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Thursday June 28th 2012

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The long weekend starts today for me, as I head to Alberta, via Hiway 33, to Rock Creek - then on over the Salmo Creston Pass, with stops along the way before over-nighting at Jimmy’s place in Elko - I chatted to Senor Corkle last night, and he confirmed that the weather has been pretty extreme in that area as well - they even had snow in Fernie two night’s ago.

Anyway, we hope that the hiway’s remain open for all the holiday travelers, and that there are no more road wash-outs. - I will post a report  and pics of the ATRA Trial next week, with final results of the Outlaw Series. - Have a great weekend everybody, and keep your feet up.


Wednesday June 27th 2012

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Well ! the decision has been made, and I will head to Alberta via the Southern route, leaving tomorrow morning, so a busy day today sorting stuff before I load up the Outlaw van. - If you are going to the Trial at Rocky, and need something, better email me quickly today, as there’s a limit to what I can put on the truck.

Not much on the web-sites today - just a few reports from last week - However, the June long weekend is a busy time in Motorcycle Sport, so there will be lots happening World Wide. - Watch for pics and write up on the “Dave Rhodes” Trial next Tuesday, fingers crossed for a rain-free weekend at Baseline ( It can be a bugger if it’s wet)


Chatted to Stan yesterday, he gave me the low-down on the CPTA Chilliwack Trial - he said it was pretty good, but they did have to do some re-routing because of flooding in the area.


Becky Cook News …

Hopefully I will keep you up to date with Becky during the 2012 season …

becky cook TTT beta

The FIM Women’s World championship kicked off last weekend with a double header near Sant Julia De Loria in Andorra.
Held high up in the mountains, two of the sections were scottish like streams and the rest were held on dry steep dusty bankings with large rocks. Miton Top Trial Team rider, Becky Cook arrived in Andorra ready to test and set up her brand new factory bike for the forth coming event, with it being so high above sea level it’s very difficult to get the power and response you usually would, but the team had already done some modifications and after her first practice she talked with the team and changed the compression slightly and the bike was then running spot on.

Becky didn’t get off to the best of starts on day one, messing up the easy first section, this set the tone for the day as she never really found her usual form. Becky struggled to clean the easy sections that would normally not cause her any trouble and she also failed to make up marks on the larger and more technical sections where she would normally shine through as one of the very best. She tried her hardest to get back on track but frustration got the better of her and she finished in a lowly fifth place.
After the trial Becky, her minder Craig and the rest of the team took time to discuss what had gone wrong and help work to get the results Becky is capable of. She was more than happy with the bike but was struggling to settle in the sections and find her balance so the team went out for a late practice and working with Becky they made some minor adjustments which helped.

Day two started better cleaning the first three sections but she was still not at her best on the harder sections and found herself in fourth place after the first lap but only two marks behind Emma Bristow and Sandra Gomez. It was still all to play for and Becky knew she really needed a better result and was determined to get it. After a stunning clean on the difficult section four things were starting to come come together and she went on to record one of only three lap scores in single figures, the other two coming from winner, Laia Sanz.
This elevated her into joint 2nd position with Spanish girl, Sandra Gomez. With both riders having the same number of cleans it went down to most ones and a gutted Becky looked on as it came up on the scoreboard, Sandra had two ones and Becky only one.

Becky said at the end ” This weekend has not gone the way I wanted, in hindsight it was not a good idea to come to this event on a brand new bike but we had no option so I had to just get on with it! The Bike is awesome and i can’t wait to get back out to Italy in a couple of weeks to ride it some more. I am relieved to get on the podium after yesterday’s disaster but it’s gutting to lose out on second on a tie break. I’d just like to thank Craig and the rest of the team for all there help this weekend and thankfully we’ve still got three more rounds to fight for the win which i know i’m capable of.

Tuesday June 26th 2012

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

The weather in BC is certainly hitting the news these days - I don’t think we have ever had the floods and road wash-outs this bad before - Of course this is all a bit of a concern, as we head into the long weekend, and the trip to the ATRA Trial near Rocky Mountain House.

I do have three different plans on how to get to Alberta - the first would be the straight forward route via Revelstoke, Golden, Calgary on the #1, but at the moment this Hiway is in a shambles with mud-slides, plus the road North to Sicamous has been washed out completely.

Plan #2 - Would see me head through Kelowna onto Hiway 33 - over to Grand Forks then Creston and Cranbrook - with an overnight stop at Jimmy’s place in Elko - ( The long way round)

Plan #3 - Go North to Kamloops then on to Jasper via the Yellowhead Hiway - turn South to Saskatchewan Crossing, then on to Rocky Mountain House.

