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Wednesday October 31st 2012

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The images being shown on the TV of the devastation on the East Coast are riveting and heart-breaking. - with all the natural disasters going on around the world, who needs to read about extremists killing people for religious beliefs.? - we were relieved to see a picture posted on facebook today, showing the Scooter shop owned by our nephew in New York, dry and untouched by the catastrophic winds and floods, and his family safe.

Back in the Valley, the weather continues mild, with rain and showers forecast for the rest of the week - the freezing level has also risen, so no snow on the mountain passes, at least for the next few days. - fingers crossed for decision making time at the weekend.


The results and report of the WTC rounds in Victoria are now up on the front page of Trials Canada, However, it will take a few days for Bob to figure out the overall positions in many classes. - The one thing that is clear, is that Will Duggan is the 2012 Champion, with two wins in the Champ class - with no Eastern riders competing in Victoria, the runner up spots are a tie between Jonathan English and Dan Johnson, with Thomas Cordner 4th.  - Congrats to everybody that competed in the series.


Over in the UK, the annual dirt bike show is on this weekend, and Steve Saunders will make his debut for the first time with a Jotagas stand. - The new Spanish Factory are selling everything they can build at the moment, so it would appear that Jordi Tarres is on the right track.

John Lampkin will also have a display of Beta machines this year, including the much anticipated 2 stroke enduro bike - he has just signed up another young rider for his team - see below.

Dec Bullock signs with John Lampkin

For 2013 16 year old Dec Bullock will be changing from a JST Kelcoat supported GASGAS to a John Lampkin supported BETA.

Dec is looking forward to riding the Beta and after testing the bike feels very confident as the bike is very suited to his riding style with its strong bottom end power and its very low centre of gravity. Dec said he is also looking forward to riding for John Lampkin again as he has always been very supportive. “ I am very motivated to do well next season and can’t wait to begin training. I would like to thank John Shirt for his support this year and my Michelin sponsor from the 2 wheel centre” Dec concluded.

Next year Dec’s intentions are to ride all rounds of the youth 125cc World Championship, to compete in as many rounds of the European junior 125cc Championship as possible, the British Championship and also the Scott trial and the famous Scottish six days trial.

Dec Bullock and John Lampkin Dec Bullock and John Lampki

Tuesday October 30th 2012

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

The big Super-storm that hit the Eastern seaboard continues to hog the head-lines, with the 7.7 earthquake in BC now getting little coverage - fortunately it would appear that neither were as bad as expected, although the power outages and flooding in places like Manhatton ( Where my nephew has a scooter store)  - has created a huge mess.

Our weather in the Valley continues quite mild, with a high of around 10 today - naturally, we are watching the forecast for the next ten days with increased interest, as we will decide on the weekend about the Ady Trial. - there is no point in going to a lot of work and expense, if the roads are bad and nobody can travel. -  However, even if we don’t hold a Trial, we will certainly have a fun ride either around the loop at Summerland or at Bear Creek to celebrate the life of our good buddy Adrian Brown, and also to remember other friends we have lost this past year.  - November 11th  is of course Remembrance Day, when people all over the World pause to reflect on the futility of war.


Now that the WTC Championship is over, it’s time to sort out the final results for the series, and I would expect to see a lot of “Ties” in the various classes. - This is usually looked after by Bob Johns of Trials Canada, and will likely take a few days. - Bob has had his own problems with gremlins in his web-site.


more news as it happens ..>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Monday October 29th 2012

Monday, October 29th, 2012

The final rounds of the WTC Canadian National Trials Championship are now in the History books, and with weather and distance effecting the schedule this year, it would appear that a change of format could be in the wind for 2013. ( Maybe an Eastern Championship and a Western Championship- but that will be up to the Trials Committee)
Although hampered by torrential rain on Saturday, the sections, plotted by Steve Fracy proved to be a worthy challenge for all of the classes, and reports from local riders who attended were very positive. - Sunday the weather was perfect and a TV crew came out to film the action.
The Victoria club members were out in force to help with checking duties, and it sounds as though the event went off  very well, in spite of the late date and the earth quake . - Congrats to Steve Fracy and his team. UPDATE: You can see a short video clip if you google CHEK news - then click Sports.

Provisional Results.

