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December 31st 2012

Monday, December 31st, 2012

The last day of the year - and what a year it’s been in the World - the weather has been the main story much of the time, with early season snow storms, floods,  tornado’s,  hurricanes, you name it, and of of course for us in Western Canada, a very dry summer, causing postponement of the National in Victoria.

In the past month, we’ve seen bus crashes killing a lot of people, including children, which begs the question, “Why are these vehicles not fitted with seat belts?”


Last night we watched a movie that addressed the sale of guns in the USA - Dustin Hoffman played the main role, ironically, this scenario has been played out many times in real life, since the release of this film. - When will they ever learn.

Yesterday, I posted a review of our year, with regard to events covered etc, but one thing I didn’t mention, was the photographic side, as I must have posted hundreds of pictures on my web-site, plus of course supplied reports for Trials Canada. - As it’s the last day of the year, I thought I would check the gallery, and look at the “Hit numbers” for the albums that are up at the moment (I  keep updating - so many get deleted) - The Classic Album shows 3,328, -  Blast from the past, 1501, -  Outlaw Trial 375, - Super Stars 271, - Cow Patty 265, -  Ymir 692, -  Joss Mountain, 249, -  Ady Brown Trial 193, and the New Beta album 153.

Naturally the Classic shows the most as this has been up for a long time, but does indicate a lot of interest for the old bikes - but the one that surprised me was the 692 for the Ymir Trial - Was this high number because I posted the neat pic of Pete Bustin on the old Sidecar Outfit as the head pic?

Anyway, statistics are always interesting, and we continue to get extremely high volume on our site. - We have had over 80,000 hits some months, from all over the World.

We’ve heard from Steve Fracy that the date for Round #1 of the  2013 Outlaw Series, will be on April 14/15, and a change of venue to Victoria - Steve says there has been a lot of interest in the vintage aspect, so he expects a bumper turn out. - We have also heard that Devon Dargis has decided to take a break from the sport, while he concentrates on other things.


2012 has been a very good year for our sport - the WTC once again held a successful series, with Will Duggan taking the number one plate, - As usual, we had over 60 riders at our Summerland Outlaw Trial, an indication, that even after 25 years, the popularity of this event is still right up there.

As we head into another year and another season, I would like to wish all our readers, no matter what club you belong to, or what bike you ride, a very “HAPPY NEW YEAR”


Sunday December 30th 2012

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Glad to see no snow overnight - lots to do today but mostly paperwork, temperature today is -3, but due to get much colder for the first week of January.

With only one day to go on the 2012 Calendar, it’s time to reflect on what was a very busy year for Team Outlaw. - We managed a few early season rides at Bear Creek, before we had our first ride at Yankee Flats in March - This was with young Chris Sorokovsky, who showed that he has a lot of natural talent.

The Ryan Young school at Summerland was a big hit in April, with perfect weather, and a full attendance for both days of the school - Ryan showed why he is the #1 Trials Instructor in the World, with a dazzling display of riding and teaching skills.
Our first event, of the year, in April, was a trip to Shawnigan Lake on the Island for the first round of the Outlaw Series , as usual we enjoyed great hospitality from the Fracy family, and a good time was had by all, including a large contingent from Alberta.

The month of May was pretty hectic, with Pete and myself working on the 25th year of the Outlaw Trial  - this turned out to be a huge success, and we even had Tony Down from Colorado with his immaculate vintage bikes. - The single loop of 40 sections on the Sunday, proved to be very popular, and everybody had a smile for the camera. - A big thanks to the people and clubs who gave me some nice awards to celebrate what is perhaps the longest  running Trials event in Canadian History.

Over the next few months, we attended events in Alberta at Base-Line and Rocky Mountain House, plus another good Trials School with Ryan Young in Red Deer. We also took in the Super Stars Trial at Ioco in July, before heading to Ymir on the September long weekend.

Without a doubt the high-light of the year, had to be a final trip up Joss Mountain to mark my 75th birthday, it was just Stan Bakgaard and myself who made the ascent in very changeable conditions, and at one point we did consider turning back, but I’m very happy to say we made it to the 7,825ft summit, and my name is now in the book once again, the oldest Trials rider ever to do this ride. ( I did it a total of 7 times)

After a few visits to the doctor’s office in late October, I was diagnosed with diabetes - a bit of a shock, as there is no family history, but it did explain the dizzy spells that had plagued me for the last couple of years - glad to say that a change of eating habits and daily pills, appear to have improved my health.

