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Sunday January 31st 2016

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

This is pic  that I posted on day #4 of the Face-book series of 10, nominated by Rod Katchen - It shows me passing a stuck Greeves rider in a large mud hole at a Welsh Time Trial back in the 1950’s - I still have the results sheet from that event somewhere - I went on to win a 2nd class award, but had various machine problems along the way, including a jammed up rear chain, which took a lot of time to fix. - You will notice that we were not required to wear helmets back then, even though this was a “Speed” event.


The unsettled weather continues in the Valley, with rain & sleet moving in yesterday afternoon, and a light dusting of snow out there this morning. -

Down in California, it’s very windy and dusty for the “King of the Motos” Cross Country race today - hopefully somebody will post a link so I can watch it on the computer - Steve Foord is down there on his Beta Enduro bike, plus Kamloops rider  Cory Graffunder  will also be chasing the hot favorite Cody Webb.

In MX News - Ryan Dungey continued his winning ways at Oakland - here are the results>

450SX Class Results

  1. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., KTM
  2. Ken Roczen, Clermont, Fla., Suzuki
  3. Marvin Musquin, Corona, Calif., KTM
  4. Jason Anderson, Rio Rancho, N.M., Husqvarna
  5. Chad Reed, Dade City, Fla., Yamaha
  6. Cole Seely, Sherman Oaks, Calif., Honda
  7. Eli Tomac, Cortez, CO., Kawasaki
  8. Jacob Weimer, Wildomar, Calif., Suzuki
  9. Justin Brayton, Mint Hill, N.C., KTM
  10. Wil Hahn, Menifee, Calif. Kaw


This is an old pic of Kelowna rider Kevin Elbury up in the Alpine on his Beta - Kevin spent three years sailing the South Seas with his family a few years ago & posted some fantastic pics of his experiences.


Check out this video of Sammy practicing in China on an older Beta Evo - looking very, very, smooth.

And here is the link you need to watch the King of the Motos live video this afternoon (sorry you will need to type it in)


Saturday January 30th 2016

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

I thought this pic of Mick Andrews ( by Claudio)  would be a good way to head up the morning blog today - Mick has always been the “Quiet” man of Trials, who has done so much for the sport, but never won a World Championship - he was “On top of his game” when it was still called the European Championship. - He started his career riding a Factory AJS, then campaigned a James & Bultaco, before signing with Ossa - the brand that brought him wins at the Scottish Six Days. - This was the time of big sales in the Trials industry, and it wasn’t long before Yamaha had Mick working to develop a trials bike for them. -  (Which is how I met him) - They experimented with various engine sizes in the 1970’s - both two stroke and four-stroke. - But perhaps the most famous of all these, was the pumper carb, cantilever model on which he won the Scottish. ( The forerunner of the World beating TY 250 Mono) - Mick still enjoys riding his vintage bikes, and is guest of honor this year at the big Classic Trial in Scotland on the Alvie Estate ( check out Trials Guru for more on this)


This pic of me riding the 325 Sherpa T up a very steep section near Calgary in 1973, may have been the last Trial, before I went to work for Yamaha Motor Canada, and the start of a whole new adventure, the 325 was without doubt the best Bultaco that I rode - ( sponsored by Play-Parts of Calgary - thanks Henry Butters) - Photo credit John Whitby.


I had an email from Ross Rathbone last night from Hawaai - he enclosed a really nice pic of a rocky creek in front of the hotel - I replied to say it would make a neat section.  - That’s the funny thing about having Trials riding “Embedded” in your bones - when other people see beautiful scenery,  we only see “Trials Sections”.


So with the first production TRS off the assembly line, it should not now be too long before Mountain Motorcycles get their first bike, an exciting time for Trials enthusiasts. - The World Trials riders will be at it again this weekend in Marseilles - before heading to Barcelona next week - it promises to be another battle between arch rivals Toni Bou and Adam Raga, either of whom can still win on any given night, - we now have the video of the Sheffield event on our video page - great stuff, check it out.

Here is a pic of Adam Raga firing up that first historic production TRS which he helped assemble  - I wonder who got that one?

Jordi Tarres (the boss) works everyday in the TRS Factory- here he shows off the really flexible rear fender. - (Got to love that)


The Beta Trueba Team certainly do it right - here is their line up of riders for the 2016 season.


Friday January 29th 2016

Friday, January 29th, 2016

As we come to the end of January - I have to say that this is likely the first year that I can recall, not being out on the bike at least once during the first month of the year.  - In fact I was talking about this to young Kolten Morrison and his Mum, yesterday, when they stopped by for a visit. - Of course as we get older, the desire to go out in cold weather becomes less inviting, but we will be out pretty soon for sure, now the snow is melting.

