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Thursday July 31st 2014

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The heat-wave continues in the Valley and with morning chores done, I decided to stop in and get my haircut at what I can only say is the busiest Barber shop in Vernon - they have four guys going steady - anyway I was one place from getting into the chair from the waiting line-up, when my phone went - it was my wife saying a customer had dropped in to pick up some parts ! - OK - I will be right there I said. - Later that day I was back in the line-up, but this time I had four guys ahead of me.  - Maybe it’s the hot weather as everybody seemed to be getting “Brush cuts”.

At least my head will be cooler when I manage to get out for a ride on my latest 200, which is all prepped ready to go.

BTW - The Thermometer on our back deck showed +48 yesterday mid afternoon.  - No I don’t sit out there. !!!

We heard that the Fund-raiser for the TDN Team that Brandon organized last Saturday went well, and they took in approx $1200 - If you want to contribute you still can by calling Brandon at (250) 801-2247 - The event goes early September in Andorra.


There is just one round left to go in the 2014 World Trials Championship, (September) and it looks like Toni Bou could break another record, by taking an 8th Title - The only rider with a slight chance of beating him is Adam Raga. - Looking at the World scene, it’s amazing that the same five riders have dominated for the past decade, and many of them are now getting old for the extreme type events. - The pic above shows James Dabill at the UK Trial, where he had hoped to get on the podium, but this never happened.


Well Sam has made it back to Australia, and posted this pic of his young nephew trying on the Wulf Helmet that we supplied him with while in Canada - Looks nice & clean Sam !! - Hope you get lots of use out of the gear.  - Of course it’s still winter “Down under” although they don’t really get any snow except high in the mountains. UPDATE: - I guess they do get a “dusting” - Sam’s Mum posted this pic

We got an invite to attend this event, but Sam will have to represent Outlaw at this one.


Wednesday July 30th 2014

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Tuesday, I started my day pretty early with a drive down to Kelowna to pick up my new (2014) Beta Evo 200 - I wanted to get it put together before it got too hot, as the temperature was already getting up to the +20’s - Back at home I worked in my car-port where it was a bit cooler than the shop, and there was even a slight breeze, so things were quite pleasant. - ( by late afternoon it was +35 but by that time I was inside by the a/c with a cool one)


A couple of day’s ago, I posted a pic of Steve McQueen from the movie “The Great Escape”  - Well Chris Ellis of Triumph Canada, just posted this from the late James Garner’s book.

I must try to find a copy of this book, as both Steve McQueen and James Garner were two of my favorite actors.                           ==============================================>

The Moose Mountain event takes place in Alberta this weekend -now run by the Second Gear Club, it takes place at Fallen Timber, and is a lot different from when I rode it in the ’70’s - back then it was a real killer, with only a handful of riders ever making it through to the finish, but the real history goes back even further - I remember Billy Bygroves ( a buddy of Walt’s) telling stories about the original race, which started near Bragg Creek , and the winner was the first rider to reach the top of Moose Mountain. - The Calgary Motorcycle Club were quite active through the early 50’s, and also held Hillclimbs at Cochrane, and Scrambles at the location that is now the Calgary Olympic Park.  - Later when I became involved with the club, weekly Wednesday night meetings were held at the Chestermere Club Property, which were always very popular.

People like Ron Mallett and Ron Harvey, Terry Porter, Ron Scott etc, did a lot to promote the sport, and the club had a large membership.  The coffee shop across the street from Walt’s Yamaha Store on 10th Street, was also a regular meeting place for a lot of riders - swapping stories, and talking about bikes, was no different in those days, - it’s just that the faces and locations have now changed.

It appears that I now have a bunch more Friends on “Facebook” - not quite sure how that happened - but nice to see they ride “Beta”


Tuesday July 29th 2014

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Here’s something a little different to start off our blog today - somebody posted this on facebook, so I thought it would be interesting to try and name as many of these Formula One drivers as possible - Many are of course from the past, but this also a time when F1 was filled with glamor and extreme danger. - I will post the names that I see below the pic.

