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Monday February 29th (It’s Leap year) 2016

Monday, February 29th, 2016

It seems like the young European “Trials kids” - keep coming out of nowhere ! The latest is 16 year old Jarmo Robrahn, who took his Beta to a narrow win over Franzi Kadlec (GG)  at an Indoor in Germany over the weekend.  ( Rumor that Michael Brown GG UK got injured again at this event)


So how many of our readers watched the Oscars last night ?  -  I for one, preferred to take in a bad Denzil Washington movie. !!


The weather wasn’t great either in the Valley or at the coast yesterday, where a few lucky people got to try out the new TRS demo bike  - early comments appear to be very favorable, but no pics from the day at Ioco, as yet


Enduro ace Alex Salvini got to ride in his first ever Trial at the weekend - no results or other details, except to say that he had a lot of fun in the mud and water, being coached by regular Italian Trials gal Sara Trentini, another Team Beta rider. ( Looks a bit like the shoreline of Lake Como)


Our old buddy Pat Horan, is over in Thailand in his BMW Instructor  job, for the GSMotorrad, that kicks off today, with teams from all over the World.  Pat says that he is amazed at how far some of the riders have come in the past few months, now tackling terrain on the big bikes that would have been out of the question before the intense training.  ( Pat is a former MX, Cross Country and ISDE rider)

Click on this link  to watch the video of this unique event  >>>
The BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2016 - Day 1

Sunday February 28th 2016

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

UPDATE:  - Toni Bou wins in Spain - Adam Raga 2nd Alberta Cabestany 3rd


It’s birthday wishes weekend, with Janis Clark yesterday, and both my eldest brother Don in the UK at 84 years young, and my brother in law David ( also in the UK)  who turns 83 today. - We hope you all enjoy your special day.

Here is a pic of brother Don at age 75, when he took a trip through the sound barrier in a RAF Tornado, piloted by one of his former Students.


Well I can’t get out riding today - but here’s a memory from 2014 when I was out with Chris Hrabb on his new Beta - “Up on the Ridge”

Sad to hear that Colin Hancock,  died this past weekend in Coquitlam BC - Colin was 82, and was known for his love of Bultacos and vintage Trials. He put on the “Classic” Trial at Ioco for many years.


A round of the Spanish Championship goes this weekend  >>

Saturday February 28th 2016

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Well the last couple of days haven’t been fun, as I came down with something, that made it difficult to do anything - all I wanted to do was lay down with my feet up - as most of you know, I have diabetes and I think the medication I take for this, did not mix with the ones I took for a sudden attack of Gout.  ( Only about the 4th time I’ve had this, but it is very painful)  - Anyway, with Babsy also on the injured list, it made for a tough couple of days.  - This plus I had a shipment of Opti arrive that had to be unloaded. !!    Talk about fun & Games.

Anyway, glad to say that I’m on the mend, so will be able to return to my cooking duties later !! - but the weekend ride that I had hoped for is not going to happen.


This a pic of Chris Hrabb at Bear Creek a couple of years ago - He had just bought another new Evo, and we went out to see how it performed compared to his old one - note there is a small amount of snow in the parking lot,  - this year it has been long gone for a few weeks.


I imagine that a lot of readers who also visit Facebook, will have seen the video of Pat Noonan breaking his leg while out practicing at OK Falls.  - This is hard to watch, and our sympathy to Pat who will be out for the rest of the season - he was at my place only the week before picking up some “Bling” for his Beta.

While these accidents can happen, I think it’s important to stress the need for using a “Minder” or Spotter” - when ever you are out practicing, especially in the early season, when timing can be off after the winter lay-off.    Also, there are some sections, that junior riders should not be even thinking about trying - a case in point, is one I remember at Summerland, back about 20 years. - We were out riding and exploring as a group - Barry, Ted, Neal, myself and one other “Newbie”   - We stopped out on the trail to look at a long slab climb, but before we could even get off our bikes, “Newbie” tries to ride up it, going too slow, wrong gear, wrong technique etc. - The rock was also wet & greasy, so as you can imagine he only made it half way up, then came down backwards, very quickly, landing with the Gasser on top of him.  Now while he seemed to be OK, except for being shook up ( very white face) it turned out, he had hurt his back, which basically put an end to his Trials riding ( and he was only just getting started)

