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Saturday October 31st 2015

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

It’s Halloween !!


Yes  tonight is the night for all the little munchkins to go door to door dressed up in fancy costumes, to collect “Treats” - all of which will be a heap of fun for both the kids and young parents. We hope the weather stays dry for this annual event.

The other thing happening tonight, is that the clocks go back one hour - important to remember if you have anything scheduled for Sunday.

Of course, if you are riding on Crown land on Sunday, you can expect to see Conservation guys out all over BC, checking for the new registration decals.  They will likely be at your favorite spot waiting for you to return from your ride. so be warned.


The latest in the Rossi V Marquez saga, has brought a crazy twist, with Marquez being accosted by media people at his home, which ended in a scuffle. ( turning into a soap opera)


It’s 9am in Alberta as I hit the keyboard, and Taff will already be at his local watering hole to settle in for a day watching the World Rugby final from the UK. - I imagine it will be packed.


Formula One is in Mexico this weekend, but with the Championship already settled last week in favor of Lewis Hamilton - it will likely be a bit of an anti-climax.


It’s the end of the season and we are blowing out this last Evo 300 demo ( used for less than one hour)  - Call Outlaw Dave for the best deal on the planet.

Friday October 30th 2015

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Here is pic of the Evo 80cc bike I spoke about yesterday on my blog, with it’s new owner Caesar Demarni  - We will follow his exploits on the little “Giant Killer”  next year, when he gets out on the trails.


It’s a wet Friday morning in the Valley, and the forecast is for more of the same through the weekend  - not great news for the “Trick or Treaters”


With regard to my comments a couple of day’s ago about Mountain Bikers and Licensing !!


And this is what Chris Hrabb gets to see doing his “Day job”

Thursday October 29th 2015

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

When chatting to customers in my shop, many are surprised to know that the Beta Factory make a ton of different models, and not just Trials bikes.  - Of course the huge success of their Enduro line, has sparked interest from a wider market, but did you know that they build thousands of scooters for the home market each year, and how about this neat unit, which is manufactured in Argentina for daily commuters.

While the North American buyer, has always wanted big bore bikes, in Europe, tiny engines with lots of gears, have been popular for decades.  - I remember being out on the Welsh moors in the early 1950’s watching the ISDT ( it was called a trial back then)  - we could hear the sound of the German Kreidler team, from miles away as they were mounted on 12 speed 50cc machines  !!  - While the small bore bikes needed to be kept “On the pipe”  - The European Manufacturers have always managed to build competitive and reliable engines with small displacements.

As most people know, I have promoted the Beta Evo 200 for the past six years, an amazing model, which would be the best choice for more people, who want a bike that is easy to start, and extremely easy to ride.  - It was in fact my old buddy Adrian Brown, who first told me about this bike - at that time he was living back in the UK ( having been diagnosed with Cancer)  - and had bought a Beta 200 Rev 3 - a model that the factory specifically built for Importer John Lampkin ( they also had a 200 Techno prior to this)  Ady was absolutely “Stoked” on the performance of the smaller bike, and told me that he was getting lower scores at the local Trials, since switching to the little unit.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I took this a step further, by putting together a 2015 Beta Evo 80cc for a customer  - no, not for a kid, for a grown man.   - This bike is full size and has all the great qualities of it’s bigger brothers, but was I ever surprised when I test rode it around the yard  - it was so much fun, I could hardly believe it !! - even though it was raining, I did not want to stop.  - What a “Hoot”

My customer has long been a lover of small machines, having owned small bore Yamaha’s, and he  supplied me with a link to somebody in the States, who has been  riding one of the Beta 80’s for some time, which really got my attention.

For most of my years riding competitions, I always swore by big bore bikes, either for Trials or Cross Country racing, mainly because at that time, I felt more comfortable pulling a higher gear, which related to less wheel spin, However, after my trip to the ISDE in Wales in 1983, my interest in small capacity bikes was renewed after seeing the East German Team on their 80cc MZ “buzz bombs”  - so on my return - I got into a conversation with my old friend Art ,( who has forgotten more about engine building, than most people will ever learn ) - I told him about  how well the little bikes had performed in Europe, and this led to a discussion on building a 12 speed YZ 80cc, for Cross Country racing.

