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Friday May 31st 2013

Friday, May 31st, 2013

SPAM, SPAM, SPAM - No this isn’t a Monty Python report - it’s the daily chore I have to do on my web-site - deleting all the crap that appears overnight - 53 this morning - Aaaaaagh!

What a great day we had Friday, new to Trials Doug Stairs ( not sure if that’s how he spells his last name) arrived at my place at 8.30am, and after loading the bikes (He has a 2012 Scorpa) into the Outlaw van, we headed to Summerland. - It was a beautiful morning, and the plan was to ride the  aborted National loop, showing Doug - who comes from a MX background - what Trials is all about. - It was also a good chance to break in my new Novagar boots, and I even elected to wear my Airoh Helmet, instead of my old NZI Carbon fiber unit. - So looking very much like I knew what I was doing     ( but feeling a bit clumsy in the new boots) - we set off up the trail, - when we got to the section we call Valley View, it was starting to spit with rain, and we were beginning to think that our decision not to wear a jacket, would end up in a soaking, but luckily, the skies cleared, and we enjoyed a spectacular day - the ride through the meadow, now a sea of blue-bells, was amazing, especially as Doug would soon find out, the large plants often hid the boulders that litter this area.

We got to the “Devil’s Staircase” - and our new rider was super impressed, although this section is beyond his capabilities at the moment, he did hike all the way up, as I explained how Pete and myself spent at least 8 hours working on what I consider one of the best natural sections we have ever found.

After this we continued on up over the mountain, stopping to show the sections on route, before dropping down to the valley again, then proceeding over the next ridge on the all new loop Pete and I found, which eventually comes out at “Foordy’s Failure” - otherwise known as Wild Horse Rocks. - this really is a fantastic loop, and the last part, where we come down the gulley to camp is always fun - no water, but I did notice some large Moose footprints in the mud at one point. - A truly great day, and nice to relax while also giving Doug some training on Trials technique, I guess it’s fair to say that he is definitely “Hooked” - Oh ! Yes, I blitzed the Expert Hill-climb that caused so much grief at the Ady Trial last November. - the Beta 200 rocketed up in 3rd, no problem.

I see that the weather over in Austria is still more like winter, with snow covering the Iron Mountain at Erzberg, where the qualifiers go today - Jarvis got a bit of a scare, when the organizers, told him he was disqualified for driving a car around part of the course, however, they later relented, so the fast Brit will once again be on the start line - maybe the Germans are fed up with English riders always winning?


In Italy, the Moto GP riders are at Mugello this weekend for the Italian Grand Prix, and in practice, it was all Yamaha, with Lorenzo and Rossi setting the fastest times, ahead of Privateer Cal Crutchlow. - there were lots of crashes, including a big one by the new rookie sensation Marc Marquez.


NEWSFLASH - Dougie Lampkin will ride the World Trial in England - The multi-time Trials legend will return in a bid to get his 100th win in World Competition. No doubt the new “No Stop” rules have a lot to do with his decision, as organizers have to ease the degree of difficulty. UPDATE ; - This rumor has now been reported to be false.


Thursday May 30th 2013

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

The weather pattern in the Valley continues to be more like April with sun and showers, very heavy at times, hopefully it won’t be too wet today, as I’m taking time to go riding with a new Trials enthusiast from Valemount -he stopped by the shop yesterday and we chatted for at least an hour, swapping stories of cross country racing and how Trials riders have taken over the Extreme Enduro scene.


The weather is also not looking good over in Austria, where the Erzberg Extreme race goes this weekend - always a real killer, it will be even tougher in the wet.


I now have the 2012 #1 WTC plates, which were sent to me from down East - I will distribute these to the winners in the various classes when I get time to sort out the address’s etc.


Here is an article from the FIM website regarding the visit by Bernie Schreiber to the World Round last weekend - Bernie has lived in France for many years, having married the sister of another great rider Gilles Burgat.

