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Sunday March 31st 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Easter Sunday, the last day of March, and for Cannuck fans, the morning after a game they want to forget. - Of course it was only the first 8 minutes or so that were painful, but that’s all it took for the young Edmonton Oiler team, to rattle in 4 unanswered goals.. - Ironically, on this night one year ago, Vancouver beat the Calgary Flames.

Anyway enough of Hockey and more on the Trials scene - over in the UK, snow in the Glyn Valley, has caused the National Lomax cup to be cancelled - I think that’s the first time this has happened at the popular Welsh trial. - Other Motorcycle  events have also been scrubbed, including Moto X,- but not sure if the annual road race at Oulton Park, is a go today. - This was another of my favorite circuits, and I watched and acted as a marshal there a number of times. - I remember seeing the famous “Silver Arrows” doing a demo, at a motor race, the Pre -War supercharged Mercedes, looked and sounded fantastic.


Checking the calendar from 2012, I see that it rained heavily on this weekend,one year ago, but we were still out at Yankee Flats, However, I’m not sure who was riding that day, I haven’t heard from anybody, so not sure if I will be out on the bike or not, - but having been riding three times this past week, I guess I can’t complain .


Heath posted a neat video of young Bradley Cox practicing in Italy with the TTT Beta Team - as mentioned before, all the World Trials contenders are busy trying to prepare for the new “No Stop” rules, but I think it’s going to be a very frustrating year for both the riders and the Observers. ( The little Evo 125 certainly sounds great though)



2013 British Trials Championship No Stop Series

It is almost 6 months since James Dabill won his fourth consecutive British Trials Championship. The time to start his defence of his crown is almost with us and it could be that he will have plenty of competition.

The ACU British Championships will be run once again under the no stop rules which were introduced in 2012. The decision whether to carry on under this system was almost a fait accompli as the FIM announced this was also the way they were going to run the World Championships from 2013.

What is new for the Brits is that the competition is being held over just four events and each round is at a different venue to last season.

Let’s look at the meetings first and then who is registered for the series. All of the events are now single day competitions, there are no Saturday practise sessions. Start time for all of the events will be 9.30 am with an overall time allowance of 5 hours ( 2hours 30 minutes for lap 1)

Round 1.. The Anthony Rew trial. Organised by the West of England Club on Sunday 7th April at Kelly Farm, Lustleigh near to Bovey Tracey. (Postcode TQ13 9SW)

Round 2..  The St Davids organised by the Neath MC on Sunday 21st April. The venue is now back at the popular  Llety Farm, Aberdulais. (Postcode SA10 8HR)

Round 3..  The Richmond Club BTC on Sunday 9th June. Venue details will follow shortly.

Round 4..  The Lakes BTC on Sunday 15th September. Venue details to follow shortly.

Time to look at the riders..

James Dabill we have already mentioned. He is the reigning champion, he is nicely settled with Beta and he showed his World class credentials with a podium finish at last year’s British world round and a fine fourth at the Sheffield Indoor in January. He is not about to give much away in the Brits. Michael Brown was again to finish second last year but again he is settled with Gas Gas and you cannot discount the ‘Mighty Atom’. He wins rounds and whilst he and James are good mates it is always a fight to the top of the podium. Ross Danby finished third overall in 2012 and won the West of England event at Ruby Rocks, his first championship win forJotagas. Ross had a consistent season last year under the wing of Steve Saunders and expect him to be challenging once again.

We could also see some new challenges to the established order. Jonathan Richardson returns to the series after virtually all of last year was written off through injury. JR has changed machines and now rides Ossa, it will be good to see him back. Two riders who have been in the main competing abroad last year have also registered for the championship. Jack Sheppard and Jack Challoner are both back and judging from how they went at last year’s Mackenzie they will be forces to be reckoned with. Despite their lack of preparation to ride under no stop rules in that one off ride they both finished right up there.

Bradley Cox is another globe trotting youngster and last year he was top 125 rider. Now on a full sized Beta watch out for him to shake up the established order. Alexz Wigg is still capable of putting in  good rides although last year did not go his way, maybe this year will.

Let’s not forget though that last year saw some riders come back into the series as it went no stop with Sam Connor, Gary Macdonald, Dan Thorpe and Ian Austermuhle all producing some great rides. Sam eventually finished 5th overall a superb result.

