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Tuesday September 30th 2014

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Another month in the books, as we continue to have beautiful sunny Fall weather in the Valley - I noticed when in Alberta last weekend, that the leaves are already on the ground in most places, and everywhere you look in Calgary, there are broken tree branches from the heavy snow storm they had just a couple of weeks ago.

We are sorry to report that long time Victoria Club member, Perry Chow, recently had his lower leg amputated, after  a spider bite became infected, - Perry is diabetic and this added to the complications - Our best wishes go out for his speedy recovery.


Thomas Cordner is the new CMA National Trials Champion - he won both days at the Victoria club event last weekend - second and third places went to Dan Johnson and Jon English - no other results as yet.


15 year old Jarmo Robrahn, has won the German National Trials Championship on a Beta Evo 125 - Another rising Star.


It’s almost time for the Annual Scott Time and Observation Trial  in Yorkshire - Here is a short intro: courtesy Trial Mag UK .>


The Scott Trial 1914 – 2014

The Scott Trial 1914 – 2014

With the 100 year celebrations of the most famous one day trials event in the world, The Scott, about to start Yoomee brings you some memories of this famous event seen through the lens of the cameras of Barry Robinson and Malcolm Carling.

1970: Bill Wilkinson (Greeves) exits Bridge End.

1970: Bill Wilkinson (Greeves) exits Bridge End.

Sunday September 28th 2014

Monday, September 29th, 2014

It’s late Sunday, and I’m just back from the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame weekend in Edmonton Alberta. -  Just to get there was a bit of a challenge as I got caught up in some construction in Calgary, where it took me 40 mins to go 4 blocks - ( I was seething) - Anyway, I eventually arrived at Taff’s place in Sherwood Park, and after a very quick change, we were off to the Chateau Lacombe, where the 2014 Inductee celebration was being held. -

The first thing I noticed when getting into the City, was how goddam cold it was - Hmm - snow overnight looked like a distinct possibility. -  Finding a parking spot wasn’t easy, but as usual Taff pulled through in his calm way.  - Up the elevator and we are met with a display of people and motorcycle trivia, that was mind boggling - this included a couple TZ Yams  painstakingly restored by another of my Yamaha cohorts Bryan Rolls. - and they were crowned with the #32 a number that will always be close to my heart, because that was Stevie Baker’s number.

We hadn’t gone far through the crowd, before I heard a yell, and it was Don Galloway  - another former Yamaha Canada employee, and the main organizer of this event - Dave I’m so glad you made it - he shouted - as he shook my hand then headed off to catch up on a million things to make this extravaganza all come together.

Soon Taff and myself were mingling with the crowd - there must have been 150-200 people - we bought our tickets, and waited for the show to begin. - All the time, I was searching for a glimpse of my old buddies from Yamaha Days Stevie Baker and Bob Work. - In the meantime, I was bumping into lots of old friends. most I would add that either had hair the same color as mine - or none at all.

Then the show began - it was like the academy awards without all the hype - this was for real - these aging icons, really are super hero’s. Their exploits were read out over the mike, while photographs were shown on the screen, I’m ashamed to say I didn’t recognize a couple of these champions, but felt humbled just watching what they had all done for Motorcycling in Canada.

Later, I did catch up with Stevie - I stood by, until his many admirers stepped aside - he looked over and said -” Dave I see you are still doing the Trials thing” - Now I should mention that it is something like 35 years, since I last saw Stevie, but we are friends on facebook. - The memories came flooding back, and though I spent way more time with Bob Work - Stevie’s Tuner - If Stevie was in the Richmond Office he would always chat with the staff, but looked more like a nerd with his long hair and glasses, rather than what he really was, not just a super star, but a really nice lad.

When Stevie was introduced as an Inductee to the Hall of Fame - he gave a short speech that was full of emotion, about the time he spent riding for Yamaha Motor Canada, thanking everybody for helping this young American kid to become a World Road Race Champion, and he finished with this line - ” When I go to Europe these days to ride the Vintage Road Race Series, everybody thinks I come from Canada - I gotta tell you, that I would be proud to be a Canadian.” - Thanks Stevie that was a class act.

Then Of course - we had good old Bob Work up on the mike - not his favorite thing - he would much sooner be twisting wrenches  even at age 75. - Bo, as he is known to his friends, told a few  stories, and later we told some private fun stories from my time with Yamaha Motor Canada  - 1973 - 1984 - I still say that these were some of the best years of my life. - It was treat to catch up with Bo & Stevie.

BTW - I have no idea who the guy is with the red shirt - he was waiting in line to talk to Stevie.

Bob (Bo) Work - looking very dapper, sharing a moment with Outlaw Dave.


