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Wednesday August 31st 2016

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016


The above pic shows Tino Marin at the 2014 event, carefully watched by Aussie Sam King -  Of course this year, Tino is on a Beta Evo 300 and just loving it.  ( The promotional pics in the program - show him riding my Evo 200)

As the clock ticks away until the weekend, we try to make sure that nothing is forgotten - people are still phoning to make reservations, both to ride and spectate, so it should be a good show.

Just a reminder that to ride this event, all you pay for is the entry fee of $30.00 per day - $10.00 of this goes to the Revy Club. However, kids 15 and under, only pay $10.00 per day.

We can only take cash at the event or cheques, no debit cards (sorry).


This is a cool shot of young Brandon Schmidt on his new EM bike, practicing at Ioco in readiness for the WTC Trial at Revy - it will be interesting to see how he does riding the advanced class.


Here is Adam Raga relaxing before that last World Round that goes this weekend in Italy  - We will have a new TRS 300 on display at Revy, but as this is sold, it will not be available for any demo rides.


Kev Smith took this pic of Tino practicing at Blackfoot Park yesterday !!!

Tuesday August 30th 2016

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016


This is a pic I took of Sam in 2014 going up the face of the quarry - we are using this section again this weekend, but in reverse ( Steep downhill)


A reminder that ALL riders have to check at this event - - look at yesterday’s blog for schedule - you will be assigned a section when you enter on either Friday night from 6pm or Saturday from 8 AM  - PLEASE cooperate and be early - if riders are slow getting signed up it will make everything run late,  Check in at the Revy Riders Tent at the track located at the end of Westside road, just a short distance from Glacier Resort.

We got the news yesterday, that our Grand daughter Hanna had been in a car crash - glad to say she is only bruised up, but very scary. It seems she was a passenger in a vehicle coming home from work at the Sparkling Hills Resort, when the truck skidded on the wet road and hit a power pole. The other young lady driver was also OK except for bruises. ( Very lucky)

I had to zip down to Kelowna yesterday afternoon to take Momma Bear to the airport - she is off to Alberta visiting  her sister. Always a bit stressful to travel when you get older, especially with all the new regulations for boarding etc.


Looking ahead at the weather for the weekend - doesn’t appear to be bad - chance of showers but temperatures should still be quite pleasant,  Don’t forget your bug spray if you are planning on being at Revy - those pesky little mosquitoes  can be annoying.



Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.40.27

Italy stages the eighth and final round of the 2016 FIM Trial World Championship this weekend, at San Pietro Mussolino with Repsol Honda’s reigning and nine times FIM Trial World Champion Toni Bou expected to make it an amazing tenth consecutive crown as he leads fellow Catalan Adam Raga – TRS by thirty-one points.

The Italian round has been a staple of the FIM Trial World Championship having staged three European Championship rounds in the years immediately prior to 1975 when Britain’s Bultaco mounted Martin Lampkin was victorious at Torre Pelice, on his way to becoming the first ever FIM Trial World Champion.


Monday August 29th 2016

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Round 8 winner Jack Sheppard - Beta

Jack Sheppard (Beta) won the very wet and slippery British Championship Trial at the weekend, ending the James Dabill (Vertigo) winning streak. However to be fair, it should be mentioned that Dabill was forced to ride the last loop with his bike stuck in 2nd gear.  - It was young Toby Martyn on another Beta who finished 3rd - his first podium at a Championship event. (pic courtesy Trial Mag UK)

Well yesterday was certainly a lazy day for me, as I never went out the door - Shane emailed to say he felt like he had been run over by a truck - I replied in my case it must have been a Semi.  - Flo on the other hand, was out flagging the loop at Revy - making it three days in a row he has been hard at it.  Thanks buddy.

We will do the last of the carding on Friday, when we get there. -  - Sam is on his way back from China, and I see that young Brandon from Vancouver has been practicing hard on his new EM bike - hope his batteries are quick change items.

I had an email from another guy from Vancouver, saying he is coming out with his girl friend to watch !! he asked what the schedule was so here it is.

Friday evening  riders can sign in at the Revy tent  (all events start and finish at the Track.)