Farina,Fangio,Ascari,Gonzales,Hawthorn,Brabham,Phil Hill, Graham Hill -Fitapoldi, Senna Clark,Surtees,Hulme,Stewart,Hunt,Lauda,Andretti,Alaisie,Mansell,Schumacker, Villeneuve,Reikkonen,Alonso,Hamilton,Button,Vettel.

There are a few names mis-spelled, and quite a few I don’t recognize,  - Anyway - something for F1 fans to have a bit of fun with.


Summer is always a time when we get lots of folks stopping by to socialize and maybe pick up a few parts etc & yesterday we had Jake Ranger from Drayton Valley drop in for a visit - we haven’t seen Jake for a few years, but he says he still has fun riding the Evo 200 he bought from me back in 2009 at the Falun Trial. - Later Bruce Baker and his wife were in to pick up a few things, and we swapped stories of the Revy event and he also told me of a great and very long ride they had down in the Kootenays a while back.


Today I will likely go to Kelowna to pick up another Evo 200 for myself that should be at the Truck depot - I will also stop by to see Hugh Simpson who now lives in Winfield - haven’t seen Hugh for many years so we will have lots to chat about. - With the temperature forecast to be close to +40 today, I’m not sure if I will get much done this afternoon.


Monday July 28th 2014

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Well Sunday was definitely “Kick Back” day - I played couch potato for most of the day, watching the F1 race early in the am, then later I took in a couple of movies - Matt stopped by for a chat - he has been off work with some health issues but seems to be coming along pretty good now - I filled him in on the Super Stars Trial etc - then Josef pulled in to check out the Factory Beta - he was going riding up Noble Canyon.

The temperature is on the rise again in the Valley - it got up to +31 yesterday in Vernon, with mid 30’s forecast all week  - too hot for this old guy - certainly not good for riding, unless you get out early in the morning.


Just saw this old pic of Steve McQueen riding the Triumph twin in the film “The Great Escape” - one of the best movies of all time in my opinion, which told the true story of the allied prisoner-of-war escape from the German camps. - McQueen liked his Triumphs, and rode one in the ISDE along with his good friend Bud Ekins.


There are a lot of comments on the web today regarding the French World Trial - Adam Raga and Toni Bou both lost just 2 points for the entire event, but Raga took the win because he completed the course in three minutes less time - hardly a true test of their ability, and the question of No stop being heavily criticized both by the riders and the media.

By looking at the scores, it’s obvious that the organizers  tried to host an easier event, but with the top five riders being so good, and with the scoring system of “No Stop” not being observed correctly it’s no wonder the sport at this level is in trouble.
Here is the report in Trial Mag: UK.


Raga steals narrow win to take title fight to the wire

Adam Raga – Gas Gas stole the narrowest of wins at today’s French Grand Prix held at the ski resort of La Mongie to take the fight for the 2014 FIM Trial World Championship to the wire. Raga defeated current series leader Toni Bou – Repsol Honda by three minutes and eighteen seconds after the arch rivals could not be separated by any means other than the overall time taken by each rider to complete today’s event. Adam, having completed the Trial in the faster time. Both Raga and Bou finished on two marks, with the same number of cleans, ones, twos, threes and fives, after three laps of twelve sections out on the mountain course. Bou will now take a seven point advantage to his home GP in just over a month’s time, when he will hope to keep Raga at bay as he looks to seal a record breaking eighth straight title.

Winner Adam Raga - Gas Gas

Winner Adam Raga – Gas Gas

Jeroni Fajardo – Beta followed up the third place he scored at the last round in Great Britain with another podium placing, his fourth of the season to date. Fajardo’s return to form sees him move into fourth spot and now above Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Honda in the general standings after the Japanese rider slumped to sixth spot today. Jeroni ended the day on thirteen marks, nine in front of Albert Cabestany – Sherco who with his fourth position failed to make it onto the rostrum for the second time in a row. Jorge Casales – Gas Gas rounded out the top five as he looked far more confident on the dry rocks than he had in the wetter conditions of the two previous events.

