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Thursday March 31st 2016

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

After the very wet Sunday, it was a real pleasure yesterday to take the day off, & return to Summerland, where Graeme and myself had a super ride.  - With temperatures around 17 degrees, the snow was all gone from the start loop - so we elected to head over to the horse trail ( near Devil’s Staircase) - glad to say that somebody ( likely horse people) had cut slots in three very large trees that had fallen across the narrow trail over the winter, however I guessed correctly, that the area that drops down towards “Adrian’s Wall”  - would still have snow on it, but we were able to get through it all, eventually reaching the main forest road, for the easy way back to the truck. - Here is a pic of Graeme at one point on the trail, which we sometimes refer to as the “Back 40″  - the snow can be tricky to ride as there are a lot of “hoof” prints from either horses or Moose, some of which are still frozen, but some soft spots - so it requires a good technique to get through. ( And it is quite tiring as it seems to go on for ever)  - A big “Happy Birthday” to buddy Graeme who turns 66 today.


In World Trials News - I see that Adam Raga (TRS) will replace Toni Bou (Honda) at the X-Trial des Nations - on Friday night, as Toni has injured his shoulder in a practice fall.  - The format is for two riders from each Country, with one rider having to be under 21.  - Spain will therefore have Adam and Janie Busto, while the Brits will field James Dabill (Vertigo) and Iwan Roberts (Beta)  - Iwan is of course the up & coming Welsh lad, so we will be cheering for him. The Americans will be at the event for the first time, as well as Teams from many other Countries.


And this just in - We have a absolutely “Mint” 2015 Evo 300 4T for sale  - contact me for pics and further info:  ( It looks like this one)


Wednesday March 30th 2016

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

FIM X-Trial des Nations
- New format could bring a change of order

With the 2016 FIM X-Trial World Championship now complete, and Toni Bou – Repsol Honda having claimed his tenth consecutive title, attention now moves to the FIM X-Trial des Nations which takes place this coming Friday in Nice, France.

The contest will be between five two-man teams which comprise of the unbeaten nine time winners Spain, plus constant challengers Great Britain, France, Italy and welcome newcomers the USA.

Each country, as in the previous two editions of the contest, will field a two-man team although the FIM have implemented an important and interesting rule change this year in that one team member must be under twenty-five years of age.

The Spanish team will comprise of Bou and Jaime Busto, Britain will send James Dabill and Welsh Champion Iwan Roberts, the home team France will rely on Alexandre Ferrer and Benoit Bincaz, whilst Italy propose Matteo Grattarola and Gianluca Tournour leaving the relatively unknown quantity - especially indoors – who are Team USA in the form of Bryan Roper and Andrew Putt.

Spain start as perahps favourites to ride to title number ten despite the introduction of the younger riders. Bou stands supreme while eighteen year old Busto has a superb record outdoors, being the winner of the 2014 FIM Junior Trial World Cup and finishing a fine sixth in his first year in the World Pro class of the FIM Trial World Championship last season. Busto has also competed twice in the 2016 FIM X-Trial World Championship, in Barcelona and last weekend in Marseille so has important indoor experience.

Great Britain’s experience comes from twenty-nine year old James Dabill who is partnered this year by the tall and talented nineteen year old Iwan Roberts, who finished third in the FIM Junior World Trial Cup and won the final round of the British Trials Championship in 2015.

Alexandre Ferrer and Benoit Bincaz carry the home fans’ hopes. Ferrer has been disappointing in this year’s X-Trial series, but here is his chance to shine along with Bincaz who was victorious on four days the FIM Junior Trial World Cup last year.

Twenty-eight year old Italian Matteo Grattarola and younger team mate Gianluca Tournour are probably the least favoured of the European teams while twenty-two year old American Roper and his teenage compatriot Putt bring some welcome overseas flavour to the competition with the absence of a Japanese squad this year.

A speed section, rather than the more usual dual lane race, will get the trial underway and decide the running order before the teamwork kicks in as the Nations’ team managers will choose which of his riders tackles which three of the six sections. On the second lap the riders are not allowed to compete on the sections they have already ridden to ensure a truly fair contest. All in all everything is in place for another hotly contested FIM X-Trial des Nations to be played out in Nice for the third time in a row.


We will be “goofing off” today as the weather looks awesome for a ride - I’m heading South again to hook up with Graeme - will post some pics later.


