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Friday September 30th 2016

Friday, September 30th, 2016

So here we are - the last day of September, and what a busy month it was - first we had the WTC National at Revelstoke, which was a great event, with 46 riders, and two days of super competition. - Thanks to Florian Schott of the Revy Riders club, for doing such a great job helping put this on, and to Kelowna new rider Shane Bridden, who traveled with me on the many long days, to work on the sections. - The spectator turn-out was excellent, and the gang even put on a birthday party for the old guy around the camp fire, complete with a yummy cake cooked by Flo’s wife.

The next event on the Calendar was the Silver Star Resort “Rev-limiter” Off road Bonanza last weekend, which saw Sam & Tino put on a dazzling Trials demo on Saturday, followed by an exciting Enduro X in the afternoon, and a Hare scramble on Sunday.  - Both these events have been confirmed for 2017, with the addition of a WTC National round at Silver Star Ski Resort - A first I think in Canada.


Yesterday we took advantage of the nice Fall weather, to go for a ride around the old Outlaw loop at Summerland, with Shane and Graeme.  - It was a chance for me to do another test ride on the TRS - this time to see how it performed on some of the fast trails ( it’s a 5 speed) and to check fuel mileage.

This was my second ride on the TRS, so  I already had it set up for my preference - I find you ride this bike with more weight back, rather than the Beta, so I position the bars a tad farther back.  - It’s very easy to float the front end to steer when going quickly, and the gear ratios  are fine for the trail with the 5 speed tranny.  -( Much better than the Sherco) I found that the TRS got great traction even in 1st gear, with really smooth power delivery.  - We checked the fuel after the 15 km loop and still had lots left, so that answered that question. ( I did take the precaution of having a spare Ltre of Opti-Mix in my specially designed “Stan-belt)

Here is a pic of Shane trying a tricky practice section on the TRS - he loves the bike.

And here he is on his Repsol on a neat little section we made over in the “Back 40″

We never get tired of the wonderful views at Summerland, but must confess that my thoughts were about Pete as I stood at this spot overlooking the valley - we shared so many great times, in this area.


The Ricky Styles Trial goes this weekend at OK Falls - scroll back on the blog to see the poster for this - Rick has a lot of fun stuff planned for the weekend - It all starts late tomorrow.

There is also a Trial at Ioco on Sunday - details on the CPTA web site.

Over in the UK - The last round of the British Trials Championship  goes in Scotland this weekend - James Dabill has already wrapped up the title for Vertigo, in fact he has only been beaten once this year, by Jack Sheppard (Beta) - more news on this as  it happens.


The Beta Canada entourage is in Manitoba this weekend for a race, before heading back to Alberta for more demo rides, Steve Howland and his son Ben, are making an epic tour of Canada, which started four weeks ago in New Brunswick - that’s a lot of driving. - The big push of course is with the Enduro bikes, as that is where the numbers are for the Factory , and Beta have an awesome line up with both 2&4 stroke models in various  engine sizes.


Formula One is in Malasia this weekend - they have a very long Championship Series when compared to other Motorsports - The FIA have just announced the dates for 2017, which may or may not include Canada, as there is some issue with Bernie Ecclestone.

Just saw that Jack Sheppard has his 2016 Beta Factory prepared Evo 300 for sale - he lists it as a 5 speed. - We know a lot of the factory bikes drop one or more gears to save weight - the rumor is that Toni Bou’s Honda is only a 3 speed.


Thursday September 29th 2016

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

We have some great news today, with the confirmation by the Silver Star Mountain Executive, that not only is the “Rev-Limiter” Off Road weekend  a go for 2017.  But they also want  to include a round of the WTC National Championship Trials Series, at the same location. (September)
Obviously this will take careful planning but we feel it can be done, and to have the chance to expose our sport at this World Class Resort, is a huge boost for Trials.

Here is a pic by Gloria Miller, of the pit area at Silver Star, with the Mountain in the background. - This got very busy over the weekend with all the Enduro riders, but there are other huge parking lots,  the whole resort is set up to handle large crowds.  - With both Hotel and camping accommodation, available, and the City of Vernon, only 15 minutes down the road.

We have also confirmed, that the Revy Riders Club, will host Round #1 of the WTC National Trials Championship, which will be held in either July or August.  - We will have lots more news on both these events as the weeks/months go by.  - 2017 is shaping up to be a real exciting year for Trials in BC.