And if you don’t think this Hall of Fame weekend, isn’t a big deal, check out this pic from Sunday  >>

Saturday September 27th 2014

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

As I’m going to be heading out the door bright and early tomorrow morning, I decided to write a short blog tonight - As mentioned earlier, Saturday night is the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame dinner in Edmonton Alberta, and with a few of my old friends being inducted, I got a call to attend if possible. - So it will be a long drive via Calgary, before arriving at Taff’s place in Sherwood Park around suppertime ( hopefully)

In other news, the Moto GP boys are in Spain for the big race on Sunday - Ducati have a new bike and Dovisiovo has set the fastest time in practice.

Off road racers will be in the Kootenays this weekend for the final race of the series - Paddy Horan will ride this one in a rare appearance.


Watch for more news when I get back Sunday night >>>

Friday September 26th 2014

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Trials commentator Max King dies at 98….
The well known trials commentator and author, Max King who wrote the first definitive book on the sport of observed trials has died in North Devon on September 23rd, aged 98. King was a rider himself and owned quite a few ex-factory machines including 776BOP, the ex-factory BSA B40 ridden by Jim Sandiford and Tony Davies. He was a regular columnist in motorcycle press and radio. He wrote the book ‘Trials Riding’ in 1955 and managed to persuade AJS factory rider and Competitions Manager, Hugh Viney to write the foreword, but only after Viney had meticulously read over the manuscript! Subsequent re-prints were made well into the 1970’s, which updated the original publication, such was the scope of the original book.


I recently returned a copy of this book to Rob Stobart of Red Deer, after he kindly loaned it to me. - I had mentioned that as a young 15 yr old lad, I had bought the original edition, with a view to learning everything I could about the sport. - It was the only such book in print, and I read it cover to cover, many times. - The modern day rider, has it much easier with Training CD’s from a number of riders, but the best one in my opinion is the one by Ryan Young on learning the “Basics” - I supply this free of charge to any new customer.


This is a shot of Chris Pawlitsky giving the instructions at Revy last weekend - You will notice the Red Bull tent in the back-ground - they are fully “On Board” with the Revy Riders Club, and in fact took a very keen interest in our WTC National Trial. - They recognize this location  as perhaps the biggest growth area for Off Road Motorcycling in Canada. - The enthusiasm and support we got from the club last July, was outstanding, and we certainly can’t thank them enough. Just for the record, they had 75 riders on Saturday and 95 on Sunday. ( Including Mark Cahill)

This was just posted on Facebook >> Some familiar names down the order a bit.

Ben Hemmingway - Beta RR300

Can’t wait to get my copy of the latest Trial Mag:


Thursday September 25th 2014

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

I saw this neat poster on Facebook today - of young Super-Star Jaime Busto - What took my eye was the fact that he was riding what almost looked like an old style water section.

There has been a lot written in recent months, about the direction of modern day Trials events, particularly at the World level, where the sections are more like a circus act, rather than what 90% of the average club riders can ever dream of doing. - The top riders spend most of their time hopping on the back wheel, fantastic skills, that keep the crowds at these arena style events fascinated. - Neat stuff, but is that Trials?
The problem is that this projected image, tends to send out the wrong message to a lot of  the general public - How many times have you spoken to a stranger, and when the conversation turns to your hobby, they say, “Oh you are one of those guys that hops over cars and stuff” - or rides one of them bikes without a seat.
I would like to see Trials portrayed in a way that explains what the sport is all about, I recently watched a video from the 90’s called “This is Trials” - and in my opinion they have it “Bang- on” - riders like Sammy Miller and a young Steve Colley show how the sport is enjoyable for all ages and abilities.

The bottom line, is that except for Arena style events, ( Yes they are important)  and for hard core enthusiasts, -  Trials riding, is not an exciting spectator sport. - It can become addictive if riders want to challenge themselves at whatever level they want to achieve - but I think that the trend to have man-made obstacles can very easily discourage new riders, unless they are in a training school environment, to show technique, by expert instructors.
Of course, land use is one reason why this type of event, has become popular, but for me, the long distance loop in the Mountains, is the ultimate - As I’ve said many times, there has to be a reason why the Scottish Six Days Trial is still the biggest event on the Trials Calendar in  regards to numbers - it’s been going on for over a 100 years, and it is always oversubscribed - with the limit on riders set at 275, because this is the most that can get around the 100 mile loop each day, and still finish in daylight hours. ( Yes you read it right - 100 miles per day)
One of my favorite sayings, when I’m explaining how to set up an event to new organizers, is that “There is more to Trials, than 3rd gear splats at 6ft rock walls” - Too much of that, or other “World Round” style sections, and any newcomer either riding, - watching - or maybe somebody with an interest in trying the sport, goes away shaking their head. - I’ve heard it said many times ,”That’s crazy man - but it’s not for me - I have to work next day,”

