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Saturday June 21st 2014

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

If I remember correctly today is the longest day of the year, and also the first day of Summer - For Team Outlaw - this means another busy day up at the Revy Trials site -

Yesterday - I drove Sam up to Salmon Arm, where he picked up an old Dodge Van to use while he’s here - it will act as transport and serve as a camper while doing the Trials. - The price was right and the old girl seems to run fine.

After that we stopped off at Silver Creek for some practice - lots of mosquitoes   in the creek area, but I managed to get some good video of Sam, before we went up to the water fall to cool off.


Friday June 20th 2014

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Thursday we were down at Summerland showing Sam King the Outlaw Loop and sections - I took a load of pics, with my Nikon, all of which turned out really well - this one was at the big Expert section near the “Bird Bath”  - on this shot Sam actually missed the back brake a bit which is why he is  in an almost impossible position - However as we saw all day - he somehow manages to save it.

During our drive to & from Summerland, I had a chance to find out more about this young Australian rider - seems he was over at the Beta Factory when he was 14 years old picking up a new bike, and also spent some time with Joan Pons in Spain, so he has certainly traveled a bit.

Today we plan on going to Bear Creek to get in more practice - then tomorrow it’s back to Revy for a full day of work on the Trial, plus deliver another new Beta to a customer from Winlaw BC.

Here’s another shot of Sam riding up the same tree that Brandon did on our “Fun weekend” - he did this stunt a number of times - amazing ability.


Moto GP seems to attract a lot of very pretty young ladies - this shot from the Cataluna GP in Spain >>

Catalunya grid girls


Thursday June 19th 2014

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Well yesterday was a busy day - had a shipment of Opti come in, so it was a bit of a work out  loading and unloading that - before sorting an order to go to Sicamous in the afternoon. - -

After Sicamous it was on to Salmon Arm to stop off to see Dustin at Shuswap Xtreme - then I hooked up with Sam King, who had grabbed a ride from Golden & was checking out an old Dodge van to use while he’s in BC.  - This went pretty well & after that with Sam in with me, we headed back down to Vernon, where we had a nice supper at a local Fish & Chip place, before going back to my place.

Today we are going down to Summerland & I will show Sammy the Outlaw loop - see how he does on “The Devil’s Staircase” etc. -  think it’s gonna be a warm one. - Will take some pics & post later.


Wednesday June 18th 2014

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

The Beta Electric kids bikes are starting to make an appearance in Europe, and we will be getting these with our 2015 shipments - we hope to have more news on this after our Importers get back from the Factory at the end of the month.


Here’s a pic of Paul Throssell on his brand new Yamaha 750cc Street bike - very impressive machine and extremely light -  about 300lbs.

He was good enough to drop off a bunch of last minute printing stuff that I needed for the Revy Trial - Thanks buddy.

Paul’s bike is a 2015 model - and while I’m not sure who started the idea of introducing the next years bikes, almost before the current season had begun - it was certainly one of the Japanese factories, way back when I worked for Yamaha. - I recall Walt Healy saying to me one time       ” You know at some point we are going to have to start selling the bikes in the year of manufacture” - all this has done is to build a back log of non-current machines in the warehouse, that have to be heavily discounted in order to move them.


Nine time USA Expert Champ Ray Peters ( shown here at a recent National on his Evo 4T) will be coaching a Trials school in Alberta next month

Details are listed on the ATRA Website - this will be a WTC Sanctioned event.


Tuesday June 17th 2014

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Another gloomy start to the day, with low cloud in the Valley, but things are supposed to clear up by tomorrow with a big change in temperatures for the rest of the week..

Yesterday I zipped down to Kelowna to pick up another new Beta from the truck depot - then put it together in my car port ( out of the rain) - This one will go to another new rider from the Slocan Valley area. -

Taff called last night, and we got caught up on all his news - it’s been a busy time for him with moving into a new house, and his parents are  coming over from Wales right after the Revy weekend. - He brought me up to date on the ATRA Trial at Falun - seems it was a good event, with new Spanish rider Tino Marin impressing everybody.

We have now got International coverage for our WTC Championship Trial, as the Press Release that I did up yesterday, has been published on the Trial Mag: UK web-site - ( Thanks Heath) - It’s also up on Facebook.

The news about Michael Schumacker  - is certainly a miracle - we can only hope that he will make a complete recovery. - People always say that Motor-sports are dangerous, but ironically Skiiing has claimed many lives.