Today I plan on meeting up with Graeme Manning, for a ride around the old Outlaw Loop at Summerland - this will likely be the last really nice day this week, as a cold front moves in and possible snow up on the Coquihalla Hiway. - ( Will post some pics later. )


Here is some news from Jordi Tarres - courtesy Trial Mag: UK

Carlos Checa has visited today the factory TRS Motorcycles and received from Jordi Tarres its new TRS One 300.

The World Superbike Champion 2011 is a big enthusiastic of trials and has chosen the TRS One 300 to enjoy the mountain and training. It is a special unit that receives the number 7 and the frame finished in black.


As most people know our Outlaw Trials Website, gets a lot of visitors from around the World, but even I was shocked to read the latest stats for the month of September - 10,294 hits with over 3500 of those being different fans. ( We usually get over one million per year).


This is some news of what will likely be a neat event, hosted by Malcolm Smith. ( Story from Cycle News)
Malcolm Smith Motorsports is bringing back the legendary Malcolm’s No Wimps Dual-Sport Ride November 6, 2016!

Malcolm’s No Wimps Dual Sport RideJoin the Malcolm Smith crew for a unique and exclusive California ride over 175 miles of varying terrain. The GPS-guided event will leave from the Inland Empire area (exact location to be announced November 1st) and registration includes all route planning, BBQ Lunch sponsored by Husqvarna Motorcycles, T-Shirt and some great rides. Street-legal dual-sport bikes are required with USFS approved spark arrestors — NO ADV BIKES. Minimum fuel range of 60 miles is required. Head over to for details and to register or call 951-687-1300 with questions. $30 entry before November 1st, $55 entry November 1–6.


Wednesday September 28th 2016

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Just one more pic of the Silver Star Trials demo  - There is no doubt that young Sammy King is quite the showman - and knows how to “Work the Crowd”  - He makes a lot of the really difficult stuff look easy, but few spectators realize the hours of practice that go into getting it right.  - The video I took of the crash he took on landing the first “Back flip” - was viewed by a ton of people on FB - and illustrates just how difficult ( and dangerous) some of these stunts are.  - Sam has done that trick dozens of times, without falling - his first attempt was on a BMX bike when he was very young, landing into a foam pit.


The pic I posted yesterday of Al Perrett - got a lot of comments from both racers and Industry people, all of whom have huge respect for Al. - Steve Baker was one of the first to post, saying Al always used to call at his shop in Bellingham on route to Baja.


I did consider going South for a ride yesterday, but then remembered the “Royals” were in Kelowna, so traffic would have been even worse than normal.  - Tomorrow might be a good day to go for another test ride on the TRS.


Tuesday September 27th 2016

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

After four long days up on Silver Star Mountain, the old guy took things easy yesterday - unloaded my van & cleaned up the Beta ready for sale, then posted some more pics & video of the event on Face-book.

Here is a great shot taken by Gloria Miller of Sam jumping over Tino and myself ( Thanks G)  - I remember back in the 1980’s we did a lot of this at Stan Bakgaard’s Trials shows - in fact at one of these in Calgary, I was # 9 in the line up of bodies on the ground, when Steve Day was the star at “Bunny Hopping” - and that was on the old Yamaha TY 250. - I even had the microphone in my hand as I was also doing the commentating  ( got to find that old pic)

Here is another brilliant pic by Gloria of Sam doing his back - flip - he didn’t get the landing quite right - but what a show he put on with Tino on the Beta Canada bikes. ( Check out my video of this on FB)


Now the dust has settled on the Silver Star event, it’s time to look ahead to the Ady Brown and Peter Brown Memorial Trial on October 22/23rd - I was talking to Martin at the weekend, and he said that he and Ross already had a bunch of sections set up at the great Scotch Creek location. - This will also be the final two rounds of the 2016 Outlaw Series.  - I will check out who is leading each class regarding points and post on the blog in the next couple of weeks.


This is a neat promo pic of Steve Saunders and his lad with the full line up of TRS Trials bikes - Outlaw are the Dealer for these for Central BC and Alberta, so if you fancy trying one, give us a call.