France’s highest placed rider in the World Pro class was Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco in seventh, who saw off Pol Tarres – Sherco and Matteo Grattarola – Gas Gas by a good margin as this Spanish / Italian pairing finished eighth and ninth respectively. James Dabill – Beta suffered his equal worst result of the 2014 campaign to date as he placed tenth after he complained throughout the day about his bike lacking power due to the high altitude venue.

The fierce looking boulder fields on the grassy hillsides above the town where all the majority of the sections were located actually rode far easier than expected, which resulted in low scoring and nervous battles in all three classes. Bou was far from pleased with the lack of severity, and made his thoughts known at the finish.

Spain’s Arnau Farre – Gas Gas was a shock winner in FIM Trial World Cup category today. Having only scored championship points at two previous rounds so far this season, Farre was an unlikely victor in a low scoring and tight fight at the top end of this class. Arnau eventually edged out his compatriot and overall championship leader Jaime Busto – Beta by a single mark after three tense laps of competition. On a day of firsts, Britain’s Jack Price – Gas Gas recorded his first podium placing as he came home on seven marks, the same total as Busto, but lost out on a most cleans tie-break having notched up three less faultless rides than his Spanish rival. With Franz Kadlec – Beta finishing down in fifth, having missed out on the win by a mere two marks, Busto now heads the general standings by fourteen points with just his home GP remaining.


In comparison, the Annual Reeth Three Day Trial, in the UK,  is reported as once again being a sold out, very successful event - it would appear that some clubs have the magic formula to attract the riders year in year out, while others struggle to get people coming back. - Keeping events enjoyable for all classes, is not easy, but it can be done. - UPDATE: Jonathan Richardson (Beta) won the event.

Check out this pic of Craig Madlung of Revelstoke - He was out with a buddy on a long mostly off road adventure ride in the Seymour Arms area of the Shuswap - looks like he might have been better off on his Beta RR300.

Sunday July 27th 2014

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

This morning, I watched the F1 race from Hungary - the first one I’ve seen for quite some time, and it was pretty exciting ( for a change) with the results as follows >>

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull overtook Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso near the end of the race to win a thrilling Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday, his second Formula One victory of the season and his career.

Lewis Hamilton, who started from pit lane after his engine caught on fire during qualifying, was third, holding off Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg, who started from pole position.

Ricciardo, an Australian competing in his fourth Formula One season, made three pits stops — compared to just two for Alonso and Hamilton — and his newer set of tires paid off in the end as he surged past the leaders with three laps to go.


In France it was also a very close result at the World Trial, with Adam Raga taking the win over Toni Bou and Jeroni Fajardo


Saturday July 26th 2014

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Well it looks as though the hot weather is back for the weekend - and temperatures in the mid 30’s are forecast for next week.

I haven’t heard of any events on this weekend - except for the World Trial in France  and the Formula One GP in Hungary ( Hamilton was fastest in all three practice sessions)

Tonight is the TDN Fund-raiser at the Whiskey Jacks Pub in Kelowna - Brandon Wince is the only Western rider on the Team, but so far this year he has had an impressive season on the Mountain MC Beta. - He won the Outlaw Trial, finished 2nd at the WTC National, then took both days at the Super Stars.


Here is a link to a short Trials promo video - check it out.


Meanwhile the Commonwealth Games are going on in Glasgow Scotland, where the Canadian Rugby Team are in a must win situation today against Scotland, if they are to advance to the medal rounds.


