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Thursday April 30th 2015

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

This beautiful photograph of the Scottish countryside, was taken by Carlo Casas the Spanish Bank manager, who has had a love affair with the Scottish Six Day Trial for decades. - Because of him, the event is supported every year, by many Spanish riders, who also enjoy the fantastic terrain and atmosphere.  - Tomorrow, Casas will ride the Pre 65 event on his Triumph Tiger Cub, before starting  the big event on Monday - We wish him, and all the other riders luck.


Glad to say that our phones are now working again - although it took a bit of effort by going to the local Telus office before I managed to get a repair man out, - trying to get things sorted by using the computer, or my cell. got me nowhere, - just listening to an electronic messaging system. Finally spoke to a guy in Montreal, who was very pleasant, and assured me that things would soon get fixed. He also thanked me for my patience, which sometimes gets a bit strained. !!!!


It’s the last day of the month, and we still don’t know exactly when our Beta shipment will arrive - trying to keep customers in the loop, has been difficult, as a couple are traveling a long way to pick up their new bikes. Hopefully they will get here before the weekend, but I’m not holding my breath.


I see there is an Enduro-cross in Las Vegas this weekend, and Foordy will be taking it in, along with a number of other Cannucks.  - He says he really likes the new Beta 4T and gives it most of the credit for his success to date in the series.


More news as it happens >>>>

Wednesday April 29th

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

So how is  this for an opening ? - The start of the greatest Motorcycle Trial in the World, is just days away from getting underway. - The organizers  have put up with terrible weather, including big snow storms.- But to get things back to basics so to speak, - over here in the Great white North,  - We have hosted National Trials events in absolutely terrible conditions.. - The Scottish, will go on, no matter what the weather, and to finish  in  the SSDT - is the thing that Trials riders dream of.

This is what it was like in Scotland yesterday, while they were laying out sections >

Check out the SSDT website for info on the event. - Canadian riders Brian Wojnarowski and Jon English start at #154 & 155.


Important Notice to our customers.  Yesterday our phone land lines went down - not sure why, so I went out and bought new units, only to find that we still have no connection, so if you are one of the people who tried to contact us and failed. - Please either email me at -  or phone my cell (250) 308-7307  - Hopefully I can get things sorted today.


So with the new Beta shipment due in any day, I took the old Alp to the car wash, as it was pretty muddy after our Monday ride up on the hill. - It’s now all clean and lubed so that it can take a well earned rest. ( I hope to be on a new 2015 this weekend)


This is the latest on Michael Brown - He has had one surgery & will have another on Friday - He will be out of action for at least two months. - Obviously this is a big blow to the Top British rider, and having had my leg in a cast for 3 months back in 1971, I can relate to how he feels. ( And that was a Trials accident)

Tuesday April 28th 2015

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Chris Hrabb was in Vernon yesterday to get some warranty work done on his Truck, so we made the most of the day, by going for a ride up on the hill. - We were surprised to see some snow up top, and the mud holes getting to the fire road were fun - but no problem on the Betas. - I took Chris on a loop of some old Trials sections, for him to get some practice, while I took pics and video, so that he could critic his riding style. - The Alp works well on this type of trip, with not too much bush-bashing, but I can’t wait to get on a 2015 Evo.

Here is a pic taken at the look-out, with the great view of the City and the Lakes.


And here is one of Chris about to take an inside “Dab” - this a good section to teach technique with a couple of roots,  a bit of a drop off, following by a tight cambered turn with mud on the corner.

Monday April 27th 2015

Monday, April 27th, 2015

So how did you spend your Sunday ? - For me it was kind of a lazy day - clicked on the box while having my morning coffee, just in time for the start of the movie “Le Mans” - made by, and starring Steve McQueen - it is likely one of only two films on car racing, that were any good - the other being “Grand Prix” - In the old days they could get away with a lot while shooting, but now the Insurance Companies shut them down at the smallest mishap. ( Plus a few of the later movies just plain sucked)
Later - I got ambitious and washed the siding on the front of the house and inside the car port ( keep the little lady happy)


I have watched a lot of the videos from Japan, and while there is no question about how brilliant these riders are, obviously with two of the top contenders in the British Championship getting hurt, many will be asking questions about these type of events which mainly feature, one big rock followed by a main road to another big rock etc. - ( To be honest I find this quite boring to watch)

With the Scottish Six Day Trial starting next week, it appears that Michael Brown will be a non-starter, a real shame as he always goes well in the Highlands. - Not sure if Jorge Casales was entered or not - but if he is - then he will also be out.

