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Tuesday May 31st 2011

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

As mentioned in my blog last week - Lee Usher of Nelson had a couple of the neat little electric Oset mini-bikes at the National in Summerland, - unlike their motorized competition, the little Osets were super quiet as they zipped around the area. - which in my book, is a big plus. - Naturally parents don’t want  the kids straying far from the camp site, and the kids are so excited they go steady all day. - the big difference is these bikes don’t annoy other campers.
In England they have come up with a series for the little bikes - it’s obvious they are becoming quite popular.

. Oset Cup Storming Success

E Class Takes Dob Park by Storm

As the spiritual home of Yeadon Guiseley District Motorcycle Club, Dob Park proved to be the most successful venue yet in the third round of the Oset Cup.

Twelve riders competed across five taped-out sections which were designed to test rider ability, with minimal parental involvement.  Each section offered an easy and hard route to ensure all levels of competency were catered for.  It meant even 6 year old, George Dunn from Harrogate, who has only been riding a month, was able to manage the sections unassisted.


A series of firsts for the Yeadon Guiseley Oset Cup saw Round 3 welcome its first female rider, 6 year old Taylor Crossland, three sets of siblings and five new riders.


Mike Hinch, president of Yeadon Guiseley DMC, said: “The E-Class championship is going from strength to strength.  We are delighted to be the first club in the country to encourage the youngest riders to take up the sport by working with Oset Bikes to put on a series of trials designed specifically to challenge the youngsters without pushing them too far, too fast.


“This championship is helping the boys and girls develop their riding skills whilst being safe and fun.  And, by running the events at noon, it means they won’t be intimidated by potentially 100+ adults on full size trials bike whizzing past them as they’re all finished by the time the adult trial starts.

For anybody looking on, it’s clear to see a strong family-ethos running through the event as mums with babies,  dads and grandparents all cheered each of the riders on and offered lots of encouragement.  


The trial was observed by Andy Kelley from Kelley Carbon, who presented the Rider of the Day award to Dominic Horne, 5 for showing the most improvement since the previous round.  Clearly the upgrade to the 36v superbike paid off with this award and second overall.


All of the new entrants received competitors medals provided by Oset bikes.   A close contest saw first place go to Joshua McParland, 6 from Silsden on 11 marks, followed by Dominic Horne, 5 from Baildon on 13 and third went to Callum Fowler, 4 from Leyburn with 14.


Barry Huskinson from Oset Bikes, commented: “It’s great to see rider confidence developing at such a fantastic rate.  The youngsters are upgrading their machines through 12.5” to 24v 16” machine and then the 36v version as their ability and control come together to make them more capable riders.”

The next round of the Yeadon Guiseley Oset Cup is due to take place at Emmotts Farm, Howden Road, Silsden, BD20 0LT on Saturday 11 June with a 12 o’clock start.

Monday May 30th 2011

Monday, May 30th, 2011

A great day riding at Bear Creek yesterday - Barry, Pete, Fred and Jeff Ryan joined me on a beautiful sunny day in the Okanagan - for me it was a “Kick back” sort of day - riding a few sections and taking it easy after the hectic couple of months doing the National in Summerland. - I took a few pics which are posted on the gallery.


We’ve heard from Steve Fracy with some news from the PNTA event held over the weekend in Victoria - Steve says that Will Duggan (GG) won Champ on Saturday, as did Stan(Sherco) in Expert - Alex Walton(Sherco) beat Christy (Mont) for the Advanced win, while young Matt Fracy (Beta) rode expert for the first time. the young 15 year old impressing many with his ability.- Conditions were very slick after heavy rain made the sections extremely difficult.


I see Becky Cook (Sherco) won the latest Ladies British Championship Trial ahead of Emma Bristow (Ossa)- Becky lost 19 compared to the 32 by Emma, with Hannah Styles (GG) 3rd.


Jack Challoner (Beta) got 3rd at the Italian Championship at the weekend, but still leads the series.


more news as it happens>>>

Sunday May 29th 2011

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

An early morning again - last week at this time (6am) Pete and myself were out on the loop changing the route and putting in another section, because of heavy overnight rain - today I was up watching the F1 race from Monaco, and what a race it was. - Sebastion Vettell  (Red Bull) won ahead of Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and Jenson Button (MCLaren)

I will be meeting new rider Jeff Ryan for brekky at the A&W at 8am - then it is down to Kelowna to hook up with Pete and maybe Freddy and Barry.  - We will no doubt spend most of the morning doing some coaching, and generally taking things pretty easy after the turmoil of doing the National. ( I will likely take a few pics)

We now have the firm price on the new brilliant Beta Evo 300 Factory Replica - It’s $8995.00 - and worth every penny. - details of specs etc plus pics, can be seen on the “What’s New” page. - Remember this is a very limited model - I only have one bike, so it’s first come first served.

