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Saturday December 15th 2012

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

With the news filled by reports on the terrible events in America, it is only fitting that we leave this blog blank today.


Friday December 14th 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012

It would appear that winter has truly arrived in the Okanagan, with about 6-8″ of snow overnight - just as well my customer phoned  late yesterday, to say he wouldn’t be picking up his new Beta today - he will be here Sunday, but I suspect we may have even more of the white stuff by then. Ho Ho Ho !

Ironically, I was chatting to Taff yesterday, telling him how nice it was for riding out here, which he didn’t really appreciate, as they have been digging out in Alberta for at least a month. I guess he will be laughing when he reads this. - looks like I will be getting my exercise with the shovel this morning, although I’m glad to say that my neighbor does most of the work with his tractor to clear the driveway.

Today is the last day for getting an entry into the mail for the 2013 Scottish Six Days Trial - then of course they will all go into the draw for final selection, although all the top riders and overseas riders get an automatic pass on this. - We haven’t heard if anybody other than Guy Smeeth and Stan Bakgaard have entered from Canada.


A reminder to all our Trials fans out there, that we still have a good supply of goodies, that make great Christmas presents, just click on the for sale sign at the top of the page, then hit accessories and scroll down to see all the latest stuff, which is near the bottom of the list. - We hope to have this changed so that the new stuff gets posted at the top, but not sure if and when this will happen. - We had an email from our friends at Costa Special parts to say our shipment left Italy on Tuesday, so hopefully will be here next week sometime.

more news as it happens >>>>>

Thursday December 13th 2012

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Yet another great morning in the Valley - although they are forecasting a snowy weekend - there is no sign as yet, naturally with the Christmas holiday just around the corner. the shopping malls will be going crazy.


The main news on the Trials scene, is still all about Emma Bristow joining Sherco, which she says was prompted by the complete Professional approach by the factory - she is in Spain at the moment training with Albert Cabestany.

Also in the UK press, is the latest line-up for the January World Indoor at Sheffield, which now includes Michael Brown, making it a ten rider event. - Here is the Trial Mag: release. >


Pune makes it 10 at Sheffield

Sheffield just gets better when Brownie makes it Ten!

Following the disappointment of losing the services of the pedal powered two wheeled maestro Danny MacAskill for three years in a row (Danny is injured yet again – perhaps he should take up knitting). We have taken the decision to add another rider to the line up at Sheffield. So to the delight of the Yorkshire contingent we have invited the World number nine and British number two Michael Brown to join the battle, so we now have ten riders instead of nine.

Tickets are selling well for Sheffield this year, we still have some great seats left (they would make great Christmas presents) so if you want to be amazed at the pure quality on show at the 2013 Official FIM World Indoor X-Trial Championship on the 5th January then get yourselves down to Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, and watch the real X-Factor.  Box office 0114 256 56 56.

Photo Credit :- Yoomee

Thursday December 6th 2012

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

As posted late yesterday - Jeff and myself had a great day out riding at Yankee Flats - my only complaint was that my hands got cold - should have worn my winter gloves, but really find it difficult to use the controls with the thicker material - I guess it’s a “Catch 22″ situation. - Another thing that happened, is that a thin willow got jammed between the shifter and the case while we were bush-whacking, stopping me dead. - I have been fitting the Carbon look clutch case guards to all my bikes, for the past few years, which prevents this, but as I won’t be keeping the new 300 very long, - I hadn’t bothered. - amazing how tough these small branches are when they  elect to spoil your fun. - Of course in the old days, we would fit a “Snake” to the shifter and brake on the cross country race bikes to stop this happening, ( A snake is made of an old inner brake cable attached to the end of the control and the bash-plate.)


Still no snow in the Valley - but definitely cooler, but when the Alberta boys are posting about riding in the white stuff, our memories of the winter conditions at the Ady Trial  seem like a long time ago. ( check the pics on the gallery).


Here is the report on Dougie Lampkin from the FIM gala. - ( Did you know that we sponsored Dougie with tool belts and back-packs back in the 90’s - both him and his Dad Martin are good people)


Lampkin honoured by FIM

Dougie Lampkin joined an illustrious line up of current FIM World Champions and other two wheel legends when he was honoured for his sporting achievements at the recent FIM Gala that took place in Monte Carlo – Monaco. Lampkin who stepped down from the FIM Trial World Championship earlier this season after nineteen years of competing at the top level and after having gained twelve individual FIM World titles during his career gratefully accepted his award from FIM President Vito Ippolito.

Over his two-day stay in the Mecca of motorsport Dougie took part in a variety of activities that included a one to one interview with presenter Lisa Leyland and the unique multi rider press conference alongside other legends and the many 2012 FIM World Champions. During the main evening FIM Gala ceremony that took place in front of an audience of over five hundred guests and aired live to millions of TV viewers around the globe, Dougie was responsible for presenting both Toni Bou and Laia Sanz with their respective FIM gold medals for their achievements this season.

Interviewed on stage by FIM Gala host and fellow Brit Suzi Perry, thirty six year old Dougie explained how he is looking forward to his new and less competitive role within the industry as he switches from being a full time rider to becoming a sporting ambassador for the discipline of Trial and his various associated sponsors and partners. However, Dougie still plans to compete in selected Trial and extreme Enduro events in 2013 alongside his many other promotional commitments.

Speaking about his Monaco experience Dougie said. “It was a great privilege to be invited to and to be part of the FIM Gala, especially as it came in a year when I stopped riding in the FIM Trial World Championship. It was really nice to spend time with so many other FIM World Champions, as it is a really unique opportunity to have so many of us in one place at the same time.”

