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Monday April 9th 2012

Monday, April 9th, 2012

It’s a holiday Monday for some people - especially in the UK, where Motorcycle sport is top priority for many. - As mentioned previously, the Lomax Cup is one of the big Trials taking place today in Wales, but Yesterday Beta factory rider, James Dabill bounced back from a big crash at the Paris Indoor TDN on Friday night, by going “Clean” at the National Chris Carter event in Yorkshire -Dan Thorpe (GG) and Guy Kendrew (Oss) tied for second on 15, with Thorpey going furthest clean, but they were chased hard by Martin Crosswaite ( Beta) - who showed that he can still ride pretty good.

Meanwhile North of the border, - Gary MacDonald (Sherco) continued his domination of the Scottish National Series, losing just 6 points, to finish well ahead of the pack.
Over in Spain, Jordi Pascuet gave the JTG it’s first big win at the 3 Days Trial Santigosa - he took the lead on the last day, beating out Alfredo Gomez (GG) and Francesco Moret (Mont) - Takahisa Fujinami also rode on the last day. - Pascuet has now won this annual  event a total of 8 times.


Jorge Lorenzo was the winner in the Moto GP night race in Qatar - The Yamaha factory rider ran down Casey Stoner (Honda) and started his season in the best possible way - Dani Pedrosa (hon) also passed Stoner to finish second, while Cal Crutchlow held off his Yamaha Team mate Dovizioso to finish an impressive 4th. - Hayden grabbed 6th for Ducati. - Valentino Rossi trailed the pack in 10th, just ahead of a struggling Ben Spies (Yam).

Back here in the OK Valley, it was another fantastic day to be out on the bike - this time with Andrew and Jeff at Kelowna - we spent a leisurely  morning, not tackling many sections, just rode up high onto the top ridge where the hang-gliders jump off - it was nice to just kick back & relax in the sun., and enjoy the view ( pics on the gallery)

Saturday April 7th 2012

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Well ! it wasn’t just a “Good” Friday - it was a “Great” Friday, as the fog cleared and the sun was out by the time I got down the Valley. - I met Pete at our usual spot and we were soon out on the trail checking conditions for the Ryan Young School, which is now only a couple of weeks away.

The camp area and all the lower sections are all free of snow ( just a little bit at the top camp) - and although we were soon riding on top of frozen  snow in the shaded parts of the trail, it was all clear over by Rowdy Flats and up to Devil’s Staircase. -  I left Pete here for a while, as I explored up on top, and found lots of snow, but I was able to either ride through or on top of it. - another couple of weeks and most of it should be melted. - we then rode along the new horse trail that we used in the Ady Trial last year, which was dry, until we got over by the section we called Adrian’s Wall - from there on, it was fun riding on top of the snow which had lots of hoof prints embedded, and not a big problem as it is all down hill to the main road. - We finished off by going back into the bush near the big hill-climb, ( that was fun in 4th on the 300) - then stopped on top of the cliff overlooking Avalanche Alley - took loads of pics which are now posted on my gallery. - This was Pete’s first time on the bike since last November, but he managed really well, with no “Tip-overs”


Spain show their supremacy

X-Trial TDN podium

There was to be no surprises at the first ever FIM X-Trial des Nations held in Nice, France with the Spanish duo of Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa and Albert Cabestany – Sherco romping to a convincing victory in front of a packed stadium. Whilst the host nation threatened to cause an upset during the early part of the evening the French team consisting of Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco and Loris Gubian – Gas Gas eventually had to settle for the final podium place. 

In the end second spot went to the popular Japanese pairing of Tomoyuki Ogawa – Beta and Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa. Great Britain finished a disappointing fourth leaving the rookie’s of the competition, Norway in fifth.

A new and unique format was utilised for the FIM X-Trial des Nations. The event was basically split into two laps, with one of the two riders from each team completing one lap each. The lap consisted of six observed sections that had to be ridden within the seven-minute time limit, with riders being penalised an additional one mark for each time they rested on their sump-guard. Following this a speed section, where the riders had to complete a specially devised route against the clock and where observation marks were not a factor, replaced the normal dual lane race. The fastest rider was rewarded with zero marks, the second fastest with one mark and so on.

Cabestany got the action under way and rode with the added pressure of being the first rider out on a course that was relatively easy, but would also show that it would punish any slight mistake. Albert was typically composed and set the tone for the Trial losing only a single mark for momentarily touching his sump-guard in the third hazard. Great Britain’s chance of challenging for a top spot was over before it began as James Dabill – Beta crashed out on the fifth section doing damage to himself and his machine. He was to take no further part in the event.

