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Saturday April 30th 2016

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

The first order of business today, is to correct a date mistake, on our Outlaw Poster (thanks to Mike Crumly for bringing this to our attention) The Vintage Trial takes place on Saturday May 21st (not 22nd) and the Modern on Sunday May 22nd - the 23rd is Victoria Day and a National Holiday - not sure what Ross has planned for that day - maybe a “Clean-up” party.


Day #2 of the Pre-65 Scottish is now well underway - here is a nice pic from day #1 courtesy Trial Mag: UK>

DSC_8481 (Medium)

And here are all the results from the first day>

Pre 65 Scottish Trial Friday Results


We will be heading out the door shortly for the long drive to Calgary, with a coffee stop at Revy to chat with Florian - then an Opti Oil drop at Golden, before meeting up with Kevin Smith in “Cow Town”  - We will have all the news & pics of the ATRA Trial at Blackfoot Park when we return late tomorrow night


615884Chaz Davies ( Racing – Ducati) put his red V-twin at the top of the first day combined time sheets at Imola, setting a 1:47.014 lap that was exactly a third of a second ahead of the next best qualifier,

Friday April 29th 2016

Friday, April 29th, 2016

While hunting through some old Trials stuff yesterday, I came across this letter from Martin Lampkin, which goes back to around 1995-6 - Dougie was just on the way up, and we supplied the team with Outlaw Back packs & tool belts, which can seen on many of the World round videos of that era.   - Barry & myself had hooked up with Mart, Dougie and Ernie Paige at the 94 World Round at Donner, and Mart took a liking to the Kokanee beer which we had, hence the reference to that. - Mart will be remembered by lots of people next week in Scotland, for his friendly personality, and wit. - Best of luck to Dougie, I’m sure he will be trying hard for another win.

Here’s a great photograph of Mart in Scotland - courtesy Eric Kitchen.

Lampkin Martin SSDT76 44

And here is one I took of Steve Saunders in 1992 - “Full Steam Ahead ” on the Aprilia.

This is James Lampkin ( Marts nephew) going well today in the Pre-65 pic courtesy Trials Central


It’s a wet morning in the Valley, but the forecast is looking good for the weekend, and my drive to Calgary.


Thursday April 28th 2016

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

This was taken at Summerland yesterday - the whole Rowdy Flats area is covered with these beautiful wild daisy’s - really quite stunning as you ride through the Valley.

Graeme and myself had a really good day. and I took him on more old deer paths that he had not been on before, we had to stop a couple of times to clear dead fall, and we were certainly the first bikes along one of these neat trails, but what a great day to be out in the woods.

This is another shot looking the other way, over towards Penticton.


While we are enjoying nice temperatures, over in Northern England and Scotland, they are having snow - just in time for the SSDT - although it’s not likely to last, it will still make things a bit miserable, especially driving up to Fort William.


Here is a link to another video of the World Round in Japan - enjoy >>

FIM Trial & X-Trial World Championships


This is a pic I took of Walt Healy in Scotland, back in 1992 - the bike is an old Norton that was parked near the section called “Chairlift”  - It was Walt’s first trip (and last) to the UK, we had an enjoyable week, in spite of the rain, but with only a back-pack and a visa card, Walt did just fine, traveling on his own from Glasgow to London, after I dropped him off at the train station.


Wednesday April 27th 2016

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Coming next week - The Scottish - regarded by many as the best Trial in the World - Can Dougie win again ?

TMUK51-0615 Cover


It was another busy day in the shipping dept on Tuesday - parts & accessories going out to as far away as Quebec, and as near as Cranbrook  BC.

We seem to have a lot of Trials customers with a connection to the Helicopter  business  - years ago we did a Trials school for Mike King up at his Tatla Lake operation, - a new customer owns Big Horn Helicopters of Cranbrook - and guess who he bumped into at a training camp - none other than Tino Marin, who is studying to be a pilot.  - Of course our buddy Chris Hrabb, flies for Selkirk in Revelstoke, and Brandon works for Alpine out of Kelowna - Dean from Scotch Creek likes to buzz around in his own personal chopper, as does Josef from Vernon.


Today I’m going to “Goof off” - not much to look after, so I’m meeting Graeme for a ride around the loop at Summerland - the flowers are in full bloom out on Rowdy Flats, so I will be sure to snap a couple pics. - Graeme has changed the gearing on his Gasser & wants to test it out. ( temperature supposed to be up to +22 today)

Just saw this “Memory” pic come up on FB - it shows one of the sections we used at the Outlaw a couple of years ago at Scotch Creek - Ross has got some other new neat stuff planned for this year, sure to excite all the riders.


Tuesday April 26th 2016

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

This is the first ATRA Trial of the year  and riders are reminded that club memberships ($40) are required - all available at the event - classes for all abilities  Junior to Expert  - We plan on being there, so anyone needing stuff on the van, email me before Friday.