The moral of the story is obvious - Never try something that you haven’t ridden before, without a “Minder” and a close inspection on foot - that is, after all, what Trials riding is all about.  - This simple rule might very well save you some grief.  ( Do not be intimidated into trying something that you are not comfortable with - and remember, the “Experts” make everything look easy - it isn’t)

We have just finalized arrangements with the CPTA on the April 17th Trial, which will be the first round of the Outlaw Series for 2016.  It will be WTC Sanctioned, and points will count for both the Outlaw Series, plus The WTC BC Provincial Championship. - We will post more details on this event at a later date. ( Check out Trials Canada for news)  - A reminder that the WTC do not require riders to pay for either membership, or the club to pay for a sanction or Insurance.


I imagine that there will be quite a crowd out at Ioco tomorrow, wanting to take a look at the new TRS bike - I wish we could be there. - Exciting times for Trials fans.


We will be watching for more info: on the World Indoor from Barcelona, to see how Adam does on the Jordi Bike.


And finally - Check out this video of all the carnage at the 2015 Rocks & Logs - plus see Sam King doing the Back-flip on the Outlaw/.Beta Canada - Evo 300
the 2015 Red Bull Rocks and Logs

Friday February 26th 2016

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Here is a pic of Wayne Bracken from Winnipeg, with the 2015 Outlaw 200 demo that he just bought - Wayne was the first to contact me when it went up for sale, and is thrilled to see that the bike is immaculate, just as advertised. - He has a background in MX & Enduro, so we are hoping to see him out West at some point in the future.


The TRS Team getting ready to head to the Spanish Championship round in Majorca.

The first of the new TRS models, has arrived at Mountain Motorcycles in Coquitlam, and will be out at Ioco on Sunday for everyone to see.  - We have these on order, but they will be very limited in supply for the first year, so if you want one, better contact me to get your name on the list, as it’s a first come first served deal. ( Outlaw are the dealers for Central BC and Alberta)

Thursday February 25th 2016

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The FIM have announced some rule changes for World Trials in 2016.

NEWS / on February 25, 2016 at 13:40 /


With the entry process for the 2016 FIM Trial World Championship about to begin, the FIM would like to use this moment to share what is new for the 2016 season, not only for the men’s series but also for the FIM Women’s Trial World Championship and the FIM Trial des Nations competition. Refinement and revision are at the heart of the changes in order to deliver yet another enthralling edition of this specialised and unique discipline

Below is a summary of the main amendments and additions, full documentation regarding this important information can be found in the FIM library – click here for details.

Appendix – Classes

Consolidated single Appendix for all Trial Championships and Categories.

Including various revised definitions, terms, commitments, code of conduct and responsibilities for Riders, Assistants, Managers, etc.

Evolution of Category names:
World Pro -> TrialGP (World Championship)
World Cup -> Trial2 (FIM Prize)
125cc Cup -> Trial125 (FIM Prize)

FIM Trial Cup 125cc:
This category is for riders from 14 to 18 years old (who will not become 19 years old during the current year) riding a 125cc motorcycle. Driving licence according to capacity, if the event is on open roads.

Electric Motorcycles: Creation of an “e-Class” as part of the “international class” at all appropriate events.

Classification 2016 End of Championship:
“TrialGP”: All results are taken into consideration.
“Trial2”: Total of the number of Competitions minus the 2 worst results.
“Trial125”: Total of the number of Competitions minus the 4 worst results.
“Women’s Trial”: Total of the number of Competitions minus the worst result.
FIM Trial des Nations

Trial des Nations – Changes to team composition:
Each Nation will be composed of 10 people with FIM Bibs:
3 Men Riders
3 Women Riders
2 Assistants for the entire team (Men and Women)
1 Team Manager
1 Delegate

Schedule – Rules

Rescheduled “timetable” with revised times for Administrative and Technical Controls, Practice and Visit of the Sections on the day before the Competition.
Formalising of Warm-up, Rider’s Briefing, Section Observers’ briefing, Autograph session, Presentation.
Organisation of a test Event with the machines to be secured in a « Parc Fermé » (Andorra’s Event on 11 and 12 June 2016).
Assistants: each rider can only be accompanied by one assistant who will be present for “security reasons” (Mechanic Red bib no longer applicable).
Possibility for the Race Direction to propose only 2 laps for the Women’s World Championship at events where the Men’s event consists of 3 laps.
Priority at the « Entrance Corridor » for the riders on the preceding lap.
Redefinition of certain penalties and « yellow card », which will be attributed automatically if:
After the Chief Section Observer confirms the penalties, a rider or his assistant discusses with a Section Observer or the rider dismounts his machine and walks inside the Section.
Details on the use of the “Punch Card” and “back up Score Sheet”