Had a call from Ross (Rathbone) yesterday - he now has his 2013 Beta Factory 300 up for sale, as he has just taken delivery of the fantastic new 2014 model - call him at (250) 371-1380 if you are in the market - I’m sure this will get grabbed up very quickly.



Canadian WTC Championship

Western WTC National Trial ..

Things are coming together for the WTC Trial at Revelstoke, which will a “First” for this area. – The event will start and finish at the beautiful  Glacier House Resort, which offers superb accommodation and also a restaurant and a Pub. – plus camping facilities. ( these are filling up fast so if you need to book here is the # ( 1-877-837-9594 ) – Be sure to mention that you are attending the WTC Trial in order to get special rates.
The owner Daniel, is himself an Off-road Motorcycle enthusiast, and the Revy Dirt Bike club members are all excited about hosting this very first event.

We are still in need of checkers, so if you can help in this regard, please phone me at (250) 545-6139 or email

For the first time we will have both an Australian and a Spanish rider competing in our National Championship, they will go head to head with our local riders like Brandon Wince, although we have heard that current #1 plate holder Thomas Cordner will be unable to attend.  - We do expert a good representation from both the West Coast and Alberta

We expect a big entry in the other classes, with many junior riders out for the very first time – As always we have tried to set the degree of difficulty so that everybody has fun. – But as this is a “National” – some of the Champ/Expert sections will be a challenge, ( close  to World Class) and offer great viewing  for the expected large crowd of spectators – Bring your cameras  ( All sections can be got to by car)
(Riders please note – we had Aussi Sam King ride a few to test – because this is an all new area – However there is no Pre-riding after this coming Friday June 20th)

We will have Olympic style Gold. Silver, Bronze medals for the top three in each class on Saturday, with Championship Plaques for all categories on Sunday ( Combined scores for the two days) – The awards will be presented in the Glacier House Pub ( Time to be posted on a bulletin board inside the lodge) – There will be a BBQ on Saturday night at a reasonable cost, and the Lodge will keep the bar open on request.

There will be a Lunch wagon at the third  quarry for both riders and spectators ( riders make sure you stuff some money in your riding pants)

As this is a long weekend ( and the weather forecast is for sunshine & warm temperatures) -  the Monday is the Canada Day Holiday, so many families will want to stay over and enjoy the fantastic scenery or maybe those with a 2nd Enduro bike, might want to take a blast around the amazing Enduro loops that the club have been building for the past couple of years. – (watch for a full on Red Bull Xtreme Enduro in Revy in the not too distant future) -  MX or Enduro- cross enthusiasts, might want to take in either of these excellent tracks that are only minutes from the lodge.

We would like to thank the following good people for their help in putting on this event. – Daniel from the Glacier House Resort, Chris Pawlitsky, (Club Prez) -  Chris Hrabb,-  Florian Schott and Leigh Stocks from the Revy Riders club, and last but certainly not least – Matt Reading, who has acted as my helper while setting up – this young guy, who hadn’t even ridden any type of motorcycle until two years ago, has huge potential as both a rider and an organizer.
Any questions – please contact – Outlaw Dave


Monday June 16th 2014

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Sunday proved to be yet another very interesting day, as we were once again in Revy to work on the WTC Trial - but a bonus on this day, was meeting up with young Australian rider Sam King and his cousin who lives in Golden. BC.  - After introductions and a quick photo session in the Glacier House parking lot - it was time to take the lads out to the first quarry, where we left Sam to practice on the Outlaw Factory Beta, while Matt & myself hooked up with Florian to organize more sections. - It was a great day, as were able to see Sam pull off some great rides as he got his first ride on a 300 ( he usually rides a 125 in Auss) - Have to say it’s a pleasure to be helping out this nice young man - we will get more time with him later this week for more practice.


In other news I see that they had a good turn out at the ATRA WTC Falun Trial, with new Spanish import rider Tino Marin taking an easy win in the Expert Class, ahead of Chris Tronnes. - Taff took the win in his class to keep the Beta flag flying - full results to follow.

