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Tuesday June 30th 2015

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Here’s a neat shot of Sammy - taken by Dale Coull up above the Shuswap Lake - Looking good in his Wulf Trials gear , Sam is being watched carefully by Steve Day and Sean Bird.

Recapping some of the results from the Trial, Ross Rathbone, who has been such a driving force with Trials in the Scotch Creek area, was out at the Trial, even though he is still recovering from a very serious illness - he chose to ride the sportsman class just for fun, and did not  want to take any trophy or  be mentioned in the results. - However, I can tell you that he lost only 3 points on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday, putting him in first spot Saturday & second on Sunday.

We saw some great rides all weekend long in all classes, in spite of the heat, riders struggled on, giving it their all, so again congrats to everyone who came out.


In other weekend news - Adam Raga won the World Round in France, bringing to an end Toni Bou’s domination - There were a lot of crashes at the event, including a big “Get off” by Toni. - Still haven’t seen all the results - will try to find & post later.


Valentino Rossi put on quite a show at the Moto GP in Assen, ( Check out the video if you get a chance) - giving “No quarter” - he scooted through the gravel on the last corner after bumping together with Mark Marquez - It was Rossi at the line, much to the delight of the fans.


While we were coping with the heat in the Shuswap, the Cross Country lads, were enduring similar conditions at the Lytton race in BC - Steve Foord (Beta) suffered heat-stroke on the first day dropping to 7th, but came back strong on Sunday to win his class,


Some sad news from Alberta, we have heard that old buddy Denny McBee ( Father of Randy) passed away after many years of battling cancer, our condolences to the family - we had some good times with Denny, back in the old Cross Country days.


More news as it happens >>>

Monday June 29th 2015

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Well the 2015 WTC Western Canadian Championship is now in the history books. - With the weather forecast calling for close to +40 for the weekend, to say that we were concerned that anybody would show up at Scotch Creek, was an understatement.

Unfortunately, for once,  the weather bureau got it right, and it was sizzling hot all weekend, which left the organizers with some difficult decisions - we had a 9 KM loop with 20 sections set up, plus a #21 Blackjack stadium style section in the Camp site area.

Of course we had made the decision much earlier, that getting checkers to stand out in the hot sun all day, was not an option, so we went with the group checking system, which although not ideal, meant that we could get all the riders out when it was only about +30 !!!!

Surprisingly, we had 30 riders show up for both days, and the show was on - We had Geoff all the way from Saskatoon, riding in his first ever Trial, and he went on to easily win the Junior on Day #1 - then moving up to Inter on Day #2 he placed 2nd, great result for a really nice young guy.

As expected, the Sportsman class was heavily subscribed, and all the riders were super happy with the degree of difficulty, - Mark, did the deed on day one, but a rejuvenated Harold Pospisil was on fire, and took the win on Day #2.

At the top end of the spectrum it was a battle between Sam King from Australia ( now in Golden) and Tino Marin ( Spanish rider) - at the end of Saturday - it was Sam who took a narrow victory by one more clean than Tino - Sean Bird finished 3rd on the podium.

Saturday night was time for the what has now become a tradition at Scotch Creek, with a big campfire feast cooked up by Jake & Ross plus Martin and all the wives, girlfriends. - As usual, this went over absolutely great, and the evening stories went long into the night.

On Friday evening Tino Marin remarked ( after riding around the loop) that he thought the sections were too easy - this picture illustrates that they were not.

Day two was equally exciting, although all the riders (and organizers) were suffering form fatigue -   Martin, Ty and myself headed out early to ease up a couple of sections, and found even at 8am the heat was almost too much and the dust was thick.

The fact that we only had a few DNF’s says a lot for the stamina of the riders who attended, and  we congratulate them all for the effort - to our set up crew, I take my hat off - they are without doubt some of the most dedicated people that I’ve ever worked with. - The full results are now up on Trials Canada, and I’ve posted pictures and videos on facebook.

Here’s a shot of Sam on the Campsite section we dubbed “Blackjack”

Thursday June 25th 2015

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

So here we are on the final count-down to the WTC Championship Trial at Scotch Creek, today is “Load the van” day - which always takes some time, as I try to remember everything - the hot weather forecast  seems to have scared a couple of the Albertan’s off, but I should mention that 90% of the sections are in the trees and even last Sunday when it was +30 - it was quite pleasant even for an old guy like me, who has a problem with the heat. - We also seem to get a breeze from off the Lake which always helps -The Shuswap area is usually a couple of degrees cooler than the Okanagan.
We had a few calls yesterday from people asking directions and details about Sammy’s Trials school - one guy is making the long drive from Saskatoon. - With regards to the School - this will now happen later in the day, as Sam will not arrive until Friday morning.

