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Monday March 31st 2014

Monday, March 31st, 2014

So here we are on the last day of March, and I can at least say for sure that we got out riding a lot during the month, - Yesterday was a very satisfying way to finish off, with a fantastic ride at Summerland with Matt & Richard - We really didn’t know what to expect as we drove up the hill to the turn in by the gravel pit entrance, but were happy to see only a small amount of snow where we park, and our couple of practice sections close by completely dry, as was the “Bird Bath” area.

After warming up, we headed down the trail towards the camp site location, finding this road had been quite well used with vehicle traffic, and very muddy. - still patches of snow around, but we took the trail up over the top of the ridge managing to either blast through the drifts or skirt around them.

Once we got to Rowdy Flats, it was all dry, and even the Devil’s Staircase was free of snow - however, getting over the top of the mountain proved to be a bit of a “Work out” - as we had to fight our way through quite a lot of knee high drifts, working as a team to get the bikes through some of them, and the old guy had to stop a few times to catch a breath. - Fortunately we had left the flags up, so finding our way wasn’t a problem, and of course I know the area pretty well after 20 odd years. - I took a whole bunch of pics, which are now up on the gallery under the March madness album - I guess this ride was a bit mad, as a snowmobile or snowbike would have made life easier over the top. - But we made it and while I was pretty much knackered by the end, it was gratifying to hear both Matt & Rich, say that they too were tired.

This is the first part heading near the section we called Valley View.


And this was how everything looked high up on the top of Moose Mountain.


No snow on “The Devil’s Staircase” on Sunday - Note the tree in the foreground is ready to fall.

While loading the bikes Randy the guy that owns the gravel pit, stopped by, and told us some disturbing news, that the Minister of Highways, is talking about doing a “Land swap” with the Penticton Indian band, in order to build a new road near that City, and the plan would see the whole Crown Land area that we ride near Summerland given to the native band, and therefore closed off for recreation. - Randy suggests that we all write or phone the Minister, objecting to this, as the only way to preserve our riding area for the future. - Without a doubt this is really bad news, as we have been using this location since 1987, and it is second to none when it comes to sections and natural trails. - I will post further details on this subject when I learn more.

In other news - The Super Cross on Saturday night was another James Stewart show, as he caught and passed Ryan Villopoto for the win - He is looking smooth and confident. - Will Hahn had a huge crash, and sustained a shoulder injury.

Although I didn’t see the Formula One race from Malaysia, reports say that it was a bit of a parade, with Mercedes taking the win, and 3rd, while Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel grabbed 2nd,


More news as it happens >>>>

Sunday March 30th 2014

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

The last Sunday of the month and we are off to Summerland to check out snow conditions - bit late getting up, so will post a full report with pics: later this afternoon - Looks to be a rainy day. >>>>

Well all I can say is we had  unbelievable day  at Summerland - Matt - Rich and myself, rode over the the usual Outlaw loop - over to Rowdy flats - then the the big snowy climb over the top of the mountain, - You can check out the pictures on the gallery - but believe me me they they don’t tell the whole story - “it was a a real work out”


Saturday March 29th 2014

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Beta 2014 SSDT Prep Sheet

Below is the 2014 Beta SSDT bike preparation helpsheet.For dealers please make sure any of your customers riding in the SSDT follow the helpsheet.
This is also very useful for general checking of the bike.
Regards …
John Lampkin. (Beta UK)SSDT help sheet 2014 EVO. (1.8mb .pdf file)============================================>

Although there are only a handful of Canadian riders, who have made the long expensive trip to ride in the Scottish Six Days Trial, - there are certainly a great many, who are out in the woods every weekend, with badly maintained machines, and without any tools to fix any problem that might arise.

The Beta Service Help Sheet above ( click on link) gives a host of good info for preparing your bike for any event, but in particular ones with a long loop, where access to your toolbox is a many miles away.

