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Monday August 31st 2015

Monday, August 31st, 2015

With my left hand a bit buggered up, it was a mainly TV day yesterday - first up was the World’s Strongest Man contest from Malaysia - unbelievable strength by these “Giants” from all over - an American guy took the title.

Next it was the Golf, where Jason Day from Australia, took the win - he seems to be on a bit of a roll at the moment, having also won the Canadian Open a few weeks ago.

Finally it was the last Indy Car race of the season from Sonoma - which was full of emotion, after the death of well liked British driver Justin Wilson, the previous week . - It turned out to be quite exciting , with Scott Dixon winning the race and stealing the overall Championship on a tie-break with ex F1 driver Pablo Montoya.


Here’s a pic showing Ben Hemingway doing a burn -out, while a Bicycle Super Star, does a back flip, at a Trials demo in the UK.


Jonny Walker (KTM) won the latest Xtreme event held in Italy, ahead of Graham Jarvis (Husky) and Alfredo Gomez (Husky)

Sunday August 30th 2015

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Breaking News.

Welsh rider Iwan Roberts took a big win at the last round of the British Championship, the nineteen year old Beta rider was in command all day, beating out current Champ James Dabill on the Vertigo by just one point - third place went to Spaniard Jorg Casales.  - In the 125 class it was another win for Beta rider Toby Martyn, who finished a massive 33 points clear of Jack Peace (GG)

iwan roberts btc final round

 Rain-master Rossi rules at Silverstone

Valentino Rossi claims his fourth win of the season after a masterful ride in the wet, with Petrucci and Dovizioso completing the podium.

Movistar Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi produced a fearless ride in the rain to claim his first ever victory at Silverstone, and open up a 12 point lead in the MotoGP™ World Championship standings over his teammate Jorge Lorenzo.


Sam King and Sean Bird, will be doing a half time Trials demo at the Red Bull “Rocks & Logs” Extreme Enduro at Blackfoot Park in Calgary on September 12/13.  The Team Outlaw Beta riders, will be showing what can be done on a Trials bike, with Sam also planning his famous “Back-flip”  - We will be there to support the lads, as will Beta Canada boss Steve Howland, who is flying in from New Brunswick. -

While this is great news, it does mean that both Sam & Sean, will miss the Super Stars Trial, as it is happening on the same weekend. - Team Outlaw will be represented at that event, by last year’s winner Brandon Wince (Beta)
Here is Sean practicing his vertical wheelies yesterday at a local (secret) Calgary location >>> pic by Kev Smith.


The results are in from the Marble Mountain (Alberta) Cross Country, where Ryan Graffunder  (Husky) took the win in the Expert Class, while Steve Foord (Beta) continued his winning streak in the Vet class.


After the first day of competition in the Manx Two Day Trial, it is Juan Knight (GG) leading in the Expert Class, but what I find interesting is that no big name riders made the trip over the Irish Sea from the mainland this year, and only 16 riders entered the top class. - Although the entry had over 200 riders, most were in the Clubman category, maybe indicating that the majority still want just a fun weekend, without tackling big “Killer” type sections.


Saturday August 29th 2015

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

I see that there are now a lot more posts on facebook of the new 2016 Beta Evo - However, at least I can say that “Outlaw” were first with the news. - We hope to have a lot more images to show later -


In Moto GP news - here is the qualifying from Silverstone in England.

Marc Marquez of Spain and Repsol Honda Team will start from pole position at Silverstone Circuit in Northampton, United Kingdom.
Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images

Marc Marquez will start Sunday’s British MotoGP at Silverstone from pole position after smashing the lap record in qualifying on Saturday with a 2:00.234.

The two-time champion will start ahead of championship leader Jorge Lorenzo, who will start second, and his Repsol Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa, who qualified third.

Lorenzo’s teammate Valentino Rossi, who is tied with Lorenzo for the points lead, qualified in a solid fourth position on the second row while Britain’s Bradley Smith gave his home crowd something to smile about with a sixth-place qualifying position, while his Monster Yamaha Tech 3 teammate Pol Espargaro outqualified him in fifth.

The Suzuki teammates of Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales both turned hot laps early on in Q1 and chose to sit on their times, which ended in disaster for Vinales as Yonny Hernandez put on a flying lap at the end of the session to top Q1 and he and Espargaro advanced to Q2.


It looks like we got a bit of a “Shower” last night, but hardly enough to wet the grass down - hopefully we will get a lot more over the next few days, especially down South, where The Fires are so close to the border. - Gord Walker lives in Midway and it’s his birthday today, not sure if he is home from Newfoundland where he works at the moment - no doubt this is a very worrying time for him and anyone living near a fire zone.


