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Monday June 30th 2014

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Well, I’m back home from Revy, after an absolutely fantastic weekend  - On  Friday, Matt and myself were out early doing final tuning on the sections and the 101 other jobs - we went out without jackets and paid the price when it rained - it cleared up in the afternoon, only to really throw it down on Friday evening - by this time, Julie was doing sign up and the car-park  & camping area at The Glacier House lodge was was filling up fast. - But I was feeling somewhat uneasy about the weather.
We did manage to have a checkers meeting before the rains came - and glad to say we had great support from the Revy Riders club for this  - in fact all my concerns, about not having enough checkers, proved to be unfounded, as the club came through with flying colors.

On Saturday am, we got things underway at 10am, and the first riders were soon inspecting the sections in Quarry #1 - The first Champ/Expert/Advanced section was a toughie - difficult splat up a rock wall, followed by a tight turn, dropping down over more rocks, before facing a BIG steep climb. - - we saw a lot of really good attempts her, as morning nerves were tested to the full.
When we agreed to do the WTC Western National in Revy  - the aim was to promote this as a spectator friendly event, and what a super turn out we got from local fans, plus from other parts of BC and Alberta - we even heard of one guy who saw the poster on the English Trial Mag: website and drove all the way from Kindersley, Sask, to watch.

Of course hosting a Trial in any new area is always a challenge, and we have certainly put the hours in to prepare an event that would be top caliber and enjoyable - With top riders like Tino Marin ( who used to ride with Toni Bou) and Aussie Sam King, plus our local hero Brandon Wince - we knew we had to set the bar pretty high, in order to take points, but two of the happiest lads that I saw in Revy, were young Alex Walton, and his buddy Tanner Nordin  who simply had a blast.  - I don’t think I’ve ever put on an event where I saw so many riders having so much fun, and helping each other out - cheering along with the spectators when a good ride was recorded.

The staff at the Glacier House resort, couldn’t have been more helpful, and even a small flood caused by a broken water pipe in the downstairs Pub, didn’t stop them from working overtime to make sure that the watering hole was open in time for our awards presentation on Saturday evening. -  we showed videos of the Scottish and the party went on fairly late for some.

Sunday dawned bright and clear, and apart from a few sore muscles and heads - the riders were all set to do it again - we were out and about just after 7am changing a few sections, then later  making sure that everything was going smoothly and that the checkers were in place. - I saw a couple of black bears on my early morning patrol, but some people reported that some of the bears paid a visit to the campsite. -

Again the roads near the quarries were lined with spectator vehicles, similar to what you see at the Scottish - people and cameras everywhere,  - The Revy Riders had drafted in more wives and girlfriends to act as checkers and we couldn’t help be impressed by Marianne  Usher. who was manning the first expert/champ section in the last quarry - she had her young kids helping with the checking - with Oscar punching the cards at the end, what a treat it is to see the families all getting involved.

Because the riders were familiar with the loop, thing went more quickly on Sunday, and having a Taco van at the third quarry proved to be a popular move - the Revy club provided free tickets to all the checkers, which was a nice gesture.

Once again we saw some brilliant riding in all the classes, but without a doubt for spectators the big attraction was watching Tino, Sam , Brandon and Alex, tackle the huge boulders in quarry one and the big wall of #13 - they really did put on a great show.

A huge thanks to all the checkers who came out - thankfully, you didn’t get rained on, in fact you likely got a bit of a sunburn - it was also good that the black flies that were such a pain the week before when we were setting up, had all disappeared. - As mentioned Julie Lucas really stepped up to the plate, not only doing sign in and results, but also searching my van for parts etc for riders, while parked at quarry #3 - Having the event at the lodge, mean’t we were able to download the results on the computer ( thanks Matt and Amanda) - which were then printed off on the Hotel printer.
At the end of the day the Editor of the local Newspaper interviewed myself and some of the riders - he asked me if I intended doing it again next year - I answered by saying I would think about it. - But of course how could I not want to do it again - this was such a great first time success, that the future can only be better, - we can always improve.



