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Monday September 30th 2013

Monday, September 30th, 2013

As I write the morning column - the riders over in Sardinia for the ISDE will be winding up their first day, some with smiles & some no doubt already DNF - It’s a tough event - many say THE toughest off road event. - The French Teams are considered the favorites to win again, but it’s a long week that is always full of surprises.


Many people will no doubt have noticed that I missed posting anything yesterday - it was just one of those times, when there was really not much news - and I was pretty wrapped up watching the “Breaking Bad” marathon - In fact that’s all I did all day until the series ended last night - it was a captivating show, with great acting and content.


It was another stormy night in the Valley with heavy rain and thunder - today it’s only +8 in Vernon - but supposed to improve mid-week.


I see that Jonny Walker won the Xtreme “See to Sky” race in Europe over the weekend - Graham Jarvis pushed him hard, but had to settle for second behind his KTM mounted Countryman. - Dougie Lampkin’s Gasser quit on the final big hill, but he managed to push into the finish with the help of a bunch of spectators - he was credited with 7th place.


Marc Marquez took another win in Spain at the Moto GP race - beating out Yamaha riders, Alonzo and Rossi. - Dani Pedrosa crashed, in a battle with his team-mate Marquez.


In other Trials News - Toni Bou won the latest Spanish Championship event, losing only nine points - Jeroni  Fajardo (Beta) finished second, with Adam Raga (GG) 3rd.


Saturday September 28th 2013

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

“It was a wet, cold, dark night” - and has continued into the early morning hours of the weekend, just as the forecasters predicted - looks to be a good day for watching the box, with the Marathon of Breaking Bad etc. - However I do have young Matt coming up from Kelowna for me to work on his Gasser, so that will take care of this morning.


Seeing the bad weather, reminds me that I still have a few of the great Wulf  Trials/Enduro Jackets for sale at the “Blow Out” prices of $100 each - these should retail for $300 - sizes are limited to medium and large.


Over in Spain, the Moto GP guys are going at it again with Marc Marquez on pole again ahead of Alonzo and Rossi - but they are all within fractions of a second - should be a good race tomorrow.


In Sardinia, the Teams are all on the final count-down for the ISDE, which starts on Monday - Opening ceremonies go Sunday., I see from facebook, that the Team Canada riders, have been enjoying the local cuisine - the Italians certainly like their food, and tend to use a lot of olive oil for cooking.


Here’s a pic of a very nice Sherpa T of 1973 vintage - it’s owned by Steve Saunders, and his Father used this to beat Sammy Miller at the Greybeards Trial of that year. - I had a similar machine, although mine was pretty much stock - The Bultacos, were great bikes and I think I owned five of them in the ’70’s, plus a couple I bought & restored in the ’90’s.

bultaco hi-boy


We just got a reminder from Steve Fracy, to say that they have a WTC Sanctioned Trial at the ISTC property  in Shawnigan tomorrow, with the weather forecast to be wet and windy. No doubt it will make for some slippery sections.

Friday September 27th 2013

Friday, September 27th, 2013

The last Friday of the month, and looking at the weather channel early today, it appears some parts are getting an early winter, with big snow storms South of the border. - I always have mixed feelings about this time of the year, not being into winter sports, the thought of the cold months ahead, makes me a bit depressed, maybe it’s because of my age, but at least we are luckier than a lot of people, living in the OK Valley, where we can get to ride quite a bit through the winter.


Yesterday I spent a very quiet day, kicked back, and watched a lot of the “Breaking Bad” marathon on TV - I missed a lot of these on the regular network, so found the continuous program interesting, great acting, and it goes on all weekend.


Not much Trials stuff to report - The Famous Scott Trial is only three weeks away in Yorkshire - the Time & Observation event is classed as the toughest one day Trial in the World and always attracts a bumper entry.

Next week, the ATRA have a two day Provincial Championship event in Red Deer, Jacek is putting this on - hopefully the weather will co-operate.


World Super bike is at Laguna Seca this weekend - Tom Sykes is leading the series at the moment.


