectant crowd waited to see if Bou could wrap up the title on home soil. Raga had obviously not read the script and threatened to spoil Toni’s party. Adam really threw down the gauntlet in the last but one section, his one dab ride applying extra pressure at the critical moment.

Bou could sense the importance of the moment and looked slightly nervous as he approached the final step. His attack lacked technique for once, and as his bike rocked back and forth on the sump-guard, his title literally hung in the balance for a split second. Thankfully for him gravity was on his side and the crowd erupted as he made a final burst for the end cards, whilst remaining feet-up.

All the riders fived the massive undercut step in the last hazard, so the victory was Bou’s, as was the title as he remains undefeated in this year’s series, with just the closing round in Italy next Saturday to go. With Bou already crowned champion, he will look to maintain his 100% record in Milan, as Cabestany and Raga continue to fight it out to become the 2011 vice World champion.


Round 5
Madrid– Spain
12 March - Saturday


1: Bou 13
2: Raga 19
3: Cabestany 25
4: Fajardo 27
5: Fujinami 15
6: Challoner 16

1: Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa-HRC) 1
2: Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas) 5
3: Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Ossa) 5
4: Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco) 8
5: Jack Challoner (GBR-Beta) 14
6: Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa-HRC) 15

7: Michael Brown (GBR-Gas Gas) 19
8: James Dabill (GBR-Beta) 20
9 : Alfredo Gomez (SPA-Montesa) 23

2011 Current
FIM championship standings:
1: Bou 100
2: Cabestany 69
3: Raga 63
4: Fajardo 45
5: Fujinami 32
6: Challoner 21
7: Brown 14
8: Dabill 13
9: Gubian 5
10: Iolitta 1
11: Grattarola 1
12: Gomez 1

Saturday March 12th 2011

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

We had a rather unusual customer call yesterday, - from Hawaii !! - Not often we get contacted from that part of the World, and naturally, because of the Tsunami situation, my first question was in regard to that. - However, my 63 year old customer, assured me that everything was sunny and normal. - I wondered if it was the same guy that I supplied some Outlaw riding gear to, back in 1994 - Barry and myself met him at the World Trial in Reno, but it was somebody different, who had just browsed my website.

Another funny call from Jimmy, to first chat about the local avalanche that blocked the highway between Elko and Fernie, and then about one of his customers, who had called regarding his boat that is parked at Jimmy’s waiting to get repaired Not sure if the guy was wanting to pick it up, but Jimmy informed him that he was riding his snowmobile over the top of it this past week, as it’s covered by a snow drift.!!!! - A bit early for towing to the lake I think.

With cabin fever at an all time high right now, I made a trip out to Yankee Flats to check out the snow situation - suffice to say that a look at the gallery will tell the story.

I see that Fujinami has posted a video message on Trials Central regarding the Japanese disaster - Fuji lives in Spain.


We are not the only ones getting lots of snow, I see the Tomchrasky Trial has been canceled in Inverness Scotland due to heavy snow. - wonder how this will effect “Run Off” for the Six Days?


Madrid World Indoor tonight - Watch here for results. - At the Nice France Indoor last night - Adam Raga won ahead of Fajardo and Challoner. ( Bou and Caby didn’t ride)

Don’t forget that Clocks go FORWARD tonight !!!!!!

NEWSFLASH ! - Steve Fracy just emailed to say that the Madrid Indoor is on Eurosport tonight (Today for us) and you can get the video (free) by clicking on google search for - then click Eurosport 2 - I am watching a bicycle race on (live) right now on my other CP. - hopefully the Trial will be on later. check it out

Friday March 11th 2011

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people today, after hearing of the devastation caused by the earth-quake, and Tsunami - We visited this area on a couple of trips back in Yamaha days.


In Other news, the rider numbers are out for the Scottish Six Days, and a call from an excited John Dearie last night confirmed that he will start as number 5, - John will be mounted on a Scorpa, borrowed from his good friend Ian Shedden ( who starts as #3) - the first three riders are all Scottish ( and buddies of Harry McKay) - wearing the prestigious #1 will be Neil Dawson on a Beta. - As usual I counted up the bike stats, and although there are eight riders who have not posted what machine they are riding, the rest of the breakdown is as follows.

