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Friday January 18th 2013

Friday, January 18th, 2013

The Vancouver Motorcycle Show is on this weekend at the Tradex Center in Abbotsford - Although it’s uncertain at this point whether Pete & myself will drive down, Anybody planning on going should definitely check out the Mountain Motorcycle booth, located not far from the main food center. - Although the new Sherco shipment failed to arrive in time ( A bummer as they have the all new X-ride model) all the 2013 Betas will be on display, including the 300 Enduro 2 Stroke. If you don’t see me at the show but need more info: on any of the 2013 bikes, be sure to call me at any time.


With not much on the box last night, I watched an old Bosco Trials tape from the 1990 World Round in Sweden - although the dialogue is in Japanese, the footage is great, as you follow the ups & downs of Takumi Narita on his air cooled factory Honda, and his buddy on a TY 250. - The sections were long and difficult, as Jordi & the boys found out - but one interesting aspect, in the video, is seeing Donato Miglio, and Amos Bilbao on the Fantics, plus Tommi Ahvala and Diego Bosis on the Aprilias. - Jordi Tarres (Beta) was ranked #1 at the time, while Bosis wore #3 and Miglio #4 - Of course Donato has been a Top Guy at the Beta Factory for many years.


I also watched the old Steve McQueen movie “The Great Escape” last week - one of my all time favorites, so thought I would post a clip of the Super Star from Cycle News.

A great article from 1971 unearthed from the Sports Illustrated archives– Steve McQueen discussing desert bike riding with Bud Ekins & Malcolm Smith, Racing in the 12 Hours of Sebring with Pete Revson, The Great Escape, his son Chad, and much more.

McQueen even recalls exactly when he was bitten by the off-road bug– “Well, I was riding along Sepulveda with Dennis Hopper when we saw these guys bopping and bumping through the weeds near there, off the road. It was Keenan Wynn and another guy on these strange machines, dirt bikes they called them. We asked Keenan if he could climb that cliff. ‘Watch this,’ he says. Varoom! Right up to the top. Dennis and I were standing there with our eyes out to here. The very next day I went out and bought me a 500-cc Triumph dirt bike.”

Read on friends, read on.


Steve McQueen riding his Husqvarna 400 motorcycle. Below is an article from SI magazine, 1971.