1979 FIM Trial World Champion Bernie Schreiber made a much over due return to the FIM Trial World Championship when he attended the opening day of the US Trial Grand Prix held at the Trials Training Center located at Sequatchie, Tennessee. Bernie was in high demand with the fans and media delighted to see America’s only ever rider to lift the FIM Trial World Championship back in town.Bernie could not exactly remember when he last visited the series, but was happy to be amongst the Trial community once again and spoke freely when asked a variety of questions.“I think it was the late eighties or early nineties when I was last at a World Trial, but its nice to be back and to see what is happening, it’s all quite impressive.”

“A couple of years ago I rode a classic event in Europe and ran into Yrjo Vesterinen, Charles Coutard and Thierry Michaud, so I was able to catch up a little bit on the sport then, but I haven’t had the opportunity to see the new generation of riders in action until today.”

“It been interesting to see the new no-stop format, it looks like the riders are still adapting to this way of riding, but the sections are certainly spectacular and the public have really been enjoying that.”

“As a rider you not always sure what is best, so as a rider you just have to adapt to whatever the rules might be, but it is clear that both the riders and bike have developed massively and taken the sport to a new level.”

“The new format is a great opportunity to make something really spectacular for the future, its new now and needs some work, but in a year’s time I think you will see something really special.”

“I have had the chance to ride a modern Trial bike more recently, and I can say that I could certainly do things more easily on it when compared to the bikes we use to ride, but I will not be making a comeback of any kind you can be sure of that, especially having seen the sections today.”

“It’ a real pleasure for me to be back today, it is just a shame that there has not been another American champion since me, and that’s something we need to address. The American riders need a GP in their country as often as possible and to be exposed to the top riders, and what is happening in Europe so they can understand what level they need to be at.”

“I was lucky enough to see Sammy Miller and Mick Andrews ride in America when I started out, and I knew those guys were good, but I wanted to be better than them. Seeing them gave me the dream and the confidence, and the drive to go on to be best in the World.”

Nowadays Schreiber is part of Omega Sports Marketing team who support the PGA golf tour in America, but the purists amongst us will be pleased to read Bernie’s reply when questioned about his swing. “You will be glad to know that my Trial riding is still much better than my golf.”

Wednesday May 29th 2013

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I see that Dougie Lampkin was a guest at the Monaco F1 race last weekend - mixing it with the rich and famous, while doing a few stunts for his Red Bull sponsors, on board their floating party boat. - This weekend is Dougie competing in the Extreme Erzberg Rodeo event in Austria along side other top trials riders, turned racers, Graham Jarvis, Ben Hemingway and Jonny Walker to mention just a few.


Here is a report on the CPTA Ioco Trial from last Sunday - Stan beat out Sparky Bill for the Expert win, a hard task, as Sparky must know every scrap of rock at this venue.

May Trial: results are now posted for the May Trial

Riders attending the May Trial enjoyed great weather as the predicted rains held off and the sun appeared on and off throughout the day.  It was good that the weather cooperated as the course for the Junior and Intermediate classes proved demanding and scores would likely have been much higher if it rained.

Expert class was dominated by Stan Bakgaard, fresh back from the Scottish and apparently in good form.  Three riders were in the mix for second place with Bill Sparks riding a strong second lap to secure second.  Steve Day and Todd Nordin rounded out the top four with only one point separating.

Don Doerksen took top honours in Senior 45, with more close scores in the largest class of the day.  Greg Patrick claimed Vintage on his tidy Honda TL125 with a very respectable score, considering the course.

Thanks to Skip and Bernard for setting the courses, well done.


We have often mentioned the possible injury factor in World Trials, on these pages, but a video of Toni Bou’s crash at the US Round again illustrates just how easy it is to get hurt at this level. - Bou landed heavily on his rear end after falling from the top of a very big rock wall, fortunately, he was able to continue, but are the new “No Stop” rules going to add to the danger aspect?


I had a call from Martin up in the Shuswap, to say that their Sunday ride proved to be a bit of a challenge, exploring more new trails in the Scotch Creek area. - Fresh from the success at the WTC Nationals, the team are keen to build on this for next year’s Outlaw ( Which will be year #27)


Our next road trip, looks like being to the ATRA Falun Trial in a couple of weeks - we are trying to arrange to meet up with Jimmy at Golden on route - plus we have some business to do in Calgary on the way. - Not sure if either of our Fort Mac Beta lads will make it to this one.