Saturday Round #3

Champ  1st  Will Duggan   GG   Cobble Hill   45

2nd Thomas Cordner GG  Victoria    54

3rd  Devon  Dargis   Sherco  Victoria  125

Expert   1st Stan Bakgaard  Sherco  Yale     53

2nd Andrew Watson  GG    Victoria  63

3rd  Alex  Walton   Sherco   Vancouver  78

4th Steve Day  GG   Vancouver            87
5th Matt Fracy  Beta     Shawnigan  101

Advanced  1st  Jacek Jablonski  GG  Red Deer  69

2nd Rob Hathaway                        89

3rd Paul Lecheris                           115

Snr Adv    1st Dave Nunn                              51

2nd  Don Venn                             88

Snr Inter   1st  Kevin Couves  Beta   Nanaimo   21

2nd Bob Clark   Beta     Coquitlam   28

3rd Brett Clark  Sherco  Coquitlam   47

Inter.        1st Ross Rathbone  Beta  Celista      23

2nd Mark ONeill  Beta  M/Hat             39

3rd  Dean Seaman  Beta  Sorrrento   39

Junior       1st  Neil Rich                                   80

Sunday Round #4

Champ             1st  Will Duggan  GG  Cobble Hill    19

2nd  Thomas Cordner GG  Victoria  24

Expert              1st  Stan Bakgaard  Sherco  Yale    32

2nd Andrew Watson GG  Victoria     45

3rd Steve Day   GG   Vancouver      67

4th Alex Walton  Sherco  Vancouver  78

5th Matt Fracy   Beta     Shawnigan   79

Advanced           1st Jacek Jablonski  GG  Red Deer    39

2nd Brad Fisher                              58

3rd Aaron Fisher                             68

4th Paul Lecheris                             73

5th Rhys Hathaway                          85

Snr Adv             1st Dave Nunn                                 34

2nd Don Venn                                  57

3rd Phyl Plasterer                              65

Snr Inter          1st Kevin Couves  Beta   Nanaimo       33

2nd Bob Clark      Beta   Coquitlam     34

3rd  Dave Fair      GG      Victoria        39

4th Brett Clark  Sherco  Coquitlam      54

Inter                1st  Ross Rathbone  Beta  Celista   BC    23

2nd  Mark ONeill       Beta   M/Hat  AB      45

3rd Dean Seaman    Beta  Sorrento  BC    59

4th Brandon Volk    GG  Victoria   BC        61

Note :  We don’t know the hometown or machine for some riders.  - Watch for final Championship results of the series on Trials Canada and the WTC Web site as soon as they have been tabulated.


The weather in the Valley was really nice yesterday, so Pete and myself had a good day out on the loop with the chain saw, clearing one of the new trails, which now has snow on it - but not enough to cause any problem. -( Pics posted on the gallery)  The forecast is for fairly warm temperatures and rain for the next week. and long term - so we might get lucky for the Ady Brown Trial scheduled for November 11th. - Please watch for updates on the blog next weekend.


Sunday October 28th 2012

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Top of the news this morning is a short report from the first day at the WTC National in Victoria - As expected, the rider turn-out was lower than normal, because of the later date caused by weather related issues, all beyond the control of the organizers. - We do have some results, and it was Will Duggan (GG) who beat out Thomas Cordner(GG)  for the Expert win, with Stan Bakgaard (Sherco) taking the expert class, and a clean sweep for Beta in the inter class, with Ross Rathbone finishing ahead of Dean Seaman and Mark ONeill. - Hopefully the weather will be a bit dryer today, which will encourage more people to attend..


The earthquake  off the BC coast was all the news last night, fortunately nobody appears to have been hurt, and the aftershocks and expected tidal waves were limited in size.


I watched the Moto GP on the box last night, - another great win for Casey Stoner at his home race in Australia, - Jorge Lorenzo did what he had to do by finishing 2nd to grab the 2012 World Championship - his challenger Dani Pedrosa slid off early in the race.


The F1 race from India was also on late ( very late at 3am) - but I was in slumber land by then - sounds like it was pretty boring, with Sebastian Vettel winning from pole - Fernando Alonso finished 2nd and Mark Webber 3rd.


