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Friday September 23rd 2011

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Well ! another good day at Summerland Thursday & we now have a total of 15 sections taped - more pics have been added to the gallery, so that you can get an idea of the terrain etc, but as always, the camera tends to flatten stuff out a bit. - The one section that I forgot to takes pics of earlier is called Adrian’s Wall - and I think our buddy would have approved this new one, especially the expert line. - Of course everything is being set up with the possibility of rain in mind, so the slippery slabs have been left out this time ( Doug Nimmo will be pleased to hear that) - We do have lots of “Rollie Rocks” type of stuff to test the riders throttle control, and a good overall variety. - Hopping will not be a necessary requirement  in any of the classes, although this ability to “Set up” the bike in some of the expert sections will be an asset - Next trip down will be on Tuesday.

Great news in regard to the Trial, is that Steve & Matt Fracy will be going “Head to Head” in the Expert Class - this will be a first for the Shawnigan father & son team, Steve will mounted on a Beta Evo 300 4T, while Matt has now jumped up to a 290 Evo. - ( I guess Matt will have to pick his own lines at this event - should be fun to watch)


Today will be a busy day shipping off parts etc, plus I see the F1 practice from Singapore  is on Telly this morning  ( might have already missed it) - weather is definitely cooler in the mornings.


We’ve heard that Jacek and Mitch from Red Deer AB - made a trip to ride a trial south of the border last weekend - Jacek won the Expert and Mitch finished 3rd in Inter. - Well done guys.


Still no write up on the Canadian TDN effort - although we did hear from Jon, that all the riders finished and had a good time -  the high standard of riding by Toni Bou blew everyone away.


more news as it happens.

Thursday September 22nd 2011

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Another cooler day forecast, so we will take advantage of that and get some more work done on the Ady Trial at Summerland - only a couple of weeks to go now, before the big event & we’ve already heard from a number of Albertan’s who plan on making the trip to support the cause.


Last night I was browsing the sites and came across the interview of Casey Stoner on Cycle News - there is an absolutely incredible picture of him  leaned over on the Repsol Honda, with his elbow almost touching the road - the write up gives a great insight into what makes the young Australian a World beater in Moto GP. - check it out.


Got a call from a Kelowna lady, saying that her family were robbed recently, and one of the items stolen was an Xispa 250 Trials bike. - Now as most people in the sport know, this is likely the only one ever sold in BC, and is all black. - Of course with the brand now pretty much defunct, nobody in their right mind would buy one, so  bargain hunters be warned. - If you are approached by somebody offering a great deal - call the cops.


Have to blast off now, but will post more pics of the exciting sections for the Ady Trial later - please note that none of these have been carded yet, with splits etc.


Wednesday September 21st 2011

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The sun is just starting to light up the ridge across the Valley at 6.55am - days are certainly getting shorter - however the forecast is for warm weather for the rest of the week.

Yesterday was another great time in the woods at Summerland, and Pete and myself were able to set up another five sections on the loop - three of which are brand new, while the last one is the popular Shale climb ( Pics on the gallery of a few, but forgot to take shots of the neat one at the far end of the loop) - so that’s 11 down, with 9 to go. - It got quite hot by noon, and we were both pretty bagged by then.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the ATRA have their final Trial going at Gwynne - this is always held at Hardy’s farm, and has some interesting sections, unfortunately we can’t make this one.

Over in the UK, the Mitchel Trial takes place in South Wales - only 7 riders have entered in the champ class, a sign that all is not well with the series (just like the World Championship) - The battle for top honors should be between James Dabill (Beta) and Michael Brown (GG) - Dabill has won all but one of the series to date.


Off Road News has done a great job of covering the WEC Enduro Championship, and has posted lots of pics and reports on the events from last weekend - good to see young Matt Coonfer from Calgary win the B Inter class - check it out on their website.


Tuesday September 20th 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

It’s only 6 degrees early this morning in Vernon, a sure sign that Fall is here - Pete & myself will be out on the loop today in Summerland, taping more sections - it was around this time last year, that we started to see the huge flocks of sand cranes flying South for the winter - it really is a magnificent sight.