“Obviously I was delighted to receive my own award and to be recognised by the FIM as a legend at such a young age, when you compare me against the other legends who were also present, but equally I was very pleased to be able to present both Toni (Bou) and Laia (Sanz) with their medals as they are two riders I have worked closely with over the years.”

“Although I will be riding in only selected events in 2013, it is already shaping up to be another busy year when you take into account all my other commitments.” Lampkin concluded.

Image by kind permission of FIM / Good-shoot

Wednesday December 5th 2012

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

An early trip into town to mail off parts this morning, before the Christmas crowds - Now we have to figure out what to do for the rest of the day - sun is shining - lets go riding !!!


UPDATE !  Well, that was a fun ride up at Yankee Flats - Jeff picked me up, and it’s only a 20min drive to the area & not a soul out there. - We elected to ride a few sections - then headed up the hill, and ended up doing a bunch of bush-whacking, as we tried to find a link between a couple of the top trails - This is the second time I’ve done this, and had no better success this time. - it appears as though there is a deer trail - then it’s all windfall and you end up going around in circles. - As I said we did have fun, and it was certainly a good work-out - It was starting to look a bit like snow by the time we found our way back to the road, so we just did a few of our regular sections on the return trip - the 300 Evo just rocketing up the hill climb we used at the Ady trial a couple of years ago.


Tuesday December 4th 2012

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Oh yes ! - Another beautiful day in the Okanagan - not a sign of snow, even high on the ridge - makes me want to go out for a ride - just have to figure out a few details. !! - Not going anywhere at the weekend has left me with a slight case of cabin fever. - you have to feel for the Alberta guys, who have been “winterized” for at least a month. - in fact many are chatting on the ATRA site, about studding the tires on their Trials bikes, not really the best idea, as the knobs can rip off quite easily and the Michelin’s are not cheap., but I understand their impatience. - Years ago when I lived in Calgary, we used to stud up the regular dirt bikes to ride the trails out in the forestry, lots of fun - the best bike I had for that was believe it or not  my  much modified TT 500 Yamaha, as the 4 stroke “Thumper” got traction way better than the 2 strokes - of course if you got stuck in the snow, it was “Happy Hernia” time.


On checking the Trials news from across the pond - I see there is still a lot of talk on the 2013 No Stop scoring that will be used at all FIM World Outdoor events - in fact the French have started a petition to lobby against the new ruling.         ( Good luck on that one)  - Of course the main contention, is how will the “Momentary stop” be scored. - Naturally if done correctly, it should be “5″ - but I think we are going to see a lot of controversy before it all gets sorted out.


My latest copy of Trials Magazine arrived on Friday, and has some great pics in it - coming from the Printing Industry, I just love the smell of the glossy mags, the ink has a very special aroma. - A great comparison between the new Beta and Sherco models, plus a report on the new 250 Jotagas, and pics of the Scott Trial. - Toni Bou always has the opening page to comment on his latest exploits, and this time it was all about the Spanish defeat of the Brits at the TDN.


Monday December 3rd 2012

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

The weather in the Valley continues mild, and looking out the office window, I see none of the white stuff on the ridges - although I’m sure  Silver Star, which is East of my place, has plenty.

Yesterday, I posted a late link to a story on Bultaco ( via Trials Central)  - it features some great old photographs, and tells the story of the rise and fall of the popular Spanish Factory. - Like many others, I had a number of Sherpa T models, from 1969 to 1973. - the smooth torque of the engine and narrow ( for the time) one piece tank/seat unit, were ahead of their time. - Interestingly enough, I watched the special on the Goodwood Festival of Speed, on Sunday afternoon, and saw a clip of Sammy Miller, all kitted out in road-race leathers for a demo run on one of his very special vintage bikes. still going strong in his late 70’s. -

Of course it was a stroke of genius by Senor Bulto to sign Sammy back in 1965, and in so doing, changed the course of Trials machines for ever. - I have an autographed book of Sammy’s life story, which gives a fascinating account of the period when he left Ariel to ride the lightweight 2 stroke Bultaco.

The interview which is an exclusive with Senor Bulto’s son - tells the story of the passion involved with the Spanish Factory - but in a way, it also warns of what happens when a business grows too big, and things go wrong - in the Bultaco case, they had a total of 550 workers at the end, with production of 2500 bikes, and with trade-unions creating chaos, the only solution was to close the doors. - I encourage everyone to read this story.

Sunday December 2nd 2012

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

A rather gloomy day, with the high ridges above the Lake socked in - could be some light snow up there today. - With nothing to do yesterday afternoon, I drove out to Yankee Flats, to check on conditions, and can report that although the parking area is muddy, the whole area is snow-free, in fact I was surprised that there were no vehicles parked, as this is usually a popular spot for the ATV crowd.


With Moto GP over for the year, Valentino Rossi managed to get his first and only win of 2012, but this was in a rally car, beating out some other well known sporting figures - It will be interesting to see how he fares next season when he returns to the Factory Yamaha Team. - One rider who is sure to be pushing the established stars, is Marc Marquez, who jumps up from winning the 2012 Moto 3 Title - He joins Dani Pedrosa on the Repsol Honda - replacing the now retired Casey Stoner..


We had some people visiting this week, looking for Christmas gifts for the Trials rider in their life - popular items include - Renthal Grips, and low pressure gauges, plus of course clothing is high on the list. - Last minute orders are always a panic, as the post office becomes like a mad-house., so a reminder that the Outlaw Elves are very busy at this time of the year.  NOTE : - To see our accessories click on the For Sale heading - then click accessories and scroll down to see the latest items. - email us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

More news as it happens >>>> Check out this link for an insight into the Bultaco story. >> - You can also click on via Trials Central.