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Tuesday April 30th 2013

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Well ! it’s the last day of the month, and the weather even in our Valley, has been cool for the past few days, with heavy snow up on the Coquehalla Pass. - The lads stopped by yesterday ( Jake & Adam) to pick up their bikes, before heading back to Edmonton - Without doubt it will be a weekend to remember for them - I should have taken a pic of Jake’s Truck, as it’s quite the unit - big and classy, with huge wheels. - I guess if you work in the North Country, you have to have the toys. - I think plans will soon be in place for them to move to the Okanagan, flying into work at Ft Mac from Penticton, on a shift basis.

Toddy also phoned yesterday and we chatted about the National - I explained that things look promising that we might still be able to pull this one out of the bag, with the help of the Shuswap boys. - Tomorrow I will go up and ride the loop, before making the decision on the date, but at this point, everybody should keep the May long weekend (18/19/20) on their schedule.

As you can imagine, having to virtually set up two different courses at opposite ends of the Valley, has taken it’s toll both physically and money-wise, but  let it be said, that when things don’t go according to plan, Trials riders are the best, and I really appreciate the effort being put in by Ross Rathbone and his team, in trying to salvage the event.


The “Fall Out” from the first World Round in Japan, is still hitting the air-waves, and there is a definite hate on for the latest No Stop rules - looking at the videos, to me, the task of the observers becomes a nightmare, and I would certainly not want to see this system in our Canadian events - change may be needed, but I feel it must first come at the Organizer level - get the sections right at the best locations - and make sure the riders are having fun as well as being challenged.


Our next shipment of Betas should be arriving shortly - I have a Factory 300 available if anybody is interested -but better call quickly, - all the new Betas and Shercos have sold like “Hot-Cakes”


The Scottish Six Day Trial is now only a few days away - so Stan and Guy will be finalizing their schedules before heading to Fort William - We wish them both the very best of luck, and will follow their progress throughout the week. - Many of the riders, use my Outlaw toolbelts at the event, and I even had mention on facebook, by Big John and Trials Mag Editor John Hulme, that my Okanagan hand-made bags are  the best out there.


Sherco on the podium at the world Japan

tl_files/sherco/images/Japon presentation.jpg

First round of the trial World Championship in Motegi (Japan). A good weather for this race with sunshine all the weekend.

A trial like every year very well organized. Our Japanese importer has welcomed the Sherco team upon their arrival at the airport. All things were planned in order to let our pilots concentrated for the race: a mechanical workshop available, drinks, food, but also the presence of our imporateur when needed for these two days.

Monday April 29th 2013

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Another brilliant day at Summerland yesterday - Jake and Adam, got a chance to ride the Champ line on all the sections that we had planned for the National, before we took down the tape. - Naturally, this turned out to be a long tiring day for all of us, the lads riding every section three or four times, with really good results - it was in some way satisfying to see how the sections panned out, after the disappointment of having to cancel the event at this location. - Both lads, were super impressed by the lines, which tested them to the utmost - they were “over the moon” with the new Betas.

Today, they leave the Okanagan, to head back to Alberta, I’m glad to have been able to show them what our area has to offer, and there is no doubt that they will be back, I’ve posted more pics on my gallery, and also video on facebook - this turned out pretty good, showing - although the camera always tends to “Flatten” some of the rocky climbs - our sections would have been spot-on, for the degree of difficulty.


In other news - our sympathies go to our buddy Barry Van As, who was in hospital last week, after a work related accident, he is back home recuperating from surgery on his foot. Get well soon Mate.

The first World round in Japan, has caused lots of controversy with the “No Stop” rules - there has been a bunch of videos posted on the various sites, which all appear to show errors in the scoring, a shame really, but not totally unexpected - it remains to be seen how the USA Round will cope on May 25/26, but reports indicate that most of the riders are not happy.


With regard to our own WTC Rounds, I will be talking to our friends from the Shuswap later today, who have already got the green light for the area, which includes a great camping spot, However, because of the short time frame, I feel we still need to postpone until a later date - always a problem to fit into a busy season, but my thoughts at the moment, are for August long weekend - watch for further news on this. UPDATE - I will be checking the Shuswap location on Wednesday - We might still be a go for the May long weekend. Watch this space for an announcement on Wednesday night.


Mark O’Neil from Medicine Hat  left a message on my answering machine to say he won his class yesterday, at a SGC event, as did Kenny Knight - so another good result for Beta and Sherco.


