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Saturday March 31st 2012

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Yesterday, I went for a ride at Yankee Flats, with new Trials enthusiast Chris Sorokovsky - although the parking area is still a mud hole with a big pool of water, we parked in the trees near the cattle guard and had a great time up on the hill. - Chris is proving to be a very good pupil, and catches on fast to instruction. - I took a bunch of pics to put on a cd so he can study his style, good and bad.  - The area appears to have had a lot of use since we were there last year - with wide quad tracks and at least one new fire pit near where we had our first section last year. - We spoke to a local guy out walking his dogs ( I knew him from way back) - he told us the Forestry people were out there in force a while back doing an ATV orientation study - ( In other words checking on damage)


The next round of the Super Cross series goes tonight - nobody seems to know if James Stewart will show up or not - not that it matters a lot as Villopoto has the series in the bag for the second straight year, as does Barcia in the lites class.


Once again the subject of illegal practicing has reared it’s ugly head in Scotland, with the result that the Scottish Six Day committee have issued a strong warning that this sort of thing could jeopardize the future of the trial. - problem is the “Cowboys” as they are called over here, care little about other people’s property and don’t belong to any club, so catching them is difficult.


Another win for the Cannucks last night, and this time they scored more than one goal - once again it was Schneider  who saved the game, with a brilliant display of goal tending.


more news as it happens >>>>>UPDATE : Toni Bou makes it 7 out of 7 in Paris !! - The big surprise was 2nd place Jeroni Fajardo on the Factory Beta - 3rd Fujinami (Hon) 4th Cabestany (Sherco) 5th Raga (GG) - watch for a full report tomorrow.

Friday March 30th 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Looks like we had some rain in the night, but will be meeting young Chris Sorokovsky later to check out the Yankee Flats riding area - should be fun and likely pretty muddy.

Had a call from our buddy Nick Hellings last night - he is the guy who makes all the neat decals you see on the vehicles, and who hopes to get out on his restored Sherpa T this year. - he has some new rim decals in progress so we will watch out for further news on this.


Paris sets stage for X-Trial finale

photo Credit:- FIM/good-Shoot

 The 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championship will take its bow in Paris this Saturday evening as the French capital proudly sets the stage for the seventh and final round of what has been a truly action-packed and memorable series. This is the first time in many years that the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy has hosted a similar style and status event.

Only one position is clear at the moment, with Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa having already been declared the winner of 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championship at the penultimate round in Milan, Italy almost two weeks ago. Bou will arrive in Paris forty-two points clear of Adam Raga - Gas Gas and Albert Cabestany - Sherco who are tied on seventy-eight points apiece in the current championship standings.

So although Bou will be aiming to complete his clean sweep victory and claim his seventh consecutive round win this season, the real excitement on Saturday evening will be watching the final leg of Raga’s and Cabestany’s tense battle unfold, as both bid to become Vice World Champion.

The fight between Raga and Cabestany was just as close last year when the rivals actually finished the series tied on points with Cabestany eventually being named runner up having collected three second place finishes compared to Raga’s two during the 2011 season. Should it come down to the same tie again this year, Raga will have the advantage as he has achieved four second place finishes over Cabestany’s two.

Takahisa Fujinami currently holds fourth spot overall. Despite missing out on his place in the final in Milan to Jeroni Fajardo - Beta (fifth), a substantial twenty-one points still separate the pair. Fajardo is just six points ahead of Loris Gubian - Gas Gas. As the championship’s only permanent French rider, Gubian will no doubt be looking forward to a final showdown on home soil. Lagging twelve points behind Gubian is British challenger, Michael Brown who has only made it through qualification once this series.

There will be yet another new face taking up the remaining spot in the permanent eight rider line-up this weekend, with twenty-year-old Jack Challoner - Beta from Britain replacing Pol Tarres - JTG. Tarres momentarily replaced Alfredo Gomez - Montesa in Milan, but has unfortunately had to withdraw from this weekend’s final round due to a wrist injury.

Two wild card riders have been invited by the organiser to join the fixed riders at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy this Saturday - Benoit Dagnicourt and Alexandre Ferrer, who are both French and who will hoping to make the most of the home support.

Thursday March 29th 2012

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Another wet day in the Valley - but at least it will melt some of the snow in our various riding areas - We might try Yankee Flats on Sunday.

It was another shut out victory for the Vancouver Cannucks last night, this time with Cory Schneider in the net - hard to say how the team will make out in the Play Offs, or whether their newly released Commercial will help control the Hooligans that spoil these events.