Unfortunately, this project never got past the design stage, as I decided to leave Yamaha Canada in early 1984, and entered the Motorcycle Retail business.  - I sometimes look back and wonder how this would have worked out. - It would certainly have aroused some interest.


Here is great shot of a young Beta rider using good technique at one of Marcel Justribo’s training schools - learning correct body positioning, so that it comes naturally is super important.

Wednesday October 28th 2015

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Anybody looking for a good deal on a Gas Gas Enduro bike?  - Local Club Prez, Andrew Christiansen stopped by yesterday, and has an immaculate bike for sale. - You can check this out by calling (250) 558-7296  ( I have a pic of the bike if you are interested)

King Jordi had a birthday yesterday - here is pic from when he was in his prime.


The deadline for registering your off road vehicle, in order to ride on Crown Land is this Saturday - Let the “Gong Show” begin.  ( Think I’ll unplug my phone)

But wait - if you ride a Mountain bike - thousands of them out there - no problem you ride for free  !!!

My question today, is why is that, after all Crown land is Public land, paid for by ALL Tax payers.


Today I have to go to Kelowna to pick up a Beta  - will drop off some new handlebars for Brandon - He bent the ones on his Factory Evo, while practicing before the Trial last week. ( Believe me that takes some doing as these new fat bars are really tough)


The good news that I was going to post tomorrow, can be updated today  - This concerns an agreement between Silver Star Mountain and a new Club headed up by Andrew Christiansen to host a Hare Scramble at the Ski Resort next September.  - We have been asked to put on a Trials demo on this weekend, and while the details have yet to be finalized, the Trials part will be sanctioned and insured by WTC,

Naturally we are pretty excited about this opportunity   - the last one we did at a Ski resort was in the South Okanagan at the “Hog Rally”  - hauling a large trailer full of obstacles was a bit of a hassle for that event, but it went over well, and the “Bikers” were full of praise for the crew.


I guess the caption for this old pic of Dougie Lampkin could be “Never ever give up”

Tuesday October 27th 2015

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

So here is a blast from the past - not sure who took this and where, but as the old saying goes “We’ve come a long way”


There was a shot of Mike Gunns on facebook yesterday  -doing a “Wheelie” on a Yamaha Enduro bike - I will have to see if I can dig out some of my old pics from when he was one of the best Trials riders to come from the West Coast.  -  His Dad used to run around the loop behind Mike to help the young lad, and had his TY covered up like an armored car to prevent damage.  Good to see him back on a bike.


I guess you could say that this is a story of “Local boy does good”  as Cory comes from BC, and his manager contacted me a few years ago regarding Trials Training - I supplied him a copy of Ryon Young’s tapes, which he later said really helped. - His Uncle Bernie, was on our Yamaha Canada Team that competed in the 83 ISDE in Wales.

Cory Graffunder champion

Jacob Argubright won the race, but Cory Graffunder (pictured) won the title in the 2015 AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship. Photography by Mark Kariya

The National Hare and Hound finale weekend was also host to the penultimate round of the Kenda SRT AMA West Hare Scrambles championship, and although there is one round remaining in the series, Cory Graffunder went ahead and wrapped up the championship. The SRT KTM rider clinched the title with a second-place finish at round seven of the series.

Defending Champion Jacob Argubright took the big win aboard his Factory Husqvarna. Though it wasn’t enough to keep any championship hopes alive, it was a good warm-up for Argubright, who went on to finish third the next day in the National Hare and Hound race.

Nick Burson rounded out the podium on Saturday, although it was a bit of a rough day for the Purvines Racing Beta rider. “I was able to salvage a third overall Saturday after crashing and bruising up my hand around mile four or five on the first lap,” Burson said. “It was hard to hold on the rest of the day but even harder to sit out Sunday.”

Burson’s injury was enough to keep him out of the Hare and Hound race the next day, but he declares he will be “back and ready for Laughlin in two weeks” – the final round of the West Hare Scrambles Championship Series.


