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Tuesday May 31st 2016

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

It’s the last day of May, and looking ahead to the weekend, it’s going to be a very hot start to the month of June, with temperatures likely to hit around 30 degrees for the Vernon Off Road Club’s big Cross Country race on Sunday. - We plan on being there to show off the Beta Trials bikes, and support the club.


I saw this on face book - posted by Mike Gunns Jr from Victoria BC - He wanted to point out that Graeme Jarvis, has been a superstar for many years, winning the Scottish Six Days Trial a number of times, before switching to the more lucrative Enduro side of the sport.  - Graeme (and others) use their Trials skills to finish at the top of the results in most of the Xtreme Enduros being held all over the World.

It is also worth noting that while many newcomers, may not recognize the name Mike Gunns - he was a top Canadian Trials rider back a few years.   - To finish on the same page at the Scottish as Jarvis, really is a fantastic achievement, but look at the points spread.  Mike is a family man now, but vows to get back into Trials at some point.  ( Best finish ever at the SSDT by a Canadian - Stan Bakgaard 13th in 1984)


Like lots of people, I watch the video clips of the World Rounds, which show the amazing skills of the top riders, but I saw a mention by somebody, from the German Trial, that the “Observing” (Checking) was very severe. - AND SO IT SHOULD BE. -  THE RULES ARE THE RULES. - in FIM Trials, stopping is a Five point penalty, yet ALL the top riders seem to get away with this momentary cessation of forward motion.  ( Including Toni Bou)  - I posted earlier, about Marc Freixia, being given a Five point penalty by a Checker last weekend in the States, when his minder, moved a rock, - Kudus to the Checker for having the guts to do this, although I’m sure he took a lot of flack from the European team and maybe the spectators, who often don’t understand the rules.

Not that I agree with the “No Stop” rules, far from it, I think the current way we do it at WTC events is the best way - a stop with feet on the pegs is penalty free.


Just received this T shirt and Program in the mail, from my good friends Harry & Wendy McKay - they send these to me each year, and are very much appreciated. - The tribute to Mart Lampkin is very special.

Monday May 30th 2016

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Another weekend in the books, and for me it was a quiet day yesterday, up early watching the F1 race from Monaco ( the first one I’ve watched this year) - followed later by the Indy 500 - neither of these events really do much for me, but to have a rookie win the million dollar race at Indy, was pretty neat.


There are a lot of videos on the web today from Erzberg, which looks like complete madness - but  each to their own I guess, and you certainly can’t argue against the skill of the top riders like Jarvis & Webb etc - another ex Trials rider giving it a go this year, was young Billy Bolt from the UK  - who amazed a lot of people by finishing 5th.


Down South in the USA - Mark Freixia (Mont) took the win on Day #2 of the National, reversing the order from Day #1 - this time beating Pat Smage by 5 points. - Christy ended up second on Day #2 in the ladies class.


The latest edition of Trial mag: will soon be in the mail box - I always look forward to this - and the new issue will have all the Scottish pics in it.



Blast from the past - Marc Colomer on the Prototype Beta Techno back in 1993 - the 1994 version of this bike was a winner.

Sunday May 29th 2016

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

It’s a wet morning in Monaco, where the Formula One race has just got underway, behind the safety car - with the narrow track around the houses extremely slippery, it should be an interesting race with passing spots few & far between. - Well the race is on with Aussie Danial Ricciardo (Red Bull) out front, followed by Rossberg & Hamilton (Mercedes) Kimi is already out after putting the Ferrari into the barriers - will get back to watching the race and report later > And at the finish, it was Lewis Hamilton taking the win, after a fumbled tire change in the pits by Red Bull, left Danny Ricciardo fuming and in second place - Sergio Perez was the third man on the podium. - Next race at Montreal in two weeks.

In other news from Europe - Graeme Jarvis has won the Erzberg Rodeo yet again -I’m sure there will be lots of video posted on Enduro 21 .

Red Bull Hare Scramble 2016 Results

1. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna) 02:18:47

2. Cody Webb (KTM) +33:07

3. Alfredo Gomez (KTM) +36:02

4. Mario Roman (Husqvarna) +58:19

5. Billy Bolt (KTM) +01:08:46

6. Wade Young (Sherco) +01:12:28

7. Paul Bolton (KTM) +01:19:35

8. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) +01:23:08

9. Philipp Scholz (KTM) +01:37:24


It was an all British podium in the GP 2 Class at the World Trial in Germany, with Jack Price winning again, followed by Dan Peace and Iwan Roberts - Well done lads -

Some interesting early scores from the main event, show Toni Bou leading Adam Raga, with Jaime Busto in third, but Albert Cabestany is way back. - more on this as we follow the results.