Weather looks to be more like it should be today, with the temperature supposed to go up to 22 , but then again the forecasters have been wrong before.

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Saturday May 28th 2011

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Just watched the qualifying session for the F 1 Monaco GP - It had to be cut short because of a big accident to Sergeo Perez the young driver crashing into the barrier coming out of the tunnel. no word on his condition at the moment. but the multi- million dollar car was instant junk. - The race goes tomorrow at 5.30am Pacific time for you early risers.

We had a call from David Johnston yesterday - he’s the guy who marked the single dab by Gordon Jackson at the 1961 Scottish. - there is a blurb about him in the Official Program, which John Dearie was kind enough to bring back for me.  - Jackson was at the 100th year Anniversary event to present the awards - that doesn’t happen too often if ever, in Motor Sport.

I also just read a report on the Scottish in the Globe & Mail  - it features our Canadian riders, with a good insight into what the Trial is all about, complete with section names and pictures.


The Victoria Club are hosting a PNTA Trial this weekend - we heard from Ian Dargis (Devon’s Dad) - who was out the door early today heading for the club property to do final set up. - they usually get a good turn out of riders from the USA for this series. - Hopefully the weather will be kind to them.


It’s now one week, since we held the very successful WTC National Trial in Summerland - and I have refrained from talking about the exclusion of Will Duggan on Sunday, due to breaking the rules by changing bikes. - I saw the broken bike at section #5 while doing the sweep loop.
While I get no satisfaction from enforcing rules, sorting out protests etc, it is something that every organizer is faced with, and dealing with problems in a fair way to everyone concerned is not taken lightly. - The rule in question states that a rider must finish on the same machine he started on, and unfortunately for Will, this was not case when he suffered a bike problem. - The WTC rule book is quite clear on this, as is the FIM and therefore the CMA rule books. We did have a copy of the WTC Rule Book at the Trial, and this has also been up on the WEC/WTC Website since 2009.
Many years ago, while at an International event in the UK, a very well known star rider and myself, were discussing the various issues that crop up in Off Road Sport - His comment was “The only difference between “Gamemanship ” and cheating, is that you are only penalized, - IF YOU GET CAUGHT.

Of course  we have all heard the stories like the one concerning Phil Alderson at the Scottish a few years ago - he was seen riding a 2 stroke Sherco on the Wednesday, when  he started the event on a 4 stroke - amazingly, the usually very efficient organizers, failed to notice it, and Alderson went on to  pick up an award at the trophy presentation. - He was chastised severely by other riders, and shunned for unsportsmanlike conduct.

How riders handle things in the “Heat of the moment” is sometimes regrettable, but usually cool heads prevail, and all is forgotten. - We hope that Will Duggan has a good ride in the PNTA this weekend, and that he goes to the last two rounds of the WTC National Trials Championship in Quebec - with three out of four results counting, he could still end up winning the Champ class.

Friday May 27th 2011

Friday, May 27th, 2011

It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by since we were at Summerland - the weather was hot this time last week, but not so today - strange climate changes this year in most places. -

The stories are still coming in from riders who had a great time at the National - Billy Traynor mailed to say he saw three black bears, while coming down the trail from Moose Mountain. - although we always carry Bear spray, while doing set up in the area, we didn’t see any of the bruins all the time we  were out there for the previous couple of months. - As Pete joked when I mentioned it one day - “There ain’t any Bears up here - they’re all in downtown Summerland rooting through people’s garbage”

While chatting to Jimmy the other night, he remarked that his section - the famous Devil’s Staircase took points from all the Champ and Advanced riders - in fact the best score over the two days, was by Devon Dargis, with just a dab. - Thomas Cordner did it with a two, and Foordy in fact cleaned it, only to ride out the wrong exit.

We have posted the last of the pics we took on the Saturday loop, on the gallery - I see that over 120 people have already checked them out. - Some of these aren’t that good, as I had the wrong setting on my mini- Olympus, and without my reading glasses, I find it difficult to change the program. - I was however pleased with my Sunday pics taken with the Nikon - The sequence of Foordy at Section # 13 - called Foordy’s Favorite - certainly captured the moment for him - it was perhaps ironic, that he was also wearing bib #13. ( Unlucky for some)

I wonder how many people noticed the little Osets running around the campsite? - Lee Usher from Nelson,was at the event to promote the neat little bikes - it would be nice if ALL the mini-bikes were this quiet.

Although I keep saying that “This will be the last year” - next year will be the 25th year for the Outlaw, so I guess we will have to go at least one more time - (The good Lord willing)


In other news - The Formula One teams are in Monaco this weekend - Fernando Alonso  has been quickest in practice, but the narrow streets of the French resort, make it difficult to pass, so anything can happen on race day.


