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Thursday October 31st 2013 -

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

HALLOWEEN !!! - Watch out for all the Kiddies out there tonight - collecting candy.


With November just a day away, time to start thinking about Christmas and presents for that favorite Trials rider in your life - we are already shipping out some accessories for the big event, with special discounts on everything - Helmets, boots, clothing, gloves, toolbelts, etc etc - but here is a chance for you to grab a couple of neat Trials videos on line, from Trial Mag: UK. - I will also have some Autographed copies of Steve Saunders book on Trials, a must have for all true Trials enthusiasts. - Don’t be disappointed get your orders in to Outlaw.

Of Course a number of Lucky guys will be getting new Beta Evos for Christnas - the demand is bigger than ever this year for these great bikes, plus the new RR Enduro models are winning races all around the globe.




CJB Photographic have no less than 3 new DVD titles that go on release later this week on the Trial Magazine – Classic Trial Magazine stand D14

The first is the annual UK Trials Review has been very popular over that past few years as it features no less than 14 events from the season. The featured trials include the British Championships, S3 action from the Colmore, Ladies Championship and Supertrial footage. The Scottish 6 Day and Pre 65 events are here also plus The Reeth 3 day and a look at the Normandale series. Sidecars are also featured this year plus footage from the Inter Centre adults event. It all adds up to 4 hours of trials on two discs with Dan Thorpe co commentating.

There is also the recent Scott Trial 2013 with over 65 minutes from Richmond. The film starts with the build-up to the event from 8 am and then covers the sections at Orgate, Reels Head, Bypass, and Bridgend before seeing the first runners home.

For Classic enthusiasts there is the Classic Review 2013. It covers over 90 minutes of trials, scrambles, interviews from Wrighty’s Telford show and the Bob Macgregor memorial road bike run from Killin, Scotland.

Wednesday October 30th 2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Well I’m finally getting caught up after the hectic weekend at Scotch Creek - between doctor appointments and tabulating results and pics for the various sites, it all takes time. - Fortunately our weather continues to be nice, with cold but sunny temperatures.

My first job in the morning is to check out the latest news on the web - this includes Facebook, Trials Canada, Cycle News, Trials Central, Trials Mag: plus the Enduro sites and I usually check out the ATRA site as well.  - Then it’s click onto my own site, delete all the spam, and try to think of an interesting topic for the day. - Not always an easy task.

Anyway, today I noticed that Scottish Legend John Moffitt has an article on the Trials Mag: front page regarding the state of Trials, which you might find worth reading. - John is a long time enthusiast of Vintage Trials, and has a large collection of old Bultacos  - Here is an intro - to read the whole story check out Trials Mag:


Trials Guru

Trials Guru*

*Gu –  means shadows
Ru – he who disperses them
Because of the power to disperse darkness
the guru is thus named.


Here’s another Motorcycle Legend - Helmut Clasen - I met Helmut many years ago when we visited KTM USA - He still rides today at age 76 - same age as me, and I remember writing this News release. for Interlube International.

Tuesday October 29th 2013

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

I’m a bit late getting to the blog this morning - but have been on the key-board for quite a while posting more pics on the gallery of our rip-roaring weekend up at Scotch Creek - You can see some pics (not great) from the Saturday night party, as well as a few from Sunday, but most of my Sunday camera work was in video, and unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to put the links on my web-site. - I did download a couple onto facebook, but there is so much stuff posted on this that you need to scroll back quite a way to view it.

We heard from Mark ONeill, who managed to get back through the snow to Medicine Hat Alberta - a long ten hour drive for him, but he told me that he just loves coming out to BC & riding in the woods - and enjoys the company of the Shuswap lads. - - Taff, Ben & Kevin - stopped off at Revelstoke on the way home, and rode the XP Trail - I’m sure they had a great time, as this is a really challenging Expert Cross Country Trail.


The 2014 National MotoTrials Series schedule includes eight rounds at four different locations across the U.S. Photography By Shan Moore

The North American Trials Council has announced the 2014 AIReS AMA/NATC USA National MotoTrials Series schedule, which will include eight rounds in four different locations across the country. Consisting of four two-day events, the series will start in Texas Creek, Colorado, May 24-25, and finish at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee, June 28-29, after visiting Sedan, Kansas, May 31-June 1, and Tremont, Pennsylvania, on June 21-22.

