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Thursday June 30th 2016

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

The Temperature was already up to +30, as Chris Brooks and myself headed to Yankee Flats yesterday, so the Trials training was cut short, and we went on a ride to Spanish Lake, up above Falkland - it’s quite a long way, but at least we kept cool, especially when we got on the road to the lake which was filled with water holes from the recent rain.  - This is the two Evo 200’s by the lake, which really is a very picturesque spot.


I see that there is a Trial at Blackfoot Park this Sunday, Foordy is putting it on, and he has posted that CMA membership will not be required.  - No doubt he will use a lot of the obstacles from last week’s Rocks & Logs.  - Steve has also agreed to change the date of his September Trial, which clashes with our  WTC Championship in Revelstoke, on September 3/4th

Here is neat shot from a European Trial, and  a reminder that if you dunk a four stroke in the water - they are not easy to get dried out. -  This young rider lucked out that the minder caught the bike.

Back in the day, it was quite common to have deep water sections in Canadian Trials, and also river crossings in Cross Country races, so riders needed to know how to tip the bikes up-side-down after taking the spark plug out, then with the bike in a high gear - turn the rear wheel to pump the water out. (Much easier with a two-stroke) - I recall seeing about ten bikes in this position at an old Moose Mountain event, on the other side of a river crossing - being on a Trials bike, I just rode  downstream from the end of a sandbar, and past them all feet up, much to their amazement - what a great pic that would have been.

Here is a recent shot of the new TRS bikes ready to be crated - nice to see they are being “Hand built” with careful attention to quality control.


With scenes like this becoming more common at the World Trials level, we hope that organizers of club events, use good judgement when plotting their sections, or we will lose more riders.

Wednesday June 29th 2016

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Well this has been a crazy weekend in the World, what with the “Fall out” from the Brexit vote in the UK, and the storms across the Country, but how about this pic from Hiway #2 South near Calgary yesterday ? No it’s not snow, it’s Hail that brought traffic to a standstill.


Meanwhile in the Okanagan, we have +30 temperatures forecast going into the long weekend,not ideal for riding, but with Chris Brooks from the Smithers area visiting, I will take him out today for a tour of Yankee Flats.  Chris bought an Evo 200 from us last year, and rode the Outlaw at Scotch Creek in May - his first ever Trial. I will take the camera along.


I saw this pic posted today of Bill Thompson - still riding Trials at age 80 !!  - Not only does Bill ride very well, he is a great guy, very unassuming, and a credit to the sport - Hats Off to you Bill !!


And while many of us will grow old, and enjoy our Motorcycles and Family life - Here is a reminder that a lot of friends did not make it, because of Cancer. - Please support the cause.

Tuesday June 28th 2016

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

With my emails not going through for the past few days, I was glad to see Paul Throssell show up last night, to figure out the problem, which as I thought, turned out to be because the new Windows Ten, that “Updated” my CP automatically, without my permission, and does not allow sending pics the way I used to, which then jammed up the system.  - Thanks Paul for sorting this for me.


After Paul left, I was able to catch up on my overseas orders, and reply to customers requests - we  don’t realize how much our daily lives are ruled by the electronic World.


The big topic on the news yesterday, seemed to be the surprise win in International Soccer, by Iceland over England. - Not that I’m a huge Soccer fan, but it seems that the Icelandic Team were made up by part time players, with the coach a local Dentist - sort of brings things the whole sporting Soccer World, with millionaire players back to earth, doesn’t it.?


For tennis fans - it’s Wimbledon this week, but it appears that most of the stories surround the Niki clothing company, recalling the women’s dresses, because they are too short, and Pippa Middleton showing off her thighs in a “Basic Instinct ” type shot, while spectating. - What is the World coming to?


Last weekend, Steve Saunders got to ride a local Trial, with his son,  young James was mounted on the first TRS 250 to arrive in the UK.  - Not sure of the results, but Steve can still ride very well.  - We hope to get our first TRS 300 in a couple of weeks, and I’ve also ordered some Yellow RAW clothing to match the bike - hopefully it will arrive in time for me to take to the Rocky Trial on July 17th ( Round #3 of the Outlaw  Series)


Monday June 27th 2016

Monday, June 27th, 2016

My email decided to act up this past weekend, not allowing me to “Send” any messages - still receiving, but anybody waiting for a reply on parts and stuff, please phone me for confirmation. Will get it fixed asap. ( I can also see text messages on Facebook)

Here is a Trial Mag: UK report of the European Championship in Poland>

Day two in Poland ended in some controversy as the second lap was abandoned after dangerous weather conditions had occurred. Some riders had anticipated this bad weather and moved quickly through the first and lap and were already well into their second when the event was halted.