The last event of the year, was the Ady Brown memorial, which we held on the November 11th Remembrance day weekend - and yes it snowed - but amazingly, we had a great turn out of riders, for both the Saturday Vintage and the modern on Sunday.

To say that 2012 was a year full  of riding and promoting Trials, is perhaps an under-statement - and looking back on the season, it seemed to fly by so quickly. - There were a couple of milestones to remember, the Ryan Young schools - a first for Western Canada, and the great new event at Ymir, and although I was unable to attend - the WTC National in Victoria, another “First” for this old established club.

A big thankyou to all the people who made the sport of Trials a success in 2012, either as a rider, helper, or organizer. -

We look forward to 2013 - Happy New Year everyone,

Saturday December 29th 2012

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

A glance through the window, tells me that it must have been snowing all night - yesterday the weather was pretty nice, and In fact there was a line up at the local car-wash. - Today looks like a good day for counting inventory, with year end approaching. ( Not to mention shoveling snow)

With 2013 only a few days away, many clubs are finalizing their calendars, and dates for the exciting new season ahead. -and I thought it might be worth passing on a few tips on how we organize our events. - The first thing that I should mention, is that having been doing this in Canada for some 40 years, my own preference, is to have only one helper. - Now I know many people will think that it’s better to have a group doing set up, but in actual fact, I have found that this complicates things, as too many helpers, usually means too many different opinions, and just as in the kitchen - well you get the idea.

When planning an event, it’s crucial to know the area, and or land owner - the loop is usually figured out in my head, before Pete and myself hit the trail in Summerland, but this has been my way of doing things ever since 1970 in Alberta. - I draw a rough map of the course, which then gets updated as the date of the Trial approaches.
One important thing to remember, is that the clerk of the course, should think of the Trial as a whole, in terms of difficulty, in other words, if you have a really tough section, followed by more tough sections that have riders punching “Fives” - they will soon become pretty fed up, and if they are junior riders, might never return. - the slogan, “It’s very easy to make the sections too hard” - is very true.

Naturally, the route should take in as much variety as possible, as again if all the sections are log hops - or steps etc, then it caters only to the rider who likes to practice this type of obstacle - we always try to put in all types of challenges, everything from rocky uphills, to cambers with tight turns, and when plotting the junior line - keeping it simple is the answer.

An organizer, has to know what is possible for all classes, and while mistakes sometimes get made - if the overall scores work out to about one point per section for the winner of each class, then most riders will have had a good day. - Again knowing who will be riding the class, is an advantage, but not critical. - Weather can change a section from challenging to impossible, and last minute alterations have to be figured into the equation.

Of course you have to get all the paperwork sorted out well in advance, and directions to the start should be posted on local and sometimes National web-sites. - And don’t forget that at sign up, all the rider information needs to be filled in with address and phone number etc - ( Experts sometimes are the worst offenders in this regard) - Finally, when the Trial is over, results need to be sent in to the Sanctioning body, with name, address, class, and machine all filled in - this is not only important for riders to see how they did, but also for tabulating championship positions. - ( It is also an Insurance requirement)
One thing that I’ve discovered, is that no matter how hard you try - there is always somebody, who thinks they know better - the key is that only one general can run an army, and planning ahead is vital. I therefore always use a check list.

In other news, we’ve heard that Jacek will be going in for knee surgery in January, so will be out of action for some time - knees are a dirt bikers worst enemy - ( I’ve had surgery on both mine over the years)

And from the UK, we’ve heard that one of the executive of the Oswestry club - is in fact a distant relative of mine - and  Doug Hunter of Ontario, also sent me a pic from his archives showing a young Outlaw Dave looking through the shop window of the Roy Evans motorcycle dealership back in Oswestry - I guess I would have been about 16 at the time. - Doug is a keen vintage enthusiast and enjoyed looking at the old pics I posted a couple of days ago.


Friday December 28th 2012

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Well it’s the last Friday of 2012, and we hope you all had a good Holiday. - Of course for many people the traveling conditions have been horrendous, and I see that the Passes were all a mess yesterday.

Yesterday, I posted a bunch of pics from the web-site of my old club in the UK, with superb shots of “Scrambling” at the Sandpit near Oswestry, plus the opening of the shop where I bought my bikes, and my favorite “Hang-out” - I remember that they had the bikes that are featured in the top pic, - displayed in the showroom after the ISDT - still covered in the Welsh mud. - wish we had a picture of that, a great way to inspire the young lads.

