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Monday November 30th 2015

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Well like lots of other people, I watched the Football game yesterday - not that I’m a real fan, but because there was very little else on the box, and it was too cold to go out.  - I must say that it was a good game, very close right up until the last quarter, before the Edmonton Eskimos  took the win.


I saw this report of an MX Indoor from OZ  - which reminded me that we haven’t heard much from young Sam King for a while, we do know that Vernon Off  Road Club  Prez - Andrew Christiansen had to make an urgent trip back to Australia, due to a family matter. - It’s always tough, when your parents get sick and you live half a World away - been there done that, so our thoughts are with Andrew.

Kit Palmer | November 29, 2015

AUS-X PodiumCooper Webb topped Sunday’s racing at the AUS-X Open Championship in Australia.

YamaLube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Cooper Webb edged out Chad Reed to grab the inaugural two-day AUS-X Open Championship at the AllPhones Arena in Sydney, Australia, November 28-29.

Reed got the crowed excited when the won the first night of racing, leading the whole way while fellow Aussie Gavin Faith kept him close every lap. Another Australian, Dan Reardon, who recently came out of retirement, made it an all-Aussie podium.


Dave Butler posted this pic of John Ranger on a Sherpa T back in 1971 - John was one of the Top riders back in the day, and was recently inducted into the MIC Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.


David Knight and Nathan Watson headline some of the 1500 heroes ready to take on this weekend’s Red Bull Knockout beach race.

After a seven year absence the Red Bull Knockout is back when the Dutch coastal town of Hauge awakens to the sound of 1500 riders on Red Bull TV


Sunday November 29th 2015

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

I saw this posted today - and it makes a lot of sense


Not much to report today - no news from the Formula One  finale - a very gray day in the Valley with cold temperatures and perhaps another time to watch the box.


Fantic showed off this good looking enduro bike at the recent Milan show>


Saturday November 28th 2015

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

A “Blast from the Past”  pic - this is Bill De Garis back a few ( quite a few) years, when he lived in Kenya - he is seen competing on his converted CZ street bike in a Trial, complete with natty head gear. - Bill of course is still riding well into his 70’s and is a regular at Ioco events.


Still cold in the Valley, -8 this morning and they now say it will not warm up until next week - Ah well ! there is always the box to watch. Grey Cup anyone?

Nico Rosberg (middle) waves to the crowd along with Lewis Hamilton (right) and Kimi Raikkonen (left) after claiming the pole for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Nico Rosberg (middle) waves to the crowd along with Lewis Hamilton (right) and Kimi Raikkonen (left) after claiming the pole for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Mark Thompson / Getty Images
Here is a neat shot of Jordi & Steve Saunders with the TRS Frame - It looks really good, with welding similar to the very best by British Frame builders from the past.

Friday November 27th 2015

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Yes it’s Friday - and it’s pretty White outside - no new snow, but definitely  not a lot of “Black” around - so now we’ve got that out of the way - on to more interesting stuff.  - Here is a neat shot taken of Adam Raga on the TRS - quite artistic & I believe taken by his Dad.


After a tough work day on Wednesday, I kicked back yesterday & later clicked onto the “Godfather” marathon - although I’ve seen this before, I still enjoy the series - trouble was it had me staying up way past my normal bed time, hence my late start to the blog today.


I guess we have the Grey Cup happening on Sunday - although not being a Football fan, I’m not sure who  is going to be playing in a very cold Winnipeg - ( I believe Ottawa is one Team )


Meanwhile over in Abu Dhabi - the rather boring F1 season will drag to a climax - another Mercedes, followed by Mercedes , more than likely.


I’m still hearing horror stories from people trying to register their bikes - phone calls from Insurance agents, who all seem to agree that this latest cash grab by the BC Government is proving to be a real “Gong” show.