This meant that the trial was decided on first lap scores only.

Congratulations to British riders Jack Peace and Alicia Robinson for taking the wins in their classes for the second day in a row.

Just look at the Beta Sweep in the Ladies Class>

Here is a pretty spectacular shot of Adam Raga on the TRS at the Spanish National.


The Red Bull Rocks & Logs in Calgary is over for another year, with Cody Webb topping the Pro Class, but perhaps the BIG winner of the day was Steve Foord (Beta), who took 1st place in “THREE” classes. - I see from a video, that Sam rode his Trials bike in the Pro Class, but not sure where he finished. Heather Wall, also rode her Trials bike, and managed a 4th spot in the Ladies event, which was won by Lexi Pechout of Calgary


The US National Series is now over, after the last weekend in Colorado - It was Mark Freixia of Spain, who took the win in the Pro Class, ahead of Pat Smage, but Andrew Putt had a great weekend to beat out Smage in Colorado. Vancouver’s Christy Williams, took the overall Ladies series, winning 6 of the eight events.


It looks like the last week of the month will be a “Scorcher” in the Valley, with temperatures expected to be over 30 degrees every day.


The World Trials Teams will be in the UK in three weeks  - here is a report on the preparations ( I was surprised to see them say there will be 100 riders ???)

This weekend saw a large step forward as preparations for the UK round of the 2016 FIM Trial World Championship continue at pace. Jordi Pascuet, FIM section advisor came to inspect the venue ahead of the weekend of  World Trials which is now just three weeks away.

Jordi was very impressed with the work that Graham Jarvis, Sandy Mack, Dave Hoare and his team have done over the last 8 months in getting the venue ready for the Wulfsport and Oset supported event. Jordi said he had been led to believe that all the sections would be man-made, but was pleasantly surprised to find seven of the twelve sections which will be used were natural sections with only small enhancements of some added rocks. These will be complimented with five manufactured sections featuring big steps to challenge the world’s best riders.

Jordi only requested a few minor changes to some of the sections, mainly with regard to the length of them and this will be implemented in the next week.

With 100 riders expected including the first ever visit of the Women’s World Championship to UK shores, it’s going to be a bonanza weekend of trials. Tickets and further information are available on the event website at


Here is a nice pic of Steve Saunders on the TRS at the weekend in the UK

Sunday June 26th 2016

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

The Sammy & Sean Show has hit Calgary, and in spite of the weather being a bit unsettled, it looks like they managed to thrill the crowds at the Red Bull Rocks & Logs event.


Yesterday Nick Hellings & myself went for a ride at Summerland, around the old “Outlaw Loop” - This was Nick’s first ride on his brand new 2016 Evo, and we both had a blast. The weather was perfect for riding, and Nick took to riding the Beta using modern technique, like a “Duck to Water”  - Here he is tackling the Inter line on the old section we called “Adrian’s Wall”


I have to say that Nick sure looks the part, in his all new RAW riding gear, and fancy bike stand complete with the Beta Racing logo, not to mention the Michelin cap. What a star !!



Larry Lawrence | June 26, 2016

At Assen 2016 Jack Miller wins his first MotoGPPhoto by Gold & Goose

In one of the most unexpected wins in the history of the Motorcycle Grand Prix, Marc VDS Honda’s Jack Miller bravely risked it all on a wet Assen Circuit and it paid off hugely for the Australian with his first career MotoGP victory. Miller, who was ranked 20th in the series coming into this race, survived and actually thrived in an attrition-filled Dutch TT, which at one point was red-flagged for track flooding and delayed before a 12-lap restart.

Honda’s Marc Marquez rode a smart race and finished second, extending his series lead to 24 points over Jorge Lorenzo after his closest rivals faltered. Valentino Rossi crashed out after the restart while leading and Lorenzo struggled in the conditions to finish 10th. Scott Redding finished third to score just his second ever MotoGP finish.

Miller’s victory is the first MotoGP win by an Australian since Casey Stoner’s final victory in Phillip Island. He also becomes the first rider on a non-factory bike to win a race since Toni Elias won the infamous Portuguese GP in 2006.


Results from the Spanish Championship round today>

Saturday June 25th 2016

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

The weekend is here and the big question is the weather, will it clear up in the Valley, where the big car show is going in Penticton, and will the Calgary Rock & Logs get rained on ?  - At this point it’s anybody’s guess.  - But as Nick got in last night, we will be out riding, with him breaking in his new 2016 Beta Evo 250.  - We are planning a nice easy ride as Nick hasn’t been on a Trials bike for over 30 years. Will take some pics and post later.