In the old days, when ignition systems were poor, we would never consider going out without a handful of spark plugs and of course a wrench to install. - Having a spare master link for your rear chain, can make the difference between finishing a Trial, and a long walk back to the Parking lot, and yet we see lots of riders out every year, without the basic tools to work on their bike. ( I would like a dollar for every rider that I’ve helped because he says ” I don’t like wearing a tool belt or back pack - On a long Mountain ride this type of thinking can be recipe for disaster)
Many Scottish riders, use the Outlaw Toolbelts,( Snce 1987)  which come in various shapes and sizes, and which are hand made right here in the Okanagan Valley. - They are designed to fit tightly, with an adjustable belt, and are so hard wearing, they last forever. - The addition of a water or spare gas bottle makes this item, a must, for anybody going on a long ride. ( Check out the “For Sale” page to see these)

We like to take small light wrenches, in  combinations of 7-8-10-12- 13 - 14mm sizes, plus a set of the compact allen keys, and a two way screw driver -  a pair of pliers, a plug wrench and a large crescent that is big enough to fit both wheel nuts. A piece of thin wire and a few zip ties, take no space, and of course even with the modern electrics, a spare spark plug is always advisable. - Having a small tire pump, and a couple of co2 air cartridges plus a couple of “Dog turds” to fix a flat, can often save the day. - Spare levers are also a good idea.

While this might seem like a lot of heavy gear - It depends on the event as to what you pack - but you can always drop off your belt or bag at the top of a section when you walk it, so that the extra weight & bulk doesn’t interfere with your Toni Bou moves. ( Scottish riders always do this)

Guy Smeeth from Vancouver, is in Scotland again this year, and will once again be using the Outlaw Toolbelt that has served him well in all his other trips ( I think this might be the 8th year)


Bou wins again, as Cabestany becomes vice champion

Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa closed out the 2014 FIM X-Trial World Championship with his fifth win in five rounds to maintain his 100% record and to extend his record to twenty six victories in a row. However with Toni having already wrapped up the title prior to this event in Oviedo, Spain the story of the night was about who would become vice champion.

Albert Cabestany – Sherco held his nerve to take second spot come the end of the evening and close the season as Bou’s nearest challenger. Adam Raga – Gas Gas did his best to overhaul his bitter rival, but had to settle for third place on the night and the same place in the series. James Dabill – Beta rounded of his best ever campaign with fourth in the Spanish city to remain fourth in the final rankings.

Qualification proved much tougher than expected, with only Bou and Cabestany managing to keep their scores in single figures. Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa was the first rider out and made hard work of the six qualifying sections, his score of twenty-six putting him in last place on the night. With the Japanese rider out of sorts Dabill was the first to transfer through to the semi-final. The first big shock of the night came as Jeroni Fajardo- Beta saw off Raga, as the Gas Gas teamster failed the skip section right at end. Lucky for Raga he was still to make it through to the last six as one of the two best losers.

Cabestany’s passage through this initial process was without pressure as Jorge Casales – Gas Gas once again struggled to match his peers in this his rookie season. Casales was cruelly robbed of the last spot in the semi-final as he lost out to Loris Gubian – Ossa on a tie-break that went down to the best recorded time in the third hazard. Gubian’s inclusion in the final six was at least some consolation for being totally over shadowed by Bou in the closing pairing of qualification. As ever Bou was simply awesome as he remained un-penalised through the initial six hazards.

Raga turned the tables on Fajardo in the first of the semi-final pairings as this time it was him who dispatched of his compatriot. Jeroni was poor in this stage of the competition and would eventually finish in sixth spot to rule himself out of any chance of going through as the best loser and in the process kissed goodbye to any hope of fourth place in the series. Cabestany made light work of his duel with Dabill in the semi-final, however the British contender was to progress as the best loser. Gubian stood no chance against Bou, but the French rider still did enough to record his best placing of the campaign.

The final was very much a one-man show once again as Bou delighted his many home fans at this sell out closing event. His second clean round of the evening sealed his fifth straight win of the year, and was delivered with purpose plus entertainment and was greeted by a continuous wall of noise from the crowd. Cabestany and Raga simply had no answer to Toni, as they both twice failed where he was faultless. Tied on ten marks apiece, Cabestany would finally get the nod having qualified into the final in the better position.

