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Tuesday March 31st 2015

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Here is a nice pic of Taff & Kevin on day #4 of their Blast in BC - they stopped off in Revelstoke for a ride with another of our Beta buddies, Chris Hrabb, who took them on a ride taking in some of the terrain close to the Columbia River.


Well, it’s the last day of the month, with tomorrow catching out a lot of “Fools”  - Yesterday, the old guy took it easy after two days of riding, and a lot of social activity !!  - I’m expecting another Beta to arrive either today or tomorrow, so a nice Easter present for John Pernitski of Kamloops. - John and his daughter Kathryn have acted as checkers at a number of our events.


It sounds as though the James Lampkin Trials school went over well at Ioco - not too many details so far, but a couple of video clips have shown up on face-book.


I see Adam Raga won the first round of the Spanish outdoor championship last weekend - with Jeroni Fajardo beating out Toni Bou for the runner up spot. - Jorge Casales brought another factory Beta home in 4th place ( a great ride for him after the slippery conditions at the previous Trial in the UK)


And a reminder as we get into the riding season, that there is no better oil on the market than Opti 2-4  - We have been Distributing it since 1987 - We advise using only Non-Synthetic Opti 4 in the Transmission, and the Synthetic Opti 2 as your regular mix. - Contact Outlaw if you have any questions. -

Monday March 30th 2015

Monday, March 30th, 2015

What a weekend we had in the OK  - Taff & Kev arrived on Friday - and they were out at Silver Creek on the big Betas on Friday afternoon - Saturday we were at Summerland on the Trials bikes, then at Scotch Creek yesterday, to cap off an absolutely brilliant motorcycle spring run for the lads. ( I should add that out of the whole bunch - there was only one Gasser - the rest were all Betas - and the Gasser will soon be replaced by a brand new Beta factory -OK so I’m gloating a bit but that’s OK isn’t it?)

Ross & the Shuswap boys showed us some neat new stuff planned for the 28th running of the Outlaw Trial - fantastic Creek sections which everybody will enjoy.

Here is Ross riding one of the new creek sections.


Well Beta didn’t win the King of the Hill Enduro in Romania , but they did grab 3rd & 4th plus had another couple in the top 11 places. - You can read more about this toughevent on Enduro 21.


And how about Valentino Rossi - Wow ! the veteran Moto GP Italian socked it to the young crowd yesterday, in a thrilling opener to the road racing season - the seemingly unbeatable Marc Marquez got thrashed and finished off the podium.


In Formula One - it was another Italian Victory - this time for Ferrari, with Sebastian Vettel taking the win, and another Red Rocket in 4th - Great stuff - that’s what the fans want to see - domination by any team or rider becomes boring.


I see that Richard Sadler (Beta) had a great ride in the National Jack Wood Trial in the UK, beating Michael Brown (GG) - while Guy Kendrew (Beta) finished 4th.


Sunday March 29th 2015

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Another fantastic day at Summerland yesterday with Taff & Kevin - I showed them a lot of new stuff for them to practice, while taking in the long loop around by Adrian’s Wall. - Today we go to Scotch Creek to meet the lads - Should be a “Hoot”

Taff on a new section near the top camp at Summerland

Up on the ridge - I’m still riding my 99 Alp.

More later. >>


Saturday March 28th 2015

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Well Saturday was a busy day - while Taff & Kevin - loaded up the RR Betas for a blast at Silver Creek, I settled in to wait for the arrival of a customer to pick up a new 2015 Beta Evo -  With everything sorted - - John Simpson was on his way, with a shiny new 300 - and I kicked back in the late afternoon sun - almost like summer temperatures, out on the back deck.

As the early evening rolled on, I did become a bit concerned, as the lads were still not back - and they left at 11am - however they rolled in at 7pm having had just too much fun out on the big bikes - here is a pic.