Altogether 37 riders have registered for the series in the Championship class and there are plenty we have not had space to mention that could spring some surprises. In fact it looks as competitive a series as we have had for quite a few years.

The events can also take up to 5 youth riders and Jack Price, Iwan Roberts, James Stones, Dan Peace and Billy Bolt have signed up.

At the time of going to press details of the Expert entry for the opening round are not yet known.

Saturday March 30th 2013

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Some sad news from Alberta on Friday, as we heard that Taff’s Father in Law had passed away - although we never met, by all accounts he was a fine man, our condolences go out to the family.

Also in Alberta, Ralph Klein died at age 70, after suffering from ill health for the past year - the former Premier, has been called a Politician for the people, and the TV has been full of tributes to the great man.


As mentioned on my blog yesterday, Jeff and myself went out to Yankee Flats for the first time this year, on another fabulous warm sunny day - we saw only a couple of vehicles in the parking area, and only encountered a couple of guys way up on the top road who looked like they were just packing up after some target shooting.

On route we had ridden a few of our usual sections, and for some reason the rock steps seemed bigger, but lots of fun, and the hill climb we used in the Ady Trial a couple of years ago, proved to be no challenge for the Evo 200, even using a more difficult line at the bottom, which mean’t accelerating from zero in 3rd at the base of the hill. - neat stuff.

Next we rode up to the top road, and decided to try and get up to the power-line road, which would have let us try out the great creek section over by Spanish Lake, However, once we got into the snow, we soon realized that this was  not going to be easy, as some ATV’s had been through and chewed things up so bad, that it made for lots of “Dabbing” - not much fun, so although we did reach the really nice trail past the yellow cattle guard, we elected to save our energy, and go back to ride some of the sections near the big log - What a fantastic time of the year to be out in the woods. ( I’ve added some pics to the Summerland Album)


There appears to be more and more video clips being posted on facebook, showing European Trials riders, practicing the “No Stop” technique, a good one yesterday showing young Eddie Karlson and Jordie Pasquet on the JTG’s - and while it might not be the best format for scoring, to me it certainly looks more exciting. - Time will tell.


Irvine, CA (March 27, 2013) – Cody Webb finished second in the 2012 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship, Fueled by Monster Energy and served noticed that he is likely the biggest threat to Taddy Blazusiak’s domination of the sport. Webb is not content to finish second again so he made a few critical changes to his program for 2013, including switching from the Beta 350 four-stroke to the new 300 RR two-stroke. He had a breakthrough win over Graham Jarvis at the King of the Motos to prove that he is indeed ready to compete with the World’s best Extreme off-road racers.

“I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings. I’ve been working really hard on the new Beta 300 RR two-stroke and I think it’s the key to winning my first EnduroCross event.” said Webb. With the backing of the Stillwell Performance Beta team, he is a good bet to be in contention for wins.

Do you want to see if Webb can take down Taddy Blazusiak in 2013? Then you need to plan to be in Las Vegas on Friday, May 3rd during the Monster Energy AMA Supercross finals weekend in Las Vegas.  You can get tickets at the Orleans Arena Box office:

Good Friday 2013

Friday, March 29th, 2013

The Easter long weekend is here, and  a lot of people will be out on their dirt bikes, and with temperatures in the Valley expected to reach into the +20 area by Sunday, no doubt we will see a bunch of boats out on the lakes. - We plan on going out to Yankee Flats for a ride today, another place that has become over abused by quads etc, so not sure what we will find, but at least we should be able to go on the long loop over towards Spanish Lake, where we have a neat creek section


Checking the over-seas news, I see that they are holding a World Indoor Trial Des Nations, in France this weekend ! - no big prize for guessing who will win this. - But in the UK they are still having to cancel events because of bad weather - with the amount of snow & rain they have had, this could be a very tough year for the Scottish Six Days Trial.


There is a very good interview of Eddy Lejeune posted on Trials Central - you can read it by clicking on the forums. - the former three time World Champion, gives a frank and rather sad report, of his time in the Honda spotlight, and his current health problems, it shows lots of old pics of Eddie plus his home on the family estate in Belgium, definitely worth the time to read through the 17 pages. - I first saw him as a young lad at the Calgary World round, when he jumped his 200 Honda out of the back of the rental truck, quite high and pretty impressive in those days. Later in 1986, I watched him get traction on the slippery rocks at the Ioco World Round - he was very, very good.


