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Monday October 22nd 2012

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

The sun was shining yesterday as I left Vernon for the drive down to Summerland, but the closer I got to the Trials area, the gloomier it got and it was snowing lightly, as I met up with Jeff and Kevin. -  This was our first day of winter-like conditions this Fall, and our fingers got pretty cold, needing the old hands on muffler routine. - The plan was to check out a trail on the back part of the loop to see if it hooked up to the Mud hole spot - this we managed to do although we will need to do a bit of pruning. - as can be imagined, everything was very slick,  but we had a good time and the exercise was worth the effort. - Now all we can hope is that we don’t have any big dumps of snow before the trial date. - I’ve posted a few more pics on the work party album.

The finishing order for the Scott Trial, showed a mixture of all brands in the top ten - nice to see Michael Brown get the win, after being unlucky in  the British Championship, and a good result for Ross Danby on the Jotagas finishing 5th overall. - Ian Austermuhle always goes well in these tough events, and the Beta rider didn’t disappoint with a fine 3rd place - lots of hard luck stories ( always is) but Emma Bristow just failed to make the finish when her Ossa quit within sight of the end field. - another unlucky rider was James Dabill who had some sort of machine problem, and Alexz Wigg seized his Gasser just before the end.

We’ve heard from Steve Fracy, and things are all on schedule for the WTC National this coming weekend in Victoria - of course after months of hot dry weather, it’s now back to the traditional monsoon season on the Island. - Friday night will be sign in at the club property, and there will be a burger tent etc over the weekend. - Many of the older club members have volunteered to act as checkers, and everything seems under control. - This will be a very spectator friendly event, and camping is available at the location, complete with toilets. The poster and contact numbers are listed on the front page of Trials Canada.


Full Scott Trial result, awards and times

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Wednesday October 3rd 2012

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

The temperature in Vernon early this morning is +2, and we had the furnace cut in for the first time for a few months. - However, the forecast is for sunshine for the next week, with highs around +15 so that will be great for riding in the woods - we just need a drop of rain for Vancouver Island this week to help the Victoria crew setting up the WTC National.


Yesterday, after doing my month end paperwork - I unloaded my Beta Alp, and checked it over - the bike hasn’t been started since I loaned it to Chessy Knight at the Outlaw - but it fired up on the 2nd kick - so after pumping up the tires - I played around in the back-yard for a while. - Got to say I love this bike, the motor is sweet. and the way I have it set up, with the Costa rear mounted footpegs, and the 6″ rise Renthals - it’s good for both sections and trail riding. - In fact I intend taking this down to Summerland on Friday. - This style of bike with the 2 stroke engine is perfect for the occasional rider who wants a lightweight trials type bike, with a low seat height and lots of torque. - The 2013 Sherco model designed for this purpose should be a winner, as it comes with a lighter frame and a modern engine.


It’s hard to believe, but the entree’s open this week for the 2013 Scottish Six Days Trial - we haven’t heard if any Canadian riders plan on going next year, but it’s always interesting to check the list to see which Europeans are taking it in. - Tony Bou has stated that he would like to ride the event at some point, but with his World Trial schedule, I doubt this will happen for a couple of years.


I see that Kawasaki have pulled their support for the USA Off Road Racing Team, citing the economic situation as the cause - This is a big blow to the Green Machine riders, as the team goes back about 25 years. - However, don’t be surprised to to see more big cut-backs from ALL the factories, as they try to make ends meet.

The gallery pics are getting a lot of hits, with the Ymir Trial album, very popular - maybe it’s Pete Bustin’s sidecar outfit that causes people to “Click on”

Tuesday October 2nd 2012

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

The word “Snow” was in the forecast for some places last night - just the high mountain passes in BC, as a system moved through to Alberta - today is supposed to be cooler in the Valley, with more sunshine for the weekend.


I received  my latest issue of Trial Magazine from the UK in the mail, which has some very good articles in it - a really good write up on Steve Saunders, with lots of pictures from the past, showing him on all the various bikes he rode through his career - Bultaco, Armstrong, Fantic, Honda, GG, Beta, Aprilia etc. - known as “Mr Super-grip” - Saunders could always find traction where other riders would spin. - Another story tells how Vesty ( Yrjo Vesterinen) came to settle in the UK. - plus the issue is packed with great pics, making it a definite “Must” for trials enthusiasts. - The new Beta gets top marks in the bike test, as does the 2013 Sherco, so the new year looks to be as exciting as ever.

Anybody wanting to take out a subscription can just click onto

I see that Bob is having some issues with his forum page on the Trials Canada website - computers can be a real pain sometimes - hopefully he will get it fixed soon.


Now that the TDN is over for another year, the next big Trial in Europe is the famous Scott Trial - the time-trial around the Yorkshire Dales that takes in about 70 sections over a 70 mile loop - last year it was Sherco rider Jon Richardson who took the win.


Over this side of the pond, all roads will lead to Victoria at the end of the month, for rounds 3-4 of the WTC Canadian Trials Championship. - the fire ban on the Island, has meant that Steve Fracy and his crew, have had to hike around the loop doing set-up, as no bikes are allowed until they get some rain. - for details on the event check the front page of Trials Canada.


Stan called yesterday and we chatted about our new Trials tool-belt ( which was Stan’s idea) - we also talked about the Ady Trial, and while the November 11th date, is late in the year, we will just hope that the weather holds good for us. - We can normally ride well into December in the Okanagan, and even if we do get a bit of the white stuff, the loop and sections we have planned should all be OK - some of the best Trials riding is when the ground is slick. - Keep watching for updates on the blog with more pics of the sections - the mud section was fun to ride last Sunday, although I was the only one to try it. - Our Summerland events are all about variety, with traditional English style sections all linked together on a nice loop through the woods ( Perfect at this time of the year)

Roberts gets support

Iwan Roberts with his Trials Wales supported Beta

Trials Wales, after Iwan’s fantastic year have decided to provide a 2013 Beta Evo 125cc to him. “We feel that Iwan’s performance is getting stronger and stronger and Trials Wales wanted to help him succeed in the future to be the best in the UK and the World Rounds”

Trials Wales has now been in operation for 12 months and have supported Iwan through this 12 months with parts for his bike. The future of trials is with supporting the Youth groups and hopefully encouraging new people to the sport, Iwan is a perfect example of what can be achieved with dedication and skill.

We would also like to thank the Support of John Lampkin and Beta UK who will continue to work with Trials Wales and Iwan.