1 Harold Pospisil  Edmonton AB - Beta Evo 290   35 points

2 Leigh Stocks  Revelstoke BC   - Sherco 290     36

3 Martin Lucas -Celista BC         -Beta Evo 290   39

4 Jason Munns - OK Falls BC  GG 300  - 57

5 Robert Trottier - Olds AB -  GG 300 -92

(4 DNF)

1 Dean Seaman - Sorrento  - Beta Evo 300    85

2 Taff Parfitt - Sherwood Park AB  Beta Evo 250 94

3 Wyatt Pospisil -Edmonton AB  - Beta Rev 3 270 100

4 Mitch Langell - Red Deer AB -     GG 300 - 101

5 Marcus Buhrig - Blind Bay BC - Sherco 290 - 105

6 Terry Dufloth - ?                          ?            - 136

7 Matt Reading    Vernon BC       Beta Evo 300 -163

Snr Inter

1 Brett Clark - Coquitlam BC  - Beta Evo 250 - 65

2 Bruce Baker -Revelstoke BC -Beta Evo 300 - 85

3 Bernard Vailancourt - Vancouver BC Mont 4RT- 99

4 Mark ONeill - Med/Hat AB    - Beta Evo 300 - 123

5 Lee Usher - Nelson BC -  Beta Evo 290 - 129

6 Aaron Brassard -Calgary AB - Sherco 290 - 146

7 Chris Hrabb - Revelstoke BC - Beta Evo 300 - 167


1 Chris Tronnes - Bentley AB   GG 300  - 55

2 Graeme Herman - Scotch Creek BC - 124

3 Jay Colley - Ymir BC -      164

Snr Advanced

1 Don Doerksen - Mission BC - Scorpa - 59

Ross Rathbone only rode 1st day.

1 Stan Bakgaard - Yale BC - Sherco 290 - 86

2 Steve Day - Vancouver BC -GG 300 - 105

3 Tanner Nordin - Coquitlam BC -Beta 300 -128

4 Ben Pospisil - Edmonton AB - Beta 300 - 177
Steve Doel Calgary  Sherco - only rode 2nd day.

1 Faustino Marin - Calgary AB - Sherco 250 - 50

2 Brandon Wince - Kellowna BC - Beta Evo 300 - 67

3 Sam King - Melbourne Australia - Beta 300 - 84

4 Alex Walton - Coquitlam BC - Beta 300 - 123

Friday June 27th 2014

Friday, June 27th, 2014

So this is the start of what should prove to be an interesting weekend - The first ever Trial in Revelstoke - We are getting a bit of a late start, and it appears it’s a bit wet out there this morning, but overall the forecast looks good for both Saturday and Sunday - not too hot.

As always there is a ton of last minute stuff to do - but at least I managed to get all three Betas in the van yesterday, together with all the other gear - unloading is going to be another matter. - Matt will be out again with me today doing a final tune up on the sections - then one of the Revy crew will ride the loop tonight to make sure all the arrows and flagging is still up.

One final word to everybody - don’t forget your bug spray. - See you in Revy !!!

Sam is being cheered on big time via facebook, with family and friends rooting for him.

Thursday June 26th 2014

Thursday, June 26th, 2014


Thanks to Christy Williams of the CPTA who re-posted this on facebook, and her Trials site.

A reminder to riders, that while this WT event is Two Days - it’s the overall scores that count for  the Championship. -However, you can still ride either day, and we will have medals for each day. - The Revy Club - have been promoting the Trial locally on radio and in the Press, plus we understand that Red Bull have asked for info: for possible future involvement with the club.

Please scroll down to see the schedule of events, - I will be heading out of Vernon early tomorrow morning and will be at the Glacier House lodge around 10am - If you are in need of parts etc - tonight is your last chance.
The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow, with the odd shower over Saturday/Sunday so it should be perfect.
It’s all coming down to the wire now, with the process of loading the Outlaw van happening later today - this is always a big operation, trying to remember both stuff for the event, plus extra parts and accessories that may be needed for riders.

But before that I have a doctors appointment - then I have to pick up the checker vests plus the trophies etc -


Here’s a shot from the Beta Factory Introduction of the 2015 Enduro models in Italy. - Importers from all over the World (Including Canada) were on hand to see, touch and ride the fantastic new bikes, which feature a  lot of updates. - The 4T models now have Fuel Injection. plus  are smaller and lighter ( they were already lighter than most other bikes) - Beta have had the Fuel Injection technical data for many years.

We will be getting a full report on  the Italian Factory trip, from Bob and Steve, next week.


We’ve heard from Heath in England, that he is off to Spain tomorrow with Steve Saunders, for the 2015 Jotagas Introduction - we will look forward to posting his pics next week.


And no this is NOT Sam King on my Beta - This was taken in Italy >>>

Wednesday June 25th 2014

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

ARE YOU READY FOR REVY ?????????????????????????????

