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Tuesday May 29th 2012

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

It was a very busy Monday, with a trip to Kelowna in the morning to pick up a new Beta from the truck depot - then back home to do the pdi etc, but before that, I had to put my Alp back together after giving it a thorough servicing,.

The temperature was well into the +20’s in the valley, but that doesn’t seem to have done anything to kill off those pesky mosquitoes - however a liberal dowsing of listerine mouth wash kept them at bay ( yes it really works)

With the Beta Evo all checked over, it was time for a quick ride around the yard to make sure everything worked as it should - then it went back into the shop ready for the customer to pick up when he returns from his fire fighting gig in Northern Alberta.

Had a call from Jacek last night - he is now working on the next Ryan Young school, which will take place near Red Deer in August - I see that Ryan will also be doing one in Ontario the same month.


Double success for Bou at first ever Australian Trial GP

The Australian Podium on the second day.

Monday May 28th 2012

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We spent the Memorial Day Sunday at home, first it was a trip to the car wash to give Babsy’s car a bath after the Summerland dust-storm - then it was time to do the same to my Beta Alp, which was also pretty dirty - surprisingly, the well protected air filter on this bike was quite clean, but it’s certainly a chore to change as you need to remove both the seat and tank to get at it.

Of course my day started watching the F1 race from Monaco, which wasn’t really all that exciting, with the tight circuit around the houses making passing nearly impossible.  - Later it was more four wheel action, taking in the Indy 500, which was just the opposite - lots of passing and although I’m not a fan of oval racing, it was at least interesting.


The first Australian World Trial appears to have gone off quite well - that is if you are Spanish - Jeroni Fajardo (Beta) surprised a few, by finishing 2nd on Sunday, and James Dabill (Beta) was the “Best of the Rest”  - but I still wonder how anyone can have fun at an event where they “Five” nearly every section.


At the USA National Trial in Colorado, Pat Smaze (Sherco) took the Saturday win on the tie break over Cody Webb (Beta), but on Sunday Webb finished some 20 points clear to take the “Overall” for the weekend. - The Williams sisters finished 1-2 in the Ladies class on their 4 stroke Montesa’s.


Today looks like it’s going to be hot in the Valley - I have to make a trip to Kelowna to pick up a new Beta for a Revelstoke customer - he is a helicopter  pilot, and isn’t too happy as he has been sent up North to fight the wild fires, and won’t get to ride his new bike for another three weeks.


In the UK, the weekend Ladies Championship, saw Becky Cook win her second in a row on the TTT Beta - Emma Bristow (Ossa) finished some 20 points back, and Donna Fox (Beta) grabbed the other spot on the podium. - Cook leads the series.


Sunday May 27th 2012

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Tony Bou won again in Australia on the Second day of Competition - Here is the Press Release via the FIM Web-site

Double success for Bou

27/05/12 - 11:55
A ruthless Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa made it two wins in two days at the second round of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship, held in Mount Tarrengower, Australia. The triumph saw Bou extend his lead in the series over Adam Raga - Gas Gas to sixteen points after Raga was knocked off the podium on Sunday by Jeroni Fajardo - Beta and Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa in second and third respectively. Raga finished fourth.Bou dropped just three marks on his first lap, which set the tone for a dominating performance. His second circulation would have been even more impressive were it not for a five on section fourteen. Until then he had dabbed just twice and was in vintage form. He completed the day nine marks clear of runner-up Fajardo who, like Bou, had an excellent first lap en route to his second podium this season. Fujinami was a further twelve marks behind in third.

The course was easier on day two as organisers had modified sections to reduce their severity. A lack of rain also made the going easier. Once again a good crowd turned out to support the riders as they battled a cold wind that made conditions feel more like northern Europe than the southern hemisphere. Despite the changes Raga had an inconsistent first lap and clocked up thirty marks, from which it was impossible to recover. Lap two was much better, but the damage had already been done. Albert Cabestany’s - Sherco performance mirrored Raga’s as he completed the top five.

In the Junior division Alexandre Ferrer - Sherco demonstrated his intent once again with a superb victory over Francesc Moret - Montesa. It was the Frenchman’s fourth consecutive triumph and it saw him extend his lead in the championship to twenty-one points over Moret, his Spanish rival. Having finished fifth on Saturday Benoit Dagnicourt - Beta improved overnight to score a podium position ahead of Britain’s Jack Sheppard - Beta. New Zealand’s Jake Whitaker - Beta rounded out the top five while Pol Tarres - JotaGas was a disappointing sixth.

