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Saturday August 25th 2012

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Well it certainly cooled off last night, with the temperature dropping down to +5  - but at least it makes it easier to sleep. - the forecast for the Valley is back up to around +30 for tomorrow, with more bearable 25-27 as we head into the long weekend.


We had an email from Paul, our resident computer guru, who will stop by later today to hopefully fix the problem with my Dell. - I should then be back up to speed.


In the meantime, there doesn’t appear to be too much news to report - The poster for the WTC National in Victoria is now up on the front page of Trials Canada, -  but before then, we will be going to the unsanctioned trial at Ymir (Near Nelson BC) next weekend, which is also the Labor Day long weekend. - Although the poster for this is not on TC - all the details of what looks like being a fun weekend are up on the forum. - We’ve heard that Stan Bakgaard, Todd Nordin, Christy Williams, and Steve Day are amongst the  riders going to this inaugural event, as well as a number from Alberta.


I see that Dani Pedrosa has posted the fastest practice times at the Moto GP event in Bryno - the race will go on Sunday, - While in World Super-bike action, Ducati riders fill the top three positions after provisional qualifying in Russia.


Wednesday August 8th 2012

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

The Ryan Young school at Red Deer, just like the previous one in Summerland, was the highlight for many lucky Trials riders, and while most juniors will never be able to master all the techniques that Ryan demonstrates, one of the things that I mentioned to a  very good younger rider, was the fact that the  “Walking the section”  aspect, has not changed for decades. -Ryan explained how he has a quick look at the overall lay-out of the section, before walking it again to analyze it bit by bit. - (Don’t forget to check out the pics of both schools on my gallery)
Over the years, I have found that this is the one part of the learning experience, that is most overlooked by the newcomer, - knowing how to position the front wheel at one part, so that the rear wheel in the best place to get traction, all takes experience and practice, but so many riders, simply enter the section, without a plan of attack, and a clear idea of the correct line.

Ryan talked about how he watched Bernie Schreiber when he was the top rider - and the thrill of actually beating his idol in later years. - practice and more practice is the only way to improve, but only by doing this gradually, can the beginner rider hope to master some of the moves needed. - I often get younger riders phone telling me that they want to learn how to do all these hops and extreme maneuvers, but they fail to understand that there is no easy short cut to the top, all the great riders, got there by hard work and dedication. - I hope that all the pupils at the Schools, remember to practice what they learned next time out, while the memories are still fresh - the thrill of “Getting it right” on what might appear to be a simple little section, and doing it correctly three times in a row, can be very rewarding.


Today, I have to get caught up on some paperwork, not my favorite pass-time, then I will likely grab lunch with my nephew who is visiting  - an interesting lad who works for a large winery in Chili (South America). - Later Nick will be coming to pick up his Evo 300 ( my demo) - it certainly didn’t take him long to get the “Bug” after buying the TY “Pinkie” earlier this year.

I got a call from Mark Oniell   last night - he has sent me some pics of his very nice Scorpa, which he has for sale - I will post details on my for sale page - this has the Yamaha engine, well known for it’s reliability. - I have pictures of this bike - call or email if you would like to check it out.

Tuesday August 7th 2012

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

The Monday Holiday, certainly ended on a dark note ! - we had a big Thunderstorm in the Valley, which knocked out our power for at least two hours - Fortunately, Momma bear had a supply of candles, and our late evening family supper, went without too much problem. - As usual I was drafted to do the steaks on the Barby and these turned out really good. - We had a visit from one of our nephews who we haven’t seen since he was a small boy - he has become quite the world traveler, and works for a large winery in Chili. - all in all, a very enjoyable evening - and the lights did eventually come back on.


Earlier in the day, I had posted over 80 pics on the gallery, of the Red Deer Ryan Young school - the temperature was already cooking by 10am, and so I soon worked up a lather unloading the van after the weekend. - I zipped down to the car wash to give the Evo 200 a bath, as this had been pressed into service at the very muddy Canyon Ski resort on Sunday, and the Alberta river mud really does stick like you know what.  - back at the ranch, I spent a couple of hours checking it over, before taking a few pics to post on my “For Sale” page - this is a great bike at a very good price.