The Alberta Trials Riders Association, do a good job promoting family type Fun Trials, and the Ymir crew, put on an excellent Trial  that catered to all classes, including the kids - another very important group, that after all, is the future. The small electric models, will be a great “stepping stone” to train our up and coming riders.
I spoke to a gentleman yesterday who used to ride Trials as a school boy in England, he now lives in Alberta, and is thinking of getting back into trials. However, he very naturally is reluctant to spend a bunch of money on a bike, when he might go to his first event, and get totally turned off.  - This type of phone call is one I get quite often, and I spend a lot of time explaining how much fun our club events are, with camp-outs and a great family atmosphere - with sections designed for all abilities.

On thanksgiving Sunday, we have the Ady Brown Trial, at a new venue near Okanagan Falls. BC - we expect a lot of the local Dirt Bike club riders, to come out and watch, then maybe they might want to give it a go. - It’s a sport for all ages, abilities and genders, but to forge ahead, we need to keep it simple. - We do this both to honor our fallen buddy, but also to raise money for the fight against cancer.
Anyway - that’s my opinion.  - Outlaw Dave


Wednesday September 24th 2014

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

The 2015 Beta Evo looks stunning with the new graphics - The Italians love their Traditional red color, which you see all the time with other brands such as Ferrari and Ducati. - We should get our first look at these beauties around the first part of December ( Just in time for Christmas) - We are taking orders now, as demand is expected to be very high for both the Trials and Enduro bikes.


Yesterday I was busy chauffeuring around the new Beta Canada Sales Manager, who has been paying a visit to the Western Provinces  - it was Steve Howland’s first trip to the Okanagan, and as you can imagine, he was really impressed - we were able to see a number of shops in the area, as we toured through Salmon Arm to Kamloops and back, before we said our farewell at Kelowna Airport. - There is no doubt that 2015, will see a lot more Beta machines out in the woods, the very well received Red Enduro models, mixing it up with the Orange. - Lots of other exciting details coming, but this is all top secret for now. - Watch this space.


Here’s a nice photograph, of  our old buddy Harry McKay and his beautiful wife Wendy - they celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary this week. - Hard to believe that Harry the ultimate renegade, has settled down.


The annual Ady Brown Trial is now only 3 weeks down the road, and it should be another great event with our new Trials Crew in the South Okanagan - The SODBC are letting us use their great riding area, near OK Falls, which has a ton of neat stuff, all readily accessible near the camp ground - As always, this event is to remember our old friend Adrian, who lost his battle with cancer at age 51, so come on out to have fun and give generously to the cancer fund.

For directions the easiest way is to turn left at the Esso Station as you head South through OK Falls - then follow this road out past the Land fill site - continue on to the campground, which is limited to 12 spots, but there is lots of parking close by.


We’ve heard that old buddy Steve Richardson has injured his back somehow - not sure how this happened, but he doesn’t have a bike with him while in the Valley. - Will try to find out more info:


Tuesday September 23rd 2014

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The scenery around Revelstoke is hard to beat on a nice day - I took this shot on Sunday while up on the ridge above the Glacier House Lodge.



Roundhouse take the long trip south

Team Roundhouse Media Service 

British Championship Rounds 6 (West of England) and 7 (Torridge) 20/21-09-2014

For the majority of the championship riders it was the long road trip down into the South of the country for the two final rounds of this year’s British Trials Championship. Round six was held in the steep wooded area at Kelly’s Farm with round seven on the open moorland of Dartmoor with its rocky out-crops and climbs providing some exciting hazards. Both days proceedings were held in warm dry weather with good strong entries on both classes.

Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard

With his ambitions focussed on the final step of the podium Jack Sheppard knew he needed two good results to catch and over take his rival for the position Alexz Wigg. Despite some good riding he finished behind his rival on both days to finish the season in fourth position.

It was a frustrating two days of action for both Andy Chilton and Dec Bullock who both finished at the bottom end of the points. They both showed some good form on the various hazards but could not find any consistency in there performances to move up the order.

Dec Bullock

Dec Bullock

Brad Bullock has showed some very good form in the Expert Class and took a solid fifth position on day one but could not emulate this on day two on the rugged hazards of Dartmoor. After a slow start to the season Brad has finished in seventh in the final championship standings.

Andy Chilton

Andy Chilton

Team Roundhouse Simon Bullock: “These final two rounds of the championship were excellent events where I expected strong finishes from the team. The season has been such a frustrating one for the riders where we as a team expected better results”.