In other news, Dougie Lampkin has set another record, the 12 time World Trials Champion - “Wheelied” the total 37.73 mile, TT course in the Isle of Man.  - Although many would ask why? - there is no denying that this is an amazing accomplishment for the Team Vertigo rider.


Meanwhile over in Spain they seem to be setting up bigger challenges for the top riders - here is Adam Raga on the TRS, who finished 3rd.


I see that Indian Motorcycles are back in Flat-track racing with this bike. ( The rear swing arm looks like the old Yams) - They have announced their team for 2017, including the current champ.   - Nice to see the old rivalry return between them and Harley. - My old buddy Walt Healy would be pleased.

Monday September 26th 2016

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Well the first ever Silver Star Mountain, Off road Motorcycle event, is in the history books, and turned out to be a HUGE success.

Sunday was Hare Scramble day, with 150 racers ready to take on the roots and logs of the narrow single track trails that would eventually see them crest the 6,200 ft summit  of the Ski hill. - Outlaw Trials guy Sam King decided to give this a go, although he was still hurting a bit from his crash on Saturday doing the back-flip at his Trials demo.

Sam was riding the Beta Canada RR 350 Factory racing model, the same bike he rode in the Saturday Endurocross, and entered the Expert class even though he has never raced in any event before.  - Unfortunately, he ran out of fuel and had to push the bike a bit, but still managed a very credible 6th place finish.

I  took a bunch of pics near the start line, but not being familiar with the riders, I’m not sure of the names. This pic is the Masters class who were first away. - I posted a ton of pics on FB.


Here is Sam heading into tight woods near the start - lots of riders fell at this point - very slippery after the rain.

Our congratulations to Andrew Christiansen, and his whole Team, for putting on an amazing event - one that is sure to be repeated in 2017 - bigger - better.  - What a show.  ( And it’s only 15 mins from downtown Vernon)

I left before the Trophy Presentation so don’t know who took home all the cash, but I think Bobby Prochnau, finished 1st in the Expert, this following up his big win Saturday at the Endurocross.
The Beta Canada presence was noted by a lot of people, and both Steve Howland and his son Ben enjoyed themselves out on the Mountain.  - Cam Roberge from Salmon Arm,had another great day, taking 3rd place Intermediate, in his first Hare Scramble, on the Beta RR 300.

We enjoyed a great visit with old friends Al Perrot, and Kiempe Van Dyke ( who I first met at the ISDE in Wales back in 1983) - Chris Castles, Tony Allan, Peter Barnes plus many more it was a very nice reunion.  ( Al is only 6 months younger than myself, but rode one loop of the 25 km  course)

Al & Tony share a laugh - Tony wasn’t racing but was there to support son
Tony was able to pick up an old Trophy from Chris Castles who had stored it for him.

In other news - Richard Lawrence is having a blast out on the new Outlaw TRS 300 - He loves getting out in the Mountains, near New Hazelton. BC

Sunday September 25th 2016

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

What an incredible day we had at Silver Star Mountain yesterday - after all the build up and weather worries, everything went off perfectly - Sam and Tino put on an excellent couple of Trials shows - some of the best that I’ve seen, with Sam doing his fantastic back flip - although the landing didn’t go quite as planned, the crowd just loved it.

Then it was time for the afternoon Hare Scramble  - with riders going head to head for a BIG cash reward, - Sam & Tino both borrowed Beta Canada Enduro bikes, and gave it a really good go - Sam was a bit unlucky not to beat Reagan Sieg, when he got hung up on a log, after he had a big lead, and both he and Tino got eliminated.

However, in the B class - young Cam Roberge from Salmon Arm riding the same Beta Race 350 that Sam used, rode really smart, and ended up winning the overall. - VERY impressive.


Here is Sam on the Beta RR 350 - the front fender was broken by Cam in an earlier crash.

And here is Tino on the Beta Canada X Trainer - this was a first time adventure for our Spanish friend, who admits to liking things a bit on the slower side. But he did enjoy his day at Silver Star.

Saturday September 24th 2016

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

What a great day it was at Silver Star on Friday - that’s if you didn’t include the weather that turned ugly in the afternoon - The Beta demo day went extremely well, with about 40 riders trying out the various models, including all 2017 Enduro bikes, plus a couple of 2016 Evos.  -

Here are the Team who have literally worked their ass off to make this event happen at the Vernon Ski Resort - Andrew & his lads, never stopped smiling all day, in spite of the fact that they all got soaked, leading the groups of riders around the loop, on the Beta bikes.