Looks to be a dry morning out the window, so will be heading down to Summerland to meet up with Pete. - more news as it happens. >>>>

Saturday October 27th 2012

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Well, I’m certainly feeling a bit on the stiff side today - hand loading over 100 cases of Opti Snowmobile oil, at 33 lbs each - plus 45 gal drums at 450 lbs and pails etc, was sure a work out yesterday - fortunately, I had Steven my son to help me, and the weather was pretty good, although it felt like snow in the air all day. - Anyway, glad that’s all sorted.


Today I have to pick up a Gasser that Luke has been working on for me - then likely check over the Alp for tomorrow - Pete should be OK for a ride, and we plan on doing some chain saw work on the loop.


As I write this, I’m guessing that things will just be starting to get underway, in Victoria, for the first day of competition, hopefully it won’t be too wet, and the day will go smoothly - we will report on all the action as we get news - I know that Bob Johns from Trials Canada will be there today, so we can expect to see something on the front page tomorrow.


As I was checking the new Trials Magazine web-site today with all the advts etc, it occurred to me that people like Renthal and other handle-bar manufacturers, must be finding business a bit slow these days, now that all the modern bikes are fitted with the strong tapered bars, that rarely bend. - building a top quality product, sometimes hurts sales, as proven by our own Outlaw toolbelts etc.- they never seem to wear out.

It appears as though Casey Stoner is unbeatable in Australia, - this comment by Championship leader Jorge Lorenzo, as Stoner qualified his factory Honda in the pole position for the Moto GP tomorrow. - Of course it’s never over ’til it’s over, but this could be a very important race in the battle for the title, between Lorenzo and Pedrosa.


Meanwhile the Formula One teams are in India this weekend, and it’s the Red Bull cars that have qualified on the front row of the staring grid - Lewis Hamilton is 3rd for McLaren ( Who may be switching to Honda engines for 2013)


more news as it happens .>>>>

Friday October 26th 2012

Friday, October 26th, 2012

As predicted this is going to be a busy Friday, with lots to do unloading skids of Opti Oil  - the Snowmobile season is with us, although thankfully.we don’t have any on the ground in the Valley. - I just saw on facebook, that they have had snow in Scotland, much to the dismay of Big John Moffat.


Our buddy Peter Brown had a scare this week, when he woke up to find paramedics around his bed - at first he thought he was dreaming, but it turned out he had gone into some sort of a diabetic  low blood coma, - luckily Carol recognized  the seriousness of the situation and called 911. - He is now fine, and typically made a joke about the whole thing, but obviously his condition needs careful monitoring.( Pete has had been a diabetic for many years)
Not a lot of news to report today - over on the Island, it will be hectic for the Victoria Club, as they do last minute stuff for the National tomorrow - Hopefully they will have a good turn out of riders, with maybe some visitors from South of the border.


I see that Casey Stoner has set the fastest time in practice for the Australian Moto GP  - this will be the last race for Stoner at his home event, which he has won a total of 5 times previously. - The  current World Champ plans to hang up his leathers at the end of the season, now just two races from completion.


The British Trial Magazine now has a new website - it has had a total revamp, and features lots of stories, including one on Jordi Tarres, and up to the minute news on Trials. NOTE ! - Click on - also some neat videos of Jordi in action.

Thursday October 25th 2012

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

With all the snow in Alberta, I decided to check last year’s blog to see when we had our first storm of any significance - and it was November 14th. - However, it then warmed up, and we were out riding for the next few weeks. -  Going back a year, to 2010, it was around the same time that we got snow in our yard, so fingers crossed it will be the same this year. - My main reason for checking of course, is because we have the Ady Trial and Cancer ride, scheduled for November 11th  -          ( Remembrance Sunday) - I will just keep everybody up to date on weather conditions on a daily basis, and leave taping sections until the last minute.


This weekend all eyes will be on the WTC National at Victoria, and last night I had a call from Mark ONeill, who is making the long trip from Medicine Hat, - As far as we know, Dean and Ross will be going from the Shuswap, but I’ve not heard from anybody else going from the Valley. - Naturally, with the hot dry weather causing the change in dates, some riders will be unable to attend, but whoever does go is sure to have a really good weekend, as Team Fracy and the Victoria club have some great stuff planned, and of course, the #1 plates are up for grabs in most classes. - Unfortunately, we can’t be there, because of business ( Opti Oil), but we will be there in spirit cheering everybody on.