UPDATE: - All the sections are now set up for the WTC Trial in Revelstoke for this coming weekend June 28/29 - They are located in three different quarries connected by nice single track trails for the riders and with a gravel road for spectator vehicles.  - The whole loop is only about 5km, but the views are fantastic as are the sections.
I think this may be the first ever Trials event in Canada that is starting from a Resort  location - similar to what the FIM require of World Competitions. -
Schedule of Events
Friday 6pm -8pm - Rider sign up and Checkers meeting
Saturday 7.30am -8.30 am rider sign up - checker meeting
Saturday 9.30am - Rider meeting
Saturday 10am - first riders away (two per minute)
Saturday evening (time to be posted)  BBQ at the Lodge - followed by presentation of daily awards in the Pub.
Sunday - 7.30am New riders (if any) sign up - followed by checkers meeting
Sunday - 9.30am - Riders meeting
Sunday -10am - First riders away
Sunday Evening - Presentation of Championship Plaques in the Glacier House Pub (Time to be confirmed)
Any questions - Call Outlaw Dave at (250) 545-6139 - (250) 308-7307 cell  ;D


Gotta love the caption on this - “Beta be on one or follow one”


Cody Webb

Current EnduroCross series points leader Cody Webb confirmed this week that he will be competing in the final two rounds of the Aires AMA NATC MotoTrials US National Series this coming weekend at the Trials Training Center near Sequatchie, Tennessee, on June 28-29.

This will mark Webb’s first appearance of the year in the MotoTrials series, the Beta USA rider opting to concentrate on the GEICO EnduroCross series this year, and the strategy has paid off as Webb sits atop of the EnduroCross series standings after three rounds.

Webb won the US MotoTrials championship in 2010 and this weekend in Tennessee he’ll be going head-to-head with six-time champ and current points leader Pat Smage, who is undefeated through six rounds in 2014 on his factory Sherco.

Also in the mix this weekend will be Gas Gas USA’s Martin Matejicek of the Czech Republic, who currently sits second in the standings, and Sherco USA’s Bryan Roper, who missed the first four rounds of the series to compete in the World Trials series in Europe.

For more info on the US MotoTrials series go to

Tuesday June 24th 2014

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Here is a shot from Revy yesterday - taken with my small Olympus water-proof camera - which is handy to stick in my pocket when I’m short of room in my Outlaw toolbelt, - We were sitting by the last section in Quarry #2 taking a rest for a drink and a snack-bar.

Glad to say everything pretty much now all set up - we were out of Vernon at 7am and at the Glacier Resort by 9am so we got a lot done before it got hot.

This is the first “Wall” on the #12 Champ line - MUCH Steeper than it appears in this shot - Note! All these great sections are accessible for spectators, and only a short hike from where you park your vehicle.
Thanks again to young Matt for helping - he took a day off work in order to do this - I rode my Alp for a change, as it sits idle most of the year, but in this terrain it’s hard to beat, and works really well plus it allows me to sit down on the road..

We won’t be going back to Revy until Friday, when we will be there to set up the Beta Tent and then go out to “Fine Tune” some of the sections.

The 2015 Beta Enduro bikes have been unveiled at the Factory and Mountain Motorcycle were there to see these exciting new models

Giacomo Redundi (Beta) is the 2014 Junior World Enduro Champion.


Monday June 23rd 2014

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Well it was certainly a “Cooker” of a day in the Valley on Sunday +30, and too hot for this old guy - However, I had a few things to sort out for the Trial, before relaxing on the couch. - Paul stopped by for a visit, he is enjoying his new Yamaha Street bike.


Saw this nice pic of Christie on facebook with another pretty gal who I don’t recognize (Sorry)  - 

Sharp looking riding gear to match her new Monty.


So it’s off to Revy again today with Matt - to do more work on the sections - we will get out of Vernon around 7am, for the two hour drive - to try and avoid the heat a bit, as the forecast is for another hot one. - Noticed on Saturday, that all the water had dried up in the sections, which is a shame, but it won’t spoil things.


Sam is in Golden this week, staying with his cousin, plus he has managed to get a few days work with the local plumbing contractor - so that will help with his finances.


I watched the F1 race early yesterday morning - it was pretty good, but once again ended with a Mercedes 1-2 - the Williams Team did however finish in 3-4 - which is their best result for a very long time.


Graham Jarvis took another win last weekend, this time in Romania - his Husky team mate Alfredo Gomez  finished 2nd.