Wednesday May 25th 2011

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned how totally “Bagged” I was after doing the National - even my feet hurt, and my knees were so sore from hiking up & down the hills that I was hobbling around like an old man - ERR ! Wait a minute ! I am an old man !!!!

- Reflecting on all the events of the past week, - I realized that it really was a work out, as I was riding at least 4 hours every day from Thursday to Monday, and every other day in the couple of weeks prior to that. - When you consider what the riders in the Scottish Six Days go through, it makes you understand why the “Scottish” is the ultimate test for man and machine. ( It ain’t a Country for old men)
While sitting by the camp-fire in Summerland one night at the National, I looked over at a group who were chatting close by, and it suddenly hit me - all five had ridden the famous event in the Highlands - Stan, Steve (Fracy) Bob & Brett Clark and the latest hero, John Dearie. - A missed photo - op !! - darn.

Although our events in the Valley are small in comparison to many other great Trials in Europe - the numbers we get in comparison to other Canadian  trials these days , is rewarding to say the least. At a time when many of the younger riders think that the sport is all about “Zapping” big rock walls, - it’s encouraging to see them enjoying the traditional “English style”  long loop, with natural sections. - We saw lots of points being taken on sections that featured cambers and loose dirt, littered with rocks.

We have watched the young stars  mature over the past  few years, and it was in fact at one of our early events in Kelowna, that we first saw “Kids” like Will Duggan and Brandon Wince, Ryon Bell etc - all riding bikes that were too big for them -  I had Barry Van As, - shepherd them around, a small loop - picking them up when they fell down, and wiping away their tears. - It is both ironic and perhaps says a lot for our sport, that while these lads are now at the top of their game, -  Barry is still riding at age 61, and has the same passion for Trials. - I wonder if any of these young riders, remember who it was that helped them all those years ago.? ( Barry won both days in Senior 55 at Summerland)

Over the past few decades, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many Super Stars in all aspects of Motor-Cycle sport, and in all cases, they proved to be the most  unassuming  guys you could ever meet. - humble in Victory, and gracious in defeat. - setting a fine example for future generations.


Tuesday May 24th 2011

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Well, it’s all over for another year, the WTC Canadian Championship Rounds #1 & 2 are now in the history books.- the rider turn out was the most we have ever had for the traditional Outlaw Trial weekend. - 58 for Saturday - 48 Sunday and 7 Vintage on Monday.  To say that I was completely bagged by the time it all wrapped up yesterday, would be an understatement. However after a good night’s sleep in my own bed, I was up early to post the results to Bob for the Trials Canada website.

The weather was a bit rainy, and this resulted in Pete and myself having to change the route for  Sunday slightly, - this was all done before most of the riders woke up. - We elected to cut out Avalanche Alley, and Big Kahuna, because of the very slippery conditions, but the scores for both days and all classes were pretty much spot on.

Round one on Saturday was extremely close in the Champ class, with Will Duggan and Jon English both tied on 29 points with Will winning on the tie break,  However, Jon got to take home the $100 Prize for the lowest loop, donated by Trials Canada, and Mountain Motorcycles. - It was Chris Duggan taking the Advanced class ( he moved up to champ on Sunday)  -ahead of Ricky Styles and Alex Walton  -  Barry Van As won the Senior 55 both days and Kevin Couves dominated the Senior 45 class. - Tanner Nordin won the Inter both days, as did Graeme Herman in the Junior - Because we were out front of the pack on the loop early Saturday to make sure the checkers were in place, we only managed to get a few pics, but you can see a lot more from Sunday on the gallery.

We saw some brilliant riding  in all classes, but one of the highlights had to be watching the two young lads who were riding junior, under the watchful eye of Ernie Ferguson - the loop was far from easy, but the youngsters coped really well. - The full results can be seen by clicking on Trials Canada.

As usual the Outlaw Long weekend was a great gathering for old friends and although we were too tired to stay up late like in the old days, we did manage to visit most of the camp fires, and got to share a piece of Pete Bustin’s birthday cake on Sunday night ( he turned 48) - A big thanks to everybody that helped out with checking and taking down the sections yesterday - the only injury we had was to checker Kathryn Pernitsky who over-balanced on the trail back to camp and dislocated her thumb.

The rest of the day (and week) will be spent unpacking all the gear, and catching up on business -


Sherco Race Report




After his fourth place finish on Saturday, Albert Cabestany was determined to do better.

With finesse and excellent control, his Sherco ST2.9R allowed him to gain the second podium spot on Sunday.

Albert is now in third place in the overall standings in the World Championship only one point behind second.