> Novice
> 1. Kji Klemmenson 52 pts
> 2. Gabe Ibrahim 59 pts
> 3. Robin Posnikoff 65 pts
> Intermediate
> 1. Gerald Moij 56 pts (Beta)
> 2. Roger Giesbrecht 74 pts (Beta)
> 3. Robert Gasiencia 84 pts
> 4. Aaron Dobler 102 pts
> 5. Graylin Giesbrecht 106 pts
> 6. Eric Erickson 107 pts
> 7. Ian Buttar 110 pts
> Senior
> 1. Taff Parfitt 37 pts (Beta)
> 2. Roger Flinkman 49 pts
> 3. Hardy Hartwig 51 pts
> 4. Harry Pospisil 73 pts
> 5. Aaron Brassard 101 pts
> Advanced
> 1. Wyatt Pospisil 92 pts (Beta)
> 2. Mitch Langell 103 pts
> Expert
> 1. Tino Marin 5 pts
> 2. Chris Tronnes 52 pts
> 3. Jacek Jablonski 61 pts
> 4. Steve Doel 63 pts
> 5. Ben Pospisil 67 Pts
> Sportsman
> 1. Doug Harrish 15 pts
> 2. Rob Trottier 32 pts
> 3. Rod Kelmmenson 37 pts


The CPTA Trial in Squamish also looked like a lot of fun - Cecile Gambian has posted a bunch of great pics on facebook - will try to find out some results later.


Getting back to the Revy event - the heavy rain had made everything really slick yesterday, and so I was glad to have Sam pre-ride some sections just to see how they would be. - Revy Riders club Prez Chris Pawlitsky was out to check how things were going and seemed happy. - A lot hinges on this first ever Trials event in the beautiful Columbia Valley, so we are doing our best to get it right. -  Still a ton of work to do, but it’s all coming together - WE STILL NEED CHECKERS.


I see Mark Marquez took yet another win at the Spanish Moto GP - some truly incredible images have been posted on facebook of the battle for the lead, with the young World Champion dragging his elbow on the corners - absolutely insane.


Here’s a pic of another very famous Sam - Miller is the name and the pic shows him riding the Norton “Kneeler” which was built in the 50’s for Aussie rider Ray Am - ( later killed testing a Suzuki) - Sammy still gets out to a lot of vintage meetings, and in spite of being well into his early 80’s - he can still ride a bike. - as they say motorcycling keeps you young.

Happy birthday to Gord Lalonde seen here flat-tracking on an Australian beach - He used to live near Calgary, and competed in both Trials and Ice racing before emigrating “Down under”

more news as it happens >>

Cody Webb (Beta) was untouchable at the “Last Dog Standing” race at the weekend.

Sunday June 15th 2014

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Today, Matt & myself will get an early start, and head up to Revy once again to continue work on the Trial - we will meet Sam King from Australia at the Glacier Lodge - Sam is itching to get out for some practice on the Outlaw Factory Replica Beta so it should be an interesting day - Florian will also be there complete with his small chain-saw to do some trail pruning. - I will take the Canon along to shoot a few pics, although the weather looks a bit showery..


It seems the Shuswap boys had a bit of unexpected excitement   on their Saturday ride up Crowfoot Mountain, as Chis Brigg’s Sherco caught fire when the gas line came off - fortunately Dean and the boys managed to put it out by dousing the flames with snow, but Martin reports that it took some work doing some rewiring of scorched parts to get it going again.


We got a call from Bill Pernitsky late yesterday, with the news that he won’t be able to “check” for us at the WTC Trial - the reason being he had a heart attack last week, which had him airlifted to Kelowna, where they put 4 stints in to save his life. - Can you imagine - and the guy has the presence of mind to call me and apologize for not being able to help. - Now that is what I call a true Trials enthusiast, get well soon Bill and take care of yourself.


In other health news, Pete’s wife Carol is now home after having a big operation for cancer surgery - our best wishes go to her for a speedy recovery. - We have missed having buddy Pete along to help with our Trials this year, although he says there might be a possibility that he could be in Revy.


I see that Cody Webb (Beta ) took the win at the “Last Man Standing” race Stateside, yesterday - we will post more details when they come up on the news.


Other events happening today, are the CPTA Trial in Squamish and the ATRA Trial in Falun - we will have results of these tomorrow.


For Moto GP Fans - the race at Cataluna Spain goes today - Dani Pedrosa (Honda) is on pole after his team-mate Mark Marquez crashed in qualifying - Lorenzo is in the #2 spot with the uninjured Marquez in 3rd. - Rossi is still struggling with a good qualifying time & will start 5th.


The car enthusiasts will no doubt be tuned into the 24 hours of Le Mans again today - I caught a brief clip on Speed vision yesterday - looks like the Toyota cars are going strong, as are the Audi and Aston Martins.


So to all the Dad’s out there - we hope you have a happy Father’s Day with your kids - enjoy them while they are young.


And here’s a pic of Paul Throssell’s neat new Yamaha Street bike  - Paul used to compete in our local Trials and continues to help us with low cost printing and Poster design - Looks “Fast” -