In addition to the usual awards, the 2014 series offers a substantial purse for the Pro class riders like Pat Smage, according to the series promoters. Smage will be gunning for a seventh National MotoTrials title next year.

Not just for the elite trials rider, the AMA/NATC USA National MotoTrials Series offers the entry level class – the Clubman division – which has become one of the most popular classes in the series and is available for riders of intermediate level and up, competing on vintage and modern machinery.

2014 MotoTrials AMA National Schedule

5/24-25                  Texas Creek, Colorado (

5/31-6/1                Sedan, Kansas (

6/21-22                  Tremont, Pennsylvania (

6/28-29                  Sequatchie, Tennessee (

Major “non-National” events for next year include the 44th Annual El Trial de Espana on April 5-6, and the 43rd Annual UTE Cup on August 16-17.

For more on the MotoTrials AMA National Series visit


UPDATE : - We have just received the WTC #1 Plates for the 2013 Series & Will mail these out to the winners this week.


Monday October 28th 2013

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The annual Ady Brown memorial trial is now in the history books, and what a “hoot” it was, - the Shuswap guys did a fantastic job on the set up,-  the Halloween Trial on Saturday went over great, the Camp fire party went really great ( but what the hell was in those “Shooters”) The Cooking class over the fire, was something to behold,- Jordi Tarres would have been jealous of this tasty Spanish dish. — So here is how things played out.

Saturday we had 15 riders, with classes for Junior, Intermediate, Snr Intermediate and Expert - the loop was approx 5km with 19 sections ridden twice, and the weather was cool & damp with low cloud blanketing the Valley. - We had a good showing of riders from Alberta (5) and the slippery conditions took some points, but this was an old fashioned trial in many ways, with sections laid out to test basic skills, tight turns and cambers, and it wasn’t long before we could see who hasn’t been practicing these techniques.

As usual, I was out with the camera, and got lots of good shots in spite of the foggy conditions - some of these are already up on facebook, including some video from Sunday - the rest will go on my gallery as soon as I get a chance,

It was young Matt Ready who took the junior win on both days, although it came down to a tie breaker on Sunday with Martin - Taff rode like shit on Saturday, but pulled it together to take the Inter class on Sunday - Ken Knight showed real style on Saturday to win the Snr Inter on Saturday and placed 2nd  on Sunday, behind Mark ONeill. - Ross won the Snr Inter on Saturday, then the Advanced on Sunday, while Stan finished on top of the box in Expert Saturday, but had to settle for 2nd on Sunday, behind Ricky Styles, who had the big slippery log on section # 19 “Dialled”.

A special mention should go to Graeme Hermon who rode Expert on Saturday for the very first time, and Jake & Dean who tried Advanced on Sunday. - It was good to see Steve Richardson out from Gambier Island, unfortunately he had to  DNF Sunday with machine troubles - we had a few “No Shows” on Sunday after the hectic events on Saturday night, but this really was another classic event so congrats to everybody who attended and to the Shuswap lads for doing all the work - we also raised a bunch of money for the Cancer fund, in Adrian’s name - which is what this event is all about. - I’m sure the ATRA riders will not be happy to see the snow back on their side of the mountains, but we do appreciate them all making the effort to come out - This was the last WTC Sanctioned Trial for the year, so now it’s time to plan the Calendar for 2014.


In other news, I see that Cody Webb (Beta) socked it to the troops at the Everett Enducross -  local gal Victoria Hett had a poor night with bad starts spoiling her rides. - Not sure how Steve Foord did.


Jorge Lorenzo added pressure to the Moto GP Championship, when he took another win in Japan, However Marc Marquez is still ahead on points.