We also had an email from Yvan Belanger, saying he is planning on coming out to BC to ride with us at some point - He also offered to show us around some of his great riding area in Quebec if we ever get down that way.

- In the meantime, here is a pic he posted on facebook up high on the Mountain above Golden. (complete with his new Wulf Helmet)


We managed to scrounge another new 2015 Evo 300, but this didn’t last long, and a Cranbrook rider will pick it up at the Trial.


The latest buzz on the European scene, is that the new JGas Importer for the UK, might be John Shirt -As everybody knows, Steve Saunders dropped the line, in favour of  the Jordi Bike, which is due to show it’s face pretty soon.  - If you want change in the Motorcycle business, just wait a day or two. ( bit like Alberta weather)


With the World Round happening in France this weekend, it’s interesting to look back at 1989 when Jordi was riding the all new liquid cooled Beta Zero. - Some familiar names there.

Wednesday June 24th 2015

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Paul-Yvan, Axele, Michel, Flix and Jean-Philippe

We got this pic from the Belanger family of Quebec, who posed the question, “Do I know of any other families who have five members all actively riding Trials?”  - The answer is no - and our congrats to them for being so involved with the sport, and in particular the recent WTC Eastern Canadian Championship, where they loaded the podiums both days.


For some strange reason - my post from yesterday uploaded all the previous news in a larger format ! - not sure about this CP stuff sometimes. ( Ok for folk with poor eyesight)


We had a call from Steve Day to mention that the PNTA Trial in Washington this weekend ( Which clashes with our WTC Championship at Scotch Creek) - Will use the group checking system for the very first time, rather than the Cross Checking. This is because they are calling for extreme temperatures, and feel it better to get all the riders moving in the morning, when it’s cooler. - Steve suggested we do the same at Scotch Creek, and I have decided that we will indeed go this route, with all classes starting at 10am each day - With a longer loop than at the Outlaw, everybody should get spread out fairly quickly, and there will be no time limit imposed using this scoring system.


This morning I have to make a trip to Kelowna to pick up my Granddaughter from the Airport - Emma, lives in Strathmore, AB and always spends a summer holiday with us, she is now 17 years old, where did the time go?


The World Trials circus moves to France this weekend, but it’s unlikely that Toni Bou will be toppled from his throne any time soon. - Adam Raga continues to be his closest competitor, even though he is now basically a “Privateer” with help from his sponsors and the “Top Trial Team”  ( Could we see him on a Beta at some point?)


I see that Australian Chad Reed, has closed the doors on his Two Two Race Team - citing injuries and financial difficulties as the reason. He does however vow to continue racing Moto Cross.


Interesting to see the old SWM name pop up again at the Italian Enduro Championship event - whether this is a planned rebirth of the brand is not known at this time.


Got word from Sammy, that he is loving the new Factory Beta, and also the new Wulf Trials helmet - you can chat to him at Scotch Creek for more news, plus maybe take in some trials training.


Don’t forget, if you need us to take special parts to Scotch Creek for you, we must know by tomorrow morning, as this is when we start to load the van.


Tuesday June 23rd - 2015

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Well that’s it for new Beta Trials bikes for this year - Jake came to pick up the last 2015 Factory bike last night, and his smile says it all. - I will hang on to my 300 Stock bike that Sam used this past month.

As a footnote to this - Beta Canada still have some Enduro bikes left in the warehouse - give me a call if you are interested.

Weather is a bit cooler today, and we had a drop of rain overnight - I would like to see more before the long weekend, but this is not in the forecast.


Michel Belanger is the new 2015 WTC Eastern Canadian Expert Trials Champion, the Beta rider easily won both days at the Morin Heights event last weekend- Full results can be seen by clicking onto Trials Canada. They had 34 riders at Round #1 - with more for the Sunday event.


This is Jordi Tarres with his new Team - Seems they were out testing the new TRS Trials bike , which enthusiasts World wide are waiting to see - Looks like the pic was taken outside Jordi’s home in Spain.

===============================>Well it didn’t take popular Scotsman Gary MacDonald long to jump ship after the Gas Gas Factory collapse - He has just announced that he will be riding a Nigel Birkett supported Scorpa for the rest of this year - He finished 2nd at this year’s SSDT  on a Gasser- and made a point of thanking John Shirt for all the help.


Monday June 22nd 2015

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

My lovely daughter Helen, posted this pic of me on facebook yesterday as a Father’s Day greeting - the brilliant Evo 200, that I am standing by, has now gone to a new home, and once again I’m without my favorite model. - However, Nathalie from Whistler, will get a lot of enjoyment out of this bike.

