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Sunday December 28th 2014

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

What a difference a week makes in the weather, - this time last Sunday, I was getting ready to head to Bear Creek for a fantastic ride in dry sunny conditions - making the most of what looks to be the last day out for a while. - The snow has been coming down steady in the Valley, and hasn’t stopped. - Chris H stopped by for a visit yesterday, while his truck was getting worked on in Vernon, so we spent a couple of hours chatting,  before making the short drive to Squires Pub for lunch.

Although the plow had had been down Pleasant Valley a few times, caution was still needed as it’s very narrow, but I remarked about how many people drive too fast - one slight bobble and it’s a head-on crash. - Chris left around 2 pm - but not sure what time he got home to Revelstoke, as there was a fatal accident West of Three Valley Gap, that closed the hiway until 9.30pm.

Having been “On the road” for the best part of 30 years, I’m familiar with most of the Hiways in Western Canada, and have stated many times that in my opinion, the stretch between Sicamous and Revelstoke, is the most dangerous Hiway for travelers. - Especially in the winter, and while they are slowly improving it, the winter maintenance has always been poor, costing many people their lives.


My afternoon was spent watching the junior hockey - the Canada v Germany match up was interesting, with the home team getting the win 4-0 - today they have the day off, before taking the ice again tomorrow.


So today it looks like another “Home Day” - my neighbor will be out with the plow later - if it ever stops snowing - then I will do the path to my shop and around my van - with year end coming up, the next few days will be spent counting inventory.


The Revvy boys are already spending lots of time up on the Mountain with their snow bikes - Chris will be kitting up his Beta this week, so he can join in the fun.

Saturday December 27th 2014

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

We’ve heard from Don Doerksen, with the results of the CPTA Boxing day Trial -they had 29 riders, with two dnf’s - Sounds as though everybody had a great day.

Geoff Aaron was in Vancouver for the Holiday, and his young son rode a borrowed Oset in the beginner class.

Expert  Alex Walton  Beta  - 8 points

Todd Nordin Beta  - 17

Carl Muller  Beta   - 50


Intermediate - Greg Patrick - Scorpa - 5

Andrew Bond- Beta  - 9

Owen Davidson - GG -25


Senior    - Ron Ringuette - Mont  - 19

Bill De Garis    - GG  -    20

Tom Sackett    -  ?    -   28


Sportsman  - Bob Clark  - Beta  -  2

Pierce McNeal - Beta - 9

Skip Parker   - Beta  - 10

Dave Fair     - GG  -    20

Brett Clark  - Beta  - 22

Ron Walsh  - Sherco -  31

Ted Blow  - Beta       -  31.


Vintage   -  Don Doerksen   Trixy - 8

Vic Roberta  -  Yam    - 16

Dave Bloxham -Majesty -34


Beginner.  - Jordan Mexter  Beta -  6

Brandon Mexter - Beta - 13

Murphy Aaron -Oset  -  27


Junior   - Dave Barichello    ?       - 8

Dave Siefort         ?       - 10

Dale Coull      Scorpa   -  22

Dave Sawatzky Scorpa - 25


I’m on the keyboard bright and early today - but only because my phone rang at 4am ?? - Either somebody from overseas getting the time difference out of kilter, or a wrong number. - Anyway once I’m up I usually stay up.

Looking out the window, I see we had a skiff of snow overnight - Chris Hrabb, called late yesterday, to say he has to be in Vernon today, so wondered about going for a ride - If we do go out it will be Bear Creek.


Yesterday I watched quite a bit of the Junior Hockey - the USA v Finland game was close, with the Yanks winning the shootout, but the Canada v Slovakia  match up was a blow out with the Canadians winning 8 zip - in fact it was 9 goals, but one was dis-allowed. - However, it gets tougher from here for our young players, as they meet up with the top teams.



Thank you from Team Roundhouse

With the 2014 trials season over Team Roundhouse would like to thank everyone involved with the team during the season. 


tr_3Team Roundhouse Simon Bullock: “As we enter into the festive season I would personally like to thank everyone who has been involved with the team during the 2014 season. We have achieved what we set out to do and that was gain exposure in the world of trials and giving riders the opportunity to compete in both the World and British Championships”.

“I am very proud of the team and what we have achieved and we will enter into 2015 season with the same spirit. For all the commitment from the valued sponsors and helpers it’s always very much appreciated”.

“From everyone at Team Roundhouse we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

ED: - Team Roundhouse is based in the UK.


Results from the Richmond Clubs Boxing day Trial.




Boxing Day - 2014

Friday, December 26th, 2014

We hope that everybody enjoyed a nice Christmas, with family, friends  and lots of Turkey - Today of course is the traditional time for
kicking back, and for many, getting out for some exercise - In Vancouver, that means riding the Boxing Day Trial at Ioco, which is always a good time, with the focus being on having fun in the true holiday spirit - We hope to have results of this tomorrow.

On Christmas Eve, we had a surprise call from Stan, who always spends the winter months down in the Baja, it was nice of him to remember us, and we had a good chat.
The Junior Hockey Championship, starts today, so we will likely click onto that - as always Canada will be right in there.

It’s a foggy start to the day in the Valley, but at least no snow expected until tomorrow, However a big deep-freeze is headed down into Alberta, with temperatures dropping into the minus double digits. brrrr.


Well there are already a number of people placing orders for the exciting new 2015 Beta models, We expect to see these in February, and with demand at an all time high for both the Trials and Enduro models, I suggest you get your name on the list asap.


Not only Canada in for wintery weather >>>
Even on low ground a couple of centimetres of snow could fall across North Wales

North Wales is the subject of a yellow weather warning from the Met Office suggesting snow is on the way.

A weather front is due to move eastwards across the UK and is expected to hit Wales at some point on Boxing Day, with the warning in place until around 6am on Saturday.

A mixture of rain, sleet and snow is expected - with the chance of several centimetres of snow described as ‘likely’ even on lower ground.

Up to 10 centimetres could fall on higher ground.

Forecasters have also warned of ice on roads as the precipitation clears and temperatures fall.

North Wales is expected to be awash with people heading out to Boxing Day sales and events and these people are being told to stay aware of the weather conditions and the potential for disruption.


Wednesday December 24th “Christmas Eve” 2014

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

The day before Christmas, is always one filled with excitement and anticipation for the children, and we certainly hope that lots of them end up with little electric Trials bikes under the tree, - even though they won’t be Betas, because ours are not in yet. (Humbug)

Tuesday, was a very quiet day for me, but Chris H stopped by late in the afternoon, on route to his Mum & Dads for Christmas - we sat in the shop and caught up on all the latest news from Revvy, before he left loaded up with some Outlaw “Goodies”  - Good to see his ankle is now healed, and he can get his Beta Snow bike ready for the New Year.


On a more somber note! - We have heard that the Funeral for Jerry Nilsson will be on Tuesday December 30th at 2pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Brooks ( Thanks to Harlow for sharing this)



Tuesday December 23rd 2014

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Here is a nice Christmas card from our friends at Costa Special Parts in Italy - we are their Canadian Distributor, and stock all the trick stuff for the Trials bikes - ( Albertan’s should check out Mark ONeill’s Beta - his bike is loaded)

I had a long chat with Steve Richardson yesterday, - as most Trials people know, Steve lives on Gambier Island, just off the West Coast, and thought his retired life style was pretty much set - that is until his brother met an untimely death earlier this year. - What happened next is the stuff they make movies about, as his brother’s girl friend has claimed all the family estate, which was left to the two brothers by their parents. - Steve is now fighting to get a court decision on this overturned -which is costing a small fortune in legal costs. - So as we all enjoy a Merry Christmas with our families, spare a thought for Steve, who is going through a really tough time.


Looking ahead to next season, it is interesting to note, that there doesn’t appear to be any young super star emerging in the UK, in spite of this being the “Hot-bed” of Trials. - James Dabill and Michael Brown have ruled the Championship class for a number of years now and although there are a lot of very good club riders, nobody has really challenged these two. - Somebody once said, that “World Champions are born - not trained” - and this may very well be the case.  - However, over in Spain, there seems to be no shortage of young riders showing exceptional skills, it will be interesting to see who will be the next “Toni Bou” - Without a doubt many of the top riders are now getting a bit “Long in the tooth” - Fujinami must be nearing the end of his career in World Trials, as must Cabestany, although Caby still shows an amazing ability to fight for podiums.

With young riders like Busto and Kadlec jumping up to the Champ class in 2015, - will we see some upsets? - your guess is as good as mine.


I see that Lonny Halstead has bought back his old 1996 Beta Techno - he has posted some pics and video on face-book of the bike, which has been fitted with the blue 97 plastics, - Lonny, who now lives in North Wales, was a regular on the BC Trials scene back in the 90’s, and was always quite the character - which may have contributed to why some people gave him the nick name “Loony”


With the latest Hop & Bop techniques showing up on Trials videos almost on a daily basis - I noticed a post on one of the Trials forums suggesting that the next change in the World rules, might be scoring a “Dab” for putting the front wheel down !! - All this of course very much with “Tongue in cheek”  - then there are now many photos being published, with captions such as - ” Joe Bloggs - riding a “Real” section .

This comment reminds me that entries for the 2015 Scottish are now closed, and the ballot will take place over the Christmas Holiday. - We haven’t heard if anybody is going from Canada, although I know Stan and Gary Lawer were talking about it at the Super Stars.


I noticed that our old buddy Darrell Copithorne , had a fall riding his enduro bike in Australia, and separated his shoulder - a painful experience which takes a long time to heal - I still have trouble with one shoulder that I did in 1995 - a rotary cuff injury. - Darrell should have stayed riding his Evo 200. !! And I should have been more careful racing along a snow covered trail with Barry & Adrian all those years ago.

Saturday December 20th 2014

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

This is a beautiful shot of the Budweiser Christmas horses - It made me think of a time, long ago, when as a small boy, I used to love helping out at a local farm, and as this was during the War,-  Horses were used for pulling carts rather than petrol burning tractors. - One of my jobs during the Hay making season, was leading the Giant Cart horse, while the workers loaded the hay into the cart, stopping and starting at regular intervals. - I was really proud to be put in charge of this, especially as the horse was huge, little did I know but the farmer up on top of the hay-cart was giving all the instructions to old Dobbin, and the horse wasn’t taking any notice of the small boy tugging on the reins.


It’s getting to look a bit more like Christmas around our house, as Mrs Outlaw, has been doing some decorating - As you grow older, it becomes harder to enjoy the Festive spirit, unlike when the children were small, and going to parties, is certainly a thing of the past.

Looking at the long distance weather forecast, it could well be a “Green Christmas” down in the Valley bottom - but that won’t bother me at all - plus it makes traveling  easier, although I can’t imagine being stuck in Airports at this time of the year.


Today, I plan on checking over the Beta, and putting the fast throttle back on - they come with a slow throttle, which is fine for most people, but I prefer the quick action unit, as it makes up for my slightly slower reactions, now I’m in the old cobbler class - While riding last Sunday, I noticed the difference.  - Time also to change the oil - we use the Opti 5w30, which works well for most tranny’s. ( Note! this is NOT Synthetic)


As always the Christmas Holiday, brings a lot of last minute orders & deliveries - I got a call yesterday from another Snowmobile Tour Company wanting a couple of 45 gal drums of the Opti Injector - for all these winter operations, running out of product is not an option. - Fortunately, I arrange shipping on the drums, so don’t have to man-handle them.


Tomorrow it looks like we will be at Bear Creek again - but best check with me later to make sure >>


The winter months are a good time to dig out those old books for another read - these are some of my favorites.

Friday December 19th 2014

Friday, December 19th, 2014

This was the pic that I posted on Facebook - that got so many responses and kind words - It was taken earlier this year on Babsy’s birthday - Not saying how old she is, but I’m 77 and she is two years younger !!  We were married back in 1962, and have shared a wonderful life together. - Of course, she has always had to play second fiddle to Motorcycles, but never complained - Barbara always came out to the events with me, in earlier years, as the kids were growing up, and even trusted me enough to ride on the back of a Norton Dominator  -on a 3,000 mile trip to the Italian Adriatic in 1963.

Always cheerful, and happy to chat to customers, “Mrs Outlaw” - is the face behind the phone, taking messages - I thought you would all like to meet her. - We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. 


Back in the World of Motorcycles, Davy Craig emailed to correct a mistake I made yesterday when I mentioned that Doug Hele, designed the Norton “Featherbed” frame, when in fact it was the McCandless brothers from Northern Ireland, although Hele did make some updates later. Doug Hele would later leave Norton and work for Triumph.


The following story, is certainly a shocker, and perhaps rather surprising that it could happen, but as most of you know, I don’t take credit cards - not that I don’t trust my customers, but there seems to be so much of this going on these days. - While it’s unlikely that any of these bikes are in Canada, it is always best to be on your guard, if you are offered a “Super deal”.

Fraud – John Lee Motorcycles

Fraud – John Lee Motorcycles

The well established and popular family run John Lee Motorcycles business have been hit by a huge theft of machines using fraudulent credit card transactions. The machines which have been taking using the fraudulent cards are below.

2010: Gas Gas TXT 280cc Frame No. VTRTG2803L1090351

2014: Sherco ST305 Frame No. VNBS530TREA028335

2014: Sherco Factory 300 Frame No. VNBS530TREA028561

2013: Ossa TR280i Frame No. UCNTR28A0D000043

2013: KTM SX-F 450 Frame No. VBKMXP43XDM324936

2013: Beta Evo 300cc ZDBT60102D0602076

2015: Gas Gas TXT 300cc Racing (Brand New) Frame No. VTRTG3003F0940120

2015: Gas Gas TXT 250cc Racing (Brand New) Frame No. VTRTG2503F1140131

All these machines were purchased on fraudulent cards. Most machines were shipped out in crates collected by couriers companies. Address’s that they were given were mostly based round the Rochdale/Hull/Lancashire region.

Obviously John Lee Motorcycles would like to find these machines and have them safely returned. Anyone out there with information would be asked to contact the Police or John Lee Motorcycles direct. The family have offed a reward for the return of the machines and a successful prosecution of the peoples concerned.

John Lee and Sons Motorcycles
8 Market Square
Higham Ferrers
NN10 8BP

TEL: 01933312827


For those readers, who like stories from the past - check out Big John Moffats website called Trials Guru - John is a wealth of knowledge on both Trials and the Scottish Six Days, plus I just read a really interesting write up by a lady who did a difficult long trip through Morroco. - check it out. >


Thursday December 18th 2014

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Wow ! the change to my profile pic on facebook certainly brought a big response -never expected that - one of the few times when I wore a dress suit. - Back when I was selling in the Printing Industry, I used to have to wear the “Monkey suit” every day, as I met with clients in the tall office towers of Calgary, but to be truthful, I feel much more comfortable in blue jeans and T shirt.


How about this beauty - the all new Norton Dominator - what I wouldn’t give to have one of these in my stable. - back in the late 50’s I had two of the Dominator models, both 600cc twins, with the Doug Hele designed “Feather-bed” frame.  - One had a full fairing, while the other was the original “naked” version, with a tuned engine. - Back then, there was nothing that handled like a Norton on the twisty roads, and while the Triumph Tiger 110, had more zip, the frame flexed on the corners.  - The old bikes were push rod, and Tom Phillis raced one to a 3rd place finish one year in the Isle of Man. ( He was later killed racing for Honda) - In case you were wondering - the price tag on this bike is just under 20,000 pounds - ( approx $37,000) - They also manufactured a Domi Racer version, which was basically hand built, very labor intensive, but they sold like hot-cakes. - Norton plan to build 100 per year, of the Triumph engined models, with half of these for the UK  market.
Norton reveal an all new Dominator


A quick glance out of the front window  this morning, shows the driveway all white ! - not what I wanted to see - Momma Bear has to go out early, and while her car is fitted with four new snow tires, I always worry.


The latest news on Jerry Nilsson from Cochrane Alberta, is not good - he has been  released from Hospital to a Hospice House in Bassano, but the prognosis on his survival after the massive stroke, is poor. - We can only hope, for a miracle.


For those folk who think that  Beta is new to the Enduro/MX market - here is a pic of an old air-cooled model - the Italian Company is reported to be the oldest Motorcycle Manufacturer in Europe. - Still family owned, and still doing very well.


While the Christmas Season is in full swing, many people are looking forward to next year, with Calendars being put together - always a challenge to avoid clashes of events. - We can tell you that three of our WTC Sanctioned Trials are firm fixtures for 2015, with the Outlaw on the May long weekend, at Scotch Creek, the WTC Western Canadian Championship on the July 1st long weekend at Revelstoke, and the last of the Outlaw Series, on the September long weekend at Ymir. - So there you have it mark those dates on your Calendar.  We also plan on other events at Cherryville,- Summerland (a possible Easter camp out) and OK Falls.

We have heard from Michael Traves in Nova Scotia, who runs a small enthusiastic club in that area  - He also sanctions all his events through WTC, keeping things simple and low cost is his main focus.

In Alberta, the ATRA will start their year off with Trials Demos at both the Calgary and Edmonton Motorcycle Shows - further details on their Calendar will be posted after the AGM in January.


And Here is a Classic shot of Jordi on the Beta Zero - wonder what he thinks about the current state of affairs in World Trials? - Maybe the next rules will be that you lose points if you put the front wheel down?


Wednesday December 17th 2014

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Here is a pretty radical pic of Dutch Champion Wesley Pittens - who has signed with Beta for 2015.


So here we are just one week away from Christmas Eve - and at this time we would like to wish all our customers and friends, all the very best for the holiday season. - This includes everybody who rides a Motorcycle or is involved in the sport, no matter what you ride, or which club / Association  you belong to.

The 2014 Season has been filled with great events, and once again we attended as many as possible, in both BC and Alberta. - Without a doubt, the highlight and challenge for us, was hosting the WTC Western  Canadian Championship Trial, at Revelstoke.  The unique setting at the Glacier House Resort, was appreciated by all the riders, it was designed to be a spectator friendly event, and they came out in droves. - Having Spanish Star Tino Marin, and young Aussie Sam King riding the Champ class, only added to the International flavor, but all classes were well represented.  -But before this, it was time for the Traditional Outlaw Trial on the May long weekend, at Scotch Creek.  - Ross and the boys, did a superb job as usual, and we had riders from all over. -

We also managed to get to a few Trials in Alberta, which is always a treat, then with young Sam King- it was out to Ioco for the Super Stars - what a wet weekend that was, and the Mosquitoes  were out in hordes. - This Two day event proved to be a battle between our local Kelowna rider Brandon, and Sam, with Brandon winning when Sam took too many time penalties. -

Next on the agenda, was the last of the Outlaw Series at Ymir, near Nelson BC. - Just like Revelstoke, this was the first time a WTC  event had been held at the gorgeous riverside property of Pete Bustin, and with warm sunny weather, the turn-out was great.

Last but certainly not least, we had the Annual Ady Brown Trial, an event that we host to raise money for cancer research ( I should add that we also donate funds from the Outlaw Trial to this worthy cause) - This year, we were lucky to have yet another new area, this time at OK Falls, and with new enthusiast Jason Munns, along with Ricky and Andrew, the event raised a total of $630.00.

Looking back at the 2014 Season, it would appear that we are in a better position than many, when it comes to having places to ride - a lot of work has been done to make this happen, by a group of people passionate about the sport, I thank every one of you, who made this possible.


Monday December 15th 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

We had a great ride up on the ridges above Bear Creek yesterday, Matt and myself were there early, so we did one run up high to see if we could get above the cloud, but it was too socked in, - going back down we found Jason Wasylyk at the parking area, so we took him out to do a few sections, before noticing more vehicles down below, so waited to be joined by Andrew, Randy and Terry from Kelowna Yamaha - first time we have had these guys out at this location, so we went on a guided tour, taking in some sections along the way. - What a great day, and while the cloud never did lift, we had a blast. - On our way back to the truck, with the Sherco & Gassers running pretty low on fuel, we bumped into Kevin Elbury - who was late coming out. - It was interesting to note that we had 3 Beta, 2 Sherco, and 2 Gassers  out for the day.


Here is a Great old pic taken by Bill Petro of -  Zoli Berenyi Junior, Zoli Berenyi  Senior,  Bob Work and Rudy Zascko - all legends in the Motorcycle Industry. This was at Copetown many years ago.


So with time running out to get those customer gifts sent off - I’m away early into Town to the Post Office -   more news later>

OK Back home - after waiting in line at the P/O - because the darn computer was down - How to turn a “Ho Ho Ho ” - into a Humbug !!

Anyway I see that David Knight blitzed the Welsh Enduro at the weekend, beating out Graham Jarvis - video on Enduro 21.


I stopped in to see my Printer and Computer Guro  Paul Throssell last Friday and he showed me his latest invention - A Cyber Pin Ball table, using an old TV and other parts - He is one talented guy.