Sunday April 28th 2013

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

A brilliant out riding with Jake & Adam yesterday near Kelowna. - It was the first time on the new Beta Evo’s for both the lads, who hadn’t been riding for the past three years due to work commitments. - Not that it took long for them to get back into it, and by the end of the day, they were going up some rocky walls, that have not been climbed before. - I took a bunch of pics and video, and posted some on facebook last night, plus will add more to my gallery later.


It was a good day for Beta and Sherco in Japan, with a big shock win for Fujigas (Honda) after Jeroni Fajardo (Beta) had led the event for two laps. - Read the full story below.


Fujinami wins at his home Grand Prix

Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa claimed a sensational win in front of his home fans on the second day of the Japanese Grand Prix, his first since he last won in Great Britain back in 2010. Fujinami produced three consistent laps to finally edge out Jeroni Fajardo – Beta who had held the lead for two out of the three laps, before his day fell apart on the final tour. Despite his late collapse Fajardo still managed to salvage second place, as yesterday’s victor Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa had a rare bad day at the office and finished in third spot. Adam Raga – Gas Gas and James Dabill – Beta completed the top five on a day when the scores were much lower than they were twenty-four hours earlier.

Despite his opening day victory, Bou looked surprisingly nervous on the first lap today and this was not helped when he stalled his bike in section seven due to an issue with the electronic mapping. This obviously unsettled Toni and he was to quickly add another five marks to his score when his hand slipped off the throttle as he approached the final step in the very next hazard. Bou’s lap one total of eighteen marks put him down in eighth and a long way behind the early leader Fajardo who only dropped four marks over his opening two laps.

With much ground to make up Bou mounted one of trademark fight backs and dropped only two further marks on his closing two laps, but on this occasion this was only enough to elevate him to the lower tier of the podium. With the sun shining overhead for the second day in a row the much drier conditions saw the scores tumble compared to Saturday’s totals. Although Fajardo looked to have the victory within his grasp Fujinami kept him under pressure with some almost equally low and consistent lap totals. With the massive home crowd behind him, Takahisa delivered some exceptional rides right when it mattered and just as Fajardo began to crack to steal an important win on Honda’s turf. Bou still leads the title race, by two points from Fujinami with Raga in third at this early stage in proceedings.

Jack Sheppard – Beta produced a stunning closing lap performance to steal the win in the Junior class from Belgium’s Maxime Warenghien – Sherco. Sheppard’s third lap score of just three marks gave him his first win in this division despite Warenghien also recording a single digit lap total. France’s Cedric Tempier – Sherco completed the rostrum on day two only one mark further back as yesterday’s Spanish front running duo of Jorge Casales – Gas Gas and Pol Tarres – Sherco could only manage eighth and fifth positions respectively this time out. Sheppard’s third place on Saturday followed by his win today sees him top the Junior standings by five points from Warenghien, which confirms the importance of consistency in this highly competitive category even at this early stage in the campaign.

French rider Kenny Thomas – Beta showed his liking for the drier conditions as he managed to hang onto a single mark win despite a spirited fight back from Bradley Cox – Beta on the closing lap. Thomas was relatively consistent over the three laps whilst Cox suffered a nightmare second tour before he posted the best lap score of the trial to finish off with. Although disappointed to have missed out on the victory, Cox was just relieved to be back in contention after he slumped to seventh spot yesterday. Saturday’s runner up Quentin Carles de Caudemberg – Beta completed a solid weekend with third place today. Thomas now heads the general standings three points clear of his compatriot Carles de Caudemberg, with yesterday’s victor Pietro Petrangeli – Gas Gas in third spot overall after he took sixth position today.

Photo Credit:- FIM/G2F Media

Saturday April 27th 2013

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

World Trial Championship - Japan Day 1


japan 1 bouReigning champion Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa picked up from where he left off last season by winning the opening day of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship in convincing fashion. Bou’s winning margin on the first of two days of competition at the Japanese Grand Prix was twenty marks over second placed rider Adam Raga – Gas Gas. Riding under the new no-stop rules Bou once again confirmed his sheer supremacy in the slippery conditions that caught out all of the riders during the day. Albert Cabestany – Sherco struggled to match the leading duo, but still managed to snatch the last podium place away from home hero Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa who eventually ended up in fourth spot.

