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Sunday September 30th 2012

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The last day of the month and looks to be another great one,  with sunshine and a high of 23. - We wil be at Summerland doing some flagging - will take some more pics to post on the gallery.


We heard from both Jacek and Jimmy yesterday, and both intend coming to the Ady Trial next month - this will be the first time for many years, that we have held an event this late in the year, although we often ride well into December before we have any snow in the valley.- Interesting enough, the forecast is for some snow in Alberta this coming week.


As I write this early Sunday, the TDN in Switzerland will already be underway - as posted yesterday, the Women’s class went on Saturday, with Spain edging out the Brits  to keep their title for another year. - I noticed a post by Gary MacDonald on facebook this morning in which he said that the Scots have never had a team in the TDN ( Neither have the Welsh)

The results of the ISDE in Germany show a total domination by France, the first time that any one country has won everything, in the history of the event.  - Team USA finished 3rd in the Junior.


Like a lot of other people, I have spent some time watching the Ryder Cup Golf  - the Yanks are leading the European Teams by 10-6 going into the last day. - strange to see the top superstars being overshadowed by the lesser known players in this team event. - the look on Ian Poulter’s face after he scored some really difficult birdies for the Euros was classic.


We heard from new rider Chris Hrabb yesterday, that he had a  run-in with a pick-up truck, while out riding his bicycle - Chris had the right-of-way, but the truck won, and left him with a nasty gash in his forehead, plus a broken bone in his wrist. - hopefully he will be healed in time for the Ady Trial


In Moto GP - the race goes in Spain today, a Country that is in turmoil because of the economy - the latest unrest shows a split between the North and Southern region. UPDATE - Dani Pedrosa takes the win ahead of Lorenzo and Dovisio.

===================>>> more news as it happens.

Saturday September 29th 2012

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

We have just heard that the Terra-Nova has been postponed because of the fire hazard. - This is the first time in the history of the event, that this has happened. - The word is that the Victoria club are trying to re-schedule the Xtreme race through the bush, for November 11th - but that will of course clash with our Ady Brown Trial at Summerland.


The weather in our OK Valley, continues sunny and warm, although the mornings now have a definite “Nip” in the air - all good when you are planning a day riding. We will be heading to Summerland again tomorrow to do more work on the Trial.


In Germany, the 2012 ISDE finishes today - and it looks like a clean sweep for France - they are leading in all the main classes - Trophy, Junior Trophy, and Women’s class. - We haven’t seen any reports of how the Cannucks have done, but they are not listed in the top ten of the daily results. - Team USA looks like they might grab 3rd in the Junior Trophy.


Over to Switzerland, where the ladies TDN goes today - once again it should be a battle between the girls from Spain and Britain - 12 time Women’s World Champ, Laia Sanz leads her team, while newly crowned Euro Champ Becky Cook heads up the English squad. - The men will ride tomorrow, but with such a strong team from Spain, it would appear that the battle will be for 2nd. UPDATE - Ladies Results.

Women’s Trial des Nations Results

1. Spain - 24

2. Britain - 29

2. France - 39

4. Germany - 46

5. USA - 51


The Moto GP teams are in Spain this weekend, and Jorge Lorenzo is on pole with arch rival Dani Pedrosa alongside and Cal Crutchlow the other rider on the front row. - Ben Spies is on row two, but Nicky Hayden fell late in the qualifying session but was unhurt - Valentino Rossi also had a trip into the gravel, but walked away.


We have heard that our 2013 Beta shipment will arrive sometime in December - in the meantime, here is a pic of a happy British Importer John Lampkin with the latest beauties from the Tuscany Factory.

Moto >> Moto
New Beta arrivals

John Lampkin and the new arrivals

John Lampkin, Beta UK, has just received the

Friday September 28th 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Like everybody, I sometimes have some weird dreams - but last night had to take the cake ( as they say back in the UK) - in the dream, I had got a call about somebody wanting to sell an old Trials bike, not sure where this was, but the bike ended up being an old Greeves - and it was a bit of a wreck,  all covered in mud, but the price was right, and I bought it. - So in my dream, I take it to the car wash, but couldn’t get near because there were dozens of cars lined up with dirty old trials bikes on trailers - the next - flash was working on the Greeves with it laying on it’s side, trying to tighten up all the loose odds & ends, the handlebars were loose and the throttle was hanging off the side. -  because ( and get this) standing by me was Steve Day, and he said that we had to get the bike going, so I could ride it in the Trial that started in about 10 minutes - AND it was in a corn field !!!! - Thank god I woke up.