Here is a story from the UK Colonial Trial posted by John Shirt - It appears he might have the inside story on the latest developments at Gas Gas.

JST GGUK weekend news, Colonial trial

Jack peaceJST GGUK Youth A Class rider Jack Peace had a fantastic ride on Sunday beating all the Experts at the Colonial Trial. Jack only lost seven marks, half of the Expert winner Olly Kendra.

Jack has just managed to replace his PRO125 for winter events and training before the GG Factory production starts early next year.
If anyone wants a ‘slightly used’ Ex Jack Peace 2015 PRO125 give me a shout, it is cheap!

Well done to Jack
Thanks to John Watson for the pic



Can anyone tell me where this photograph was taken - beautiful countryside. ?

Monday October 26th 2015

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Well, I’m a bit late getting to the blog today, and this is why - Yesterday I was up at Revy to sort out a loop for our WTC event next year, and Florian & Bruce took me on a “Goodie”  - which tired me out, as I have spent very little time this year riding a long loop which is fun, but challenging for an old guy.          ( Anybody who has ridden the trails at Revy will understand what I’m talking about)

I must say, that we have found a perfect loop, which will now be submitted to the Forestry for approval  - this should not be an issue as the trail has already been approved for enduro -  Anyway a big thanks to the young bucks who took me around, glad to say that I had no mishaps, and the Evo 200 worked perfectly.

What we will now have is more variety in our sections, ( one rocky uphill will be a part of the trail) - with the loop going through very scenic terrain, passing water falls etc - and while there were quite a lot of mud-holes yesterday, they were no problem and by the time we hold the Trial, they will likely be mostly dried up.  - Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, which was a shame, as Flo & Bruce - were trying some neat stuff.   - but please be assured that the WTC Western Canadian Championship of 2016, will be spectacular.  The work done by the club in building these trails, has been very hard and intense - no wonder the guys are so fit. ( not to mention totally dedicated)

Well, Lewis Hamilton has wrapped up the 2015 Formula One World Championship - his third one, - his Team mate Rossberg, held off Sebastion Vettel (Ferrari) to clinch the title in Texas.


We have a bit of a rainy day today, in the Valley, which is OK  - Mondays for me, are usually kick-back days anyway - may go wash my bike, which is pretty muddy.  - The rest of the week looks to be quite busy, with several projects happening, one of which is pretty exciting ( Watch out for more on this on Thursday’s blog)


This is a pic I took five years ago, showing my Evo 200 up high above Okanagan Lake  - this was the first year for the little bike that has had me so excited ever since.


Sunday October 25th 2015

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Pedrosa wins as Lorenzo cuts Rossi’s lead to 7 points

Dani Pedrosa won ahead of Lorenzo and Rossi, but Rossi will be forced to start from back of the grid in Valencia after a clash with Marquez.

Repsol Honda’s Dani Pedrosa rode a brilliant race at the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix to take his 51st GP victory in front of 88,000 fans, with Jorge Lorenzo finishing ahead of his title rival Rossi to reduce the Doctor’s lead in the standings to just 7 points with one race left. Pedrosa led from flag to flag to win by 3.612s in hot and humid conditions (track temp. 47˚C) at the Sepang International Circuit, but his victory was overshadowed by an incredible clash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez that saw the latter crash out. Race Direction reviewed the incident after the race and awarded Rossi three penalty points and he will be forced to start the final race of the season from the back of the grid.

Read the complete story on this exciting race on the Cycle News Web-site.


Here’s a pic of David Norona at a show someplace - He does a lot of promoting both Off Road Motorcycling and  Snowmobiles - always has a smile on his face. - He is showing just how light the little Beta Electric bikes are.  - Available from your local Beta Dealer.


Today  I will be going up to Revelstoke ( just under 2 hours North East of Vernon)  to meet up with Florian to check out the loop we plan on utilizing for the WTC Championship Trial next year.  - The Revy Riders club are great people to work with, promoting mostly Enduro, but it’s all about family fun, and they have excellent terrain for all Motorcycle “Off Road” activities.


