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Wednesday September 30th 2015

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

The last day of the month, and we are enjoying beautiful warm sunny weather in the Okanagan - will it last over the weekend? - well that is the big question, we certainly hope so, as we will be heading out the Victoria for the Rick Wells Trial, that will also wrap up our Outlaw Series. - There is also a CPTA Classic Trial on at Ioco, which will cater to junior and intermediate riders, along with the vintage bikes - it’s a very long time since I attended that event with my Bultaco.

The next issue of Trial Mag: UK will be arriving soon, which is always good to read -


The BIG event happening in the UK in October is the famous Scott Trial - this caters to over a hundred riders, who will battle it out around the Yorkshire moors, tackling some 80 odd sections, while racing to complete approx 70-80 miles of muddy terrain.  - The first rider to the finish, sets standard time, after which all others, lose one point per minute. - These scores are added to the points lost in the Trials sections, with the lowest combined total being declared the overall winner.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 17.53.09

A similar event takes place every year on Vancouver Island, which is called the Terra-Nova, and this has always been popular.


Tuesday September 29th 2015

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Here is a neat shot of Sam King doing a “Back-flip” at the Red Bull Rocks & Logs event in Calgary - not sure who took the pic, but Cody Webb (standing on the left) - seems to be enjoying the show.


The poster for the upcoming Ady Brown Memorial is now up on the Trials sites - (see below)  This will again be in OK Falls, and put on by Jason & Ricky - The poster shows a picture of the new Plaque, that was made up and sent over from England, by Ady’s Mum & Dad. - While I’m not sure if I have all the results from when we first started this event to honor Adrian - I think it’s fair to say that Brandon Wince holds the record for most wins in the Expert Class. - As always the proceeds, will be donated to the Cancer fund.

If you would like a full size image - just email me

We got a call from Jimmy Corkle yesterday, and as it’s been quite a while since we last chatted, my ear was pretty red, by the time we finished - He says he has been busy, and was sorry to miss the Ymir Trial, he might make the Ady Brown, but it’s a long haul for him. - We talked about the economy, and how the Political scene is affecting business - there have been huge cut-backs in the mining industry through the Elk Valley, and with many of Jimmy’s Alberta boat customers being in the Oil & Gas business - this has also had a big impact on the area.


And with regard to the Election Promises - I think Archie Bunker  says it all >>

Monday September 28th 2015

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Florian Schott might have been the only guy riding a Trials bike at the Revy Riders event, but he sure impressed a lot of people - this pic was taken near the parking lot, where he outdid the enduro guys in style. ( Photo credit Michael Royle)

Florian got a rear flat on Saturday, & I had to dig out ten year old plugs from my tire fix kit - glad to say the first one worked perfectly well. - It’s a long time since I’ve had to use this kit, which I made up from Canadian Tire plugs & adapter, plus a couple of co2 cartridges - I have this in a small pouch that can be taken on long Mountain rides.

What a great day it was yesterday - I should have been out riding, but had some chores to do, including unloading my van, and cleaning all the mud off everything, after the day at Revy.  -


The ATRA had a Trial at Gwynne yesterday - it was a WTC Sanctioned event - riders rode 4 loops of 8 sections  -  here are the results.


1st Richard Ouellet 41 points (Sherco)
2nd Eric Erickson 50 points (GG)
3rd Doug Harrish 53 points (Scorpa)
4th Mark Wickham 54 points (GG)


1st Hardy Hartwig 82 points (Scorpa)
2nd Harold Pospisil 87 points (Beta)
3rd Doug Macleod 89 points (GG)
4th Roger Flinkman 91 points (GG)


1st Chris Tronnes 59 points (GG)
2nd Mitch Langell 95 points (GG)
3rd Wyatt Pospisil 105 points (Beta)
4th Aaron Dobler 107 points (Beta)
5th Dylan Sawyer 112 points (Beta)


1st Tino Marin 42 points (Sherco)
2nd Ben Pospisil 93 points (Beta)


Sunday September 27th 2015

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

My Saturday started early, as I was up & out of the house while it was still dark, heading for Revy, and the “Papa John’s classic” - naturally the traffic was light at this time of the morning, and apart from some patches of fog, the weather looked to be promising.  - In Revy, I met up with Chris (Hrabb) for some brekky, before heading up to the track.