I will take more pics today & post on the gallery - with the leaves starting to turn color and warm sunshine forecast for later, it should be a great day out in the woods. ( I could do without the 2 hour drive there & back though)

As we head into the last part of the year, it’s perhaps time to reflect on what happened on the Trials front, especially as it pertains to the sport in Canada. - We saw another great National Series, put on by the WTC, and also a CMA National in Vancouver, - the Outlaw series in BC & Alberta was very well attended, as were other events put on by the ATRA and the Second Gear Club. - The PNTA Series had a round in Victoria, plus there was the annual Super star Trial at Ioco , and other club Trials in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, -  - In Eastern Canada, the ATAQ and ATA clubs, held regular events, so all in all, it appears to have been a successful season with rider turn out about the same or slightly up in numbers. - lets hope this continues into 2012.

When you compare our numbers with other countries, particularly the UK, there is of course no comparison, but the one thing that seems to be common, is that the easier the sections, the more riders sign up. -for example, the vintage classes in Europe are huge, largely due to the fact that riders are not required to tackle impossible walls etc. - The Scottish Six Days is oversubscribed every year - and in this event club riders and superstars all ride the exact same line   ( There is only one) - Now I know that some readers will be saying  - “Here he goes again” - as I have mentioned this topic many times before, - but IMHO - high scoring events rarely result in a big turn out the following year, so getting it “Right” for all classes, is paramount.

The other thing that I like to mention, is the importance of having a good variety of sections, - events that are all rock steps or log hopping tend to be quite boring. - and that is why my friends, Pete and myself will be out again today, trying to set up an interesting event for October 9th, that will not only test the riders, but will feature some really neat trails on the 25km loop. - Again IMHO you can’t lay out a proper event, by going out the day before with a roll of blue and a roll of red, and expect to set up something that promotes the sport as it was intended when first introduced back in the 1900’s.

( I’m now off my soap box and into the van for the drive to Summerland)

Monday September 19th 2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011

As readers can see by the results posted yesterday, Spain absolutely dominated the TDN, beating the team from the UK by a whopping 79 points. - The Italian fans had something to cheer about, with their team finishing in 3rd place.

The weather conditions were wet and slippery, which should have helped the Brits, but obviously the sections were very difficult, and from the look of the points posted, it could be that more than one of the Canadian Team failed to finish in the International class,  although we have no way of confirming this at the moment.

At the MX des Nations - The Yanks won for the 7th time, but didn’t have it all their own way, with big pressure from France and Australia - Chad Reed helped the Aussies get on the podium for the first time ever.


Not much to report in local news, although we did see a couple of pics on facebook of Foordy at the SGC Trial at Blackfoot, and details of the WEC enduro in Ontario are now on the OFF Road website - Lexie Pechout, from Calgary, won the women’s class yesterday, congrats to her on this fine performance.


I’m now off to Kelowna - an early morning trip to the airport to take a friend to catch a flight.

more news as it happens >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sunday September 18th 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Believe it or not, it’s a wet Sunday morning in the Valley, with a temperature of only 19 degrees, !! hopefully it will rain some more over the next couple of weeks before the Trial.

No news yet from the TDN in Italy - but I see Casey Stoner is on pole again at the Moto GP race in Spain - Ben Spies lines up in 3rd spot. - In France the USA Team won all the qualifiers for the MX des Nations which also goes today.

Last night my wife and I had a rare evening out, when we went to a local show, which featured Welshman Peter Karrie -  ( famous for his Phantom of the Opera role) - must say it was very enjoyable with our Vernon operatic Soprano also giving a wonderful performance. - maybe a sign of the times that most of the packed audience had white hair.

We’ve heard that there is a SGC trial today in Alberta, but not sure where it’s being held - the weather has cooled off drastically on that side of the Mountains as well.

Down East, the final race of the WEC Enduro Championship goes today - with the battle for top honors expected to be between Bobby Prochnau of Kamloops, and Geoff Nelson from Ontario.  - Local Vernon gal Victoria Hett continues to impress with her results, riding in the tough men’s category, while young Lexi Pechout is also raising some eyebrows in the ladies class. - Lexi has only missed the podium once so far in the eight event series.

check back for more news later >>>UPDATE  - Stoner won in Spain - 2nd  Pedrosa - 3rd Lorenzo

The Latest Enduro X news on the “What’s New” page right now.