All have their problems, as I try to juggle Opti deliveries on route - I guess I may end up flipping a coin on Wednesday after studying the weather channel.


This morning, I have to make a fast trip to Kelowna - dropping a friend off at the Airport, before doing some business down-town. - Still waiting for a big shipment of the “Trick-Bits” from the UK - Carbon-look fork guards, RAW clothing  etc - although I do  have some stock if anyone needs stuff for the weekend - We also hope to have some Airoh helmets in next week to add to our range - Wulf helmets and clothing is available in most sizes, as are Novagar boots, give us a call if you want something before the weekend as time is going to be tight.


Had a chat to Taff last night - he looks after Outlaw Sales in Alberta for me, and just delivered a new Beta Evo 250 to a lucky lass in the Wetaskiwin area. - This will likely be used mainly for trail riding utilizing the long-range kit.


Also heard from Hugh Simpson yesterday - haven’t seen Hugh for years, and thought he was still down in California, but he tells me he has been back in Peachland for a while, and has just picked up an older Beta Rev 3. In fact he is keen to put on a Trial in July, so we will see what we can do to help through the WTC to make it happen.


More news as it happens >>>>>>

Monday June 25th 2012

Monday, June 25th, 2012

andorra cabestany article

Albert Cabestany - Sherco brought to an end Toni Bou’s - Repsol Montesa winning run as he took victory on the second and final day of the Andorran Grand Prix held at Sant Julia De Loria. Bou was, in fact demoted to fourth spot on day two as a late five sent him tumbling off the podium. Jeroni Fajardo – Beta was once again the runner up and collected the most championship points over the weekend to consolidate his second place in the general standings. Adam Raga - Gas Gas remains part of the three-way fight with Cabestany and Fajardo to become 2012 vice FIM Trial World Champion as he returned to the podium thanks to two consistent lap scores.

Bou stole the early march and looked solid out on a course that featured four modified sections that had been changed to increase their severity. His first loss came at the difficult fourth hazard, where he needed a dab on the final series of steps. Toni’s only other mark came in the penultimate section where his single dab looked precautionary in order to protect his lead. Bou’s advantage over Cabestany was just two marks at the end of lap one, as he in turn held a single mark advantage over Fajardo at this stage of the Trial.

However Bou’s ninth win in a row was about to slip from his grasp as he fived section four on his second visit, for touching a flag, and then failed at section fourteen whilst holding a share of the lead. Cabestany stayed strong through the closing hazards to take his first GP win since Andorra 2006. andorra ferrer articleDespite fiving section eight on lap two Fajardo finished as runner up for the second successive day, whilst Raga sneaked onto the podium after beating Bou by a single mark. This was the first time Bou had missed out on a rostrum place since the second round in Portugal in 2010. Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa completed today’s top five, with James Dabill – Beta taking sixth spot once again.

France’s Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco clinched the 2012 FIM Junior Trial World Title with three counting days still remaining and despite placing fifth today. Ferrer can now not be caught in the general standings with this class using the best eleven from thirteen counting days to decide the champion. Ferrer will now move up to the World Pro class for the last two rounds in Italy and Great Britain. His French compatriot Benoit Dagnicourt – Beta was the Junior victor on day two, as he finished six marks ahead of Jorge Casales – Gas Gas who again filled the second step of the podium. Jack Sheppard – Beta made a welcome return to the rostrum in third position after struggling all season with a wrist injury. Spain’s Pol Tarres – JTG was fourth today, and has now overtaken Francesc Moret – Montesa in the fight for second place in the general standings.

French rider Steven Coquelin – Gas Gas took top honours in the Youth category today, as he narrowly defeated Bradley Cox – Beta after a day long battle with his British rival. Only two marks separated these two young rivals, as they enjoyed a comfortable advantage over third placed Sverre Lundevold – Beta from Norway. Coquelin now looks favourite to lift the Youth title, whilst team-mates Cox and Lundevold contest the runners up spot in the series standings. All classes will resume battle in Italy in two weeks

Sunday June 24th 2012

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

The Formula One race in Spain turned out to be yet another very eventful Grand Prix, with Vettel going out when leading, and a win for local hero Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari - amazing considering he started in 11th spot - behind it was all action, as French driver Grosjean looked steady in the Lotus, but then that car quit, leaving Hamilton ahead of Raikkonen - everything fell apart for Hamilton when his tires started to go off,  with first Kimi going by, then Maldonado “T” boned him into the wall on the very last lap. - no doubt words will be said after this incident. - 3rd man on the podium was Michael Schumacher - a nice reward after struggling for a good result since his return to F1. -  A  popular win by Alonso, who is leading in the Championship points.