Dean Seaman emailed me a couple of pics taken near Kamloops, showing Marcus Buhrig out again on a bike - good to see him get back into the sport - the hill climb looked to be quite challenging. - We have also heard from Ross Rathbone from Celista, who has ordered one of the new Evo Factory bikes. ( We are only getting a couple of these)


I see that there is a nice clean 2010 Evo 290 listed for sale on TC - it says it’s in Alberta, and I’m guessing it’s  in the Edmonton area - most likely one I sold to a guy who only rode it a couple of times.


Although there are few Canadian riders that venture over to Scotland to ride most Famous Trial of all - The maintenance required for this event are much more important than for your usual jaunt around the local hills. - John Lampkin has put together this useful info: that can be used as a guide when checking  your bike at home .- Beta SSDT crib sheet


For SSDT riders ‘on confirmation of entry’ please telephone Gary (01535 655970) to sign on for our back up service and inform him of your number and which bike you will ride and also your address and credit card details. You must sign on with us before you go to the SSDT.

We supply spare parts, tools, compressors etc to help service your bike at the SSDT. Below is a word doc with some helpful tips designed for people riding in the SSDT or you may find some things helpful anyway. These are modifications that we make to our own bikes. A lot of these things apply only to riders competing in the SSDT. Obviously these are only guidelines, you must prepare your bike fully.


2012 phone call from SSDT organisers… The SSDT committee have decided that they will be stricter with regard to us helping you with your bike so make sure you are able to carry out the work yourself.

Try to prepare your bike fully 2 weeks before so you are prepared well in advance. It is very difficult for us to do work on the Sunday before as we have a lot of riders to look after.

Full Beta SSDT crib sheet download here.

Wednesday March 28th 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Not much to report on today - I see Jacek and Mitch are enjoying their vacation in Europe, now headed for a few days skiing in Northern Italy, I’m sure he will have lots of pics to show when they get back.

Yesterday we did a quick trip to Kelowna, to deliver Opti Oil - the high-way construction South of Oyama is a bit of a pain right now, but will be a huge improvement when completed.

The weather in the Valley is very mixed this week, with rain forecast for tomorrow, and I see that Swan Lake is still frozen, although all other lakes in the region have now melted.

With the riding season getting close for most - we have a good selection of accessories in stock, and more on the way, - give us a call if you need anything, we only sell the best quality products at very reasonable prices.

Tuesday March 27th 2012

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Will Bou extend his reign in Paris

Photo Credit:- FIM/good-Shoot

 This Saturday evening will see the triumphant return of twenty-five-year-old Spanish rider, Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa as he arrives in Paris for the finale of the 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championship, having already secured this year’s title and confirmed his status as the most successful indoor Trial rider of all time.

Bou’s six consecutive round victories this season have earned him his sixth successive FIM Indoor / X-Trial World Championship. This puts Bou one ahead of the previous record held by Britain’s Dougie Lampkin (current Gas Gas Team Manager) who won five FIM Indoor Trial World Championships during his competitive career.
Although Bou can afford to be relatively relaxed on Saturday evening, he will be pushing hard to continue his winning streak despite having suffered a back injury at the penultimate round of the series in Milan just over a week ago.

Bou’s crash in Milan meant that he ended the round tied on ten marks with Adam Raga - Gas Gas, but overcoming the pain, Bou proved every bit the worthy winner and 2012 champion as he managed to beat Raga in a tense tie-break dual lane race.

Speaking after the last round, Bou said: “I am very happy to win another championship. It is nice to go into the record books as the rider with the most indoor titles.”

Team celebrations were temporarily postponed, however, as Bou went to hospital the next day to get his back checked out and to make sure that he would be well enough to compete in the final round.

“I feel better but I had a huge scare. I heard a very loud ‘crack’ in my back,” said Bou after returning from hospital. “But it has improved quickly and today it doesn’t hurt that much, so [thankfully] it is not serious.
“Despite this incident it has been a fantastic season for me. In recent rounds the other riders have pushed me to the end of the trial and it has been close, but hopefully I can maintain my one hundred per cent record indoors this season by winning the final round in Bercy, Paris.”

But let’s hope that Bou does not push himself too hard this weekend, as he will have little time to recuperate with the opening round of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship set to be held in Las Bresse, France in just over four weeks time.

Bou will no doubt be aiming to replicate his FIM X-Trial success and claim his six consecutive outdoor World title this year. If he is successful, Bou will increase his total FIM World Championship tally to twelve, equalling that of Dougie Lampkin (who won five indoor and seven outdoor World titles) and setting him on the path to becoming the best outright Trial rider in history.