Many of the shots, are of people who were friends, and who guided me back in the 1950’s - most are long gone, but the memories are still fresh in my head. - It was a time of little money, after the second World War, but also a time of great enthusiasm for Motorcycle sport, the Villiers powered lightweight bikes we used, had only a short stubby exhaust, and made a lot of noise, you can see this on the DOT ridden by Stuart Bickerton, as he passes a BSA in a race at the Sandpit.

In later years, the two strokes were fitted with expansion chambers, similar to what was being used on the road-racers. - A guy by the name of Brian Stonebridge, who worked at BSA at the time, showed just how fast a lightweight “Scrambler” could go, when he stormed past the big heavy fourstrokes going up the huge hill at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire. ( A circuit still used today)

This was the time when the British Motorcycle Industry, were leading the World, with lots of factories employing hundreds of thousands of workers. - Sad to say that a mix of trade unions, and the entry of the Japanese into the market, spelled the end of this era.  - By the time the Spanish had taken over the Trials end of the sport, I had already emigrated to Canada.


I heard that the Ioco Boxing day Trial, was well attended, with a few new riders, and everybody had a lot of fun, - in other news the dates for the January Motorcycle Shows are as follows. - Calgary January 4-6 - Edmonton Jan 11-13 - Vancouver Jan. 17-20.

Unfortunately, you won’t see any of the new Beta or Sherco bikes at the Alberta Shows, mainly because the booth costs are too high to justify, but also traveling at this time of the year can be a nightmare ( I did it for many years)

The demand World wide for the Beta and Sherco models is also up for 2013, and our shipments are slow arriving.


Thursday December 27th 2012

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Well Boxing Day was certainly quiet for us at the Outlaw residence - in fact we didn’t go out of the door all day - and the only phone call was one of those “Congratulations - you’ve won etc” - not sure what they were selling as I slammed the receiver down.

We watched a few movies, some good some bad, then I decided to browse the web, and came across some interesting stuff from my old stomping grounds on the Welsh border - I discovered some great black & white pics of old friends on the new Oswestry Motor Club site, and was able to add a few names to the images for the  web-master. - most of the pictures from the 1950’s, were taken by a staff photographer on the Newspaper where I worked for 12 years, and brought back lots of memories - I will post an album on the gallery.

Roy Evans Motorcycles

An image of Evan Jones (Bala), J R Lloyd (Llandderfel), mechanic J Wood and Jim Davies (Oswestry) with the motorcycles supplied and prepared by Roy Evans’ Motorcycle Workshop for the International Six Day Trial in 1954.

Images of the official opening of Roy Evans motorcycle shop in Oswestry, by Bill Doran, a well known TT driver and Charlie Salt of BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company). Roy Evan’s business still exists in Oswestry but today it is a successful Peugeot Car Dealership

Agents for AJS, Ariel, BSA, James, DMW, Norton and Sunbeam all classic British marques of the time

photo of

Photo of

Photo of

Photo of

The site of the Roy Evans shop in 2009 (Courtesy of Google Streetview)

Despite many changes in Oswestry the site of the original Roy Evans dealership that was opened in 1950 remains as a retail unit today,

Geoff Charles covered many of the Motorsport events in the locality not just Reliability Trials but also Scrambling and Rallies showing a strong vibrant local scene and motorsport was a major activity in the sporting life of the region. Oswestry Scrambles

Oswestry & District MCC Scramble, Sandpit, Queens Head June 1954

Scramble at the Sandpit, Queens Head 1955, organised by Oswestry and District Motor Club, Jeff Smith, British Scrambles Champion, won every race that he entered.

Photo of the organisers with Jeff Smith? 1955. Jeff was a succesful ISDT career eventually emigrating over the Atlantic and riding as a national from North America whilst running the Can Am factory.

If Dave (Dusty) Rhodes means this pic in his note below I got the titling wrong, although some of the details by chance are right, this rider is now a resident of Canada and became Dusty’s brother in law, Bernie Bloomer.

Motorcycle Scrambler arriving by sidecar

Trackside Grocery.. I hope the produce was not for throwing at slow riders, those coconuts would hurt I am sure

The Oswestry & District MC also held Rallies covered by Geoff Charles.. that were open to motorcycles including this one named the 9 hour Rally in September 1954

Motorcycles and Cars passing along old unsurfaced road on the Welsh Borders in rally event

Another example of an old road on the Oswestry and District MC 9 Hour Rally that included unmodified road going sports cars along rough old roads

Apart fro mpsorts cars the Oswestry & District MC also seemed to like to encourage a more refined contingent in its 9 hour rally.. same they could not find gentler public roads to use.. .G&T anyone

These days such images would be only found in adverts for 4×4 sports vehicles.. local reg too, probably worth more than the car by the end of this track.

