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Monday August 18th 2014

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Meet new Trials enthusiast Ron Van Steenoven from Kelowna, - Ron picked up a new Beta Evo 200 last week, and I met up with him Sunday afternoon, for some one on one training. - As you can see in the pic, he is wearing my old NZI helmet, as his full face model is way too hot - next thing he needs are proper gloves and boots, which will help him control things better. - We had a great couple of hours and Ron will soon get the hang of how to ride.


I see that the Canadian Rugby Gals lost out to Team UK at the World cup, however they are still to be congratulated for a tremendous achievement. - No doubt we will see some highlights on the morning news.


The weather continues to be very hot in the Valley, with only a sprinkle of rain in the past couple of days - we could certainly do with a good down-pour to dampen things down in the forests.


I noticed that the 2015 Jotagas Trials machines are fitted with the Elka rear shocks - first time I think for a Canadian company to supply these to the Trials market.


Cody Webb took another big win at the weekend - The Beta rider is shown blitzing the obstacles.

Cody Webb

Sequatchie, Tennessee (August 17, 2014) – Beta USA’s Cody Webb won all three preliminary races at this weekend’s Tennessee Knockout, and then outran FMF/KTM’s Taylor Robert in the five-lap final to score his second-straight win at the fourth running of the “hard enduro” in Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Sunday August 17th 2014

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Another Sunday morning comin’ down - cloudy out the window, and with lots to watch on TV today, I think I’ll stay home - for Rugby Fans, there is the big game between the English ladies and Canada for the World Cup - should be exciting

Also on Speed is the Indy car race, where Will Power is on pole - but perhaps for me the mot interesting, will be the Moto GP from Byrne.


Here’s a pic of the  medal winners at the Mongolia Rally - on the extreme left is Lawrence Hacking, former Yamaha Canada employee, and founding member of the WTC. - Lawrence has a great book out of his exploits riding a 500 Yamaha in the Dakar Rally.


Bruce Baker and his wife stopped by yesterday to pick up a few things on route for a holiday on Vancouver Island - they plan on doing some mountain biking, while over there. - Later in the day, I managed to catch up with Jimmy Corkle by phone - he was in Rimby AB, for the drag races. - I think Jimmy still has his old Suzuki drag-racer parked in his shop. - We chatted about the Ymir Trial coming up in a couple of weeks.

Pedrosa victory ends Marquez winning streak

Dani Pedrosa won for the first time since Malaysia last year as he ended the winning streak of Marc Marquez, with Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi second and third, whilst Marquez came home just off the podium.


James Dabill ( Beta) - extended his lead in the British Trials Championship today with a big win in Scotland - more on this later >>

Saturday August 16th 2014

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Well, this should have been “Joss Mountain Day” - but as you all know I decided to cancel that idea - weather looks a tad gloomy out of the office window, but that’s OK - I plan on being out tomorrow. - Last night Andrew ( new rider) stopped in and we chatted a very long time about the back country trails, as he has extensive mountain bike experience and has worked clearing dead-fall in many areas. - we talked about the new government regulations coming down the pipe, which will have a bearing on the whole Off Road market.


I saw this cute pic on face-book - dogs really are a “Man’s best friend”


The Moto GP teams are in Czecho this weekend - but it looks like Mark Marquez is carrying on as usual, by posting the fastest times in practice - will update this story later.

As expected, it’s Marquez on pole followed by the two Ducatis of Dovizioso and Iannone - then comes Bradley Smith (Yam) and Dani Pedrosa, who was just ahead of Lorenzo and Rossi - the latter having crash earlier in the day which injured a finger.



This is a neat shot from the past - “King Kenny” on the bored out 650 Yam flat-tracker,  in one of the early “Monoshock” frames - he hung a licking on a lot of the Harley’s with this bike. He later rode the 4 cylinder rocket, but said it was “Unridable”  ( Although Steve Baker raced the Bob Work/Yamaha Canada version)


Just spotted this story on Trial Mag: - The Brits are pretty serious when it comes to “Cheaters”


Engine measurements

Engine Measurements

The ACU Trials & Enduro Committee confirm that the machines of the riders in the first 3 places in Class A at the recent ACU Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds British Solo Youth Trials Championship, held in the NE Centre on Aug 10th were officially measured by an ACU / FIM licenced Technical Official.

The procedure complied with the ACU National Sporting Code and is consistent with the ongoing random measurement policy which has been adopted by the ACU Trials & Enduro Committee .