And finally, I had a good conversation on the sport with Geoff Aaron while at the Super Stars - he is of course married to Kerry Williams, so gets up to Vancouver quite often - he is still doing his Trials shows, and obviously makes a reasonable living at it, I introduced Sam to him, as the young Aussie does some of this stuff back home. - I know Steve Day gets to ride with Geoff at Ioco once in a while, and is very impressed by him - Steve was good enough to show Sam some of his practice sections on the back side of the Mountain for an early Sunday morning “Warm up” - Speaking of Sam - this is his last day in BC, before he leaves Calgary tomorrow for the long trip home. - Have a good one buddy. - Hurry back.


Friday July 25th 2014

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Thursday proved to be an interesting day - I was outside working, when my wife shouts BTW - your Opti Oil shipment is in - I forgot to tell you yesterday !!! - What the !! - I went from being a normal quiet old guy, into a screaming idiot - the reason of course, was that the day before, we had the biggest storm in a decade, with torrential rain, and I knew that my skids of oil would be absolutely soaked, even with the plastic sheeting.

Because of my location, I have the truck drop my shipments at a spot downtown, which is convenient - but they never think to throw a tarp over the skids if it rains - man was I hot. - Suffice to say that the rest of my day was spent trying to dry out some of the sodden cardboard boxes with a hair dryer, so I could ship out some orders - the rest are scattered in my carport and van to let mother nature take it’s course.

I guess we tend to be more tolerant as we age, because my wife and I are now on speaking terms again ! -


Have a great weekend. >>>>

Thursday July 24th 2014

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Brandon gets his Trophy from Christy at the Super Stars - The Mountain MC sponsored Beta rider won both days, after a hard fought battle with visiting Aussi Sam King ( Outlaw Beta) - Brandon is holding a fund raiser for the TDN Team at Whiskey Jack’s Pub this Saturday night - Please support our Canadian Team, by donating.

(Billy D - somehow managed to get in all the pics)

Wow ! What a storm we had late yesterday in the Valley - thunder-lightning and torrential rain - hopefully this did a lot to put out the forest fires in the region. - I see they also had similar conditions in Alberta, but with big hail stones.


As we head into another weekend - I think we will just kick back and stay home - the past couple of months have been hectic to say the least, but I have to say it’s been a real “Hoot” having Sam over from Australia - he made friends wherever we went, and helped lots of riders with technique while checking at the Super Stars. - It was a real “Eye-opener” for many, to see the display that Tino, Brandon and Sam put on at Revy, - and to be around these guys was a real pleasure.  - You can see pics of all the events we went to on my gallery, including the Super Stars, but if you don’t happen to see one of yourself - shoot me an email, as it’s possible that I have one on file.



KTM’s Jonny Walker outdueled Graham Jarvis to win this year’s Red Bull Romaniacs. Photography by Future7Media/KTM Images

For the first time in his young career, Great Britain’s Jonny Walker claimed victory at what is considered to be the world’s toughest hard enduro rally, the Red Bull Romanics, held in Sibiu, Romania, July 17-20.

Walker got the four-day race started with the day-one victory, and he followed that up with another win on day three. A second-place finish to Jarvis on day four was enough for him to claim the overall victory. He finished out the race with a total time of 20:53:23, beating Jarvis’ total time of 21:06:49.

“This result has been three years in the making,” Walker said. “It’s been a tough race to figure out but finally I’ve managed to win it. Graham is the most successful rider at Romaniacs so to race so closely with him all week and beat him is an incredible feeling. It’s been a tight battle all week – there was no room for error. I’m delighted to won.”

Third overall went to KTM rider Wade Young, followed by another pair of KTM pilots, Paul Bolton and Andreas Lettenbichler.

Canadian Cory Graffunder finished eighth overall.