Now while this - like most dreams are laughable - ( maybe it’s my new medication)  - but it did remind me of some of our early Kelowna events, when two guys in particular, would be doing major service work on their bikes while we held the riders meeting - and this happened at every Trial. !!

Without question, there are a lot of riders who do very little maintenance, and this usually shows up with breakdowns and a generally poor performance on the day. - Thinking back to the Ryan Young schools, the very first thing he does is check and ride every pupils bike - he will not allow anybody to participate with handlebars and levers in the wrong position, and brakes that don’t function properly etc. - Makes sense right?

Of course there is sometimes a case where a bike won’t start on the day of the event, and often the rider will say ” But it was running fine yesterday” - and all I did was wash it !! - Ah! - it’s the old wash the inside as well as the outside trick ! - We’ve heard this story many times over the years. - there are still people that do not cover air vents with duct tape and plug the exhaust when washing the bike, and because not too many sections these days contain creeks - water proofing electrical wires into the engine cases seems to be a thing of the past. - fact is some of the non-running bikes are the cleanest in the parc-ferme  - not that I’m advocating leaving your bike dirty, but taking a few precautions before you hit the bike with the garden hose are certainly advisable.


More news as it happens>>>>


2012 Womens World Round 5 gomezLaia Sanz – Gas Gas rounded of her 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship campaign in style at the final round of the series in Moutier, Switzerland when she made it five wins from five starts to further reinforce the title which she had already clinched last weekend. Riding with no pressure, but immense personal pride Laia was determined to maintain her 100% winning record this season, despite still feeling the effects of her badly injured toe. Sanz made light of the greasy hazards and never really offered her rivals any chance of toppling her on the fifth and final counting day of the championship.

Behind Sanz the real drama was unfolding, with the riders facing a slippery challenge as the majority of the sections on the hillside above the town showed the effects of yesterday afternoon’s heavy rain. Rebekah Cook – Beta was the first of the front runners to come unstuck as she misjudged the final step in the third section, which resulted in an early, and what would become a very costly five. In contrast Laia would only lose two marks on her opening lap, this being made up of single dabs in sections five and ten. Cook did a great job of riding herself back into contention, but still trailed her main championship rival Sandra Gomez – Gas Gas by two marks at the mid-point.

The halfway scores saw Sanz on two, Emma Bristow – Ossa on six, then Gomez on ten, who was closely followed by Cook on twelve marks after the initial fourteen sections. Bristow then found herself sliding down the order on lap two as she collected a very unwanted five marks in the ninth hazard, where none of the other top ten placed riders dropped a mark all day. This single mistake would be enough to demote Emma to fourth on the day, but fortunately did not prevent her from finishing the season as runner-up to Sanz in the final standings for a second year in a row.

2012 Womens World Round 5 cookGomez held her nerve brilliantly on the last lap to secure second spot on the day and to snatch third place in the championship race away from Cook at the very last minute and by just a single mark. Gomez’s pair of second positions and one third place, taken as her best three results, put her four points ahead of Cook as the final points were calculated. Despite registering a string of four third place finishes Rebekah failed to hold on to her number three plate, as the young Spanish rider got the better of her not only on the day, but also in the final rankings.

France’s Sandrine Juffet – JTG ended her 2012 campaign with a fifth place in Moutier, which in turn also gave her fifth spot in the final standings. The British pairing of Donna Fox – Beta and Katy Sunter – Gas Gas finished in sixth and eighth place respectively at today’s Trial, with Spanish rider Mireia Conde – Beta finding herself sandwiched in seventh spot after a much improved second lap score. Kristie McKinnon – Gas Gas from Australia and Ina Wilde – Sherco from Germany completed the top ten in that order, as the female riders prepare themselves for a second day of competition. Tomorrow the girls will join forces with their respective compatriots for the season ending team event, the FIM Women’s Trial des Nations.

Thursday September 27th 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Another fantastic day at Summerland on Wednesday - I was joined by Pete, Jeff and Kevin, and we were soon out working on section #2 of the Ady Trial - We will call this Adrian’s Wall - and I’m sure the Experts will like this one - we used it back around 1990 - but with the fence going up in 2003, we haven’t gone up this side of the valley for many years. - anyway, we managed to find a way through, and also linked this up to the next clearing, where we set up another really good section ( forgot to take pics of these - but have posted an album of some other new rocky stuff with Jeff and Kevin both giving them a try. - check out the gallery.