If you didn’t see the videos from the World rounds in Japan, scroll down to the past two days of blog and click on, as there is some great footage - I noticed that the sections were very long, but more natural than many we have seen so good job Takumi Narita.

Update:  Some very big crashes -

Our phone has been going a lot recently, with customers new and old needing parts & gear - we always try to keep a good selection of Wulf riding apparel plus helmets & boots, and get fantastic service from the UK based company, with very reasonable prices. ( We have been stocking their stuff since 1995, and ship all over Canada)


This is Spanish Banker, Carlos Casas with his very nice vintage Triumph cub, that he will be riding this weekend at the Scottish Pre-65 Two Day Trial based at Kinlochlevan.  - He will then swap to his Honda  4RT for the following Six Day event - a total of eight days riding - and he does this every year !!  - In fact Carlos is responsible for getting so many Spanish riders to try the SSDT - His enthusiasm for this event and the area is well documented, and he is a credit to the sport.


Of course the weather is always on every ones mind when planning a trip to Scotland ( or Calgary) at this time of the year, as things can change very quickly - here is a pic from the Yorkshire area of the UK today.

Monday April 25th 2016

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Well the rain stayed away for us on Sunday at Scotch Creek, where Matt, Shane and myself. met up with Ross, Martin, Jake, and new guy Ken  who has just bought the 2015 Beta Factory 300 from Ross.

As Ken had never ridden a Trials bike before !! or even been on a motorcycle for over 30 years, I volunteered to stay back, to give him some training, while the others went to check out the loop for the Outlaw on the May long weekend. -

The large field at the camp spot, is ideal for a learner to take that first ride, and after some explaining about the controls, I let Ken loose making sure the tether cord was firmly attached to his wrist. - Although I was a bit apprehensive, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ken complete a few circles without any mishap - and did exactly as instructed with one finger on the clutch, and no big handfuls of throttle. - After about half an hour, we went on a tour around the easy back trails, with me leading and stopping often to instruct on technique etc  - the practice included uphills, downhills, plus later I took him through some good mud holes, all without incident - so our new Shuswap 50 year old Trials recruit passed his first test.

Shane also enjoyed his first trip to the area, and is riding well on his old Monty 315 - likewise, Matt said he had a great time out on his new Evo 200, with no issues on the big climbs around Cougar Bluff.


With the dust now settled on the Japanese World Round  - It was good to see Takahisa Fujinami on the podium both days in Japan, he has had an awesome career with 300 appearances in World Trials.  -  I saw a blurb on the rider statistics, for this top level of Trials Competition, and it is indeed,  amazing, that the same riders, have been filling the results sheets, for the past 10-15 years. - While there are younger riders, doing well in the lower classes, only Busto is showing any real challenge in the number one category, all the others are in their 30’s -  Just as in club Trials, the jump from Junior to Expert is huge, with only a few able to  succeed. UPDATE: Check out this great video from day #2 in Japan   - 【セク11・12・表彰式】2016 FIMトライアル世界選手権日本GP2日目

The focus is now on the Scottish Six Days Trial, which starts next week, and while the top factory riders rarely compete in this event - the debate goes on, as to how guys like Toni Bou would fare in Scotland - both Raga and Cabestany have ridden the Six Days, but neither have won, in fact even the great Eddie Lejuene failed to win this Trial, often referred to as the toughest challenge of all. - It takes a very special talent to succeed in Scotland, where the weather can, and usually is atrocious.


I see Ryan Young won the “Sooner Cup Trial” last weekend

Sunday April 24th 2016

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Results from Day #2 in Japan>


All British Podium in the GP 2 or Junior Class - Iwan Roberts retains Championship lead.

Jack Peace (GG UK) took another win in the 125 class and appears to be the class of the field this year.


Check out this great video from day #1 - near vertical climbs with muddy conditions as well as the man made rock sections.


In Moto GP - Valentino Rossi took the win in Spain.  >> Story & pic courtesy Cycle News.

Rossi-Jerez16Photo courtesy

The Doctor gave Jorge Lorenzo a taste of his own medicine Sunday in the Grand Prix of Spain in Jerez. In front of the packed hills of Jerez, Valentino Rossi got off to a great start from the pole and then simply dominated the race, leading every lap and pulling away from his Yamaha teammate with the margin of victory at the finish 2.386 seconds at the flag, the gap having been up to 4.234 seconds before Rossi backed it off on the final lap. Honda’s Marc Marquez finished a distant third, over four seconds behind Lorenzo.

It was a command performance for the veteran Rossi, who scored his 87th-career MotoGP victory. Rossi was only headed one time, briefly for maybe 100 yards when Lorenzo tried once to take over the lead.