Beta = 74 - Gas Gas = 74 - Montesa = 49 - Sherco = 37 - Ossa = 10 - Scorpa = 9 - Honda = 5 - Yamaha = 4 - Greeves = 3 - Fantic = 2.

——————————————->>> As the excitement builds towards the 100 running of this event, here is an article about one man’s passion for the Scottish ( I first met Malc at the Scottish in 1972)

Moto >> News

Malcolm Rathmell (Beamish Suzuki) 1978

It is forty-eight years since Malcolm Rathmell travelled to the Highlands and witnessed the Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) for the very first time. Since that day the multiple British Trials Champion, and 1974 European Champion, has not missed a single SSDT. Hence to say that the event, which celebrates its centenary this year, is ingrained in his soul would perhaps be an understatement.

Malcolm has won the SSDT twice and is one of a handful of British riders that, over the years, has become synonymous with the Trial: “It is a special event,” confirmed Malcolm. “I went to my first Scottish Six Days as a spectator in 1963 and since then I have not missed one, except when it was cancelled because of Foot and Mouth. There are few motorsport events with such a rich history. I am just pleased and thankful that it is still going, and that someone in an office somewhere has not tried to stop it.”

“My first SSDT as a rider was in 1966, and I won it for the first time in 1973,” continued Malcolm. “That first victory was unexpected as I had just returned from riding motocross and I took Sammy Miller’s place at Bultaco. I won it again in 1979, just beating Mick Andrews. Mick and I were neck-and-neck on the final day and it came down to the last six sections. Mick made a mistake and I won.”

“The Trial has changed quite a bit over the years. Perhaps it was more prestigious back when I was riding? Nowadays the top World Championship riders do not come, and that is a shame. It is so different to what those riders are used to these days, though. Personally I would like to see some tougher sections to encourage those riders to come back. I recognise that it is hard for the World Championship riders, however especially as there is an FIM event the following weekend this year.”

These days Malcolm heads to Scotland each year to support his Sherco-mounted riders, which he claims is even more nerve-wracking than competing: “It is one hundred times worse than riding it yourself. At least when I rode I had hold of the handlebars and it was all down to me. If I made a mistake it was my fault. Now all I can do is prepare their bikes and make sure they have everything they need, the rest is down to them.”

“People often ask me ‘what is the best thing about the Six Days?’ and that is easy: winning it!” Continued Malcolm. “I used to hate losing. I lost to Vesty [Yrjo Vesterinen] in 1980. He was the first foreign rider to win it, and that was tough to take. After Vesty won the Spanish riders took over for a while. Talking about the SSDT like this reminds you how special the event is. I hope it can keep going for another one hundred years.”

Marking its centenary, the 2011 Scottish Six Days Trial will take place in and and around Fort William between Monday 2nd and Saturday 7th May - for more details please visit

Thursday March 10th 2011

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The first round of the Italian Indoor Championship took place last weekend - here is a report courtesy of Todo Trial, - the translation leaves a bit to be desired, but readers can get the general idea.

Campeonato de Italia Indoor Italian Indoor Championships
Morbegno Morbegno
5 de marzo, 2010 March 5, 2010
1 ª de 5 1 st of 5
Lenzi comienza imponiéndose, pero por muy poco Lenzi began imposing, but only just Información: FMI Trial, Information: IMF Trial
Fotos: FMI, Lenzi team, Spea Team Photos: IMF, Lenzi team, Team Spea

Fabio Lenzi comienza ganando un año más Fabio Lenzi won another year begins

Buen comienzo para el Campeonato Italiano de Trial Indoor 2011, cuya primera cita se disputaba el pasado sábado 5 de marzo gracias a la perfecta organización del Motoclub VAL. Good start for the Italian Indoor Trial Championship 2011, whose first meeting took place last Saturday, March 5, thanks to the perfect organization of Motoclub VAL.

Un trial que ha sabido ofrecer a los cerla de mil espectadores presentes un gran espectáculo de trial en un perfecto escenario como es el Palafiere di Morbegno. A trial that has managed to offer a thousand spectators CERLA a big show trial in a perfect setting such as di Morbegno Palafiere.