Earlier in the day, I drove up the Valley to deliver Opti Oil to one of my Snowmobile dealers, and chatted about the business side of things - If you are in the market for a sled or ATV - you can’t do better than talk to Everett or Tyler Backus who are located just South of Sicamous.  - Ev mentioned that they recently had a bunch of Polaris Executives out for a test ride - and have been invited to go down to Salt Lake City to try out the new Polaris Snow-bike ( should be interesting)


I see that Steve Foord is on route to California, to race the “King of the Motos” - He will be on the Beta Cross Country bike this year, unlike the last time, when he rode a Gasser Trials machine - Cody Webb will be the guy to beat, as he won it for Beta last year - but is now mounted on KTM.  - Not sure if we will be able to watch this via the CP, like last time.


We got a short email from Steve Richardson, who is on his way to hook up with Stan in Mexico - he says he has never seen so much desert.


The ATRA held their AGM last weekend, which is reported on the club website  - Ben Pospisil was re-elected as President, and it sounds as though they have a good plan for 2016. - Here is the proposed schedule. ( We notice that the April 17th date clashes with Round one of the Outlaw Series at Ioco - they might want to change that)


1st:  Kelsey Hanson, Sherco 55 pts
2nd: Carig Parfitt, Beta 46 pts
3rd:  Steve Mills, GG 30 pts


1st: Kevin Smith, Beta 30 pts
2nd: Roger Flinkman, GG, 30 pts

1st: Wyatt Pospisil, Beta 106 pts
2nd: Chris Tronnes, GG 60 pts

1st: Ben Pospisil, Beta 94 pts
2nd: Faustino Marin, Sherco 60 pts
3rd: Sean Bird, Beta 46 pts

Senior 45:

1st: Craig Parfitt, Beta 90 pts
2nd: Harold Pospisil, Beta 83 pts
3rd: Mark O’Neil, Beta 50 pts


1st: Doug Harrish, Yamaha 111 pts

Congratulations to everyone, it was a fantastic year despite the lower than average turnout of riders.


We will be holding four club events this year, they are as follows:

Wild Rose Trial, Calgary AB - April 17th

Rapid Creek Trial, Falun AB - June 12th

Cow Patty Trial/Outlaw #2, Rocky Mtn House AB - July 30th-31st

Trials Training School, TBA - August?

Gwynne Mafia Trial, Gwynne AB - September 18th


We heard from Welsh guy Charlie Trews from Ontario, who says he plans on getting out West to ride a bit, as he finds everything very “Flat” down East. - He may show up for our Revelstoke event.


As it’s still winter - I thought this pic of Taff trying to warm up his hands on the Mountain ride a few years ago might be appropriate - this was in August !!


Looks like they have Adam Raga working on the production line at TRS !!

And here is the first bike off the assembly line > Won’t be long now.


And finally - if you want to get your day off to a fast start - check out the awesome car chase from the movie >>>>>>>>> click below to see Steve McQueen as his very best. The second link should get you to the car chase.

Parachoques Cromados


Thursday January 28th 2016

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

As many of our readers are likely also “Friends” on Facebook pages - they will know about the latest Picture Challenge that is taking place at the moment - it’s a chance for nominated “Friends” to post 10 pics of riding or racing from their own personal albums.

It’s always interesting looking back at old photographs, as they stir up memories from the past, and here is one from an early Trial I rode back in 1955. - This is also the picture that is on the Outlaw Trophy.


I hope that a lot of readers took time to click on to the link for the Mick Andrews Yamaha video that I posted a couple of days ago - it really is a great film, and although it’s obviously a Yamaha promotion - the footage is really good of both the Scottish and one of the early World Rounds of 1975.  - The conditions and sections ( including the one I set up in Calgary) feature lots of mud & bad weather, all very different from the World sections of today.

Here is Mick with his famous James, that he rode successfully at the Pre 65 Scottish in 1992 - I took the pic, and also have one of myself with the bike - of course this bears little resemblance to the models that I rode back in the day - it might say “James” on the gas tank, but Mick had a lot of Yamaha “goodies” installed to help both the engine and suspension ( all perfectly legal - hmm) - Mick offered me a ride on the bike in the parking lot, but I had wrecked my knee, so declined, something I will always regret.


I see that the Victoria Club have a “Beginners” Trial at their club property in Feb  ( poster on the front page of Trials Canada) - They are also building an Enduro X track at the location ( I wonder if the noise factor will create problems with the neighbors?)