Saturday 8am Rider sign in

Saturday 9 am checker meeting

Saturday 9.30 am  rider meeting

10 am  Junior and Intermediate riders start  ( Checked by Advanced / Experts)

2pm   Advanced/ Experts start - (Checked by Junior/Intermediates)

6 pm (approx)  Results and Trophy Presentation.


Sunday will follow the same schedule with overall Championship awards at 6 pm.


Spectators please note :  Drive carefully while on the Fire Road & watch out for other traffic - also park sensibly.  (LEAVE NO GARBAGE AND BE CAREFUL WITH CIGARETTES)
The Revy Club have arranged for food trucks to be on site, and programs will be available.

Any questions should be directed to myself either by phone or email  (250) 545-6139 or (250) 308-7307 cell  - email  - I will be staying at the Glacier House Resort over the weekend. - You can leave messages for me at the front desk.  ( I will be out on the loop all day Friday)

If for some reason I’m not available, please contact Florian Schott (250) 814-7044


Sunday August 28th 2016

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Check out this pic from yesterday at Revy - Shane & Florian standing on top of a new “Man Made” section in the last quarry.  This is a lot bigger than it looks but should be fun both to ride and watch  - We were out at 8 am on the loop carding sections, just as it started to rain lightly - just enough to get us soaked of course, but we managed to get most of the work done before a huge thunderstorm blew in, with rain pounding down - just as well I was using my Olympus waterproof camera.

We added some more sections - really nice ones for junior/Inter  in the Grassy Knoll area, plus a neat Hill climb section for the Adv/Experts .

Shane took this pic on his phone half way up the Expert hill climb section, which includes a couple of rock steps on the way up,  I’m standing at the top so you can tell this is a lot steeper than it looks in the pic. - Should be a fun section for the riders.

- Once again a big thanks to Shane & Flo for all the work  - I was knackered by mid afternoon and fell asleep in Shane’s truck on the way home. -


Up early today in time to watch the Formula One race from  Spa in Belgium  - another win for Mercedes - this time it was Nico Rossberg who took the win ahead of Danny Riccardo (Red Bull) and Lewis Hamilton.


This pic is from a couple of years ago before heading out to an event - We try to load the van with as many parts and accessories as possible, but if you need anything specific for Revy - be sure to let me know this week.



Nothing official yet, but it looks as though Jack Sheppard (Beta)  has put an end to James Dabill’s unbeaten streak in the British Trials Championship series.


Saturday August 27th 2016

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

We are just one week away from the BIG Trial at Revy, and the programs are all printed up - they will be available at the start for both riders and spectators.   - In 2014, we had a ton of spectators at this event which is so easy to watch, but many people hadn’t a clue about Trials, so we decided to print up this program to give an insight into both the sport and the riders competing, plus a brief explanation of the scoring system and classes.  ( All very confusing to the average person)

My apologies for the quality of the pic, as it was taken in a bit of a rush at 3 30 am.  ( Yes I get up early)  Shane will be here at 6 am and we will head out to Revy to start carding the sections.  - Flo was out all day yesterday building our “Display” section at the start area, which will be the final section for riders each day.  - The expert line features some very big rocks all carefully placed in the latest style - should provide excellent photo ops.


Not sure what the weather is going to do - forecast is for some showers - but at least it will be cooler.  - hopefully this trend will continue and help with the forest fire situation.

Stan called yesterday to confirm that he will arrive on Friday, as will Team Ymir  - the rider coming from Hay River also called, seems this will be his first event, as will it be for the Beta rider coming from Winnipeg.  - Steve Howland from Beta Canada, will start his long trek next week from New Brunswick, bringing 2017 Beta Enduro bikes out West for dealers and riders to see and test ride. - We will also arrange test rides on the Trials models although these will be 2016 units.


Bruce Baker from Revy, is on a 10 day trip through Idaho ,  traveling through and over the mountains, guided only by gps - Not sure of all the details, but it sounds like a pretty wild adventure  - he is posting regular pics of his epic journey, this one from a hilly billy place in the backwoods, once home to 1200 people but now down to 700 since the local mine shut down. ( Looks like they are Trump supporters)


And finally today, our hearts go out to the people of Italy, after the terrible earthquake this week - Like many other companies, Beta are helping collect and deliver supplies to the area.