Tomorrow, we might be going to Summerland to spend the day with Pete - we will be joined by a West Coast rider, new to the sport, who is in Town for a few days. - Weather forecast is for maybe a shower, but if it’s anything like yesterday, it should be great. - Of course the high gas prices, make any trips (gouging bastards) expensive.


And finally, I was able to contact the Canadian Diabetes Association yesterday at their office in Kelowna, and have sent them a cheque for $1,000.00 - on behalf of World Trials Canada ( You can see a copy of my letter on TC) This money is from the National Rounds at Scotch Creek. - As most people know, we have been doing a similar thing for the Cancer Society - raising funds each year at the Ady Brown Memorial.


Tuesday May 28th 2013

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Another gloomy morning in the Valley, with more rain overnight, at least it will keep the forests moist. - with the month winding down, we will soon be half way through the year, and I see that KTM have already released their 2014 models. - This appears to get earlier each year, with all the major players in the market trying to get a “Jump” on the opposition, However with most of the Japanese Factories still having old non-current models still in their warehouses, it makes you wonder how much longer this trend can last.


As the dust settles on the USA World Round, it will be interesting to learn if the Trial was a Financial success or not - the huge cost of promoting these events, is the main reason there have not been any in the States for the past five years, and even longer in Canada. - With the World economy in the Toilet, it was a brave move by the people at the Trials Training Center in Tennissee, to take such a business risk.


Sheppard continues great form

Jitsie/Beta pro rider Jack Sheppard continued his great form with another win last Saturday at the second round of the World Junior championship in Sequatchie, USA.
Although Sheppard slightly dropped his game on Sunday with a modest fifth position, he still maintains the lead in the provisional standings as the series head to Andorra for round three on the 16th of July.

Sheppard commented after the successful weekend: “I’m really happy with the way I’m riding at the moment. Winning on Saturday was fantastic! I felt in control the entire trial and never lost my focus. Scores were very tight so the slightest error would have cost me the win. My result on Sunday didn’t really reflect the way I rode and proved that a couple of errors will kick you off the podium in the highly competitive Junior series. Nevertheless, it has been a positive weekend and I look forward to get back on the podium at the next race in Andorra!”


Steve Fracy put on a Trials School at the Victoria Club property last weekend, and we’ve heard it went off very well, although attendance was  lower than expected. - In other news from the Island - Matt Fracy will be competing in the US National series which gets under way shortly, not too sure of the dates , but we wish him luck.


I see that Tom Sykes won both races at Donnington Park last weekend in the UK - The Kawasaki rider was the class of the field - unless of course you like watching the “Brolly girls”

Donnington grid girls



American joy for Dec

The second round of this year’s World Trials Championship moved to America with Britain’s Youth Class competitor Dec Bullock taking a seventh position on day one and an eight on day two to move into eight place overall in the series in his first year of competing at this level.

“Saturday day one was a good day at the office as I enjoyed the event and felt very confident in my riding. Apart from a small problem with the machine that cost me two time penalty points I could have made the top five which is where I want to aim to be, finishing seventh has certainly made me realise this is achievable”.

“Day two Sunday started off awesome as when I made the first clean passage of the second hazard the crowd went crazy, it was incredible. The second lap was good and I felt confident on achieving the treasured top five position but on the last lap the temperatures began to rise and my riding was not as consistent and I finished in eight position once again”.

“I would like thank the American Beta dealer Tim and his colleagues for providing the machine and for aiding me with my machine set-up whilst in America, it was very professional and I cannot thank them enough. Thank you also to all my other sponsors and associated supporters”.

“I am now looking forward to the first round of the European championship in Czechoslovakia where I will travel to this week with my team”.

Results RD 2 USA – Day 1
Youth – 1: Carles Quentin (Beta-FRA) 11; 2: Bradley Cox (Beta-GBR) 18; 3: Gabriele Giarba (Beta-ITA) 18; 4: Martin Matejicek (Gas Gas-CZE) 18; 5: Timo Myohanen (Beta-FIN) 22; 6: Kenny Thomas (Beta-FRA) 22; 7: Declan Bullock (Beta-GBR) 23; 8: Pietro Petrangeli (Gas Gas-ITA) 35; 9: Ignacio Fernandez (Gas Gas-ESP) 36; 10: Ignacio Martin (Gas Gas-ESP) 51.