It had rained all day Friday, so the crew were busy working on laying down a bunch of sand with some heavy equipment, before we could set up our tents. - We soon met up with lots of old friends, and spent an enjoyable day chatting to people from all over Alberta and BC. - There is no doubt that this event is getting bigger every year, with approx 200 riders entered for the Poker run. - it would seem that the family and fun attract larger crowds than actual races.

As this event was all about enduro bikes, we had the only Trials display, but lots oof people stopped by to look & chat - Florian was zipping around all over the place on his Evo, and amazing stuck riders out on the loop, by “floating” through the difficult parts - he told me he rode the very tough “Roland’s Revenge” first thing to check it out, without even breaking a sweat.  ( many of the riders took hours out on the course, and came in looking very worn out)

At the Sacramento Enduro-cross - It was another win for Cody Webb, while Calgary’s Lexi Pechout finished 2nd in the Ladies class.


In Rugby news, Wales took a narrow victory over arch rival England yesterday, so the pubs would have been full of singing Welshmen - including Taff no doubt, as he is still on holiday over there.


Jorge Lorenzo reduced the points gap to his teammate and points leader Valentino Rossi with a win at Aragon on Sunday.

Jorge Lorenzo reduced the points gap to his teammate and points leader Valentino Rossi with a win at Aragon on Sunday.
Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images

Jorge Lorenzo was able to reduce his points deficit to Yamaha teammate Valentino Rossi with a win at Aragon on Sunday.

The third race of the season on Spanish soil saw Spaniards Marc Marquez and Lorenzo lead the field at the green flag, and it was Lorenzo who grabbed the holeshot into the first corner.

Lorenzo’s championship rival, Rossi, started sixth but had already moved his way up into fifth place by passing Pol Espargaro by the end of the first lap. His charge to the front was aided on Lap 2 when Marc Marquez crashed out at Turn 12 on his Repsol Honda. It was Marquez’ fifth crash out of a race during 2015.

Rossi completed his charge by passing Ducati Team’s Andrea Iannone, who was riding with a dislocated shoulder, for third place and then engaged in a lively battle with Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa for second all the way until the final lap but it was Pedrosa who took the spot.

With Lorenzo leading Pedrosa and Rossi home, he was able to reduce his points deficit from 23 to 14.

There are four races left of the 2015 MotoGP season, with the next round being held at the Twin Ring Motegi on Oct. 11


Toni Bou won the Spanish National Trial at the weekend, with Adam Raga 2nd on the TRS and Jeroni Fajardo 3rd on the Fctory Beta

Saturday September 26th 2015

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Just saw this pic of the Beta team at one of the European races. - Glad to say that I now have a new tent and one of those flag things - thanks to Beta Canada boss Steve Howland - later this morning I will be putting it up at the Revy Riders event. ( it’s much heavier duty that my last one) - ( and no I won’t have a taxi sign next to it)


Last night I sent off a few emails to my Revy customers, asking if they needed me to put anything on the van  - comedian Bruce Baker suggested a life-jacket !!!


Lots of stuff going on this weekend - F1 in Japan, where emotions will be running high, after last year’s fatal crash - The Moto GP boys are in Aragon and it’s Jorge Lorenzo who has been quickest in practice, as the series goes down to the wire.


It the Trials world, much of the attention is now focused on the up-coming Scott Trial in Yorkshire, rated as the toughest one day Time and Observation event in the World. - Will we see a Vertigo come out on top and make it a triple crown ( Scottish Six Day, British Championship plus the Scott??) - That would indeed be a remarkable achievement for the new bike which is yet to be released to the dealer network.


More news either late tonight, or tomorrow.>> Have a great day everyone.

Friday September 25th 2015

Friday, September 25th, 2015

It was another beautiful Fall day in the Valley on Thursday, would have been nice to get out in the woods, but too many things on the go I’m afraid.

In the afternoon,  (after school)  Ty & Kolten Morrisson arrived from the Shuswap, to pick up the Evo 200, which Kolten will ride next week at the last round of the Outlaw Series in Victoria.  - Kolten has shown a lot of improvement this past year, although riding a machine that was too big for him, and currently leads the junior class, -  the 200, should be a good fit, for the young teenager.


We got a call from Idaho yesterday, and it was Brandon phoning to say he will be home this weekend, asking about the Revy Riders event which goes tomorrow and Sunday - a couple of years ago, we did a Trials demo for them, which went very well, but nothing is planned this time, although we will be at the track tomorrow to show off the Betas and chat to folks about the sport. - You can see the poster for the event, by clicking onto the Revy riders website.