Ha sido una tarde e mocionante, que acabó una vez más con la victoria de It was an afternoon and mocionante, which ended once again with victory
Fabio Lenzi (Montesa), que ha dado continuidad a la última victoria Fabio Lenzi (Montesa), which followed the final victory
conseguida en la temporada 2010, que por cierto también comenzó ganando, al igual que la 2009… achieved in the 2010 season, which incidentally also started winning, like the 2009 …

La primera noticia importante en este inicio del campeonato ha sido la presencia de hasta 24 pilotos, los más experimentados luchando en la fase de clasificación para obtener la mejor posición de salida y el resto tratando de obtener una plaza entre los diez primeros para acceder a la fase siguiente. The first big news in this beginning of the championship has been the presence of up to 24 pilots, the most experienced fighting in the qualifying round for the best starting position and the rest trying to get a place in the top ten to access the next phase.

En la fase de clasificación, contaba con cuatro zonas, a las que se enfrentaban todos los pilotos para decidir el paso a la fase siguiente. In the qualifying round, had four areas, which are faced by all pilots to decide the way to the next phase.

Lograban pasar a la final: Orizio (Gas Gas), Garnero (Beta), Saleri (Beta), Maurino (Beta), Vaccaretti (Beta), Iolitta (Beta), Tournour (Gas Gas), Challoner (Beta), Lenzi (Montesa) y Grattarola (Gas Gas), quedando eliminados: Zuccali (Beta), Cotone (Gas Gas), Comiloni (Sherco), Locca (Beta), Poli (Ossa), Cabrini (Beta), Julita (Beta), Mazzocchin (Beta), Corti (Beta), Cobuzzi (Sherco), Sassella (Sherco), Giarba (Beta) y Staltari (Beta). Made it to the final: Orizio (Gas Gas), Garnero (Beta) Saleri (Beta), Maurino (Beta) Vaccaretti (Beta) Iolitta (Beta) Tournour (Gas Gas), Challoner (Beta), Lenzi ( Montesa) and Grattarola (Gas Gas), being eliminated: Zuccali (Beta) Cotone (Gas Gas), Comiloni (Sherco), Locca (Beta), Poly (Ossa), Cabrini (Beta), Julia (Beta) Mazzocchin ( Beta), Corti (Beta) Cobuzzi (Sherco), Sassella (Sherco), Giarba (Beta) and Staltari (Beta).

A destacar la mala suerte sufrida por Simone Staltari, que durante la clasificación se caía en el descenso de la zona 1, dislocándose un hombro dislocado y teniendo que retirarse. To highlight the misfortune suffered by Simone Staltari, which fell during qualifying in the fall of zone 1, dislocating a shoulder dislocated and having to retire.

Una vez clasificados los diez mejores, la primera ronda contaba con cinco zonas, de las cuales era la 3, la de la escalera, la que se reveló como la más exigente, tanto que sólo lograban pasarla a cero Vaccaretti y el inglés Jack Challoner, mientras que Lenzi se dejaba un punto, siendo estos tres los clasificados para la final. Once ranked the top ten, the first round had five zones, which was 3, the steps, which emerged as the most demanding, while only managed to pass it to zero and English Vaccaretti Jack Challoner, Lenzi was left while a point, with three qualifiers for the final. Esta primera fase termina con Challoner primero con sólo 3 puntos, seguido por Lenzi (6) y Vaccaretti (7). This first phase ends with Challoner first with only 3 points, followed by Lenzi (6) and Vaccaretti (7).

Podio final Podium

Decepcionante la actuación de Matteo Grattarola, que ocupaba el quinto lugar, precedido por Maurino, aunque sólo por el desempate al empatar a puntos, mientras la sexta plaza era para Orizio. Matteo disappointing performance Grattarola, which ranked fifth, preceded by Maurino, if only for the tie to tie on points, while sixth place was for Orizio.

La final comienza con la clásica carrera en paralelo, en la qu etodos se enfrentan entre sí, y en la que Fabio Lenzi se revela como imbatible. The finale begins with the classic parallel career in the qu ETHODS facing each other, and which is revealed as Fabio Lenzi unbeatable. Fabio aventaja a Vacaretti en dis muntos, mientras Challoner, que perdió todas las carreras, se inicia con cuatro puntos. Fabio leads to dis Vacaretti in Munt, while Challoner, who lost every race, begins with four points.