Here is a neat shot from the recent Trial in Scotland - I like Mick’s comment “This is the bike that Yamaha “Should” have made.  Back in the day, Mick & myself used to discuss the good and bad aspects of working for the Japanese - they didn’t always listen.


With the Stock Markets in a Free Fall yesterday, I was quick to check on an order that I have coming from RAW Trials gear, out of the UK, but was relieved to find that, they had not raised their prices, due to the Brexit vote, and the English Pound taking a nose-dive. - It will be interesting to see how the latest developments effect  Imports, especially for bikes going into the UK.  - Of course as all the Trials bikes come from Europe, it will still be a level playing field.

As an Ex Pat - my own view is that Prime Minister David Cameron should not have resigned, after what was a democratic vote, just because things didn’t go the way he wanted - too much fear mongering going on right now. It will however be interesting to watch how this all pans out, especially as the UK Bank of England is headed up by a Canadian.

In the Motorcycle World, this weekend will see a round of the European Trials Championship, and also a Moto GP from Assen in Holland - the Ducati’s have been quick in practice, but so has Valentino Rossi on the Factory Yamaha - the weather usually plays a big part at this event - Rossi has finished on top of the box a number of times at this venue.


These are neat Trophies from the Ladies Nationals, South of the border - With Christy  featured as the winner both days in Colorado - Not sure if these were engraved, or photos - But I do recall being asked to supply pics to the CPTA at a big event a few years ago - the film ( yes film) was rushed into town for processing, before the trophies were presented later in  the day, complete with a pic of each rider.


We often get asked about suspension settings by customers, which of course can vary with a rider’s weight and ability - here is an interesting article to read, but remember that top riders like Sam King, and Tino Marin are running stock suspension on their 2016 Beta Evos.  - We have Imported both the TRP and Ohlins rear shocks in the past, and we also supply the heavier springs if required - but none of this comes cheap.

Check it out.   https://www.joomag.c…01416757092/p54


We have heard from Adrian Brown’s family in the UK, with a nice letter from their local Cancer Agency, thanking them for the money raised at the last Ady Brown Memorial Trial, which is held by the Bognor Regis Club each year. - We try to keep in touch, and as people that attended our last Ady Trial know, Adrian’s Dad, Bert, sent over a special Trophy, for our event, last year, which has a great pic of Ady on it. - We have so far raised a few thousand dollars for the Cancer Fund, in Ady’s name.  - This year, we plan to hold this event at Scotch Creek in October.

Beta Riders sweep Podiums at European Ladies Round in Poland.

Friday June 24th 2016

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Today is a Historic day, as Britain has voted to leave the European Union - How this will effect Imports, remains to be seen, but the Pound Stirling took a dive today. - Here is a report on the result

Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, he said he would attempt to “steady the ship” over the coming weeks and months but that “fresh leadership” was needed.

The PM had urged the country to vote Remain but was defeated by 52% to 48% despite London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backing staying in.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it as the UK’s “independence day”.

The public face of the Vote Leave campaign Boris Johnson - a former London mayor and now frontrunner to be next prime minister - said voters had “searched in their hearts” and the UK now had a “glorious opportunity” to pass its own laws, set its own taxes and control its own borders.

Another leading Leave campaigner, Labour’s Gisela Stuart said the UK would be a “good neighbour” when it leaves the EU.

The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.

Flanked by his wife Samantha, Mr Cameron announced shortly after 08:15 BST that he had informed the Queen of his decision to remain in place for the short term and to then hand over to a new prime minister by the time of the Conservative conference in October.

It would be for the new prime minister to carry out negotiations with the EU and invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which would give the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal, he said.

“The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected,” said Mr Cameron. “The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered.”


While the Stock Market may be in Turmoil today, and the general World Economy feeling the effects of the UK vote,  Off road enthusiasts will converge on Blackfoot Park this weekend, for the Red Bull Rocks & Logs - Sam & Sean, will be there to do their thing on the Beta Trials bikes, with Sam’s School bus getting the  paint treatment. - So if you are in the area, stop by and see the show.


Here’s a “Blast from the Past”  A young Stan Bakgaard sitting on his Monty at the 1983 Scottish Scrutineer check. - He is watching the late great Martin Lampkin.

Thursday June 23rd 2016

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

I’m a tad late getting to the computer today, but we do have a couple of important announcements to post, that were confirmed yesterday.