Despite suffering from severe sickness Jeroni Fajardo – Beta battled well to secure fifth position and pushed his team mate James Dabill – Beta into sixth place by a mere three marks as the British rider faded over the closing stages. Tomoyuki Ogawa – Honda was the best-placed ‘wild-card’ entrant in seventh position, as he finished five marks clear of Michael Brown – Gas Gas. Kenichi Kuroyama – Yamaha and Jack Challoner rounded out the top ten respectively on a day when everyone was adapting to the new rules.

Heavy rain late yesterday afternoon forced the local organisers to make several changes to the twelve sections that were plotted on the mainly wooded hillsides, which overlook the tarmac facility. Most of the hazards featured the customary array of carefully placed boulders that became increasingly slippery as the mud was dragged onto their smooth surfaces, and this despite the drying effect of the sun overhead. Maintaining forward motion when grip was at a minimum was a real test even for the leading World Pro riders and took its toll on the totals by the time the third lap had been completed.

japan 1 ragaWith a total of ten, Bou was five marks clear of Raga after the first lap, and further stretch his advantage with two following single digit lap scores, whilst at the same time even his nearest challengers were watching their own scores rise rather than fall. The unpredictable nature of the conditions was highlighted as Toni was caught out on each of his three tours, his failures being in a different section on each occasion. In truth this did little to dent Bou’s confidence as he marched on to his fifty-first GP win.

Although the conditions were very different to his native Spain Jorge Casales – Gas Gas used the opportunity of the opening event of the year to confirm himself as a real title contender by winning the Junior class, this being his first victory at this level. He recorded two strong closing laps to beat Pol Tarres – Sherco by seven marks, despite Tarres posting the best lap of the Trial on his final tour. Early class leader Jack Sheppard – Beta slipped back as the day went on, but he still was able to take his place on the last step of the podium four marks back from Tarres.

Matching Casales, Italian rider Pietro Petrangeli – Gas Gas also recorded his first ever win, his in the Youth class as he edged out Quentin Carles de Caudemberg – Beta by a single mark in what was a high scoring event for this category. Previously Petrangeli’s best result was fourth spot, which he achieved on three separate occasions, and thus he had never been a podium finisher prior to his maiden victory today. Kenny Thomas – Beta made it two French riders on the rostrum as he trailed his compatriot by seven marks after three tough laps for the youngsters. Akira Isogaya – Beta was the highest placed home rider in this division, with him claiming tenth

Friday April 26th 2013

Friday, April 26th, 2013


NEWSFLASH !! - A last minute phone call, has brought a glimmer of hope that the WTC National can be moved to another great venue in the Shuswap area. - More details will be posted after the weekend.

Because of numerous phone calls and emails, I’m writing the Friday column early - Obviously the news that we have had to cancel the WTC National at Summerland, is not something that we’ve taken lightly. - Let me explain the situation - For the past 25 years, we have organized Trials events at this location, and not once have we ever seen either a Forestry or Conservation Officer. ( Location is between Indian Land)
On Friday, Pete and myself were out quite early, and parked as usual down by the bottom gate, then rode our bikes up the trail on route to check out the “Grizz Grotto” section  - Imagine our surprise when we saw a Conservation truck parked at the far end of the camp site ! - We continued past and up the trail for a few clicks, before I pulled over and we assessed the reasons for this, but in the end, I felt the only thing to do was to go back and talk to the guy.

By this time, he was firing off shots with his handgun, at a target in the campground , but immediately came over and although very polite - his first words were ” You guys aren’t cutting new trails up here are you?” - Naturally Pete ( who had a chainsaw on his back) answered that no, but we do cut out dead fall on the regular trails we ride, and have been riding for the past 25 years. - He carried on to say that we had seen a downed tree up the road the week before, so we were going to cut it out, but somebody had already done that, so we were going back to drop the chainsaw at the truck.

We had a brief conversation  with the uniformed Officer, who was quite cordial, before we went on our way, but a few of his comments, left little doubt in my mind, that he was someone who was aware of all the latest issues with bikes and ATV’s in other areas of the Valley.

So here was the dilemma, do we just carry on and hope that he doesn’t show up at our event? - or do the sensible thing, - As you can imagine, this was a very difficult decision for me, but I also have Pete to consider, we have been told by the South Okanagan Club Prez, ( Pete and myself are both members) that fines of up to $10,000 can be levied for illegal use of Crown land - The big question is, - Why after 25 years, did this guy show up? was it by chance ( He lives in Summerland) or did somebody at the SODBC let something slip? - Either way, it makes little difference, as after a sleepless night, I had to make the decision to cancel. - For my part, I apologize to the WTC and Trials riders in Canada, but there is at least one glimmer of hope in doing this, we still intend to ride this fantastic area, for practice and enjoyment, including camping out on the May long weekend, we will leave the loop flags up, and guide anybody who wishes to see the brilliant new sections that Pete and myself have carved out in the past few weeks.