Tuesday March 29th 2016

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Jack Spencer - Beta

This is young Jack Spencer, (Beta) working very hard at the National Jack Wood Trial in the UK last weekend, where he finished 3rd, behind James Fry (Sherco) who took the win  -and Dan Thorpe (GG) - on checking the results it appears that both Michael Brown (GG) and John Shirt (GG) did not finish the event. - No news as yet on the Lomax Cup, which took place yesterday.


It appears that the “Big Kahuna”  race at Kamloops was a big success with 253 riders entered - it was Cory Graffunder (Husky) who won the Overall, in rainy conditions, that had many riders struggling.  - Steve Foord (Beta) finished 4th in his class after being last off the line.


After the rather miserable weather over the Easter weekend, it looks like we will have nice sunny & warm conditions for the rest of this week. - already thinking about getting out for another ride.

Yesterday was spent unloading the van & sorting parts to ship out - it’s that time of the year when everybody is getting excited about the upcoming season, and with the first weekend of April coming up, a reminder that it’s only a couple of weeks to the first round of the Outlaw Series at Ioco on April 17th.


I see that MV Augusta has filed for Bankruptcy - the exotic Italian brand, has had a troubled financial past, with first Harley Davidson, and later Mercedes being involved. - Ironically the bikes are having great results in the first rounds of the World Super bike series.  - Of course the “Red Fire Engines” were very popular back in the 1950’s, and were campaigned by many great riders, including John Surtees.



The latest issue of Trial Mag: UK is now hitting the news-stands, and we always look forward to reading the latest issue. - It should be arriving in our mailbox soon.


Check out the video>



Monday March 28th 2016

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Well Sunday, started out very much on the “Wet” side - and as I headed South early in the morning, I was wondering if anybody would show up for the ride at Summerland - the rain was coming down in buckets, with pools of water on the road, and although it eased off as I pulled into the “Bird Bath” parking area, it soon began to “Sleet”  - However soon Josef showed up, followed by Bob Clark & Ron Walsh from Vancouver  - I was a bit surprised that they made it, as the driving conditions on the Mountain Passes were ugly.

We were soon closely inspecting the new TRS, which looks much better in real life, than in the pictures.

At this point, the rain had eased off so we put on our wet weather gear, and I led the boys  around the loop - some of the big snow drifts from the week before had melted, but we were now riding in fresh powder as we headed up over to Valley View. - Along the way, I stopped to show some of the great sections in the area, and took some pics and video, as they tackled the slippery rocks, but as I was expecting a new customer from Nelson to arrive around noon, we didn’t do the big loop across the meadow and through Rowdy flats, instead I brought the team along some of the narrow deer trails which were mostly ( but not all) clear of snow.

Back at camp we met up with Richard Lawrence from New Hazelton and Shane from West Kelowna, out for the first time on his Cota 315.   - Paul pulled in from Nelson, reporting that the snow was pretty bad for the drive over the top, but he was soon smiling as I unloaded the 2014 Evo and the small Electric 20″ for him to ride with his young son.( Another happy Beta customer)
My first impressions on riding the TRS, were that the bike felt really light, - very smooth power, with lots of “Grunt” - it seemed to get really good traction in the slippery conditions, and everything worked exactly as it should - overall a very “Stunning” machine.  We are looking forward to getting the first of these later in the year. ( And also testing in better weather conditions)  A big thanks to Bob & Ron for making the trip to show us the bike, the first (and only) one in Canada at the moment.

Here is a shot of Bob on “Valley View” - not that you could see much as everything was so socked in.


Here’s a report on the Three Day Santigosa Trial - (courtesy Trial mag UK)

Santigosa 3 Day Trial. March 25-27.

The 45th edition of the ‘Three Dias de Santigosa’ took place at its traditional venue in the Spanish Pyrenees. 215 riders rode all three days including quite a few star names – James Dabill, Jack Price and Tom Minta from the UK, World riders Pol Tarres, Miquel Gelabert and Francesc Moret plus a resurgent Marc Freixa on the Montesa. Laia Sanz (Beta) also took part and a host of ‘guest’ riders came on Sunday after their duties at the Marseille Indoor Trial in France. Slotted amongst the regular riders were Adam Raga, Takahisa Fujinami, Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo.

