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Friday August 31st 2012

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Well the Outlaw van is all packed ready for the long weekend in Ymir - My departure is going to be delayed a bit, as my parts order failed to arrive yesterday - very unusual as Can Par do a great overnight service to the Valley.  - the cameras are all charged up, and ready to record all the fun, and we will post pics on the gallery next week.


We heard from Lindsay Baker yesterday via email - he used to live in Kelowna a few years ago, and rode a lot of our events on a TY mono - he also had an old Suzuki twin shock for a while - we have a couple of pics of the likable Kiwi on the Blast from the Past album. - The reason he contacted me, was to tell about his recent success in the BMW sponsored  off road event near Rocky Mountain House Alberta - Lindsay, who now lives in Edmonton, rode his BMW R1200GS in a series of off road challenges along with over 100 other competitors, - the prize for the winner, was a $25000.00 all expenses paid trip to South America, courtesy of BMW. - After making the 5 rider final, Lindsay was unlucky to just lose out to a 25 year old - an impressive result for Lindsay who is 58.


I see that BMW have just released an electric scooter, which seems to be a growing trend for urban commuting  - and also in the news is the new Japanese built Scorpa Electric Trials model. - Only time will tell whether the larger electric powered machines will catch on. - battery life seems to be the biggest problem.


We have just ordered some of the Yoomie products from the UK, including the tubeless tire ring for fitting the rear tires on trials bikes - these are essential for getting the tire on the bead - please contact me if you need one as the first shipment will probably go quickly.


Formula One resumes this weekend at the Spa track in Belgium - Ferrari lead the championship, but with 9 races still to go in the series, things could change by the end of the season. - Both McLaren and Red Bull are quietly confident after the summer break, and Lotus are sure to be a contender.


Have a good weekend everybody, and be sure to check to see results and pics of all the action on Tuesday September 4th.

Thursday August 30th 2012

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

The upcoming Labor Day long weekend, signals the end of Summer, and while many are sad to see the last of the hot days at the beach, in the Okanagan Valley, it’s a relief to have things a bit cooler, as the dry forests are certainly a cause for concern.

I got a call from one of my Snowmobile dealers yesterday, wanting to schedule delivery of his winter stock of Opti Oil, another reminder that we are headed into the Fall.


The past couple of days have been spent checking over the Beta 300, in readiness for the Mountain rides - fitted one of the neat Hebo fuel tanks to save a bit of weight from my back-pack, plus re-greased the wheel bearing etc, using my super Opti Grease. - I have lots of this back in stock, but we can only get it in the small pouches, but this is fine for motorcycle application. ( I do fill up my large grease-gun for when I work on the van - bit messy but worth it)


We heard from Heath yesterday - r2w in the UK and subscriber to Trials Magazine - he told me that lots of events have been canceled over there lately because of rain and flooding. - he mentioned that the Jotagas appears to be gaining popularity in England, with steady progress by Importer Steve Saunders, also lots of rumors going the rounds about other manufacturers, with workers walking off the job at some plants in Spain because they haven’t been paid.


We had a call from John Dearie last night - he now lives in Squamish and has been spending lots of time on his mountain bike - he told me that he took in the recent Trial in the area, but only as a spectator. -The results of this event are now up on Trials Canada, and I see that Alex Walton (Sherco) took the Expert win, ahead of Steve Day (GG) and Ricky Styles (GG)  - John is hoping he will manage to make the National in Victoria, but he is nursing a broken finger at the moment.

===============================================>UPDATE - Nice to hear that there are still lots of “Traditional” events being held in the UK - read the story below.

Moto >> Moto
Peak Trial 2012

Regs are now out for the annual Sheffield & Hallamshire MC Merle Morewood Peak trial on the much earlier date this year of Sunday 30th September.

The trial is the final round of the Luscombe Suzuki Leeds British sidecar trials championship and will also run separate routes for solo clubmen and experts.


The event is starting from the usual base of the Lafarge cement works car park in Hope, Derbyshire. This year the trial is a completely different format running 2 laps of 20 sections due to the loss of the Backtor group which normally provides a sting in the tail for most of the entry.


Good news is though that the club have found a completely new piece of land as a replacement which will offer some great sections. With the increased daylight and a few more sections it has been decided that the time allowance will be increased to 6 ½ hours from the previous 5 ½ hours for a more leisurely day out in hopefully better weather than the previous November date.  


The start time is 09.30am.


The sections are being plotted by Richard Timperley and Robin Morewood with assistance from deputy clerk of the course Andy Atkinson.


