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Monday July 18th 2011

Monday, July 18th, 2011

We got a call from Barry late yesterday, with a report on the WTC National at Morin Heights Quebec - It seems the weather continued very hot for day two, - the sections were toughened up a bit, with some being ridden in the opposite direction, but it was still a quite low scoring event. - Jonathan English (Beta) won the Champ class, and is therefore the new Canadian Champion for 2011, - Matt Fracy (Beta) won the Advanced and also had the lowest loop of the day, and at 15 yrs old is the 2011 Canadian Champion in that class. - It was a similar story in Senior 45, with Bob Clark ( Beta) also winning both days and the title, while Barry took 1st on Sunday to put Sherco at the top of that class, and at age 61 becomes Canadian National Champion in Senior 55. - We don’t have any other results as yet, but we know that Glen Kemp from Calgary also made the trip to Quebec, and if he finished with a reasonable result in the Junior class, he could be the National Champ in that class.. - There were about 45 riders both days at Morin Heights, a good turn out for the ATAQ club, who were hosting their first National Championship event. - Congrats to them and all the riders, we will bring you updates as soon as we get them, plus the complete results for the series will be posted on TC and the WTC websites.


In other news  -


Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas)


Michael Brown gave Gas Gas UK importer John Shirt Jnr some thing to shout about when his number one rider broke the winning run of fifteen consecutive British championship wins held by James Dabill. Dabill started this winning run at the 2009 Rene Pearce trial and it’s quite a coincidence it finished at the same event in 2011. In very difficult conditions Brown was in a class of his own.


Local rider Ricky Wiggins pulled away in the Expert A championship as did Richard Timperley in the Expert B as both had wins on the day.


In the Youth class Bradley Cox continues to impress with yet another win.


Championship Class: 1: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 17; 2: James Dabill (Beta) 38; 3: Ross Danby (JST Gas Gas) 53; 4: Jonathan Richardson (MRS Sherco) 61; 5: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 70; 6: Ben Morphett (MRS Sherco) 125.   


Expert A Class:

1: Ricky Wiggins (RCM Gas Gas) 30; 2: Joe Baker (BMS Scorpa) 33; 3: Jack Spencer (Beta UK) 44; 4: Jake Evans-Luter (Beta UK) 44; 5: Josh Brain (Gas Gas) 53; 6: James Fry (MRS Sherco) 62; 7: Ben Wibberley (Inta Gas Gas) 64; 8: Robert Harries (Gas Gas) 67.


Expert B Class:

1: Richard Timperley (MRS Sherco) 40; 2:Kyle Hayes (Beta) 49; 3: Guy Kendrew (Ossa Moto UK) 58; 4: Adam Milner (Acklams Beta) 60; 5: Keelan Hancock (RCM Gas Gas) 61; 6:Ross Hancock (RCM Beta) 63; 7: Shaun Fox (Gas Gas) 63; 8: Buster Reagan (Beta) 67; 9 Andy Blackman (BVM Gas Gas) 72; 10: Nick Baker (RCM Scorpa) 72.


Support Class (Youth A)

1: Bradley Cox (SXS UK Beta) 69; 2: Tom Dexter (JST Gas Gas) 75; 3: George Gosden (JST Gas Gas) 82; 4: Dec Bullock (TRH Gas Gas) 124.



Championship Class: 1: Dabill 97; 2: Brown 88; 3: Danby 61; 4: Haslam 58; 5: Wigg 56; 6: Richardson 52; 7: Morphett 34; 8: Morton 33; 9: Jack Challoner (Beta UK) 26; 10: Craig Robinson (JST Gas Gas) 20.


Expert A Class: 1: Wiggins 79; 2: Fry 67; 3: Evans-Luter 58; 4: Spencer 56; 5: Chilton 44; 6: Harries 41; 7: Wibberley 41; 8: Brain 37; 9: Sheppard 34; 10: Sadler 27.


Expert B Class: 1: Timperley 94; 2: Kendrew 89; 3: Milner 52; 4: Regan 44; 5: Hayes 43; 6: Hancock 41; 7: Woods 41; 8: Sprigg 38; 9: Sherwin 34; 10: Fox 25.


Picture: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas)


Credit: John Hulme

Sunday July 17th 2011

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

We received some news from Quebec last night, where the weather for the WTC National was a roasting 34 degrees. - The short course at Morin Heights featured 8 sections with four loops, which was great for spectators, but did cause some bottle necks, for the riders.