World Championship Final Results  - Big Shock as Bou fails to make podium.

1. Albert Cabestany -  Sherco  -10

2. Jeroni Fajardo -      (Beta)     13

3. Adam Raga -  -   (GG)          14
4. Toni Bou -          (Hon)         15

5. Takahisa Fujinami - (Hon)      28

6. James Dabill -         (Beta)     51

7. Michael Brown -      (GG)       53

8. Daniel Oliveras -      (Ossa)   64

9. Pere Borrellas -        (GG)     70

10. Matteo Grattarola - (GG)     72

11. Jack Challoner -       (Beta)  73

12. Eddie Karlsson -       (GG)  82

13. Alexz Wigg -           (GG)   89
14. Gianluca Tournour -  (GG)  94


The Final results for the other classes are as follows >>

Junior Championship Final Results

1. Benoit Dagnicourt - (Beta) -  2

2. Jorge Casalas - (GG)  -8

3. Jack Sheppard - (Beta) -11

4. Pol Tarres -  (JTG)  15

5. Alexandre Ferrer -  (Sherco)  16

6. Maxime Warenghien - 17

7. Francesc Moret - 23

8. Tanguy Mottin - 27

9. Cedric Tempier - 32

10. Matteo Poli - 34

11. Carles Traviesa - 38

12. Kyle Middleton - 41

13. Luca Cotone - 43

14. Hakon Pedersen - 44 (15 cleans, 5 x 1)

15. Giacomo Saleri - 44 (15 cleans, 2×1)

Youth Championship Final Results

1. Steven Coquelin - (GG)  20

2. Bradley Cox - (Beta)     22

3. Sverre Lundevold -        31

4. Francesco Cabrini - 33 (18 cleans)

5. Luke Walker - 33 (16 cleans)

6. Martin Matejicek - 36

7. Oriol Noguera - 39 (20 cleans)

8. Martin Pochez - 39 (17 cleans)

9. Pietro Petrangeli - 41

10. Ignacio Martin - 43

11. Timo Myohanen - 44

12. Ignacio Fernandez - 50

13. Quentin Carles de Caudemberg - 52

14. Diogo Vieira - 68


Exeter, Rhode Island, (June 23, 2012) - With one round remaining on the eight-round schedule, Patrick Smage wrapped up his fifth national MotoTrial title by taking a solid victory at round seven of the SWM AMA/NATC MotoTrial Series in Exeter, Rhode Island.

The Sherco USA rider capitalized on an impressive opening lap in the slippery and technical New England terrain, which gave the Wisconsin rider a 14-point lead over American Beta’s Cody Webb heading into the final two laps. Smage remained steady and avoided any major mishaps over during the final two circuits to finish off the day with an 11-point advantage over Webb for the win.

The performance gave Smage an insurmountable lead in the series standings with tomorrow’s final round still to go.

“It’s awesome to win my fifth title,” said Smage. “This is something I never dreamed of back when I started riding for fun as a kid. I wanted to see if I could get to the top but there were no real goals and I definitely didn’t expect to win it five times. And for every championship, I couldn’t have done it without Ryan Young, and Brad Baumert and Sherco USA and RYP. They’ve done so much and I couldn’t have done it without their help.”

In the meantime, Sherco USA’s Bryan Roper grabbed his third podium finish of the season with a third place finish, topping Gas Gas USA’s Keith Wineland by 15 points.

Despite taking a nasty crash in the fourth section of the day, Gas Gas USA’s Eric Storz came back to take fifth ahead of Sherco USA’s Karl Davis Jr.

Sherco riders Logan Bolopue and Andrew Oldar rounded out the top eigh

Saturday June 23rd 2012

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Not a a bad morning as I look out over Swan Lake - cloudy, but no rain as yet, with the sun trying to peek through, although the forecast isn’t that good.


Chatted to Taff last night - he was busy setting up a new Beta for a customer, installing the long range tank/set combo. - He told me that young Carig is coming along really good after just a couple of rides on the new Beta 80. - It doesn’t seem that long since lads like Ben & Wyatt Pospisil and Matt Fracy were that size.

While Barry and myself were out at Postill Lake last Sunday, we talked about the National back in 1992 - when he acted as mother hen for the kids - a total of seven which included Ryan Bell, and Brandon Wince .