Sebastian Vettel clinched his 4th straight F1 Title in India at the weekend, and also helped Red Bull collect another Manufacturers award, which is worth huge money


Saturday October 26th 2013

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Still dark as I write this at 5.30am - I will be heading out the door fairly soon for the 2 hour drive to Scotch Creek - I know quite a few of the riders from out of Town are already there, Steve Richardson & Taff, Ben etc all got in last night. - No more news until late Sunday night, but in the meantime, here’s a blurb on the Moto GP qualifying from Japan - Well done Nicky Hayden.

Nicky Hayden was happy to be on the front row at Motegi  but he wanted more. Hayden held P1 for much of the final 30 minutes of Saturdays one hour  15-minute MotoGP qualifying session on the factory Ducati  but in the end  on a drying track  world championship battlers Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez were able to push Hayden back to third. Gold   Goose photo

Photography by Gold & Goose

Nicky Hayden was happy to be on the front row at Motegi, but he wanted more.

Hayden held P1 for much of the final 30 minutes of Saturday’s one hour, 15-minute MotoGP qualifying session on the factory Ducati, but in the end, on a drying track, world championship battlers Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez were able to push Hayden back to third.

Still, it was the best qualifying session of the year for Hayden and the first front-row start for the Kentuckian since round two at Jerez last year.

“I’m very pleased,” said Hayden, who is in his second-to-last race with Ducati. “We know in the wet we have a better opportunity. The turning, the chatter, the wheelies, a lot of those problems disappear in the wet and our bike works really well.”

Even though he was happy with his effort, he’d hoped to seriously turn some heads by hanging on to the pole.

“I know on one hand I should be happy, smile and go on to be on the front row “Hayden said. “But I’m also a little bit bitter, because during the session we were really fast and at the end the other guys stepped up and as the track dried out I wasn’t able to improve as much I thought I could. That’s not nice, but we are on the front row, so we need to somehow try to take advantage of it the best we can tomorrow and try to have a good race.”

Ever the good sport, Hayden took the time to extend thanks after his strong qualifying effort.

“Thanks to my team for working as hard as ever in a very difficult moment for all of us with many changes,” he said. “Also thanks to the Japanese fans for sticking around. They’ve endured a hard weekend so far, so hopefully they enjoyed that and we can do an even better show tomorrow.”

Friday October 25th 2013

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Todo Trial have posted this picture of a new mini electric bike by Beta on their website - no other details are available, but we will be keeping a close eye on this, as the quiet little mini bikes are great for training the kids. (Pic looks a bit “Slim” being transferred from another site)

We heard from Taff last night with the news that at least five riders will be coming from Alberta this weekend for the Ady Brown Trial at Scotch Creek. - The fun starts at 10.30am tomorrow (Saturday) with the “Halloween” Trial. - weather forecast looks good so it should be a fabulous weekend. -

Brandon Wince has been unbeatable for the last few years at this event, including the 2012 Trial which we were were forced to postpone until Remembrance weekend, because of Forest fires in the South Okanagan in October. - In spite of -9 temperatures and snow on the ground, the two day Trial attracted 24 hardy souls, including riders from Vancouver and Nelson. - I recall that it was after I arrived home late Sunday night, that my van decided it would not go into reverse for me to unload - and this was followed by it needing a new Tranny. - As they say “timing is everything”

I watched some of the Moto GP racing from Australia (repeat) yesterday on the box - just the Moto 2  & 3 races, but these are the most exciting anyway, with non-stop action from start to finish.

The Teams have now moved on to Japan, but bad weather caused the cancellation of practice today at the Twin Ring circuit.


Like many people, I have been watching the development  of the Xtreme Cross Country events from around the World, but I have to wonder if being pulled up impossible mountains by ropes and spectators, really constitutes racing. - The organizers of the recent event in South America, made it so tough, that Jarvis and Gomez had to ride together as a team, man-handling their Enduro bikes up creek beds that even Tony Bou would have trouble with. - They were both then declared equal  first place finishers.


Sebastian Vettel kicked off the Indian GP weekend by leading both Friday practice sessions:

Thursday October 24th 2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

On Tuesday I was in the North end of the OK Valley, Yesterday, I was down in Penticton - the trip to the South was to visit my dentist (and long time Beta rider) Neal Mandeville - glad to say that I now have something to smile about, with a replacement for the tooth I broke a couple of years ago. ( thanks Neal) - I also stopped in to see my “Bag Lady” to chat about some planned changes to our Outlaw toolbelts, and also grabbed a cup of coffee with Pete at the Timmy’s, in Summerland.