Although we don’t have full results, we have heard that it was a good day for Beta, with Jonathan English winning Champ, Matt Fracy the Advanced class, and Bob Clark the Senior 45  - our buddy Barry Van As (Sherco) got second in the Senior 55. - We will post the full results for both days as soon as they are available.


Over in Europe, the Moto GP boys at at it again this weekend, and Casey Stoner has once again put the factory Honda on Pole. - Valentino Rossi continues to struggle on the Ducati, and could only qualify 16th after a high speed practice crash.


At the WEC Enduro in Blairmore  yesterday - Bobby Prochnau (KTM) took the overall Pro again making it three wins in a row - reports say the event is super tough, with Round # 4 going today.


The word from the UK and the British Championship round in Devon, is that Michael Brown (GG) is leading after lap one, ahead of James Dabill (Beta) and Ross Danby (GG) - more on this later.


Local weather this morning is overcast in the Valley, with maybe more thunder storms brewing - we are heading down to Dave George’s place near Big White, for a visit - maybe lay out a few practice sections for him on his property.


More news later >>>>>>>>Looks like Brown won in the UK ahead of Dabill and Danby - Alexz Wigg was a “No Show” at the event, adding to speculation that he is not a happy camper at present. - more on this later.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEWS FLASH — WTC National Day #2 - Champ 1st Jon English (Beta) Advanced 1st Matt Fracy (Beta) - Senior 55 1st Barry Van As (Sherco) - Senior 45 1st Bob Clark (Beta)

Saturday July 16th 2011

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

The answer to Yesterday’s question is “No” - my Beta did not arrive - so I guess I will be out on the 05 Sherco tomorrow - that is unless somebody buys it today. !!

With the time now just after 10am in Quebec, the first riders will be away at the WTC National - looking at the weather channel, the forecast is for very hot humid conditions, not the best I’m sure for riding - we will post any updates as we receive them.


Sherco are reporting that Albert Cabestany injured his ankle at the last World round - which might cause him problems.


There are about 2,000 Cyclists in the Valley this weekend for a road race - also a big Motorcycle event in Salmon Arm called Sturgis North, which is attracting thousands of “Bikers” - plus the “Angels”  have some kind of a rally happening in Kelowna - lots of extra overtime I would suspect for the RCMP. - As far as most people are concerned, a good time to stay off the roads in the area.


A post on facebook by Graham Jarvis, says he finished first in the Pre-run of the Romaniacs - “Grimbo” will be out for blood after being excluded from Erzberg, in what has been rumored to be a political move by a rival team.


The WEC Enduro at Blairmore will be getting under way in a couple of hours - weather looks good for the riders.


Check back later for more updates>>>>>>>

Friday July 15th 2011

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The big question this morning is “Will my new Beta arrive today”? - Because Jacek was on a tight schedule last week, I had to let him have my 300 Factory Replica, and wait for another one. - Luckily there were still a couple left in the warehouse.

Of course the “BIG” event this weekend is the Quebec Round of the WTC Series - Don Doerksen should have already made to Morin Heights with the trailer full of Western bikes, and by now I’m sure Barry has found out where the best local pub is !!! -  “Avec vue une Coors lite ” - long time since I took French in school.

We hope to have up to the minute reports on how things go at the Trial - although we will have to rely on somebody to either phone or email us the info:

In the UK the British Championship resumes in Devon - James Dabill (Beta) has been unbeaten so far this season ( Just like last year) -  for Golf Fans the British Open is taking place not far away from this location near the English Channel.


Had a call from John Dearie last night, with news on his Penticton bicycle race last weekend - I think he said he finished about half way in the results, out of a total of 1300 odd riders. - For some reason when I see the guys & gals pedaling past my place on Pleasant Vally road in their bright riding gear, I have a flash-back to the Movie where the young Brit gets caught up in the race scene, and drives his Dad crazy by talking with an Italian accent - Think it was called “Break away or something similar. - really funny show.


The WEC Enduro series moves to Blairmore  Alberta this weekend, which should see some interesting racing - Team Orange will be out in force again - they appear to have taken over this sport, although there are now a few Gassers showing up, and Husky are making a bit of a come-back. - Jason Schrage is keeping Honda hopes alive, and there are also some Yams & Kaws in the mix. The steep climbs and descents in the Crowsnest Pass area, will no doubt be challenging, for all the riders. ( There is also a Fireworks display going on at Blairmore)


Sunday I will be going up to visit Dave George who lives up near Big White - Dave just bought a Beta Evo last week, and wants to look at the beautiful Beta Alp that I picked up this week, (for his daughter). - I rode up on his land a couple of years ago with Tyler, and we made some neat sections - he also has a nice rocky creek on the property.


