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Friday July 29th 2016

Friday, July 29th, 2016

So here we are heading into the August Long weekend - and it’s hot - going up to +36 in the Okanagan today, but I will be heading for Rocky, for the Two Day ATRA/WTC/ Outlaw Trial - pretty quick - Van is all loaded, - One new TRS 300 -check - One new Beta Evo 300 - check - One very special Outlaw Evo 200 - Check - spare parts in the draws - check - Opti oil for Shane Sugden - check - Boots for Doug Doel - check - Now all I have to do is fill up my coolers & I will be away at my planned 8 am start.  - Will stop off at Revy for a coffee with Florian, to discuss some stuff on the upcoming WTC National, which is our next BIG event. - Then it will be through Golden, making the turn at Lake Louise & up through the Ice Fields - No  doubt there will be a ton of holiday traffic on the road, so take care everybody and have a safe weekend. Next report will be Monday on my return.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday July 28th 2016

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Thought I would take a photo of the Beta and TRS side by side in the back yard - a lot of things are on the opposite side with the TRS - ie: Kickstart, sidestand, drive chain.  They are both great looking bikes.

My buddy Nick from Edmonton made me up 100 of the Outlaw/TRS decals, so when he saw this pic, he emailed to say that I will now have 98 left - that’s a lot of bikes !!! It might take a few years to use them up !!


Lots of stuff to do today, including loading up for Rocky - I will be leaving tomorrow morning, so if any of our readers need parts or gear put on the van, best email or call quickly. - The temperature is going up to +34 today, so the sooner I get started the better.


There is a Round of the WEC Cross Country Series on this weekend, down in the Crowsnest Pass - Foordy will be riding that so will miss the ATRA Trial - Likely a very hot weekend to be racing in all the heavy gear, at least in Trials we wear lightweight clothing and open face helmets which are cooler. ( Yes there is a creek at Rocky)

This is a good pic of Trials Guru John Moffat in Scotland, He is sitting on a Scott Flying Squirrel  - a rare two-stroke twin very popular in the 1930’s ( My Dad had one)


Industry & Racing News.

Graeme Jarvis has signed another two year deal to ride Husky - which will bring the popular English rider up to age 50.

This is a press release from Beta USA…
Paso Robles, CA (July 25, 2016) – Beta USA has signed 22-year-old Pennsylvania racer Nick Davis for the remainder of the 2016 GNCC season. Davis will race a factory-prepared Beta 250 RR in the highly contested XC2 class alongside his new teammate Tegan Temple

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.18.15

Originating from the same country as Laia Sanz and also Toni Bou, sixteen-year-old Berta Abellan – Beta is the latest Spanish Trial sensation to come to prominence. The angelic looking teenager currently sits third in the 2016 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship following an incredible showing at the opening round of the series held earlier this month in Tong, Great Britain.


Wednesday July 27th 2016

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

It was a busy day yesterday - first thing, we were off to Kelowna to pick up our new TRS 300 from the truck depot - then over to the printers to go over the stuff we need for the WTC Trial at Revy. - Traffic was a bitch as usual on a hot summer day. - After lunch we unloaded the bike and here it is, a real beauty.

The old Outlaw van still runs, but hasn’t moved for a few years now, and is just used for storage.


It seems popular Japanese rider Fujinami has broken his wrist in a crash, so will be out of action for a while. - Looking at some of the videos of World Round sections, I’m surprised there haven’t been more riders injured.


I see that Pol Tarres is the latest Trials rider to jump ship to the Enduro bikes and has signed with Beta - of course his uncle Jordi was a Beta rider for many years, and still has good contacts with the Italian Factory. - Pol certainly won’t have any trouble reaching the ground on the high enduro bike as he is well over six feet tall.


Here is a neat poster - must have taken some time to put that together >>


Just saw this pic on FB - it says this is the 2017 Beta Evo  - but we don’t usually see details of the next year’s model’s until September. - Interesting.


The weather forecast in the valley is for temperatures over 30 degrees for the next few days & already we are seeing Forest Fires in the area, they are also calling for Thunder Storms, late in the evenings, which of course is yet another problem. Hopefully it won’t be too hot at Rocky this weekend.


Tuesday July 26th 2016

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

So Sam & Sean are off to China for a while - Sean will stay for three months, but Sam hopes to return in time for the WTC Revy National on September 3rd/4th. - He is then booked to do a Trials show at Silver Star in Vernon on September 24th. We wish the lads well on their trip.