This sidecar outfit [DUJ 490] looks pretty clean so its either the start or they found away around to avoid those muddy roads

An immaculate and classic Matchless [JUX 667] ridden 2 up, local Shropshire registration taking part in 9 hour rally

A note from Dave (Dusty) Rhodes ex Oswestry MC and now a native of British Colombia, Canada tells us the couple above were Des & Jean Worthington.

Another 2 up motorcycle competitor along with [LNT 99] looking clean so this must be the start

Grasstrack at Oswestry There was a vibrant grass track scene in the locality which was a popular sport attracting large crowds of spectatos

Oswestry Motor Clubs Grasstrack meeting in May 1950

Oswestry Grass track meeting May 1950

Oswestry grass track race meeting at Mile End Field, Shrewsbury Road on Good Friday organised by the Oswestry and District Motor Cycle Club; the most successful rider, R Tolley (no. 27) can be seen in various images.

If any person stumbles on this page from the Oswestry area or are familiar with motorsports in the area during the 1950′s we would be really pleased if you could let us know the details of any riders or persons here, especially if they have any background in the ISDT

Oswestry and District Motor Club have existed since 1921 and here is their website


The weather is reasonably mild today in the Valley, at -1 as many people head back to work, my plans don’t involve doing much, except to count inventory  before the year end. - the forecast doesn’t show much in the way of big snow, as we head into the New Year.

==========================================> - Here’s a good video to watch of Cabestany practicing.


More News as it happens >>>

Wednesday December 26th 2012 - Boxing Day

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

A very good morning to all our readers, we hope that you had a Happy and Joyous Christmas, with your family and friends.

Our family gathering took place at my daughter Helen’s home in Vernon, where the Christmas Eve celebrations went long into the night - singing and shooting pool were the main pass-times, a truly wonderful evening, soon to followed by the opening of presents on Christmas morning. - Once again Santa was very good to everybody, our grand-daughters and the whole family were spoiled rotten. - Amazingly, we saw fresh tracks in the snow outside the  front room window, but we didn’t hear a sound. !!

We had quite a houseful for  the traditional Turkey dinner, with way too much food and the expected “very full” feeling which followed, some of the family went walking down by the Lake, while we returned to our home on the other side of the city.

Today is boxing day, and the shopping malls will be packed with people looking for bargains - something that I’ve never quite understood - no trials riding for us today, although at only -2 - it would be OK to get out.  - The Ioco Trial will be getting going pretty quick, they always have a fun day out there near Port Moody.


We heard from a number of old friends over the holiday - John called from Squamish, while our email box was full of well wishers - John Kitchener is over in the UK for Christmas, and reported that the new Betas were getting the best “grip” at a local Trial he attended in Southern England.


Happy Holidays to you all.

Monday December 24th 2012

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Christmas Eve - a magical time of the year, but for many people, also a very sad time, as they mourn the loss of family or friends. - we think about the senseless murder of the small children in Newtown, USA, and other tragedies that have occurred in recent weeks. Our hearts go out to everyone, who is suffering or trying to cope with the loss of a loved one, we pray that the spirit of Christmas, will somehow shine through and ease the pain.


Yesterday, I went to visit old friend Art Gavel, - we lived across the road from Art for a number of years, plus he worked for us when we were in the Yamaha Shop in Vernon. - Not having seen him for a few months, we had a lot to talk about, Art is a wealth of information, especially when it comes to motorcycles, and although he has been retired for many years, he still dabbles on fixing old motors in his basement. - I was shocked to learn that Trevor Benson from Kelowna had died recently. - Trevor was a really funny Kiwi, who rode at least one of our Trials back in the 1980’s - he also raced a JAP speedway bike at the Vintage Flat track events held at the OKeefe Ranch in Vernon. - RIP Trevor.+


This past week, I’ve been watching a few of my old Trials videos - lots of great stuff, from World Indoor and Outdoor, to my favorite event, the Scottish Six Days. - Last night it was the 1997 SSDT, some really good footage, including a clip of our old friend Harry McKay, who rode a Beta that year. - hard to believe that the 2013 Trial is only a few short months away.