UPDATE:  Another shipment just arrived, with carbon look, fork guards etc plus low pressure gauges perfect for Christmas “Stocking Stuffers”


Basil Fawlty and Fawlty Towers

Who hasn’t had a laugh watching John Cleese in Faulty Towers over the years ? - Well it appears that the old  Hotel that inspired the series, is being demolished and replaced by Senior Flats.  - No doubt the new residents will find some old fashioned humor within these walls.


There is a very good video clip of the 2015 FIM World Championship  Series posted on Trial Mag : UK Here is a link -

More news if and when it happens >>

Thursday November 26th 2015

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Better late than never !!

Cycle News Staff | November 25, 2015

ISDE AustraliaLast week, the Australian World Trophy Team was officially awarded the winner of the ISDE in Kosice, Slovakia, which was held in September. This means that Australia swept this year’s event along with it’s Junior World Trophy Team (pictured). Photo: Mark Kariya

In case you missed it, pretty big news came out of the FIM International Disciplinary Court last week that it had rejected three Federation Appeals regarding the French World Trophy Team riders that were DQ’ed at the ISDE in Slovakia last September.  You might recall that eight riders in all were DQ’ed for missing a route check, including the French riders, but were cleared of the infractions two days later and went on to win the event, despite complaints from the Australian World Trophy Team that ended up finishing second, but would have won had the disqualifications stood. In protest, the Australian World Trophy Team walked off the podium stage during the after-race ceremonies.

As it turns, out the Disciplinary Court agreed with the Australians, and the eight riders, including the French riders, who missed the check have been officially excluded from the event. This means that, two months later, Australia has been officially declared the winner of the 2015 ISDE.

Unfortunately for Australia, it was unable to celebrate its first ISDE victory from the podium in Slovakia, nor were they able to celebrate along side its Junior World Trophy Team that also claimed victory in Kosice.


As the cold snap continues in the Valley, it appears that many people are getting ready for winter, with  Snow bikes, Sleds and Ski equipment, but as always, it seems to take forever for drivers to get the message to “Slow Down”   - We have already seen some scary examples of “Brain fade” out on the High- ways - One in particular yesterday, while I was on route to Sicamous to deliver Opti Oil. -  Luckily the stupid driver survived without causing a big pile up.


Meanwhile “Back at the Ranch”  - John stopped by to pick up some clutch parts for his Gasser, telling me that he was planning another day out with Richard before he heads to Alberta - For me, riding in sub zero temperatures is really a thing of the past, as old age and poor circulation tend to effect enthusiasm.  Fortunately the temperatures are supposed to rise by the weekend.

So what is this “Black Friday BS”?  - It seems that retailers are always trying to come up with a new idea to promote sales - As far as we are concerned at Outlaw, customers get a great deal any day of the year, although we do sometimes have “Specials” on riding gear, as new stuff arrives.


Yesterday we posted the results of the VMC Trial, which showed that Ryon Bell has lost  nothing after taking time away from the sport, finishing with a clean score card, and well ahead of Thomas Cordner - I spoke with Ryon in Victoria, when we were out for the October event, and he told me that he is enjoying riding again, but only intends competing when and where he feels like it.  Hopefully, he will make it to our “Neck of the Woods” at some point in 2016.


Here’s a great pic of Jordi at the 1988 Scottish, on the Beta TR34 - I was there the following year to see him debut the all new liquid cooled Zero.


Wednesday November 25th 2015

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

It didn’t take long for the skiff of snow on my driveway to turn into ice yesterday - just in time for the truck to arrive with a shipment of Opti Snowmobile oil. !!  - However, the driver did a masterful job of negotiating the big vehicle in and out again, without incident.

The temperature is down to -9 in Vernon this morning, but not as bad as Calgary which is showing -14 - or as Walt Healy used to say “Colder than a well diggers ankle”

Looking forward to receiving the latest issue of Trial Mag:- which should arrive soon - I’m sure it will be filled with great pics from the Scott Trial, like the one of winner Ian Austermuhle that is on the cover.