Thursday July 14th 2011

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

So here we are just a couple of days to go before the final WTC Rounds in Quebec, - with a good contingent of Western riders, the series can finish up as a true Canadian Championship. - Hats off to all the riders who are making the long trip, the Morin Heights location, is a beautiful spot, and the ATAQ club have spent a lot of time in preparation for the final wrap up of the series. We wish all the riders good luck.


Moto >> News


Austrian based energy drink giants, Red Bull, have announced details of a truly unbelievable prize, which will be available to young British riders taking part in the UK leg of the SPEA FIM Trial World Championship during the weekend of 30/31 July. In just over two weeks’ time Nevis Range, Fort William – Scotland will play host to the sixth round of the World series where riders in the Youth (16 – 18 years old) and Junior (16 – 23 years old) categories who hold a British competition license will be in with a chance of winning this once in a lifetime prize.

Founded in 1984, Red Bull globally supports some of the greatest athletes and teams throughout a multitude of different disciplines, including World Pro class competitors Adam Raga – Gas Gas and Dougie Lampkin – Gas Gas. Anyone who attended last year’s edition of the UK World Trial will remember the four awesome sections that made up the Red Bull zone, which will make a welcome return this year. Located at the highest point of the course, some twelve hundred meters above sea level, the four individual hazards offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Highlands and loch below.

The four zones that will make up sections nine, ten, eleven and twelve, have been titled Red Bull – Rage, Ravine, Revenge and Falls. As the names suggest this quartet of hazards promises to be some of the most challenging parts of the course and will be used to decide the winner of the Red Bull Racing factory visit. The Youth or Junior rider with the lowest total score during Sunday’s competition through these four sections, on their respective route, will walk away with an extra reward for their efforts.

The lucky winner will be invited to attend a guided factory tour of the Red Bull Racing facility at their Brackley headquarters. Here they will have behind the scenes access to Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 project, making this a prize that money can’t buy.

Jake Miller of L+M Events and co-promoter of this year’s British GP said, “Having Red Bull involved in our event for a second year in a row is a real honour and brings a wide range of benefits for all to enjoy. Last year their four supported sections at the top of Nevis Range were some of the riders’ favourite hazards and made brilliant viewing for spectators.”

“It is great to see a company of Red Bull’s size and status giving something back to the younger riders. They have a unique approach to up and coming talent as well as supporting their top line athletes. It is exactly opportunities like this, which makes having Red Bull involved in the event such a pleasure.”

To buy discounted advance and VIP tickets for the UK leg of the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship please visit the official event website or by calling the event hotline 0845 643 6756.


Picture Credit: John Hulme

Wednesday July 13th 2011

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Yesterday I bought a Beta Alp from a guy in Kelowna - this was just too good to pass up, as the bike is in mint condition - The Importers only brought a limited number of these bikes into the country back in the late 90’s, before Beta decided to put a Suzuki 4 stroke engine in what prior to that (IMHO) had been a great Trail/Trials model. -  simply unbolting the enduro style seat, reveals a regular Trials saddle, and while the stock footpegs are a bit too far forward *for any serious section work, I do remember testing one of these over at East Kelowna around 1999, on some pretty tricky stuff, and was impressed at how well the bike performed. (Note !* A set of Costa offset pegs should fix this)

So by now Don Doerksen should be about half way across this great country, on route to the WTC Championship , being held in Quebec this weekend. - Don is towing a trailer with six bikes on, so the trip is likely proving to be quite interesting.

We know that Bob Clark is already in Eastern Canada, and the Fracy’s fly out today, with Barry leaving tomorrow. - Hopefully the weather will be kind to the organizers and riders at Morin Heights - We will carry a complete story of the event next week


Sherco  introduced their 2012 Model at the Italian World Round - Certainly looks good ( The young lady doesn’t look bad either )

Picture from the presentation in Italy

Monday July 11th 2011

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Sunday turned out to be a great day, out riding near Kelowna with Dave and Jeff - I have posted some pics on the gallery - the weather was just about perfect, not too hot, but quite dusty. - With my new 300 Beta still on route, I was riding the 2005 Sherco, which made a change - quite surprising how well it worked, - Dave was on the Ex Jacek Evo, which he decided to buy, after having the most fun that he’s had for a very long time. - Jeff continues to improve on his Rev 3, and also seems to be really enjoying himself. - I took them up to the top ridge where the Hang-gliders jump off - beautiful spot, with a view of Kelowna, and over  towards Big White. - The only sad thing is how some people leave garbage in areas like this, that can be accessed by either ATV’s or 4×4. - we must have counted at least 20 -30 discarded shot gun shell casings, plus empty cans etc. - not sure what anybody would be shooting at up there, obviously complete idiots.