With Raga taking the lower step of podium, Dabill had to be content with fourth place for the fourth time in a row this season. Tonight’s top four coincidently matched the top four in the final championship standings, with this quartet having consistently been the best of the crop over this thrilling five round tour.

photo credit – FIM/Good-Shoot


In Formula One News - Lewis Hamilton is on pole in Sepang for the Malaya GP  - Sebastian Vettel starts alongside with Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso in the second row.


Not sure where we will be riding tomorrow - maybe Summerland - call me if interested.


Friday March 28th 2014

Friday, March 28th, 2014

The final round of the World Indoor goes tonight in Spain, but with Toni Bou already having clinched the title for an amazing 8th time, the battle is all about 2nd place - Albert Cabestany holds a small points lead over Adam Raga at the moment, with James Dabill (Beta) in 4th. - It will be interesting to see who is up to the task tonight.


SCOTTISH SIX DAY NEWS.  - Courtesy Trial Mag: UK.


Scottish Sign Up

Dateline March 2014…

With the event approaching at a rapid rate the Edinburgh & District Motor Club has sent out riding numbers to all the successful entrants for this year’s event. A detailed description of ‘who’s who’ in this annual classic will be issued shortly.

The machine importers who will represent the manufacturers will once again be providing excellent support facilities within the Parc Ferme in Fort William. For this to run as smoothly as possible, they will need riders to register with them for all your requirements before and during the event.


On a different note ! - The Vernon Rush Ringette Team, are in Winnipeg this weekend to compete in the Canadian Championship - Our Grand-daughter Hannah, is on this team, and so far the BC Champs are doing well, having beaten Winnipeg 3-0 and Team Alberta 7-5. - Hannah also finished 2nd in the speed skating event - hard to believe she is now 16 years old.


Eli Tomac is ready for St. Loius
GEICO Honda is reporting that Eli Tomac will return to action this weekend at round 13 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series in the Edwards Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri.Tomac has been watching from the sidelines for the past three weeks after aggravating his shoulder in Daytona, one week after he claimed an impressive second place finish in Indianapolis on March 1.”I really do expect to be at the same level where I was before,” Tomac said. “It certainly isn’t a given but I expect a lot out of myself, and I hope to get some more podiums before the year is out.”

Tomac has three top-10 finishes in five supercross races this season, his first in the 450 class, but has struggled with the shoulder injury since first injuring it at the series opener at Anaheim.

“I’m rested and ready for the last five races of the season,” Tomac said. “I’m fully recovered, and I honestly feel better now than when I did at the start of the season. I put in a lot of hard work to come back, riding as much as I can over these last few weeks.”


UPDATE : BOU MAKES IT A CLEAN SWEEP - winning  THE FINAL INDOOR IN SPAIN> - Cabestany finishes as runner up, with Raga, 3rd - Dabill 4th, Fajardo 5th - Fujigas 6th




Thursday March 27th 2014

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Just had to post this neat shot of Ultimate Scottish Six Days Trial enthusiast , Carlos Casas. - riding a typical rocky creek section in the Highlands.  - The Spanish Bank Manager has been a regular competitor in Scotland for many years, and is largely responsible for the large contingent of riders who travel from Spain each year.


While out riding with Florian on Tuesday, I was explaining the difference between a MX style boot versus a Trials boot - and this  got me thinking of how riding gear has changed over the past few decades.

When I first started riding, most newcomers visited the local War Surplus Store, to search for suitable Motorcycle stuff - with ex RAF flying boots quite popular, and one piece rubberized “Submarine” suits - which kept out the every day rain in the UK. - This gear was quite cheap, but of course, once you became a regular competitor, you had to look the part, and buy a “Barbour suit”  - the waxed cotton jacket & pants that everybody wore - no fancy colors back then.

As most events featured stream sections - it was also important to have waterproof boots, so the steel toed “Fireman’s  rubber boots became the norm - the Barbour pants had straps to keep them tight and were worn over the top of the boots, in order to keep the water out.