Friday August 26th 2016

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Kyle  Puhlmann sent me this neat pic of his young son Colton getting some air time on the little Outlaw Beta Electric bike - could this be the next Cody Webb ??


It seems the forest fire the other night  was up on the ridge above our place, and not that far away - it’s just as well they were able to knock it down quickly as there are lots of homes up in that area.


Yesterday I zipped down to Kelowna to pick up the Revy Trial programs from our friends at CS Printers - must say they look good, and I’m sure the spectators will appreciate them.  If you would like one as a souvenir, contact me.


The latest edition of Classic Trial Mag: UK will be available soon and will feature an article on the Yamaha Majesty  - Can anyone tell me how the name Majesty came about, and what it stands for?


Today is Sean Connery’s birthday, and while I’m not sure how old he is, he is one of my favorite actors, especially as 007 James Bond.  - Looking at some of the re-runs of these movies, they may seem a bit “Corny” compared to the modern day feature films  - but there is no denying they were hugely successful at the box office.  - So here’s to ya Laddie !! Have a good one.


And as we are heading into the last weekend of August - Lets hope all the kids had a great summer - The Salvation Army do a wonderful job of helping families all year round.

Thursday August 25th 2016

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

I was chatting on the phone to Beta Importer Steve Howland last night, when it seemed like our house was being targeted by low flying helicopters  - going out on the back porch, we could see a couple scooping water from Swan Lake,  ( which is just a block away from our place,) then flying back over towards Silver Star.  - We haven’t heard where the fire was, but they must have got it out quickly.


Shane took this pic of me at Revy last Sunday - It was very hot, so shorts were the order of the day, but I also have to wear the stretchy Knee braces, plus long socks & long sleeved shirt to protect against the flies ( which should all be gone by the time the event rolls around hopefully)  However a can of bug spray is all part of the equipment as we hike around the quarries setting up sections.

Well, the entrees for our WTC Championship Trial are certainly coming in from all over - we just received one today from Hay River NWT  - that’s a long drive - but not as far as the one Steve Howland will do from Moncton New Brunswick - Maybe we should have a “Longest Travel award”   - we used to have that back in the 70’s.  ( Of course Sam is coming back from China especially for the event so I guess he would get it)

I took this pic of Tino riding my Evo 200 at the ATRA Trial held at Blackfoot Park earlier this year - He lost only a single “Dab” all day.  Sharp eyed viewers, will notice that I have the S3 Titanium header pipe fitted.  The new 2015 200 uses the 250 bottom end, and this pipe adds a bit more “Zip”

I’ve just found out that we have a few more 2016 Beta Evo’s available - so if you know of anybody looking -  get them to call the old guy, it’s the end of the season and we are ready to cut some sharp deals, models include  250 & 300 2T’s plus one 300 factory and 300 4T. - You snooze - you lose.

Love this pic from the Classic Isle of Man practice session, showing Michael Rutter passing the Jimmy Guthrie memorial  overlooking Ramsey and the Irish sea (I think) - on the climb up the Mountain.  ( It’s a very long time since I was over there)


This is a very interesting article on the history of Montesa  - it’s worth reading.…


Wednesday August 24th 2016

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

I took this pic of Shane Bridden at the ATRA  Rocky Mountain House Trial a few weeks ago - it was only his 2nd event, and the first on his new Repsol - Shane who lives in Kelowna, has really taken to the sport, and is helping me with the set-up at Revy. He is being watched by Ben and Roger.


Well, we have just sold our first TRS 300 - it will be going to the North Country, and will no doubt be featured in quite a few pics from the wild later in the year.  - Richard Lawrence is the new owner, and he puts on an extreme ride for his old buddies from Ontario each year, which he calls “Grizz bait”


This is a great shot from the Classic event at Ormstown last weekend - Mick Andrews is on the left (with the can of Guiness) - Helmut Clasen is in the middle, but I’m not sure who the guy is on the right. - it sounds like the event was once again a huge success and a lot of fun.


And here is one of Mick in the Scramble - doesn’t look like he’s slowed down much - He also put on a Trials school for the vintage enthusiasts.