TDN RESULTS - 1st SPAIN  - 2nd  GREAT BRITAIN  - 3rd Italy - 4th France

World Championship Group
1: Spain 38
2: Great Britain 117
3: Italy 159
4: France 233
5: Norway 343
6: Japan 354

International Trophy Group
1: Germany 111
2: Sweden 129
3: Czech Republic 135
4: Australia 161
5: Belgium 168
6: Finland 186
7: USA 186
8: Austria 197
9: Ireland 204
10: Poland 237
11: Switzerland 291
12: Portugal 331
13: Canada 339
14: Slovakia 355
15: Latvia 384
16: Denmark 406

Saturday September 17th 2011

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

A very good work day at Summerland yesterday, picked Pete up at 8.30am & headed up the hill - weather was cooler which was great, and we started taping sections at the big log section that John Dearie checked in the National - from here the loop takes a turn over to where I took the pic of Jacek jumping earlier in the summer, a good challenge here for the experts with a tricky blast up a rock wall, and ending up with the undercut step that Jacek took his leap off. - from here we go through the back country to a new natural rocky climb which everyone will like - and it was after we taped this, that I remembered that I had my camera, so took a pic. - on to the Devil’s staircase, and a new line for all classes, took a bunch of pics to show these - we don’t use the top of the section this time.

Then we drop down to the new trail we found the other week, which skirts the ravine, easy to follow because of all the horse droppings ! - the next section is a log hopper, nothing too serious, - a chance for the riders to practice their Ryan Young technique ( if they watched the video) - from here we follow the trail until it goes into an old forest road, where we found a super nadgery section with lots of small boulders amidst tight turns in the trees. - total for the day six - then it was time to take a short cut back to the truck - Only another 14 sections to tape. You can see the pics of our progress on the gallery, under Ady Trial Preview.


The Ladies TDN goes today in Italy, with the battle expected to be between Spain and Britain - the teams are close, and apart from World Champ Laia Sanz, quite evenly matched. - watch for results here later.


For the second year in a row the Spanish Women’s team rode to victory in the Women’s Cup of the FIM Trial des Nations. Although demoted to second place after the first lap, Laia Sanz - Repsol Montesa, Sandra Gomez - Gas Gas and Mireia Conde - Beta produced a brilliant recovery to overcome their long standing rivals Great Britain, who again came home as runners-up after a tense day of competition in the Italian mountains.

The leading two teams - namely Spain and Great Britain - were in a class of their own and both came well clear of Germany who completed the exact same podium twelve months ago in Poland. The German squad of Rosita Leotta - Gas Gas, Ina Wilde - Sherco and Jessica Wulf - Beta came under early pressure from the French team that included Marilyne Journet - Beta, Sandrine Juffet - Gas Gas and Pauline Masanes - Gas Gas, but eventually secured third spot thanks to a solid closing lap.

Conditions out on the course were hot and sunny for the second day running, with just a few modifications having been made to the sections overnight following yesterday’s FIM Women’s Trial World Championship deciding event. Only during the very late stages of today’s Trial did the temperature begin to fall, as the wind and rain predicted for tomorrow’s competition threatened to roll into town earlier than expected.

The three British girls - Emma Bristow - Ossa, Rebekah Cook - Sherco and the newly recruited Hannah Styles - Gas Gas - started the day knowing that a win would put them level on four victories each with the Spanish team and provided them with the extra motivation to reverse last year’s result. Great Britain appeared to be in luck as Spain picked up an early penalty, when Sanz’s minder was given a yellow card and five marks for entering the section without invitation.

This gave the 2009 champions - Great Britain a two mark advantage over last year’s victors Spain at the end of a tight opening lap. At the same point Germany were also six marks ahead of France with Italy completing the top five at this stage. If history was anything to go by, then all was setting for a close finish once again, as the two dominant forces in Women’s Trial went head to head for yet another year.

However on this occasion there was no nail biting climax as Spain delivered a devastating final lap, dropping a mere five marks in total compared to Great Britain’s intermediate tally of twelve marks, to take the win by a relatively comfortable five mark gap. Germany resisted France’s challenge to take the last rostrum position, as the host nation Italy ended up in fifth spot.