VMC Lohrmann Trial, November 22, 2015
Ryon Bell top expert

The annual Lohrmann Trial was held on Sunday, November 22nd at the VMC club property with 34 riders entered. Cool, clear weather prevailed and it remained dry. This was the last trial of a five-trial series leading to the club championships. With Dave Fair as the Clerk of the Course, ten sections were laid out by his tireless committee of Brandon Volk, Liam Donaldson and helpers:- Jeremy McChesney, Ryon Bell, Hugh Williams, Steve Mawer.

Full results can be seen HERE.


This is a fantastic shot of the Rickman brothers, on their Matchless Metisse “Scramblers”  - They built some of the best “Special” bikes back in the day, and for a while were the Bultaco Importers, for the UK.

Tuesday November 24th 2015

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Well the big dump of snow forecast for our area, failed to materialize, but we do have  a light covering on the driveway, similar to yesterday.

Here is a “Blast from the Past”  - I took this photograph of Murray Nutt at Blackfoot Park in 1971, when we held the Western Canadian Championship in Calgary - a young Murray surprised many of the established stars, by taking the win.


And here is another pic from the “Memories file”  This shows  Gerry Marshal shaking the hand of Yrjo Vesterinen after he won the very first Canadian FIM World Round at McLean Creek, near Calgary, back in 1975 ( I’m standing in the doorway of the trailer in the white cap)

(Pic by Roger Boothroyd)

Looking back at some of these old pics, it’s a reminder that in those days, we always had a large contingent of local riders entered at the World Trials, which was great for the sport - as the degree of difficulty increased, this is now no longer the case, with only a handful of riders able to even get through the average section on the World stage. - Obviously the FIM and the manufacturers are concerned about this, with rule changes etc, all aimed at increasing the numbers, but even the 125cc class, introduced for the Junior riders a few years ago, now seems to be faltering.

At the club level, it has long been my personal belief that keeping things simple, is the only way to encourage new riders, because Trials can be very intimidating to the newcomer. - We have found that quite often, a rider who switches from another branch of the sport, such as MX or Enduro, struggles with the fact that while they might be an Expert in one discipline  - when it comes to Trials, they are really a junior. - Sometimes this has them entering the wrong class, which totally demoralizes them, and they never come back.  - The good thing, is that Trials riders are generally a great bunch, who encourage any new rider, and try to put them at ease - the family atmosphere and camp-outs are all part of making everybody welcome.


I see that Beta have signed Alex Salvini - the Italian Champ is obviously happy to be riding for his home brand, although I don’t think he will mounted on one of these bikes. !!!


Nice pic of World Champions  Toni Bou and Emma Bristow at the FIM Gala.


Meanwhile over in the Land of the Rising Sun - Here are the results of the recent Japanese Enduro Championship ( Notice the lack of Team Orange bikes)

Result JEC Final round day1

1. Tadashi Kugumura HONDA

2. Kenji Suzuki YAMAHA

3. Takumu Yokozawa HONDA

4. Taiki Kosuhe YAMAHA

5. Yutaro Ushiyama YAMAHA

6. Masanari Ota KTM

Result JEC Final round day2

1. Kenji Suzuki YAMAHA

2. Takumu Yokozawa HONDA

3. Tadashi Kugumura HONDA

4. Masanari Ota KTM

5. Nobuya Watarai Kawasaki

6. Taiki Kosuhe YAMAHA

Monday November 23rd 2015

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Sunday was a really great day out riding in the Summerland area, with Richard, John & Graeme - here is a pic taken at the top of the first big hill which was extremely slippery with the snow covering frozen ground.

It was Richard’s first visit to the Okanagan, as he lives in New Hazelton ( West of Prince George) - although he spent many years riding and organizing Trials in Ontario, which was where he met John.