Ferrer had the hopes of France resting on his young shoulders as he took to the stage and he responded brilliantly each time the capacity crowd roared and he was to be the only rider to go clean on the first lap. Ib Andersen - Gas Gas from Norway put up a brave performance, and did well to remain uninjured as he suffered a string of spectacular crashes. Ogawa produced a solid showing dropping just six marks including a five on the final waterfall section. Cabestany maintained the Spanish momentum as he then went quickest in the speed section, a feat that was matched by Bou when it came to his turn to show his true pace. Fujinami cemented Japan’s podium spot with a single dab lap as he got the second half of the Trial underway.
However which podium place Japan would take was not clear as Gubian took centre stage for France. Unfortunately the crowd’s excitement was not met, as Loris failed to meet their expectations of sealing the runners up spot when he fived the first and last sections of his lap. It almost got even worse for the French fans as Michael Brown – Gas Gas delivered a ride that looked like it might even rob the home nation of third position. However as Brown failed the waterfall, the audience breathed a deep sigh of relief, as it became clear that the bronze medal belonged to France.
Bou rounded out the evening with an incredible and public pleasing demonstration to take the win for Spain, some seven marks clear of Japan, who finished eight marks ahead of France in what was an exciting and entertaining first ever FIM X-Trial des Nations.

Photo Credit :- FIM / Goodshoot

Friday April 6th 2012

Friday, April 6th, 2012

A very “Foggy”  Good Friday in the Valley - but Happy Easter everyone. - I ‘m heading down to see Pete today & will check out the riding area, which we will use for the Ryan Young Trials school in a couple of weeks. - ( I know there will be snow but I just want to see how much ) - will take some pics & post on the gallery.

It should be an interesting day for Pete, who hasn’t been on the Beta since last November - he has been nursing his bad shoulder all winter, to be fit for the big work project, helping me put on the Outlaw Trial in May.
Nick sent me some pics of the heavy snow in Edmonton yesterday, and I saw the wintery conditions around Alberta on the weather channel . -  Big John Moffat has posted a pic on facebook, of snow in Scotland - where plans are well underway for the SSDT next month.

===========================================  - more news as in happens >>>>>

Thursday April 5th 2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Well, Babsy had a very nice birthday, with lots of comments and phone calls from well wishers - finished up with supper at our daughter’s place, and of course we ate too much, which is not good for the older folk.


Easter weekend officially starts tomorrow with Good Friday, and while motorcycle events will be happening full scale over in the UK, some Trials have had to be canceled in the North of England, due to heavy snow - a bit like Alberta.


The latest issue of Trials Magazine came in the mail yesterday, and features an article on a Mountain trip by some Trials riders in New Zealand - neat pics, and brought back memories of our Joss rides. - The center fold has a great pic of Diego Bosis taken in Scotland last year,  - I think this might find it’s way onto my shop wall.


The Moto GP season begins this weekend in Qatar, with the bikes all back up to 1000cc - practice has shown that Casey Stoner (Honda) will still be the man to catch, as the 2011 World Champ from Australia has been super fast.


At this time of the year, I often get calls from people with bike problems, and this reminded me of a time back in the 80’s when Barry was working on his TY in my backyard in Kelowna - he had been cleaning the carb: - and I could hear him kicking the thing over from inside the house where I had gone to grab a coffee. - it wouldn’t fire and the frantic kicking and cursing went on for a couple of minutes, before all of a sudden it started “AT FULL THROTTLE” - Yes, the slide had been fitted backwards, something that has been done by a lot of people. - definitely  exciting when this happens !!!! - The moral of the story is that when you take things apart, make sure you remember how they go back together - sometimes it’s good to mark components, or take pics with one of the new quick digital cameras or phones.
===========================================>UPDATE !  - Please note that the price posted yesterday on my Novagar Boot advt  in Trials Canada, was incorrect - this has now been adjusted.

Wednesday April 4th 2012

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

It’s a “Big” day at our house today, as it’s Babsy’s birthday - we will do our best to make it enjoyable, without her support over the years, the old guy would likely have been long gone.


Interesting to check back on my blog from this time in 2011, and see that the weather was almost identical across the West - showery in BC & snow in Alberta - I also noticed that there was snow on some trails in the Summerland area as late as April 21st, but not in the lower camp location. - We hope to check this out on Friday.