Kevin Smith was on the Island last week, and took time to visit with Dave Fair - he also managed a quick ride on the new Vertigo - he mentioned that it was not at all like he expected power-wise and very smooth. - I saw a short video of both Ryon Bell and Brandon Volk testing the bike - Brandon certainly appears to have caught on to the latest hopping on the back wheel technique, that is now used by the super-stars.

In Beta news - Sam King posted another short video of him riding in China - I noticed he appears  to have lost one of his front teeth ? - not sure how this happened.

I have now hooked up with Welsh lad Iwan Roberts via face-book - Iwan had a fantastic year in 2015, and is signed up again with John Lampkin (Beta) for this season. - Good to see these youngsters still doing well and sticking to Trials.  - I hope to have more news on Iwan in the coming months.


In TRS news - we are still waiting for the first bike (s) to arrive this side of the pond - I see Jim Snell of Rising Sun Imports USA - (The ex Gas Gas guy)  was at the factory last week, and while production might not be going as fast as we would like - better to have the bike  fool-proof from the get-go. - Adam Raga will be hot to keep up his top form at both Toulouse France this weekend, followed by  Barcelona next week. - The videos keep popping up on FB of both Adam and Pol Tarres doing some amazing stuff, while practicing.

Like most husbands - I’ve been spoiled for most of my life, having meals cooked, clothes washed etc etc - and while I’ve always appreciated this - It came as a huge shock recently, when I had to do all this at home, caring for Babsy, who is incapacitated with her arm in a cast. - I guess us guys take a lot for granted, but I can tell you for sure that planning meals, shopping, cooking, being on call for nursing duties etc etc - has been  a huge “Wake-up” call for this old guy. - Glad to say that I’m coping, and we haven’t had any problems - in fact I’ve quite surprised myself with some of the dishes that I’ve been able to cook ( must be all those pics Jordi posts on FB) - Naturally all this tends to take up most of my time ( how do these women manage it all?)

So finally ! - A toast to all the ladies who look after the home ( many also holding down a full time job)


Wednesday January 27th 2016

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

With more and more people clicking onto the social media, there are both good and bad things that get posted - but at least the latest craze for posting motorcycle racing pics, with various people being nominated, does get some old photographs published which might not be seen otherwise - Today I was nominated for this on face-book, by Rod Katchen who lives in Nakusp. BC - Rod and his family are usually out at the Cross Country races during the summer, but he also has a Trials bike.  - Anyway this is the pic that I dug out of the archive of riding in a “Scramble” in the UK back in 1957.

The funny story about this pic - is that I had a bad crash the week before while practicing, and bent the frame on my James 197 - we managed to straighten it out for this event, but the bars were still slightly bent, and the front fender was missing -  I was also sporting a lot of bruises. - As you can see, in those days the race bikes only used a very short “header” pipe - which actually didn’t do a lot, except make them very noisy - but when you are a teenager, that is “Neat”.


Yesterday, I posted a pic of Darryl Copithorne, who now resides in Australia, and mentioned that he used to host the Trials for the Calgary Club, back in the late 70’s. - Darryl mentioned after reading my blog, that along with Terry Mitchell - he put on both the 1978 and the 1981 World Rounds - this making a total of three for Alberta ( I did the first one in 1975)

Although most Trials people, would love to see another World Trial in Canada, at this stage, it appears unlikely, due to the huge cost and requirements of hosting an event in this day and age.  It could be done, but would require a sponsor  like Red Bull or similar to front the money ( In my opinion).


Looking at the Motorcycle Industry in 2016, there is one thing that is quite apparent, and that is although there are lots of factories involved in the “Off Road” side of things. - actually getting Trials bikes seems to be getting more difficult.  -  One reason for this, could be the trend by the European Manufacturers, to switch much of their production to the Enduro market.  Also the recent downturn in the economy, could be making them nervous about building bikes that will remain unsold at the end of the season. ( The Japanese have been caught out with this many times)

All this seems to have caused a “Circling of the wagons”   with the big thrust being the European scene, with the North American Importers pushed down the “Totem Pole”.  Of course, this is only my opinion, having spent a good deal of my working life involved in the Industry.

The bottom line is, buyers ( particularly in the Trials market) need to act quickly if they want a new bike - that old saying “You snooze - you lose” - has never been more true.


Tuesday January 26th 2016

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Happy “Australia Day” to our friends “Down Under”  - Now as most people know Outlaw have sponsored Sam King for the past couple of years, and posted a ton of pics of the lad on the web, so today I thought instead I would show this pic of a “New” Aussie - old buddy Darryl Copithorne, who used to live in Cochrane, AB -  and was very involved in the Trials scene back in the day. - It was Darryl and Terry Mitchell who took over the job from me, in putting on Trials for the Calgary Club, and they did in fact do the 2nd (and last)  World Round held in that Province.  - Here we see Darryl out for a bit of practice on his Beta 200 Evo.