Results RD 2 USA – Day 2
Youth – 1: Bradley Cox (Beta-GBR) 22; 2: Carles Quentin (Beta-FRA) 30; 3: Gabriele Giarba (Beta-ITA) 34; 4: Kenny Thomas (Beta-FRA) 35; 5: Martin Matejicek (Gas Gas-CZE) 35; 6: Timo Myohanen (Beta-FIN) 41; 7: Pietro Petrangeli (Gas Gas-ITA) 41; 8: Declan Bullock (Beta-GBR) 43; 9: Ignacio Martin (Gas Gas-ESP) 47; 10: Ignacio Fernandez (Gas Gas-ESP) 60.

Championship Positions:
1: Carles Quentin (Beta-FRA) 69; 2: Bradley Cox (Beta-GBR) 63; 3: Kenny Thomas (Beta-FRA) 58; 4: Gabriele Giarba (Beta-ITA) 52; 5: Pietro Petrangeli (Gas Gas-ITA) 47; 6: Martin Matejicek (Gas Gas-CZE) 45; 7: Timo Myohanen (Beta-FIN) 45; 8: Declan Bullock (Beta-GBR) 33; 9: Ignacio Martin (Gas Gas-ESP) 27; 10: Ignacio Fernandez (Gas Gas-ESP) 24.

Monday September 27th 2013

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Well it was a very quiet Sunday for me, with no riding after the previous hectic weeks of activity with the WTC National - my day started with watching the Formula One race from Monaco, then after Matt picked up Ross Rathbone’s new Beta Factory bike, I kicked back and became a couch potato for the rest of the day - watched a number of programs, missed all but the podium stuff from the Indy 500 - but nice to see Tony Kanan take the win..

Of course I also monitored the action from the World Round at Tennissee -  if nothing else, the new rules made things tighter at the top, however, as expected, a lot of rider’s got away with “Fives” for stopping. ( check out the videos on facebook) - Anyway here is the full report courtesy of Trial Mag:


Raga wins again and now heads the title race

Adam Raga – Gas Gas snatched a dramatic second day victory at the US Trial Grand Prix to move to the head of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship standings, and to complete back to back wins as the series returned to American soil for the first time in five years. Raga defeated Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa on a most cleans tie-break after the two Spanish rivals finished on twenty-four marks apiece following a tense final lap. Bou cruelly lost out by a single clean and in doing so also lost his championship lead, and now trails Raga by a single point after two rounds. Bou’s team mate Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa gratefully accepted the final podium place today having missed out on a top three finish yesterday.

Winner Adam Raga – Gas Gas

Raga took control of day two from the first lap with a confident opening performance that saw him ride his way through the initial twelve sections, four of which had been modified overnight, for the loss of a mere three marks. The alterations made to the hazards were designed to make them more difficult for the second and final day of competition and appeared to have the desired effect with the riders facing a more severe challenge than twenty- four hours earlier in all three classes.

After two laps, Raga and Bou were tied in first place on eight marks apiece and with a comfortable margin over the other leading protagonists. Fujinami was the best of the rest at this stage on twenty-six marks, which was four better than Jeroni Fajardo – Beta, who in turn had a seven mark advantage over Albert Cabestany – Sherco who was not enjoying the best of days in the changed conditions. These two Spanish riders would eventually finish fourth and fifth respectively.

Interesting the pressure got to both Raga and Bou on the closing and decisive lap with each notching up three fives, and the pair ended up with a third lap total that was double what they had dropped over the initial two laps. Bou effectively handed Raga his second win in two days when he failed the step in section ten and caused the tie-break situation, which he would ultimately lose.

Jack Sheppard – Beta saw his lead at the head on the Junior ranking drastically reduced when he failed to repeat his first day performance and slumped to fifth on day two. Francesc Moret – Gas Gas achieved his first victory of the year as he narrowly beat compatriot Jorge Casales – Gas Gas. Just one mark separated these two competitors at the finish after the lead swapped several times during the course of the day. French rider Cedric Tempier – Sherco ended up in third spot, but a long way back for the leading duo. Casales now sits six points behind Sheppard in the championship standings, with today’s winner Moret a further four points back in third position.