No news as yet from the World Trial in Andorra - but in F1 qualifying, it’s Sebastian Vettel on pole, with Lewis Hamilton alongside - next is Pastor Maldonado, followed by the Lotus team. - It was a disaster for Ferrari, who failed to make Q3.


Latest news from Day 1 of the fifth round of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship here in Andorra where we also have the opening round of the 2012 FIM Womens Trial Championship taking place. This article will be updated with the latest as it happens. Be sure to check back for more!

First Lap Scores Only

1. Jeroni Fajardo - 6

2. Toni Bou - 10

3. Takahisa Fujinami - 10

4. Adam Raga - 13

5. Albert Cabestany - 18

6. James Dabill - 19

7. Michael Brown - 23

8. Matteo Grattarola - 26

Final Results

Junior 1st Alex Ferrer (Sherco)  2nd Jorge Casales (GG) 3rd Benoit Dagnicourt (Beta)

Youth 1st Sverre Lundevold ( Beta) 2nd Steven Coquelin (GG) 3rd Bradley Cox (Beta) - Six out of top ten on Beta
Final Results

1. Laia Sanz - (GG) 3

2. Emma Bristow (Ossa) - 16

3. Sandra Gomez  (GG) - 24

4. Sandrine Juffet  (JTG) - 26

5. Becky Cook  (Beta)    - 29

Final Results - Bou does it again - But a great ride for Fajardo (Beta)

World Championship Results

1. Toni Bou (Honda)  - Spain          11

2. Jeroni Fajardo  (Beta) - Spain      14

3. Takahisa Fujinami  (Honda) Japan- 20

4. Adam Raga  (GG)   Spain           - 23

5. Albert Cabestany  (Sherco) Spain- 32

6. James Dabill (Beta)    UK            - 33

7. Michael Brown (GG)    UK           - 41

8. Jack Challoner (Beta)    UK         - 47

9. Matteo Grattarola (GG)  Italy     - 54

10. Pere Borrellas (GG)   Spain      - 58

11. Alexz Wigg (GG)     UK           - 64

12. Daniel Oliveras (Ossa)   Spain   - 68

13. Gianluca Tournour (GG)  Italy    - 79

14. Eddie Karlsson (GG)    Sweden   - 86

We heard that Sparky Bill (Beta) took the win at the CPTA Chilliwack Trial, -  second was Todd Nordin (Beta) and 3rd Stan Bakgaard (Sherco) - As somebody said - these could be the results from 20 years ago.
More news later >>>>

Friday June 22nd 2012

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

With the 2012 Trials season now well underway, we have news that Rounds 3-4 of the WTC Canadian National Trials Championship, will be going ahead on Vancouver Island, and will be hosted by the Victoria Club. - We have posted the info: on Rounds 1-2 which goes in Quebec next month on our gallery, so click on for a larger image.


Next weekend, will see the ATRA hold Round #3 of the Outlaw Series at the Baseline Venue South West  of Rocky Mountain House AB - We posted the directions etc on the blog a few days ago, or you can check the ATRA site. - Perhaps the most important aspect of this event, is that it is being held in the Forest Reserve, so bikes need to be legal. For BC residents, this means having personal 3rd party liability insurance, and you should take a copy of this and it’s also a good idea to have a copy of your driver’s license with you when you are out on the trail. ( some people keep both in a plastic zip-bag in their helmet.) - As mentioned previously, the easy way to buy your Insurance is to join BCORMA, and you can do this by clicking onto their web-site. - Anybody planning on attending the ATRA event, and is unsure of any of this, please give me a phone call. NOTE:  It is  now the law that you have this Insurance while riding on Crown Land in BC.

We will be going to the Alberta Trial, so if you need parts or accessories, be sure to let us know early next week, so that we can be sure to have these on the Outlaw Van. ( We might have space for a bike if you want a new Sherco or Beta)

The weather looks to be a bit unsettled again for the weekend - we have some family stuff planned for Sunday, so not sure if I can sneak out for a ride or not. - I see that Andrew James and his group, will be riding in the Shute Lake area so contact Andrew if you wish to join them.


Yesterday, I got a call from Jeff, who asked about a Trials bike that was up for sale at the local Auction lot. - It didn’t take long for me to figure out that this was a stolen Xispa,  reported to me by the owner last year. - I took the details and kept this on file, and sure enough the serial numbers matched. - Jeff phoned the info: to the Auction people, who in turn contacted the Kelowna resident. - Although the bike is a bit of an orphan these days, at least they will get it back, - always nice to be able to help out.