We have heard from Jay Colley, to say that plans are going well for the YMIR event next weekend ( long weekend)  - This will be the second time the Kootenay lads will be hosting a round of the WTC/Outlaw series  - the poster is on the front page of Trials Canada, but if you need to know more details, feel free to call me anytime - it is always an outstanding event for all classes.


Friday August 28th 2015

Friday, August 28th, 2015

It appears as though we had a shower of rain in the night, as the driveway looks damp, but nowhere near enough to help with the Forest Fire problem. - Another two reported yesterday, what is being called an aggressive fire near Little White ( which is up top of the old East Kelowna area that we used to use for events) - and another one near Peachland. - The Oliver fire is still burning, and of course the Valley is still covered in a smokey haze from the Washington State Fires.  - Although I know some riders are getting out, it really isn’t a good idea, when everything is so dry, - even if a bike doesn’t cause a fire, if people see them in the area, then it’s possible they could get the blame, so I urge everybody to act in a responsible manner.



The Manx Two Day Trial is on this weekend in the Isle of Man, - here is a news release on some of the famous TT riders who have ridden the event. - What I find interesting, is that like a lot of the UK Trials, this one has a limit on 200 riders, and they have a 100 mile loop, with 80 sections.  - Maybe North American Trials Organizers, could learn from this, especially when entries are poor, at a lot of the “Parking lot” type trials that consist of “Hopping & Bopping”

Read on >> (Courtesy Trials Central)
It’s been confirmed that TT legend Ian Hutchinson has gained a late entry into this weekend’s Manx Two Day Trial. The Bingley Bullet is no stranger to a Trials bike but this will be his first time tackling the Manx event.

Whilst he is more used to travelling along the Islands roads at speeds up to 200mph it will be a very different prospect this weekend as he tackles the near 100 mile route and over 80 sections.

Still the only man in history to win 5 TT races in one week back in 2010, Hutchy has battled back to full fitness after a horrific leg injury and will certainly be looking to have a lot of fun this weekend.

He is not the first TT road racing competitor to tackle the Manx Two Day, with names such as Rob McElnea, Mick Grant, Iain Duffus, Sammy Miller and Nick Jefferies all regulars over the years. In fact Nick Jefferies still holds a unique record being the only man to win a Manx Two Day, a Manx Grand Prix and a TT!


I had a call from a customer in Ontario yesterday, asking to see a pic of the new Wulf Trials Helmet in Black - so here it is,  we have a hard time keeping these in stock, as they not only look good, but are a steal at $159.95. - Obviously they look very similar in design to the popular Airoh units, but having worn both types, I prefer the Wulf, as it has better side vision, and is only a fraction heavier. - It is also less than half the price. ( Sam King wears one of these) - sorry the pic looks a bit distorted.

Thursday August 27th 2015

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Good morning Motorcycle Fans - Here is a good story I just saw regarding Norton .>

Norton Motorcycles gains funding from Santander

27 August 2015 by Birdy
Norton Motorcycles have received £2.65 million of funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial group to support the motorcycle manufacturers growth plans.

Only last month Norton Motorcycles were lucky enough to receive a £4 million government grant as part of the new Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative.

Both pots of funding will work with the aim of aiding Norton in developing new motorcycles, boosting output and increasing staff numbers.

159 direct jobs will be created at Norton in the next year alone, allowing the British manufacturers to increase their production by 30 more bikes a month.

There is also plans to set up a new British Manufacturing Academy for engineering pupils and a brand new manufacturing facility.

The next challenge for Norton in the next two years, is to develop a new 650cc bike and a new clean motorcycle engine technology to power an environment-friendly motorcycle!

All in all, in the next 5 years Norton aims to have 600 new positions created and 200 apprentices employed.

Regional director of Santander said: “We’re delighted to support Norton as the firm enters a new, bolder phase of global expansion.”

We wish the very best of luck to Norton, and we look forward to seeing the new 650cc bike!


With the Forest Fires still very much on everybody’s minds in BC - making plans has become, a day at a time scenario, the smoke from the Washington State Fire is still a very big concern to places like Grand Forks, Christina Lake and Midway ( Where our buddy Gord Walker lives) - We will monitor the news and post any updates for people planning on attending the Ymir Trial next weekend.


The only Trials that I’ve heard of scheduled for this weekend, is a Vintage event, down in Ontario, while over the pond, the Annual Manx Two Day Trial will take place in the Isle of Man.