USA Day 2 podium

It was delight for Britain’s Bradley Cox – Beta as he finally recorded his first win of the season to date in the Youth class, after having failed to find his real form so far this year. France’s Quentin Carles de Caudemberg – Beta finished as runner up today, eight marks behind Cox, but still heads the general standings with a six-point lead over his British rival. For the second day in a row Italian rider Gabriele Giarba – Beta took the last place on the podium to move up to fourth in championship table. Kenny Thomas – Beta improved on the sixth spot he occupied yesterday and earned a hard fought fourth position today. Despite arriving in the USA as the Youth category championship leader, he now has slipped to third place in the intermediate rankings before the series heads back to Europe next month following the initial two overseas rounds.

The third round of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship will be played out in mountains of Andorra in mid June when at the same event and venue the 2013 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship will get underway.

Photo credit:- FIM / G2F Media

World Standings after USA Rounds ..

Sunday May 26th 2013

Sunday, May 26th, 2013



Most cleans win for Raga on day 2, USA

Closest of finishes in the Championship class on day 2 in the USA, Adam Raga – Gas Gas, wins by most cleans from Repsol Honda Montesa mounted Toni Bou.

A great win for Bradley Cox – Beta, in the youth/125 class and 4th and 5th for Richardson and Sheppard in the Junior class.

Full results of each class by clicking on images below …


It was another quite busy day yesterday, doing some final prep work on Ross Rathbone’s new Beta Factory 300, which Matt will  pick up this morning and deliver to him - Later Dave Lamont stopped by to pick up his Evo 200, so another couple of happy customers. - Chris Hrabb also dropped in to pick up some parts on route to Kelowna, and we had a good chat about the Trial, and also about his RR 300, which got so much attention at Scotch Creek.

Today I watched the latter half of the F1 race from Monaco, which is pretty much a “No passing” race in the narrow streets of Monte Carlo - Nico Rossberg took the win, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Here are the full results from the first day at the US World Round - a good day for Beta finishing on the podium in the top class, plus winning the Junior and totally dominating  the 125 class with 6 out of the top seven on 125 Evos.  - check back later for the news from today. >>

WTC USA, first day results

Adam Raga took the first day at the USDA round of the FIM World Trials Championship at The Trial Training Centre, Sequatchie.  Tennessee.

Jack Sheppard was the winner of the Junior class whilst Brad Cox took runner up in 125 ..

Full results by enlarging the images below ..

Championship Class

Junior Class

125 Class

Saturday May 25th 2013

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Well I was up early as usual, and clicked on the box to watch the F1 qualifying from Monaco, but I’m afraid the couch was too comfy and I dozed off before the end, so I have no idea who is on pole. !! Update  Rossberg & Hamilton  (Mercedes) on front row.


My Friday was very busy, with a trip to Kelowna to pick up bikes - A new Factory Beta 300 for Ross Rathbone and a Beta Evo 200 for Dave Lamont - Dave lives in OK Falls, but is originally from Vancouver Island, this will be his first modern Trials bike, but after a test ride on mine a few weeks ago, he was hooked, and I’m sure he will have a lot of enjoyment with his new toy, like myself, Dave is no spring chicken, but is full of enthusiasm for the sport.


Christy Williams Richards, is down at the World Round in Tennissee,  and posted on facebook that the weather is good so far for the event, and the sections look very challenging - seems that some of the factory bikes were late showing up, which caused some concern, but everything is now under control. We will add info: on the Trial as we get it. UPDATE:

This article will be updated with the latest news from the first day of competition at the Trials Training Centre in Tennessee USA, hosts to the second round of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship. Be sure to check back for more!