When I arrived home late in the afternoon, I was surprised to find a strange car in the driveway - turned out to be Gary Gronow from Vancouver Island - he was passing through and stopped by for a visit - Gary is the elder brother of Paul and son of “Boomer” - ( everybody knows Boomer on the Island.) - I hadn’t see Gary for some 20 years, so we swapped stories for a good hour before he had to leave  - I showed him the new Airoh Trials helmets and the neat costa stuff - I wore one of the new helmets yesterday for the first time (As did Jeff) and can report that they are super light and breath well (It was hot at Summerland)


The ISDE is now going into the second half of the week, and France leads both the Trophy and Junior Trophy - you can see a write up by clicking onto Cycle News, but there is no mention of the Canadian Teams, and they are not listed in the top ten in either class.

===========================================>Moutier set to host the female finale

Donna Fox - Beta

 Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, which will be the case when the 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship comes to a close in Moutier, Switzerland tomorrow afternoon. Almost forty female competitors representing twelve countries and from as far afield as Australia and America will contest the season finale that will ultimately decide the definitive rankings for 2012, which has seen the most successful edition of the championship to date. Laia Sanz – Gas Gas may already have taken the title, but is sure to arrive at the last individual test of the year focused on maintaining her 100% winning run. Sanz returned to Spain earlier this week in order to get the OK from her doctor to ride this coming weekend, as the medical team continue to monitor and manage her badly injured toe.

Behind Sanz, the contest is close, fierce and tense. Due to the fact the final series standings will be calculated from the best three results from the five counting days, the possible scenarios are wide and almost endless. Normally Emma Bristow – Ossa would look a safe bet to repeat her runners-up spot in the championship, as she did last year with her current counting score of fifty one points being a total made up of her three second places this season thus far. Although her closest challenger at the moment is her compatriot Rebekah Cook – Beta, who has six points less than her, it is in fact Sandra Gomez – Gas Gas who represents her biggest threat.

If Cook wins in Moutier tomorrow her tally can only rise to fifty points, based on one victory and two third places, however if Gomez was to succeed in taking the top spot she would end her campaign on fifty two points which would be one more than Bristow could achieve even if she took second place again on Friday. Outside of this situation, the other permutations are too many to consider and document, but with positions second through to fifth in the general standings currently split by just twelve points, the significance of tomorrow’s final battle can not be overstated. France’s Sandrine Juffet – JTG is one lady to watch, her pair of fourth places last weekend have put her in touching distance of her peers as she looked to regain fourth position in the series to match her 2011 ranking. The twenty-two year old from Villeurbanne has only visited the podium once before, her single third place coming in Italy last season, a feat she will look to equal tomorrow. Another lady who showed great consistency last time out was Britain’s Donna Fox – Beta. Fox marked her return to the series after a prolonged absence by taking sixth place on both days last weekend. A member of the British Women’s Trial des Nations team, Fox has a point to prove now that she is back on the World stage and could just produce an upset come tomorrow afternoon.

Other names that may feature amongst the higher order when the showdown gets underway are Katy Sunter – Gas Gas, Mireia Conde – Beta, Kristie McKinnon – Gas Gas and Nikita Smith – Gas Gas who all showed good form last time out. By this time tomorrow the female finale will be in progress, as battle is declared for one last time this season.

Photo credit:- FIM/G2F Media

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Wednesday September 26th 2012

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

So here we are near the end of September, and everything is still very dry both in the Valley and in general all through BC - Steve Fracy emailed to say that they haven’t had any rain for over a month, and he’s never seen the Island like this.

What amazes me is that I just read a report that the Vernon club held a Cross Country race last weekend in the Noble Canyon area - How they got approval from the Forestry to run that I don’t know - we get news of forest fires breaking out nearly every day, and the tinder-like conditions only need one small spark to have a repeat of the devastating blaze that we had in 2003.

We will be down at Summerland today checking out some stuff on the Ady Brown loop, but any clearing will be done by hand - no chain-saw to cause a possible problem  - our old friend Kevin Elbury will be joining us - his first ride since returning from his three year sailing around the Caribbean.


Taff called last night with news on last Sunday’s ATRA Trial at Gwynne - seems this was another good event at Hardy’s Farm with about 20+ riders - no official results have been posted, but he said Jacek took the Expert win, Ben Pospisil, Advanced, and Mark ONeill the Intermediate - (All Beta) - It could have been a clean sweep if our Welsh buddy hadn’t pulled an “All nighter” when he had an unexpected visit from an old friend. !!! -As it was Roger Flinkman (GG) took the Senior class win with Taff 2nd.