The news of Pol Tarres signing with Sherco, came as a surprise to many, but the rumor mill has been going steady for at least a month, about changes to some teams. - If I was guessing - the reason Jordi has let his nephew go, is to free up dollars to sign a World rider ( Pol rides Junior) - and the most likely candidates are Adam Raga or Jeroni Fajardo. - both were Jordi “Boys” back in his Gas Gas days, and neither have a contract so far for 2013.

While Adam is in his declining years as a top contender, - Jeroni being younger might be a better choice, but in the end it will come down to the money, and there isn’t much of this about in Spain at the moment. - Obviously all the riders, want the best possible contract, but in a small sport like Trials, being in the right team at the right time, could be significant.

As far as results go, Adam has shown that he can still be a top contender ( If you discount Toni Bou) but Jeroni has never fulfilled  early expectations, with any of the factories. - He  has had a couple of good results this year with Beta, but I’m sure that they were hoping for more, and may be talking to young Jack Challoner to back up James Dabill as their #1.

Whatever happens, it should be an interesting Indoor season as the game of “Musical Chairs” continues.


In Moto GP, the teams are in Australia, getting ready for the penultimate round of the championship - a report from Nicky Hayden today on Cycle News, says that the wind is going to be the biggest factor, but it’s also raining there at the moment.


And finally, the 2011 Beta that we thought was sold, is still for sale, as the customer ran into some problems raising the cash - this is a great bike at a really good price - email or call if you want to see more pics. >>>>>

Wednesday October 24th 2012

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Well, this week is turning out to be more than just a little bit hectic for sure - We have now heard that our large shipment of Opti Snowmobile oil, will arrive in Vernon on Friday, completely screwing up my plans for going to the Island, plus I also now have to deliver the used 2011 Beta on Saturday, so  this combined with winter driving conditions, has put paid to going to the WTC Nationals. - Sorry guys, but on a brighter note, my Beta/ Sherco Importer, (Mountain MC) will be in attendance to supply any needed last minute parts etc. ( Sometimes Sh**** happens)


NEWSFLASH :  POL TARRES HAS JUST SIGNED WITH SHERCO UNTIL 2015 - ( Watch for news on Adam Raga and Jeroni Fajardo soon )Pol Tarres signs for Sherco

 Pol Tarres has signed with Sherco until 2015.


It’s the flu season, and it looks like it has already hit close to home as my wife ( who rarely gets sick) has come down with the bug -  she has had the annual flu shot for years, and has avoided any problems, where-as I’ve never had a flu shot. - This is about to change, as my latest medical condition - requires me to get all these as a precaution. - another visit to the clinic today for more stuff, but glad to say that I’ve been feeling much better lately, so the meds must be working.


Emma Bristow from England, has been doing well in both World Trials and the British Championship  - the pretty lady is a crowd favorite, along with 7 time BTC winner Becky Cook, - here is a report on her Scott Trial ride.

Emma Bristow Media Service

Scott Trial October 20th 2012  

The super tough Scott, Time and Observation trial run by the Richmond Motor Club was held high above the market town of Richmond in North Yorkshire where 198 riders attempted to compete the tough 80 mile course in the allocated time allowance.

Emma Bristow “I always enjoy the Scott trial and I had trained hard for the event and was well prepared for the action. Unfortunately when I was pushing hard after section ten of the eighty to be attempted I crashed on some rocks and the Ossa went completely under the deep water totally submerging its self. I rescued the machine but it had taken so much water into the engine. I worked on the machine to bring it back to life which I did successfully. After this unfortunate incident I was really motoring over the difficult moorland terrain trying to get back on track to take the award for the Best Lady rider which I won in 2011. The motor on the Ossa though had suffered the effects of the water and after pushing hard and making up much time if finally failed due to the water induced engine problems”.


“The support I have received from all my sponsors, team and friends has been very much appreciated and kept me very focussed and I would like to say a big thank you to them all”.


Thank you to Jack Knoops for the image of Emma.