Thought I would share these great pics from last weekend’s British Championship event - Jack Sheppard , who is a top rider in the UK, might be paying us a visit in 2015, and if so, will be putting on some Trials schools. - we will post more on this later. >>


Monday September 22nd 2014

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Just back from a fantastic weekend at the Revy Riders family event - the weather was awesome and the turn out of riders was huge - I think there were close to 200 signed up over the two days, with riding schools, BBQ, and a great Poker run on Sunday - These guys really know how to not only attract riders from all over, they make sure that everyone is catered to. - The family atmosphere and seeing Mom & Dad riding along with the kids, was so nice. The age span was I’m sure from 5yrs old to 60 yrs old - ( If you don’t count me) - all out having fun on the various loops.
We attended primarily to showcase the Beta Trials bikes and to renew friendships from the WTC June Trial, and I can report that everybody I spoke to is full of enthusiasm for 2015 - I really think we have a good thing going here.

It was great to meet up with Taff & RJ & share some stories with the Alberta crowd - many of the riders were making their first visit to this location, but from what I heard, the numbers will keep on growing as the word gets out, about all the facilities available .

Taff & myself checked out some neat new sections for next year - and I have to mention, that even after the large turn out of riders we had at the June Trial - it was hard to see any evidence of Trials tires on the hill-sides.


Here’s a happy Beta rider - James Dabill reclaimed the British Trials Championship at the weekend  and is pictured with his wife and new baby.


Another Beta rider who made a big impression this past weekend, was Ben Pospisil, who rode his Evo 300 to a fine third place in his class, at the Rocks & Logs Enduro Cross at Blackfoot Park - The main event was won by Kyle Redmond  from the USA ( soon to be Beta mounted) followed by Cory Graffunder and Geoff Aaron. (all KTM)

Ben Pospisil.

Saturday September 20th 2014

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Could not resist posting this unique shot of Rossi and Marquez, Flat-Tracking at Valentino’s “Moto Ranch” in Italy - One thing for sure, those guys have “Fun” no matter what type of bike they are on.


We had a visit from Chris (Hrabb) yesterday, who was in town getting some work done on his new Truck - we sat in the shop for a while and he told me about his latest adventure into the Mountains, with his friend Lorraine - they traveled by Quad, as Chris still has his foot in a cast, but that didn’t stop them getting into an extremely remote area, where they camped overnight. - Next day Lorraine went to explore a high glacier, on her mountain bike and took some great pictures, while Chris set about fixing a flat tire on the borrowed ATV with “Trials type” plugs and a bicycle pump. - The lure of the mountains, is something that is hard to explain to people who have never experienced it.


Some breaking news from the UK Trials Championship in Devon, after the first loop, James Dabill ,(Beta) leads on 2 ahead of Brown (GG) on 10 and Wigg on 11 - followed by Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta) on 12 - I’m afraid all the other news will now have to wait until I get back from Revy - watch for all this and pics on Monday. - Have a great weekend everybody.


Friday September 19th 2014

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Well if a picture is worth a thousand words - then I guess the pic of the 2015 Beta Evo that I mailed to a would be customer yesterday, is one of them - he has  now ordered the first model available.

I must say I like the new graphics, plus of course there are lots of minor updates to the already brilliant bike. - As everybody knows we sold out early this year, as the demand was at an all time high, so if you want one, better email me to get on the list. - ( You can scroll down for another look at the pics).


With the Scottish referendum now over and done with - Big John Moffitt  has posted that, “Now we can get back to the important thing - Motor-bikes”  - He is mostly interested in vintage Trials bikes, mainly Bultacos, and British “Thumpers” - but is a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the sport. - Here is a great pic he posted from 1973 of the British ISDT Team in the USA - sitting on the bikes left to right - Jim Sandiford, John Pease, Alan Lampkin, Arthur Browning, Malcolm Rathmell, and Ernie Page. - Those were the years, when Trials riders comprised a good portion of all the Teams in the International Six Days - ( It was even called a Trial back then)


So here we are heading into another big weekend - We are going to Revelstoke tomorrow for the Family weekend promotion, and Taff and myself will check out more stuff for the Trials next year. - He will also have his neat Beta RR 250 Enduro bike for a blast around the Cross Country loops, which are proving to be so popular with riders from all over. - Weather forecast looks good, -  and also for Alberta, where Shane Cuthbertson’s “Red Bull Rocks & Logs” event goes at Blackfoot Park  - Young Ben Pospisol is entered, so it will interesting to see how he goes - It was rumoured that Cody Webb was going to be there for Team USA Beta, but with the news that he will be going to KTM  for 2015, it might be Kyle Redmond who will represent the Italian brand. - Pity the dates clash for a lot of these events.


And here’s a nice pic of the Repsol Honda boys celebrating Toni Bou’s amazing 8th World Trials Championship


Lewis Hamilton was fastest in the early practice for the F1 race in Singapore.