No Official results posted as yet, but it appears that it was Bou, Raga and Dabill on the podium.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 16.12.32


At the US National Trial - Pat Smage took the win on Day #1 ahead of Marc Freixa, who was given a five in one section because his minder moved a rock  - they both cleaned the loop - Pretty good riding by Freixa who has been out of World Trials for a lot of years now.  - Christy Williams was on top of the podium once again  in the ladies division.


Saturday May 28th 2016

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

Here are the results from the German World Round - very close at the top. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow in round #2.


Perhaps the most important  thing to learn from this result sheet, is the fact that there were only 18 riders in the premier class, a sign that the sport seems to be going downhill at this level. - In the 1970’s and 80’s it was common to have 50-60 riders, but with the degree of difficulty increased and the cost of competing, many regular club riders, no longer bother to enter. - The same five names appear at the top at every event, which is quite amazing, but must also be demoralizing for the young guys, trying to make a name for themselves. ( This is merely an observation based on watching the sport change over the past decade) - On the plus side - the support classes, appear to be well attended, but again the cost of competing at events scattered all around the World must be horrendous for parents who have to pay for the biggest part of the expense.  - One of these young Brits is Jack Price who won again today on his Birthday - I’m betting the Honda Scouts are keeping an eye on this lad.


Helmut Clasen posted this pic on FB - he has been a firm believer in Opti Lubricants since the 1960’s - As most people know - Outlaw have been Distributing  Opti since 1987 in Western Canada, for both the Motorcycle and Snowmobile Markets.


There is a lot going on this weekend in Motor sports - the Monaco Grand Prix will take place in France tomorrow, while the famous Indy 500 will draw the crowds in the USA - this will likely be on TV. - Then of course, the Erzberg  race also goes tomorrow.

UPDATE : Aussie Driver Danial Riccardo on Pole in Monaco.

Friday May 27th 2016

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Another very wet morning in the Valley, as Momma bear heads to Alberta to attend  our Grand-daughter Emma’s graduation ( No she is not driving) - so the old guy will be batching for a few days. - Hard to believe that the kids are all grown up - next week we have the same thing for Hannah in Vernon.

We had some good news yesterday, our first TRS 300 will be shipped next week from Spain - the bad news is that it likely won’t arrive until July sometime. - I’m guessing the Kiwi shipment will be even longer.


It appears that Jordi Tarres is really enjoying his role as Team owner, posting this from Germany, where the TRS guys gathered around the Hotel Piano.

Here we see some riders checking out the sections for the German World Round which goes this weekend - it appears to be quite natural terrain - wonder what the weather forecast is?


Today in Austria, the first part of the the Erzberg Rodeo takes place - looking at the videos that have been posted from this event, it all looks mad to anyone, but hard core Off Road racers. - Back in the 70’s I thought the same racing in Alberta, along with a mere 170 riders up the big hill at the start of Moose Mountain 1976. - So much dust you couldn’t see the riders around you - ( until you banged into one of them) - Crazy? Yes - but as long as nobody gets hurt, it’s a lot of fun. - 1500 riders will start the first day, including ladies Laia Sanz and Sandra Gomez - this will be whittled down to 500 for Sunday’s finale, but few are expected to see the finish line in this torture test. - Check out the Enduro 21 website for a preview of the event. - Look for a lot of Ex Trials riders to be up in the mix of things, including Graeme Jarvis, Taddy Blazsuek and Cody Webb.

Thursday May 26th 2016

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

This is a pic of Josef picking up his new ( and the only one we are getting) 2016 Beta Evo 300 4T Factory No wonder he is smiling as the bike is absolutely stunning. - We chatted about his first experience at riding an event, and he mentioned the similarity to playing golf with a great group of guys, just having fun.

Although the Electric bike Josef rode at the event, failed to finish, as it ran out of current - he still had a blast, learning the ropes, along with some other “First-timers” - That is one of the nice things about Trials - everybody tries to help the beginners enjoy their day.


This weekend is the Erzberg Rodeo - the crazy cross country race up the iron mountain in Austria - there are a lot of former Trials riders in this - Graham Jarvis, needs no introduction, but there are many others, plus also some Canadian racers entered. - No doubt there will be lots of video posted to show all the carnage.

Erzberg Press Conference today.

Speaking of video - I have been steadily working through the ones I took at the Outlaw & downloading them on Face-book, but you need to scroll down quite a lot to see them as there is so much stuff posted. - So far I’ve done ones of Sam, Stan, Brandon & Ross in the neat creek section plus the giant slab of section #9.  - I will continue to show others, when I get time. - Anybody wondering if I have any still shots of them, please shoot me an email - I have posted a lot, over the past few days.