Sunday June 22nd 2014

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Saturday, Matt, Sam & myself were back up at Revy working on the Trial - It was hot and the black-flies were bad in some areas - so a reminder to all checkers,riders and spectators - bring Bug spray - Hopefully the little varmints will have found a new location by next weekend,

The WTC Revy event is coming together very well, with some spectacular Champ sections for the Spectators. - It’s been quite helpful having Sam King along to give his ideas, for champ lines. ( Although all sections have been planned by Outlaw Dave with Fun the main focus)
Please note: - Here is the Schedule for next weekend.

Friday - We will be at the Glacier House site from approx 10am - Likely out on the course for most of the day.

Friday evening - 6pm - 8pm   - Rider sign in plus checkers meeting

Saturday - 7.30am - 8.30 am - Rider sign in

Saturday - 8am- 9am - Checkers meeting & final instructions

Saturday - 9.30am Riders meeting
Saturday - 10am - First riders leave at 10am ( two per minute)

Saturday Evening - BBX at the Glacier House Resort - Time to be posted

Saturday Evening - Results and awards at the Glacier House Resort - Time to be posted in the Lobby.


Sunday 8am - 9am - New rider sign in - Also Checker meeting

Sunday 9.30am - Rider Meeting

Sunday 10am - First riders leave  (Two per minute)

Sunday Evening - Results and Championship Presentation at the Glacier House Lodge.



ALL Sections are accessible  by car or truck , and only 3-4km from the lodge





In Other News - >> Colton Haaker took the EnduroCross win in Sacramento USA - Beta rider Cody Webb came 2nd with Taddy the 3rd man on the podium - congrats to  local Vernon gal Chantelle Bykirk who finished 2nd in the Women’s event.

In Formula One - there was a big surprise in qualifying for the German Grand Prix - with the Williams Team finishing 1-2  ahead of the all conquering Mercedes drivers who were beaten for the first time this year - Certainly an emotional moment for Filipe Massa, who hasn’t had a pole for many years. UPDATE: - Rossberg takes the win ahead of Hamiton with the two Williams cars in 3rd/4th.

Here’s another pic of Sam practicing at Summerland.


Pic from the British Ladies Championship today - Emma won again - But I really like the neat podium  (Think Steve Saunders built that)

Saturday June 21st 2014

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

If I remember correctly today is the longest day of the year, and also the first day of Summer - For Team Outlaw - this means another busy day up at the Revy Trials site -

Yesterday - I drove Sam up to Salmon Arm, where he picked up an old Dodge Van to use while he’s here - it will act as transport and serve as a camper while doing the Trials. - The price was right and the old girl seems to run fine.

After that we stopped off at Silver Creek for some practice - lots of mosquitoes   in the creek area, but I managed to get some good video of Sam, before we went up to the water fall to cool off.


Friday June 20th 2014

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Thursday we were down at Summerland showing Sam King the Outlaw Loop and sections - I took a load of pics, with my Nikon, all of which turned out really well - this one was at the big Expert section near the “Bird Bath”  - on this shot Sam actually missed the back brake a bit which is why he is  in an almost impossible position - However as we saw all day - he somehow manages to save it.

During our drive to & from Summerland, I had a chance to find out more about this young Australian rider - seems he was over at the Beta Factory when he was 14 years old picking up a new bike, and also spent some time with Joan Pons in Spain, so he has certainly traveled a bit.

Today we plan on going to Bear Creek to get in more practice - then tomorrow it’s back to Revy for a full day of work on the Trial, plus deliver another new Beta to a customer from Winlaw BC.

Here’s another shot of Sam riding up the same tree that Brandon did on our “Fun weekend” - he did this stunt a number of times - amazing ability.


Moto GP seems to attract a lot of very pretty young ladies - this shot from the Cataluna GP in Spain >>

Catalunya grid girls


Thursday June 19th 2014

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Well yesterday was a busy day - had a shipment of Opti come in, so it was a bit of a work out  loading and unloading that - before sorting an order to go to Sicamous in the afternoon. - -

After Sicamous it was on to Salmon Arm to stop off to see Dustin at Shuswap Xtreme - then I hooked up with Sam King, who had grabbed a ride from Golden & was checking out an old Dodge van to use while he’s in BC.  - This went pretty well & after that with Sam in with me, we headed back down to Vernon, where we had a nice supper at a local Fish & Chip place, before going back to my place.

Today we are going down to Summerland & I will show Sammy the Outlaw loop - see how he does on “The Devil’s Staircase” etc. -  think it’s gonna be a warm one. - Will take some pics & post later.