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Thursday December 31st 2015 - New Year’s Eve.

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

So here we are on the last day of the year -  For many people it’s already  2016 including our friends “Down under” in Australia.

2015 has been another wonderful year - filled with both happiness, and a  touch of sadness, as we have lost a few friends.  - We were lucky enough to share many great events in BC and Alberta, and look forward to doing the same in 2016.

We Wish everyone, no matter what you ride or where you live -



As we look forward to 2016  ag Congrats to all our WTC Champions for 2015

Wednesday December 30th 2015

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Another quite gloomy day in the Valley - but at least it’s not snowing today !!

Good to get my website back up & running - Thanks Bob  - In between my nurse maid duties this morning, ( Have to look after Babsy)  - I got to read the latest Trial Mag.>

This is filled with all sorts of good write-ups, including the Scott Trial which was won by Ian Austermuhle on a very stock looking Beta Evo 300 - in  fact most of the pics of the Beta riders seemed to be stock bikes rather than Factory. - Beta UK also took the Team award at this super tough event.

There is also an interview with Adam Raga, in which he explains why he decided to sign with TRS for 2016, and  some superb pics of  Trial Mag Test rider Phil Disney on the Prototype Jordi Bike in Spain, all taken by Heath Brindley.   - Plus a test of the 2016 Beta Evo by Dec Bullock, who did so well this year as a privateer Beta rider at WTC and National Trials. - If you don’t subscribe to this mag: you really are missing something.


Doug Nimmo was out in the Okanagan over the Christmas Holiday, and  couldn’t resist getting out for a play in the snow on his Beta Evo 300 4T  - He says it started first kick, in spite of being parked for a long time.


The ATRA have announced their AGM will be held at the end of January - when they will elect new Officers and make up a competition schedule  - Interesting enough I just chatted to Graeme Manning today, who was a founding member of the ATRA way back when he lived in Edmonton.  Check out the ATRA Website for details.

Tuesday December 29th 2015 - plus

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Well it appears that my site is back on line, so we will try to do some updates >

Well that didn’t work out  so we will try again for Wednesday.

Monday December 28th 2015

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Only three days after this, until the end of another exciting year.  - They really do seem to go more quickly as we get older.   - From the photographs posted on the various sites, it appears that a lot of people were out enjoying Winter sports, skiing or sledding - we are lucky enough to live in an area where outdoor adventures are literally  minutes away. - However, we leave that to the younger folk.
Now it’s time to reflect on some of the things we did, and also on some of the planned trips, that never happened - one of these was a Mountain ride with Taff & Chris - similar to the one we did in 2014 - Bruce and Leigh were also with us on that memorable excursion up above Trout Lake - maybe we will do this again in 2016.

Of course, the Trials events took up a ton of time - we had quite a lot, and the Forest Fires also played havoc with schedules - hopefully things will be better in this regard for next season. -

For 2016, everybody wanting to ride on Crown Land, will need to register their bikes, this will include our first planned “Fun” Easter weekend at Summerland.  - this has been very popular for the past couple of years, with families from all over, getting together for a relaxing camp out - this is also a great place for the kids to ride.

Of all the places that I’ve ridden over the years, I have to say that Summerland, is probably my favorite - It was Ted Pepperdine and Neil Mandeville, who showed me this area, back in 1987, and while I am now very familiar with the mountain trails, there are still  places to explore - you can pick easy or hard depending on your skill level.

It’s possible that yet another new location may be open to us in the North Okanagan for events, I hope to have more news on this in the spring.  -


We heard that everybody had a great time at the CPTA Boxing Day Trial at Ioco - here is a pic of Billy DeGarris in the forest with not a flake of snow in sight.


Sunday December 27th 2015

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

This pic was taken a year ago - but could very well have been from today, as we have lots of the white stuff around.  - In fact we had about 10cm overnight.


Yesterday was a lazy day at our house - Momma Bear, caught up on some sleep, which the broken wrist has deprived her of these past few nights - watched the Canada v USA Hockey game on the box - it was a very close match, but the Yanks got the win in the end.  Later we were on Skype to Babs brother, who is in Hong Kong for the Christmas holiday, visiting his sons.

With all the big boxing day sales going on, it occurred to me that with the big price increases on all riding gear, helmets etc due to a low Canadian dollar - Our Outlaw stock is an even better bargain - check it out on our web-pages.  - Plus of course our first shipment of Betas, are almost identical in price, to the 2015 models.


Birthday Greetings go out today to Sean Bird - known as the Beta -Birdman - hopefully his ankle is mending well. - If you are reading this Sean “Please” don’t rush it.