A lot of traffic on the Westside road coming home - this is popular with the Sunday bike riders, who like the twisty turns.


We heard from Steve Fracy, with the story on how they (Matt & Steve) - managed to get the Betas over to Vancouver on the Ferry to meet up with Don Doerksen. - This turned out to be a real nightmare, as the gal at the toll booth, didn’t want to let them push the unlicensed bikes on the boat  - However in desperation, and showing a hint of the old “Starvin’ Steve”  ingenuity - he spotted an empty pick-up in the line up, - dashing down to chat to the owner, who turned out to be from Edmonton, - Steve explained their plight, and asked if he could put the bikes in the back for the trip over - “no problem ” said the guy, and that is how they managed to beat the system. - ( Steve was by this time thinking he should have taken his truck across - but the reason they decided to do the “Push on” thing, was so they could catch the same ferry back, and Steve has done this before, back in the old TY days.

Anyway, suffice to say that Don Doerksen is now well on his way for the long trip to Quebec  -The WTC Championship Rounds take place this coming weekend at the Morin Heights Ski resort.  - We wish him luck on the way, and hope he takes lots of pictures.



Moto >> News

Toni Bou (Montesa-ESP)


On a day when the arrival of rain threatened late in the competition to cause a surprise result, Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa rode a calculated Trial to record his fifth win of the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial Championship to date. The Italian Grand Prix at Montecrestese that marked the fifth round of the current series was a hot and dry affair for most of the day, but with darkened skies overhead the top riders made a run for home to avoid the rain. Eventual runner-up Adam Raga - Gas Gas led the charge and was followed closely by Bou.


These two riders were finished before the rain arrived and thus both managed to create a clear advantage over third placed runner Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa whose own result was affected by a bad bout of sickness throughout the day. The Japanese rider’s improved second lap score meant he stole the last rostrum place from Jeroni Fajardo - Ossa, who failed the very last section of the day as the rain made the massive stacks of logs simply impossible.


Albert Cabestany - Sherco was Bou’s closest challenger on the first lap, trailing the reigning champion by six marks, whilst holding a three mark advantage over Raga at this point. However Cabestany’s plight was to suffer during his closing lap as he was left out on the course as the skies opened. Two fives in the final three hazards of the day would see his score escalate and leave him down in fifth place, as he lost out on a tie-break with Fajardo that could only be decided by the Ossa teamster having completed the Trial in a fastest time overall.

James Dabill - Beta and Loris Gubian - Gas Gas placed sixth and seventh respectively, with this young duo being some way off the pace of the top five riders. Italy’s Matteo Grattarola - Gas Gas gave the large home crowd something to cheer about as he took eighth spot ahead of Jack Challoner - Beta. Michael Brown - Gas Gas from Britain completed the top ten, as he was then followed in the finishing order by no less than four more Italian riders - those being Daniele Maurino - Beta, Fabio Lenzi - HM, Francesco Iolitta - Beta and Michele Orizio - Gas Gas respectively.


Bou’s latest win now takes him eighteen points clear of Raga in the general standings, whilst Cabestany remains in third spot in the championship, but now only two points ahead of Fujinami after the Japanese rider closed the gap on the Sherco teamster thanks to his podium finish today. Fajardo continues to hold fifth place in the series and has increased his advantage over Dabill.

Alexandre Ferrer - Sherco recorded his second win in as many rounds as the young French rider took the victory in the Junior class. Ferrer enjoyed a tense and tight day long battle with Francesc Moret - Montesa who eventually took second place. Benoit Dagnicourt - Beta completed the podium as just six marks separated the top three riders. Series leader Alfredo Gomez - Montesa endured a nightmare GP as he finished down in sixth spot. He does however still hold a seventeen point lead over Moret in the championship table.


Cedric Tempier - Sherco clawed back valuable championship points on the Youth series leader Jack Sheppard - Beta, as the Sherco teamster claimed his second win of the campaign whilst Sheppard could only manage third position on the day. Sweden’s Eddie Karlsson - Gas Gas maintained his good run of form when he took the runners-up spot in Italy to follow up on the third place he secured at the last round in Andorra. Sheppard now has a slender eight point gap over Tempier with five counting days to go.