Technical – Communication

CTR – CTI Technical Aspects:
Protection and dimension of the holes in the rear brake discs.
Recommendation of riders’ back-front protection for 2016, mandatory for 2017.
FIM Trial: Dedicated Facebook page
FIM Trial App: New version with Live results for X-Trial and FIM Trial World Championship

Wednesday February 24th 2016

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

As we head into the last weekend of February - it’s an exciting time for most people, with Spring on the way, (at least in Western Canada,) and a fun filled riding season ahead.  -  A friend from Victoria, sent me this photo yesterday, taken by Harlow Rankin at the Ioco, 1990 World Round .  It shows the riders checking out the neat waterfall section called “Stan’s Falls” ( thanks for that info Steve Day)   - If you look at the white card near the top, you will see that this particular section was sponsored by “Outlaw”

I also posted this on Face-book - and quite a few people made comments - David Main from Ontario, said “This is what a “Real” section looks like. - and he could be right, at least in the eyes of the older riders, who remember the History of Trials riding.  - I was at this event with my old Orange  Van, loaded with Trials stuff - Stan rode my JCM that day, but the bike was a bit outclassed.


Last night was one of those times when I had trouble sleeping, and with nothing but rubbish on the TV, I opened up the book written by the late Kelvin Marshal, called Motorcycles and Mysticism.  - I picked up this copy while attending Kelvin’s funeral last week, - it’s an Autobiography that covers his life and beliefs, with a lot of coverage on the Trials scene both in the UK and Canada.

Although I have to be honest, when I say that I only read the Trials stuff, it reflects an interesting time in both World and Canadian Trials, when I was also very much involved with the sport ( Of course I still am).


I see our buddy Kevin Smith was out on his Beta RR  yesterday - Kevin also has a Factory Evo, and will no doubt be paying us a visit in the near future .


Check out this link to a video from the old days - another brand that was popular for a short time.

Grand Prix Garelli trial 323


Tuesday February 23rd 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

The Beta Electric bikes are becoming popular in Europe, and the good news is that we have them in stock at Outlaw Trialsport. - They come in both 16″ and 20″ wheel sizes and are priced well below anything else on the market at this time. - Give us a call if you are interested in learning more details.


It’s a very “Foggy” morning in Vernon, but it will likely clear up with nice sunshine later, just like yesterday.

The Vernon Off Road Club have a meeting tonight to discuss events planned for the year, at Alexanders Pub in Vernon. Will check on the time, but I think it’s around 7pm. UPDATE : This meeting is March 1st at 7pm - Not tonight.

Last night we had a family dinner at the Sparkling Hills Resort near Vernon - it’s the first time that I’ve been up to this World Class, lavish Spa, which is located next door to the Predator Ridge Golf Course.  - Our Grand daughter Hannah works there after school, so it was a chance to visit, and celebrate her 18th birthday.

Here is a pic of the family group - you can see one of the huge glass chandeliers in the background, Hannah our birthday girl is 3rd from the right..


And finally - here is a pic from Europe of riders on the two brands that we sell at Outlaw , we know the Betas are brilliant, we can only hope that the TRS lives up to all the early hype., we’re pretty sure it will.

Monday February 22nd 2016

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Birthday Greetings go out today to my eldest Grand daughter Hannah, who turns 18 years old today - Where did those years go?