In other news, the World Trials circus, moves to Germany this weekend, where Toni Bou, will try to keep on top of the leader board - there are a number of Brits riding the lower classes, ( And doing well)  but only James Dabill flying the Union Jack in the Premier event.

Although this Pre-Entry list shows Michael Brown entered - he has actually retired from World Competition - Good luck to Welsh lad Iwan Roberts riding what they now call GP 2 on his Beta


This is a neat shot of a Flat-track race someplace - called “Drafting”

Wednesday May 25th 2016

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Checking the various sites this morning, I came across this neat pic of a little lad in TRS gear riding an electric Beta 20″ - We still have the two in stock which have now been discounted a bit as they were used as demo’s at the Outlaw. Call me if you need more info:

Beta are very serious about building and promoting the small electric models - check out this production line.


I saw Ross having some pretty impressive rides last Sunday, & caught him doing this on the first log section -good to see him fighting fit again  after being very sick only a year ago - he is quite the athlete and runs over 10 miles every morning, before his business day. ( Nice Wulf gear as well)

This is a nice “English style” section at the Outlaw - Chris Brooks drove all the way from Northern BC to ride in his first Trial, and had a blast. - He bought the Evo 200 from us last year and just loves it.


The first 2016 Beta Evo 300 4T Factory arrived yesterday at Outlaw, so I thought a pic of the new bike in front of my Beta tent etc - which was still drying out from Sunday was in order.

This is Josef’s bike, and I’m sure he will be very pleased when he sees it - I took the opportunity to weigh it before adding gas, and it tips the scales at 162lbs - pretty good for a four stroke, of course the beautiful titanium exhaust saves a lot of weight, and I’m sure some enthusiasts will “Go to Town” swapping other nuts & bolts bash plate etc for lighter after market stuff. I rode it around the yard, and it feels really good.


Tuesday May 24th 2016

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

With the “Outlaw” now over for another year, we can look back on the 2016 event, and reflect on the memories - considering the wet conditions, it’s amazing that we only had one dnf on Sunday, and that was because Josef’s electric bike ran out of charge - and there ‘aint no current trees out there in the woods.  - It was unfortunate that his new Factory Beta 300 4 stroke, did not arrive in time for the Trial, but it will likely show up today ( Murphy’s Law)

I saw this nice pic posted by Ashley of Andrew, Leo and Brandon, showing off their medals after the event, still smiling in spite of the conditions - young Leo Munns, is a riot and just a great little guy.


I posted a lot of pics and video on Facebook, one showed Ross having a great one dab ride in the creek - few people realize just how much work went into plotting these sections, as I’ve said before, it takes a lot of time and experience to “Get it Right”, and the Shuswap crew have been improving each and every year.  In my book, they are #1.

Check out this pic of young Lee Robinson on the little Outlaw Beta - he took  the win in the Kids Class at the weekend - He seems to be a “Natural”


And here are some shots supplied by Pam Morrison of young Kolten - a winner in Intermediate

When driving out on Sunday night, I noticed that all the arrows had been taken down from the corner of Leopold road - which would explain why Mike Lynnes had trouble finding the site. - It was likely the same rotten bastard that seems to do this every year - I’m sure Jake has an idea who it is.


Because of the conditions and the need to be back at camp to do the score keeping, I missed a lot of the action, but the sections I did see were great, and the loop was very well marked. - What I really liked about the Sunday Trial, was how all the riders in all the classes seemed to get along  well, with no conflicts, which is not always the case with group checking.  - Walt Healy once said that Trials is a gentleman’s sport, and while this might be stretching it a bit, I think Walt might be close.

- As an older rider remarked to me at a UK trial in the 1950’s - ” If you can’t take a joke - go home ” - at age 16, I thought  I knew everything and was mouthing off about a section that I didn’t like. - A lesson learned a very long time ago.


For the organizers of any event, the work doesn’t stop, when the Trial is over, there is still the job of clean up, and I hope that the Shuswap lads got some help on Monday doing some of this. - All the Outlaw Trials sections, are fully taped, as it should be, and yes it costs a lot for the ribbon, but it is my belief that this is the correct way.  - We now have two rounds of the series “in the books” - and in the next few days, I will update the total points for each class, so that everybody knows where they are, before next month’s third round at Rocky Mountain House AB.


UPDATE :  - Michel Belanger (Beta) won both rounds of the WTC Eastern Canadian Championship in Quebec at the weekend - full results will appear shortly on Trials Canada.