The closing run of three rounds to decide the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship will begin with the Grand Prix of Great Britain to be held at Fort William, Scotland during the last weekend of the current month.


Round 5: Montecrestese – Italy - 10 July - 1 Day Event (Day1)


1: Bou 6
2: Raga 14
3: Fujinami 26
4: Fajardo 27
5: Cabestany 27

1: Ferrer 8
2: Moret 11
3: Dagnicourt 14
4: Tarres 16
5: Borrellas 18

Youth 125cc
1: Tempier 6
2: Karlsson 11
3: Sheppard 13
4: Saleri 17
5: Coquelin18

Sunday July 10th 2011

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Ferrari have won the Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone - Fernando Alonso finally beat the two Red Bull cars of Vettel and Webber, who finished second and third, - heartbreak for British Fans, as Lewis Hamilton was forced to back off the throttle to save fuel in the last few laps, losing out on the final podium position. - he ended up 4th.


Over in Italy, the Tony Bou show continued with a score of just 4 points on the first loop. - Cabestany was in second on 11, with Raga, Fajardo, Fujinami & Dabill all within a few points of each other. - However Andy reports a big thunderstorm in the area, might change things around by the end of the event.


With only a week to go before the last two rounds of the WTC Trials Championship in Quebec, Don Doerksen will be rolling through the Okanagan today, picking up Barry’s bike in Kelowna, before heading East.


We will be meeting Dave George and Jeff Ryan, today for a ride - weather looks to be great, not too hot - Dave, who checked for us at Summerland, is super keen to get himself a Trials bike - he told me that his last ride on the Husaberg with a couple of buddies, left him very wet after being washed down a creek, and then the chore of trying to start the heavy beast, was about the last straw. - certainly didn’t sound like fun.


I see a report on facebook regarding the WEC Enduro at Sun Peaks, said it was very muddy for the first day - local hero Bobby Prochnau  - took the win.


More news as it happens>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Saturday July 9th 2011

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Early morning TV action on the box, watching the F1 qualifying from Silverstone in the UK - not sure why they always hold this in July, when the weather is traditionally wet in England. - Anyway , very little change at the sharp end of the grid, with both Red Bull cars on the front row, followed by the two Ferrari’s - then the rest. - Hamilton only managed 10th spot, with Button 4th, so a British win is unlikely.


No word yet from Italy, where the European and World Trials Teams are competing this weekend - Andy is having some technical problems with his website, so we will just need to be patient as he tries to fix it by remote control  from his hotel near the location of the Trial.


Jacek dropped by yesterday afternoon to pick up his new Beta 300 Factory Replica, so lots of big smiles as he loaded that up - We had a good ride mid-week, and have seen a big improvement in him this past 12 months.


John Dearie is in Penticton this weekend - for a bicycle race - yes our hardy Scotsman will be putting all his energy into the pedals, in what is being billed as a European style race. - I now have the video of the 2011 Scottish Six Days, but so far have not seen any shots of John-boy - of course I usually fall asleep about half way through any of the SSDT tapes - great stuff to watch, but a bit like counting sheep, with rider after rider going through the same sections.

More news as it happens  >>>>>>>>>>>>

Friday July 8th 2011

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The weather is once again the hot topic today - a few thunderstorms around the valley, sparked a number of forest fires, but fortunately these were all brought under control very quickly, - over in Alberta, a Tornado touched down in the Innisfail area, but no damage was reported. - The forecast for the weekend is looking good with temperatures in the mid 20’s - which is perfect for me.

As mentioned previously, the WEC Enduro is on at Sun Peaks this weekend - it will be interesting to see how it turns out as this is a first for the popular Ski resort. - Guy Perret is the chief organizer, and has a wealth of experience in cross country racing, having competed in the ISDE many times. - Foordy called yesterday, and he will be attending along with many other riders from across the country.

I see that the first practice session for the F1 race at Silverstone, was wet, and didn’t show much in regard to who will be the favorite for the race on Sunday - Mark Webber was fastest, but then his car stopped out on the track with a problem.


The World Trials circus moves to Italy this weekend - don’t expect to see any big surprises, although it would be nice to see James Dabill have a good result.  - Sherco will have their 2012 model on display at this event, with Albert Cabestany in attendance - he has just signed another 2 year deal with the factory.

In other news from Europe, Becky Cook (Sherco)  has clinched the British Ladies Championship for the 7th time, and Donna Fox (Beta) is making a welcome return to the sport after a two year absence.