Today the plan is to ride at Summerland on the Trials bikes - I have a bunch of stuff to show the boys, which will challenge both their imagination and skill level - err ! did I mention it turned out to be a late night, after a supper at the local watering hole, followed by watching the Ryan Young advanced training video. - with just a few nips of the good stuff.

more on this later. >>>>>


Friday March 27th 2015

Friday, March 27th, 2015

So Team Taff rolled into town around 2.30am this morning, which made for a short night, after chin-wagging for a couple of hours - the plan is for a full weekend of riding, as they brought both their Trials bikes and the Beta Enduro bikes. - Watch for full coverage on these events later.


We are pleased to announce that Brandon Wince will again be a part of Team Outlaw Beta, for 2015 - He will join Sam King in the Champ Class, riding the awesome Evo 300 Factory models.

Brandon Wince (Beta) Pic by Outlaw Dave

More good news from Chris Pawlitsky of the Revy Riders Club - it seems Red Bull are keen to host a BIG Motorcycle Extravaganza on Sept 27th weekend - This will include an Enduro on the fantastic trail network they have near Glacier House Resort on the Sunday, but before that, there will be a poker run on Saturday, followed by a Free Style show and Trials demo - which will take place right down-town (Outlaw will be in charge of the Trials demo) - Later, there are plans to show the movie “On Any Sunday #2″ at a local theater - We will post more on this in the coming months, but mark the dates on your Calendar. - On June 27/28 - we will be running the WTC National from this location, the same as in 2014. - all very exciting stuff.


World Round News from the UK >>

The Wulfsport Oset British Trial GP 13/14 June 2015

The organizers of the uk round of the FIM world trial championship are pleased with the progress Graham Jarvis has made with construction of new sections on the never before used blaze fell. The sections on blaze fell are only a short walk from the main quarry area keeping the trial accessible while adding a new dimension. Overall work on the trial to give it a new look is coming on well reports john kerwin who went on to say we are pleased to announce our oil partner for this event will be Putoline who will have a display and hospitality stand John and Sally Hayden from putoline uk will be on hand to welcome product users new and old.

Red Bull has confirmed their support for the event and the famous red bull arch will tower over a brand new section this year. After working as a commentator recently for red bull TV Dan Hemmingway continues to develop his new career by providing commentary over the weekend from the main stage and the red bull truck.

Thursday March 26th 2015

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Another superb Mountain photograph - but this is North Wales, not Canada, although the terrain does look a bit like the Okanagan. - This is Mount Snowdon located not far from where I grew up. Unfortunately, motorcycles are banned from a lot of these beautiful areas.

And here is a neat shot of Steve Day, on a snowy section, watched by Brandon Wince - not sure where this was taken, but it looks a bit like Summerland, maybe at the Ady Brown event when it was -20 overnight, for the happy campers. !

- Steve has been in Trials since a young lad, coached by his Dad and Mum who were very involved with the Alberta Trials scene. - He later became a member of the Stan Bakgaard  traveling Trials shows, when the Yamaha duo put on dazzling displays all over the Country.

Still going strong, with teen-age daughters, Steve has been a regular fixture at the Ioco events, and has never missed one of our Outlaw Trials.


The Xtreme Enduro riders, will be in Romania this weekend, for the “King of the Hill” race - another grueling event  - Graham Jarvis and Jonny Walker will start favorites, but Ben Hemmingway will also be in there for Beta, battling for a top ten position.


Wednesday March 25th 2015

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Another wet morning in the Valley - all good for bringing out the Spring flowers, and turning everything green.

Not a lot to report in Motorcycle news today  - except for the sad report that young road-racer Dane Westby has been killed in a street riding accident - He was one of the promising young stars in USA Sport bike racing


My post on the British Trials Championship, brought a few emails from older enthusiasts, who mention the need to promote a good variety of sections at events, with some snotty hill-climbs etc, rather than the latest Hop & Bop, which while enjoyed by the younger crowd, tends to portray our sport as needing circus like abilities to compete. ( One rider who responded has ridden the Scottish a number of times)

It was nice to see the Purolator truck pull into the driveway yesterday - first time for us getting bikes with this transport company, and I must say a lot easier to unload with the power tailgate - I think I will be getting to know Richard the driver quite well in the coming months.