We have another shipment of Betas arriving in Vancouver this weekend, but of course because of the holiday, they won’t hit the warehouse until Tuesday - a bit frustrating for a couple of my customers, who were hoping for an Easter Okanagan ride, but I’m sure they will appreciate the wait, when they do throw their leg over the 2013 Evo 300 - they are absolutely “Magic”


Last night I watched the Hockey game, & good to see the Cannucks continue their winning streak - beating Colorado 4-1 including a couple of empty-netters at the end.


Next week we go back to the old taxation system of GST & PST in British Columbia - not everybody likes this idea, but for me, it makes sense, as I do a lot of business in Alberta. - Another advantage to motorcycle riders, is that safety equipment, like helmets, are not subject to the extra 7% PST. - I think it will be a bit of a gong show for a while, but after all it was a typical Political blunder by the current Liberal party, who rammed it through in the first place. - I wonder how many small business operations went broke in the past few years because of the HST.


more news and maybe pics later >>

Thursday March 28th 2013

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

With the weather forecast looking good, and the need to pay a visit to my “Bag Lady” in Summerland - I decided to check out the Outlaw loop on Wednesday, so a last minute call to Pete, and we were at the “Gate” by 11am, and with small amounts of snow on the ground wondered what we could expect to find on the trail.

I knew from my “Blog” records, that we were at this location on the exact same date last year, and encountered a lot of snow, so we were pleasantly surprised to find most of the “Ady” loop very good with only small snow drifts that were easy to either go around or ride through - getting out into the open meadow, on route to “The Devil’s Staircase” - I did one 4th gear blast through a large expanse of the white stuff, which was fun - too bad Pete didn’t have a video of this as the Evo 200 sent up quite a rooster-tail. - Later we were able to make it right over the top of the mountain, past the old “Hawk’s Nest” sections  although there is still quite a lot of snow up at this level, however, we didn’t have too much of a problem, and with a bit of help, Pete managed great on only his second time on the bike this year. - I have posted some pics that I took with my mini Olympus camera, until the battery went when we were up on the top - shame really as it was beautiful up there. ( I forgot my regular Canon & luckily had the small camera in my van)


Today is going to be busy, as there are a lot of parts shipments to go out - plus more stuff to pick up at the post office - not sure what we will do tomorrow (Good Friday) - might go check out Yankee Flats.


More News as it happens >>

Wednesday March 27th 2013

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Another win for the Cannucks last night, and glad to say they do seem to have got their act back together, with a string of five in a row. - Cory has been in the net for all of these - lets hope this all continues.


Looking at the news from around the World, I see that Kevin Schwantz  has issued another statement on Cycle News regarding the on going saga of the new Moto GP circuit in Texas. - Hope he socks it to the people who are currently trying to take credit for doing all the work.


This weekend, will be a Bank Holiday in the UK - never did understand why they called it that - but although it’s Easter to most people, to Trials fans in North Wales, it’s the Lomax Trial. - It used to be very big in my day, and as reported previously, it was Sammy Miller who won the time I rode it. -and the big hill climb  was called “Heartbreak Hill”.

Read on >>


Lomax National Trial

Club: Llangollen & District MCC
Event: Lomax National Trial
Event date: 1st April 2013

Wales has recently hosted the conclusion to one championship with a rather interesting outcome and already another championship is passing through.  While not attracting millions it never the less has some pedigree but unlike the aforementioned there is no giant sunroof to keep off any inclement weather that may be passing by.  Being Bank Holiday Monday in Wales there may not be 5 Nations but there is high change of 4 Seasons in one day.

Of course were talking about the 62nd Lomax National trial which is being run by Llangollen & DMCC in their 2nd year of stewardship and there will be a few changes, all for the better of course!  One major difference is that the championship runners will all be grouped together with the latter start times to provide a more level playing field, but the course concocted by Team Llangollen shall be far from level!

There are a number of new venues and a brand new hill climb which shall hopefully offer many more of the spectators a chance to see the class entry in action.  If there were one snippet of advice we would be so bold to offer to the competitors it would be to pack your waterproof socks as there is a fair share of stream work and while the name of the game is to keep your feet dry “n” cosy on the foot pegs there is a certain confidence that will not always be the case.