As to the future, we will likely work on hosting an event at OK Falls in late September or October ( Ady Trial)  - - and for sure we will be at the WTC Ioco event in July.

Sorry Guys - But that’s the way it is.

Outlaw Dave

Footnote: I have dealt with Forestry Officials in the past, and while some are lenient - others are not. to most any type of Motorcycle/ATV is a problem.


Behind the scenes in Japan


There is definitely a feeling of apprehension within the paddock as the riders ready themselves for tomorrow’s opening day of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship under no-stop rules.

Heavy rain is predicted later today, which will have a massive impact on the wide, flowing and sometimes steep sections that Takumi Narita and his team have plotted. Even FIM section plotter Jordi Pascuet has got his work cut out as he tries to interpret what is difficult and what is not difficult now that the riders cannot afford to stop without being heavily penalised.

Now in its fourteenth consecutive year the Japanese Trial GP at Honda’s incredible Twin Ring, Motegi facility is as immaculately prepared and organised as ever with no detail having been missed.

Not only will the no-stop rules be new tomorrow, but so will be the return of three laps, with the organisers having opted to go for twelve section to be ridden three times from the variety of formats now under offer as part of the new FIM directive that allows for 12-20 sections per lap, but a minimum of 36 for the Trial.

New also is the reduced time limit of two and half hours for the first lap, and with all three laps to be ridden within an overall time allowance of five hours tomorrow’s action promises to be fast and furious.

So only come tomorrow afternoon will we know the full impact of these fundamental changes and if they suit Toni Bou or not…

Thursday April 25th 2013

Thursday, April 25th, 2013
Austin13GG_9.jpg CoTA MotoGP Grid Girls
Nothing like pics of some pretty young ladies to perk up the front page - these from the Cycle News website, from last weekend’s Moto GP race in Texas.
The World Trials teams have all arrived in Japan for Round One of the Series this weekend - Many will have a tight schedule, especially the Brits, who return home to compete in the Scottish Six Days Trial the following week - May 3-11th.
Please watch this space tomorrow for some Important News relating to the WTC National in Summerland.

Wednesday April 24th 2013

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

It’s another day down at Summerland today, as work continues on the Trial - some chain-saw work on “Grizzly Grotto” where a couple of trees have fallen down - The top three classes ride this beauty on Saturday - there were only a few cleans on it at the Outlaw last year, Brandon Wince, Stan and Toddy, as I recall.

Stan will no doubt be preparing for his trip to the Scottish, and will likely be flying out this weekend. - He will be riding a MRS Sherco 300 - Both Beta and Sherco have their Factory vans at the Trial to help out riders during the week. Here is a report from Malcolm Rathmell.

SHERCO SSDT 2013Firstly we would like to say a very big welcome to all Sherco riders who have entered the SSDT. The Scottish is a very expensive but fantastic experience and our aim at MRS is to make sure our riders have an enjoyable and trouble- free week.

For the Sherco boss, Marc Teissier, the Scottish Six Days Trial is the absolute pinnacle of our sport and for this reason he sends the full factory truck every year, along with Cabestany’s top mechanic to ensure all the Sherco riders are given the care they deserve. Having ridden the event himself for many years he well understands that a helping hand does not go amiss when you arrive back at the Parc Ferme completely ‘knackered.’

As well as the full back up of the Sherco factory all the MRS personnel are also on hand to help and advise whenever necessary. Sherco finish each day off by providing food and drink which is always well received by the riders.

With regard to maintenance it is important to arrive with the bike very well prepared for six days of riding. NO WORK takes place before the start of the event on Monday so please make sure you check the bike thoroughly before you leave, doing all the general maintenance necessary to last the week. If you are in any doubt please contact your local dealer who can assist you with any problems before you leave for the event. The only added advise to normal is to fit a mud-flap on the front mudguard to stop the radiator filling up. If you have a back-up crew it is always important to brush the radiator whenever possible after riding across the moors to keep the engine running freely.