It was an early start again yesterday, as Matt was at my door by 7am, for the work day up at Scotch Creek - Glad to say everything went extremely well, - Martin, Jake and Ross were all out and did most of the work, and what a fantastic loop we have set up for all riders classes. - This is a WTC Championship Trial, so we do have some challenging and spectacular sections especially for the Experts, but there is nothing dangerous, just natural terrain that everybody should enjoy riding.

The Junior, Sportsmen and Inter riders will start at 10 am ( in groups of 3 every minute) - there will be a three hour time limit ( Details To be confirmed at the riders meeting)  - Advanced, Expert riders will be out checking. - Then they will ride in the afternoon - Everybody will ride one loop of 20 sections.      ( The temperature for the weekend is very hot, so believe me you will get a work out)

For the spectators, a short hike will get you to about six of the sections, plus we have a special “Black-Jack” log section set up at camp -#21 The more ambitious can check with me for info: on getting to places like Cougar Bluff and Grouse Climb.
Please plan on being early at the site - most will show up on Friday, and we will have sign up open on Friday evening at the Outlaw Beta van. - It is worth noting, that this event is all on Private land, so we need everybody to take great care regarding both litter and fire hazard.

Also note that you do not need Liability Insurance or pay any extra fees for the event, just the $25.00 per day. - If you have any questions - please phone or email (250) 545-6139 -


We haven’t seen any results from the Super Stars Trial in the UK - But here is one of the many great shots taken by Neil Sturgen (thanks for that) - Not sure who the rider is, but this was a “Mega” section.

Check out Trials Central to see more pics.

Sunday June 21st 2015

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Summer starts today, but in the OK Valley,  it seems like it started some time ago, with temperatures in the mid 30’s for the past few weeks - We did get quite a big thunderstorm late yesterday, with a good down-pour - hope they also had this up in the Shuswap, where I’ll heading in a few hours for a long day of “Carding” and “Fine-tuning” of the sections for next weekend’s WTC Championship Trial.

A reminder that this is a “Cross-Check” event - ALL riders, must be prepared to check. - Juniors, Sportsman and Inter class riders will go in the morning, starting at 10am sharp, while the Advanced - Expert riders will ride in the afternoon . ( Note : We have no separate Champ Class - and have reverted to the tried & true old system - which is also the way the WTC Eastern Trial Championship will be scored this weekend in Quebec) ( riders who fail to honor this by showing up late - will be tied to a tree overnight in the mosquito infested swamp !! - just joking)
As far as degree of difficulty, while this is a championship event, all sections will be sensible, but don’t expect to come in with a “Clean” scorecard. - Please also note, that the “Five minute stationary “Dab” - will get a big “Five” - because Trials riding is a sport all about “Balance” with feet on the pegs.

Sam King will be holding some Training sessions on the Friday before the Trial June 26 - these will likely go in the afternoon, as people arrive from out of town - cost is a mere $25. - contact Outlaw if you are interested in learning from the young Aussie .

Yesterday, Malcolm Kneale and his son Adam, stopped by to pick up his new Beta 200, and we had another great chat - As mentioned before, Malcolm has a long history, with motorcycles, riding in the UK, both Road Racing and Trials, so we shared a lot of stories, before he loaded up the bike & headed back to Calgary. - We look forward to seeing more of some of these new Trials riders at upcoming events. ( Again I forgot to take a picture)


We had an email from Turk saying he is off to a big event Stateside, Athina WA -  that caters to the older Vintage enduro bikes ( and riders) - It’s called the “Bad Rock Enduro” - started back in 1973 -  He mentioned that if he had an old Hodaka - he would ride the Special Trial being hosted for these little bikes which were quite popular back in the 70’s ( Bobby T used to ride one - in fact I think he still has it)

Today is also “Father’s Day” - so no doubt many Dad’s and Grandads - will be getting spoiled by their offspring - maybe a nice supper with a wee dram may be in order when I return from Scotch Creek !!.


Good to see that buddy Kevin Smith has been getting some practice in on his new Factory Beta, at Blackfoot Park in Calgary. - The log sessions, could help next weekend at the WTC Trial !


Over in Rovetta, Italy - The first day of Round Five of the World Enduro Championship showed a few surprises, with a “Lot” of Yamahas entered. - But it was Eero Remes on his TM who finished ahead of Christophe Nambotin (KTM) and Danny McCanney (Husky) in Enduro #1  - Beta riders did well in Enduro Jr, with Steve Holcombe and Giacomo Redondi - finishing 2nd & 3rd, behind leader Jamie McCanney ( Husky)


Saturday June 20th 2015

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Well, it was another very busy day at the Outlaw Ranch on Friday - a ton of stuff to do, with people coming to pick up bikes. - Malcolm stopped by first from Calgary, but just to chat before heading to Vernon to find a hotel - he will be back this morning to pick up his Evo 200 - he did stay long enough for me to find out that he is a former road racer, and has ridden in the Isle of Man.