This morning the sun is already shining over the lake, and I have to make a quick trip to the Kelowna airport in a while to drop off my future son in law - he is another very busy guy, spending a lot of time on airplanes.


I see that Jordi Pascuet won the Robregordo three day Trial at the weekend - another big achievement for the Tarres Jotagas team - Philipe Berlatier also rode the event, and is now the French importer for the brand.


More news as it happens >>>>>>

Monday August 6th 2012

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The quick trip to Alberta for the Ryan Young School went without incident - although there was certainly lots of traffic on the road. - The school, which was held at the very impressive Canyon Ski Resort in Red Deer, was attended by 20 riders from all over Alberta, and as usual, Ryan gave his faultless display of training expertise. - One of the high-lights of my weekend, was meeting up with the owner of the facility, who moved to Canada when the Communist regime took over many of the European Countries. - “Louie” was full of interesting stories of Jawa and CZ motorcycle history, and after eying up the display of Trials bikes under my tent, he asked if he could try the Evo 200. - “No problem” I said, and soon had him kitted up with a Wulf Helmet, and off he went down the field - now Louie hadn’t been on a bike for decades, but if there is one thing that European enthusiasts never forget, it is how to operate the controls correctly.- I had absolutely no worries about letting Louie try the bike, and I should add that he is 65 years old. - the ATRA are lucky to have made this new connection for a riding area, even though it will likely only be for once a year.

I took about an hour of video, plus approx 400 still pics during the two days, which will take some time to edit, but I hope to have the album posted later today. - The van has to be unloaded etc, although I only brought two bikes back with me - the autographed Ryan Young Sherco demo, was picked up by Aaron Brassard, and I just need to check out the Evo 200 that I now have for sale. this is a great little bike in super shape, going at a very reasonable price.


In UK Trials news - it was another good weekend for Beta and Sherco, with James Dabill (Beta) winning the British Championship round, while Becky Cook (Beta)  took the Women’s class. The Expert win went to Sherco mounted Richard Timperley - who beat out series leader John Crinson (Beta)


Now it’s time to do some more editing >>>>

Friday August 3rd 2012

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

The full moon is still high in the sky as I hit the keyboard this morning at 4.30am - a sure sign that the days are getting shorter. - While this may be a bit depressing for some folk, I always welcome the early days of September and October, as there is no better time to be out in the woods. - However, before that comes, we have a lot happening in the month of August, with very hot temperatures forecast for the Valley.

I certainly worked up a sweat yesterday afternoon, loading the van with 3 bikes plus all the other stuff I need to take with me to Red Deer - the new van is not so long as the old Outlaw special, so packing has to be done carefully, especially as I usually have Opti Oil to drop off  at various dealerships along the way. - Stan called just as I finished, & we had a chat about the Ymir Trial that Pete Bustin and Jay Colley are putting on the September long weekend - we will post more on this when we get the final details, but it looks to be a great weekend in the Kootenay’s.


Also called Jimmy last night to see how things are going down his way, - he told me of going on a good but exhausting ride with some of the local lads last Sunday - Like me, Jimmy feels the effect of the heat as it saps your energy when you get older. - He might make it to the Ymir Trial, but it’s quite a drive for him over the Salmo Creston etc, and he mentioned that the September long weekend is always super busy for him, as lots of Albertan’s drop off their boats for winterizing after a weekend at the lake.


Today Jacek will be taking Ryan Young and his wife on a sight-seeing tour of Banff, - I’m sure that they will be impressed as they haven’t been to Alberta before. - Tomorrow it will be all business, as Ryan teaches the school in Red Deer.


And I thought I would post this bit of info: from the UK regarding the little Oset electric bikes - Lee Usher from Nelson sells and promotes these and will have some out at the Ymir Trial.

The next Hemingway superstars?

 Trials UK are very pleased to welcome the next generation of the infamous trials Hemingway superstars to the official Trials UK Oset Team for 2012/13.  

