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Thursday March 15th 2012

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Another light dusting of snow overnight to remind us that winter is still hanging on - I chatted to Jacek yesterday and the weather has been very mild in Alberta, but somehow I just know that they are going to get that one last big dump of snow before long - could even happen in April or May. ( I’ve been snowbound on more than one occasion while on trips to early season events)


That video clip of the Japanese rider doing the back-flip in the section, is certainly getting lots of air time - it has been posted many times on facebook - neat to watch, but I hope we don’t see any of our lads trying this.


Today will be a busy time for me, as I have to pick up a couple of Betas from the Kelowna Truck depot, plus a bunch of other business. - hopefully the hiway will be OK.


Last night we watched the hockey game for a while - the Cannucks looked pretty good at times with the new line changes, but in the end it was the same old story, Luongo let in too many soft ones.


This weekend will be the penultimate World Indoor Round of 2012, and will be held in Milan - Toni can wrap it up again for another title, but the battle for the other spots in the Championship is still very much alive, Albert Cabestany (Sherco) currently holds down the runner-up spot, with Raga and Fujigas both in with a chance. - I see that Alfredo Gomez has called it a career in Trials, and will concentrate on riding his Husaberg in Enduros. -  JTG Factory rider Pol Tarres will replace him at the final two events.


Check out the video of the 1982 Scottish on Utube - click on - that was the year Bernie Schreiber won on a SWM.

Wednesday March 14th 2012

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Late yesterday, I posted a pic of Cody Webb on the Tuesday blog - because of the camera angle , it almost appears as though he’s on a min-bike, not the full blown Factory Beta RR350. - Webb has had a great start to his season, competing at Hell’s Gate and some Indoor Enduro-cross events, finishing on the podium or winning overall.

As we all know, many pics of trials sections appear quite “Flat” - when the camera is held in a normal position, I do try to remember this, and crouch low to the ground, which helps show the steep terrain.


We have received a full up to date list of all the people who will be attending the Ryan Young school in Summerland and Falun Alberta. - Organizer Jacek Jablonski from Red Deer, has done a very Professional  job, and has everything well under control. - If you would like a chance to learn from one of the greatest Trials Instructors, you should contact me at Outlaw, in case of any last minute cancellations.  The dates are Summerland  BC April 21/22 - Falun AB - August 4/5. - the cost is $350 per rider for the two day course.


I see that the #1 Hiway from Revelstoke to Golden has been shut down for much of this week - choosing the best time to travel, can be a real gamble - last week I did OK, with only a short delay on the Rogers, but the weather channel is always watched carefully before planning trips at this time of the year. - Hopefully next week will be good, when I have to do the Northern Alberta route ( Last week was the Southern part).


It’s easy to tell that spring is around the corner, by the number of phone calls I’m getting for used bikes - trying to find a Beta or Sherco is still very difficult, as most get snapped up quickly. - Our new bike stock in the warehouse is getting low, and only a couple of 2011 Betas are left, a 125cc and a 300 4T.  - plus there is also a Beta 80.


Checking the web-sites, I see that BMW are now getting into the Scooter market - the models will have the German logo on them, but will be powered by engines made by Kymco.  - Scooters have always been a large part of Beta’s range, with approx 500,000 sold per year.


Tuesday March 13th 2012

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

A glance out of the window this morning showed everything white over once again - not that it will last, but this can certainly be a tricky time of the year to plan trips through the Mountains.

Yesterday, I got the Beta all washed up after a muddy Sunday ride - it was a bit like gumbo, coming down from the high ridges above Kelowna, after the snow melt. - Don’t forget that high pressure washers should never be pointed at the fan area or wheel bearings - interesting watching one of the mechanics washing a Suzuki at the Daytona Super Cross  last weekend - he was really giving it, so I wasn’t surprised when the bike failed to start for the race.  - the best solution for your Trials bike is a garden hose and a brush. - I always use the air compressor  to blow off the excess water, then spray with Opti Pro to stop rusting.


We had a visit from a couple of Edmonton guys yesterday - Ian Buttar had picked up a used Gasser from the coast, and stopped by to purchase complete riding gear, plus other goodies, for his first year at Trials riding. - We had a long chat about the sport and look forward to meeting up with them at some of the ATRA events.


I see there is a neat new video posted on Trial Mag: featuring TTT Beta star Jack Challoner - also another one of the Majorca Indoor - check them out : - The one I forwarded  of the Japanese rider doing the back-flip in the section got a lot of comments. - However, I just hope that Extreme stunts like this don’t become the norm:


From Hell’s Gate in Italy to the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Oregon, Cody Webb has the skills to compete anywhere.