The podium on day two in the Youth class was identical to that of day one, with France’s Steven Coquelin - Gas Gas narrowly beating Bradley Cox - Beta to record his second win down under. There was very little in it, with just one mark separating the duelling pair. Sverre Lundevold - Beta took third place once again, the Norwegian a further two marks adrift of Cox. Kiwi Blake Fox - Gas Gas was fourth, while fellow New Zealander John Hayes - Beta was fifth.

There is no rest for the riders now as they head straight to Japan for the third round of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship this coming weekend. Raga will travel to Motegi with revenge in mind as he attempts to narrow the gap between he and Bou in what will be the third successive two-day Grand Prix this season.


UPDATE - F1 Results from Monaco - 1st Webber 2nd Rossberg 3rd Alonso

Saturday May 26th 2012

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

The first day of competition at the Australian World Trials Championship round is now over, and it was a convincing win for Tony Bou, (Hon) as he completely dominated the event, losing a mere 24 points, compared to runner up Adam Raga (GG) who lost 54 - Albert Cabestany (Sherco) was the third man on the podium, beating out Takahisa Fujinami (Hon) on the tie break - both losing  65 points. - 5th went to Jeroni Fajardo (Beta) with 79, 6th Dani Oliveras (GG) 105 points and 7th to James Dabill (Beta) also 105 points. - Dabill was unlucky to draw an early number and spent most of the day “Scrubbing in” the sections. - other scores were - 8th Loris Gubian 116, 9th Jack Challoner 118, 10th Michael Brown 119, 11th Pere Borrellas 125, 12 Matteo Grattarola 132 and 13th Alexz Wigg with a whopping 134.
In Junior action, it was once again Alex Ferrer ( Sherco) who lost 52, ahead of Pol Tarres (JTG) and Frances Moret (Mont) with young British hopeful Jack Sheppard  ( Beta) in 4th.

The weather was showery, making the huge rocks in the old gold fields of this mining area near Victoria very slippery.


Weather in the valley, is supposed to be warm today, and my plan is to drive down to Summerland (Again) - but this time for a leisurely lunch with Pete, and to pick up my Beta Alp, which he took back from the Trial as I had no room in my van. - We will likely also zip up to the camp site for a final check to make sure there is no garbage left around the area.


I see that it was Michael Shumacher ( Mercedes) who set the fastest time in qualifying for the Monaco GP today, but as he has a 5 spot grid penalty from an incident in Spain, he will start the race a few rows back - Mark Webber therefore inherits the pole position for Red Bull, although his team-mate and current World Champ Sebastian Vettel is down in 10th - Nico Rossberg (Mercedes) - starts 2nd with Lewis Hamilton 3rd (McLaren) - The race around the streets of the of the famous French City, is notorious for being hard to pass on, so expect to see a few cars in the wall tomorrow.


Friday May 25th 2012

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Good morning Trials Fans - bit late doing the blog today, due to another technical problem, ( caused by tons of people looking at the Outlaw Pics) - All is good now, and we are up & running again.

Some interesting emails and phone calls coming in this past few days, regarding the Trial, all very positive, which is always nice for the organizer - one question I was asked by a local rider yesterday, was did I make any money ! - I told him I would be happy to break even, but when I finally checked the finances this morning, I found I once again lost about $300 overall.( and we had 66 riders) - Not that I’m bitching - Pete and myself do this for love of the sport, and if you consider the time we put in, I guess the loss would add up to thousands of dollars, but that really isn’t what the Trials scene for us, is all about.   - As most business folk know - Trials is a very small business and while making a small profit is important - nobody is getting rich that’s for sure.


On to other things and no news yet from Australia, where the World Trial will take place this weekend - James Dabill did post on facebook this morning saying that it was p***ing down - also some very big rock steps ( what else is new in World Trials)

Down South - There is a US National in Colorado this weekend - not sure how many Cannucks will be going down - Cody Webb (Beta) and Pat Smaze (Sherco) will be going head to head again in the Champ class.


Sherco have just released details of their new Cabestany 300 Special  - of course this was after our latest shipment was already on the water. - darn it!! - It does look sweet - pics can be seen on face-book, and I will see if I can add to the “What’s New” page - trouble is a lot of the info: I get, comes up on my second computer, and not being too savvy, I have a tough time transferring it. ( usually download to a cd)


The weather is also causing some problems for the Formula One guys in France, where the Monaco GP goes Sunday - Jenson Button - has posted the fastest practice time so far.