The results of race find Marquez now leading the championship by 21 points over Lorenzo (66-45) with Rossi now third with 33 points after four rounds


Saturday April 23rd 2016

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016


The fledgling Spanish TRS  Factory took on the might of Honda on their home turf, and came out winning on the first day of competition in Japan. - In a fairly high scoring event, Adam Raga looked to be in full control, taking the win by 16 points over Honda’s Toni Bou - Fujinami was the popular third man on the podium.

In the World Junior Class it was young Jack Price (GG UK) who took the win - with Welsh lad Iwan Roberts missing out on third place by a single “Dab”

The 125 class was dominated again by teenager - Jack Peace (GG UK)  giving John Shirt another reason to smile - his riders taking two of the three classes, and perhaps a big boost to the new Torrot Company.


As usual there were a lot of local Japanese riders entered, with both Kuroyama, and Ogawa (Tommy) well up on the results sheet at the end of what looked to be a tough day.

Check out this latest TRS video

Equilibrium by Adam Raga - Trial Documentary


In local news - we saw a rainy day in the Okanagan, and for me a busy one with a shipment of Opti Oil arriving to sort out - then ship out back-orders to Blackfoot MC in Calgary  etc - today will be spent doing similar things, with maybe a chance to check over my Evo later - tomorrow we are headed to Scotch Creek to meet up with Ross for a look at the Outlaw loop.


And Birthday greetings go out today to our buddy Taff - who turns 42 today - this pic was taken (by Outlaw Dave) on the “Devil’s Staircase” back some three years ago ( I like this shot)


In Moto GP - The teams are in Spain this weekend, and it was Valentino Rossi who edged his Yamaha Team mate Lorenzo in qualifying, to take pole position - Marc Marquez  is the other man on the front row.


Friday April 22nd 2016

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

So looks like Sammy bought himself a bus - he told me about this last Sunday at Ioco, but has a few details to sort out before we will see him driving this into the Trials Campsites. The idea is to use this as the base for his shows that he is planning for 2016.  ( nice air horns)


Meanwhile over in the “Land of the rising sun”   - the practice is now over, and all that remains is for the riders to check out the sections tonight, before the event starts tomorrow. - The designer of the sections is once again Takumi Narita - the brilliant Beta rider from the 80’s who not only did great in World Trials, but put out an all action Trials video, doing amazing stunts on his Beta Techno. - I still have the original VHS version of this, and can make CD copies if anybody would like one.

Here is Takumi posing with his old Team Mate and rival Jordi Tarres - no doubt they got to share some memories from the past.


The results from Round One of the Outlaw Series at Ioco, are now available on line, we will keep these on file with the totals and points. - Interesting to see the scores - some really close at the top end, but one thing I noticed on checking young Koltan Morrison’s  card, was not only did he win the Inter Class first time out, but he did this by 20 points clear of second place - plus he posted no “Fives” - A very good debut for the teenager from Scotch Creek.


Taff called last night, and we had a good chat about all the latest stuff happening in the World - he is still off work, with the shoulder injury, and it appears he will miss the 2016 season all together.


We had a bit of a Thunderstorm in the Valley late yesterday - no damage, but nice to get some rain to cool things down.


Today we are expecting a big shipment of Opti Oil to arrive, so that will take care of “Fun Friday”


With most of the Hype at the Japanese World Trial, centered around Honda and the Twin Ring Facility, which they own - I thought readers would like to see that Yamaha, also have a large museum, with wonderful racing and competition bikes from the glory years.

Thursday April 21st 2016

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Everything seems to be getting organized in Japan for the World Round that starts tomorrow - here is a pic of the “Observers package”  - as we all know this is a job that is not easy at any level, but especially at top events, where the Officials are sometimes verbally abused for what the rider and his team feel is incorrect scoring ( maybe the bottle is Bear Spray to keep the minders in order !!)


Today is the Queen’s 90th birthday, and whether you like the British Monarchy or not - her every day work schedule puts most people to shame, so three cheers for the old gal. Hip Hip !! - Plus she also learned to ride a Motorcycle back in the day.

Queen Elizabeth on Motoress


We found out yesterday, that the ATRA have a Trial happening at Blackfoot Park in Calgary on May 1st  ( just one week away)  - This is a WTC Sanctioned event, and you can see a poster on the front page of Trials Canada - We are going to try and be at this one, although Sam King’s Beta will not arrive by then.  More on this as the week goes on.


The soaring temperatures in the Okanagan this week, will ease up this weekend, with some rain in the forecast - we are planning to go to Scotch Creek on Sunday to check out what Ross & the boys have in store for the Outlaw Trial.


If you are an enduro rider, or would just like to help out the Vernon Off Road club, have a meeting next Monday night at Torro’s Pub  in Vernon to discuss trail clearing for their big race later in the year. Everybody is welcome.