Monday March 12th 2012

Monday, March 12th, 2012

The rain stopped in time for me to load up the Beta Sunday morning, but was coming down quite heavily as I drove to Kelowna - As expected it was only Barry who was at the parking lot, -  but we had a great time - as I have said before, the only way to have confidence competing at a wet event, is to practice in these conditions. - As it turned out, the rain stopped and we were able to make it to the very top ridges, where the snow has all melted. - On returning to the van, we found my old buddy Ralph Christian had come out to visit, and while he didn’t see much of us riding, he had a good hike, and later got to test ride my Factory Replica 300 Beta - Ralph works for the WURTH company, and we chatted about one of their products that may fill in for the now discontinued Opti Pro, that we have used for years as a chain lube and general lubricant. Our day finished up with lunch and a chat about the sport, plus the Cannucks. ( That didn’t last long) -     ( Sorry no pics from the ride)

Toni Bou  won the World Indoor Round held in Majorca at the weekend, but he was pushed all the way by Albert Cabestany (Sherco) - Takahisha Fujinami ) Honda) was the 3rd man on the podium, with Adam Raga (GG) in 4th.

At the first round of the British Ladies Championship, it was Emma Bristow (Ossa) who took first blood, beating out Becky Cook (Beta) and Donna Fox (Beta).



FIM X-Trial Championship, Majorca

Photo Credit:- FIM/good-Shoot

 Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa recorded his fifth straight victory of the 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championship in Palma, Majorca but only after a titanic battle with Albert Cabestany – Sherco.
In what proved to be a low scoring event Bou was pushed to the very last section by 
Cabestany, with just two marks separating the Spanish duo come the finish. For only the second time this season Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa prevented it being an all Spanish podium, as the veteran campaigner collected the third place trophy. Adam Raga - Gas Gas did not enjoy the best of evenings and failed to register in the top three, losing out on the last rostrum place to Fujinami by a single mark.

Tonight’s result sees Bou further extend his lead at the head of the general standings, and Cabestany take over second spot in the series from Raga, as these arch rivals once again fight it out to follow Bou home in the final rankings.
Whilst the qualification process of five sections to be completed in eight minutes was a familiar format, the initial result broke new ground with six of the riders all on zero marks, which triggered a six-way tie-break. Michael Brown - Gas Gas and Alfredo Gomez - Montesa had already ridden themselves out of the main event as they dropped eleven and fifteen marks respectively to occupy seventh and eighth spots on the night. The remaining six riders returned to the log section, this time for a run against the clock.
Loris Gubian - Gas Gas and Fujinami both failed at their first attempts in the tie-break and were forced into a second tie-decider that would go the way of the ever popular Japanese rider, meaning Loris was eventually the lowest placed qualifier. Jeroni Fajardo - Beta was the next best with a time of twenty-two seconds dead on the log section, a time which Cabestany beat by a clear two seconds. Raga looked to have put Bou under real pressure with a time just under sixteen seconds, but Toni was at his best as he crossed the line in a fraction over ten seconds to head the qualification order.

Bou immediately opened up an advantage in the semi-final as he was the only clean on the first section. His execution of the undercut double step was simply exquisite and was in contrast to Cabestany’s calculated dab that marked the start of his sterling challenge. Raga instantly ruled himself out of contention by taking maximum marks in the same hazard, along with Gubian and Fajardo. These latter two riders would fail to make it into the final and finished fifth and sixth respectively.

Raga was first to tackle the sections in the final, as he transferred in fourth place, a position he would eventually occupy at the end of the night as he missed his opportunity to snatch the last podium place from Fujinami. Both Cabestany and Bou dropped a dab a piece on the tricky log section, this time ridden in reverse to set up a tense final hazard show down. Albert gave Toni some breathing space as he lost a single mark, and Bou did not need a second invitation to close the night with a solid clean to take his fifth win in a row and to remain undefeated in the series to date.

With the rapid visits to Madrid, Spain and Palma, Majorca now over with, the 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championship still has no time to pause with the penultimate round of the series set for Milan, Italy next Saturday, when Bou may just claim his sixth straight title in this discipline.

Sunday March 11th 2012

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Well, the clocks are forward and it’s now 7.30am, instead of 6.30am, - but the big news is that it’s absolutely P**issing down in Vernon, so I wonder who will turn up today for a ride at Bear ridge? - A few phone calls might be in order.!!