The Canadian TDN team leave for Switzerland today - Steve Fracy phoned them all before they make the big trip - sounds like they are all pumped. - We wish them luck.

more news and maybe some pics later >>>>>>>>

Tuesday September 25th 2012

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


The home nation of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme will have the honour of hosting the FIM Trial des Nations for the first time in the ninety-eight-year history of the Swiss mototorcycle federation. The twenty-ninth edition of this historic team event will take place at the town of Moutier, which was also the scene of the final round of the 2004 FIM Trial World Championship. Sitting in the north-west region of the country, Moutier is located very close to the French border and has a very modest population of around eight thousand people. The riders will face a course that will range from five hundred metres to just over one thousand metres above sea level in this mountainous area.

Ironically despite this being the first time that the FIM Trial des Nations has taken place in Switzerland, they are one of only five countries that has competed in every edition of this event since it was first conceived. Back in 1984 during that inaugural team competition Switzerland recorded their best every result by taking fifth place during an early era when all the teams were classified in a single class. Since the introduction of the International Trophy Group in 1995, the Swiss team has contested this supporting class without exception. This later period has seen Switzerland finish in fourth spot on two different occasions, 2005 in Italy and 2007 in Great Britain.

These achievements need to be put in context, with the relevant small Swiss motorcycle federation only being made up of one hundred and sixty individual clubs across its limited territory. Although limited in size the country has never lacked ambition and has long been a part of the FIM Trial World Championship including hosting a round of the series during its first ever edition back in 1975. That particular event was run in the south of the country and was won by Finnish rider Yrjo Vesterinen who was joined on the podium by Nigel Birkett and Malcolm Rathmell respectively.

French rider Thierry Michaud was the nearest the Swiss ever had to a home winner when he won the Trial Grand Prix in Grimmialp in 1985. Britain’s Martin Lampkin, Ulf Karlsson from Sweden and Belgium’s Eddy Lejeune, the latter recording two wins, were all victorious on Swiss soil from 1976 to 1983. The next succession of FIM Trial World Championship events held in Switzerland between 1987 and 1994 - four in total - were dominated by Jordi Tarres with the Spanish rider’s run only broken by Donato Miglio in 1990. The last two editions of the Swiss Trial Grand Prix in 1999 and 2004 were a British lock out with Dougie Lampkin winning all four days of competition.

Eight years on and all eyes will once again be focused on the small town of Moutier as this relatively unknown destination prepares to welcome teams from all over the World, both men and women, to compete in the twentyninth edition of the FIM Trial des Nations as it takes place in Switzerland for the first time in its long history. Two days of inter nation action will be preceded by the final round of the 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship.

Photo Credit:- FIM/G2F Media

Monday September 24th 2012

Monday, September 24th, 2012

We spent most of Sunday watching the Golf on TV - it was an interesting event for the final of the Fedex cup, and with the winner standing to win 10 million dollars, I guess you could understand why the players were feeling a bit of pressure..


The weather continues hot in the Valley - but there is some rain forecast for tomorrow, which would be a welcome relief, as we wind down the month of September. - We will likely go to Summerland on Wednesday to do some work on the loop.


I was looking at some old pics of Trials from the 60’s, - this was when everybody wore Barber, or Belstaff riding gear, and steel-toed rubber boots, a far cry from today, with the bright colors and tight fitting outfits worn by the World Super-stars. - Of course I remember when only girls wore ear-rings as well !!

It’s nice to see that many of the old Trials clubs are still operating - in Canada, I think the Victoria Club has the record for the longest running club. - although in the UK, there are lots who have been around since the turn of the century. - here is a bit of history on one old club, courtesy of Trial Magazine. >

Huddersfield Falcon Motorcycle Club Anniversary.

Sixty years on and the Huddersfield Falcon Motorcycle Club still flourishes and intend to celebrate the formation with a social evening plus pea and pie supper on October 12 at the Durkar Roods Hotel at Meltham.

The evening will come under starters’ orders at 7.00 pm with video footage and photographs, old and new. One of the almost original members, Keith Garside, will reflect on the early years and the experiences in the Scottish Six Days Trial competing under Falcon colours.


On a personal note the writer competed in his second trial at Holmfirth fifty five years ago and one of the first people he met was the late Brian Clarkson, while the author was horizontal in a stream. Mr Clarkson enquired as to the reason the rider was bathing, in winter, in his stream. Huddersfield Falcon members have a strange take on life, even now.