Ahora toca superar las cinco zonas en sentido contrario, y se establece una lucha muy igualada. Now it exceed five areas in the opposite direction, and establishes a very close battle. Vaccaretti logra un tres en la zona dos, en la que sus adversarios se dejan un fiasco, mientras que Challoner se carga con dos más por tiempo enla zona cuatro. Vaccaretti achieves three in zone two, which left his opponents a fiasco, while Challoner is charged with two more time inthe zone four. La prueba está realmente emocionante pero finalmente es Lenzi el vencedor, seguido de un inspirado Vacaretti a sólo un punto, siendo la tercera plaza para Challoner. The proof is really exciting but ultimately the winner Lenzi, followed by an inspired Vacaretti just one point, the third place for Challoner.

Fabio Lenzi: “Ha sido una gran victoria que ha llegado en la última zona gracias a una buena pasada a cero. Ha sido un día duro porque este año toca concentrarse desde la clasificatoria, que determina el orden de salida de la primera ronda, y hoy con Challoner en el trial la oportunidad de llegar a la final era más limitada, pero lo hice gracias a la victoria en las carreras en paralelo. En la final las zonas fueron muy duras y me he jugado toda en la última zona, donde tenía la obligación de pasar a cero y lo hice. Estoy muy contento porque no estoy al 100% y este resultado es importante para seguir trabajando y mejorando. Gracias a todo el equipo, Gigi y Omar que me siguen en los entrenos y en las carreras y al Fiamme Oreo y todos los patrocinadores que nos apoyan.” Fabio Lenzi: “It was a great victory that has come in the last area thanks to a great trick to zero. It was a tough day because this year focus from qualifying play, which determines the starting order of the first round and Challoner today in the trial the opportunity to reach the final was more limited, but I did thanks to victory in races in parallel. In the end zones were very hard and I’ve played all in the latter area, where he required to move to zero and I did. I’m very happy because I’m not 100% and this result is important to keep working and improving. Thanks to the team, Gigi and Omar who follow me in training and in racing and the Fiamme Oreo and all the sponsors who support us. “

Pos. Pos

Nombre Name

P P Pos. Pos

Nombre Name

1 1

Fabio Lenzi Fabio Lenzi

15 15

6 6 Michelle Orizio Michelle Orizio

14 14

2 2

Andrea Vacaretti Andrea Vacaretti

16 16

7 7 Giacomo Saleri Giacomo Saleri

17 17

3 3

Jack Challoner Jack Challoner

17 17

8 8 Francesco Iolitta Francesco Iolitta

20 20

4 4

Daniele Maurino Daniele Maurino

9 9

9 9 Stefano Garnero Garnero Stefano

20 20

5 5 Matteo Grattarola Matteo Grattarola

9 9

10 10 Gianluca Tournour Gianluca Tournour

21 21

Wednesday March 9th 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

We had quite a busy day yesterday, first job was to put the newspaper box back up at the top of the driveway - readers may recall that this was flattened on Sunday morning by some idiot driving an out of control stolen car. - Not that this took long as the metal post was easily straightened, and the plastic box re-attached with the aid of some “Farmer” bolts.

It was also a good day to wash the vehicles, so this was duly done down at the local car wash - they have been doing a roaring trade this week, with everybody taking advantage of the warmer weather.

The WTC (World Trials Canada) - have decided to give out some special awards for the 2011 National Series in Summerland and Quebec, details are listed on the front page of Trials Canada. - This is a “First” for Canadian Trials, with cash prizes for low loop scores by the Champ riders.

I see that John Lampkin has posted his usual excellent list of things to do in preparation  for riding the Scottish Six Days Trial, on the Trials Magazine web-site. - Naturally this pertains to Beta riders, but many of the items are common to all brands, so are worth checking. - It’s worth mentioning, that many riders who come to our Outlaw event, often run into problems because they don’t bother to take a toolbelt, with the CORRECT wrenches to fix any possible damage done in a mishap. - With all the modern bikes very reliable, many riders have become complacent regarding pre-trial maintenance. -with the average event only having a very short loop, the longer “English Style” course that we hold in the Okanagan, catches out a few new riders each year, because they dash off from the start on a bike that is not prepared correctly.