Wednesday July23rd 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Bou moves towards title number eight


Adam Raga – Gas Gas

After a slow start to the season Toni Bou – Repsol Honda is now moving towards yet another FIM title as he heads to the French Grand Prix this coming weekend, which will mark the penultimate round of the 2014 FIM Trial World Championship. Bou has now carved out a ten point lead in the general standings with just two rounds remaining after he took back-to-back wins at last weekend’s British GP. Realistically only Adam Raga – Gas Gas is in a position to deny Toni taking a record breaking eighth successive FIM Trial World Championship and in doing so surpass the achievements of Jordi Tarres and Dougie Lampkin who both took seven outdoor titles during their own decorated careers.

So far this season Bou now has five wins compared to Raga’s three, so the Gas Gas teamster will need to re-find the form he showed earlier in the year and use his liking of GP’s on French soil if he is to reduce the gap on Toni before they head to the final two day event in Spain in September. With the exception of the opening day in Australia, when Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa won and Bou was second, Adam and Toni have occupied the top two places on every other occasion since in 2014.

Third placed Albert Cabestany – Sherco is a man who would like to bring this top two domination to end and will be desperate to at least be back on the podium in La Mongie, France after he suffered his worst result of the season to date on the second day of the British GP where he fell from the rostrum after his previous run of five top three finishes on the bounce. Jeroni Fajardo – Beta replaced his Spanish compatriot on the box on day two at Nord Vue and doing so closed within nine points of Cabestany, as he looks to regain the number three ranking he earned in 2013 and move up from his current fifth spot in the title race.

Although Fujinami continues to hold fourth in the points table, he also continues to struggle with his injured knee which he aggravated further on the final section on the opening day of the British GP. The Japanese rider will have to fight off the likes of James Dabill – Beta who is sure to arrive at the French Grand Prix in confident mood after his season best fourth place at his home event last Sunday. However Dabill himself will have to keep one eye on Jorge Casale – Gas Gas who now sits just thirteen points behind him in the overall standings. Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco will be hoping he can keep Pol Tarres – Sherco and Matteo Grattarola – Gas Gas at bay on his home patch.


Franz Kadlec – Beta

The fight for the FIM Trial World Cup has now developed in to a two-rider battle with Spain’s Jaime Busto – Beta and Franz Kadlec – Beta from Germany trading blows on a round by round basis. Although Busto remains on top in the general standings, only by eight points, it was Kadlec who bloodied his main rival’s nose last time out. Both riders have been in exceptional form throughout the 2014 campaign, and are set to take their duel to the wire. A podium finish in Britain last Sunday saw Quentin Carles de Caudemberg – Beta climb into third place in the series at the expense of his fellow countryman Steven Coquelin – Gas Gas who disappointingly recorded his second no-score ride of the year on the closing day in the UK.

With the winner of the FIM 125 Trial Cup Gael Chatagno – Sherco now set to ride in the FIM Trial World Cup class at his home GP, this feeder category is very much up for the taking. This should now be a straight three-way fight between Thomas Minta – Sherco from Britain, France’s Teo Colairo – Gas Gas and Switzerland’s Noe Pretalli – JTG, with perhaps Minta the favourite to record his first ever GP win in France based on his incredible pair of debut results to date.

Photo Credit – FIM/G2F Media


We now have the 2014 Beta Evo 300 Factory replica that Sam King used while he was visiting from Australia up for sale - it’s all cleaned up and checked over ready to go. - Phone me to get an incredible deal on this fantastic bike.

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

It was another great weekend for Team Beta, with Brandon and Sam “duking” it out at Ioco  - only the tight time limit made the difference really, as they were very evenly matched. - We had both the Welsh and Australian flags flying.

We met a lot of old friends at the Superstars from both sides of the border - here is a pic of Ron Walsh, Chessy Knight and Heather Wall.

Sam is now back in Golden where he will relax for a few days before flying home via LA - the past few weeks have sure been both exciting and hectic, with lots of riding, camping and driving, so it will be nice to kick back a bit. - Yesterday my Evo 200 went to a new home, and today I will be washing the Factory 300 that Sam used before that goes up for sale. - Give me a call if you’re interested.


I spotted this neat poster on facebook >>