The weather, in fact, looks a bit like it was at the Daytona Super Cross last night - which was a real mud bath. - James Stewart and Davy Milsaps gave Yamaha a 1-2 finish, ahead of crowd favorite Kevin Windham (Hon), but series leader Ryan Villlopoto (Kaw) fell at the first corner and had to struggle through the mud and water to salvage some points with a hard earned 5th place finish. - Of course the Championship has lost some of it’s sparkle with both Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey sidelined with injuries. - In the lites class - Justin Barcia (Hon) won again in front of Kyle Baggett (Kaw),


The World Trials Circus is in Majorca this weekend, with the event happening today - A report posted on Trials Central, says while Toni Bou has everything in hand - the fight for runner up between Raga and Cabestany is close, and that Fajardo expects to improve as he is very happy to be back with Team Beta.


And if you want to check out a video clip with a difference - click on to the one posted by Heath on facebook and also on his website -it’s called taking a “5″ - (The rider does a back-flip in the section)

Saturday March 10th 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

It looks like a wet morning in the Valley, with rain forecast for today and Sunday - not that this will prevent us riding - plan is to go to Bear Ridge again, but check with me tonight to confirm.


Friday was a day for washing vehicles and sorting out stuff, and also for shipping off some of the new RAW gear that just came in - must say this both looks and fits really nice. ( but do I really need a 4th set of riding gear?)


Sad news for the Fernie Snowmobile clubs, as another sledder was killed in an avalanche yesterday - the area has had incredible amounts of snow in the past few weeks, as can be seen on the pics I posted on the gallery. - And a Canadian Ski Racer has died in Switzerland - he was competing in a World Ski Cross event.


Tonight will see the Daytona round of the World Super Cross Series, on the box - but it will go without Ryan Dungey, who underwent surgery to plate a broken collar bone this week - seems the gritty  KTM rider did this in a practice crash, prior to finishing 2nd at St Louis - gaining him much respect from Team manager Roger De Coster.


Becky’s TTT Beta ready to go.

TopTrialTeam Beta

Becky Cook is all set and ready for the first round of the ACU 2012 Ladies Championship on 11th March at Hook Woods, Surrey. Top Trial Team have prepared a bike for her at World rounds and also this machine for the British Championship .

Friday March 9th 2012

Friday, March 9th, 2012

After putting in two long 14 hour days of driving, I’m back home in Vernon. - the trip to Lethbridge, via Creston, Elko, Pincher Creek etc, went well, and my new van passed it’s first long distance test with flying colors. - The hiways, were good both days, and except for some slush on the Salmo - Creston and lots of water - we lucked out by doing the delivery between snow storms. ( more due in this area next week) - On our way back, we called in on a new Trials fan in Pincher Creek, dropping off some plastic bits for his Sherco, then stopped in Elko to visit Jimmy, where the heavy snow is starting to recede. - from there, we made a right turn just before Cranbrook, taking the short cut through to Wasa Lake, then north via Invermere, Radium and Golden. - Another quick stop to drop off Opti, at Motortech, then we headed West over the Rogers Pass, - it was 5pm Alberta time, and the sign told us the Pass was open ( Always a concern at this time of the year) - all went according to plan, until we were just 35 km from Revelstoke, when the traffic all ground to a halt, due to Avalanche control - time to rest my eyes for 40 mins, while they cleared the debris - then a stop in Revvy for a burger and coffee, to let the convoy of trucks go by. - the rest of the trip went without incident, and I made it  home to Vernon by 9pm. - mission accomplished. - I took a bunch of pics along the way, some of which I’ve posted on face-book - will add a few on my gallery.


The first job today, will be washing the van, before unloading and re-stocking  the Opti Oil, to make room for the Beta on Sunday. - I see some more parts came in while I was away, so these will be sorted and shipped off.

A quick look at the various web-sites revealed lots of talk about the upcoming Daytona Speed week, and a press release from Jotagas UK, with details of their new rider Ross Danby.  ( a Shropshire lad)

more news as it happens >>>>>>>>>>>>>

We Have lots of Costa stuff in stock - as the Canadian Distributor - give us a call or check the For Sale pages

SXS main man Steve Saunders has been stocking the range of beautifully engineered products from Italian company CSP for a while now, and their parts are not only made to look good but also to perform well.
Many of the 2012 bikes are now coming with Formula brake and clutch master cylinders fitted and CSP now have a range of cnc’d and anodised caps to fit these.