The next big Trial is the Super Stars at Ioco ( I need to check the date) - in about three weeks.  - I know the CPTA expect some Experts from Stateside for this event, so it should be interesting - Brandon, Sean & Sam, will be out waving the Outlaw/Beta flag, and of course there is always a lot of good riders from the West Coast. - The event is earlier this year, because of the dry Forest Fire season, that caused a change of date last year - it’s never easy to do this. ( As I know only too well)

Christy Williams is in charge of the Super Stars - and we congratulate her on winning the Ladies class of the US National last weekend in Florida.

In other news, - the Vernon Off Road Club, held their Cross Country race this past weekend, and like our event, it was very muddy and wet - I saw some pics posted, and it looked like everybody had fun, including a couple of the Revy boys - One showed a very muddy Chris Hrabb, so we are looking forward to hearing all the stories from that.


In Moto GP - it was that man Jorge Lorenzo who took the win in Italy, at the track on the Adriatic Coast,  Valentino Rossi is adored by the local fans, who show up in the thousands to see him win, but it was not to be this time as “The Doctor” had engine trouble and had to retire.


I see that the Victoria Club had a float in the big Parade on the holiday weekend, which would explain why Dave Fair and his lads, were not at the Outlaw.


To summarize - I think returning to the Vintage Saturday- Modern Sunday - was a positive step this year, and we look forward to continuing  this format for 2017 - 30 years and a Milestone in Outlaw Trials History.


Monday May 23rd 2016 Victoria Day.

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Well it’s hard to know where to begin writing about the weekend Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek - things certainly didn’t look too promising as I drove up Saturday morning in the pouring rain !! - Luckily things cleared up later and we even had some nice sunny breaks for the Vintage, followed by the Kids around the camp event. - Here is a pic of young Lee Robinson, who took the Outlaw Beta to a narrow victory in the electric class.  This is a very popular part of the Outlaw weekend, with all the parents, grand parents and riders from the other classes, cheering on the little guys. - Thanks to Jason and Guy, for doing the set up on the sections.

In the Vintage, we had a total of eight riders, who tackled 10 sections twice, with 3 separate classes. - Unfortunately, we only had one air cooled mono  ( Stan) but the competition was tight in the other two twin shock classes. - Bob Clark had borrowed Ron Walsh’s immaculate SWM  and took the “B” class win, with Mark ONeil once again winning the “C” class on his very nice TY 175..

Saturday night was the usual camp fire  - with everybody enjoying the  cooking of Ross & Jake, who always do a fantastic job, hauling in the giant Barbi Q - ( this went on very late for some)

With reports of snow on the Mountain Passes & Alberta, and nothing but rain everywhere else, it really wasn’t surprising that a lot of people stayed home, but the riders who chose to make the effort, the reward was great, as Ross, Jake, Martin & Dean, had done a wonderful job on the course set up.  - We had riders come from Bently AB, Medicine Hat AB, Edmonton AB, Bragg Creek AB,  Golden BC, Williams Lake BC, Smithers BC, Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, Gambier Island BC, plus of course a bunch from the Okanagan and Shuswap.  - For some riders, it was their very first event, but the smiles on their faces after they were done, said it all - they were tired and muddy, but vowed they would be back for the 30th running of this very popular Trial.

The rain started by the time the riders reached the first creek sections - all carefully man made  with the Jake Wideman irrigation system !! - We were able to get out on the loop and took a lot of pics and videos, which will all get posted as the day goes on - a lot to do today - including unloading my van and sorting through all the paperwork.

It was a needle match in the Expert Class, with Sam holding a narrow lead from Sean & Brandon, after the first loop,  but Stan was hanging right in there, and Ben was also showing some flashes of brilliance, as was Steve ( even after a very long night)  - The sections were all very natural but really slick , so for the top riders to come in after the first loop with very low scores, was a credit to the high caliber of riding.  At the end it was Brandon who added yet another Outlaw Win - with Sam beating Sean on the tie break for 2nd. ( Another Beta 1-2-3) Note: this is the exact same finish as in 2015.
The other classes were also close, with Chris Tronnes at the top in the Advanced class and Dave Nunn taking a narrow victory in the Senior Advanced,   Young Kolten Morrison, easily won the Inter Class, and Bob Clark did the same in the Senior Intermediate. - Amelina Smeeth, socked it to the boys in the Junior, and Mark ONeil, made it an Outlaw double, by winning the Sportsman Class.   A total of 47 riders competed over the rather wet weekend, We had a few DNF’  Josef’s  EM gave up the battery out on the loop & he had to push it a fair way back to the pits, and some others had other issues.