Tuesday October 23rd 2012

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Well, as expected, the 2007 mint Sherco we had for sale, didn’t last long, and Leigh Stocks of Revelstoke is now the proud owner, having picked it up yesterday. - Leigh has been waiting for such a bargain to turn up for some time, as his old 1994 Beta Techno has certainly seen better days. - The weather was really nice when Leigh and Chris Hrabb arrived, and we had a good visit chatting about the Trials scene and Mountain riding. ( Chris bought a Beta 300 from me earlier this year)


Last night we watched the US debate on the box, only muting now and then when Mitt Romney rambled on about how great a prospect he is for President. - Although I take little interest in Politics, I find this election interesting, because of all the chaos in the World, which needs a strong American leader, and in my opinion, Romney does not cut it as a Statesman.


Back in our Trials world, the Scott Trial had a number of injuries, with young Robyn Alderson ( daughter of Phil)  broke both her wrists in a fall, and another rider broke his leg - both were transported to hospital by air for surgery. - Although Trials bikes can be ridden quite fast on open trails - the short wheelbase and limited suspension  can cause things to go wrong quickly. ( I speak from experience, as I raced these in Cross Country events back in the 70’s)


Still no word on where Adam Raga or Jeroni Fajardo will be for 2013, as both riders have yet to sign a contract, However, we do have our suspicions, and when the news does come out, it will come as a shock to many people.


Chatted to Pete yesterday & brought him up to date on what we did down at Summerland last Sunday - he told me that his drive back from Calgary was pretty grim, with snow and poor visibility - today they have 10cm on the ground in Alberta. - of course we are watching the long distance forecast carefully, to see what the weekend drive to the coast might be like, - after 35 odd years on the road, I know only too well how bad things can get up on the mountain passes.

Hopefully, the people from Alberta who are going to the Victoria WTC National, will get lucky with a break in the weather.


We heard from Taff, who is now the owner of an old Sherpa T, having picked it up last week to ride some vintage Trials - the bike looks to be in pretty good shape, and he should have a lot of fun on it. - ( I rode Bultaco for many years before joining Yamaha)


The weekend will see the Moto GP riders in Australia, but not Ben Spies, who needs surgery on his shoulder from the crash in Sepang - the American has had a season he will want to forget on the Factory Yamaha - maybe the switch to Ducati for 2013 will bring him better luck.


I see Graham Jarvis added another big Xtreme win to his impressive list of accomplishments, taking the three day event in Turkey - In fact British (ex Trials) riders filled the podium.


We’ve heard from Lee Usher, that he hopes to have the new big wheel Oset electric bikes in before Christmas, but can’t be sure at the moment, these would make a great present for under the tree.


more news as it happens>>>>>>>>>>

Monday October 22nd 2012

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

The sun was shining yesterday as I left Vernon for the drive down to Summerland, but the closer I got to the Trials area, the gloomier it got and it was snowing lightly, as I met up with Jeff and Kevin. -  This was our first day of winter-like conditions this Fall, and our fingers got pretty cold, needing the old hands on muffler routine. - The plan was to check out a trail on the back part of the loop to see if it hooked up to the Mud hole spot - this we managed to do although we will need to do a bit of pruning. - as can be imagined, everything was very slick,  but we had a good time and the exercise was worth the effort. - Now all we can hope is that we don’t have any big dumps of snow before the trial date. - I’ve posted a few more pics on the work party album.

The finishing order for the Scott Trial, showed a mixture of all brands in the top ten - nice to see Michael Brown get the win, after being unlucky in  the British Championship, and a good result for Ross Danby on the Jotagas finishing 5th overall. - Ian Austermuhle always goes well in these tough events, and the Beta rider didn’t disappoint with a fine 3rd place - lots of hard luck stories ( always is) but Emma Bristow just failed to make the finish when her Ossa quit within sight of the end field. - another unlucky rider was James Dabill who had some sort of machine problem, and Alexz Wigg seized his Gasser just before the end.

We’ve heard from Steve Fracy, and things are all on schedule for the WTC National this coming weekend in Victoria - of course after months of hot dry weather, it’s now back to the traditional monsoon season on the Island. - Friday night will be sign in at the club property, and there will be a burger tent etc over the weekend. - Many of the older club members have volunteered to act as checkers, and everything seems under control. - This will be a very spectator friendly event, and camping is available at the location, complete with toilets. The poster and contact numbers are listed on the front page of Trials Canada.


Full Scott Trial result, awards and times

Full Special awards list.. .pdf

Full Times List… .pdf

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