How about this great shot of Mick at the Scottish  - courtesy Solo Moto Mag :  - Notice the bicycle pump on his leg, held on by rubber bands made from old inner tubes - quite a common practice back then.

Boxing Day -2015

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Here is a pic from the Christmas day celebrations at our Daughter’s home in Vernon,  Babsy is coping quite well with her broken wing, but obviously finds it very frustrating.  - We hope everybody had a great day, and that Santa was good to you all.


The traditional Boxing day Trial goes today at Ioco - where the weather is less “Winter-like” - we did hold a few in the Valley, when we lived in Kelowna - just a fun get-together, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest these days.  - Back in the UK, there are always lots of Trials happening on Boxing day, many starting and finishing from the local Pub car park. - they were always a lot of fun.


I see that the new Vertigo Trials bikes have landed in North America - Lewisport in the States, and Dave Fair in Victoria are the Importers - no word yet on whether the equally exciting new TRS model has arrived at Mountain Motorcycle in Coquitlam.  - Always lots of interest in any new bikes of course, the Betas are already here, and maybe some of these new works of art will be on display at Ioco today.


Love this pic of the Scottish Highlands - one of many posted by Spanish Banker and ultimate SSDT enthusiast Carlos Casas

Christmas Day 2015

Friday, December 25th, 2015

Ho Ho Ho -  Merry Christmas everyone - from Team Outlaw  - Have a great day - we will be back “Blogging it” tomorrow.


Thursday December 24th 2015 (Christmas Eve)

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

We have seen lots of Greetings posted, but for the old School Trials guys - This one likely says it all - Mick still enjoying riding, & likely showing lots of youngsters how to do it.

The bike is of course one of his very “Trick” James vintage models, that he has been involved with for the Pre 65 - Twin Shock events.  ( Very different from the James that I rode in Trials back in 1955)


The first 2016 Betas have arrived & are stored away - this is the new Evo 200 - which we uncrated first - looks very much like the brilliant 2015 model, but the engine now has the crank cases from the larger bikes, plus other updates. - I did ride it around the icy driveway before putting it away  - very smooth.

We also have a couple of the Beta kids electric bikes in - still a few hours for some lucky youngster to find one of those under the tree - but better be quick the old Outlaw Santa, is going to be real busy today.


We heard from Sammy early this morning - it’s Christmas Eve already in OZ - & he sends his best wishes to all the Trials friends, he met this year.  - In January he is off to China again for more stunt shows - then gets back to Canada in April.


As many of you know - Babsy fell and broke her wrist quite badly on Sunday while sorting Christmas decorations - standing on short step ladders can be hazardous - especially when you are in the Senior class.  - This has called for a few changes in plans for the holiday - but with help from the family, we will get the turkey cooked etc.

We were only talking about how the Christmas season, has changed over our lifetime - growing up in Wales, it was all about the family getting together, and singing around the piano - gifts were often homemade, and well received.  - These days, it seems to have just become one big commercial event .


At least the new electronic age, has enabled more people to contact each other - we have heard from people all across the globe, either by email or the Social network.

So to everyone we say once again - Merry Christmas - Have yourselves a wonderful holiday.


Wednesday December 23rd 2015

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Yesterday started out as quite a snow event, in the Valley, not great, when I had to take Momma Bear to the Hospital for X rays on her broken wrist - However, it cleared up later and was quite mild by the afternoon.  -The news is so far so good - back for more X rays in two weeks.
Later in the afternoon, the Purolator truck arrived with my first shipment of 2016 Betas - two Evos and two Electric bikes - so I guess I have my day planned already.  -

I’m still waiting for my latest copy of Trial Mag: UK  - seems a bit late coming, so I’ve contacted Editor John Hulme, who has promised to get one out to me.


Congrats to Bob Clark, who had a big birthday yesterday - maybe they will have a cake for him at the Boxing day Trial at Ioco ?


Not much other news up on the web - everything on hold now until after Christmas, so in the meantime, have a good one, and a big  “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

And Don’t forget - We Import all the Great RAW Riding Gear >


Tuesday December 22nd 2015

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Late getting to the keyboard today, & not much news - except to say thanks to everyone that posted well wishes to Babsy.  - We are coping, but it’s not easy - today it’s a visit to the hospital for x rays & figure out what’s next.  - Of course the weather has to be crappy, with light snow  - lots of stuff to do in the next couple of days, much of which will likely not be accomplished .

More news when I have time. >>

Santa arrived late today with a bunch of Betas >>