With such a busy Forest Fire season, Brandon has had very little time to ride his new Factory Beta, and has missed most of the Trials this year,  but he  hopes to be able to get to Victoria next weekend, for the Rick Wells Trial. ( The last round of the Outlaw Series)

Brandon sure gets to some neat spots with his job working for Alpine helicopters, this shows him checking out what would be awesome Trials terrain in Utah. ( Too bad he didn’t have his Beta )


Thursday September 24th 2015

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

As the week winds down, we are starting to plan our Saturday, when we will be in Revy for the Revy Riders Family weekend - hopefully the weather will be as in this beautiful pic by “Doda”



Wednesday September 23rd 2015

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Today is the official day of “Fall 2015″  - this is the very best time of the year to be out riding in the woods, so make the most of it. - That’s exactly what a ton of enthusiasts will be doing this weekend, when they descend on Revelstoke for the “Papa John Classic” - a great weekend of family fun, and while this is mainly for enduro riders, we will be there on Saturday to show off the Beta Trials bikes, and chat to people about our WTC  Championship Trial for 2016.

Here is a pic that just popped up on facebook, that I took while scouting at Revy before the WTC Championship Trial in 2014 - too bad we cannot use this kind of neat section.


Got a call from Sam yesterday, he has been busy doing Photo-ops with the Red Bull guys - pretty crazy stuff, but the exposure will hopefully help him in the future. - Here is one pic.


Bad news from our buddy Kevin Smith, who tells us he had a mishap while out riding his Enduro bike last weekend, which resulted in a short stay in hospital, with a couple of cracked ribs, and a partially collapsed lung. -get well soon mate.


We have been been contacted by Ron Golden from Ontario, requesting info: on any Expert Trials riders in the Winnipeg area, who could put on a Trials demo at an upcoming Monster Truck show - I have asked for more details, but it is a very long time since the days of the Take Five Trials Club, with Francois running things. ( And the World Round they hosted in 1986 which a lot of the Euro guys  hated - because of the Muskeg & bugs - I still have a video of that someplace)

More on this when we find out ”


Here are the results from the WEC National Cross Country Series which had events right across the Country. ( Note: The WTC is the Trials division of the WEC )

This past weekend the 2015 Royal Distributing Canadian Cross Country Championship finished out the year in style with a double header event - Presented by Honda Canada - at Walton Raceway in Walton, ON.

World Enduro Canada would like to Congratulate all our Western and Eastern 2015 Champions!

CXCC West 
Pro - Jason Schrage
Expert - Quinn McCullough
Vet Expert - Franklin Dahl
Vet Senior - Rodney Katchen
Intermediate - Tyler McIntyre
Junior - Spencer Wilton
Super Senior - Dave Sheridan
Vet Junior - Garrett Murray
Vet - Al Willard
Junior Under - Berg Giliome Jr
Women - Melissa Harten

Pro - Brian Wojnarowski
Intermediate - Mike Bulgarelli
Junior - Wolfgang Wiesner
Vet Master - Steve Ooman
Vet Senior - Mark Hosie
Vet Junior - Scott Merritt
Super Senior - Brian West
Beginner - Glendan Tupis
Women - Jill Carney
Mini Sr - Jack Ooman
Mini Jr - Logan Langois
Pee Wee - Gavin Merritt

Honda’s Jason Schrage West Pro Champion

Yamaha’s Brian Wojnarowski East Pro Champion

Jill Carney Women East Champion (Alex Franklin 2nd)

Mark Hosie Vet Senior East Champion

Gavin Merritt Pee Wee Champion

World Enduro Canada would like to thank all the racers, their families and supporters and personal sponsors for the strong support of the 2015 CXCC Championship.

World Enduro Canada would also like to thank all the race organizers and volunteers across the country for the fantastic events that made up the 2015 Championship.

Finally World Enduro Canada wants to say a very big THANK YOU to our National sponsors who made this Championship possible.   We had a great year in 2015 and are looking forward to another strong year in 2016.

For all event results and full Championship standings please visit our website.