The solo routes will be of a similar standard to other road based nationals (Northern Expert, Dave Rowland etc.) and the sections will be natural straightforward hazards with nothing dangerous.


Regs are available for download from or they can be obtained from the trial secretary Mrs Gill Morewood at 5 Leabrook Road, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield S18 8YS or phone 01246 414869.


So if you fancy a good run out in the great Derbyshire scenery then don’t delay getting entries in as they will close on Monday 24th September.


Picture: Chris Pearson (MRS/Splat Sherco)


Credit: Yoomee

Wednesday August 29th 2012

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Well the computers at mission control appear to be back up to speed - although we are still having trouble logging back into some sites. - emails are now coming through on the Dell - so this is good.


The sun is already shining over Swan Lake - and it looks to be a beautiful morning - the weather forecast for the upcoming long weekend also looks great. - The Labor Day weekend is always packed with events - I hear that there are a couple of Cross Country races here in the Valley, and of course we will be heading to Ymir for the first ever Trial put on in the area by Pete Bustin and Jay Colley. - I see that Jay has posted directions on the Trials Canada forum.


With the success of the two Ryan Young schools this year in Western Canada, Jacek Jablonski is asking for feed back in regard to doing the same for 2013. - Because of Ryan’s very tight schedule, events like this need to be planned far ahead, so if you would like to see a Ryan Young school in your area, or would like to attend one in either Alberta or the Okanagan Valley, please shoot us an email. - either at or

In other Alberta news - Jacek has been in touch with another Red Deer land owner, who is willing to let the ATRA use his land for a Trials Competition next year. - more details will be posted later on this.


Steve Fracy emailed to say that they had to put their old dog Sophie to sleep yesterday, as she was suffering with hip problems - our condolences to them, as losing a pet after so many years is heart-breaking.

More news updates as they happen>>>>>

Tuesday August 28th 2012

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Well, I finally figured out why my email section wasn’t working on the new CP - as usual it was my mistake when downloading the information, all it took was one letter wrong. - Anyway we appear to be back to normal, although I haven’t got a clue as to what files I lost when the other hard drive fried. - I do know that all the WTC emails from this year have gone.


Checking the other web-sites, I see that Dougie Lampkin is doing another “Down-town” Trials demo in Manchester England - how all these urban events will relate to Trials bike sales remains to be seen, but as I’ve said before, - while the “Shows” we put on free of charge all through the 80’s and 90’s, were fun - they do take a lot of effort, with everybody getting burned out eventually. ( The last one we did was in 100 Mile House about five years ago)

I see that Ricky Styles has posted a short video of the Squamish Trial on facebook - it only showed three or four riders, and the sections looked challenging.- not sure how many people they got out for this event - haven’t been able to find any results posted.


Mark ONeill called last night to chat about the upcoming Ymir Trial - he told me that he was at the Cremona Alberta Trial on Sunday, which he said was fun, and he enjoyed himself on the new bike. - This event was one of the series put on by Steve Foord and the Second Gear Club.

MRS Sherco team rider Luke Walker wins the Michelin 3 Day 2012

Results are now on the website -

Picture: Luke Walker (MRS Sherco)


Credit: Yoomee

Monday August 27th 2012

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Sunday morning, I met young Chris Sorokousky out at Yankee Flats for an early morning ride - Haven’t had a chance to ride with Chris all summer, and his Sherco is looking a bit worse for wear since I last saw it - broken fenders etc. - no doubt caused by his big throttle tactics. - We spent a couple of hours up on the hill, with me giving him some pointers on technique  - he certainly has some natural talent and coped well on most stuff.


After the 18 hour drive the previous weekend to Alberta and back, it was nice to kick back on Sunday afternoon - watched some of the golf and later Dave Disbain on the box. - the Moto GP race was on last night, but I fell asleep while this was on.


We had an email from Gord Walker, who has been working in Asia most of the year - he will be back home in Midway next week, and is looking forward to getting out on his Sherco.


Although my Dell CP is up and running again - I’m still having problems with the email on this unit - not being too computer savvy, makes life difficult when things go wrong. - I still don’t know if I’ve missed some messages this past week.


Jimmy called yesterday, he’s back from a 13 day Harley trip with his brother - told me they had a great time, sleeping under the stars at night, he’s now back in Elko, but hopes to make it to the Ymir trial this Sunday. - Pete & Jay have got things pretty well set up for this event, so it should be a fun weekend.