Contact Mike Washington to reserve pie and pea and admission.


Picture: Peter Fletcher (Leeds) riding a 250cc Ossa machine in a Huddersfield Falcon trial dated 03-02-1974


Credit: Barry ‘Bazza’ Robinson – Serving the sport for over 180 years!!===========================================>

No word from Alberta on the Gwynne Trial as yet, no doubt something will be posted on the ATRA site later.


Sunday September 23rd 2012

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

An early morning watching Formula One on the box from Singapore - Lewis Hamilton had everything under control and held the lead until he lost the gears on his McLaren - this let eventual winner Sebastian Vettel back in the hunt for the championship, but 3rd placed Fernando Alonso still holds a 29 point advantage. - The night sky was lit up with a spectacular fire-works display at the end, making this event something special.


As posted yesterday, Laia Sanz  has clinched her 12th World Ladies Trials Championship, her first since switching to Gas Gas -  a fantastic achievement, and good to see the series well supported with around 30 riders - the final round goes today in Switzerland, with British Gal Emma Bristow (Ossa) poised to clinch the runner up spot.

We had a call from Harold late yesterday from Gwynne Alberta - he reported that things were all a go for the Trial today, but that the area was very dry after weeks of warm temperatures - we should get the results from the event tomorrow.


In World Super-bike action from Portugal, Tom Sykes took the win in race one - the first time on top of the podium this year for the Kawasaki rider. - The race was red-flagged after a series of crashes -  - Carlos Checa (Ducati) took 2nd, Sylvain Guintoli (Ducati) 3rd.  - points leader Max Biaggi (Aprilia) was 4th, while Brett McCormick (Ducati) finished 5th. - a career best for the Canadian.

The opening ceremonies took place today for the 2012 ISDE , in Germany - not sure who is on the Canadian Men’s team, as I don’t ever see too much posted, but as reported earlier, local Vernon Gal, Victoria Hett is over there in Europe as a member of the Ladies Team. - Vicky came out Trials riding with us a couple of years ago.


2012 womens world round four bristowFresh from clinching her twelfth FIM Women’s Trial World Championship, Laia Sanz – Gas Gas maintained her 100% winning record this season as she won the second day of the competition held in Tramelan, Switzerland.

Riding with greatly reduced pressure Sanz really stamped her authority on today’s event as she ran out a clear and comfortable winner over her main title rival Emma Bristow – Ossa. In much drier conditions than had prevailed yesterday Laia dropped a mere seven marks over the two laps, which included an almost perfect closing performance when she lost just a single dab in section ten on her second tour.

For the second day running, again it was Bristow who finished as runner-up to Sanz, but unlike twenty-four hours earlier when she had really pushed her Spanish rival hard, today she simply had no answer to Laia’s superior showing. In fact Emma only just managed to hang on to second spot on this occasion as she defeated her British compatriot Rebekah Cook – Beta on a tie-decider that was finally split on overall time.

After two laps of fourteen sections the British duo were locked on twenty-nine marks apiece and could not be separated as the number of cleans, ones, twos, threes and fives were calculated. In the end it was Bristow who got the decision having completed the event over twenty minutes faster than Cook.

2012 womens world round four cookNo less than seven hazards were eased overnight to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s high scoring Trial. That along with much kinder weather produced a less challenging second day of competition for the thirty-one female competitors from ten different countries. Despite the very different conditions the top six places today were occupied by the same six riders in the exact same order as yesterday. Sandrine Juffet – JTG again claimed fourth spot, whilst Sandra Gomez – Gas Gas continued to see her campaign fade with yet another fifth position, as Donna Fox – Beta once again rounded out the top six.

Germany’s Theresa Bauml – Beta recorded her best ever result in the FIM Women’s Trial World Championship, her seventh place being a marked improvement of her previous best fifteenth position. Katy Sunter – Gas Gas made a welcome return to the series and followed up her seventh spot on day one with a solid eighth place finish on day two. Australia’s Kristie McKinnon – Gas Gas maintained her consistent form over the weekend to secure ninth position for the second day in a row. Fifteen year old Nikita Smith – Gas Gas confirmed herself as a name for the future as she took tenth spot this time out to add to the eighth position she earned yesterday.

The riders will now make the short trip to Moutier, Switzerland for the fifth and final counting day at round three of the 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship this coming Friday. Here Sanz will no doubt look to sign off the season undefeated, whilst Bristow, Cook and Gomez will continue to scrap it out for the other major places in the final championship standings.