MOST IMPORTANT is to contact MRS to register your bike for the back up service before you leave for the trial. You can do this by contacting us on 01423 772885. Any member of the MRS team can take the details. Once you have done this you will be able to take spares as and when you need them throughout the week. No spares will be provided before all details have been logged ie: name, address, full card details and phone number.

Lastly, please make sure you have your bike fully insured and registered for the road. MSM actually cover you in the event as well as fire, theft and third party. They give very good rates and you can contact them via our website at There were a lot of problems at the first British Championship Enduro at Elgin in Inverness-shire, Scotland with the police so we do urge you to make sure you are legal for the event.

It only remains for us to say that we look forward to meeting all Sherco riders in the Parc Ferme from Friday onwards and that you leave Fort William feeling like you have truly had a ‘Holiday in the Highlands.’


Reigning champion Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa will relish the opportunity to begin the defence of his crown at the opening Japanese Grand Prix this coming weekend, with the Twin Ring circuit at Motegi being the homeland of Honda by whom he is ultimately employed. The 2013 FIM Trial World Championship will provide the chance for Bou to extend his period of dominance and to go in search of a record equalling seventh successive title. The twenty-six year old from Barcelona, Spain currently is currently one behind Dougie Lampkin and Jordi Tarres, who have each won seven outdoor crowns.

Adam Raga – Gas Gas who eventually finished as runner-up to Bou last season, and who recently secured second spot behind Toni in the 2013 FIM X-Trial World Championship would appear to be the main threat to the reigning champion. However, whilst on his day Raga is a match for his compatriot, inconsistency over the last seasons have robbed Raga of a real title challenge. The trip to Japan in 2012 highlights this point with Adam having slumped to sixth and fifth respectively over the two days of competition. Hopefully Raga’s strong close to the indoor season will carry forward to the outdoor campaign and he will be able to give Toni a real run for his money right from round one.

Raga headThe other title challengers have a familiar feel with Jeroni Fajado – Beta topping the list having recorded his highest ever ranking by taking third spot, just a single point behind Raga last term. At twenty-eight years old Fajardo is running out of time if he is to progress higher up the order and must make his move in 2013 if he is ever to be considered a real title contender. Age is one thing that does not seem to be a limiting factor when it comes to Albert Cabestany – Sherco and Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa, with both of the thirty-year old plus competitors riding as well as they have ever done. Fujinami with his home advantage could just provide the upset of the weekend, especially with his flamboyant approach perhaps best suiting the new no-stop rules.

The British pairing of James Dabill – Beta and Jack Challoner – Beta and the newly promoted 2012 FIM Junior Trial World Champion Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco, are sure to lead the charge in terms of breaking up the established top five runners. With Ferrer now in the World Pro category, the way is now clear for Francesc Moret – Gas Gas to go one better this season and take the Junior crown, cabes headalthough he will have to fight off the much fancied Pol Tarres – Sherco, who has switched teams over the winter plus the emerging talent that is the slightly unknown Jorge Casalas – Gas Gas. Also 2012 FIM Youth Trial Wold Champion Steve Coquelin – JTG should not be discounted as being a real threat.

Bradley Cox – Beta heads the assault to capture the Youth title after having finished as runner-up to Coquelin in the general standings last season. French rider Quentin Carles de Caudemberg - Beta would appear to be Cox’s main rival, having closed out 2012 with his best results to date. The fifty-five entries for the opening encounter will see representatives from nine nations take part, with a solid contingent of Japanese riders joining the more regular contenders as they look to play havoc with the form book and go all out for success.

Tuesday April 23rd 2013

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

A very Happy Birthday to Craig (Taff) Parfitt today - No doubt he will be celebrating in style when he gets off work in Edmonton.


Trial Magazine British Championship News

1: It was high drama even before the start of the second round of the British Championship in Wales when eventual winner Michael Browns Renault van broke down travelling to the event on Saturday afternoon. He pulled onto the M5 service station at Strensham between junctions seven and eight with no clutch action. After a call to the Renault rescue service who came out after a three hour wait and then diagnosed that the vehicle was going on the recovery truck he eventually hooked up with Gas Gas UK importer John Shirt Jnr who was travelling to the event with Trial Magazine editor John Hulme. They eventually arrived at their hotel in Wales at 01.00am on Sunday morning.

Michael Brown’s Van!

2: SXS Jotagas rider Ross Danby was riding the machine he will compete on at the SSDT. Jotagas has come a long way since the brand was introduced last season and the exhaust note from Ross’ machine confirmed they are certainly on the right track with engine development. Ross secured another solid third place in the event with his second lap score of a mere four marks putting him well on the pace of winner Michaal Brown and current champion James Dabill.