It was a cool, day - but we had a ton of fun out on the Outlaw loop - I showed the boys a lot of sections, including “Devils Staircase” and Moose Climb, before a trip over the Mountain - it’s fantastic to be out in this terrain, and the snow made it all the more interesting ( A bit sketchy coming down the backside of the Mountain - but nobody crashed)  - Once again we saw the wild horses, and Richard & John later saw a Moose - I haven’t seen one of those  up there since the Cow charged me many years ago.

Here is a pic of Richard & myself ( I’m warming my hand on the Sherco muffler)

It was actually harder to walk on some of the ground, than it was to ride - the Michelin Tires get such awesome grip.


In other weekend news - The Results of the VMC Terra Nova have finally been posted, and it was a big win for Stan Bakgaard on his 200 KTM  - Dan Malone (GG) took the Intermediate class and Gary Nordstrom (Beta) the Senior Trophy.

Taylor Robert was the big winner at the Enduro-cross in California - but Cody Webb  took the overall title with a second place finish. - Steve Foord had some bad luck, when he broke a chain on his Beta RR 350, while Lexi Pechout grabbed third spot in the ladies, which was won by Sandra Gomez.


Here is a truly great photograph of two Trials Champions - Toni Bou and Mick Andrews - not sure where this was taken - it might have been at the FIM Gala last weekend.

Sunday November 22nd 2015

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

Here is a “Blast from the Past” pic  - The year is 1976, the event the Moose Mountain 2 day 200mile race in Alberta - The bike a Yamaha Canada IT 400, the Result  3rd Open - 6th Overall.  - The winner was Danny Amor (KTM)


That’s all I have time for this morning, as I’m off to meet the lads for a ride - will report on our day when I get back. !!


Saturday November 21st 2015

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

We know that the Beta Evo models are light, but this is obviously a trick shot of Sara Trentini, who has just joined the Italian Team.  - (I’ve never heard of Nils Lubricants, in spite of the fact that I’ve been in the Oil Business since 1987 - However, I’m sure it’s a good product)


It looks like the weather is going to hold over the weekend - so a Sunday ride is on the cards - might be the last for a while as snow is forecast next week for the Valley. More on this Monday.

Here’s a nice pic taken by Dale Coull at last Sunday’s Ioco Trial -of Sawyer Collie, the young Beta rider showing quite good form. The event was Sponsored by Mountain Motorcycle, and won by Bill Sparks. (Beta)
Sawyer Collie on section five

We don’t sell many of the small displacement bikes due to the price, so any that come on the market are in big demand, usually passed down from family to family. At Outlaw we have always sold these at pretty much our cost, in order to help promote the smaller classes for the kids.


Cycle News Staff | November 21, 2015

Baja 1000 2015 Winning Motorcycle Team of Colton Udall, Mark Samuels and Justin Jones.Jones, Samuels and Udall (Left to right) celebrate at the finish of the 2015 Baja 1000. Photo: SCORE InternationalThe results are unofficial but it appears that the OX Motorsports team of Colton Udall, Mark Samuels and Justin Jones have taken the win at the 2015 Baja 1000 on their 5X Honda. SCORE International is currently reporting that the 45X team led by Fancisco Arrendondo finished second ahead of the 1X team led by Ricky Brabec.


62ndMacauGP_Fri_Bikes06British Superbike and Isle of Man TT star Peter Hickman used his Briggs Building Equipment BMW S1000RR to take a sensation victory in the 49th Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix on the Armco lined streets of the former Portuguese colony, besting long-time leader and fastest qualifier Martin Jessop. Third went to multi-time Macau victor Michael Rutter, making it a clean sweep of the podium places for BMW.

( Thanks to Cycle News for the above reports)


And finally - the news that Crown Royal beat all other brands for the #1 Whisky of 2015  - We have heard that this has caused a National day of mourning in Scotland, who failed to finish in the top five.

Renowned British whisky writer Jim Murray has given Crown Royal's Northern Harvest Rye a record-tying 97.5 out of 100 points in his 13th annual Whisky Bible.