For long time Trials enthusiasts, the history of events like the Scottish Six Days, brings to mind some of the truly great sections, that will always be recognized as the very best test of man and machine in natural surroundings.  - “Pipeline” near Kinlochlevin is one of these, and captures so much of what the sport is all about. The Pre 65 bikes still go up this each year, as do the modern bikes, it’s a fantastic section. - Forget about all the hopping and bopping, this is “TRIALS”.


In our own little corner of the World, we have, over the years, tried to keep this tradition alive, by naming a lot of our sections, particularly in the Summerland area, where we have “The Devil’s Staircase” and Adrian’s Wall, plus Laggan Rocks etc etc, all difficult challenges, that riders can talk about around the camp fire for year after year.  -We feel that this adds much more character to annual events, rather than just trying to recollect a number from a particular Trial.  We intend doing this for the WTC National at Revy, so that spectators can check out the various sections listed in the Program.


It will be a busy day today, as we have orders to ship off, before heading to Kelowna to pick up our very first TRS 300 - exciting times. We will post some pics later.


I saw this pic today, which shows a “Narrow boat” navigating an aqueduct near my old home in Wales - while these boats are now used for recreation, in the old days, they were used for transporting coal and other goods all over the waterways of the British Isles. -  These engineering masterpieces, still standing and being used today, are a reminder of the history of the UK.

Monday July 25th 2016

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Well Sunday turned out to be another lazy day - watched the early morning F1 race from Hungary, which was quite good - Hamilton won again & now leads the points. - Rossberg was 2nd in the other Mercedes and Danny Riccardo 3rd in the Red Bull.

Next up was a preview of some golf, before the final day came on from Glen Abby near Toronto - seemed like a lot of new names in the hunt for that, with a guy by the name of Vegas eventually taking a narrow victory, while many of the established big name players floundered.


One of the beauties of riding Trials, is that you can compete at any age and don’t need to be super fit - although it does help. Here is a  pic to illustrate my point from the Vintage Two day in the UK recently.  - certainly a variety of sizes & shapes amongst the trophy winners, Mick Andrews was there to give out the awards, and is in the middle of this group.  Mick and Jill are now in Canada I believe for the Annual Ormstown Vintage Rally, in Ontario.
Mick Andrews presents the awards



The penultimate round of the EnduroGP World Championship saw Jack Edmondson crowned the 125 Youth Cup champion.

The standout performer of his class, Jack - son of enduro legend Paul - won a staggering eight days straight on his way to clinching the title in Italy


Here is a map of how to get to the ATRA/WTC/OUTLAW Trial at Rocky Mountain House next weekend - If you are traveling from BC the best way is via the David Thompson Hiway - Give me a call if you need more info - You can also check out the ATRA website.  Great Free Camping at the start.

Sunday July 24th 2016

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Here is a nice shot of Debbie Ashton and a friend, on top of a BC Mountain - we don’t say where these days, as you never know who is watching. - Debbie just loves her Evo 250.


We have heard from Ron Walsh, who was out yesterday on his new TRS 280, he says it is spot on right out of the box, and is the best Trials bike he has ridden to date, bar none.  (Scroll down to see Ron’s new bike, in Saturday’s blog)

The Reeth Three Day Trial is on in the UK - It features long loops with all natural sections - Unlike Canada, they allow riding the creeks in many areas, in fact the Famous Scottish Six Days Trial is nearly all water sections.  There is no better bike for these slippery conditions, than the Beta Evo, which has very smooth power.


Sheffield 2017 ‘The Martin Lampkin Indoor Memorial Trial’


Neil Crosswaite – Martin Lampkin

As is the tradition the very best riders in the World will be back at Sheffield on the 7th January 2017, they will be riding to honour the life of the legend and ex World Trials Champion Martin Lampkin. As most of you will know Martin was one of the founding partners of Sheffield, he worked tirelessly over the last two decades, producing innovative and spectacular sections that have challenged the world’s very best riders. To continue the tradition next year’s sections will continue to be designed and built by members of the Lampkin family.


A nice collection of old bikes at a Vintage event in Wales last week.

Saturday July 23rd 2016

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

A very late start to my blog today - sorry about that !! - I know a lot of you folks click on early, but not to worry, the old guy is still alive & kicking.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent  up on “Chamber’s Mountain”  - which is about 20mins drive from my place - this is where David Chambers and Gloria live, and it is literally on top of the mountain that overlooks Vernon and the Okanagan Lakes.

Gloria bought an Evo 200 a while back, and asked if I could give her some basic Trials training, which I was only too happy to do. - - I must say that David and his sons, have carved out a fantastic trail system up on the Mountain, with  nice loamy terrain, that twists in and out of the trees, plus they have a complete  enduro cross track as well.