I see that Casey Stoner has announced that he will retire from Moto GP at the end of this year - the current World Champ says he’s just not enjoying it anymore - plus he now has a young family to consider.


Dougie Lampkin is taking flying lessons, and hopes to get his pilot’s license soon.


Check out all the specs on the beautiful new Cabestany Replica on the “What’s New” page

Thursday May 2012

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

A cloudy morning in the Valley, but the forecast looks good for the weekend - the heavy rain on Monday/Tuesday will be good for the forest, which always gets tinder dry during the summer. - We sure lucked out with the weather last weekend, as it was perfect for both riding and camping - ( A bit chilly at night-time) - I finally got around to washing the Beta yesterday, and changing the air-filter - I hope everybody who rode at Summerland made this a priority after the event.

In health news, Pete is now feeling better and has some new pills to keep him fit - but the big surprise for me yesterday, was when Bob Work ( Ex Yamaha Canada Race Director) walked into my shop - I haven’t heard from Bob for a couple of months, and was a bit concerned as he usually emailed me jokes on a regular basis. - turned out he had to go in for open-heart surgery, when they found he had a defective artery since birth. - Glad to report that he is now back to his old ways, with that great sense of humor that kept us laughing at Yamaha during the 70’s.


The World Trials Circus is in Australia this weekend, for the very first time - first reports are that the venue near Victoria has large grippy rocks, but that rain is forecast, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. - The Aussies, like their Motor-sport, so the event should be well attended, - the Teams then fly on to Japan for the following week.


Formula One fans will be glued to the TV this weekend to watch the Monaco Grand Prix - the race around the houses, in the French City is one of the oldest and popular races on the Calendar, attracting huge crowds, with lots of multi-million dollar boats in the harbor.


Our second shipment of Beta’s has arrived, and in fact Ross Rathbone from the Shuswap, gave his new 300 Factory Replica a fairy-tale debut at the Outlaw, winning the Senior Inter class with only 6 points. - The Sherco’s should be in very shortly, and like the Betas, will get snapped up quickly, so if you are in the market, call me or email asap.


Jimmy emailed to say he found a license  plate on the road from the camp site - if you lost the front one from your vehicle contact me and I will put you in touch with him.


more news as it happens >>>>>>>>>>>>>> check out those great pics on the gallery.

Wednesday May 23rd 2012

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Well - The dust has pretty much settled on another great Outlaw Trial, and the emails are still coming in from people who had a wonderful weekend - Tony got back to Colorado, and mailed to say he thought the Trial was fantastic - having not ridden for a couple of years, he was a bit rusty, but improved on Sunday to claim the #1 Yamaha Cup Plaque.  - Those bikes of his were worth the trip for us all to see.

The kids event went over really well both nights - thanks to the guys who helped make that a success - nothing like seeing those young smiling faces, and the little electric bikes are the answer for around the camp - soooo quiet.

Checking the results, I see that the scores were right in line for what I had planned for degree of difficulty for each class, - the Devil’s Staircase saw a few cleans  and the advanced riders were also able to make it up now we have a log in the gap  half way.

I’ve now posted all my pics from both days - they are in two separate albums - I had to re-do the modern when we had a slight technical problem - Bob Johns solved this very quickly, and I encourage anybody wanting to set up their own website to use his expertise.


In other news, it was a good weekend for Beta riders, as James Dabill took the win at the second round of the British Championship, and Becky Cook won the Ladies division - At the US National in California,  Pat Smaze ( Sherco) won on day one, with Cody Webb (Beta) 2nd, but the order was reversed on Sunday with Cody taking the win, - Of course at our Outlaw Event, Beta riders took three of the five classes, with a sweep of the Advanced class.


I just read that Conservation Officers were ticketing dirt bikes at Greenstone Mountain last weekend - this was where we held a couple of events many years ago - from the report I read it sounds like a cash grab, with the officers in question, showing a very poor attitude - time to wake up and do some lobbying.


Tuesday May 22nd 2012

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Welcome back to the blog, Trials Fans - After a five day camp-out in Summerland for the Outlaw Trial, it’s time to catch up on all the news from around the world. However, before that, I will try to give readers an insight into just how great the 25th Anniversary Outlaw Trial really was.