One thing that crossed my mind while taking in one of the Indoor series, that included David Cobos on the brand new Bultaco (Sherco) - and all the other big names of that era, Steve Colley, Marc Colomer, Marcel Justribo, and Graham Jarvis on the Scorpa, - was how most seem to have disappeared from the  Trials scene. - Of course Cobos broke his leg, which really ended a promising career, - and Colomer worked for a few different factories after he retired from World Competition, but you never hear anything about Mr Showman, Steve Colley from The Isle of Man - he did break both his wrists in a crash while doing a show in the UK, some years ago, so maybe he packed it in.

Of course Dougie Lampkin ruled the World Trials Championships during this period, and he continues to be involved with the sport - He takes on a new role at Sheffield in the New Year, when he helps out with the commentary.

With Toni Bou dominating this past few years, it’s easy to forget how really good some of the riders were - a guy by the name of Jason Finn from England, was the first to do a lot of the stunts that are now common on the Indoor circuit, and it was Jordi who first jumped back down from a huge drum obstacle at an indoor, still feet up - then cleaned it at the second attempt.

So as we look forward to another exciting year of sport, will we see more of the same, with Toni Bou carrying on where he left off? - or will the new “No Stop” rules shake things up a bit? - Your guess is as good as mine.


Sunday December 23rd 2012

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

The snow we have in the Vernon area, certainly makes everything look very Christmassy, but I hope it gives over for the holiday, as so many people spend time traveling.

With not much to report on the Trials front, I did find an interesting clip on the 2013 Sherco, on TMX - The UK publication that covers all Off Road Sport, plus the Entry list for the Pre-65 Scottish, has now been posted.

Sher can sing!

The latest generation Sherco trials models, with rear mounted fuel tank, debuted, believe it or not, back in 2010.

Being honest, it was launched too soon. The early models suffered problems that were simply due to a lack of development. But because of this it wasn’t possible to determine whether the radical change had genuine merits - or whether it was simply a case of change for change’s sake.
And being even more honest, the jury was still out during 2011/2012 as although things improved, Sherco still didn’t set the world alight.
So, that was then, this is now. Fast forward to the 2013 season and to get ahead of the game it is fair to say that this is Sherco’s “Eureka!” moment. On a freezing cold December day we got to try the full four bike line-up - 125 - 250-290 and 300 - and every one hit the nail right on the head. Four models yet each with its own distinctive character - and every one a winner.
So, what has brought about this apparently sudden transformation?
Well, it would be nice to just point to one element on the bike and say THAT’S the one that made the difference! But the truth is a combination of several individual things. The engines now all run as near as dammit perfect, with really good carburetion, no loading-up at low revs, they pick-up smartly and rev-on a treat. The new ignition system, now fitted to all models, also plays its part in the engines running so smoothly.
The bikes steer beautifully, pointing to the factory development team (Albert Cabestany and Josep Paxau) finding the absolute bang-on front end geometry. meanwhile, an all-new rear suspension linkage and new shock absorber has finally got the Sherco rear end to lose its somewhat ‘wooden’ feel. Combined with the superb Tech forks up front, the Sherco - whichever model - is now one very plush ride indeed.
With the Shercos now running like well-oiled clocks it is finally possible to really suss-out if the rear-mounted fuel tank and forward mounted air filter really does make a difference…
There’s three bikes in the adult range with 250, 290 and 300 models. The 290 is actually only 272cc while the 300 is 305cc so there is a bigger difference than you might think. All three are in very different states of tune so you really do need to try before you buy. We had three or four people riding the bikes on our test day and all made up their minds pretty quickly which they preferred - and each model came into play.
National rider Richard Timperley knows his Shercos and he fills us in on each different model.
Firstly, I think its worth saying that while the colour scheme with the distinctive bright yellow frame, is still a bit “love it” or “hate it” I think it looks really good. I admit that when I first saw it at its launch at the British World Round in July I gasped - along with everyone else. But since then I think that the factory have toned the yellow down while bringing in some really clever graphics that compliment the yellow and the result is a pleasingly striking looking production bike.
The 250 is the definitive Clubman bike, the engine power is just so soft and manageable. You can get into trouble, back off the power and then gently feed it back in. This is the most improved model since last year. The 2012 bike just didn’t carburate but the 2013 model is 100% better.
The all-new design Formula brakes are excellent. The master cylinders feature a link between the lever and piston so that the lever pressure is now delivered in a straight line. They are powerful without being too fierce and offer a really good feel. I believe the feel is now better than the AJP set-up which is the brake that most riders are familiar with.
All the models feature identical overall gearing but, probably because of its soft power delivery, the 250 feels like it is high geared. My dad (Mark Timperley) rides a 250 and he does gear his down. As standard, bottom gear feels high but because of this it also feels very long - you would hardly ever need to think about selecting any other gear than bottom for sections.