Sunday August 26th 2012

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Well, I’m typing the blog today, back on my other keyboard, but it turned out the hard drive was fried on the Dell - so required using the spare tower I had - Paul spent the afternoon working on the problem, and we really don’t know why the hard drive decided to die while I was away in Alberta last weekend. - The bad news of course is that all the info: that I didn’t have backed up on disc, is now lost !!!!Humbug.


This being the last Sunday in August, we will get out for an early ride at Yankee Flats ( before the Yahoos arrive) - the temperature is supposed to go up to 31 later.


I see that Ricky Styles was up Joss Mountain yesterday with a couple of Buddies - the pics he posted on facebook show good conditions, with only the usual snow banks, must have been a great day at the 7,825 ft summit.


In Trials news, Ricky Wiggins holds a one point lead going into the second day of the Manx Two Day Trial in the Isle of Man - The annual event draws a big entry every year from the mainland.


I noticed that somebody had posted a couple of pics of Moose Mountain on facebook - this mountain which is now a favorite hiking spot, was used for the Moose Mountain Cross Country Race many years ago - the race used to start near McLean Creek and the first rider to the top won. - With the modern bikes coming on the scene, this got to be too easy, and the race is now held in the Waiperous Creek area. - We did use sections near the top in the 1975 World Round that I plotted - in fact while doing a fast early morning check on that part of the loop, I was in 6th gear going down the fire road, when I met the late Ron Mallett on a corner - I had given explicit instructions that NOBODY was to ride this road - but of course Ron thought this didn’t apply to him and naturally, being an ex Brit - he pulled to the left when I saw him last minute - I managed to flick the Yamaha the other way and layed it down on the grass at the side of the road, fortunately without damage to myself or the bike. - A very white faced Ron received a real tongue lashing from me, for nearly causing a major incident.

Jorge Lorenzo is on pole for the Moto GP race today at Brno in the Czech Republic - early pace-setter Dani Pedrosa crashed (unhurt) but managed to get 3rd spot on his spare bike. - Ben Spies posted a good time on the other factory Yamaha, for 4th and Valentino Rossi also finished well in 6th. - there are 4 Yamaha machines in the top 5 places.

UPDATE - Pedrosa wins a thrilling race. - Spies in the gravel again.

1. Dani Pedrosa (Honda)
2. Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
3. Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha)
4. Andrea Dovizioso (Yamaha)
5. Stefan Bradl (Honda)
6. Alvaro Bautista (Honda)
7. Valentino Rossi (Ducati)
8. Randy de Puniet (ART)
9. Karel Abraham (Ducati)
10. Aleix Espargaro (ART)


Saturday August 25th 2012

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Well it certainly cooled off last night, with the temperature dropping down to +5  - but at least it makes it easier to sleep. - the forecast for the Valley is back up to around +30 for tomorrow, with more bearable 25-27 as we head into the long weekend.


We had an email from Paul, our resident computer guru, who will stop by later today to hopefully fix the problem with my Dell. - I should then be back up to speed.


In the meantime, there doesn’t appear to be too much news to report - The poster for the WTC National in Victoria is now up on the front page of Trials Canada, -  but before then, we will be going to the unsanctioned trial at Ymir (Near Nelson BC) next weekend, which is also the Labor Day long weekend. - Although the poster for this is not on TC - all the details of what looks like being a fun weekend are up on the forum. - We’ve heard that Stan Bakgaard, Todd Nordin, Christy Williams, and Steve Day are amongst the  riders going to this inaugural event, as well as a number from Alberta.


I see that Dani Pedrosa has posted the fastest practice times at the Moto GP event in Bryno - the race will go on Sunday, - While in World Super-bike action, Ducati riders fill the top three positions after provisional qualifying in Russia.


Friday August 24th 2012

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Sorry for the late blog today folks - I was in a bit of a rush first thing this morning,  to meet the lads at Summerland, and with only my super-slow computer working, I had to leave it, until I got back this afternoon. - I even had a couple of phone calls to check if I was OK, as hitting the keyboard at the crack of dawn, is normal for me.


The weather today was perfect for riding, fairly cool and even a few rain drops, as we headed out on the Outlaw loop, Pete hasn’t been on the bike for quite a while, but he did just fine, and Jeff and myself rode a number of the sections we used in the May event, plus we spent quite a bit of time coaching Jeff on some old junior stuff - all about body position and leaning the bike etc.