Women’s title race begins in Andorra

Emma Bristow (Ossa)

 The 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship will open in Andorra this weekend. Sixteen female riders from eight different countries, and ranging from the age of sixteen to forty-six, will go head to head in the first of three rounds that will consist of five counting days in total.

The opening two-day round for the Women’s series will run alongside the fourth round of the FIM Trial World Championship for the male competitors in Naturlandia, Sant Julià de Loria, Andorra. After this weekend, female riders will then have a three-month break before they head to Switzerland (Tramelan) for the second round of the series on 22 - 23 September. Switzerland (Moutier) will also have the honour of hosting this year’s Women’s final event on 28 September ahead of the FIM Trial des Nations.

Reigning champion, Sanz is determined to clinch her first victory and World title for the Gas Gas factory, having transferred to the team at the end of last season. No other rider was able to beat Sanz in 2011, with the Spaniard proving unstoppable in all three rounds of the series. She will be hoping to record a similar victory in 2012. However, Great Britain’s Rebekah Cook - Beta and Emma Bristow - Ossa, who Sanz regards as her closest rivals, will provide fierce competition as they battle to knock Sanz off the top spot.
Cook has been a regular on the Women’s podium since 2006. She was third in 2006 and 2007, before enjoying three years as runner up in 2008 through to 2010. After being relegated back to third position by Bristow last year, Cook will be focused on climbing back up the rankings. However, she can expect Bristow to put up another tough fight.
Bristow has steadily risen through the ranks since she first arrived on the scene in 2006. Initially finishing thirteenth in her debut year, Bristow climbed to fourth in 2010, before overtaking her compatriot to take the runner’s up prize in last year’s series.

Sandrine Juffet - JTG from France and Sandra Gomez - Gas Gas from Spain are among the other top female riders to watch out for during 2012. Juffet was fourth overall last year, but finished on the podium in the final round of the series, ahead of Bristow who was fourth on that occasion. Gomez was consistently fifth in all rounds of the 2011 championship and will be hoping to better that by breaking into the top-four or even onto the rostrum this year.

Italian Elisa Peretti - Gas Gas, who turns seventeen next month, will be the youngest rider competing in the 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship. Like Sanz, Peretti also made her international debut at the age of fourteen. Blandine Guillaud-Fuggi from France, who has thirty years on young Peretti, will be this year’s
oldest female competitor. With such a diverse and exciting line-up, 2012 promises to be yet another memorable season.
Photo Credit:- FIM/G2F Media

Thursday June 21st 2012

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

It was the first day of Summer yesterday, and turned out to be sunny and warm in the Valley, - Jeff picked me up at 9am, and we headed South to Winfield before turning left up the Beaver Lake road - The plan was to try and find a way into a new area that he had heard about high up on crown land, and a check on “Google” showed a possible access road.

Sad to say that this proved to be a waste of time, as everything is posted with “Private” signs and fenced off. - whether some of these near the top are legit or not is anybodies guess, as ranchers have often posted crown land as Private, if they have a grazing lease for their cattle.

We then decided to drive over to Bear Creek, as it’s been a long time since we were there - this became very apparent when we saw just how overgrown the trails had become - the recent wet spell has definitely helped the area. - Suffice to say we had a great ride, taking in all the usual sections on the loop, but also took things easy, with lots of stops to “smell the roses”  - I have a bunch of pics which I will post on the gallery, showing the beautiful wild flowers - to relax on the top of the ridge overlooking the lake on a day like Wednesday, is perhaps one of the high-lights of life in the Okanagan Valley.


Looking forward to the weekend - the World Trials Championship moves to Andorra, where I’m sure the FIM will be keeping an eye on the degree of difficulty, after last weekend’s crash-fest in Spain.

The Ladies will also be attending this one, for the first round of their series - Laia Sanz has been unbeatable for the past few years, with only Becky Cook and Emma Bristow able to mount any kind of challenge.


Formula One is also in Spain this weekend, as the teams tackle the circuit at Valencia - practice goes tomorrow.


Dean stopped by late yesterday, with news that Mrs Janzen is recovering well from the injuries she suffered in the horrific car crash last week, that took the lives of her husband Doug and her two daughters - Cody Janzen is also on the mend. - He mentioned that a memorial service has planned for June 30th, but further details on this are pending. - A very sad time for all the friends and family in the Sorrento area.


I see that the Trials Canada front page hasn’t been updated for a while, so Bob must still be away on his sail-boat .