In later years, some riders started wearing MX style boots, but these very stiff, flat soled units, were not the answer, so when the flexible at the ankle, Trials boots came on the market, complete with grippy soles, it changed things for the better.

Of course, back in those days, it was normal for riders to stand on the pegs, with the arch of the foot, rather than on the toes, that is now common - knees were kept “Into the tank” with balance maintained by “Body lean or Body English ”

It was Mick Andrews, who started the wide legged stance that is now universally accepted as the correct way to ride. - and the new Trials boots make it so much easier to pivot the foot on the peg when making tight turns. - We sell either Novagar or Gaerne boots, which last for many years ( I usually wear a pair for ten years).
Choosing the correct riding gear, is as important as setting up your machine properly, and at the end of the day, can keep you both protected and cool, plus looking good, with a wide variety of colors available.

In the 90’s, I had my “Outlaw” riding gear made in the UK, where the quality was superb, in fact the neat jackets that we brought in, are still being worn now, by many riders, they are that good, and with zip out sleeves, can also double as a vest. - Sadly, Dave Anderson of “Anson Clothing” -my supplier, closed shop, as the market became flooded with cheap stuff from overseas.

Luckily, Bill Brown of Wulf clothing, still makes really good riding gear for all types of motorcycle sport, and in recent years, has started a trials line, which we have found to be both reasonable in price, and hard wearing. - this is all made in Scotland, and comes in various colors. ( We have a good stock of Wulf Helmets and clothing)

So there you have it, you can get by with old work boots and blue jeans, when you first start riding, but having the right stuff, will not only protect your body, but will help with your technique, plus keep you looking good.

Wednesday March 26th 2014

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Well Tuesday is come & gone, but what a great way to goof off !!

I met Florian at the Denney’ in Kelowna for breakfast  & we headed  over to Bear Ridge. - Now this was the first time out for Florian on the recently bought Beta Evo 300, but having ridden with him before at Revvy on his KTM, I knew this guy had lots of talent.

As it happened, the weather turned out just fine, and we were soon having fun, with me acting as  instructor, and showing the basic Trials techniques. - ( Yes I can still do that)

To say the least we had a “blast” and Florian really enjoyed the day out with the “Old Guy”

I’ve posted some pics on facebook, plus a video - so Florian will get his moment in time..

UPDATE: - More pics now posted on the March Madness Album. - Check it out >


Is there a market for “Foo- Foo” bikes - So what are they you ask ? - Well it seems that many of the factories are looking to capitalize on this elusive segment of the buying public. - Many years ago, Beta came out with the Alp model, a brilliant two stroke version of the Trials bike, fitted with a comfy seat and trail bike mods to make this appeal to more people. - Did it sell ?  - Only in small numbers in North America, and although the bike is still in the line-up - it is now fitted with a 4 cycle motor, and looks very similar to the average Japanese model, so not very exciting.

Fast forward to the present day, and Gas Gas have just introduced a 200cc version of their Randene model - obviously in an effort to get more sales of a bike that is really not moving off the sales floor. - Then you have KTM making the “Free Ride” - another dismal failure in my opinion, and you can add to this list the Ossa Explorer.

So why is it that the average public, do not jump on these seemingly great machines that combine all the attributes of both a Trials bike and a Cross Country racer ?   - The answer is that I for one have no idea, - The Alp that I have sitting in my shop, comes out a couple of times a year, and is ideal for what it was intended, - sure I’ve done a few mods, with foot-peg and handlebar position, but it is still very much as it came out of the factory. - And on a nice day in the woods is fantastic - BUT if I really think hard about it, I would still prefer a regular Trials bike, BECAUSE they do everything better - Except for the seat. - And that my friends, is why I think these bikes will always gather dust on the showroom floor..

More news as it happens >>>>

Tuesday March 25th 2014

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

It’s still dark outside as I hit the keyboard this morning, but a quick check of the weather channel, tells me that the forecast is for a mixed bag today - but not to worry, I’m going riding with Florian Schott from Revelstoke. - Florian has just bought his first Trials bike, the ex Chris Hrabb 2012 Beta Evo 300, and is keen to get time on it. - As usual I will take the camera along and post some pics later.


