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Tuesday August 27th 2013

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

We heard yesterday, that Steve Day took the Expert win at a very difficult CPTA Trial on Sunday, beating out Bill Sparks on cleans, with Alex Walton 3rd.

Looking at the results of the ATA Trial posted on the front page of Trials Canada, I see that Tom Farr lost over a hundred points, in winning the Expert class - Dan Johnson was the only other rider but he did not finish - have to think they got this class a bit wrong, as scores in the other classes appear normal. - Both Tom and Dan are very good riders, who have competed at some of our events out West.

It now seems that there will be a Trial at Ymir this coming Sunday after all. - Jay Colley has posted that it will be held on a small scale at Pete Bustin’s place. - Unfortunately we have now committed to going to Revelstoke to check out the area for the Trials demo on Saturday Sept 21st. - Taff is coming out and the plan is to do a mountain ride on Sunday - of course a lot depends on the weather, which can change quite rapidly in this area.

Last year on the Labor Day long weekend, we had a great time at Ymir, before Stan and myself headed North and did the Joss Mountain Climb to celebrate my 75th birthday. - This was before I learned I had diabetes, so it was a struggle, and the weather socked in with rain as we reached the alpine, making things even more of a challenge. However, we did not run into any snow.


Michael and Jack at the Nest

Trial Magazine had an interesting afternoon with two of Britain’s top trials riders at Hawks Nest on Thursday, Michael Brown and Jack Sheppard who were enjoying some practise at the Derbyshire venue before heading out to France and the final rounds of this year’s WTC and the Trials Des Nations.

Words: John Hulme
Images: Trial Magazine –

Michael Brown – Gas Gas

 Well boys are how are things?

Michael: “My knee that I damaged way back at the SSDT is now well on its way to recovery and performing at around 95%. I have to focus on the next few weeks as we have such important events coming up”.

Jack: “I am riding well even though my results on the second day at the WTC in Great Britain did not show this. My first lap of the three was not good but on the second and third laps I was well on the pace and I will continue to push in the remaining two rounds”.

You have both been picked to ride at the Trial Des Nations

Michael: “I have been in the team for a few years now and as always I am very proud to represent my country, we will work together to aim for the top spot”.

Jack: “I am very happy to have been picked for team and feel it’s quite an honour. The ACU committee made the decision on the four riders to represent Great Britain and I will certainly give it 100% alongside James Dabill, Micheal and Jack Challoner”.

What are your thoughts on the new Non-Stop ruling? 

Jack Sheppard – Beta

Micheal: “Now that the ruling is across the board at both the British and World Trials championships you have to accept this, it does not necessarily mean you have to agree with it”.

Jack: “For my-self it’s been quite a change but as with any sports discipline you just have to practise and practise to achieve your goals”.

Who will win the British Championship?

Micheal: “I knew you would ask this question! As always both ‘Dibs’ and I are very competitive. To win I will have to be riding at a very high standard, I have beaten him before and I will be giving it 110%”.

Jack:” It will not be me this year. James and Michael are two very competitive guys and it will be very interesting to be involved in the day’s action. James has won it before and so will be under pressure to do it again. Michael has never won it so as with James he will be under pressure so it could be very interesting to say the least. Who do you thing will win John – Micheal and John both laugh!”

John: “James or Michael”…!

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