The news that Walt Healy Motorcycles is closing the doors, has made headlines in the Calgary Herald, and is a stark reminder that even in the Oil rich Province of Alberta, making money in the Recreational business can be tough - Too many dealers selling the same product, might seem like a good idea to the consumer, but in reality, is a short term approach by the factories who are just interested in churning out the numbers. -  I always remember Walt saying - “Dirt bike riders are the nicest people in the World - but an awful lot of them expect me to pay for their sport” -

As most of you know, Walt and myself were good friends and traveled to lots of different places with Yamaha, but perhaps the highlight, was to the Scottish Six Days in 1992. - Walt was popular no matter where he went, and always “Told it as it is” - I can still picture him at the breakfast table, being asked if he would like some “Black Pudding” with his bacon & eggs - Why not Walt said - “I’ll try anything once”
Walt Healy Motorsports closing its doors after 83 years in business

A bit of trivia regarding Walt, is that he always used Opti Oil in his Yamaha Venture - even when he went on his big trip around Australia, because it was so hot (He told me the tar was bubbling in the pavement at one point) - Interlube International, flew a special shipment of Opti 4 to the Australian Distributor for Walt to pick up. - Needless to say the bike never missed a beat.

We received an unexpected package in the mail from Nick Hellings - a set of really nice rim stickers, like the Beta factory ones, but these say Outlaw on them - Nick has been making decals for me for many years , including the large “Beta Racing” ones on the Outlaw Van, and does a fabulous job from his business outlet in Edmonton. -  no job is too big - like transit bus signs etc, plus small decals for the Trials bikes - If you need anything like this to “bling up” your bike or van - email me and I will forward his contact info:


UPDATE: -  I see Alex Walton (Sherco) won the CPTA Trial last Sunday, he beat out Bill Sparks (Beta) and Todd Nordin (Beta) - Tanner Nordin (Beta) was 4th.


WEEKEND INFO: - Rooms available at the Scotch Creek Hotel (Pub) (250) 955- 0298 - just down the hill from the Trials site or at the Quaout Lodge near the #1 hiway (250) 679-3090


Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

It was a busy day for me yesterday, as I received a shipment of Opti Snowmobile oil - 3 skids to unload and sort - then make a drive up to Sicamous to drop off an order for Action Rentals. - All a bit physical for the old guy, but at least I did get confirmation of an order for a  2014 Beta RR 300 while I was chatting to Kevin at Action.


Doing bike maintenance, is a sure way, of getting the best results in any competition, but it’s amazing how sometimes the simplest things like cleaning the air filter can be overlooked, and cause the bike to run poorly - this happened to our old friend Marris last weekend at the Airdrie event, when he rode a borrowed Beta Evo Factory - an absolutely fabulous machine, but just like any other bike, it will not run properly with a plugged airfilter. - A real shame as this is so easy to get at on the Evo. - Checking your bike over thoroughly before an event is crucial for any brand of bike, with the Keihin Carbs now fitted to the majority of the models , needing special attention to make sure the pilot jet doesn’t get plugged.


Here’s an interesting post on Trials Magazine that may be just the ticket for a Christmas present.


Trials for Everybody DVD

New trials training techniques DVD, 1hr 20min of trials lessons from Alexandra Dissey and Yannick Marpinard

Two professional instructors give you advice on how to progress quickly. From beginners to competitors, everybody will learn something! Each technique is shown with an easy to follow method.

DVD comprises of the following lessons:
1- Balance
2- Basic turns
3- Lifting front wheel
4- Steps
5- Safety
6- Descents

7- Move front wheel
8- Move rear wheel
9- Balance with front wheel up
10- Jumping a step
11- Wheelies

12- Negative steps
13- Drop off
14- Jump
15- Jump a gap
16- Bounce on rear wheel
17- Wheelie up
18- Stoppies

19- Freeride with Yannick

Buy Online:

Tuesday October 22nd 2013

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Sammy Miller is a Motorcycle legend, and while he is remembered mostly because of his Trials success, he also competed at World level in Road Racing - back when the circuits were just that - ordinary roads like in Northern Ireland or the famous TT races in the Isle of Man.