Harry & George collected their new 36v Hope Special Osets along with a couple of Oset Dynamo NAU Power helmets. Their dad Dan Hemingway, along with brother Ben, followed in their dad’s footsteps by conquering all things motorised, and now the cycle starts again with Harry & George who already live and breath bikes!  

They are now fully kitted out to challenge for the HDMC Trials UK Oset Cup and other trials against petrol bikes and I am sure they will be taking a few scalps along the way.

Thursday August 2nd 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

So a busy day is looming, with loading the Outlaw van being a priority, before heading out for Red Deer tomorrow - it’s always a bit of a challenge trying to have the right parts/accessories when going to any Trials event, but somehow it usually works out.

On the weather front, the Alberta scene has been pretty unstable these past few days, with torrential rain and Tornado warnings, so hopefully this system will have moved on before I get there on Friday night.

The big news from Red Deer, is that our old buddy Jacek is now a Dad for the second time - his wife Tasha, giving birth to a baby girl -  a sister for Olli - Congrats to the family. ( a big relief for Jacek who is in the middle of organizing the Ryan Young school)


It appears that the Forest Fire on the Westside of Okanagan Lake, is now all under control, with just the mop up of hot spots - good news for Jeff Ryan, who has a cabin by the lake over that side. - Of course the fire hazard is always a huge concern in our area at this time of the year, but at least the wet spring has helped in this regard.


We had a visit from a Prince George resident yesterday - he was on route back North from a holiday in the Valley, and stopped by to see if he could pick up some parts for his son’s Beta - he was surprised to find that I had everything he wanted for the older 2003 model, as like most people, he was unaware of what a great back-up service we have for both the Beta and Sherco line of bikes. - Our “Secret Sport” is very exclusive.


I see that the CPTA have a Trial scheduled for August 19th at Squamish - a new location for them, but great terrain with lots of rocks. - The ATRA have a trial at Rocky Mountain House on the same day - not sure if this will be at Bernie Schroderus’ farm or baseline, will find out this weekend when I meet up with Harold and the boys.


Wednesday August 1st 2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

As we look ahead to the weekend - I see that it’s the annual Moose Mountain Cross Country race in Alberta, I rode this a number of times in the ’70’s, when approx 170 riders lined up for the shot-gun start - everybody rode the same class, with the course usually around 50 miles of what would now be called extreme terrain, lots of muskeg and river crossings, plus steep log strewn uphills and downhills. - Just to finish the event was an achievement, and I recall that only ten riders managed this when I grabbed 3rd Open class in 1973 - The bike I was on ? - my trusty 325cc Bultaco Sherpa T.

The Cross Country races started to change after that, with the loops faster and easier, which mean’t a change of bike was required, first a much modified YZ 250, then in 1976 an IT 400, which took me to another 3rd place, riding in the dust of super hero’s like Danny Amor and ex World MX champ Jeff Smith.  - The last time I rode “Moose” was in 1980, on a Yamaha Canada YZ 400 - this bike was so fast, that it wore me out, and I decided to retire before I hurt myself.
Just like Trials, the Cross Country events have changed over the years, with the courses now more like a hare scramble, and only around 25KM in length, whether this is good or bad, I’m not sure, but the one thing that appears to have changed for the better, is the marking of danger points. Anyway good luck to all the riders at this year’s “Moose” - I certainly have a lot of memories from this era of my motorcycle career.


As far as Trials activity goes, as reported earlier, I will be attending the Ryan Young Trials School in Red Deer, this weekend - Jacek has this all under control, in spite of the fact that his wife is expecting their second child this week - talk about pressure and timing!!


The Olympics in London are now well into the first week, with Canada managing a few bronze medals - hard to appreciate all the effort put in by these athletes - as one rower said today - we have trained for 4 years, just to try and get everything right for 6 minutes.

Of course there was some speculation a few years ago, that Trials riding would become an Olympic sport, but this was never going to happen with motorized machines. - Maybe bicycles.?