More news as it happens >>>

Thursday September 26th 2013

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

After a really nice couple of days, the weather has returned to rain today, with more forecast for the weekend - not that I don’t like riding in wet conditions - it adds something to the challenge, and growing up in the UK, this was quite normal. However at this point I’m not too sure what we will be doing on Sunday - I did chat to Pete yesterday about going to Summerland again, but we will just have to see how it goes. - call me or email me Saturday to confirm - NOTE : Do not Text me as I do not do that.


Next week the ISDE takes place in Sardinia - with Teams from all over the World, including Canada - I see that Lexi Pechout is riding a Fantic in the event - this is of course the bike that the new owners have built, after buying the rights to the old Fantic name. - As far as I know, there are no plans to re-establish the famous Trials machine.


Yesterday, I finally got around to unloading my Beta RR250 Enduro, - then spent a couple of hours cleaning it - not having a pressure washer, this took a lot of time, but the bike is now back to pristine condition after the Revvy demo, and I’ve listed it for sale. ( A very good deal for some lucky guy or gal)


With things being a bit hectic around the Outlaw homestead lately - Momma Bear was away in Alberta for a week, - I neglected to sort out the new idiot box that we now require to get all our TV channels, - Anyway, made a call to Shaw, and after waiting in line for ages, I was able to follow the instructions to get things working with the new digital format. - I must say the picture is much improved. ( But also my monthly bill)


More news as it happens >>

Wednesday September 25th 2013

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

If you type in the above code - you will be able to see the report and pics of the Revvy weekend - Sorry I don’t know how to post this in a better way, but the local paper gave the event good coverage,  with pics of Stan, Brandon & Barry doing their stuff at the Trials demo.. - Again a big thankyou to everybody who helped out with this - Florian supplied all the obstacles, Chris P and Chris H - were available to show us the area, and Mountain Motorcycle also attended to help promote the sport. - Of course I can’t forget buddy Pete, who always goes out of his way to help, and lastly Daniel from the Glacier House Resort, who is so enthusiastic about promoting the whole off road motorcycle scene.

UPDATE : - Managed to copy the article but not the link to the trials pics

GALLERY: Revy Riders freestyle and trials showcase

Published: September 23, 2013 2:00 PM
Updated: September 23, 2013 3:50 PM

Riegan Sieg performs a lazyboy during a freestyle showcase during the Revy Riders fun ride weekend on Saturday.

Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

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There were more than 100 people on hand for the freestyle and trials demonstrations on Saturday at the Glacier House Resort. The crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed as Riegan Sieg performed a series of spectacular tricks on a 75-foot jump he set up outside the hotel. He did various handstands, flying Superman-type manoeuvres, and – my favourite – a trick called the lazy boy (left) where he stretched out across his dirt bike while soaring through the sky.

In between shows, there was a trials demonstration put on by “Outlaw” Dave Rhodes, who promotes trials riding through his business Outlaw Trialsport. He brought Stan Bakgaard, Barry Van As and Brandon Wince with him to put on a show. Wince, one of the top ranked trials riders in Canada, made it look easy as he made his way over the assortment of logs, truck tires, and a mini-van.

It was Sieg who was the big star, as he signed autographs afterwards and kids lined up to give him five.

Chris Pawlitsky, the president of the Revy Riders, said the weekend events were a big success, with lots of people coming out for the rides on Saturday and Sunday. “We had some amazing reviews,” he said. “People were calling it the best riding in Canada, the best riding in the world. We got lots of compliments.”

Rhodes said he is working on holding a big trials event in Revelstoke in the spring. He called the weekend “unreal.” “The future is bright for the club and for Revelstoke,” he said.

Glad to say that my trip to the dentist was quite painless, and only a filling was required on this visit - I might even be getting a new tooth to bridge the gap in the front. - As many  of you know, I broke my jaw many years ago, & smashed most of my teeth, which required many months of time in the dental chair, so I’ve not been keen to go back since.