Picture Credit:

Monday May 2nd 2011

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

We had absolutely glorious weather yesterday to start off the month, and what better place to be than up on the mountain at Summerland - Pete and myself taped another three sections, two of them brand new, and you can see pics of these on the gallery under Easter - click on pages 4&5. - although doing just a couple of sections doesn’t sound like much, believe me when you have to figure out the right amount of difficulty for multi-lines, it takes a lot of time, and lots of hiking up & down the hillsides. - we spend a minimum of 4 hours each time we go out, then of course I have the 2 hour drive back to Vernon. - However, getting it “Right” is very rewarding, and we look forward to seeing how each of the 15 sections fares. ( that’s 15 for each class so there are actually more than that because of splits)
The weather has also been unusually hot in Scotland, where the 100th year anniversary trial, got under-way this morning, we had an email from our buddy Harry from Fort William, where he had met up with Guy Smeeth and John Dearie - the pic he sent is now on the front page of Trials Canada. - Interested readers can follow the progress of the Trial, by visiting the SSDT website, and we will also be posting all the latest news each day right here on the blog.

At the AMA/NATC opening Rounds in Texas - It was Cody Webb (Beta) winning day one with arch rival Pat Smage (Sherco) taking day two  - see full story below courtesy Cycle News.

Photography By: Shan Moore

Cody Webb and Patrick Smage traded wins at the opening two rounds of the AMA/NATC National MotoTrial Series near the West Texas town of Blackwell.

The Beta-mounted Webb topped Smage by 11 points on the opening day of the two-day event to take the initial lead in the series standings, however it was Smage on the Sherco 2.9 holding the advantage at the end of one lap.

The two title hopefuls had little trouble with most of the sections in the dry-slick event, but near the end of the first lap Webb took a five when he displaced a marker in section 12, perhaps the toughest section of the trial. Smage managed a two on the section and finished the lap with a total of three, while Webb finished with six.

On lap two, Smage failed to make a big wall in section four, a section that Webb would clean. Both riders cleaned the tricky 12th section, and at the end of the second lap Webb had a total of six points, having cleaned the entire loop, while Smage had a total of nine.

With only three points separating the two heading into the final lap, it was clear that the win would go to the one who best kept his composure. Webb cruised through the final go-round dropping a one on the wall at section four and a one on section 12. Meanwhile, Smage suffered fives in each of those sections, giving Webb the win, eight points to 19.

Gas Gas USA’s Keith Wineland struggled on the opening lap, dropping 25 points in all, 20 of which were the result of fives. However, the Colorado rider settled down on his second and third laps, posting loop scores of six and five for a total of 36 and third place.

Sherco USA’s Bryan Roper was a solid fourth with a total of 91 points and 12 cleans, while Gas Gas USA’s Eric Storz was fifth in his Pro debut with a score of 93.

On day two, Smage evened up the score by edging out Webb by a single point to take the win.

Smage and Webb turned in identical six-point scorecards after the opening lap of the 14-mile, 12-section course, each rider taking a single dab early in the lap, plus a five in the difficult ninth section, which featured a “Monster” rock ledge that was only conquered twice all day. The section certainly got the attention of the entire Pro division, however it would be a much easier section that would ultimately decide the outcome of the event.

On the second lap, Smage cleaned the entire lap, with the exception of section nine, which he once again fived. Webb also fived nine again, but in section eight he took what he called “an uncalled for point” when he landed from what should have been a simple maneuver. That point would come back to haunt the Beta rider as the final lap was again a wash between the top two contenders with each dropping a single point: all cleans and a one on section nine.

In the end, Smage landed on top of the box with a total of 12 points, with Webb taking the runner-up position with 13. Wineland was again third after dropping 39 points, followed by Roper in fourth with 60.

Karl Davis Jr. (60) and Andrew Oldar were fifth and sixth, respectively, while Eric Storz (83) and Shad Petersen (120) rounded out the top eigh

Sunday May 1st 2011

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

It was a pretty boring hockey game last night, as the Cannucks lost in overtime to a much better looking team from Nashville - I guess we can take some solace, from the fact that three of the Predators are from the Okanagan.


We had a visit from Bill & Kathryn yesterday, they are from Kamloops and they brought along John Pernitsky ( Bill’s brother) to get some trials gear to take back to Lethbridge along with his Beta Evo. - I have posted a pic of John all decked out as “Wulfman” on the odds album.

Today is the big parade down the High Street in Fort William, with the SSDT riders, following behind the Pipe Band. - hopefully John-boy will have a big smile for the cameras - look out for #5


Meanwhile it’s celebration time for Steve Saunders, who took the win in the Pre 65 Two day event. - his 5th win in the Highlands, this time on the big 500cc Triumph Twin - You can check out the results by clicking on the link below.

Pre-65 SSDT 2011 Results

Check out

Picture Credit: – John Hulm

No this is NOT Mr Saunders !!