Yesterday (Monday) I chatted with Pete, who had taken a drive out to our Trials area in Summerland, but he reports that there is still a ton of snow at the location - not that this is a total surprise, as it was the same last year on March 26th when we were out there on the bikes. - The low night-time temperatures are keeping things frozen, but another couple of weeks should see a big change ( fingers crossed).


It seems that only a time penalty prevented Jeroni Fajardo from beating Toni Bou at the latest Spanish Outdoor Championship Trial, the Beta Factory rider having his best outing so far since returning to the Italian brand. - In other Beta news, Jack Sheppard has started practicing on his new 300 in Belgium, after the wrist surgery that laid him low for the winter. - The current World Youth Champ will return to competition in April. ( see story on the “What’s New page)

Monday March 26th 2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012

As forecast, the weather in the Valley on Sunday was fantastic, and our ride at Bear Ridge went really well, with three other riders joining Barry and myself for some practice. - Chris Sorokovsky  was out for the first time on an 07 Sherco, and quickly showed that he has some natural talent - in fact he surprised us with his “No fear” attacks on some steep hill climbs, which wasn’t anything new to him, as he competed in the Xtinction Extreme race in Alberta last year on his CR 500 Honda ( 2 Stroke engine slotted into a 2010 frame) - Of course I didn’t know this until we were driving home from Kelowna. ( Oh! to be 20 years old again) - Anyway we all had a lot of fun and I’ve posted a bunch of pics on the gallery.


In other Trials news, Toni Bou won the latest Spanish Round at the weekend, but he was pushed this time by an on form Jeroni Fajardo (Beta) who claimed the runner up position ahead of Adam Raga (GG) and Albert Cabestany. (Sherco)

As we enter the last week of March, it’s time to start thinking of making a Trip to Summerland to check out the snow conditions - last year there was still a “Ton” of the white stuff at our Trials location, However with a milder winter, things might not be so bad this year. - more on this later in the week.


Sunday March 25th 2012

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

We heard from the ATRA lads late yesterday, after the Indoor practice at Falun, and Jacek sent me a bunch of great pictures, which are now posted on my gallery. - Today Jacek and Mitch Langell leave for a two week vacation in Europe.


Last night I watched the Super Cross which was another run-a-way win for Ryan Villopoto - Justin Barcia also took another win in the “Lites” division.

After that it was Hockey time, with the Cannucks beating the Colorado Avalanche in overtime.


The Formula One race from Sepang, Malaysia aired on Speed around mid-night, but by that time, I was in the sack, so missed all the excitement when Fernando Alonso took an unlikely win for Ferrari in a very wet event - Sergio Perez finished 2nd for Sauba and pole sitter Lewis Hamilton grabbed 3rd. - The morning review of the race tells of lots of crashes in a rain delayed race.


Today we will be out riding at Bear Ridge, so look for pics on the gallery later - the weather is supposed to be spectacular.

Saturday March 24th 2012

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Another weekend is here with the weather forecast for the Valley perfect for a Sunday ride at Bear Ridge. - We will have a couple of new riders along to join in the fun, and as usual, I will have my camera to record the action.


The ATRA have an Indoor practice session happening today near Fallon, and it sounds like there will be quite a few riders  attending - not sure what the weather is like in Alberta today, but they did have snow this past couple of days. - I chatted to Jacek last night, and he will try to send me some pics to post on the gallery - should be fun with Mike Palczak out for the first time on his new Beta.


It’s only six weeks until the start of the Scottish Six Days Trial, and the UK Importers have posted “Must Do” lists for riders to complete before they get to Fort William. - with a lot of road work in the Trial, and the infamous  “Moors” - first time entrants would be well advised to take note of the instructions.


I missed the F1 qualifying from Malaysia last night, but I see that McLaren will start from pole again, with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button on the front row.  - A surprise 3rd spot for Michael Schumacher in the Mercedes, and Kimi Raikkonen was also right up there in the Renault, however he will lose five places on the grid because of a gearbox change.


Friday March 23rd 2012

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Yesterday was spent unloading stuff from my van, then reloading with Beta & Sherco crates for a trip to the dump - with Spring more or less officially here, time to tidy up the yard. !! - It was while I was doing this, that a new Sherco rider showed up for a visit - Chris who lives in Vernon, had just bought an 07, and needed some help with bike set up etc. - we checked the jetting and other stuff, as this unit came from the coast, but only minor adjustments were needed. - he is keen to come out on Sunday to learn the ropes.