We did have one funny incident while stopped on the back trail by the section we called Laggan Rocks in the Outlaw Trial - we had ridden it a few times, before sitting down for a lunch break, when three older mountain bikers came up the trail      ( which is fairly wide at this point) - the leading rider turned out to be a real motor-mouth, bitching about our bikes being parked on the trail, and continued to harass Pete as he went by - now anybody who has met Pete, should be aware that this isn’t a smart thing to do. - so this clown was pretty lucky not to end up with a bloody nose.

At the end of the day, we were back at the truck loading up, and this ass rides up to Pete once again yapping about  some BS, and I must say that Pete handled things really well by keeping his cool - one of the three had already had enough and rode off down the road, followed by assole #1. - However, the 3rd member of the group stayed back, and apologized for his buddy, who obviously has an ego problem. - we shook his hand and suggested he have a chat to his buddy on trail etiquette.


Thursday August 23rd 2012

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Yesterday proved to be quite a busy day, with a trip to Kelowna to pick up the new Beta, then putting it together etc. - the first thing you notice when riding the Factory bike, is how easy it shifts gears - as Mark ONeill said after his first ride - “It’s like a Swiss watch”


In other news, we’ve heard that there is a Trial at Cremona this Sunday, put on by the Second Gear Club - It’s called the Muskeg Trial, and after riding an event at this location back in the 90’s - I can tell you that there is likely to be lots of that. - Barry and myself had to “Load up” in 3rd gear and leap from clump to clump, otherwise you sank out of sight.  Hopefully there won’t be anything quite as drastic on Sunday. - The property is owned by Rick Chong, a nice guy who bought a Sherco from me last year. ( Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this one)

I see that Casey Stoner will miss the Moto GP race this weekend in Brno - as he has flown back to Australia for surgery on the ankle he injured at the Indy event. - If you saw his spectacular “High Side” in practice - you will understand what a gutsy performance he put on to finish 4th at the American round. - Nicky Hayden will also sit this one out, after his crash which left him with concussion.


The Poster for the WTC Canadian Championship Trial in Victoria has now been released, and it’s another beauty by Bob Masse, featuring a pic I took of Matt Fracy.

You will be able to see this along with the Ymir poster, next week on Trials Canada, or you can email me for your own copy.

With the month of August winding down, the regs are out for the “Scott Trial” in Yorkshire - see below. Scott Trial 2012

The countdown starts right now for the greatest one day trial in the world. Yes its Scott trial time!

With just a couple of weeks to go the club have has just over100 entries but would like to remind everyone to get their entries in before the closing on Friday 7th September 2012. 


 This year the Scott trial takes place on Saturday 20th October. 


As always entries are limited to 200 and on a first come, first served basis.


Picture: Can James Dabill win in 2012?


Credit: Yoomee

Wednesday August 22nd 2012

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The thunder storms predicted in the Valley, never materialized - but at least it cooled off a bit. - hopefully we will get some rain before the weekend.


I will have to continue using my old computer for a few days, as my technical guru, Paul is away in Vancouver attending his brother’s funeral - our condolences go out to Paul and his family.


While the old CP is painfully slow, at least it keeps me in action, and I’m able to continue posting pics etc, and reply to emails ( not sure if any are held in the Dell storage) - If you sent me something, and haven’t had a reply please either resend - or call me ( leave a message if I’m out)


Today, I will likely have to go to Kelowna, to pick up my new Beta - Mark ONeill bought my other one last weekend - this bike is the only other factory 300, that the Importer received this year, so it’s pretty rare. - but although I don’t really need the very best, they are quite manageable and the light weight makes quite a difference at my age.


We’ve heard from Steve Fracy, to say that both him and Matt were out plotting the WTC National  loop at Victoria last weekend, although with the fire ban in place, it means that no bikes are allowed, so the lads were just hiking around. - this promises to be a great event (Sept 22/23) and the poster should be up on TC shortly ( Bob Johns is on vacation until next week - so the Ymir poster won’t be added until then) - Anybody needing info: on either of these Trials, can always get in touch with me.


For people that are not aware - all the European Trials factories close down for the month of August ( not a bad idea) so nothing gets shipped during this time, and while our Importer has the best possible stock of parts, sometimes the odd item slips through the cracks, - therefore, this week, I was unable to get a Sherco side- stand bracket for an older model - not that this is a “Biggy” as my buddy Adrian used to say - because the lack of a side-stand doesn’t effect the use of the bike.


Not much news coming from across the pond - lots of pictures of James Dabill and his bride, - plus the results of the Ladies European Championship Round in Czecho, where Becky Cook, blitzed the opposition on her new 2013 Beta.

==================> More News as it happens.