Next it was Sam who showed up, and was soon hopping and bopping the new Factory 300 around the yard.  - To say that he is “Over the moon” is perhaps an understatement. ( Check out those cool rim decals supplied by Nick)


No sooner had Sam left to drive back to Golden, when Nathalie and Chantelle pulled in from Whistler - they have both had Betas before, but Nathalie was so happy that I relented and let her buy my Evo 200 demo after only one ride. ( and all blinged up)  - We had a great chat, before they headed out for a weekend of Mountain biking at Silver Star ( I forgot to take a pic of them with the bike Darn!!)

They are friends with Chessy and Spencer so they are in good “Beta” hands .


More news as it happens >>>>>

Friday June 19th 2015

Friday, June 19th, 2015

So for those people who don’t get out much - or check the various websites -( This includes Todd Nordin !!) -  here is a poster (top half) showing details of the WTC Championship Trial, which goes next weekend. - We have been working hard to make this enjoyable for all classes, with a loop that is at least twice as long as the Outlaw - and a variety of sections, which will test abilities, while still retaining our “Fun” status. - The campsite is good, as is the road going in. - Please call me if you have any questions.


Yesterday was another hectic day - working on bikes & running around - Today and tomorrow, we have people coming to pick up Betas, which will give me more room in the shop. Sam will also be stopping by to pick up his new Factory bike.


In other news - it was Steve Crevier’s birthday yesterday, now while many Trials riders may not recognize the name - for road race fans, Steve has been a Canadian Icon, for decades  -  although now retired and a family man, Steve also loves Trials, and likes to get out once in a while with his buddy George Imada in Vancouver. - I got to know both these guys back in my Yamaha days - crazy times.


In UK Trials news - The Super Stars event, is on this weekend - similar to the one that Kit Williams started at Ioco many years ago, it show-cases the sport in a stadium type event, with top riders  having fun in a more relaxed atmosphere, over man-made obstacles. - Although this is usually a battle between buddies James Dabill and Michael Brown, with Brown’s injury at the Japan World Round, it would appear that nobody can get close to Dabill for the rest of this year, unless Jorge Casales decides to make the trip from Spain. ( Remember when there were a whole bunch of riders competing, Colley, Lampkin, Jarvis etc )


James Stewart

James Stewart has re-signed with his current Yoshimura Suzuki team through 2016. He will again contest both the Supercross and the outdoor National MX series. His first official race under his new contract will be the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event in Pomona, California, October 11. He won the event last year. Stewart will also compete at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, October 17.

Thursday June 18th 2015

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

How about this for a great shot from the UK Super Stars last year - Jodi Tarres takes Steve Saunders for a ride in the Jotagas Trials outfit. - Of course as they say “Times Change” and neither are involved with this brand anymore.


Just last week, I posted a pic of my 2015 Beta Evo 200, all blinged up and swore that I would not sell it until 2016 - Well what a difference a day makes ! - I got a call from a young lady from the Coast who really wanted a 200, and with nothing left for sale in Canada, I relented and agreed to sell her my little beauty. - Of course the only reason was because I still had the Factory 300 in the shop, that a would be customer never got back to me on, so that is now my mount for the summer.

With this bike loaded in the van, it was time to head up to Scotch Creek for more work on the upcoming Trial - met up with Jake & Martin at the Campsite, and we proceeded to head over towards the top of the hill that overlooks the Shuswap lake - We managed to get another three sections in, before  heading back to the truck,  -  but not before a very loud lightning and crash of thunder, literally scared us to death. (I should have had my camera)

We have decided that  we will have the following classes for the Western Round of the WTC  Championship - Junior, Sportsman, Intermediate, Snr Intermediate 45, Advanced, Snr Advanced 45, and Expert - Please note that after careful consideration and a review of all events, the Champ class will be dropped for WTC Trials. - We will now revert back to the former ( and current way) that most other clubs classify their riders. - We see little value in having just two or three “Expert” riders, riding a slightly more difficult line, when it makes more sense to have a larger Expert Class.  For example, if this system was used in World Trials, only the top four or five riders, would be classified as Champs”  with the rest of the riders, called Experts - not a good way to promote Trials.

Of course in the old days, everybody rode the same line ( and class) - just as it continues to this day at the Scottish Six Days. - Now we realize that times change, and that is why we need to split the degree of difficulty - but in my opinion having a class for every age group, as they do Stateside, is a bit of over-kill. - The addition of the Sportsman Class - for older junior riders, will we feel be a good move. ( we still have seven classes)