The latest edition of Trial Mag: will be arriving soon, and features Jack Challoner on the cover - Apart from being a brilliant Trials rider, Jack is also an accomplished entertainer, and is in big demand for wedding parties etc.

Trial Magazine


Taff phoned last night & we were able to catch up on all the latest news from the Edmonton area - of course he is pretty excited to have the new Beta RR 250 sitting in his shop, but with snow still on the ground in Alberta, it will likely be next month before he gets to ride it..


Chris Ellis of Triumph Canada, posted this great pic of Kenny Roberts on the Yamaha in his glory years - Walt Healy had one of these screamers, that he loaned to a couple of different Calgary riders, not sure whatever happened to it. - The Canadian version was finished in Red & White.


Lorenzo admits: ‘I made a mistake’ And here’s how you turn a very expensive Yamaha Factory Moto GP bike into a piece of junk.


Monday March 24th 2014

Monday, March 24th, 2014

This was the scene at Ioco yesterday, where they had a great turn out for the CPTA - “Demo” day - all the local dealers were on hand with bikes and advice on the sport, for anybody wishing to learn more about the “Feet up” game. - Thanks to Ron Walsh for posting this pic.


Meanwhile back in the OK Valley. we awoke to see a white carpet of fresh snow, and while it all melted by late afternoon, it was enough to postpone any plans for a ride.  - Instead, I spent a lazy day watching the box.

Fortunately, the Moto GP  was on Speed - and what a fantastic race that was - Lorenzo got the hole shot, but threw the factory Yamaha away before he completed a lap, destroying the bike. - This left Bradl in the lead, which he held for quite a while before he too went down -  Valentino Rossi  was now in front, closely followed by Marc Marquez, and a freight train of other riders. - at the end it was Marquez who took the win, edging out Rossi, but what a terrific battle they had swapping the lead many times.


I see that Michael Brown (GG) - won the Cleveland Trial over in the UK, but only because Jack Shepard lost points on time, a costly error by the young Beta rider.  - This is one of the oldest and most popular traditional events held in England, with a long loop, and superb natural sections.


Edmondson Racing dominate GBXC - round 1

The Edmondson Racing Beta Team’s 2014 cross country challenge got off to the perfect start over the weekend of March 15-16th. At the opening round of the high-profile national GBXC Championship, the team took the top three positions making a clean sweep of the podium on Sunday’s main race solely for Pro, Expert and Clubman riders.
Winner Lee Edmondson got a terrific start and was never challenged throughout the 2-hour race, taking an impressive Pro class win against the opposition.
His 250 RR Factory edition BETA was customised with a highcapacity tank with quick “Dump” fill fuel system which enabled him to complete the whole race with a single sub ten second fuel stop.
Step two on the rostrum went to James Jackman who followed Lee home to an impressive 2nd overall while the teams’ youngster Antoine Criq topped off a perfect 1, 2 and 3 for the team’s 2014 GBXC debut.
The result of a first corner crash for Antoine saw him taken down by another rider rendering him in last position as the rest of the field headed off in to the distance.
Racing in the Expert class, he soon made terrific progress and at one point passed Jackman during JJ’s fuel stop on the 350RR. Jackman’s considerable racing experience at GBXC style events paid dividends and Criq eventually settled for a highly respectable third place overall together with an unchallenged individual Expert class win. Saturday’s GBXC Sprint series opener also saw the team perform exceptionally well.
Still on a steep learning curve, young Antoine rode impressively to win the Expert class by quite a considerable margin and his time would have been good enough to have placed him 5th in the Pro class.
Lee Edmondson and James Jackman Competed in a tough and quality Pro class field with Lee narrowly missing out on third. His eventual 4th was well earned and so too was the 8th place for James respectively.
The Team’s BETA bikes performed well and with the reliable and instant electric start systems, all team riders were able to gain great race positions the moment the flag dropped. The ‘Sprint’ format allowed time for Suspension tweaks following Saturday’s racing and saw all three riders completely at ease with their machines come Sunday’s main race around a long fast course which was littered with tough technical sections.