Report: Ian Smith
Pictures: Ian SmithAll participants rode exactly the same course with 29 sections over about 45km each day with then a graded hill-climb and arena section in the centre of town. Amongst the sections were a handful marked ‘difficile’, and ranging from some that good expert riders would have a go at to some that even some World stars took 5’s! Scores for the 3 days ranged from the winner on 13 to last on 1752!There is a strong connection between Sandy Mack and the SSDT and Santigosa with overseas riders always welcome and a large contingent of ‘Brits’ in attendance. There were British riders in every class except the ladies and some real shining moments from many.

The overall winner on his Vertigo was James Dabill who had best performances on two of the three days and just pipped young Spanish star Miquel Gelabert (Sherco). Third overall was Pol Tarres on the TRS.

In the Youth ranks Ben Dignan (Beta) rode the ‘Juvenil’ class and was pushed all the way by Pau Martinez. Ben pipped him to the post by 2 points for a well deserved victory.

Next up was the ‘Cadet’ class. Oliver Smith was having his first outing on the OSET PR-1 project 125cc bike and had a close battle with Pol Medina on a Beta. The winning margin was also just 2 points! A special mention to Scotland’s Joe Dawson, who is now up in the very deep Junior class with riders on 300’s. Joe was on his Beta 125 and was easily the best 125 rider in the event! A great trial enjoyed by all!

Here is a pic of Laia Sanz on the Beta.


Sunday March 27th 2016 Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 27th, 2016


We hope that everyone is enjoying their Easter long weekend - the weather has been a bit changeable in the Valley and they are forecasting some showers today, with snow up on the Mountain Passes, so we hope Bob has a safe drive out to Summerland today. -


The big story today, is that it is now official - the WTC Western Canadian Championship Trial at Revelstoke, will now take place on the September long weekend ( Instead of June 25/26) - This is because of the clash of dates with the Red Bull Rocks & Logs event in Calgary - The poster will be out later this week.  It replaces the Ymir Trial, which is a No Go this year because of land issues.  - Please mark this change on your Calendar.


The Three Day Trial of Santigosa is happening this weekend - a big deal in Spain, and already their are videos being posted on FB - but perhaps one  of the “Biggest” clips we saw today, was of young Brandon Volk out practicing in Victoria - Wow ! the wall he went up looked very much like a World Round section. Good to see he had lots of “Spotters”.


I will be taking some pics and video today while at Summerland - will post later - Have a great day everyone.


Saturday March 26th 2016

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

While Toni Bou might have made history by winning his 10th Indoor World Championship, -  the only videos that I saw this morning on FB were of Adam Raga and the new TRS !! - there is no doubt that the new Jordi Bike is getting an awful lot of hype.


If you want to learn more about the greatest Motorcycle Trial in the World - check out the “Trials Guru” website - Big John Moffat has a wonderful history of the Scottish Six Day Trial up on his website today, with great old photographs - check  it out by just googling Trials Guru.


Today I will be loading the van ready for the trip to Summerland tomorrow - if you plan on being there, and need parts or gear - better email me quickly !!!!!!!!!!


We have just received our allocation  of bikes for April /May from Beta Canada - and there are not a lot available, so if you are in the market for one of these Italian beauties - best get your name down with Outlaw Dave - or if you are from the Vancouver area, call Mountain Motorcycle.  - There is an old saying that “What’s Hot is Hot - and what’s not is not”  - and in this case the most popular brand at the moment, seems to be BETA.


In Canada,  the Easter weekend is just about Good Friday and Easter Sunday - but in the UK - the holiday extends into the Monday, with literally hundreds of sporting events taking place.  - For Trials enthusiasts, the Lomax Cup Trial in North Wales, is a big attraction., and as this always takes place near where I grew up, on Easter Monday, - I follow the results carefully.  - This is in fact, the only “National” Trial that I ever rode in the UK, but even though I was quite familiar with the area, my day did not go well, with machine problems and rider fatigue a big problem. - The great Sammy Miller won that day back in 1957, but no doubt he was well on his way home, before I managed to reach the finish, muddy and very tired.  - I have told the story about one section at this event many times, as a lesson to younger riders. - This consisted of a long muddy downhill,that started with a cross-ditch, and ended with an even bigger ditch full of muddy sludge & water.  - When I arrived, Sammy was busy studying this last hazard carefully, so I watched his every move as he proceeded to ” Clean” the section.   - Having figured out how to get through this last obstacle, I jumped on my bike,  started into the section and immediately went over the handlebars, because I had not taken time to notice a big rock in the first ditch.  - The moral of the story is simply this - Always walk the complete section, and plan your line accordingly - it’s sometimes the simplest little rock or turn, that catches you out.