Sam is back in China now doing his stunts along with a bunch of other lads from OZ - I noticed in a recent video he posted, that he appears to have lost one of his front teeth - not sure if this was on or off the Beta.


Yesterday was another one at the local hospital with Momma getting more X Rays done - takes forever, so that you can’t really plan on doing anything for the day - but glad to say that things seem to be healing well, although it will be another three weeks before the cast might be removed. - At least she gets to chat with all the other people who also broke their wrists over the Christmas period, as they all seem to be on the same schedule.


And here is the latest news from Alberta >

First posted: Monday, January 25, 2016 10:15 AM MST | Updated: Monday, January 25, 2016 11:25 AM MST

Off road use Alberta Maclean Creek A Jeep makes it through the muck in the McLean Creek area in this 2009 file photo. (Postmedia Network)

A coalition of conservationists is calling for limits on off-road vehicle use on public lands and an outright ban in parks and protected areas in the Eastern Slopes.

Dozens of scientists and environmental groups are behind the push, which comes on the heels of announcements regarding the expansion of an existing wildland park and the addition of a new provincial park in the Castle, which is off limits to logging, mining and oil development but still allows for off-road use.

“Alberta’s Eastern Slopes — our mountains and foothills — are a unique, globally important landscape that support threatened species such as grizzly bear, westslope cutthroat trout and woodland caribou,” said Kevin Van Tighem, a conservationist and author, in a news release. “They are also the source of drinking water for Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and across the prairies.”

Water from the Rockies provides water not only for Alberta, but also for parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In southern Alberta, it comprises 30% of the water in the Oldman River basin and features rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater systems.

Naturalist Charlie Russell has added his voice to the chorus with a blunt observation.

“It makes me wonder where our society is going,” he said, noting it appears people are sacrificing the areas for business interests. “We are destroying ourselves.”

Other groups such as Alberta Wilderness Association, Livingstone Landowners Group and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative have also added their voices of concern.

They are asking the provincial government to immediately ban off-road vehicles from protected areas on the Eastern Slopes, including the new Castle parks; permanently close and decommission trails in westslope cutthroat trout habitat; and reduce exsiting road and motorized trails in the areas by May.

Monday January 25th 2016

Monday, January 25th, 2016

As we enter the last week of January, I’m sure most riders are looking forward to an  early spring  - although I see from the various web-sites that many are taking advantage of the snow to practice winter sports, while others have studded up their Enduro bikes and have been out in the woods in a bid to ward off the “Cabin Fever”.

It seems that the majority of videos posted of Trials bikes these days, show more and more young Spaniards ” Hopping and Bopping”  and there appears to be no end to the up-and-coming talent from that Country - Although this style of trick riding is very clever, I wonder if they are not missing learning the basic steps of bike control?  - these “Tricks” have limited success, when the sections are slippery and muddy.

It’s great to see that Jordi is out on a regular basis with his TRS Team - ( No sitting behind a desk for him)  - After all, the 7 time World Champ, was always one of the most stylish in his day - I like this shot of him on the Beta - doing one of the “Floater” turns pioneered by Bernie Schreiber.


I saw a post today that said “Taff” has wrecked his shoulder, but no other details  - maybe he will get a laugh out of this bit of Welsh history.

St Dwynwen’s Day

St Dwynwen, the patron saint of friendship and love, is celebrated in Wales on 25th January.

Dwynwen was one of the prettiest daughter of the 5th-century King of Brycheiniog, Brychan Brycheiniog’s 24 daughters. She was already betrothed when she fell in love with Prince Maelon Dafodrill from Gwynedd. Maelon became so annoyed that he forced himself upon Dwynwen, who fled into the woods and prayed that God would make her forget all about Maelon. Dwynwen then fell asleep and received a visit from an angel, who gave her a potion to make her forget Maelon, who had been turned into ice.