The results show that all three machines were confirmed as being under 125cc and in accordance with the regulations for this class.


Just heard the sad news that George Carlson passed away last October - he was 75 years old - George worked at Yamaha Motor Canada while I was with the company back in the 1970’s - He looked after dealers in Manitoba and Northern Ontario. - I remember him as a very dedicated guy, who had a great sense of humor. RIP George.


Friday August 15th 2014

Friday, August 15th, 2014

My copy of Trial Mag: UK arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t help but notice this advt for the new Beta Mini-Electric bike - This has been available in Europe for some time now, and Marcel Justribo has been using them at Training schools. - It appears to have some really good features, and we certainly hope to see them in Canada for 2015.


Yesterday, I made a trip to Revelstoke to meet up with the Pospisil family, who have been taking a holiday in the area - I dropped off a new Beta for Harold to deliver for me to a customer in Alberta. - We had a good chat about the Joss ride that they went on earlier in the week - first time up for Wyatt & seems like he was impressed. - Later I stopped by to visit Chris at the Selkirk Helicopter hanger and we talked about other possible Mountain rides, plus the Revy Dirt-bike bash coming up on September 20th, - We attended this last year and it was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately this clashes with the Red Bull Rocks & logs event in Calgary, - we’ve heard that young Ben Pospisil has entered this on his Beta Evo 300.

Round 4, RT Keedwell BTC

RT Keedwell British Solo Trials Championship heads to Edinburgh for Round 4

Jack Price

Jack Price

It is a busy August for the RT Keedwell British Trials Championships. There are no less than three rounds this month, the second of which is the Edinburgh Club event at a completely new venue for the series.

Riders will be heading up to The Bob MacGregor Trials Academy this weekend for round 4. The ground is at Totherick Quarry, Dunlop which is situated in East Aryshire approx 20 miles south west of Glasgow. The all important Sat nav postcode is KA3 4EH.

Sundays trial will get underway at 9.30 am and it should be very accessible for spectators.

James Dabill

James Dabill

The situation in the Championship class is that James Dabill (Beta) leads his main rival Michael Brown (GG) by just 3 points having had two wins and a second so far. Dibs was riding at the highest level last weekend at the British Arena Championship event at North Berkshire so his confidence will be high going into the event.

Behind the top two Alexz Wigg (GG) and Jack Sheppard(Beta) are both having very good seasons and they are currently closely fighting for the number three position.  The last round the Mackenzie showed two riders coming through well in Andy Chilton(Beta) and Jack Price so eyes will be on them to see if they can maintain their progress. Last weekend at the Supertrial saw the emergence of Jack Spencer to the rostrum so it will be interesting to see if he can once again mix it with the very top runners.

Things are a little more clear cut in the Expert class where we currently have a runaway leader in Guy Kendrew. The Beta rider has so far won all three rounds which gives him a massive 26 point lead going into the Edinburgh event. Whilst Guy has so far dominated there is a good battle going on behind with James Stones, Joel Edwards, James Carr and Tom Affleck all in the mix. John Sunter having missed the opening event has also scored very well lately so this class offers plenty of interest.


Thursday August 14th 2014

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Yesterday was another really busy day, as I picked up two more Beta Evos from the truck depot, and set them up for the customers - the day before Greg Evans of Chase picked up his new 200, and is likely already out having fun. - Perhaps the most interesting part of this story, is that I doubt any of these bikes will ever see a competition, although I could be wrong - two of them went out with the neat Long range kits for extended trail riding, which makes the Beta such a versatile machine. - Having a six speed tranny is a “Must” for life out on the game trails and Mountain Passes - with the Beta, there is always a gear for whatever you want to tackle, no matter which model you choose. - Both of the 200’s sold this week, have gone to tall guys around 185 pounds - but these 195cc engines will have no trouble pulling them up the steepest hill.

So that’s the end of the commercial, but as most folk know, I really like to promote the little bikes, because they are not only cheaper, but being easy to ride the new Trials enthusiast learns the correct technique without getting into trouble with too much power..

Ron Van Steenoven from Kelowna, was by late Wednesday afternoon to pick up his 200, and was soon getting to grips with the new toy in my back-yard - I supplied him with some videos, and plan on meeting him on Sunday for some coaching lessons

The other bike in the pic: is going to Alberta - I’m meeting Harold in Revelstoke this morning, and he will take it back for the customer to pick up. - So I think that’s about it for the 2014 Trials models - next month we will get to see what the 2015 Trials bikes look like, and of course will get to hear first hand from Brandon, when he gets back from the TDN.