Suffice to say, that it was a very pleasant afternoon, and I’m sure Gloria, will now enjoy her trials bike more, as she practices the things we covered. - As with all training sessions, the “One on One”   is the best, especially with novices, as you can then spend more time with the pupil.   - Also, it’s important to teach only 2 or 3 skills at one time, otherwise they just can’t take it all in.  I also supply “Newbies” with the Ryan Young training tape.

Although I took my camera, unfortunately, I left it in the van, however David did take one pic of us in the yard, before we went out on the trail, and posted it on facebook.

I did stop on the way back down to take this shot through the trees - I’m guessing that David goes through a lot of brake pads, as even driving in low gear, the van brakes were smelling a bit at the bottom.


The latest shipment of TRS bikes have arrived at Mountain Motorcycles, and this beauty will be out this weekend in the capable hands of Ron Walsh - We hope to get delivery of our first model next week.


There is a Formula One Race this weekend in Hungary, and once again there is a Mercedes on pole, this time Nico Rossberg - gets a bit boring with all the other teams battling it out for the last spot on the podium.


Friday July 22nd 2016

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Sherco rider Matt Phillips informed ADB that his decision not to compete in this year’s International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) is due to poor eyesight.

The Tasmanian will undergo laser eye surgery following the last round of the Maxxis FIM EnduroGP World Championship on September 10/11, 2016. Phillips will not have enough time to recover from the laser eye surgery before the ISDE.

Phillips also suggested that following last year’s ISDE, which was spoiled by team protests and widespread cheating from other nation’s Senior Trophy Teams, he wasn’t interested in returning.

Phillips had few opportunities to undergo laser eye surgery with a busy race schedule for the majority of the year.

Phillips has been a regular face in the Australian ISDE team since making his debut at the 2011 ISDE in Finland. The Tasmanian, who has a strong background in motocross, burst onto the international off-road racing scene, winning a special stage on day one of the 2011 event. 

Since then he has been one of the riders to beat at every ISDE and helped the Australian Senior Trophy Team finish second in 2012, fourth in 2013, sixth in 2014 and first in the drama-filled 2015 ISDE.

The recently announced four-rider Australian Senior Trophy Team of Daniel Milner, Josh Strang, Daniel Sanders and Lachlan Stanford will head to Spain in October for 2016 ISDE without Phillips. 

Phillips plans on competing in the 2016 Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) and Wildwood Rock Extreme in November and is looking forward to returning to Tasmania to catch up with family and friends after nine and a half months on the road.


The next two rounds of the Outlaw series, as well as the next two rounds of the WTC’s Alberta trials championship, will be held at Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, on July 30 & 31. ( long weekend)
The current leaders in the series, after two rounds, are given below. It will be interesting to see who makes the trip to Alberta to preserve their standing:

Vintage A	Aircooled mono		Stan Bakgaard			30
Vintage B	Twin Shock (Inter line)	Vic Roberts & Bob Clark		30
Vintage C	Twin Shock (Jr line)	Mark ONeill			30
Sportsman				Bob Clark & Mark ONeill		30
Junior					Sawer Collie & Amelina Smeeth	30
Senior Int				Bob Clark			60
Intermediate				Koltan Morrison			60
Senior Adv				Dave Nunn			60
Advanced				Todd Nordin & Chris Tronnes	30
Expert					Brandon Wince			60
Check out the ATRA Website for a map to the Trial or call Outlaw Dave (250) 545-6139
This great shot from the 70's shows Kenny Roberts leading Stevie Baker and Giacomo Agostini -
not sure who took the pic, but the long tele-photo lens makes things look even tighter than what they
likely were.  - Working for Yamaha Canada during this time,  and meeting these stars,was a highlight of my life .
Check out this video clip of the Norwegian Girls Trials Team at the Recent UK World Round
These gals a good and they are tough - nice to see more and more ladies getting involved in
Trials riding. Of course Emma Bristow of the UK is top of the heap at the moment.
FIM Trial & X-Trial World Championships
Setting up Trials events is not easy - it takes a LOT of work, especially if you run a long  loop
in hilly terrain - Have a look at this pic, of Mick Andrews, and another guy, plotting a section
for a twin shock event.  Climbing up steep stuff, gets more difficult as you get older (Mick is over 70)
And I thought of all the years that Pete and myself did this at Summerland.

And here is my vintage pic of the day - the wonderful Brough Superior immortalized  by DH Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia)
More TRS bikes ready to be shipped to Canada - looking forward to getting some.

Thursday July 21st 2016

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

The brand CZ will return in Loket

The Italian-Czech society, which has the headquarter in Slusovice, Czech Republic, is the owner of the brand CZ. Alessandro Ferrari who is the owner of the company and a big fan of motocross has prepared a 300cc two-stroke bike with the CZ brand to compete the European Championship EMX300 in Loket.