God then granted Dwynwen three wishes, to which, she asked for Maelon to be thawed, for God to give true lovers all their hopes and dreams and also that she would never marry. The three wishes were granted and Dwynwen dedicated the rest of her life to God. The remains of Dwynwen’s church are still visible today on Llanddwyn Island off Anglesey, where there is also a well, allegedly containing a sacred fish, whose movements forecast the romantic future of visiting couples.
And if you want to see a really good video on Road Racing - check out this link >>
500 GP The Unrideables Pt.2
And here is another very good old enduro video to watch from Spain in the 1960’s
José López Castro


And what better to look at on a Monday - but this one >>>
Steve McQueen On Any Sunday awesome clip


Sunday January 24th 2016

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

UPDATE: Walker Wins:

Jonny Walker wins Ales Trem 2016

After a hard fought fight with Wade Young on laps one and two, Jonny upped his pace in the ever increasingly difficult track to pull clear on lap three and secure his first 2016 extreme enduro win!

Ales Trem 2016 (Results Provisional)

1. Jonny Walker (KTM)
2. Wade Young (Sherco)
3. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)
4. Alfredo Gomez (KTM)
5. Mario Roman (Husqvarna)
6. Julien Gauthier (Yamaha)
7. Lars Enockl (KTM)
8. Yannick Marpinard
9. Alexandre Queyreyre (Beta)
10. Billy Bolt (KTM)


So the story today, is that I’m still at home in Vernon, having elected to pull the pin on driving down to the Vancouver Show. - There were a number of reasons that added up for me making this decision, but the main one was the weather forecast, which called for crappy conditions on the pass especially early in the morning.


The latest from the world of super x - courtesy Cycle News.

Kit Palmer | January 24, 2016

Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey claimed back-to-back Supercross wins after scoring another impressive victory at the third round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series at Angel Stadium of Anaheim in California, January 23. In similar fashion to his win last weekend at San Diego, Dungey established an early lead and maintained a small gap over Chad Reed to take the win, making it a Dungey/Reed 1-2 for the second consecutive week.

Dungey At(Left to right) Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed celebrate on the Anaheim 2 podium. Photography Kit PalmerKen Roczen finished out the night on the podium for the first time this season.

Before Dungey could take command of the race, he first had to get around fast starter Davi Millsaps on the BTOSports/WPS KTM. Dungey passed Millsaps on the fourth lap and never looked back, taking the win nearly three seconds ahead of Reed.

Reed, on the Monster Energy 360fly/Chaparral factory-backed Yamaha, was not alone the last few laps, that is for sure. He was feeling some serious heat by Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac, setting the stage for what promised to be a last-lap showdown between the two, but right after taking the white flag, Tomac lost the front end in a turn and hit the deck. Even though he got up quickly, he was not able to hold off Roczen, who slipped by Tomac to land on the final step of the podium.


Just saw this nice pic of a 2016 Beta Evo 4T on facebook - if you are looking to buy a four-stroke - the Beta is a brilliant bike - we did a long test of the 300 last year, and had a blast.

Saturday January 23rd 2016

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

A bit of a Pre- Blog for tomorrow - look at the names and the machines. - No idea who won.


This is a great shot of two of the most powerful flat-track bikes ever built - the 750cc Four Cylinder Two stroke Yamaha’s of Steve Baker #32 ( Yamaha Motor Canada) and Kenny Roberts #1 ( Yamaha USA) -


We are off to the bike show in Vancouver early(very early) tomorrow - I will be picking up Barry in Kelowna on route, and we are looking forward to a good visit with some of the CPTA members on their booth.


It’s Super X tonight at Anaheim - but James Stewart will be a non-starter - he suffered a concussion at an earlier race, and they don’t take chances on that these days. - Ryon Dungey will be on a mission .


Friday January 22nd 2016

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

The shop is a bit crowded right now, but one of these got picked up yesterday and another will be delivered this weekend - as you can see in the picture, a couple of the Beta small electric bikes are in the foreground - these are going for a very good price ( a lot less than the Oset)  - the good news is that the snow is melting !!!!!.


The Vancouver Motorcycle show is on this weekend at the Abbotsford  Tradex Center  - We are planning on going down Sunday - if the weather is decent for driving - a big storm came through last night but the forecast is better for the next few days.


Good news from Florian Schott yesterday - his meeting with the new Forestry Official in Revelstoke went over really well, and everything is approved in principle for our WTC Western Canadian Championship on June 25/26.  - This will be the Premier event for the Revy Riders Club this year.


Roger Boothroyd, of the Victoria Motorcycle club, has just posted his latest newsletter, which always has a lot of very good stories of events on the Island - check it out by clicking on the VMC website.

Here are the latest images posted of the TRS Factory - things appear to be going ahead, but not quickly enough for a lot of people - the bikes will be only available in limited numbers, so if you want one, better  get your name on the list with Outlaw Dave.


And here is a pic of Beryl Swain - the first and last woman to race solo in the Isle of Man - she died in 2001 at the age of 71 - she is seen here competing in the 50cc class.