Congrats to all the riders for coming out, and to the Shuswap crew, for always making this such a great event.  - A huge thanks to the Roane and Zink families, who are gracious enough to let us use this super land for the Trial, we really appreciate it.

We look forward to seeing you all next year for the 30th running of the “OUTLAW”

Vintage A - Stan Bakgaard  TY 250 mono  Yale   BC    1 point

Vintage B -

1 Bob Clark  SWM Coquitlam BC  9 points

2 Don Doerksen  Montesa  Mission  BC 12

3 Guy Smeeth  Montesa  Vancouver  BC  21

Vintage C

1 Mark  ONeil  TY 175 Medicine Hat AB  11

2 Steve Richardson  TY 175  Gambier Island BC  24

3 Harold Pospisil  TY 250 Edmonton AB  28

Kids Gas power

1 Starla Smeeth  GG  Vancouver  BC   14

Kids Electric

1 Lee Robinson  Beta  Scotch Creek  BC  13

2 Ederson  ?    Oset   Sorrento  BC    14

3  Leo  Munns  Oset  OK Falls  BC  20

1st Brandon Wince Beta  Kelowna  BC  15 points

2nd  Sam King  Beta   Golden  BC    18 points

3rd  Sean Bird   Beta   Vancouver BC 18 points

4th Stan Bakgaard  Sherco  Yale  BC  23 points

5th Steve Day  GG    Vancouver  BC   38 points

6th Ben Pospisil  Beta  Edmonton AB   64 points


1 Chris Tronnes  GG  Bentley  AB   22 points

2 Andrew James  GG  Kelowna  BC  30

3 Jake Wideman  Beta  Scotch Creek BC 68

4 Jason Munns  GG   OK Falls  BC   80

Senior Advanced

1 Dave Nunn  GG   Victoria   BC  25 points

2 Guy Smeeth  GG  Vancouver  BC  28

3 Ross Rathbone  Beta  Scotch Creek 35

4 Don Doerksen Scorpa Mission BC  42

5 Marcus Buhrig  Sherco Blind Bay  BC  66

6 Dean Seaman  Beta  Sorrento  BC  66


1 Kolten Morrison  Beta  Scotch Creek BC  27

2 Florian Schott  Beta  Revelstoke  BC  41

3 Leigh Stocks   Sherco  Revelstoke BC 56

4 Shane Bridden  Montesa Kelowna  BC  61

5 Matt Reading  Beta  Cherryville  BC   66

Senior Intermediate

1 Bob Clark  TRS  Coquitlam  BC    11

2 Mike Lynnes  Montesa WilliamsLake BC 29

3 Chris Briggs  Beta  Sorrento  BC  81


1 Amelina Smeeth  GG  Vancouver  BC  32

2 Ben Lutz  Beta  White Lake  BC   53

3 Chris Brooks  Beta  Smithers  BC  78


1 Mark ONeil  Montesa  Medicine Hat  AB   25

2 Harold Pospisil Beta  Edmonton AB  34

3 Steve Richardson  Montesa  Gambier Island  36

4 Martin Lucas  Beta  Celista  BC   40

5 Steve Mills  GG  Bragg Creek  AB  44

We apologize for any mistakes or omissions  - it was a very soggy results crew working under the Beta tent - Thanks to Melissa Andrist for helping out with this, and for being our “Trophy Girl”

This section was a bit intimidating for some of the Advanced riders - but most made it up - this is Dean Seaman.

And here is one of Tiki - checking on Sam

Saturday May 21st 2016

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Up bright & early on this Super Saturday - Heading for Scotch Creek and the 29th Outlaw Trial - who thought that when we got the idea for this back in 1987, that it would still be going?  - We’ve seen some changes of venue, over the years, one year in Vernon, two years at Kamloops, with the rest being at Summerland, until the Shuswap crew took over a few years ago ( Thanks guys & gals)

Today we will see just how much interest there still is in the vintage event - we have three classes, A-B -C - A is for air cooled mono machines, riding the Inter line, while B is for twin shocks also riding the inter line, and C is for twin shocks riding the junior line.

We have heard from a few regulars, who are unable to make it this year, everything from injury to family plans requiring to visit Ontario etc - we want these folks to know that we will miss their smiling faces around the camp fire tonight.

Breaking News. There will be no dust at Scotch Creek. ( I just looked out the door)

In other Trials news, there is a US Round in Florida this weekend, and Christy Williams is riding the Ladies class, so we will all be rooting for her, - the new TRS bikes are already on site, but I’m not sure who is riding them


We hope everybody has a great weekend, doing whatever makes you happy. - A full report on the Trial will be posted either late tomorrow night, or Monday.