The riders started to arrive at the Okanagan location on Thursday, and by Saturday the camp area was plugged pretty good. - Things kicked off with the Saturday Vintage Trial, and a total of 15 riders for the two classes. - Tony Down was up from Colorado, but unfortunately didn’t get to ride his beautiful Triumph cub, as it developed an oil leak - this left him with the choice of the Royal Enfield, or the very nice yellow & black Majesty - the Yam was the wise choice, as the 25 km loop would have been a challenge on the big bike.

We had just three riders for the “A” Class - but eleven for the “B” Class - the tricky sections we had laid out, consisted of everything to test the riders ability, from cambered turns, to rocky uphills - we even had a splash of water for the end - when they  rode through the section we called the bird bath.

At the end of the day it was Don Doerksen, who took the A class win ahead of Bob Clark and Dave Bissenden, while the B class saw strong competition from the local Jagodic brothers on Honda reflex machines  - the surprise winner turned out to be Rob Healy from Calgary on his Ty 250, which sounded like it was about to blow up, but somehow managed to hold together long enough to beat out Lawrence Jacodics and Mark ONeill. - interesting to note that both the “A” and “B” winners lost the same amount of points riding the different lines. -

Sunday dawned a bit cloudy, but perfect for Trials riding - With 40 sections on the Expert loop, riders were maybe a little apprehensive  - and the sections were far from easy. - Once again we were out there with the camera to record some brilliant riding, and the new sections proved to be a test for everyone, but only the first sub-section at “Krash” remained uncleaned - we saw  fantastic rides at “Grizzly Grotto” from eventual winner Brandon Wince, and also from Stan Bakgaard and Todd Nordin - many of the sections had famous names from the Scottish, like Creag Lundie and Devil’s Staircase, plus “Laggan” - all adding to the nostalgia of a Trial that is similar to the events held in the UK.

I must say that I was rather overwhelmed  by the kind comments, and wonderful gifts to celebrate this long standing event, a big thankyou to the Fracy clan for the beautiful plaque, plus looking after all the sign up and results, to Harold and the rest of the ATRA gang, and Glenn Kemp - you really surprised me, and I thankyou for so much for being very thoughtful.

Without Pete Brown, I could never have put this all together, as we were out on the loop for at least a couple of months, cutting & hacking, which as the riders found out, was both interesting and fun. -there does come a time when you have to consider stopping, as old age takes it’s toll, but all I can say at this point is that, we tried, and I think succeeded in hosting one of the biggest Trials in Canada, and an event which one person referred to as definitely rating a “10″.

I have started to post pics on the gallery, but editing these takes many hours, so keep checking back - the results are as follows - congratulations to all who rode the event, including the small kiddies, - ( Thanks to Pete,Lee, Jay & Graham) -  and finally thanks to Taff for making sure I got some food down me ,

Results - Saturday
Vintage “A”
1st Don Doerksen  Ossa  Mission  BC - 18 points
2nd Bob Clark       TY 250  Coquitlam BC - 21
3rd  Dave Bissenden  Majesty/Yam  Victoria BC  27
Vintage “B”
1st Rob Healy  TY 250   Calgary AB    18 points
2nd Lawrence Jagodics   Honda  OK Falls BC  22
3rd Mark ONeill   TY 175      M/Hat AB   25
4th Ray Bloxham TY250 Van couver BC  32
5th Dave Bloxham TY 250 Vancouver BC 33
6th Jay Colley  Bultaco  Yrmir BC           37
7th Steve Richardson TY 175 Gamber Isl BC  47
8th Tony Down  Majesty/Yam Dolores Colorado 61
9th Al Jagodics  Honda    Penticton BC  69
10 Marris Romaniuk  TY 250  Fort Mac AB  74
11 Dick Dunn  Fantic  Kamloops BC  100
Sam Mingham DNF
Modern Class - Sunday

1st Brandon Wince  GG  Kelowna BC  9 points
2nd Todd Nordin  Beta    Coquitlam BC 16
3rd Stan Bakgaard  Sherco  Yale BC 21
4th Steve Foord  GG    Calgary AB  24
5th Steve Fracy  Beta  Shawnigan BC 31
6th Kevin Dufault  GG  Vancouver BC  31
7th Matt Fracy  Beta  Shawnigan BC  33
8th Steve Day  GG   Coquitlam BC     45
9th Ricky Styles  GG  Squamish BC   46