Here’s another pic posted by Pat (Paddy) Horan - high up in the mountains of BC, plotting routes for the BMW World Rally - It takes a huge effort and a ton of hard work to host an event of this magnitude, so a big tip of the hat to Paddy for taking it on - nice to see he is still relying on one of my Outlaw Toolbelts to carry his stuff.


And here is an email I received yesterday from the BC Government regarding our concern over the Summerland area - we intend following up on this. -

Thank you for your e-mail regarding a possible land exchange involving provincial Crown land and federally held First Nations land in the Okanagan.

The provincial government is currently in negotiations with the Penticton Indian Band for acquisition of reserve lands for highway right-of-way near Kaleden Junction. The Province is required to provide replacement lands through these negotiations so there is no net loss to First Nations Reserve land. That said, I recognize you have concerns and am happy to advise that the area known locally as Rowdy Flats does not currently appear to be part of the negotiated area being considered for the land exchange.

Ministry staff are familiar with Rowdy Flats but are not aware of its exact boundaries, nor of any formal designation for its recreational use. You may wish to contact the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for more information on this area’s specific designation.

Should you have any questions about the transportation related aspects of the land exchange process, please do not hesitate to contact Dawn Drummond, Senior First Nations Coordinator for this area. Ms. Drummond can be reached at 250 371-3867 or by e-mail at and would be pleased to assist you.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


Todd G. Stone


Wednesday August 13th 2014

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
Call for action to all OHV: tell your MLA “NO!” to 5 x 7 metal registration plates! BCORMA has fought hard for decals or small plastic since day 1.Let everyone know and make noise about this. Get the MLA’s attention.======================================================>

So by now everybody knows that I’ve pulled the pin on the Joss ride this weekend - as it so happens, this might have been some sort of psychic message, as I pulled my shoulder today, unloading a Beta crate !! - ( Can’t wait until tomorrow when I have two more coming in - not sure how I’m going to manage with those) - Not that I’m complaining - three bike sales this week show that BETA is still very very popular


Just received an email from Harold with a pic of his two Betas on top of Joss, so it’s nice to see that he made it up with Wyatt..


Watched the repeat of the Moto GP race from Indy - they lost some of their cameras, so coverage wasn’t that great, but check out this shot posted on facebook, by Bryan Rolls - talk about close contact, with Rossi going by the Ducati.


A reminder that many people go through bouts of deep depression >


Tuesday August 12th 2014

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Well I made my decision yesterday to pull out of the planned Joss ride this coming Saturday. - Not an easy one to do as I wrestled in my mind through all the tricky gulleys and climbs up the Mountain. - Having been on this wonderful but difficult ride eight times, I know only too well the demands it makes on your body, and therefore my last climb will go in the book at age 75. - Although I do feel better now than I did two years ago, when I last went up with Stan, the fact is that we all have to stop at some point, and I feel this is the time for me. - But only for Joss - I will still be out riding every week and will likely do the Trout Mountain ride again on the Sept long weekend, after the Ymir Trial. ( The route we take on this is also challenging)

Here is a pic from my last ride up Joss - resting when we just broke out into the Alpine. - What great memories.


Check out this pic posted by Paddy Horan as they continue to work on the route for the upcoming World BMW Challenge  - as he says - JB Weld would have come in handy  ( Remember that Cory Graffunder fixed his Sherco with the sticky compound at a US event last year)


So the World has lost another “Funny Man” with the tragic death of Robin Williams. - RIP Robin


In other Trials news, we have heard that Jordan Szoke broke his thumb badly at an Ontario Trial last Sunday, which could possibly put him out of the TDN - Bad News indeed. - Get well soon buddy.


It’s going to be a busy week for me, as more Beta Trials bikes come in for new riders - We are pretty much sold out of Trials bikes for this year, but still have the Fantastic RR Enduro models available.


Chatted to Harold last night - he is on holiday in Revelstoke, and today plans on doing the Joss ride with Wyatt - We hope they enjoy themselves and make it to the top. - I will be hooking up with them on Thursday for a short visit.


Check out this great shot of James Dabill taken by Heath for Trial Mag: UK - at the Bonanza Super Trial last weekend - The Beta Factory rider took the win.