It appears that the Ormstown Vintage extravaganza, went over well, with lots of people riding in the Trials and Scramble events - Have not seen any pics of Mick Andrews posted, but we know he was there to help with the organization. - Dave Butler ( Ontario Beta Dealer) was out on his 1982 Yamaha IT 175, the bike that I was very much involved with back in my Yamaha Canada days.


After my dumb accident with my hand, we had quite a number of emails, to wish me well, one from Cam Wiffing in Ontario - He was on our 1983 ISDE Team that went to Wales, so we share a lot of old memories.

Stan also called yesterday & told me that he actually caught his hand in the door of his GM Van, but without any serious effect. - ( It will likely make a good campfire story next weekend at Ymir)  Glad to report that my fingers are already healing well.

I see that another old friend, Pat Horan, has been over in Germany, attending an Off Road training course  with BMW - He was just one of five people to qualify as BMW Instructors for the World Off Road events promoted by the German Motorcycle Factory. ( And the only one from Canada)

Wednesday August 26th 2015

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Well yesterday turned out to be quite an eventful day - as usual I went down to pick up my mail at the local depot, taking my van, as Babsy had an early Doctors appointment down-town. - On my return, I backed the van in it’s usual spot near my car-port, which means it is on a bit of a camber.  !!  - On opening the drivers door and getting out, with the mail in my right hand, somehow the weight of the van door made it slam shut quickly, unfortunately, trapping my left hand in the process - with the door now also locked, I had to get the keys out of my pocket and open the door to release my fingers ( yes it hurt like a bugger)

Then it was a case of finding the house key - by which time the blood was flowing pretty freely !! - I quickly wrapped a handkerchief around the fingers, and got to the bathroom  & ran the wounded digits under the cold water tap, before managing to find some band aids & other stuff to quickly tape around my index and middle fingers - ( Yes my clutch hand) - As you can imagine the air was pretty blue, as I assessed my next move - do I go to the emergency - about 20 minutes drive & sit there for a couple of hours ( been through this routine before)  or just settle down & wait for Momma Bear to come home.

I decided on the latter course, and when  we later examined the wounds more closely - found that I had been really lucky - while the cuts were bad, things could have been a lot worse, as I installed rubber molding on the edge of the van doors to stop rust, otherwise I might have lost two of my fingers.

It’s amazing what goes through your mind at a time like this, panic, rage etc - but I found back in 1979, when I cut my thumb off in a Cross Country race crash, keeping calm seems to come natural, and in that case, might have saved my life ( using my belt around my arm as a tornique etc -as I was way out in the bush, with all the riders lost)

Anyway, I found out back then, that I’m a good healer, as my thumb was re-attached some eight hours later at the University Hospital in Edmonton, one of the first successful operations in micro surgery. ( yes it’s the same hand)

Today we will change the bandages, but I have good feeling in my fingers, so I’m sure everything will be fine, - except that I will be unable to ride for a while - this as we go into the best riding season. - a bit frustrating, but having been through worse, I’m sure it will all work out.

At least it makes a story for the blog, and it could have been a different story, if I hadn’t had that rubber molding on the door.  -


Here is a nice pic of Steve Saunders, trying out the new TRS in Spain with Jordi. - He still has what it takes.


That’s it for today >>>>

Tuesday August 25th 2015

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015


A sad day from the World of Indy Car, as British Driver Justin Wilson has died from the  injury he received on Sunday, when the debris from another car hit him in the head. Known as the Gentle Giant he was 6′ 5 very tall for a race car driver. -Justin had competed in Formula One,, before moving the America with his family. RIP Justin.


In weather news, I see that a lot of the smoke has cleared in our area, although I think it will be quite some time before any of the Forest fires are under control - another one started yesterday near Peachland, but was soon put out.- The fire-fighters  must be exhausted, and are literally putting their lives “On the line” each and every day, in order to save homes and property. - How these fires will effect upcoming events is questionable at this time, we will try to keep everybody posted, as we get more info:


Another shipment of Wulf Trials helmets and boots arrived yesterday, and some back orders have already gone in the mail - it’s been hard to keep up with demand this year.


Florian called yesterday, to chat about extra gear he will need when he picks up his Beta Trials bike next month - we also talked about the Papa John Classic event the Revy Riders have planned for  September 26th - We have attended the last two of these, staying at the beautiful Glacier House Resort, and it is definitely  on the Calendar for next month, which looks to be a very busy time. - We also need to work on our plan to host another WTC Championship Trial in that location in 2016.

Sam also called, and tells us that he has had an invite to spend the winter over in China doing shows with another bunch of Australian riders. - With all expenses paid,  it would appear to be an excellent opportunity for our young Outlaw Team rider. - We will confirm on this later if in fact it all pans out.