Ross Danby – Jotagas

3: Sherco factory rider Emma Bristow was quite rightly so ‘over the moon’ with her seventh position, the highest place for a female rider in the Expert Championship ever recorded.

Emma Bristow – Sherco

4: Welsh schoolboy trials star Iwan Roberts riding the 125cc Trials Wales Beta-UK supported machine would have won the Expert championship class if he would have been old enough to enter. He won the Youth support class from Jack Price.

Iwan Roberts – Beta

The St David’s Trial – BTC RD: 2

Championship Class: 1: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 5; 2: James Dabill (Beta) 18; 3: Ross Danby (SXS Jotagas) 27; 4: Sam Connor (Beta-UK) 38; 5: Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas) 46; 6: Jonathan Richardson (Ossa Motos-UK) 55; 7: James Fry (Sherco) 55; 8: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 55; 9: Ricky Wiggins (Sherco) 58; 10: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 68; 11: Andy Chilton (Beta-UK) 69; 12: Ben Morphett (JST Inta Gas Gas) 77; 13: Richard Sadler (Sherco) 82; 14: Guy Kendrew (Beta-UK) 82; 15: Jake Evans-Luter (Beta-UK) 85.

Expert Class:  1: Jack Stones (JST Gas Gas) 42; 2: Darren Brice (Triple D Sherco) 42; 3: Buster Regan (Beta-UK) 49; 4: Tom Affleck (Sherco) 53; 5: Joel Edwards (AB Motorcycles Beta) 55; 6: Richard Timperley (Sherco) 58; 7: Emma Bristow (Sherco) 60; 8: Brad Bullock (Beta-UK) 62; 9: Josh Woods (Sherco) 63; 10: Shaun Fox (BVM Gas Gas) 89; 11: Rob Pollard (Beta 68); 12: James Carr (Ossa Motos-UK) 69; 13: James Graham (Gas Gas) 76; 14: Ben Sprigg (Sherco) 78; 15: Guy Chandler (Tube 8 Beta) 82.

Youth – Support Class: 1: Iwan Roberts (125cc Trials Wales Beta-UK) 38; 2: Jack Price (125cc Jitsie Road and Trials Gas Gas) 42; 3: Billy Bolt (125cc Ossa Motos-UK) 66.

Monday April 22nd 2013

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Yesterday was a good day to spend watching the box, with Moto GP from Texas, followed by the Indy Car race from Long Beach, lots of action, plus a pre-run of the Seattle Super X - Later we had family over for a BBX - all together a great day.


Today is back to reality, with another trip to work on the Trial ->


I see that Jack Challoner (Beta) won the Italian Championship round at the weekend, making two in a row for the Top Trials Team rider. - Also noted that Emma Bristow (Sherco) finished a brilliant 7th in the British Championship in Wales.


More news as it happens>>

Sunday April 21st 2013

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

The Formula One race in Bahrain turned out to be another victory for Sebastian Vetell in the Red Bull Renault, followed home by the two Lotus Renaults of Kimi Raikkonen and Grosjean. - I managed to stay awake long enough to see some of the early morning action, and there was certainly some good wheel to wheel racing.


No results in yet from the British Championship Trial, although I did see a blurb that Jack Shepard (Beta) had finished 4th.

UPDATE:  Mike brown 5, james dabill 18, Ross Danby 27. Final result.


Pune winner at St. Davids

Michael Brown took the win at the 2013 St. Davids trial, the second round of the 2013 ACU British Trials Championship, followed by James Dabill and Ross Danby. Jack Stone finished at the top of the Expert class followed by Darren Brice and Buster Regan.

Full results below ..

Full Champ Class results – select to view full size

Full Expert and Youth results – select to view full size

Some Warm-up images of the top three Champ riders ..

Winner Michael Brown – GasGas

runner up James Dabill – Beta

3rd Ross Danby – Jotagas

Photo Credit – Heath click here for more great pics by Heath >
Championship Standings so far …


Later today we will try to take in the Moto GP race from Texas, I watched some of the qualifying yesterday, Marc Marquez is making things quite exciting at the front, and will start on pole.


The weather is supposed to be a bit showery today, and I have some chores to do around the house, plus the Beta needs a check over, before I go out tomorrow, at least there hasn’t been any dust to contend with as yet., so air filters have stayed clean.

More news as it happens >>