Saturday September 22nd 2012

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

The ride at Summerland yesterday, was really good, Jeff and Pete, plus young Matt joined me for a day of exploring and fun tackling some sections. - With everything so dry in the forestry area, there is a lot of dust, and care needs to be taken while riding in the tall grass which is just like tinder. - We found another link to our Ady Trial loop, which will utilize one section from many years ago.


This weekend there is an ATRA Trial at Gwynne - usually a good event at the farm of Hardy Hartwig, unfortunately I won’t be covering this one, so hopefully somebody will post a story and some pics.


Formula One qualifying is on the box right now from Singapore - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) is on pole, with Pastor Maldonado (Williams) Sebastian Vettell ( Red Bull) and Jenson Button (McLaren)   completing the two front rows - the start will be critical tomorrow on the tight street circuit - especially as Maldonado has a reputation for crashing into people.


We have a newly designed (for Trials) “Bum Bag” - it is smaller, and features gas or water bottle holders, plus a place to strap on a small tire-pump. - I will take some pics today and post on the For Sale page.

===============================================> - Check out this link for great video - or click on the right page of Heath’s website -   Great stuff showing the super-stars in action.  also watch this young star of tomorrow.



Sanz takes her twelfth FIM Women’s Trial World Championship

 Laia Sanz – Gas Gas sealed an incredible twelfth FIM Women’s Trial World Championship when she won the third counting, and what turned out to be the decisive day of the series in Tramelan, Switzerland earlier today. This year’s title was determined by the best three results being taken from the five counting days over three rounds, thus Sanz can now not be overtaken in the general standings.

Laia had to fight off strong opposition from Emma Bristow – Ossa during what was a tough day of competition to claim her twelfth crown. Sanz’s latest victory and title came after she has missed two and half months of riding due to a serious injury to her toe that she sustained during an enduro event. Aware that Laia had missed a lot of bike time recently, her rivals tried their best to take advantage of this situation. Bristow who finished as runner up to Sanz’s in last year’s title race applied pressure throughout the day, finishing the first lap just two marks behind her Spanish nemesis in some almost British like conditions. The sections were wet and slippery due to heavy over night rain and showers during the Trial itself.

Despite giving it her best shot Bristow would end the day seven marks away from the winning, but her second runners up spot in this year’s campaign now sees her move up to second in the points table after Sandra Gomez – Gas Gas could only manage fifth place today. Sanz and Bristow were joined on the podium by newly crowned European champion Rebekah Cook – Beta who dropped nine marks more than her British compatriot.

France’s Sandrine Juffet – JTG equalled her best finish of the season to date in fourth position. The inclement weather made the sections much more difficult than expected with mud dragging onto the rocks, this created the theme for most of the course. A series of more natural hazards were complimented by some man made tests near to the paddock, but all of which were made much more complicated thanks to the rain. This unfortunately reflected in the scores with even Britain’s pairing of Donna Fox - Beta and Katy Sunter – Gas Gas who finished sixth and seventh respectively, dropping eighty and eighty-four marks apiece. Fifteen year old Nikita Smith – Gas Gas achieved her best ever result in eighth spot to make it five British riders in the top ten.
Kristie McKinnon – Gas Gas made her long trip from Australia very worthwhile as she placed ninth, whilst Spain’s Mireia Conde – Beta came home in tenth place.

Tomorrow will see the second day of competition take place over a similar course, but with the sections being eased to suit the changing weather conditions. Although Sanz’s has already taken the 2012 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship, with two counting days (tomorrow and one day in Moutier, Switzerland next Friday) remaining the other female riders in the series still have much to battle for.

Friday September 21st 2012

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Yesterday we had a fairly busy morning working on young Matt Redding’s Beta - This is a 2010 model and we needed to check the rear linkage as it had never been greased from new by the previous owner. - This is quite a long job, with cleaning etc, but we found that in spite of a lot of use, and some of the bearings being dry, there was very little wear - a good sign of the quality stuff used by Beta. - All we needed to do was repack with some of our magic Opti grease, and re-assemble.

Today we will head down to Summerland to meet Pete for more exploring on another area that I want to check for the Ady Trial - should be a great day, will take a few pics.


The Formula One teams are in Singapore this weekend for a night race - so far in practice the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettell has been slightly quicker, ahead of the two McLarens.


more news later when I return from the ride>>>>