Nick Burson

After stealing the holeshot, Nick Burson stayed comfortably out front for the rest of the race for his first H&H win since round three last year. Photography by Mark Kariya

Nick Burson carded his first National Hare & Hound win in over a year at the Silver State Trailblazers fourth annual Muley Run, round 7 of the Kenda SRT AMA Hare & Hound National Championship Series. Burson piloted his Purvines Racing Beta 498 RR to victory ahead of Jacob Argubright and Gary Sutherlin, leading all three loops of the Panaca, Nevada race.

“Every out-of-state round the start is everything,” Burson observed. “If you watch, there’s not any passing after we sort ourselves out, of the top guys; there’s no passing.

“It’s a 100-mile race, but I think it comes down to the first two miles, really.”


Monday August 24th 2015

Monday, August 24th, 2015

The thick haze from the Forest Fires burning South of us, is still blanketing the Okanagan Valley, with the smell of ash filling air, not good for people with health problems - here is a shot I took yesterday from my back deck, where we could hardly see Swan lake, just a block away.


It was a bad day in Indy Car racing, with popular English driver Justin Wilson, seriously injured, when hit in the head by flying debris from another car - he is in a coma and critical.


British youngster Toby Martyn, (Beta) not only won the last round of the European Junior Championship - he also wrapped up the title, plus fellow Brit Iwan Roberts, survived a bad crash, to finish runner up in his class - lots of good lads shoeing good form on the World Trials scene.

Youth Podium

(Pic courtesy Trial Mag: UK)


Sunday August 23rd 2015

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton leads at the first corner during the Belgium Formula One Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, Belgium, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015.
Martin Meissner / AP

Lewis Hamilton led the field across the finish line on Sunday to win the 2015 Formula One World Championship Belgian Grand Prix at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Spa, Belgium.


I was up early to watch the F1 race, but kept dozing off, so missed a lot - not that it mattered much, as it was “Same old-same old” - Mercedes followed by Mercedes. - at least the 3rd spot on the podium changed this time with Lotus driver Grosjean, up there for the first time.


Looking out the window, all I can see is a very smoky sky - not good - so I guess I will be watching the golf again - Tiger seems to have made a bit of a come-back at this one.


More news later when it happens >>

Saturday August 22nd 2015

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Checking the weather channel each morning, is a regular thing for me, but it was a bit of a surprise to see that it was only +6 in Vernon at 6am today - Last weekend in Rocky it went down to +4 and of course they have had snow in Alberta this week - Yes it’s still August, but you need to be prepared for anything in Alberta. - My old Yamaha Parka stays in the van year round.

( I put on the 1971 CMA National near Bragg Creek in early September, only to have it snow about two feet - I still have a video of this thanks to John Whitby)  - Although September and October are the very best times to be out riding in the woods, hosting an event at this time of the year in Alberta,  is a gamble for sure.

Caroline Stevenson posted this pic from the Crownest last weekend - Caroline will be representing Canada at the big BMW Rally next year - She lived in Kelowna for quite a while, and bought Taff’s old Evo 250 to learn Trials Technique.

Meanwhile, Sam has been up on the Mountain againt his week near Golden, Tiki his Australian sheepdog goes most places with him, but sometimes gets a ride !! - This adds a new twist to the name “Doggy Bag”


The Forest Fire hazard in the Valley, and South of the border, continues to be a huge concern - we did get a “sprinkle” of rain late yesterday, but not enough to even fill the bird bath.


I see that George Imada has posted some videos on Face book, of Moto-Cross  in the 70’s - Interesting times, as I worked for Yamaha Canada in those years, and spent many weekends attending the various events with Zoli  Jr, and the rest of the Team - Bill Mclean, Larry McKenzie, Bob Work, Tom Kratzer, plus other riders - Life was a lot simpler back then, no big Semi-type rigs, which now seem to be required in order to be classed as a real “Racer” - Things appear to have got blown out of proportion - even the World Trials scene.


Looks like business as usual in Formula One qualifying at Spa, for tomorrows race>

Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP drives ahead of the Formula One Grand Prix of Belgium at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.
Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton claimed his 10th pole position of 2015 on Saturday at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Spa, Belgium for Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix.

The Brit race a 1:47.197, beating his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg in second position by 0.458 seconds.

The Mercedes-powered Williams team led the charge behind the two silver arrows with Valtteri Bottas in third.

There was drama in Q2 as Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari coasted to a halt on course on the circuit and will start towards the back of the field in Sunday’s race. His teammate Sebastian Vettel qualified in ninth.


NEWSFLASH : - Britain’s Toby Martin (Beta) wins in Switzerland - Another young up and comer.