Wednesday March 7th 2012

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

We will be out of town for the next few days, so no news until the weekend - in the meantime feast your eyes on the new Factory Replica Beta models that will be available again this year in very limited numbers. - As it says at the bottom - get your name to me early if you want one.New 2012 EVO 2-stroke 125/250/300 FACTORY

The R&D team of the Tuscany House is always working hard and along with new Enduro Factory RR 4-strokes it is now Trial time with the all-new EVO 2-stroke FACTORY models.

Available in three displacements 125cc-250cc-300cc they show great technical features all coming from the experience of the Factory team and drawn from the richer accessory parts catalog.

A machine of great interest mainly dedicated to the advanced users looking for higher level of performance and at the same time satisfying even the most demanding enthusiasts.

• For 2012, available in 125cc and 250cc displacements in addition to the 300cc, all engines receive special treatment in both performance and details.
Magnesium crankcases offer more than 3 lbs. of weight savings improving the agility of the machine and consequently the rider feeling.
Clutch disks with different machining to ensure a more accurate engagement and very stable performance.
Titanium exhaust manifold: This “precious metal” manifold provides a weight savings of 500 grams as well as offering increased performance at the engine’s top-end. The one assembled on the 125cc Factory EVO is totally new and it ensures a noticeable change in the engine power delivery.
New shift drum with a modified shape to allow smooth action of the gearbox, greater fluidity and precise riding
Red silicone cooling hoses not only improve the look, they also provide better heat dissipation thanks to the technical characteristics of silicone.

Triple clamp, CNC machined from billet aluminum, red anodized. In addition to weight reduction and improved look, you can choose between six different positions of the handlebar in order to adapt the machine to your riding style.
Front fork with dedicated setting and also for the EVO 125 FACTORY the black Hyperlox surface treatment to offer a greater smoothness and a better feeling with the front end.
New Factory wave brake discs:  heat dissipation is improved with obvious advantages in terms of stability of braking performance.
X-Light tires. The result of many years of co-operation with our technical partner Michelin. These new tyres ensure a saving of about 500 grams. Another key point that reduces the weight and helps to improve the overall handling of the machine.
Additional parts are red anodized aluminium to provide a stunning one-of-a-kind look. Brake and clutch master cylinder covers, oil cap, brake/clutch lever adjusters, chain tensioners and handlebar end caps.
List of specification is enriched by carbon fiber headlight and side frame covers.  These parts are designed to match EVO style, they are lightweight, great look and they protect the machine in sensitive areas.
• Anodized billet aluminum footpegs. Light, strong and with a higher level of grip.
• A new factory graphics kit for the machines body, frame and wheels to replicate the official team bikes racing in the World Championship.

Arriving in the second half of March and in limited edition, it will boast a special price considering the quality of equipment.



Why not contact your local dealer now and get that deposit down and be the first to own one of these limited edition machines.

Tuesday March 6th 2012

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

With the school-teachers on strike, I’ve been batching this week, while Nana is over looking after one of our grand-daughters. - I see on face-book, that our other grand-daughter Hannah, is doing well at the BC Ringette Tournament in Vancouver, with her team  (The Vernon Rush) -unbeaten so far.

The weather is certainly the topic at the moment, with huge snow storms through the mountains and Alberta - It’s difficult planning trips at this time of the year. - We even had a mixture of rain & sleet in the Valley yesterday, just in time for a customer to stop by at Outlaw to pick up a new Beta - fortunately it quit in time for me to give a short demo ride, before loading up.


On the International scene, not much to report, although the calendar will soon be full, as the season gets under way. - I chatted to Pete yesterday, and he said the snow was gone from Giant’s head in Summerland, which is a good indicator that it won’t be long before we can get up on the hill.


Now it’s time to click on the TV and check out the forecast for the next couple of days, this will indicate whether I will be loading the van with Opti Oil this afternoon, for my scheduled road trip over the Kootenay Pass to Creston etc.


Surrey Youth champion Hannah Moore has moved onto Acklams Beta: “It’s a pleasure to support Hannah this season, she has had amazing recent results winning every round of the Surrey Schoolboy Championships plus much more” Commented Joel Sadler from Acklams.

Hannah is riding in the first round of the Ladies and Girls British Championship on the 11th March at Hook Woods a venue which she is very familiar with.


Everyone at Acklams hope her debut event is successful and that she has a fantastic 2012 trials season  


Picture: Hannah with her dad Steve