I see that Lewis Hamilton is leading the time sheets in Sepang, Malaysia, after two practice sessions - the race goes Sunday.


The weather in Alberta appears to have made a return to winter, with snow in Calgary - I guess my timing was perfect for my trip out that way this week. - In the valley the forecast looks great for the weekend.


In World Trials news, the Indoor season wraps up this weekend in France, with the final positions for runner up etc still up for grabs - I think Jack Challoner is replacing the injured Pol Tarres.


We’ve heard from Steve Fracy with news that the Western Rounds of the WTC Canadian Championship, will take place in early October on the Island - more details will be released on this later.


more news as it happens…>>>>

Thursday March 22nd 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

A quick update on my trip to Alberta - Tuesday was the first day of Spring, but you wouldn’t have thought so if you had been sitting in my van while heading North of Clearwater BC - The hard pack snow and ice made it a real “White Knuckle ” experience, which only got worse with blizzard conditions after my breakfast stop in Blue River. - Oh! the fun of  winter driving. - Fortunately the weather cleared by Valmount, and I was able to make good time for the rest of the way to Edmonton.

The over-night stop at “Taff’s” place in Sherwood Park, was the usual blast - Harold was there & Mike dropped by to pick up his new Beta Evo 300 Factory Replica - a late night practice session on Taff’s front yard retaining wall, might not have been the best idea, but it gave Mike a chance to try his bike. !!!

Wednesday brought more bright sun-shine, and a chance to visit old friends at Sherwood Motorcycles, Zoli Berenyi and his charming wife Pam, are always great to talk to, and we caught up on lots of news, before I headed South for Red Deer - a short break to meet Mitch Langell with a parts delivery, then over to Turples to drop off some Opti Oil, and on to Calgary to hook up with Dave Sheridan to deliver his new Beta Evo 250. - a nice chat with Dave and his Buddy Anthony, then I went to see John Young with more parts deliveries.

By this time it was 5pm - so goodbye Calgary and West to Banff and places beyond - the roads were good until I got to the top of the Rogers Pass - then the descent to Revelstoke became a bit of a nightmare, as one headlight quit, which made driving in a snowstorm yet another challenge. - I pulled into the Chevron at Revvy, and checked under the hood - wiggled some wires to no effect, but when I slammed the hood the light came on !!! - go figure. - Anyway this made the last part of the trip to Vernon go much faster, and I arrived home at 11pm BC time. “Mission accomplished”

==========================================> Note ! Some pics added on the gallery Alberta album


First victory for Ferrer

Alexandre Ferrer rode extremely well yesterday in the opening round of the French Trials Championship in Tanneron (Var), winning the first round and finishing second in the second round.

On a magnificent course that was set in the high mountains, the SHERCO team rider demonstrated that he has completely recovered from the physical problems that handicapped him last year. He had to postpone his attempt to win the French Championship until 2012. Coached by former Expert rider Guillaume Laniel, Alexandre was able to show off the beautiful new outfits of Team SHERCO of FRANCE.

Despite a time penalty costing him 2 points, Alexandre won the first round of the French Championship and might well have won the second round except for a failure in the first section, an area he had easily passed without fault in the first round. Alexandre was never able to recover from this error and had to settle for second place.

Alexandre Ferrer : “It was a beautiful trial, it had a wide variety of obstacles and steep climbs, it was a very tricky trial, it delivered a good fight especially on the first round. I made a serious mistake in the first section on the second round which cost me the victory, but it is a good day. This is very encouraging for the future, it shows that working with Laniel has achieved positive results. I hope to thank him for the sacrifices he has made to work with me by doing something good.”

Cedric Tempier also had a great performance, the 2011 French Champion in Senior 1, placed third in his first race in the Expert class.
Several other TEAM SHERCO riders had great performances, Ludovic Viano placed third in both rounds in the Senior 1 class, Matthieu Hernando finished third in general classification in Hope 1, Pierre Sauvage finished second in Hope 2 and won the victory in Hope 3, Maxime Varin and Laurie Erharht received trophies in the female class.

Didier Valade (Team Manager): “I’m really happy for many things, of course for the great victory by Alexandre which is a reward for his hard work, and downright amazed by the performance of Cedric Tempier, he rode extremely well in his first ride in the expert class. But even above the great results obtained by the team, I am overwhelmed by the excellent working atmosphere and friendliness that prevails in this group. I am very happy with the state of mind, the ethics and sportsmanship of our riders.