Friday March 25th -GOOD FRIDAY 2016

Friday, March 25th, 2016

UPDATE :  Toni Bou (Honda) wins another World Indoor Championship in France - Adam Raga is runner up on the new TRS - Albert Cabestany (Sherco)  is 3rd overall.

Bou put in a dazzling display in the final losing zero points - Caby finished 2nd on 4 & Adam on 5.

Last night I stayed up late ( for me) watching the movie Primary Colors  - an interesting story on US Election policies - it stars John Travolta and Emma Thompson - so that is why I’m hitting the keyboard late on this Good Friday.  - We wish everybody a Happy Easter weekend.


This is a pic of Mark Grey and his wife, who are fighting for justice in the death of their son, who died in an altercation with Vancouver City Police - The story has made headlines in the Vancouver Newspaper.  A very sad situation, and our heart goes out to the family.

As usual I checked the  net for good pics and news - this is an excellent pic of a TRS  over in France - If you are in the Okanagan on Sunday and want to take a look at one of these, we will be at Summerland all day - phone or email me if you plan on coming out for the day, especially if you need parts or gear, as I only have so much room in the Outlaw van.


I see that the Eastern Clubs are busy planning their season - The Ormstown Classic will again see Mick and Jill Andrews in attendance for the August weekend - We would love to make that one one year.


The Kamloops club have their “Big Kahuna”   cross country this weekend - I think a few Alberta riders will be going, including Steve Foord, flying the Beta Flag.  - looks like everybody traveling will be trying to dodge the snow storms through the mountains.

We had a short email from Tina Marin, who tells us he now has his Canadian permanent resident papers, and is looking forward to riding some Trials again this year, although he is committed to getting his Helicopter Pilot’s license.


We have still not confirmed the date change for the WTC Revy Trial ( because of the clash with the Red Bull Rocks & Logs) but the most likely weekend, looks to be the September long weekend 3rd & 4th - this is normally the Ymir Trial, but with land issues a problem, Jay Colley tells us that it’s unlikely to be a go this year. ( this was also a scheduled round of the Outlaw Series)


The great clip from the movie “On Any Sunday” was posted on FB again today - the one where Steve McQueen, Mert Lawill and Malcolm Smith go play-biking - or “Cow trailing”  - While competition is the #1 thing for many riders, lets not forget that the majority just want to get out there in the woods for a “Fun” ride, - and that is really what it’s all about “FUN”
More news as it happens >>>>

Thursday March 24th 2016

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

The final X Trial of 2016 goes this weekend in France, with Toni Bou poised to take yet another title - While I’m not much of a Hi-tech guy - for those that are, here is something I saw today posted by Adam Raga.


We are still trying to arrange a new date for the WTC Revy Trial ( because of the Red Bull Rocks & Logs conflict) - It is looking promising, and we should have news by the weekend. Stay tuned.


Mike Palzcak from Edmonton was quick to notice his pic on the blog yesterday, and sent us a note to say that he is still very much involved with motorcycles, but has not had a lot of time to get out on his Trials bike, with a new family and some ice racing. ( nice to see he still clicks on the daily blog)


As we head into the Easter long weekend, a reminder that “Off road” registration is now required for riding on Crown Land in BC - my phone has been ringing off the hook with people trying to get this sorted with bikes that were bought both new and used, before the latest legislation.


Although the weather doesn’t look too promising - we plan on being out at Summerland on Sunday for a “FUN” day - there are a ton of open trails to ride, plus sections to challenge all abilities, so if you are looking for something to do, come on out - everyone is welcome,  we will have two of the little Beta Electric bikes on display ( They are a riot) plus Bob is coming out from the Coast to show us the new TRS 300. - If you have been reading up on this model and would like to test ride it, contact Outlaw for more info:  - Unfortunately, our next shipment of Beta Trials bikes, won’t be in until next week  - as most people know, trying to get one of these beauties this year is proving to be difficult, with demand for the Italian brand at an all time high, World wide.  - (we have been getting calls from all over - including the States) - The moral of the story, is if you want one - get in touch with the old guy NOW.
Anybody needing directions to our parking spot for Sunday please email me (We will not be posting this info: on FB for obvious reasons)

Sorry to say that Taff won’t be coming out this weekend - in fact it is looking doubtful whether he will be riding at all this year, as an old shoulder injury is keeping him off his Betas. Tough luck buddy.