The crazy Spring snow storm that hit Scotland over the weekend, reminded me of 1992, when I was over for the Six Days - the ride over the mountain was brutal for the riders, including Steve Fracy and David Main. - Not that strange weather is anything out of the ordinary in Scotland, and it is this very thing that often effects the outcome of the event - especially for first time riders, from overseas, who are not prepared for the extreme conditions. - Good luck to Jon English and the guy from Eastern Canada they call Wojack - ( Not sure of his name sorry)


I see there is another Welshman posting on facebook in Eastern Canada - Charlie Trew is new to the Country, and we don’t know too much about him, but it would certainly be nice if he headed West at some point. ( ” We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside”)

The Second gear club held a Trial at Blackfoot yesterday, but only had 13 riders - Tino was the only Expert, but Mark ONeill kept the Beta flag flying by winning the Inter class. - Results can be seen on the SGC website.


Sunday April 26th 2015

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Good morning Trials Fans - and a not so good morning to Cannuck fans !!  - The Calgary Flames never gave up last night, and in spite of being down 3-0 in the first period, came back strong to eliminate the Vancouver Hockey Team from the Stanley Cup Play-Offs. Congrats to them.

Congrats also to Jeroni Fajardo ( Beta) who put in another impressive performance on day #2 in Japan, finishing in 3rd spot and 2nd overall for the weekend, behind “The Great One” Toni Bou. - Beta also took the 125cc class for the second day straight. - A very bad day for England’s Michael Brown,(GG) who broke his leg, and will therefore miss out on the Scottish Six Days. - I will post more news on this event later. UPDATE: It appears that Browny broke his kneecap in four places. UPDATE #2 Jorge Casales (Beta) - also retired hurt today - broke a bone in his foot.


Looks like we had another shower last night, but over in Scotland, Big John, reports that it is “Hammering down”  - As someone once said to me, in the Highlands, there is only two types of weather - rain or Scotch mist. UPDATE : - Pic from near Inverness Scotland today >

I will be staying home today, but will go out with Chris Hrabb tomorrow for a ride when he visits Vernon to get some work done on his Truck.  ( Likely go up Vernon Mountain for a change)


In health news, I have a new Lady Doctor, and she is married to an Italian, so we had a good chat about Italy, when I stopped in to pick up my supply of pills, and get my usual check up. - I’m sure her husband will be familiar with the Beta brand, when I mentioned that I sold Italian Motorcycles, she said Oh really “Ducati ?”


Saturday April 25th 2015

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

The results are in from the first day in Japan, and while there is no surprise at the top - look who grabbed 2nd for BETA !! and also Jorge Casales was also right in there. Way to go BETA boys. !!!

Bou wins on opening day in Japan

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.08.45

Reigning champion Toni Bou – Repsol Honda began the defence of his title with a win on the opening day of the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship held at the Twin Ring circuit – Motegi, Japan. Bou carved out an initial lead on lap one and was never to surrender his position at the top of the order despite being kept honest by eventual runner-up Jeroni Fajardo – BETA, who finished just nine marks adrift of the Repsol rider. -  Adam Raga – Gas Gas started the day poorly by his own high standards and then was forced to play catch up as he finally took the last rostrum spot four marks behind Fajardo.

These leading three riders were in a class of their own on day one of the Japanese Grand Prix that was held in brilliant sunshine and mainly dry conditions, apart from a few muddy hazards. Home hero Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Honda made a solid return from his long-term knee injury as he placed fourth after a daylong tussle with Albert Cabestany – Sherco who would eventually complete the top five in the Word Pro class.

Seventeen-year-old Jamie Busto – Repsol Honda made an impressive debut in the premier division as he secured sixth position after he finished three marks the better of his Spanish compatriot Jorge Casales – BETA who had to settle for seventh spot on the day. The Japanese pairing of Kenichi Kuroyama – Yamaha and Tomoyuki Ogawa – Honda occupied eighth and ninth places respectively whilst Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco closed out a closely packed top ten where only sixth marks separated sixth to tenth positions.

In the FIM World Cup class it was France’s Benoit Bincaz – Scorpa who took the first victory of the new season mainly thanks to an excellent closing performance. Bincaz dropped just ten marks on his third tour to win by a clear twelve marks from Oriol Noguera – Honda despite having played second fiddle to his Spanish challenger for most of the day. The Honda rider did just enough to fend off a spirited fight back from Miquel Gelabert – Sherco who posted strong scores on laps two and three to finish the day in third place and within two marks of snatching the runners-up spot. France’s Quentin Carles de Caudemberg – BETA and Britain’s Dan Peace – Gas Gas rounded out the top five on day one in the FIM World Cup division.

Italy’s Marco Fioletti – BETA produced an outstanding third and final lap to seal what was a comfortable win come the finish in the FIM 125 Cup category. The young Italian rider had trailed his French rival Maxime Varin – Scorpa after two laps, but he then turned a six mark deficit going into the last twelve sections into a twenty-eight  mark advantage come the end to take first blood in this class. Although Varin was to implode on the run in, he still managed to salvage second spot ahead of home rider Yuki Onuma – BETA who rounded out the podium after holding off two of his compatriots in what was a fierce fight to the death for third position.