We’ve heard from Taff, who hopes to pick up a Beta Evo this weekend, and check out a new practice area near Edmonton, - this is owned by long time friend Zoli Berenyi, so very good news for the ATRA club.


The beginning of a new season has brought a rash of phone calls and emails, from people wanting bikes - and with sales for Beta & Sherco high on the list, anybody wanting one from the next shipment, had better get their name in quickly.


The first Round of the Ladies World Trials Championship , takes place this weekend in Italy - the “On Form” Emma Bristow (Ossa)  is looking for a good result, as is Becky Cook, (Beta)- while Super broad Laia Sanz will debut the Gasser.


And finally - The Cannucks made it seven wins in a row last night, beating the Ducks 5-4.

Tuesday March 3rd 2012

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

This weekend is Easter, and although I don’t see any Canadian events on the Calendar, over in the UK, this is always a very busy time with the Lomax Cup being the one that was the “Biggy” near my home town.

Some of my favorite memories are of riding in this area, as we could take the narrow moorland tracks over the top of the Berwyn “Mountains” - and drop down into the Glyn Valley. - Our Trials bikes were always “Street Legal”  and we usually rode them to the event, - in fact for most of the young lads, the Trials bike acted as daily transport, before the weekend competitions. - I thought I would post the article on this year’s Lomax, as the Trial has now been taken over by the Llangollen  club. (Llan was just 12 miles from where I lived) - Obviously times have changed - and even the picture taken in bright sunshine, isn’t in Wales. - Anyway, enjoy the report, and try to get your tongue around those Welsh names with lots of double “L”s.

S3 Parts Lomax Cup Trial 2012

LLangollen & District Motor Club-S3 Parts Lomax Cup Trial, Glyn Ceiriog, Easter Monday.

The South Liverpool club handed over the organization of the popular and old established Lomax Trial to LLangollen and District Motor Club at the end of last year so on Monday it will be the club members of the North Wales organization who stage round four of the S3 Parts national championship series, based as ever at Glyn Ceiriog, near. LLangollen


Official Brad Jones and his organizing team have wasted no time preparing for their new venture. In fourteen groups of sections the Club has located five brand new groups. The extended course means an earlier start in the picturesque Glyn Ceiriog village. The time limit is set at six hours with the Glyn Valley Hotel as the finish venue. Under the new organization the entry has significantly swung in favor of the Red Dragon with almost a third of contestants living in Wales.


Wrexham leads the head count with thirteen competitors. In the main championship ten of the top fifteen point’s scorers are in the mix headed by leader Richard Sadler, Chris Pearson, Dan Clark, John Crinson and Guy Kendrew. The standings will undergo a change though as all the Over 40’s who score points in the main class stack up scores. On that basis an Over 40 can win the main class, and his, or her, own championship. Phil Disney scored a ten in the Wallace Cup with a sixth so he will come well into the open score line with his Jack Wood tally and the Wallace entered into the standings. Disney heads the Over 40’s by a point from Darren Wasley while John Short leveled with Chris Koch, Steve Swanson, and Dave Clinkard after his Jack Wood victory two weeks ago.


 The 125cc S3 Part class is limping along with just two winners but Chester’s Phil Houghton swells the ranks on his Gas Gas machine to challenge Dronfield Josh Atkinson.


Gary Jones leads the field off at 09.30 on Monday morning to ride fourteen section groups with a six hour time allowance.


The Welsh content is impressive. From Wrexham are Gary Jones, Jim McBain, Robert Williams, Robert Wild, Craig Barkley, Richard Edwards, Kieran and Jeremy Darlington, Roger Johnston, Shay Loughran, Harry Davies and Aled Price. The latter will be a name to be considered.  Pontypool’s Jake Evans-Luter is currently ninth in the championship standings. Ioan Richie and Mark Waterworth ride for Rhyll while Daniel Jones, Stephen and Luke Thomas represent Holywell.


 Tom Sagar needs no introduction along with his father Paul and the national Newtown endure and trials ace will be right up from with Pontypool’s Joel Edwards. The highest ranked contender on Sunday will be Ruardene RAW Gas Gas entrant Simon Welch. He is eighth in the standings.


Picture: S3 Boss Michel Kaufmann (Gas Gas-ESP) at the recent Jack Wood trial.