I see that Chris H (Hrabb)  - has posted a pic of early snow on the mountains near Revvy today on facebook - this will no doubt be good news to the ski buffs and snowmobilers. - The latest craze seems to be snow-bikes, big bore enduros with a track. - the advantage with these is that they are cheap to run compared to a sled, and you get to use the bike all year round. - Chris  has bought the Beta RR498 just for this purpose, so we will be watching to see how this turns out.



Bristow domination continues

Emma Bristow Media Service

Ladies British Trials Championship Round 5
21st September 2013

This year’s Ladies British Trials Championship resumed in the Yorkshire Dales where Emma Bristow and the MRS Sherco continued to dominate the 2013 series with another clear win.
The experienced Richmond Motor Club entertained a strong entry of thirty lady riders over three laps of twelve hazards.

Emma Bristow “The mainly rocky hazards have been very testing today but I am very happy to take yet another win making it a ‘Full House’ giving me maximum points as we approach the final round”.

“On my last lap I parted with a single mark to open up the winning ten mark margin over the rest of the entry which was very pleasing”.

“The MRS Sherco was in its element on the rocks and banks and performed faultlessly and I am happy to once again celebrate another BTC win with the team, thank you to you all”.

Full Results, click to enlarge

Tuesday September 24th 2013

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Checking my calendar of things to do today - I see one one appointment that likely won’t be much fun - going to get a tooth pulled !!!


On the weather scene, we have certainly had a drop in temperature, yesterday, we only got up to +16, while a year ago on this date, it was +32 - as they say, “Times they are changing.” - The heat just came on at my place for the first time for months - and I see it’s only +6 outside.

Taff called last night, and we chatted about the ATRA Trial at Gwynne - seems it was on the easy side, but everybody had fun, with 24 riders enjoying a sunny day at the Hartwig farm.


We also had a call from Jacek, who wanted to check with me on a couple of things regarding his upcoming WTC Sanctioned Alberta Championship at Red Deer on October 5/6th. - This will be held at the old Ski Hill location, which has not been used for many years - check the ATRA website for details on this.


Because of so many events crammed into the next few weeks, we have elected not to hold the Ady Brown memorial Trial for this year, but we will have it planned in our 2014 Spring schedule.


I see that Sebastian Vettel scored another victory in the Formula One race at Singapore last Sunday, Fernando Alonso finished second, with Kimi Raikkonen  third.


The latest issue of Trial Mag: Classic is now available from the UK, for vintage enthusiasts. -
classic trial mag


If you haven’t seen this neat Beta Enduro video - check it out >> You can click on the link from the Trials Plus website located on the front page of Trials Canada.


Monday September 23rd 2013

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

I’m a bit late getting on the keyboard today, but I sure did sleep good last night - the hectic weekend tired me out, even though I did very little riding, just standing around made for a couple of long days. - because I did the announcing for the Trials shows on Saturday night, I was unable to get any pictures of Stan, Brandon & Barry doing there thing, but I did get a few shots of Reagan Sieg doing his Free-style MX -


The weather looks pretty good out the window today - I will need to unload and wash the bikes later ( there was a lot of interest in the Betas at Revvy) - Can’t thank Chris Hrabb enough, for all his help in promoting the brand - he now has three of the Italian thoroughbreds  - an Evo 300, an RR 300, and his latest toy, a RR498, which he plans on using as a snow-bike. - As mentioned in Sunday night’s blog, there was a lot of interest in our bikes, and a lot of raised eyebrows, when we told people, that Beta is the oldest European factory, having started making bikes just after the second world war. - I see that Cody Webb (Beta) took a 3rd place finish at the Endurocross in the States last weekend  it was Taddy who finished on top of the box, with Mike Brown 2nd - Steve Foord finished 3rd in the Vet Class, and Chantelle from Salmon Arm won the ladies event.


Sunday September 22nd2013

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Wow !!! - Just back from an epic weekend at Revelstoke, what a great time this was,  - I have rarely seen so much enthusiasm for making the whole motorcycle off road scene jive, except at this event .

Friday am - Pete arrived at my place, and we headed for Revelstoke to meet up with Stan Bakgaard and who ever else might show u p

The Revvy Riders Club is I think only 3 years old, but these guys have done an amazing job, with backing from the the City and the BC Forestry Dept, they have hacked out what is likely the best place to ride in Western Canada.