Yesterday marked the sad anniversary of the death of one of the greatest Motorcycle road racers in the World.  - Mike Hailwood along with his small daughter, was killed in a traffic accident when a truck pulled out in front of his family car.  - While most remember Mike the bike - for his road racing, ( I was lucky enough to see him compete in one of his first events at Aintree in England - and later in the Isle of Man on the Honda four) - many people may not know that Mike also competed in the Scottish Six Day Trial - I have his autobiography which is full of great photographs and inside information.


This weekend will see the first screening of a new film in Ottawa, on Enduro - with Graham Jarvis expected to be there.  - it is is a follow up of the great story of a couple of older Enduro racers, which can be seen by punching in the link below.  - This premier is sponsored by Beta Canada and Husqvarna Canada.

A few days ago, I was telling the story about when, as a young 16 year old hot shot, who thought  he was pretty fast,  I got passed on the Welsh Moors like I was standing still, by a grey haired old rider - and that was the last I saw of him - I learned a valuable lesson that day. NEVER underestimate the old guys. ( Watch the video)


And here is another great video to watch - I was at this 1995 World Trial in the UK & took my own video - Managed to get some neat stuff from the practice.  - You will see a quick shot of Hugh Simpson walking in the paddock as he also made the trip.
World Trials Championship: Round 2 - Hawkstone Park, April 1995 - Duration: 57:37. TrialsportVideo 111,129 views


Wednesday March 23rd 2016

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Well the breaking news today, is that I’ve just heard from Sam ( still in China) that the Red Bull Rocks & Logs, is scheduled for the same weekend as our WTC Championship Trial in Revelstoke.  -This of course is a real bummer, as Sam has been signed up to put on a show at that Calgary event.  - While we always try to avoid conflicts such as this - especially other Trials events, and plan the Calendar early. - The fact is there are only so many free weekends during the busy competition season.  - I have contacted the Revy Club, to see if we can change our date, but not too hopeful at this point. We will keep everybody informed.


I saw this old “Memory” pic on FB today - and it got me thinking about how many riders have “disappeared”  - from the Trials scene.  - This is Mike Palzcak from Edmonton who bought the 2012 Beta Factory bike from me - Mike was always a good Expert rider and has been missed along with a lot of others who have decided to either quit or change ( to enduro)  - Other reasons could also be that some riders find the sections too challenging these days or they have family commitments - injuries etc etc.  - Whatever caused the decision, we hope that these riders will  return to the camp at some point. - ( We think - and try very hard) to keep our Outlaw series events both fun and safe.

Tuesday March 22nd 2016

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Michael Brown appears to be fully fit again, after his knee injury that ruined his 2015 season -

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 20.32.13

No.1 JST GGUK rider Michael Brown had a convincing win at The Cleveland National on Sunday organized by The Middlesborough District Motor Club.  - Beta rider Jack Sheppard finished 2nd, after getting off to a slow start.


We had a surprise visit from Glen Baker yesterday - he is the Aussi lad who now lives in Revelstoke, and plans on tackling a long distance ride on a Trials bike to get into the Guinness book of records - his plan is to travel from the NWT to Mexico, all off road.  - It remains to be seen how he gets on, but I told him that I thought he could only achieve this, if the bike was in the back of a pick up truck. !!! - I did however, wish him luck.


With the Easter weekend coming up pretty quick, a lot of guys will be rushing to get their Off Road registration - I had a couple of calls yesterday from out of town insurance agents.

We will be heading to Summerland on Sunday, and have just had news that Bob Clark will be coming out with the new TRS for us to test ride.  - A reminder that it’s “Tick” season in the woods, so best wear a hat while around the camp site & under the trees.

The rider numbers have been announced for the Scottish Six Days Trial, which is now only five weeks down the road. - It looks like Dougie Lampkin will have a number of the new Vertigo bikes signed up, as he tries to chalk up yet another record breaking win.

UPDATE: BETA is the choice of bike for 98 of the entrants out of a total 285

Other specs  - Montesa  48 -Sherco 37 - GG  37 - Scorpa  15  - Vertigo 22  - TRS 4
Wendy McKay posted this pic yesterday from Aviemore - which is only 20 miles North of Fort William, and as you can see they still have lots of snow in that area, so better hope for a big melt in the next few weeks. ( I’m guessing that’s Harry’s glass of beer)