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Tuesday January 7th 2014

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

There is no doubt that the biggest news story so far in 2014, has to be the weather. ! - The extreme cold temperatures on the Prairies and in Eastern Canada, are still causing havoc, and I really don’t know how people are managing to survive, as it seems to happen a lot - no wonder many folk move to BC. - The UK has also seen the worst flooding for years.

The phone was busy last night - first we had a call from Barry - who it turns out spent the Christmas Holiday on Vancouver Island - ( Wondered why we hadn’t heard from him to go on our traditional New Years Day ride) - Next up was Mark from Medicine Hat, who filled me in on all the latest news from his area, plus we chatted about some issues that he has been having with his wrist - likely caused by nerve problems in his neck. - Many motorcycle off -road riders suffer with this sort of injury and need surgery - including Chris Tronnes and Shane Cuthbertson. - Hopefully Mark will get things sorted before the Trials season gets underway. - He loves coming out to our events, as do many Albertans, and this year we have even more new areas to hold Trials, we will be posting details here on the blog, as usual.


It appears that Jack Challoner’s wrist is not broken, but his four fingers are - and while it’s a sort of good news, bad news scenario - he will no doubt bounce back - we wish him a speedy recovery.


The other Ossa rumour - is that they will combine with Gas Gas to make all the bikes in the same factory, but nothing has been confirmed at the moment. - There is still no information on who is the mysterious money man behind the Dougie Lampkin project - except that he also tried to buy the Ossa concern last year.  - Hard to believe that anybody would consider getting into an already crowded market. - Of course when I worked for Yamaha, we had a saying, that the best way to make a small fortune in the Motorcycle Business, - was to start with a big one. !!


The next couple of days are going to be pretty hectic for me, with a large shipment of Opti Oil coming in - It’s always a challenge at this time of the year, hoping the weather isn’t too cold etc - nothing quite like trying to unload skids in a snow storm. - At least the Ski Hills and snowmobile trails are in good shape, so they are doing a good business¬† locally. - We haven’t heard much from our buddy Chris Hrabb for a while in Revelstoke, but I’m sure he has been kept running over the holiday flying Hele-skiiers up the mountain.

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A reminder that we still have few of the brilliant Steve Saunders Trials books available. - email or call if you want one. $39.95


Obviously no environmental problems in South America !!! Here’s a Dakar shot from Yesterday.