Tuesday September 22nd 2015

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

The CPTA Trial at Mission was held in wet conditions last Sunday, and a full report will be up on Trials Canada shortly, but here are the results  (top three in each class)
Expert   1st  Bill Sparks  - Beta   43  - 2nd - Alex Walton  - Beta  - 56  -3rd Matt Fracy - GG - 70

Snr 45   1st Guy Smeeth - GG  48   - 2nd  - Don Doerksen - Scorpa - 48  Blly D DNF

Inter      1st Roy Anderson - Ossa 28 - 2nd Pat Greenan - Beta - 30 - 3rd Melissa Andrist-  Beta 42

Sportsman  1st Bob Clark - Beta - 18  2nd  Bob Todosychuk - Yam  21 -3rd Ted Blow - Beta - 27

Junior  1st  Peter Capstick -  Scorpa - 15

Vintage  1st Greg Patrick - Mon  6  - 2nd Ray Bloxham - Yam  - 16 - 3rd Dave Bloxham -Majesty - 17


Here is a Test on the TRS Prototype - Courtesy Trial Mag: UK


With no machines released to the press we decided to bring you the first impressions of the exciting new TRS, and who better to ask than the official UK importer Steve Saunders? With a tremendous sporting pedigree, having won World trials rounds on both four- and two-stroke machines I am sure you can imagine his excitement with this project. We know the TRS looks impressive and with both Steve and the trials legend from Spain, Jordi Tarres, involved in its development programme it was time for Saunders to throw his experienced legs over the machine to find his first impressions.

Steve Saunders: “If first impressions can give anything away I believe the new TRS looks a winner with its very modern and practical aesthetics, which really do catch the eye. This machine is a pre-production model and I am sure it will look even better as the finished product. Quality products have been used throughout and we felt that the forged aluminium twin-spar frame was the correct route to take for durability. Simplicity for ease of maintenance has also been taken into account, and for this reason we have also remained with the tried and tested carburettor method of fuel delivery. This model we have is the 300 with its liquid-cooled single cylinder motor and five-speed gearbox”

2 (Small)

“The factory has gone with the 60mm stroke motor for the 300, 280 and 250 models as both Jordi and myself feel this brings the best attributes for trials use with its bottom-end power and torque as you open the throttle. Without a doubt a hydraulic-operated diaphragm clutch system is by far the best and this is what we have used; it’s compact and very effective. The five gearbox ratios are unique for trials use and, again, we have chosen these taking into account the open moorland and tracks found in the more traditional events such as the Scottish Six Days Trial”

1 (Small)

“I am delighted with the new machine; it ticks all the boxes for me. Small important things like access to the air filter; it is simple through a door in the seat area where the filter is attached by a spring-loaded clip, leaving no excuse for not cleaning it! The suspension linkage is so easy to remove and all the bearings are located in the linkage, so it’s just three bolts and you have all the bearings off the machine and on the bench for cleaning and greasing”

3 (Small)

“Riding the machine the handlebars feel slightly closer to the body, making the front end much lighter whilst retaining stability. While the fork angle is opened up to gain stability and reduce pushing and washing out on corners, the motor is powerful yet remains linear, with a very good torque feeling, and the whole machine feels light and nimble. With the ultra-progressive rear linkage the rear end soaks up the bumps very well, and bottoming out even on big drop offs is minimal. The carburetion is sweet and clean, and thanks to the latest double spark ignition system with inverted flywheel the whole package complements one another”.


The countdown is now on for the Scott Trial on October 17th. Scott Trial Secretary Diane Horner has accepted one hundred and ninety five entries. Past winners included are triple winner Dougie Lampkin, double winner James Dabill and 2011 winner Jonathan Richardson. Will the new Vertigo machines ridden by Lampkin and Dabill survive the punishment? That trio has to beat Billy Bolt, Jack and James Stones, Ian Austermuhle, and many more.

Monday September 21st 2015

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Well Sunday was certainly a lazy day - just did the couch potato thing - I did However have a good long chat to Barry, who I have not talked to for ages, also got calls from Peter (Brown) and Stan.  - Later Chris (Hrabb)  called to give me an update on their ride at Revy - seems it poured down all day, which kept most people at home.


Here is the Official Spanish TDN Team pic -  with everybody smiling after winning by a huge margin, for the 12th time.


While the Spanish might rule in the men’s division, it’s the British gals who are on top of the box in the  Ladies Class  left to right - Emma Bristow, Donna Fox and Becky Cook.

Taff is over in Wales at the moment, enjoying a visit with his folks, while also taking in the Rugby Championship going on. - This is a huge series, with Team Canada participating.


There is a neat video on face-book today, showing Ben Hemmingway leading an extreme enduro in Europe somewhere - it shows a very slippery creek-bed more like a Trials section at the Scottish, which Ben and his Beta make look easy, before the following riders all fail the rocky slab and come crashing back down into a large puddle of water. - Unfortunately, Ben DNF’d the race when his back tire came off the rim,  he had a 20 minute lead, at the time.