Each Women’s team result is determined by the best two scores in each section, with the worst score being dropped. A similar system whereby the best three from four riders’ scores in each hazard will be used to calculate the winners in tomorrow’s men competition, when Spain will start as clear favourites and are looking to emulate their female counterparts as they fight for an eighth straight win.

Photo coverage

For photos from the 2011 Women’s Trial des Nations, click here

2011 Women’s Trial des Nations Results

1. Spain - 18
2. Britain - 23
3. Germany - 48
4. France - 66
5. Italy - 102
6. Norway - 115
7. U.S.A. - 125
8. Australia - 196
9. Sweden - 217
10. Finland - 257

Friday September 16th 2011

Friday, September 16th, 2011

We are off to Summerland today to do some more work on the Ady Trial - much cooler & I may have to wear jeans for the first time in months !!

Just received an email from Edoardo, the guy I deal with in Italy on the trick footpegs etc - he says he will have a booth at the Trial Des Nations  this weekend, so may get to chat to some of our Cannucks.

Not much to report so far today - so check back later when I should have more news >>>

Thursday September 15th

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Nice to see that we have some rain in the forecast - may be showers only, but with the forest so dry, there is a camp-fire ban until Oct 15th - However if we get some rain & cooler temperatures this should be lifted before our Trial scheduled for the 9th.


All the Trials action will be in Italy this weekend, with the final round of the Women’s World Championship taking place tomorrow - Laia Sanz has already wrapped up the Title, but Emma Bristow and Becky Cook are still fighting it out for the runner up berth.  - There will be a total of 38 lady riders competing - a far cry from the 10-12 that have been seen at most of the men’s World Championship events.
This event is followed by the “Trial Des Nations”  - and as reported earlier, the Canadian Team of Will Duggan, - Devon Dargis, - Jon English and Jordan Szoke, with contest the easier International Class. ( but not that easy) - The competition will be fierce in both the World and International Classes, with Spain expected to win the premier trophy. - We wish all our Cannucks the very best of luck.


We had a call from John Dearie last night, who told us about his recent bicycle race to Whistler - John said he finished in four and a half hours, and ended up in the top 25% of the  approx 5,000 riders who braved the blistering 30+ degree temperatures. - John-boy has had quite a year, what with his epic finish at the 2011 Scottish, and competing in a number of both road and Mountain bike races.

====================================== And as John was very impressed by Emma in Scotland - here is a nice pic of the pretty young lady courtesy Trials Mag:

Emma Bristow World Championship News

After a successful 2 weeks away in August at rounds 1 & 2 of the 2011 Ladies World Championship, Emma is off to the final round in Italy taking place this coming Friday. She currently holds second place in the Championship thanks to two great second places in Germany and Czech and is determined confirm her position this week.

Emma is hoping further success to secure her current championship position, and become second in the World Ladies Championship. This would make it an international double as she has already achieved second place in the European Ladies Championship for 2011.


Saturday is the Ladies Trials Des Nations where Emma will be proud to represent her country along with her teammates Becky cook and Hannah Styles who will be hoping to regain the world championship they only just missed out on last year.


Emma’s next event will be the weekend after the TDN, in Austria, at the Red Bull sponsored ‘Festival of Trial’ where she will be performing in a demo as well as competing.

Wednesday September 14th 2011

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Mornin’ all !! - A very good day at Summerland yesterday - Pete & myself were able to finalize the loop, which is approx 25-30 km -(20 sections)  I used one and a half liters of fuel in the Evo, so nobody should run out of gas, However we do have road access to the farthest point on the course to drive a pickup if required. - The weather was hot and humid, which tends to sap your strength, but the old guys managed OK - the loop is much easier than the National, so junior riders will not have problems - as I mentioned before, this will be a low scoring event to enjoy the scenery, and remember our dear friend Adrian. We will be using a couple of the favorite sections, such as the “Devil’s Staircase” and the “Shale Climb”


Here is an interesting pic, from Trials mag:


Moto >> News
Leon Camier at the Scott trial

This year Leon Camier will ride the famous Scott Trial on a Sherco as will fellow World Superbike rider Leon Haslam.

Picture: World Superbike rider Leon Camier ‘playing’ with his Sherco in his home grounds in Andorra!