Sam Haslam the winner of the Lomax for the last two years will find himself in a Martin Hawyes and Guy Kendrew sandwich, but not only that Sam will have stiff competition from recent past masters, Tom Sager, Chris Pearson and Dan Thorpe.  While our local lad Tom will be putting his non-stop enduro skills to good use, but it is Dan who has collected the most wins (6) out of the quartet, only eclipsed by someone called Sammy Miller (8) – can Dan close the Miller gap?

So if you’re looking for something to do and you can put up with some fresh air and you’re not bored of  green rolling hills why not get yourself down to a small village called Glyn Ceiriog on the 1st April, the local Glyn Valley LL20 7EU will be more than happy to see you for the 9:30 kick off.


Back at the Outlaw Ranch - we have been getting all sorts of shipments in from Europe in readiness for the busy Trials season - Yesterday, we got some Ohlins shocks in that were specially ordered for the rider’s weights. - Yes you can do that. - as Stan said - it’s about time this was available.


Tuesday March 26th 2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

It’s the last week of March, and although the weather has been miserable in many parts, including the UK, we have been really fortunate in our Valley, with quite a mild winter, - the flowers and blossoms are beginning to show, and the wild birds are back from their migration in the Southern hemispheres. - We always love to see and hear the huge flocks of Sand Cranes and wild geese, overhead, while we are out doing set up for our annual Trial at Summerland, while in our backyard, we get dozens of small song birds around the feeders, plus of course our resident family of quail. - The Spring is a time of new life and promise for the year, and we are certainly looking forward to it.


TRIAL MAGAZINE ISSUE 38 IS ON ITS WAY – WHOOPEE! Grab them handlebars and rev that throttle, now feel for that grip, Enjoy! Yes Issue … Read more »


I see that Brit Cal Crutchlow (Yam) was the fast guy at the Moto GP final test at Jerez Spain, he finished the session as top man on the time sheets , ahead of the factory Yamahas of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. - However the Honda crew had already packed up, after posting strong results in the first couple of days.


Monday March 25th 2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Yesterday we went down to OK Falls to check out the riding area that the South Okanagan Dirt Bike Club have been allocated by the Forestry Dept: - and what a great place it is. - Barry & myself hooked up with Pete in Summerland, and we drove down the rest of the way with Pete leading as he knew the exact location.

The main reason for going was to check it out as a possible venue for the WTC National coming up on the May long weekend - and yes it does have fantastic potential, we found a ton of natural sections within a stones throw of the camp site, plus we rode high up on the trails into the snowline (still frozen) - I took a bunch of pics, mostly of Barry riding some of the sections we made, but also some nice scenery shots, which are now up on my gallery.

We met a lot of friendly people from the club, all on dirt bikes, although they didn’t get there until around noon, by which time we had already done our survey of the land. -  many were asking about used trials bikes, but of course finding anything in the $3000 range is tough.

As mentioned this is a great place to ride, but after careful consideration, I’ve elected to use our regular Summerland spot for the May Trial, so next weekend we will be down there to check it out. - We will look at hosting the Ady Brown Trial at OK Falls later in the year, as it’s definitely a fun place to ride, we had a “Hoot”.

It’s another sunny morning in the Valley, with the forecast for the week up in the plus 12-14 range - all good as we head into the Easter weekend.


Had a call from Mark ONeil last night, I had just got back from OK Falls, so he got my first report on the location - have to feel sorry for the Albertans still snow-bound and no chance to get out on the Trials bikes.


An email from Bob Mexter, tells us that the “Demo-Day” at Ioco on Sunday was a huge success, with a big turn out of Trials fans, plus a lot of families with youngsters getting their first chance to spend a day trying the new bikes from Beta, Sherco - and Scorpa etc.

Sunday March 17th 2013

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

The Saturday night Super Cross from Toronto was another good event for Ryan Villopoto, who appears to be the class of the field again this year - Davi Mllsaps also had another solid ride into 2nd spot, and managed to keep the charging Kawasaki rider at bay for half the final, while Ryan Dungey also got by early leader Chad Reed - the Australian having  announced before the race that he would be going in for more knee surgery immediately after the Canadian event, and is done for the season.