At the CPTA Trial yesterday, a rather smaller than usual turn out, had a great day for the first event of the year.  Brandon Schmit took the Electric EM bike to it’s first win in the Advanced class

Results (first 3 in each class)

Expert 1 Alex Walton  (Beta)  -45
2 Bill Sparks  (Beta)  - 54

3 Christy Williams (Hon) -96

Adv  1 Brandon Schmit  (EM )   -  38

2 Cam Collie  ( Sherco)  - 44

3 Pat Greenan (Beta)  - 61

Snr 45  1 Don Doerksen (Scorpa) - 27

2 Carl Muller  (Beta)  -  29

3 Dave Nunn (GG)    - 29

Inter   1 Mike Crumly (Fantic) - 30

2 Kyle Tremblay (Ossa) - 35


1 Bernard Vailencourt (Hon) -3

2 Bob Todosychuck  (Yam)  - 4

3 Skip Parker  (Beta)      6

Junior   1 Sawer Collie (Beta)  - 1

2 Jason Miller   (?)     - 19

3 Fred Warriner (GG)  - 25

Vintage  1 Vic Roberta (Yam)  - 11

2 Greg Patrick (Hon) - 18

3 Dave Bloxham (Maj) - 57

Thanks to Don Doerksen for the results.


Here’s one for the vintage fans - a gorgeous Majesty 175 on display at the Telford Dirt Bike Show in England last weekend.

Sunday February 21st 2016

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

The CPTA have their first Trial of the year happening today - here is a pic from 1995 at the popular Ioco location, which shows Lonny Hallsted (Beta) hitting one of the many huge logs found in this area.


While traveling to  Calgary with the Clark brothers, we chatted about the Outlaw Trial, and in particular, the Vintage Class, which we need to revive.  - The feeling is that we should host this class before the main event, as it was originally, so I intend to talk to the Shuswap brigade about this.  - We also discussed the addition of a “Air-cooled Mono Class”  - something that we did in fact introduce at the 25 year event, but has never taken off for some reason.


I see that Jonny Walker was the big winner at the Agentina World Enduro  - beating out Coltan Haker and Cody Webb - you can read the full story on Enduro 21.


It was Ken Roczen who won the latest Super Cross in the States - beating  Ryan Dungey, and Jason Anderson - Dungey, however still has a commanding 23 point lead in the series.

I chatted to Peter Smith last night, as I had been unable to let him know the sad news about Kelvin Marshal - turns out that Kelvin was Best Man at Pete’s wedding, when they both lived in Vancouver.     ( Peter is now retired and living in Penticton)

The Telford Dirt Bike Show in the UK, seems to have been another huge success, with large crowds flocking in to look at both vintage and modern machines.  Steve Saunders was there with his rider Ross Danby, showing off the new Jordi bike -

And here is a nice one of Sammy Miller with John Moffat standing by a beautiful Brough Superior

Saturday February 20th 2016

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

It was a long & fast trip to Calgary, but I’m certainly glad that I attended the above event, yesterday, along with Bob & Brett Clark.  - I don’t know what the official count was, but hundreds of people showed up to the Celebration of Life, for Kelvin.

As I wandered among the crowds, I returned the smiles  and hand shakes, of dozens of people that I vaguely recognized,  but because of the passage of time, failed to remember the names. -  I looked at all the photographs. and copies of old magazine articles spread out,  recording the life of this remarkable man, (many of which, had my name as the editor.)  - memories from long ago, all laid out as a tribute to Kelvin Marshal,  - However, perhaps the one thing that stood out, in this brief gathering, of people, was that Kelvin was a very “Kind” man - a gentle person - he touched the lives of many, and was a founder of the CPTA in Vancouver.  - it would be true to say, that Canadian Trials, are richer for his presence, but poorer from his passing. - Ed:


Now here is a true “Blast from the past”  - McQueen certainly left his mark on the motorcycle world - his legacy will always remain captured  on film.

 In the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring race, Peter Revson and McQueen (driving with a cast on his left foot from a motorcycle accident two weeks earlier) won with a Porsche 908/02 in the three-litre class and missed winning overall by 23 seconds to Mario Andretti/Ignazio Giunti/Nino Vaccarella in a five-litre Ferrari 512S. source


Graham Jarvis, Wade Young and David Knight head the line up for this weekend’s Michelin Tough One extreme enduro in the UK.

As a last minute addition to the entry list, Jarvis is sure to add some excitement to proceedings. Three-time winner of the Tough One, the Husqvarna rider is pretty handy around the Nantmawr Quarry and having missed out on victory at Ales Trem and Hell’s Gate he’ll not be prepared to play second fiddle this weekend.

RESULTS - 1st Jarvis  2nd Knight  3rd Bolton.


Last but not least - The new TRS ( Jordi bikes) may not be in Canada yet, but already there are a number of top riders with their names “slotted” for delivery. - watch this post for further updates -  the first bike is due to arrive in Canada next week.