A special mention to Chris P *** something - This guy is like a machine - he should be selling shares on line - the guy is unbelievable, - the club have around 100 ,members, -  but similar to all other clubs that I’ve belonged to, I don’t think  that they all help out. I would say the top “Three” in this club deserve an award for what they have achieved in a very short time.

To sum up, we had an amazing weekend Stan and Brandon, really did show what Arena Trials is all about , and while Barry struggled a bit for an old timer, he did great.

Today, Sunday, Pete and myself went on a bit of an inspection tour - I’ve been up to Revvy before, but I wanted to get a better idea on how I can hook all the sections and trails together. - this in between dodging all the guys out on the Poker run - Hey this ain’t a race buddy !!!


Footnote ! - I just saw that Jeroni Fajardo blew them all away at the Manchester Xtreme Trial - Way to go BETA.


As “shite” law would have it, by the time the event got under way it was raining - not pouring down, but a “drizzle” that lasted for some time, then it cleared up before really chucking it down as we were packing up to leave.. - Fortunately the rain stayed away on Saturday evening while Reagan did his high flying act, and Stan, Brandon & Barry did the Trials demo.

A big thanks to Stan for all the work on Friday to create the obstacles, which included building a pyramid from scratch.

We had Beta demo rides available all day, with lots of interest - Victoria Hett took the RR 250 out for a blast and was gone for a very long time - she later told me that she was having so much fun, she didn’t want to bring the bike back - by the way, this machine is now available for sale at a good price, call me for details.

Friday September 20th 2013

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Up at 5am, to chase around getting ready to leave for Revvy - I see it’s only +7 outside !!! Hope fully the weather will hold for the weekend.

Last night I was over at Luke’s place,  picking up an old Sherco that he has just rebuilt the engine for me - reason being that the previous owner had failed to notice that the carb/airbox hose had split and the motor had been injesting dirt for god knows how long. ( Bike looked like it has had a very hard life & originally came from the Island.)


Had a surprise visit from the President of the Vernon Motorcycle club early yesterday - We had a good chat about working with them to promote Trials back up on Vernon Mountain under the WTC banner - Looking forward to this for 2014, as they have a designated area. - Next year is already beginning to shape up pretty busy, with all these new locations, time to think about picking calendar dates.
Pete will be here at 7.30 & still have lots to do, so I will have to close off until Monday - Have a great weekend. >>>>

Thursday September 19th 2014

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

It was a good day yesterday, - a quick trip to Kelowna to pick up my Beta RR250, then back home to service it for the weekend at Revvy. - I must say that the bike is super easy to work on, with oil changes and access to the air filter a breeze.


Last night I clicked on the TV, only to find that many of the channels were not obtainable - no problem, I had the little box that is now needed, so hooked this up, but still no joy. - Grrrr ! - after  double checking the system, without any luck, I switched on the hockey game  - but not for long, - what a joke that was, unless you happen to be an Oilers fan.  - Ah! Well there’s always the weather channel.


I had a call from Chris in Revvy regarding the Trials demo scheduled for Saturday - he has arranged for a mini-van plus large tractor tires, rocks & logs, so now all we have to do is sort it all out - should be a really exciting weekend.


With Momma Bear, away visiting her sister in Alberta this week, the kitchen is looking a bit like a war zone, so definitely  a big clean up on the agenda for later - Pete will be knocking on the door around 8am tomorrow to head up the road to Revvy. Hopefully we will be able to cram everything in the Outlaw Van - ( The Enduro bikes take up a lot of space)


So I see that David Knight has signed up to ride a Sherco in Xtreme Enduros for 2014 - I watched the video clip they sent me, which was pretty funny, with Knighter talking to the Spanish guy in broken English. The big guy from the Isle of Man, has ridden for Honda, Kawasaki, and KTM in previous years, plus of course competed in Trials when he was younger.


Here is a shot of the 2014 Beta Enduro being tested by Dirt Bike