The brand CZ will be back on the motocross scene after 30 years.

This bike has Italian technology and it was finalised in Czech Republic with Czech components.

Between 1958 and 1983 the brand CZ was in the FIM Motocross World Championship with the official Team ČZ Strakonice. The CZ was very strong with the two-strokes but in 1958 the company started with the four-stokes, unsuccessfully.

The CZ factory riders achieved a total of 7 world titles: In 250cc the Belgian Joel Robert won 3 titles in 1964, 1968 and 1969 and one title was won by the Russian, Victor Arbekov in 1965. In the 500cc’s, 3 titles were won by the German rider Paul Friedrichs. In 1975 then the Czech Republic Team composed by Antonin Baborovký, Jiri  Churavý, Miroslav Novacek  and Zdenek Velky won the Motocross des Nations and that was the biggest success for Czech republic in motocross.

The last time a CZ bike was competing in the FIM Motocross World Championship was in 1985 at its home GP in Holice. The production of this bike stopped in 1991.

In those years big names such as Roger de Coster, Gaston Rahier, Sylvain Geboers, Jaroslav Falta, Miroslav Soucek, Vlastimil Valek, Petr Buono, George Stodůlka, Otakar Toman, Vladimir Kavínová, Guennadi Moisseev and many others rode a CZ bike.

Edit:  - In Canada, The CZ marque had great success in the 60’s & 70’s raced by Zoli Berenyi Senior and Zoli Junior.  ( The bikes were sometimes referred to as “Chicken-zappers”

Here is a pic of Martin Spriggs on his old CZ Twin pipe racing back in the day - he just found & bought back this old bike to restore. ( thanks to Roger B for the pic)


It’s going to be a warm day in the Valley with +30 - more like summer for sure, but still a possible Thunder Storm later. - Too hot for this Cowboy, but great for the Tourists visiting the Okanagan.


We’ve heard from Spanish rider Tino Marin, who says that he now has finishing training and has his Helicopter License - so he is now looking for a job !! - we have a few contacts in the Industry, like Chris Hrabb, who flies for Selkirk out of Revy, and of course Brandon Wince is an Engineer at Alpine in Kelowna, so maybe they can give Tino a few leads. - In the meantime, he is looking forward to being at the ATRA/WTC Rocky Mountain House Trial next week.

Click for poster for Outlaw trial at Rocky Mountain House

See the Full poster by clicking on to Trials Canada.


Trials riding is a “Family” sport and can be enjoyed by both Mum & Dad and the kids- with camping trips at events, and if Dad is competing, in many cases, it is quite normal for a young son or daughter, to take up competition riding, which, providing the pressure to “Win like Dad” is not overdone, can be very rewarding, as the whole family enjoy a common sport.

Over in the UK, young James Saunders, is growing up, and with a former #2 World Rider - plus 11 time British Champion, as his Dad, he likely has a lot of talent. - Here he is on the new TRS 250. - We wish you lots of luck James.


Wednesday July 20th 2016

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

It was another stormy evening in the OK Valley on Tuesday, as the unsettled weather continues all over Western Canada.  The rain literally pounded down, adding more damage to the cherry orchards just down the road from our place.  The thunder claps shook the house, and we had short power outages,but at least no trees came down in our area.

We have heard from Steve Foord regarding the Trial he had planned at Fallen Timber last Sunday, he said only 4 people showed up, so they just went out practicing. - No doubt the bad weather, and the short notice of the event, was the main cause of the low turn-out.


The entrees keep arriving every day for our WTC National at Revy on the September long weekend - including one electric bike.  ( might need a very long extension cord for that one to get around the loop)

At the recent UK World round, they had a special class for Electric Trials bikes, but only got three riders.

How about this great Trials shot from 1964 (courtesy Trials Guru) showing Rob Edwards, on the big 4 banger in the Scottish - Of course being an old sod, I remember these Huge, heavy bikes, very well, but while I occasionally rode a buddy’s Ariel, they were just too much for a lad my size.

It’s interesting that with the sport becoming more like a circus at the World level, there is a large resurgence of the old bikes in the UK, ( I’ve mentioned this before) with entry levels at Classic, or twin shock events at an all time high.


As most people know, we stock everything for the Trials rider at Outlaw - We have both Wulf and RAW clothing, with these latest nice outfits in TRS colors.  Check out all the gear, or give us a call for personal attention.
Raw TRS Gear



And finally today - check out this video clip from the UK World Round last weekend. >

FIM Trial & X-Trial World Championships