( Some get to the first section, only to find they forgot their punch card !!!)

We are as near as the phone to give advice on any maintenance issues ( Any brand) and sometimes this can save the rider, both money and frustration.

Tuesday March 8th 2011

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Here we are into the second week of the month, and still no real sign of “Spring” - in spite of a couple of very nice sunny days in the OK Valley. - A surprise visit from a former neighbor dressed in shorts and tank top, yesterday afternoon, only  proved once again that “Newfies” are indeed a different breed. - Having said that, the back yard is starting to look like a muddy section from the “Colmore” Trial.

A reminder to everyone planning to attend the May long - weekend  National at Summerland, that Motel space is at a premium on this date, because of annual car shows and ball tournaments in the area. While most choose to camp out at the Trials site, the people who want the luxury of a regular bed, should note that although we have checked for possible “Deals” for our out of town riders, - Peter phoned yesterday to say that this ‘aint gonna happen, and that things are already getting booked up. - The number to phone if you want to reserve accommodation, is - SUMMERLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (250)494-2686 or go to

I was on the phone with Jimmy last night chatting about the pics I posted from Sunday, and the fact that they show bare terrain at our spot near Kelowna. - He informed me that he is still riding “OVER” the back fence and parked customers boat on his snowmobile !! - the drifts are that high. - It will be awhile before he gets to ride the Beta.

This weekend will see Tony Bou with the chance to clinch another World Indoor Title, when the “Box riders” assemble in Madrid. - Albert Cabestany currently holds the runner up position, but  Jack Challoner has been the revelation of the series to date, taking the scalps of many established stars, in his first year on the circuit..

Cooks Good

Becky Cook (MRS Sherco)

World Number Two Becky Cook was in action at the weekends British Championship as she prepares for the Ladies opening round at Cheadle this weekend. Finishing thirteenth in the Expert B class she has committed herself to another full year of International and National trials.

Picture: Becky Cook (MRS Sherco)


Credit: John Hulm

Monday March 7th 2011

Monday, March 7th, 2011

After the rather exciting start to our Sunday - the rest of the day went off really well, - I met Barry at our riding spot near Kelowna, and we had a fantastic day - the sun was warm, and lots of bare ground, so we were able to get up to some of our favorite sections up on the ridge. - We also stopped to look at a couple that we used back in 1995, which still look challenging ( no we didn’t try them) - At the first gully section, we were surrounded by a bunch of deer, who merely watched what we were doing, before ambling off. - ( I’ve posted some scenic shots on the gallery)

We received some good news at the weekend regarding the Scottish - Guy Smeeth called to inform us that he has also got an entry, and will join John Dearie and Jonathan English at the 100 Anniversary Trial in May - there is also a chance that Jordan Szoke may have got a late entry, although this has yet to be confirmed.
Here is a report on the Weekend Round of the British Trials Championship by James Dabill’s media service.

James Dabill Media Service

ACU/TRC British Championship RD 1

James Dabill takes a confidence boosting win.


The opening round of this year’s highly anticipated British championship did not disappoint on a difficult course held over three laps of twelve sections at Westwood near Sheffield. Current champion James Dabill took the initiative on the opening lap finishing on 13 marks to Micheal Browns 21; these scores were repeated on the second lap leaving Dabill a clear winner after the third and final lap.


James Dabill “This is an excellent start to my 2011 outdoor season and I am very pleased. After my results in the opening rounds of the World Indoor Series I needed a good solid result to show the public how happy I am on my return to the Beta machine and this win puts that in prospective.


Today went really well and with the support from my minder John Lampkin the result was well deserved, yes I am very happy. Once again I would like to thank the people who have supported me today and also the organisers for putting on an event very worthy of British Championship status”.


Results: TRC Putoline Westwood Trial

Championship Class: 1: James Dabill (Beta) 40; 2: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 55; 3: Alexz Wigg (MRS Sherco) 94; 4: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 112; 5: Ross Danby (JST Gas Gas) 127; 6: Jonathan Richardson (MRS Sherco) 130; 7: George Morton (Beta UK) 165; 8: Ben Morphett (MRS Sherco) 169; 9: Craig Robinson (JST Gas Gas) 174