Follow the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship by using the updated FIM app, which is available for FREE download (Apple store & Android market). Simply download the app and select the sport button from the front page. Inside the Trial section you will find information about the full series. Contained within each round you can access venue and event details, the event timetable, rider profiles, up to date championship standings, previous champions and standings, images and videos, news and most importantly lap by lap results as the action is actually unfolding. To view the same content online click here.


Friday April 24th 2015

Friday, April 24th, 2015

So here we are on the Friday before the first 2015 World Round in Japan - Here is a group pic taken today, of the riders, with a large Japanese presence as per normal ( I counted 7) - Look for Fujigas, Kuroyama, and Ogawa, to be right up there in the results. ( Doesn’t Michael Brown look tiny in the front row?) - pic courtesy Trial Mag: UK.


Congratulations go out today to Super nice Lady Victoria Hett, who has just announced her engagement to Tomas Hubacek - Viccy who grew up in Cherryville, near Vernon, now works for KTM out of Montreal, and will travel to the ISDE again this year as part of Team Canada.

Thursday April 23rd 2015

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

A couple of significant Industry announcements in the news - first this one>

Marzocchi To Close Shop Again?

We’ve just stumbled on this piece of news on an Italian Moto site, and other sources corroborate the story for now - Marzocchi’s owner Tenneco has apparently decided to finally exit the suspension business altogether, and as a result will be shutting down Marzocchi’s Italian operations indefinitely, as indicated in a letter sent to the staff of the company’s Bologna facility. This leaves 120 people out of a job, and a lot of uncertainty regarding continued support for current Marzocchi owners. Production is apparently set to carry on until the end of the lease of the current facility at the end of September, to then cease. The trade unions are involved and it would appear that talks between the owners and the staff are currently at stalemate. Whether or not this only concerns the moto products (made in Italy) or MTB as well (produced elsewhere) is not 100% clear at present.

Marzocchi was already in trouble back in 2011, but had recently announced a slew of new MTB products and certainly appeared to be headed in the right direction. It is unclear at present what the effect on the MTB side of the business might be, and time will tell if this storm can be weathered too, but the outlook appears bleak for one of mountain biking’s most iconic suspension brands if the facts alluded to in the Italian press are verified. We’ll try to find out more as soon as possible.


The second one is that Polaris have bought out Timbersled - which might just change this market !!


Meanwhile, back in the Valley - it was a busy day on Wednesday - running around shipping off Oil and parts - then getting word that a shipment of Opti had arrived, so it was back down town to sort that out.


Today is Taff’s birthday - so best wishes go out to our Welsh buddy - I’m sure tonight will be a liquid supper !!.


Here’s a blast from the past - Geoff Aaron (Beta) at the 1994 World Round in Nevada  ( Barry & myself drove down to that one)

And finally, here’s a pic of Sam with his buddy Tim Coleman over in Jakarta, where they put on some Enduro training schools. - ( I see Sam hasn’t changed his hairstyle, since he was in Canada (Lol)-)

Wednesday April 22nd 2015

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Well the one thing we won’t talk about today is the Cannucks !!


Here’s is a great pic of Popular Japanese Trials rider  Fujinami - who has been riding at the top World level now for twenty years. - Will this be the final season the the rider who earned the name “Fuji-Gas” because of his big throttle attempts at the sections when he first arrived on the scene.

Takahisa Fujinami - © Honda Repsol


The first round of the 2015 World Trials season takes place this weekend in Japan - a very long and expensive trip for all the Teams, at a time when many Factories are struggling.


We had a nice surprise yesterday, when the door bell rang, and it was Steve Day and his work buddy, stopping by for a visit - It’s always good to chat to Steve as we go back a very long way


Tuesday April 21st 2015

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Here’s a nice pic by Kelsey Hanson of a group of riders at the ATRA Trial in Calgary - showing the close proximity to the City. - The Motorcycle Park has been in operation since 1969.


The latest issue of Trial Mag: UK arrived yesterday, and as usual, it is full of great photographs, and articles - One interview with John Lampkin is really interesting - he mentions that as a young lad on his first trip overseas to the USA World Round, he was too young to rent a van to transport his bike, so he got a truck driver to drop him off at the nearest motorcycle shop, where he asked how to get to the Trials venue. - He was introduced to Stan Bakgaard, who took him home for a roast beef dinner, and generally showed him the ropes. - John and Stan became good friends, and when riding in the UK, Stan would often stay at the Lampkin home in Yorkshire.