Saturday December 22nd 2012

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

A quick look out of the window, and I see a white blanket of snow, not good news for the late rush of Christmas shopping, but at least there are a couple of days left, before the big feast. - For me, there are always mixed feelings at this time of the year, as the commercial push for buying gifts, seems to overshadow the real reason of the season.


This year, the social network (facebook) has brought many of our friends closer, with greeting cards posted from people like Jordi Tarres and Steve Saunders - Steve had to make his own last minute “Santa” run to Spain, in order to pick up a load of new bikes for lucky customers in the UK. - he posted a pic of his van and trailer at the Ferry dock near Calais.

As always, we have had cards from family in the old country, a lot with names difficult for most people to pronounce, unless you happen to be Welsh - last week I watched a video clip  showing a mountain bike park close to where I grew up, but of course the English owners hadn’t a clue when it came to saying where it was located. - In the Welsh language, Llan - is pronounced “Thlan”  - but even in Wales, older relatives have modernized, and we just received an email from Llwynygroes Farm - Llanymynech -Powys. - Try getting your tongue around that. !! - Naturally this won’t be a problem for Taff, as we often share memories of the old country. - Yes, although we came to Canada, way back in 1965, we still refer to Wales, as “Back home”. - and the Christmas season, pulls at the heart strings.


Looking back at my blog from one year ago, I see that, we had only a light skiff of snow at this time - and Barry and myself were out riding on Boxing day. - I wrote about the amazing grip that I got with the new X lite tires on the Factory Beta, although to be fair, the Italian bike has always got better grip than anything else - from what I’ve read the only other one to come close is the Jordi bike, which has the rear shock in a similar position to the 184 Yamaha TY 250. - Of course there has to be some compromise when it comes to suspension, but it does appear that not a lot has changed since the 1970’s, when Yamaha revolutionized the MX World, with the “Mono-Shock” -

For Trials riding, where “Steps” are all part of the course, a shock mounted in more of a vertical position, is an advantage, while the laid down or angled approach gives more grip in slippy conditions. But getting the power to the ground, is the one thing that all designers of either bikes or race cars, strive for, - no point in having tons of HP if all it does is spin the wheels.


More News as it happens >>

Friday December 21st

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Well, it’s the first day of winter, and the World is still intact !! - Glad about that as we plan for a busy Christmas week. !!


The BIG news today, is that the WTC National Calendar for 2013 has been approved, and for the first time in it’s three year history, will feature 2 events in Summerland, 2 events at Ioco, and 2 events in Quebec, with the best performance in any four to count for overall Championship positions.. - All these will be 2 day Trials, with the first one taking place in Summerland on the May long weekend. ( The traditional long standing date of the Outlaw Trial) - Round #1 will go Saturday, May 18th with round #2 Sunday, followed by the Outlaw Vintage Trial on the holiday Monday.

We are of course aware that there is a World Round at the TTC in America, on the May weekend, but after careful consideration, we have decided that very few top contenders will travel that far to spectate.  - the people that do, and who are in contention after the Ioco event, still have the option of traveling to the Quebec Rounds in September.

So there you have it, I’ve already told Pete to be prepared - and I certainly couldn’t ask for a better team mate - planning has already started ( in my head) - and we will utilize some of the great stuff that we found for the Ady Trial in November.


I had planned on an early morning trip into town to mail off some Costa goodies, but after some rain yesterday afternoon, followed by freezing temperatures, the roads are all ice. - I have been out salting the driveway, but I can imagine what it’s like downtown. - be like a skating rink. ( Sorry Mark - will try to get your stuff out later)


With the Holiday season only a few days away, not too much happening in Trials - there is an Indoor in France this weekend, and Beta Teamster, Jack Challoner is on route to that one, then a lot of clubs put on a Boxing Day Trial, including the CPTA at Ioco. - Back in the 1980’s, we held a Boxing day Trial at the East Kelowna area, lots of snow and a lot of fun enjoyed by eleven local enthusiasts.


I see that  USA rider, Kurt Caselli has been drafted into the KTM team for the Dakar Rally - as Marc Coma is still suffering from a shoulder injury - Super Trials Gal Laia Sanz is also entered for the second time, in the grueling long distance Enduro. - On a side note, did you know that one of the top selling enduro bikes in South America is the Sherco?