First Lap Scores Only

1. Jeroni Fajardo - 6

2. Adam Raga - 7

3. Toni Bou - 7

4. Albert Cabestany - 11

5. James Dabill - 14

6. Takahisa Fujinami - 16

7. Loris Gubian - 23

8. Alexandre Ferrer - 23

9. Matteo Grattarola - 25

10. Benoit Dagnicourt - 27

11. Patrick Smage - 28

12. Jack Challoner - 38

13. Pere Borrellas - 39

World Championship Results1. Adam Raga - 9

2. Toni Bou - 17

3. Jeroni Fajardo - 19

4. Albert Cabestany - 24

5. Takahisa Fujinami - 37

6. James Dabill - 40

7. Loris Gubian - 57

8. Matteo Grattarola - 62

9. Alexandre Ferrer - 63

10. Benoit Dagnicourt - 70

Junior Championship Results1. Jack Sheppard - 10

2. Francesc Moret - 11

3. Jorge Casales - 12

4. Cedric Tempier - 18 (28 cleans)

5. Maxime Warenghien - 18 (27 cleans)

6. Pol Tarres - 20

7. Jonathan Richardson - 21

8. Steven Coquelin - 23

9. Locaa Filippo - 35

10. Kyle Middleton - 38

Youth Championship Results1. Quentin Carles de Caudemberg - 11

2. Bradley Cox - 18 (30 cleans, 2 x 1)

3. Gabriele Giarba - 18 (30 cleans, 1 x 1)

4. Martin Matejicek - 18 (27 cleans)

5. Timo Myohanen - 22 (30 cleans)

6. Kenny Thomas - 22 (28 cleans)

7. Declan Bullock - 23

8. Pietro Petrangeli - 35

9. Ignacio Fernandez - 36

10. Ignacio Martin - 51


The new rules, as mentioned, are creating a lot of controversy - but just as in any sport, things will sort themselves out and the riders will adapt. - We didn’t hear of any complaints about the new WTC 5 second dab rule, at our National last weekend, and the video coverage we took, shows no issues.


We received more of the nice trick Costa special parts from Italy yesterday - I see the new 2013 Factory Beta now comes with their footpegs - I also noticed a couple of other small improvements on the new model, which looks absolutely stunning.



Toni Bou DVD pre-orders sent out!

Toni Bou DVD Yes it’s here!

To all you guys and gals who had the sense to pre- order the new fantastic Toni Bou DVD we sent out all your orders yesterday, thanks for your patience!

You can order direct if you want to purchase a copy the DVD when we are back in the office on Tuesday the 28th May after 10.00am on the hotline: 01663 744766

More news as it happens >>>>

Friday May 24th 2013

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Another Friday and another week gone - this time last Friday I was getting ready to head up to Scotch Creek to do the final preparation on the course for the National - Glad to say the weather was very much better then, than it is at the moment with more rain forecast. - Sharp eyed readers might have noticed that I made a “Typo” when I did the Results which have been posted on Trials Canada - listing the Saturday Intermediate class as Advanced - Sorry about that, Bob will fix when he has a minute. The stories are still coming in from people who really enjoyed the Trial and camp-out - Because of the change of venue at the last minute, we elected to use the Cross-check system, which has the Junior/Inter/Snr classes ride in the morning, being checked by the Experts and Advanced riders. - This procedure is then reversed for the afternoon. - The Advantage of doing it this way, is that you always have checkers, although it still takes a bit of organizing to sort it out - they have used this method for many years Stateside - with only two weeks to lay out sections and learn the loop, it was certainly a challenge, but thanks to great co-operation by the riders, it all worked out.

The RR300 Beta Enduro bike that Chris Hrabb brought along to the Trial ( At my request) sure got some attention, he was kind enough to let a few people take it for a ride, with some very favorable comments, from Stan etc - one of the nicest features of this bike is how quiet it is. - Anybody interested in either the 250 or 300 versions, can give me a call, as we have these available. ( email me for price & delivery)
We have a couple of Betas coming in today, so it will be another busy morning, going to the Kelowna truck depot to pick them up, then doing all the set up, so that our customers can have them for the weekend.


The second round of the World Trials Championship goes this weekend in the USA, and no doubt quite a few Cannucks will be headed South to watch the Tony Bou show. - The new “No Stop” rules continue to stir up controversy  ( see my post by the FIM a couple of days ago).


I see that the heavy rain in Alberta, has caused the postponement of The Red Bull Endurocross at Blackfoot Park - You can get an update on this by checking the SGC site - also some details on Facebook.