In weather news, it’s a bit cooler today, in fact there may very well be some frost on the pumpkin, but sunshine and a high of 11 degrees is forecast for later.   - At least the big Tropical storm that hit Mexico and worked it’s way inland, did not do the damage expected, although the heavy rain and flooding in Texas will likely effect the Formula One race later today.


The November 1st deadline for registering all Off Road vehicles in BC is fast approaching - We have heard that there is still a lot of confusion at local Insurance Offices, so  if you need clarification, I suggest you click onto the BCORMA website, which has all the information required.  ( I also recommend that you support this organization, who continue to lobby the Government on behalf of Off Road Motorcyclists)

Here’s a great pic of Adam Raga in Scotland, where he has been doing some Trials schools, and perhaps some more testing of the TRS - It will be interesting to see how many of the new Jordi-bikes will be entered for the 2016 Scottish Six Days.

Saturday October 24th 2015

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Untouchable Pedrosa puts it on pole

A simply sensational lap from Dani Pedrosa sees him claim his first pole of 2015 ahead of Marquez and Rossi, with Lorenzo in fourth.

Repsol Honda’s Pedrosa produced an incredible lap in Q2 to secure his first pole position since the Catalan GP in 2014 and 28th in MotoGP™. The Spaniard has almost been the forgotten man at the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix after all of the attention that has been placed on the comments between Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. He responded by blowing all of his rivals away by over four-tenths of a second to set a 1′59.053 in the hot and humid conditions (Track temp. 44˚C), the fastest ever lap by a MotoGP™ bike at the Sepang International Circuit.



At the recent Scott time and observation trial, both Alexz Wigg and Dougie Lampkin took second and third podium places riding on Michelin X-Light tyres. A great endorsement for the performance of the X-Light tyre at the top level of trials riding and not the first time Michelin has helped trials riders taste success at the event, which has now been running for over 100 years.

The action is focused high above the market town of Richmond, in North Yorkshire. 200 riders compete to earn the best overall score (in terms of time and observation) tackling the 70 hazards over the 80 mile course. This year the event unfolded under an overcast sky, which only cleared as the riders returned to the start area.Just a handful of marks stood between winner, Ian Austermuhle, and the Michelin riders. The final results showed top Michelin riders, Wigg and Lampkin were joined in the top ten by Sam Haslam in seventh and Jack Price in eighth, also riding on X-Light tyres.

Alexz Wigg commented “This has always been a tough event for me, but one I very much enjoy. I started at a steady pace, before moving up a gear in my riding to try and push for the win in the closing stages. My Michelin X-Light tyres excelled today in some pretty tough conditions, meaning I didn’t have to deal with any punctures.”

Gold Spoons
1: Ian Austermuhle (Beta-UK) 42; 2: Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas) 46; 3: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 49; 4: Jonathan Richardson (Beta-UK) 61; 5: Ross Danby (SXS) 62; 6: Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta) 65.

Silver Spoons
7: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 69; 8: Jack Price (Gas Gas) 70; 9: Iwan Roberts (Beta-UK) 84; 10: Guy Kendrew (Beta-UK) 84; 11: James Stones (AGB Sherco) 84; 12: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas) 93; 13: James Dabill (Vertigo) 97; 14: Chris Pearson (Splat Sherco) 108; 15: Rob Waite (Acklams Beta) 110; 16: James Fry (Sherco) 111; 17: John Sunter (Appleyard’s Montesa) 112; 18: Ben Hemingway (Beta-UK) 114; 19: William Reynolds (Montesa) 119; 20: Luke Walker (Sherco) 125; 21: James Lampkin (Beta-UK) 127; 22: Dec Bullock (Team Roundhouse Beta-UK) 132; 23: Thomas Hick (Acklams Beta) 149; 24: Stephen Dixon (BMS Scorpa) 153; 25: Jack Stones (Acklams Beta) 154; 26: Andy Cripps (DCR Sherco) 169.