More news as it happens>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday June 20th 2012

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I had a nice surprise  yesterday, when a Scottish 2012 “T” Shirt arrived in the mail, courtesy of Harry & Wendy McKay - there was also a copy of the Official Program enclosed, always nice to read and keep.


We have had the WTC poster emailed for rounds 1-2 in Quebec - it should be posted on both the WTC and Trials Canada sites shortly - unfortunately, my lack of CP expertise, won’t allow me to post on here. - but I will add to my gallery. - We will have more news on the Western rounds soon. ( These will take place in the Fall)


Today the forecast is for sunshine in the Valley, with temperatures supposed to get up to +24, Jeff Ryan and myself are heading out to try and locate this new riding area, that he knows about near Winfield - he has googled a new route that shows a possible way in. - will update news on this later.


The motorcycle press has been full this week, with pics and comments on last weekend’s World round in Spain - the bad crashes by a number of top riders, including Toni Bou, only go to show just how out of touch these events are becoming with “Real” trials. - many years ago, Jordi Tarres called some of the Indoor Trials a “Circus” -  I wonder what he thinks now?  - Loris Gubian, had to be taken to hospital, and while his injuries are limited to broken teeth and cuts and bruises - it would appear that it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously hurt, unless stricter controls are enforced. - I see the ACU are going to be carefully monitoring the British Championship rounds, because of similar problems with the degree of difficulty. - There is a very fine line between, getting it “Right” and having one step too many in a section.


We had a note from Stan Bakgaard to say that he is super impressed with the new 2012 Sherco - he wonders why they didn’t make it this good last year - look for some good results from Stan in the coming months. - not sure if he rode the new bike last Sunday at the CPTA Trial in Chilliwack ( still no results posted on the club site)


More news as it happens>>>>>>>>>

Tuesday June 19th 2012

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

The 3rd and final round of the Outlaw Series, takes place in Alberta in a couple of weeks, and as it’s being held on Crown Land near Rocky Mountain House, riders will need to be “Off Road” legal - For Albertan’s -  this means license plate and insurance, but for BC residents, only 3rd party liability is required as this is all we need to ride in our Province. - ( No plates at the moment)

This being the case, I have purchased  the BCORMA  “Platinum Trail Pass ” - which also includes the required insurance, at a cost of $157.00, which is good until the end of the year. - It comes with a helmet decal, but they suggest riders also carry a copy of their drivers license, while out on the trail, in case you are stopped by a Conservation or Forestry Official..

The best way to buy this, is to click on to the BCORMA web site, where it only takes minutes to download the forms and arrange payment through PayPal - I think you also need to join a club - and these are all listed for BC - We now belong to the Southern Okanagan Dirt Bike Club, which is the group who helped check at our last two National events. - ( They also have their own web-site)

Although there is no poster for the Alberta event - here is the info: as listed on the ATRA Web-site >>>>>.

    « on: June 18, 2012, 06:47:21 PM »
    We are a go for Baseline near Rocky Mountain House. Vintage is Saturday June 30 and Modern is Sunday July 1. We have been out to the site setting up however the water levels are so high that we might not be able to use many of our planned sections as we cannot cross the creek to get to them. Insurance and registration is required to be legal. I can assure those that have not been to Baseline before that the view from the old tower is incredible and must be experienced; on a clear day the visibility is 50 plus miles.
    Directions:From Red Deer
    Hwy 2 North
    take West exit to Rocky Mountain House on Hwy 11 (not 11A) travel about 73 km. Before Rocky Mountain House approximately 2 km turn Left South on (connector road TWR 392, drive 2,5km to Stop (T-junction) and then turn left on Hwy 752 (Cow Lake) and drive approximately 40.5 km on asphalt then on the same Hwy but gravel surface precisely another 7.5 km (total 48 km), our base will be on the right hand side
    N52°09.308’ W115°27.074’
    Kevin Couves (Beta) won the Senior Inter class at last Sunday’s Victoria club Trial, - he pretty much dominates this class on the Island, but this time he did it in style, by finishing with a “Clean card” losing zero points for the event - not easy at any time, and certainly not in the slippery Island sections.- Well done “Big” guy. -( Kevvy lived in Kelowna for many years)

    The expert class results were - 1st Thomas Cordner, (GG) - 2nd Will Duggan (GG) - 3rd Devon Dargis (Sherco)  - you can read more by clicking on the Victoria club web-site via the Trials Canada link

    More news as it  happens >>>>>.