Taff called last night to confirm that Kevin and himself will be arriving early Friday morning - we are  not 100% sure what the plan will be for the weekend, but possible riding venues could be Silver Creek, Vernon Mountain, Scotch Creek and maybe Summerland.


He would have been 85 yesterday had he lived - Steve McQueen  was a super star both on and off the silver screen - riding desert races with his buddies, and even entered in the ISDT as a member of the USA Team - a crash and machine damage put him out of the event. - McQueen died at age 56 from cancer.

UPDATE:  Please read on >

Hi Dave,

Further to your blog about Steve McQueen, he rode theSix Days in Czechoslovakia, at Povaska Bystrica, in the USA team. He crashed and broke his arm (or leg). A local (peasant) farmer took him to town for medical assistance on his horse cart. Steve was so grateful that he took his riding jacket (as in your photo), removed the Stars and Stripes badge and gave it to the farmer.
I rode theSix Days there in 1982 (?), just after Steve died. The farmer came into town on his horse and cart, wearing Steve’s jacket! The yanks went nutty trying to get the jacket from him, even offered to swap their hire car for it. The farmer just shrugged, said “McQueen my friend”, fired up his horse and cart and headed back into the mountains. I saw all this happen, saw the jacket and it looked right.
Quite a memory….
John The Brit

Tuesday March 24th 2015

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

A very wet morning in the Valley, but this is alright, as believe it or not, the woods are very dry. - Although it’s only Tuesday, we are already planning for the weekend, when Taff and Kevin are coming out from Alberta, I’m sure it will be fun.

Also I have been tracking the latest bike shipment, which has now left Vancouver, so I should get it tomorrow - then another Evo is on the way from New Brunswick today, so at least two customers will have new bikes to ride for Easter. - Unfortunately, this still leaves me without a 2015, which is a bit of a drag, but customers come first. - April and May look to be busy months with a lot more bikes expected.


Outlaw main page images


With the Pre 65 Scottish now only about a month away, I thought I would post this nice pic of Big John Moffat on his BSA - John has just published a great book on Scottish Motorcycling, which we hope to add to our collection.


Although it’s nice to have a new modern Trials bike, with a Class for Vintage twin-shock machines now quite common, newcomers to the sport, often miss the fun of competing at a slightly lower level of difficulty, while  not having to sell the ranch to enjoy a day out in the woods. - The older bikes can do some amazing things in the right hands, and parts are readily available to renovate suspensions etc, plus the new Michelin Trials tires add a whole different aspect to getting traction. - If you are interested in this segment of the sport - give us a call, or come out to our first Outlaw Trial on  the May long weekend - we will also have a class for air cooled mono-shocks at this event ( must have drum brakes)

Monday March 23rd 2015

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Matt and myself were out at Bear Creek yesterday, on an absolutely gorgeous day - With me on the old Alp and Matt still struggling a bit with a sore back, we didn’t spend too much time on sections, but instead went exploring up top - taking time to stop and admire the views - we were studied carefully by a large bald eagle for a while, as he swooped down low near the cliffs, before soaring high, on the up-drafts. - we eventually broke out of the bush onto the top trail that leads to the forestry road, encountering lots of inquisitive deer along the way - they would hop into the bushes, then peek out to  watch us.


The Shuswap lads were also out enjoying the Spring weather - Dean posted this pic showing what looks like a “Tea break” up high above Scotch Creek.


Well, James Dabill certainly socked it to the troops at the first two rounds of the British Trials Championship, but a look at the high scores, prompted me to click onto a post by Steve Saunders, who wrote - “I don’t know why they asked me to lay out the sections, then changed them all”  - It seems that a couple of the well known Trials Team Managers thought they were too easy. - so the event ended up with scores in the 100’s and a long DNF list, including multi time ladies champ Becky Cook. - As somebody else said - when will they learn. - Broken bodies and bikes, plus unhappy riders, does not bode well for the future, and I don’t blame Saunders for speaking up. ( After all he is one of the best in the business, and has put on successful  World Rounds )

Update: Here is a comment from a spectator that was at the event.