The Formula One Teams are in Monaco this weekend, for the yearly race around the houses - most of the teams seem happy with practice times, but Rosberg in the Mercedes looked the fastest. - The race goes tomorrow.


Thursday May 23rd 2013

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

We are now getting caught up with things after the WTC Canadian National Trial - the van is mostly unloaded - Beta is washed and the Thankyou letters have all been sent out. - Reflecting back on the event, there were lots of stories to be told of great individual efforts, Brett Lueers (Beta) - from Sylvan Lake Alberta, was riding in his first Trial ever, and after a 5th place Junior finish in Round one on Saturday, managed to take the win on Sunday. - Martin Lucas (Beta) who was such a big help in putting the event together, got 7th on Saturday, but tied Brett for the win on Sunday, only to lose out on the most “Cleans”

Ken Knight (Sherco) from Okitoks Alberta, had a good weekend with a Junior win on Saturday and a 3rd on Sunday, to lead the points race going into the next Rounds at Ioco, while in the Intermediate Class, it was a tight battle between local rider Graeme Herman (Beta) and Taff Parfitt (Beta) with Taff losing by one point on both days. - this was the biggest class with 14 riders on Saturday, and 16 on Sunday.

It was a similar situation in the Advanced class, between Tanner Nordin (Beta) and Ben Pospisil (Beta)  with Tanner edging out Ben on both days - The Senior Inter Class was a run-a-way for Kevin Couves (GG) on Saturday ahead of Dave Fair (GG) and Mark ONeill (Beta) - but it was a different story on Sunday, when Kevin had an unlucky “5″ and dropped to 4th place, behind Ross Rathbone (Beta) - Brett Clark (Sherco) and Dave Fair (GG)  - Andrew Watson (GG) was the winner on both days in the Expert class beating out Todd Nordin (Beta) and Steve Day (GG)

The Senior Advanced Class shows Guy Smeeth (GG) leading the points race with two second place finishes - and in the Champ Class Thomas Cordner (GG) and Brandon Wince (GG) are tied on points after they both took one win apiece over the two days. - We saw some good rides in this class from young Matt Fracy ( Beta)  who did really well on the difficult section #1 - Matt would eventually finish up 5th on both days, behind Steve Foord (GG) and Stan Bakgaard (Sherco)
The Outlaw Vintage on Monday, was a very relaxed affair, with Don Doerksen (Ossa) taking the (A) class win by a large margin over Bob Clark (Yam) and Dean Seaman (Yam) with 4th going to Brett Clark on the Sherpa T - The (B) class was won by Mark ONiell (Yam),  who dropped just one dab, over the 19 sections  - with Steve Richardson (Yam) beating Taff (Yam) on the tie for 2nd - followed by Jay Colley (Sherpa T) - Harold Pospisil (Yam)  and Chris Castles (Yam).

To sum up, it was a fantastic weekend, with great weather, a great new location, with a really nice camp-site, and the sections were pretty much spot on - some of the winning scores were quite low, but no “Clean sheets” were recorded, and everybody had a smile at the end.

Note ! - Our buddy Barry Van As had to quit on Sunday  with a very painful foot that he injured at work a couple of weeks previous - ( He put a nail through is big toe with an airgun that required surgery)


UPDATE :  WTC Results Sheet on TC show Saturday Inter Class heading as Advanced - My mistake Bob will fix

===========================================>Le Mans grid girls

Wednesday May 22nd 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Well it certainly takes a long time to catch up with stuff after a big event like we had at the weekend - in fact I still have to unload my bike out of the van & wash it.

But what a weekend everybody had - Wow! - we were super lucky with the weather, as it has poured down for the past couple of days, with even snow last night on the mountain passes. - I have posted quite a few videos on Facebook - with some new inductees to the “Over the bars club”  - There is a fine line to getting it “Right” or “wrong” at the higher levels of competition, but nobody got hurt except for a couple of stubbed toes on rocks, although some Champ riders got an early “Bath” on Saturday.