1st Mike Palczak  Beta  Edmonton AB  17
2nd Jacek Jabonski Beta  Red Deer AB  24
3rd Tanner Nordin  Beta  Coquitlam BC   37
4th Andrew James Beta Kelowna BC      46
5th Jordan McFarlane  GG  Shawnigan BC 52
6th Ben Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB  55
7th Rob Healy  GG  Calgary AB    74
Senior 40 Advanced
1st Don Doerksen   Scorpa  Mission BC 38
2nd Trent Burgiss  Sherco  Nelson BC   49
3rd Ernie Ferguson GG  Shawnigan BC  53
4th Bernard Vaillancourt  Mont Vancouver BC 58
5th Pete Bustin  GG  Yrmer BC                     73
Senior 40 Intermediate
1st Ross Rathbone  Beta Celista BC  6 points
2nd Bob Clark  Beta  Coquitlam BC  10
3rd Dave Fair  GG   Victoria BC  12
4th Mike Lyness  Mont Williams Lake BC  24
5th John Dearie  Beta Squamish BC         30
6th Mike Crumly  GG  Vernon BC             30
7th Barry Van As  Sherco  Kelowna BC     37
8th Jim Corkle  Beta   Elko BC                  38
9th Harold Pospisil Beta Edmonton AB      52
10th Lee Usher  Beta   Nelson BC             58
11th Steve Richardson  Sherco Gambier BC 68

1st Craig Parfitt  Beta  Sherwood Park AB   22
2nd Glen Kemp  GG  Strathmore AB           28
3rd  Dean Seaman   Beta  Sorrento BC        39
4th Mark ONeill   Scorpa  M/Hat AB             41
5th Max Jones  Sherco  Calgary AB             43
6th Marris Romaniuk  Sherco  Fort Mac        49
7th Wyatt Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB        58
8th Jay Colley   Beta  Yrmer BC                   60
9th Mitch Langell  Sherco  Red Deer AB       62
10th Arron Brassard  Sherco  Calgary AB     80
1st Brandon Volk  GG  Victoria BC    21
2nd Riley Ferguson  GG Shawnigan BC 26
3rd Jeff Ryan  Beta  Vernon BC             48
4th Tony Down  Majesty/Yam  Colorado 51
5th  Sam Mingham  Bultaco  Salmon Arm BC 63
6th Duncan Browning GG Cobble Hill BC       65
7th Steve Janson  Scorpa  Abbotsford BC     65
8th John Jensen  Mont Pincher Creek AB     80
9th Rod Klemmensen  GG Leslieville AB       94
The Yamaha Cup
1st Tony Down Majesty  Dolores Colorado
2nd Mark ONiell TY 175   M/Hat  Alberta
3rd Steve Richardson TY 175 Gambier Isl BC
Youth Class
1st Nick
2nd Leon
3rd Nina Usher
4th Angus
5th Oscar Usher

Thursday May 17th 2012

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I see on the Calendar, that this is “Ascension day” - Well! with only a couple more days to go before the Famous Outlaw 25th Anniversary, I feel like I’ve done lots of “Ascending” this past two months. - Up one Hill down again, Up another down again, hard on the knees for sure. - Anyway, this will be the last blog until next Monday, as I leave for the Trials site around noon today.

We still have a few more sections to put in, plus about 5-6 to card - then it will be a case of riding around and doing the fine tuning. -At least it was cooler on Wednesday, so Pete & myself made good progress.

We’ve heard from a number of people who are either on route or will be shortly - Tony is on his way from Colorado, complete with dogs & cat - A reminder that you are responsible for keeping your pets under control, as although we love dogs, not everybody does, and there will be small children at camp. - Please take care when driving, and remember to look well ahead when entering the narrow cut up the hill near the start area. - I doubt there will be any logging trucks this weekend, but you never know. ( Backing up with a Motor home or trailer really isn’t an option)

Also don’t forget that this is wood tick season, so wearing a hat while out watching all the action in the trees is a good idea. - and finally PLEASE keep an eye on the small kiddies if they are riding around on mini-bikes, we don’t want any accidents.

The pic below is from the Scottish Pre 65 - but could just as easily have been taken at Summerland. - Looking forward to seeing you all………………. Outlaw Dave.

SSDT 2012 PRE-65