We received more entrees for the Revy Trial yesterday - some people have emailed to say they can’t make it, because of family commitments etc, and one old English rider said, he will be there to spectate or help out, but won’t ride, because he can’t ride dry rocks - only like mud & creeks !!! -  of course we would throw some of that in if we could, but everything is pretty dry out there right now, although I recall that in 2014 the Grassy Knoll quarry got quite muddy - amazingly after a couple of weeks, you couldn’t even tell a bike had been through there.

After careful consideration, we have decided to go with the same format that they use at UK Championship Trials - 3 loops of 12 sections  plus an extra one at the finish .  - This venue is ideal for spectating, as you can drive a vehicle to all the areas where the sections are located, so we expect to see a lot of local folk out to watch.

We got a call from Revy Club Prez Chris Pawlitsky yesterday - he said he was doing an interview with the local media, and asked if there was anything I wanted mentioned - I told him to make sure they know it’s not a “Race” and that the word Trial is spelled just like that not “Trail”


Tuesday August 23rd 2016

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

The big stories today, are about the fires burning in the Valley - the Bear Creek fire flared up quickly, forcing the evacuation of both campers and residents along the Westside road near Kelowna, fortunately, the weather changed to cooler temperatures which has helped the fire fighters get things under control, not sure if our Trials area was effected at all.  The OK Falls fire has also been contained.


As mentioned previously, the month of September is going to be busy with our Revy Trial happening on September 3-4th - then a couple of weeks later, there is the first ever, Hare Scramble at Silver Star - Andrew Christianson is the man in charge of this - which will include a Trials demo by Sammy on the Saturday, and also a Beta Canada demo day on the Friday, which will include rides on 2017 Beta  Enduro bikes  plus interested Trials riders can get a chance to try a Beta Trials bike - We will be up there all weekend.


Blast from the past - the great Sammy Miller riding a Bultaco Matador at the 1971 ISDT in The Isle of Man.


And finally - this was the scene at Lake Louise yesterday.

Monday August 22nd 2016

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

So here is the update on the WTC Trial at Revy - As mentioned in my late report yesterday, Shane & myself were out from Vernon at 6 am - ( which called for a 4.30 start for Shane from West Kelowna) We wanted to get to the Trials site early, before it got too hot, which worked out well - we didn’t bother taking the bikes, as we can drive the truck to the quarries, then hike in as it’s very close.

Florian had been out all day Friday slashing the trail to section #4 in quarry #1 - so we skipped that and started work on sections at the next one ( which will be quarry #3 on the loop)  - All the quarries have   great potential for all degrees of ability, and we made very good progress, although it takes a lot of thought to cater to all the classes.

We spent a lot of time up at the grassy #2 area - managed to figure out  a great   line for all with a very tricky cambered climb for the top lads. - this has become quite over-grown since we used it two years ago, with nice lush grass on the steep hillsides.

We had now been out for over 4 hours, and I was getting pretty tired, as the old knees can only take so much climbing up and down - heading back down the road, we slowed at quarry #1 as I spotted smoke coming from near a couple of parked vehicles, and on closer inspection found some idiot had tossed his cigarette  butt into a pile of dried sawdust etc - right by his drivers door !!   - naturally we were super mad at the stupidity, as another 15 minutes could have seen the whole area on fire.

Shane poured ice water on the embers, and we left a note on his windshield, plus I took a pic of the truck which was later posted on face-book - I’m pretty sure these guys will be getting a call from local Revy riders Prez Chris Pawlitsky

This will be section # 6 - hard to see the degree of difficulty, but nice to have something other than rocks.


This was right by the Westside road near the Revy track - the bear was wandering around sniffing the air - probably could smell somebody’s BBQ - We were actually a lot closer than it appears in the pic, but I only had my small Olympus water proof camera with me.

Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta)  had a great weekend at the Super Trial in the UK, taking a very big win. ( Thanks to Heath & Trial mag for the pic)


In other Trials news, I see that Tino and Foordy won their classes both days at the CMA National in Saskatchewan - no other results available as yet.


And in Moto GP news, Cal Crutchlow won in Czecho - the first Brit to win a GP for 35 years - Rossi & Marquez completed the podium. ( and it rained.)