The total count for the 3 day event - was 113, pretty amazing considering this new Trial was all put together in about three weeks, thanks again to Ross Rathbone, Martin Lucas, Jake Wideman, Matt Ready, and Dean Seaman, for the huge effort to make it happen, and of course a big thankyou to Tom & Peggy Zinck for the use of the land. - Another big thankyou, goes to Loraine Fracy and her daughter- who once again did such an outstanding job with the score-keeping.
While the riding was brilliant - there was lots of other action going on around the campground - we had a friendly wrestling match between Harold & Mitch - I think somebody might have got this on video - that was Hilarious. - Then we had the Field of Fire grass track races - another spur of the moment event, that we had to curtail before anybody got hurt. - but the boys sure had fun.

The results have now been posted on Trials Canada, and Bob will be working out the Championship points shortly to put on the WTC site. - I will do the same thing for the Outlaw Series in the next few days. - I haven’t got around to doing a “Tally” of the expenses etc, but a rough estimate would leave about a $1,000.00 to give to the Diabetes Foundation. - definitely a worthy cause, thank you all for your generosity.

============================================>>>UPDATE and World News

In the FIM are upset with the behavior shown by the Gas Gas rider Adam Raga recently, because his disagreement with non stop rules, has led him to made some strong and controversial statements.

For this reason the FIM president, Vitto Ippolito, has sent him, last May 14th, an “Official Warning” letter in which he recalls his duty as a professional sportsman to behave as such when he is in public, by showing respect for the fundamental principles of sporting ethics.

Likewise Ippolito asked him to issue a public apology before the USA Grand Prix to be held this weekend.

Adam Raga has been quick to issue such a public apology. You can read both documents here:

Official warning of Vito Ippolito (FIM):

Dear Mr Raga,

Everyone is aware of the ongoing crisis that has been affecting the world of Trial over the past two decades. As far as the FIM is concerned, this crisis has reduced the number of participants and led to a 75% drop in production for the industry. There are many reasons for this: economic crisis, the prices of motorcycles, legislative restrictions in various countries and others besides.
In these circumstances it is difficult to find solutions. In recent years we have invested a lot of effort in improving the quality of our events and in particular their image on television. From this year, we have also changed the rules after a somewhat arduous process of internal discussions.

In this connection, I would like to inform you that we are aware that it was not possible to arrive at a decision that would satisfy everyone. However, we knew that we could not continue without taking any measures, as had been the case for a number of years, and just go on watching the decline of the discipline.

Having said that, we were very unpleasantly surprised by a number of statements made by you at the end of the Indoor Trial of Chambéry, France, held on January 2013 and another at the press conference of the 1st day at the Japanese Grand Prix. We are not surprised by the fact that you are not pleased with the new regulations. You are free to hold that opinion. What we do consider serious however is that you made some false affirmations concerning the decision-making process and referred to members of the FIM such as Mr Michaud and Mr Willoughby in a disrespectful and offensive way. You even accused Mr Michaud of belonging to a “mafia”.

My intention in this letter is to remind you of your duty as a professional sportsman to behave as such when you are in public, by which I mean showing respect for the fundamental principles of sporting ethics.

In conclusion, I am asking you to apologise publicly before the next round of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship to be held in Sequatchie, USA, on 25-26 May 2013 for the statements you made on the basis of incorrect information and above all for the way you referred to the above named people. We also ask you to send to the FIM a copy of the press release you will issue regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Vito Ippolito. FIM President.
Cc: Ignacio Verneda, Executive Director Sports
Thierry Michaud, CTR Director
Ramon Puente, Gas Gas Owner
D. Angel Viladoms, RFME President


Adam Raga apologize:

In relation to a FIM official warning against me issued by its president Vito Ippolito.

It all began with my opinion against the FIM unilateral decision to make the 2013 Trials World Championship NON-STOP.

Besides my right to disagree, I WOULD LIKE TO APPOLOGIZE if any of my statements were

misunderstood, and members of the FIM or anybody else thought that I was talking of them in an unrespectable way.

I am aware that due to the World crisis the FIM has to do lots of things to make it easier for riders to participate in the World Championship.

Since my first international event back in 1998, I have always tried to act in a irreproachable way.

It is my commitment to continue through my riding and behavior to help our great sport of Trials Riding.

Yours Sincerely,

Adam Raga