In other Beta news - Taff spent his Sunday prepping his 2014 RR250, and posted this pic taken in the snowy backyard of his Sherwood Park home. - the Trials bikes can be seen lurking in the background.


Nick Burson won the Rabbit 100 National Hare   Hound in Murphy  Idaho. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK KARIYA

Beta’s Nick Burson claimed the overall win at the Rabbit Creek 100 National Hare & Hound in Murphy, Idaho. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK KARIYA

MURPHY, IDAHO, MARCH 23 - The third round of the AMA/SRT Hare & Hound National Championship Series headed north to Murphy, Idaho, for the Rabbit Creek 100, where, for the second time in a row, Purvines Racing Beta’s Nick Burson came away with the overall win. Aboard in Motul/TBT Racing/Klim-backed 498 RR, Burson got off to a fast start, battled a bit with Husqvarna’s Jacob Argubright before taking control of the race and taking the eventual wi

Sunday March 23rd 2014

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Well here is the exciting news that I referred to in the Saturday blog - #2 Canadian Champ rider Brandon Wince will be riding a Mountain Motorcycle sponsored Beta this year - The pic shows Brandon coming to grips with the new bike in the back yard at Outlaw Trialsports, and although this was the first time ever on the Italian bike, he was soon flicking it around no problem.

Of course, as can be seen in the photographs, the weather was far from ideal yesterday, with snow coming down big time for the first test ride, However, this did little to dampen the enthusiasm. - It was also nice to have a visit with Brandon’s Dad John Wince and his brother Trevor, who I last saw about 15 years ago. - I used to cater to the Duncan BC family many years ago, supplying Gasser bikes and accessories, so we had lots to chat about.


In other news, James Stewart was the class of the field at the Toronto Super Cross - taking the win after a poor start, and blitzing through the pack, Stewart looked like his old self, and never faltered - Ryan Villopoto was lucky to grab some points as he was feeling sick all weekend, and had to go through the semi to reach the final.


The Moto GP in Qatar results will soon be in, but Marc Marquez looks like picking up from where he left off last year, with a blistering pole setting performance, just 6 weeks after breaking his leg in a Pre-season test crash.


And here is a view of the backyard this morning !!!

===============================================>Captured – BSEC, Rnd1

This is a good pic of Danny McCanny at the British Enduro Round last week, where he finished 2nd.

UPDATE: - After viewing the pics on the web - I don’t think this is Danny - maybe Ben Hemmo.
More news later >>>>>>

Saturday March 22nd 2014

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

This is a neat pic sent to me by young Australian Free style Trials rider Sam King, who hopes to visit us later this year, obviously has a lot of talent, and rides a 125 Beta Evo. - Watch for more stuff on Sam in the coming months,


Yesterday I was down in Kelowna again, this time meeting up with old buddy Gordon Walker, who was in town. - He needed some new riding gear as he left his other stuff at his work location in Newfoundland, along with one of his two Sherco Trials bikes. - It’s been a while since we managed to hook up with Gord, so we had a really good visit, and he hopes to get out for a ride with us tomorrow at Bear Ridge.


The season opener of the Moto GP year, goes in Qatar tomorrow, and should be a “Doozer” as all the factory teams are struggling in practice, leaving the door open for the private Yamaha rider Aliex Espargaro, who topped the charts in all three sessions.


In Supercross, the series moves to Toronto tonight, which should be interesting,  for Dean Wilson, who I think has family there, the young Scot has shown impressive speed on the 450 Kawasaki, while filling in for the injured Chad Reed. - Canadian super star Ross Pederson will be on hand as a special guest, - I remember being involved in signing Ross for Yamaha Canada, many years ago.


On the weather front, it looks like another great weekend to be out on the bike - but only if you live in BC - the folks on the Prairies and in Eastern Canada are still buried in wintery conditions. - Tomorrow the CPTA have a demo day happening at Ioco, which will give new people interested in the sport, the chance to try out a Trials bike from the Importers.


Be sure to click on the blog tomorrow for some exciting news >>>>