Standard Time: Jonathan Richardson (Beta-UK) 4.42.22
The Last Official Finisher: Paul Marwood 7.11.51
Best on Observation: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 25


Although Motorcycles were invented as a means of transportation, it wasn’t long before they were used for sport, and in the old days, this usually would mean that you rode your Trials bike to an event, removed the lights, competed and then rode it home, sometimes this would entail a total day out of over one hundred miles, so reliability was a key factor.  - However, it wasn’t long before riders were finding other ways to transport their bikes to events, saving wear and tear on the machines, and also traveling in comfort.  - check out this pic from the early 1930’s.


Friday October 23rd 2015

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

The nice Fall weather continues in the Valley, so yesterday was time to do some tidying up outside & take a load to the local Land-fill.  - Now while this might not sound very exciting, for me, it’s always a chance to have a chat about bikes and events, with our Vernon Motorcycle Club’s Prez - as he works there.

Yesterday we talked about the Off Road series for this year, in which our friendly Aussie took another Class win, and a last event on his Gasser, before a switch back to Yamaha machinery in 2016.  - More importantly, Andrew informed me about an upcoming meeting with the Forestry people on November 2nd, ( which I plan on attending,)- plus some exciting new developments at Silver Star Mountain, which could very well include Trials.  - We intend working closely with all the local clubs, Revy, Vernon, Salmon Arm, and OK Falls next year, as these are the areas that will be designated “Off Road” by the ministry.


Taff called last night & we chatted for a very long time, about his recent vacation in the UK, and my old home town, that he passed through on route to one of the Rugby games.   I just saw this pic of a Motorsports Museum in Llangollen ( pronounced “Thlangothlen” in Welsh)  - this beautiful town, was only 12 miles from where I lived, before coming to Canada, and we often rode our Trials bikes in events all around the local hills & valleys.

Vintage Cars and Motorbikes at Llangollen Motor Museum


I see that Jorge Lorenzo has posted the fastest time in the Moto GP free Practice for the big race on Sunday in Malaysia.  - His Team mate and current points leader Valentino Rossi was 5th in official timing.

Also in Motor sport - The F1 race goes this weekend in Texas - with the Ferrari Team starting well back on the grid after electing to fit new engines.  Lewis Hamilton could wrap up another World Championship at this event.


Formula 1 teams and drivers are bracing themselves for a rain-hit United States Grand Prix weekend, with bad weather forecast throughout.

With temperatures already expected to be below the monthly average for October, a combination of a low-pressure system from the west meeting moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is going to deliver a big downpour.

F1’s official weather forecast provider Ubimet thinks that all three days of track action will be hit by poor weather, although race day itself will deliver the least rainfall.


Thursday October 22nd 2015

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

It looks like the “Red tide” is hitting the Red Bull Romaniacs Xtreme Enduro this weekend .


Here is a pic from the Vintage event held in Alabama, at which over 70,000 people were in attendance - you can see a great selection of pics posted on Cycle news, but this one grabbed my attention, and brought back memories of the Isle of Man, and hearing Bob McIntyre coming down the Mountain on the Honda four - that sound has stuck in my head ever since, absolutely incredible.  - Bob Mac, blew the bike up over-revving it, but when asked  what happened, he said “It stopped”  - A typical Scotsman, he was later killed at Oulton Park in Cheshire, England.

Yet another gratuitous shot of a Honda CBX.


Well, by now Sammy should be well settled in China - where he will spend the winter doing stunt shows along with his Australian buddy Tim Coleman.  - Hopefully he will post some pics and report his adventures over the next few months .


I see Lee Usher of Nelson BC, now has a facebook page devoted to the little Electric Oset Trials bikes - you can check it out, by googling -


Chris Hrabb from Revelstoke posted this pic from Whitefish Montana, where he is spending time Mountain biking - Chris Flies Helicopters for a living, and owns three Betas for when he has some free time.


Check out this pic of our old buddy Lindsay Baker who is over in Morroco on an Adventure Tour - Like most Kiwis, he has a great sense of humor.


The 2016 World Indoor Trials dates and locations, have now been  posted