Never a man to rest on his laurels - even into his 70’s - Sammy recently won a vintage road race in Europe on his immaculate BMW. - I was lucky enough to see Sammy racing in the Isle of Man, back in 1957, and believe me he was brilliant. - These days Sammy runs his Classic museum in England, which houses hundreds of beautiful antique bikes.


The results of the Alberta Provincial Trials Championship are now up on the ATRA site, and the winners are - Expert - Steve Foord (GG) - Advanced-  Chris Tronnes (GG) - Senior 45 - Mark ONeill (Beta) - Intermediate -Craig Parfitt (Beta) Junior-  Roger Geisbrecht (Beta).


Here’s a pic I took last Sunday while checking out the loop for the upcoming Ady Brown Trial - beautiful spot up above Scotch Creek, with the Shuswap Lake in  the background.


Monday October 21st 2013

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Sunday turned out to be another glorious day, with early morning fog giving way to bright sunshine for most places in the valley. - Matt & myself arrived at the Scotch creek location, to find quite a change since my last visit in May - all the trees were a mass of red & gold, with lots of leaves on the ground, but the ground was surprisingly dry, I was surprised to find the muddy section we had not far from camp, all dried up.

As soon as Ross, Martin and Dean showed up, we went on a tour of the new loop that the boys had cut in, ready for next weekends big Trials event, the Halloween on Saturday, and the Ady Brown on Sunday. - It wasn’t long before I had to say that Ross and his crew have learned well, and the sections they have all taped ready to go are on par, with what I would term just about perfect for a club Trial. - The degree of difficulty, is spot on, for all classes, and quite technical, - no need for lots of hopping & bopping here, just regular “English” style hazards, with a good variety. - This will definitely be a fun event. - There will be a Porta-Potty on site at the camp area, and Ross will have lots of wood cut for the Traditional camp fire.  - We did stop at the Pub/hotel in Scotch Creek on our way home, but found it closed, even though a sign said it was open, so I’m not sure if rooms will be available next weekend. - With no other Motels in the area, the nearest appears to be Sorrento which is 25 mins away on Hiway #1.


We received an email from Taff last night, to say he won the Inter class ( and the championship) at the Alberta Provincial Championship event held near Airdrie at the weekend. - No doubt there will be a full report on this at some point.

==========================================> Breaking News. - Gas Gas have cancelled John Shirt in the UK as the Importer for their Enduro bikes, setting up an Automotive Importer. - Shirt will continue with the Trials bikes, but after 17  years promoting the Enduro line he is obviously not too happy.

Harold (Turk)  Perepulkin emailed telling us that he enjoyed his 44th ride at the Terra Nova last week, he said he was just too fast and burned one check by 17 minutes, - as mentioned earlier Stan Bakgaard took the overall win, beating out arch rival Mark Cahill.


Jeff Ryan stopped by on Saturday to pick up some stuff, with the news that he no longer works at the local Yamaha dealership - at least he will now have time to get out on his Beta.


With the Trials season drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking of 2014 and planning a calendar - we have a number of new venues open next year in the area, so now it’s just a case of picking dates and arranging WTC sanctions etc. - It looks to be an exciting year, with more riders and more events in new locations.

Beta Wins in Mongolia - These great bikes are popping up all over the World.


Welshman Tom Sagar from near my hometown is the new World Enduro Champ in E2


Tom Sagar was crowned the E2 champ... Tom Sagar was crowned the E2 champ. - See more at:
endurocross-vellahn StartFinal-1080 Results - EnduroCross Vellahn1. David Knight (Sherco) 7 laps, 11:36.878; 2. Andreas Lettenbichler (KTM) 7 laps, 12:17.645; 3. Kornel Nemeth (KTM) 7 laps, 12:36.289; 4. Paul Bolton 7 laps 12:39.670; 5. Jan Peters 6 laps 12:00.112…

- See more at: