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Saturday February 28th 2015

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The last day of the month, and some birthday greetings to send out today, to my eldest brother who turns 83, and my brother in law who is 82. - It doesn’t seem that long since Don was over visiting, and I took him Trials riding up Vernon Mountain. - We hope they both have a great day, back in the UK.


So the Beta shipments have made it to the West Coast, and Tanner Nordin got a nice birthday present.


Yesterday, I mentioned that Steve Saunders will no longer be Importing the JotaGas Trials bikes into the UK, which must have been a difficult decision for him after putting so much time and effort into promoting the brand. - This would appear to leave riders like Ross Danby and Becky Cook wondering about their future, and also Jack Sheppard.

Here is a statement issues by Steve.  We do a fair amount of business with  him on accessories, and have always found him to be great to deal with.

Statement from Steve Saunders

Saunders Extreme Sports LTD have been proud to be involved with the introduction of the Jotagas brand into the prestigious UK market since the birth of the brand. However, it is with regret that we have to announce that we will not be purchasing or importing any further machines in the current climate.

We currently have spare parts that we can supply to owners and are always available for technical enquiries. Our passion for the brand has not diminished and we thank our customers for their faith in us as a company.

Should this situation change we will make further announcements, but we make this statement in response to repeated enquiries from prospective customers.

Wishing you all the best ….
Steve Saunders.


We were talking to the Prez of the local Vernon Club, who has asked us to put on a Trials demo of some sort at their July 4/5 Enduro event - I will  have more news on this at a later date, as it doesn’t appear to clash with anything else.


Tomorrow the CPTA are holding a “Fun” trail-ride to introduce new people to the sport and to the Ioco area. - They will have guides to help with all abilities and will be listening to suggestions for other “Family” type events. - Great idea.

Here is a pic of Christie giving Instruction to a new pupil - The Girls on the West Coast are lucky  to have such an accomplished teacher. ( She can put most male riders to shame)


So what’s wrong with this picture ? - It shows a very good young ten year old Beta rider tackling a big step - with two minders. - Now While I’m sure that these guys are experienced Trials riders, in my opinion it is better ( if you have two minders) to have one up top, and one down below, to catch the rider in the event of a “Loop out” - Just my two bits.

Friday February 27th 2015

Friday, February 27th, 2015

I see that the first video of Jaime Busto on the Factory Honda has hit the web. - He certainly looks like a challenger for the top Rock Hoppers. - Interesting how so many of the World Champions,  were sponsored by Beta, before being lured away by the mighty Honda bucks. - Dougie Lampkin, and Toni Bou being just two of them. - Jordi of course won all his early Championships on Beta, before jumping ship to the local GG factory, and Albert Cabestany rode Beta for many years, before signing for Sherco.
Here’s a pic of Jordi on the 1990 Beta Zero at an Indoor - They tackled some pretty “Big” stuff  back then as well, and Jordi was the first to do the “Jump back - Try again tricks”


So the latest rumor on the Gas Gas situation, is that KTM might be in some kind of negotiations to take it over, although at the moment this is all speculation. - Of course KTM  wanted to buy Beta back a few years ago, but they wouldn’t sell, instead they decided to build a competitive Enduro bike, and with scenes like this showing up all over - maybe, just maybe, the Indian owned Austrian Factory are P/oed enough to want a Trials bike in their line-up. - Never a dull moment in the European Motorcycle market, but I don’t see any company in a big rush to take over the huge 240 million Euro GG debt.

UPDATE : - Just heard from a reliable source, that the KTM /GG thing will definitely not be happening, and that the Company hope to be back in a good financial standing soon.  Good news for all Gasser enthusiasts, plus the Trials market. - Watch this space, as always., we try to report the true facts, but the Motorcycle Industry is notorious for unfounded rumors.


Another video I watched early today on face-book was of young Beta rider Frankie Kadlec at the German Indoor, where he looked strong on the difficult stuff, but a few small mistakes on the easier obstacles  left his Beta Team mate Jorge Casales take the top spot, with Sherco rider Pol Tarres in the runner up position.


Watched a bit of the Hockey last night - a blow out by the Cannucks in their final game on the road - How come they always seem to beat the best teams and loose to the worst?


In weather news, there is actually a light “Dusting” of snow on the hills the other side of the Lake today, but this was all forecast and it will be nice and sunny for the weekend. - Not quite sure what we will be doing on Sunday regarding a ride - will post late tomorrow on here so check it out.


Birthday Greetings go out today, to Janis Clark of Mountain Motorcycles and also to Tanner Nordin - We hope you both have a great day.


In other Trials news, I see that Steve Saunders is no longer Importing the Jotagas bikes - seems he has had difficulty with deliveries of bikes and parts, and finally gave up. - Will this be the next brand to disappear ?

And Jordi continues to post pics of food dishes on Face-book, while developing his new machine. !!

Thursday February 26th 2015

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

With the Spring-like weather in BC, there are a lot of riders getting out in the woods, both Trials and Enduro, which has prompted many to get the new Off Road registration that will become mandatory on June 1st.  - As reported early, this is still being debated and protested, by such organizations as BCORMA, in an effort to get the Government to allow a simple decal on the bikes.

Here is the experience of one Squamish Trials rider, posted on facebook.

So I went to register my 2014 Beta EVO and was told that I needed the bill of sale and a NVIS or a transfer form. The NVIS was complicated so I got Harvey at Diamond Head to do up a transfer form with all the right information even though it was a brand new bike. I get back to ICBC and they have to make a call to see if an original bill of sale from the dealer and a transfer form is enough information…turns out it’s barely enough. For bikes purchased after Nov 17th, 2014 a NVIS is needed (or a stat dec from a Notary) but before Nov 17th the transfer form works fine. Of course you will need the bill of sale too…
As Rick Mercer would say; Congratulations BC Government for making ORV registration more complicated than a car.


In Beta news - The Ontario dealer now has his first shipment, and after checking with Purolator via their tracking info: - I find ours were picked up last Friday, and are “In Transit”  - As we haven’t had units shipped with this Company before, we can only wait for a call when they arrive in the Okanagan.  ( We are hoping before the weekend)


The Super Enduro series moves to Brazil this weekend, where Taddy Blazusuak will try to make it five wins from 5 starts - Cody Webb and Jonny Walker will likely  try to stop this happening.


Moto GP testing has now concluded in Malaysia, with Marc Marquez at the top of the charts - other riders looking good, were Rossi, Lorenzo, and Cal Crutchlow.


Fernando Alonso is now out of hospital, after his big crash in testing - sources say he is fine, after suffering concussion, when high winds caused his Honda powered McLaren to veer off the track on a high speed corner.


And with the Entry list for the Scottish due to be finalized  tomorrow - Here is an interesting shot of a Spanish rider looping his Sherco. ( I believe this is the new Vertigo owner Manel Jane)


The first 2015 Factory Evos have arrived in the UK ( Lucky sods - we won’t get ours until April) This one just out of the box - still has the footpeg tie-straps on.

Thursday, 26 February 2015 06:03


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The Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship heads to Brazil for the penultimate round of the series. With four wins from four starts, can anyone stop Taddy Blazusiak making it five?

- See more at:

Wednesday February 25th 2015

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

This is my 1999 Beta Alp perched on the bluff overlooking Lake Okanagan - The bike has very few hours on it, and I bought it back from a customer about four years ago. It’s in immaculate condition, and I only use it a couple of times a year. - For last Sunday, I took the dual seat off, to make it more “Trialsy” - plus I have rear offset Costa footpegs fitted, and Renthal handlebars.

Of course it feels heavy compared to the new bikes, and has it’s limitations, but I had no problem getting up the steep hillside at Bear ridge, ( once I got up the first nasty trail out of the parking lot - needed help there) - in fact with a close ratio tranny, it’s  fun to ride. - It’s not for sale, although I could have sold it at least a dozen times.


I see the Cannucks had another good win last night - watched the latter half of the game, and they looked pretty sharp. - Seems to be a good road trip for them so far.


Just heard that Chris Briggs from Sorrento, is the latest Beta convert, he has picked up a used one that Dean Seaman had - not sure what he did with his old Sherco.

In other Shuswap news, I heard that Ross Rathbone had been quite sick, but he is now OK, and a vacation in Hawaai , has him back fighting fit.


Last night I chatted to Nick Hellings from Edmonton - Nick is the guy that makes up all our rim tapes and other decals, including the nice WTC ones - and the Beta Racing ones on my van -  he also did a great job on the WTC banner, that we had on display at Revy last year. - If you are interested in rim tapes or any other graphics - let me know and I will give you his contact info:.


We still have Taff’s 73 Sherpa T for sale - it comes with a spare box of bits as well - call me if you are interested - We need the room.

Tuesday February 24th 2015

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

This is a neat shot of Ben Hemmingway at “Hell’s Gate” - it seems that most of the hard enduro races these days, include what would normally be classed as Trials sections. - The Beta X Trainer that Ben rode to a fine 8th place, is certainly getting lots of interest, and the Factory are sold out for this year - (We are only getting two, so if you want one, better call me quickly)


UPDATE :  Beta New Factory Rider wins. - Watch video via Trial Mag: UK.

The indoor in Bielefeld, Germany, is one of those great international events on the indoor calendar. Organised by the active MSC Brake club, the sold out Seidensticker Halle was treated to a great final with Jitsie’s newest signing Jorge Casales taking a close victory over his Spanish rival Pol Tarres. It was Casales’ first career win in an indoor and demonstrated that he’s already pretty comfortable on his factory Beta.

I see that the Father of Jaimie Busto, has posted a reply to the open letter posted on face-book, by Beta Trueba, with regard to a contract dispute. - Basically, he says getting his son to the next World level, required more money, and Honda offered that. - So I guess he ignored the fact that the kid was still under contract to the Beta Trueba Team. - Will this all end up in court, or will there be some kind of settlement?  - The Japanese don’t like any litigation, so I’m thinking the latter.

Whatever the outcome, they are dropping the lad in at the deep end, by entering him as a wild card in Barcelona, an event sponsored by Honda/Montesa.


I couldn’t help but notice that the last CPTA Trial featured a lot of new riders, including some ladies, who were tutored around the loop, by some of the older members, and given hands on instruction, for tackling the sections. - It would appear to me, that this should happen more often, and while most clubs do cater to the newbies, many riders out for the first time are easily intimidated, so Kudus to the guys out at Ioco, for addressing this problem, and encouraging families out to try our sport. - George Imada posted a bunch of pics on facebook, that show everybody having fun.


With that topic in mind, I began to think about all the riders in the Valley, that have come out to a few events, then disappeared. - Sometimes, we have tried to contact them to find out why, and of course, some riders obviously decide the sport is not for them, and they end up selling their bike, but I’m sure there are others, who really showed some talent, that could be lured back into the fold. - I’m thinking about guys like Tyler Sinclair, and Fred Zillinger - both were regulars at our trials at one time, but we haven’t seen them for a few years. - While we do get really good attendance at our Local events, I think we all need to encourage the ” Not so talented” riders out, for just a trail ride. - This was the idea founded last year for the Summerland Easter weekend - basically guided tours of interesting loops for the various abilities. - No pressure to attempt any sections, - just letting them find there own level, plus they can just watch the top experts dazzle everybody if they choose.
The Camp out always adds to the enjoyment, with stories around the camp fire.  Please feel free to contact me if this type of weekend appeals to you and your family. email -


Ever wonder why the Welsh lads can ride a bit ? - Take a look at this pic of North Wales, where I grew up. - There is a link on facebook to see  more fantastic scenery. - Sadly, a lot of the Countryside is now Out of Bounds to Motorcycles, because of the Green movement.

Which is completely absurd.

Monday February 23rd 2015

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

We were out at Bear Creek again yesterday, for a ride - met up with Randy McBee, and showed him some of our new sections, which he rode well. - I was out on my old Alp, which still works well to get me around the loop.  Here is a shot of Randy on a tricky section up by the fence-line - the end has an off camber turn, which usually takes some points.

We chatted about some of Randy’s health issues, including his broken neck, and can honestly say that he makes the most of every day. - Later he was going Mountain biking, plus taking a hike with his wife.


Meanwhile further South, some of the boys were riding near Peachland - Ricky posted this pic on Face-book.


We are so fortunate to have so many places to ride in both the Okanagan and the Shuswap, we heard that Ross & Dean were going riding at Scotch Creek, and a couple of the new guys we hooked up with last year, were out at Bear in the afternoon. - Matt Meerdink has picked up a used Sherco, and his buddy Coulter rides an older Fantic - As we have said many times, it’s not what you ride, it’s all about having fun and enjoying our beautiful terrain - Our Eastern friends are still digging out.


Looking for an electric bike for your youngster?   This is the very nice Beta unit which will be in stock very soon. Sorry the pic comes out a bit “Squished” .

Sunday February 22nd 2015

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Taddy Blazusiak took the overall win yesterday at the Enduro Cross in Mexico - this makes four straight for the former Polish Trials rider - his main competition came from Cody Webb, with Jonny Walker the other man on the all KTM box. - Beta rider Kyle Redmund had a 8-7-5 finish in the three races.


World Super bike Results from Australia.

2015 World Superbike

Phillip Island

Race Two Results

1. Leon Haslam (Aprilia)

2. Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki)

3. Chaz Davies (Ducati)


I watched a thrilling Super Cross race last night from Atlanta - Nice to see Aussie Chad Reed take the win. (Report courtesy Cycle News)

Chad Reed

Atlanta, GA (February 21, 2015) – Chad Reed thrilled a crowd of 51,000 in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome by running away with the 450 main event, tonight, taking a flag-to-flag victory over series points leader Ryan Dungey on a tough and demanding course.

The Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports rider got off to a flying start after nailing the holeshot and then immediately pulled away to a several second lead by the third lap of the race.


It looks to be another frosty start to the day in the Valley - Matt & myself will be heading down to Bear for a ride. - It should exciting for me as I’ll be on my old Beta Alp, a heavy beast compared to the modern machinery. -  However, it will be good enough to get me around the loop for some exercise. - My Evo 200 is now all cleaned up ready to deliver to it’s new owner.


The Telford Vintage Motorcycle Show is always well attended - Here we see  - Sammy Miller, Mick Andrews, Alan Lampkin and John Lampkin up on the stage, with two other people (far left, far right) that I don’t recognize.

Saturday February 21st 2015

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Our first news of the day, is from “Down under” - where the World Super-bike season kicks off tomorrow - in qualifying - it was Irishman Jonathan Rea, who set the fastest time to claim the pole for his new Kawasaki Team, a big crash by David Salom ended the session, with a red flag. - Welsh rider Chaz Davies, actually had the quickest lap on the Ducati, but it was dis-allowed because of the red flag. Aussie Troy Bayliss had a small  “Get-Off” - and failed to make the run for Super-pole.
2015 World Superbike

Phillip Island Qualifying Results

1. Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki)

2. Chaz Davies (Ducati)

3. Leon Haslam (Aprilia)


Checking the latest entrees for the Scottish, I noticed that Jon English (Beta) is confirmed in the up-dated list - this gets finalized next week. ( Still no entry by James Dabill?)


As can be seen on the front page of Trials Canada, the ATAQ boys, had a pretty horrendous drive last weekend, attending a Trials school in Nova Scotia.

Also on the front age, the CMA have announced that top Sherco team rider Alex Ferrer, has been invited to host some training  sessions in Eastern Canada. - more details can be obtained by contacting Derek Thomas.

In other news, James Lampkin, will be in Vancouver next month, to  put on more schools at Ioco -  The ones he has put on before, have been really well received. - contact Christy at the CPTA if you are interested in attending  one of these.


We have had confirmation from Beta Canada, that our bikes did get shipped yesterday, and should be here by next weekend - fingers crossed on that one.


The Wulf helmet shipment, ordered just last weekend, arrived yesterday - expensive shipping, but certainly very quick, - I will get these unpacked today. - We are also expecting a Talon Sprocket order in the near future. - We stock these for most popular Trials bikes, including the older Yamaha TY 250, and TYZ models.

I just saw this posted on face-book - Obviously posted by a dedicated, passionate man, who has put a lifetime in the sport of Trials. - It’s sad to see good people get treated badly, by riders they have helped - often without a word of thanks. - In this case it appears ( although the translation is difficult) that Honda hired Jaime Busto while he was still under contract to Beta Treuba. Please read and make your own assessment.

Letter from Antonio Trueba / BETA Spain

Although some of you already know me, I wish I could remember my path broadly. Mine is the story of a poor family in the times of the war. I started working at age 13, and now, at 71, I’m still active. I am among those who have made themselves, launching a small business with little resources moving forward based on many hours of work and very little sleep. No matter could not go to the movies. The important thing was never stop paying anyone.
Gradually I was shaping the dream of creating a company to manufacture trial motorcycles. When visiting suppliers and told them I wanted to make 50 trial bikes, I looked like a crazy adventurer and only changed his reluctance when said would pay cash.
Of these 50 motorcycles, then came another 100, and 200, and following the philosophy of maximum effort and cash payment, were reached over 3,000 motorcycles per year.
But making racing motorcycles is not only the effort as constructor. The weekend had to take the van at dawn, sometimes driving 2,000 km and return on Monday without fail at 8 to start a new week.
Of course, all these efforts have been well rewarded sport because today, there have been a total of 60 national and international titles. Someone say it is available to very few. Maybe so be it, because who does not remember a very young Tarrés winning the Indoor Trial Solo Moto, although that was only the spearhead of the 7 championships in Spain and 4 world that would follow.
For our house have passed names like Amos Bilbao, Pons, Justribo Benitez, Cabestany, Laia Sanz, Toni Bou, etc. Sport reward has been extraordinary, but always giving our pilots a very humanely above what commercial is why when certain things happen, I feel very badly treated.
They recently spent a very unpleasant facts. Ours is a very small company but always following through on agreements. The latest addition to Trueba and realized I personally was a young rider who had no agreement with anyone. We agree with their parents who would support him for a year with bikes, equipment and expense that entails, and so, seeing how we work and whether they were satisfied, and could speak of a contract with very clear terms of five years. And so it was.
However, when there are 3 year contract to fulfill, is a brand of large, interested in our bet pays without asking, and takes it. How is your face is? And the soul ?.
We must have a minimum of category and respect for agreements and contracts. No matter the “dirty work” for three years has been training and preparation to human and economic attrition that entails. Nothing matters. Because no record Honda pilots when they are growing and need more care. It is easier to expect others to work and then pull the stub of the oil we feed together.
Seen as this panorama, this I do not like. I do not care and I wish to inform you that I end my long career in competitions in which I felt very happy. From now on, I only help my grandson Gerard Trueba on their way from bike to trial motorcycle, and I hope that “not very good”, not going to be that after Honda come and take him.
I want to publicly thank all the accolades both pilots and fans for all these years.
Heartfelt thanks and farewell.
Antonio Trueba

Friday February 20th 2015

Friday, February 20th, 2015

The Bikes are on their way !!!!


We have received the results from the CPTA Trial, where they had an amazing 63 riders, including 20 juniors.

1 Alex Walton   Beta   -21

2 Bill Sparks     Beta  - 25

3 Steve Day     GG     - 49

1 Andrew Allen  GG  -    12

2 Kirk McDowell  Beta  - 16

3 Kyle Mortensen Beta - 32

Senior 45
1 Don Doerksen  Scorpa - 26

2 Carl Muller   Beta        - 30

3 Kevin Wildman - GG    - 50

1 Heather Wall   GG       - 51

2 Cam Collie      Sherco  - 53

3 Melissa Andrist  Beta   - 58

1 Bob Clark    Beta  - 32

2 Bob Todosychuk  Yam - 39

3 Skip Parker   Beta      - 51

1 Allan Bleakney   Sherco  - 38

2 Ian Rood         Scorpa     - 39

3 Rick Agema      GG         - 39

1 Kyle Trembay   Ossa      -  7

2 Jordan Mexter   Beta      - 13

4 Brandon Mexter  Beta    - 18

1 Vic Roberts  - Yam     -  20

2 Greg Patrick  - Mont   - 22

3 Vic Castleton - Bultaco - 56


In the first Superbike practice session at Phillip Island, Alex Lowes (Suzuki) was the quickest rider, while Troy Bayliss (Ducati) experienced bike troubles and only managed to get in a few laps.

Alex Lowes still fastest on day one of the season opener at Phillip Island.


The man to fire the first shot on the first day of the 2015 World Superbike season opener at Phillip Island was the same man as had been out front in testing a few days ago – Voltcom Crescent Suzuki’s Alex Lowes.

He was impressively .359 of a second up on rookie Jordi Torres on the Red Devils Roma Aprilia who was in turn just ahead of experienced former World Champion, Kawasaki Racing Team’s Tom Sykes.


The Toronto Motorcycle Show is on this weekend - Jordan Szoke will be putting on a Trials display.


Thursday February 19th 2015

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Well today our new 2015 Beta Evos should be shipped out of New Brunswick - we also have one of the small Electric Beta models coming, so that’s pretty exciting. - Of course we don’t know for sure when they will arrive, what with huge dumps of snow in the area, and a rail strike by CP - it’s anybody’s guess.


We still haven’t seen any results from the CPTA Trial last Sunday !!! Come on guys, old news is just that - nobody cares.


The World Super bike series, gets going, this weekend in Philip Island Australia, and it promises to be a “Goodie” with the return of Troy Bayliss - here is a clip about the former Champ. (Courtesy Cycle Mag USA)

Troy Bayliss to race season opener at Phillip Island for Ducati.

Photography By Gold & Goose

Yes, it’s true. Three-time World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss is making a comeback to racing as he fills in this weekend for injured Ducati rider Davide Giugliano. With Giugliano having been ruled out of action after a crash in testing on Monday left him with a few broken vertebrae, the Australian agreed to fill in for the one-off ride at his home World Superbike round at Phillip Island.

“I want to start by saying that I really feel for Davide and that it’s a real shame for his season to be starting in this way,” Bayliss said. “The desire to be able to return to the track and see the home crowd and the Ducatisti has always been strong, ever since I last raced. Also Phillip Island, one of my favorite tracks, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of World Superbikes. This gave me the idea to compete as a wildcard and work with the Ducati Superbike technicians once again.


I don’t think there is much happening in the Trials World this weekend - The Classic Dirt bike show is happening in Telford UK, and the Enduro riders are all headed to Mexico.


Just took a peek at the Scottish entry list as of last Friday - I see Brian Wojnarowski  from Canada is listed, as are Dougie Lampkin, Manel Jane (Vertigo owner) Josep Paxau ( Sherco engine designer) and Mark Teissier (Sherco owner) - some big names such as James Dabill, not in yet - deadline is February 27th.


More news as it happens >>