The 4th and final round of the 2016 Outlaw Series, will now take place at the popular Scotch Creek venue in October, and will be run as the Ady Brown Memorial Trial ( Date to be set later)  - Ross Rathbone will head this up.  - We were hoping to run this event in conjunction with the Victoria Club, as we did in 2015. but the details could not be worked out.
The Silver Star Trials demo, on September 24th (Saturday) will be put on by Sam King, and will include a full program throughout the day and evening - we will be working with Sam on this to include other riders, that will show off our sport to the big crowds that are expected to attend this first ever “Off Road” weekend at the World Famous Ski Resort.  ( It’s owned by Aussies so Sam should feel quite at home)


Yesterday was spent for the most part in “The Shop” - prepping Nick Helling’s Evo 250 - he will be driving out from Edmonton on Friday to pick it up, and we are planning a ride on Saturday to “break it in”  - Nick has quite a collection of motorcycles, including some pretty rare Yamaha road racers. - He is also the guy that supplies us with all our decals, and did the work on my old 2003 van, which is still parked at my place & used as a storage shed. ( The decals have lasted better than the bodywork)


Later we had a visit from a Vancouver guy, who is new to Trials and wanted to order some clothing - he was in the area on business, and we spent quite a while chatting about the sport.  He really liked the RAW clothing, but being a BIG guy, I had to special order his stuff from the UK.

The TRS bikes are slowly getting to the Importers - Steve Saunders just got a few more, but likely not enough to fill his back-orders.  - We will be getting our first 300 sometime in July.


Just read that Vertigo rider Jeroni Fajardo is on the injured list and will sit out the next  World Round, after seeing some of the videos, that show even Toni Bou taking some big falls, I’m surprised there are not more on the list.


Wednesday June 22nd 2016

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

So here we are again, with another week half over - my Tuesday visit to see Pete in the Cancer ward at Kelowna General, was another reason to be thankful, for making it through another day. -


Had a call from Sam last night - he is busy with Sean, fine tuning their act for the Red Bull Rocks & Logs at the weekend. - We had an email from Tino, who will also be at the Calgary event, he says he is very happy with the new Beta Evo 300, although unlike Sam, he has a stock bike, while Sam has the lighter Factory version.


A lot has been posted since Sunday, about the fantastic winning ride by Fujigas at the French World Round, just when a lot of people were writing off the aging (for Trials) likable Japanese star, he managed an incredible one point last loop, to finish on the top of the box.  - I first saw him at the 94 Donner World Round, when both he and Kuroyama, were like a couple of excited school boys out on the loop. - The following year, I took quite a lot of practice video of these young riders, along with Tommi Ogawa ( All Beta mounted back then) at the UK World Trial. It’s hard to believe that this was over twenty years ago, but great to see that they are all still riding, although both Kuroyama and Ogawa, only compete in their own National events.


I saw this pic of action at one of the European Enduros - bikes & riders everywhere - it’s amazing that more guys & gals don’t get injured in events like this. The word “Extreme” could easily be mistaken for “Insane” - Not that this is anything new - at a 70’s race North of Edmonton, the staff at the local Hospital, were screaming for somebody to go and stop the event, as the broken bodies kept coming in. - ( I was one of them).

Here is a nice shot of some aging Super Stars at a 2012 event in Europe - left to right Derek Rickman, Les Archer, Jeff Smith and Don Rickman - all famous names from the past. -


There is a round of the European Trials Championships this weekend in Poland ( wonder if Jacek is going)

Here’s a neat sign posted by Debbie Ashton from Invermere , who recently bought a Beta Evo 250 from us - first time I’ve seen one of these.

Tuesday June 21st 2016

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

It seems that the weather forecasters got it wrong for this week in the Valley, as the temperatures are now supposed to be quite reasonable, so we hope it stays this way, as any really “Hot” spell usually causes Forest fires.   - While you can’t beat a nice sunny day riding in the woods, the one thing that we could all do without is the pesky Mosquitoes !!!  But did you know that Scope mouthwash acts as a good deterrent rather than use conventional sprays?


Not a lot to report today from around the World - I saw two video clips of Toni Bou crashing last weekend in the French World round - on the same section - it would appear that some organizers are going a bit “Over the Top” with crazy stuff that will only lead to more injuries. ( Although Adam Raga “Breezed through the same section on the TRS)  - Check out the video clip on Trialworld


And another Redskin bites the dust >>> watch



My schedule today is a visit to the Doc for more pills & a check up - then later I plan on going to Kelowna to see Pete in Hospital.  - In other health news, buddy Graeme goes under the knife tomorrow to correct a vein problem in his leg, so he is also going to be out of action for a while..

We have all lost family and friends to Cancer - This is a good video of one of the best to lose the fight a few years ago Barry Sheene.

Barry Sheene ” This is your life ” TV programme Barry Sheene ” This is your life ” TV programme


This pic of Sammy just popped up on FB from 2014 - this rocky climb is much more difficult than it looks, and we have only seen Brandon Wince clean it at our Summerland riding area.

More News as it happens >>>>>>