One thing really surprised me yesterday at the trial. One championship rider was walking my section and he said ‘Riding up these banks isn’t trials. The Land we’ve got is much better with more rocks’.
I asked him “So you not normally ride on land like this with huge hills and climbs ? ” and he replied ‘no’ citing the Penrith venue as being much better and just perfect. His mates all around 20 years agreed with him.

I was blown of my feet !!!. My Christ !!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Have we bred a generation of riders who are only interested in small venue Hop skip and jump trials ?. A generation of trials riders who don’t think hills and climbs should be in sections ?

It sounded like these boys want to be hopping on the level jumping up steps and that’s all they’re interested in.

This is obviously all led by WTC events which are exactly this. …… but what a crying shame. I’ve never felt so detached from modern trials. (Ed: Note - He is referring to World Trials Championship - not World Trials Canada)
If these boys are representative of the others then BTC trials has turned a huge huge corner away from anything I consider to be the best type of event. What ever the severity of the event. …. In my opinion Butser is an amazing venue …….. but is becoming clear to me that land like this isn’t wanted by the young riders coming through.

We’re this lads representative of most out there ?


Talking about broken bodies - I see that local fast guy Bobby Prochnau  broke his arm at the Salt Lake City event - Bad luck and not a good way to start the outdoor season. we wish him a speedy recovery.


Sunday March 22nd 2015

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Canadian riders did well at the Salt Lake City Enduro-cross on Saturday - Steve Foord (Beta) won the Vet class, while Lexi Pechout (Sherco) took second in the ladies, followed by Shelby Turner (KTM) - The report on the main event is below, courtesy Cycle News.

Veteran Mike Brown dominates in Salt Lake City to take first win since 2013.


Rockstar FMF Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Mike Brown led from start to finish to take his first GEICO EnduroCross win since 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rockstar Lucas Oil Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker was able to apply pressure on the last lap, but settled for second while Factory Beta’s Max Gerston rode a smart race to finish third.

Brown’s night went great from the beginning with the veteran throwing down an insanely fast lap time during the evening Hot Laps session while also “quadding” a step-on-step-off section of the track previously un-attempted by EnduroCross’ best. He took the first gate pick and a bonus championship point into the Main Event. From there, he grabbed the Nexen Tire $500 Holeshot award. And that’s when the race got interesting.

Most of the drama of the evening took place right after the finish tire jump—into the second turn of the course. Taking the leading role in that drama was FMF/RPM/KTM Team Maxxis’ Cody Webb and Haaker. The pair charged for the inside line, both refusing to shut down and leave the second spot to the other—the result was them both going down and the rest of the class stacking up, around and on-top of them. Haaker would re-mount quickly (inside the top-10), while Webb suffered the worst of it with multiple bikes and riders blocking his way. Webb would rejoin the race towards the back of the back. Somehow, Gerston made his way through relatively unscathed.

Meanwhile, it was clean sailing up front for Brown. On a fast track it was clear he’d be hard to catch but Gerston kept him in-check for the first half of the race with Webb’s teammate Ty Tremaine in third. But behind them, Haaker and Webb were on a mission. By the halfway point, Haaker had charged past SRT Racing-backed rider Cory Graffunder and Tremaine to put the pressure on Gerston. Gerston looked strong, holding him off until around five laps to go when Haaker made a smooth move on the rocks to get by.

Webb was flying, too and managed to work his way through traffic to salvage some points in fourth place.

Graffunder ended the night in fifth ahead of Tremaine who was recently crowned FIM Super Enduro Junior World Champion. In seventh was Nick Thompson.

Beta’s Kyle Redmond finished eighth ahead of Kevin Rookstool on a Suzuki. Rounding out the top 10 was veteran Destry Abbott on a Kawasaki.

2015 GEICO AMA EnduroCross

Salt Lake City, Utah

Men’s Main Event Results

1. Mike Brown (Husqvarna)

2. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna)

3. Max Gerston (Beta)

4. Cody Webb (KTM)

5. Cory Graffunder (KTM)

6. Ty Tremaine (KTM)

7. Nick Thompson (KTM)

8. Kyle Redmond (Beta)

9. Kevin Rookstool (Suzuki)

10. Destry Abbott (Kawasaki)