In Malasia, it was another Australian, who grabbed the headlines, as Mark Webber led most of the Formula One race, ahead of Team mate Sebastian Vettel, however the German pushed past late in the race despite being instructed by Team Manager Christian Horner to stay behind Webber, which led to a stormy after the race discussion. - Lewis Hamilton finished in 3rd spot his first podium since signing for Mercedes, who also grabbed the 4th position with Nico Rossberg. - It was a bad day for Ferrari, as Alonso crashed into the back of Vettel on the first corner, then spun off next time around, while Massa would bring the other car home in 5th. - Kimi Raikkonen  finished behind his team mate Grosjean in 7th - the Lotus cars down on speed compared to the week before in Australia.



Bou claims an historic seventh title in a row

In front of a capacity crowd Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa claimed an historic seventh FIM Indoor / X-Trial World Championship as he stormed to an emphatic victory in Bielefeld, Germany at the penultimate round of the current series.
Bou was in simply stunning form and reconfirmed the advantage he has over his rivals at this moment in time by losing just a single mark during the Trial, which was in fact actually a time penalty and not a foot fault. Adam Raga – Gas Gas was delighted to be back on the podium in second place, whilst Jeroni Fajardo – Beta reignited his campaign by taking third position on the night.

Britain’s James Dabill – Beta was the lone wild card entrant alongside the eight permanent protagonists and eventually ended up in a solid fourth position despite having the difficult task of being the first man out in qualification. The German course offered a very different challenge for the riders with an array of unique hazards themed to represent the local region. Dabill’s qualification total of ten marks looked respectful and turned out to be good enough to put him in the six man semi-final, on only his second showing in the series this year.
Matteo Grattarola – Gas Gas, Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco and Jack Challoner – Beta were the three riders to be eliminated. Challoner was well off the pace, but both Grattarola and Ferrer missed the cut by only a single mark. Fajardo was the last to make it through, however he was to lose out on a tie-break against Dabill to decide who would ride first in the semi-final.
At the sharp end Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa once again showed his pedigree despite his increasing years, dropping only one mark through the five qualifying hazards. Bou, Raga and Albert Cabestany – Sherco were all faultless on their initial outings and endured a tense triple tie decider to determine the later running order. Cabestany was to come off best in this three-way scrap, Raga was next and Bou found himself in an uncustomary third spot at this stage in proceedings.

Despite his unusual starting position in the semi-final it was very much business as usual for Bou as he quickly began to open up a healthy lead over his challengers by cleaning both the logs and the over sized house sections. Dabill emerged as Toni’s nearest rival early on, but was to fade as the Trial wore on. Cabestany in contrast put his progress in doubt as he failed at only the second hazard, a mistake that would ultimately rule him out of the final and leave him in a disappointing fifth spot. He now trails Raga by a single point going into the final round, as these two fierce rivals once again look to fight it out to be runner up in the definitive rankings.

Fujinami could not maintain his early momentum and ended the night in a distant sixth place. Dabill was the only non-Spanish rider in the final, but soon found himself out of podium contention as he notched up three fives in the final four sections. Bou’s ride on the house section in the reverse direction was the ride of the season. Here he mistimed the massive double step at his first attempt, before he then reverse back down to the arena floor – feet up – before bringing the house down as he climbed to the summit with relative ease on his second go.

After this defining moment Bou’s victory and his seventh successive title was never in doubt. Although twelve marks behind Toni, Raga managed to snatch second place from Fajardo to set up a tense climax in Nice, France next month. Just four points now separates Adam, Albert and Jeroni as they head to the final French round, with all three Spanish riders in with a shout of becoming vice World champion. However they might become the side show as Bou looks to sign off in style and maintain his 100% winning record through to the end.

Photo credit – FIM/GoodShot




Saturday March 23rd 2013

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013


Todotrial Comm was tagged in Todotrial’s photo. — with Jeroni Fajardo Vila and 4 others.
- Bielefeld Podium. Toni Bou XTrial Champion 2013!
- Bielefeld Podium. Toni Bou XTrial Champion 2013!


Yesterday proved to be a very busy day, with a shipment of Opti Oil to sort, followed by a visit to the truck depot to ship out to dealers - just like dirt-bike racers, when customers want parts or products - they want it “NOW”. - Fortunately, we have always been able to keep ahead of the game in this regard, but it did remind me of the first year I spent with Yamaha Canada in 1973. - The Japanese factory, had just formed the new division in this Country, and understandably, there were a lot of “Teething” problems, I can well recall trying to explain to the Japanese parts manager, the importance of having the best supply in the Industry, in order to keep our customers/dealers happy. - This was the era, when the slogan ” Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” - was much talked about.

It is also important to remember that it’s “people” not the name on the item, that build success in business - you can have the best product in the World, but if it doesn’t sell ( for whatever reason) the company will go broke.


Anyway, on to the every day chore of deleting all the spam crap from the web-site ( I see TC has been invaded with this again on the forum)  - check the weather - looks great for tomorrow & I’m really looking forward to the ride at OK Falls - we will meet up with the SODBC members, to inspect the area - we will take some pics and then make the decision on whether this will be the location for our upcoming WTC National and 26th Outlaw Trial.


Lots happening this weekend, with the Super Cross in Toronto tonight, and the F1 race in Malaysia tomorrow - I see last week’s winner Kimi has been handed a three grid penalty, for “Impeding”  another car in qualifying - a pic of the Finnish driver’s face on the F1 site tells the story on what he thought of the situation. - Hope he has another good race, to sock it to ‘em.

Update: - Check the “What’s New” page for Enduro News.

Here is a write up on the recent event and details of the Fun day tomorrow, being put on by the CPTA at Ioco.

Demo Day and Club Social: 

March 24th the club is hosting a Demo Day and Social.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in trials to learn more about our sport.  Dealers will be there showing off the new bikes and there will be a variety of demo bikes available.  Bring your helmet and gloves!

click here for more details

March Trial:

St. Patrick’s Day weather was exceptional for mid-March at Ioco and provided great conditions for our March Trial.  We had a good turnout with Paul Brodie and Ted McDowall setting the courses.  The Intermediate/Sportsman course delivered a good variety of sections ranging from open rock climbs and decents to slippery roots and logs in the heavy growth forest.  Tight turns, longish sections with many opportunities to lose points resulted in no total clean rides although young Kyle Mortenson, onboard his Beta, came close losing only two points on his way to the win in Intermediate.  It was a close finish in the Sportsman class with the top three separated by single points.  Bob Clark narrowly beat out Paul Brodie for the win, Brett Clark taking third.

Senior 45 Class was another tight battle for first with Don Doerksen holding on to beat Ron Ringuette by a single point over the 36 section course. Todd Nordin took the win in Expert in another close one besting Bill Sparks by only 3 points.


Friday March 22nd 2013

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

A good looking morning out of the office window today - but what a winter disaster in Alberta yesterday, with the big pile-up South of Edmonton. - Having spent about 30 years driving these high-ways I can appreciate just how bad the conditions were, and recall the many times I “White-Knuckled” the #2 from Edmonton to Calgary.


We have heard from our Importer regarding the 2013 Beta Evo Factory models, that have just been announced - Anybody wanting one of these, should get in touch with me quickly, as they are in  very limited supply.


The last few Fridays, have seen us out riding - in fact we have been getting out for about a month now, but today I need to stay close to home as a shipment of Opti Oil might show up, and while we are enjoying our early season Trials riding, lots of people are still enjoying snowmobiling in the Mountains, and dealers are phoning for more injection oil.


Hard to believe, but next weekend is Easter - early this year, and the first chance for many dirt-bikers to get out - let the fun begin.


The rider list and numbers have been published for the Scottish - I will check it out and post what our Cannucks will have on their bikes.


The Victoria club, have published the poster for the Joe Brown Trial, which takes place on April 13/14th - You will be able to see this on Trials Canada - This is also the first round of the Outlaw Series. - We have heard from Steve Foord, that the SGC also have a Trial on that weekend, which is an unfortunate clash of dates. - However, from my experience, most of the early Calgary Trials dates seem to get cancelled because of bad weather, hard to predict on the Prairies.- Rule of thumb is always phone ahead to confirm that events are still on.


And finally Birthday Greetings go out to Mitch Langell from Red Deer, who has notched another year on his belt.


more news later >>>

Ilkley Grand National Cancelled

The heavy snowfalls in the North Yorkshire have caused the late cancellation of the Ilkley Motor Club’s famous Ilkley Grand National Trial.

The cross country motorcycle trial has taken place for almost a century on the Middleton and Beamsley Moors. The eight mile all moorland course is under up to two feet of snow in places. Clerk of Course Adrian Tate carried out an inspection at lunchtime on Friday and deemed the event had to be cancelled.

The initial entry list included fifty competitors, travelling from Derbyshire, Lancashire and Westmorland. Many riders have been informed by text and phone.