I must apologize to these guys for a post made on facebook by my daughter, who thought I was involved in organizing this event - she means well, and is so used to me putting on motorcycle stuff - she thought I was part of the team, when in fact all I’m doing is posting a few pics, and helped to get Sam there for the Trials show today. Sorry guys.


This was the scene early in the day, before the Mountain got socked in - the Trials bikes are at the back of this sea of red Enduro bikes.

So here is what is happening today up on the Mountain:


Sam will be trying to pull off his amazing “Back Flip” today at Silver Star - if weather permits.

This pic shows part of the Enduro X Track - Riders will compete two at a time over the obstacles today in a “Dash for Cash”  eliminator.

Friday September 23rd 2016

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

It’s Beta Demo day at Silver Star Mountain Resort, with the action all starting early this afternoon - anybody wanting to try either a Trials or Enduro Beta, can do so, ( some paperwork required). This is an ideal chance to see the 2017 Beta Enduro bikes up close. ( They are stunning)

This will be the last stop in BC for the Beta Canada Team, before they start the long trip back East - here the bikes get a wash after the last demo near Vancouver. ( There are 12 models)


The BIG event at Silver Star kicks off tomorrow, with a family ride, followed by a Trials demo with Sam King and Tino Marin - then an Enduro X Dash for Cash in the afternoon, which sees riders compete two at a time on the tricky obstacle course, with an elimination process to decide the winner ( should  be fun)   - I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the area with Chief Organizer Andrew Christiansen on Thursday afternoon, including the 25km Hare Scramble loop planned for Sunday.  - The course takes in neat single track trails, that wind their way to the very top of the Mountain ( 6,200ft) - spectators can see the whole show either down low, or by riding the chair lift which will be running all day.

This is a pic I took from the very top showing the village and valley below. - Absolutely fantastic - and the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is perfect.

Unfortunately the camera tends to flatten out the hill, but believe me when I say it is spectacular.

This is the view from the bottom - spectators can wander around the village, visiting the various open cafes, which makes for a great family outing.


This pic shows the rock pit on the Enduro track - the Silver Star crew have done an amazing job of building this course - the complete hare scramble course is taped on each side, so nobody can get lost - the team have really done a ton of work to make this happen, the first time ever at the Silver Star Resort.


This shot taken at the top Ski lift - looks East towards the Monashee Mountains.  - the down pointed arrows tell the story.

Thursday September 22nd 2016

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Yesterday was the last day of summer - and a very nice one in the Okanagan Valley  - Of course the very best time for riding in the woods, starts now - cooler temperatures and the falling leaves make things magical, plus the fantastic colors add to the spectacle.

Today we will be heading up to Silver Star to check out how everything is coming along for the big extravaganza this weekend.  - Beta Canada will be set up tomorrow, offering demo rides on all the 2017 Enduro bikes - plus there will also be a couple of 2016 Trials models  for people to try ( all you need to do is check in and sign up)  Steve Howland, from New Brunswick, has been traveling all across Canada, showing off these super red rockets - an unbelievable trip, & something that I don’t think any other Importer has ever done. - So Hats off to Steve and his crew, for making this happen.  - Beta have made big inroads into the Enduro market this past year, in both local and International events. - So if you want to try one - here is your chance.

How about this shot from a hard Enduro in Europe someplace  -

Note: Outlaw do not handle the Enduro bikes - being a bit too old and while we used to race back in the day - we now just concentrate on the Trials market.

The annual Junior trials school is this Sunday the 25th at Ioco. This event is for Junior and Intermediate level trials riders who would like to receive some informal instruction on the basic trials techniques.

The event is offered annually by the CPTA free of charge to members. Instruction is provided by Advanced/Expert level club members and the topics covered are generally by request, so if there is something specific you would like to work on you can let your instructor know.

Sign up starts at 10 am and riders will be broken out into small groups. Participants will be required to sign the club waiver. There will be some practice sections set up in and around the staging area. The session will run through the morning with a break for lunch, and if there is enough interest riders will head out again in the afternoon.


We posted this pic on FB yesterday, which got quite a response - The low down for anybody interested is that the bike belongs to Shane Bridden, and is only a few months old.  - He is willing to let it go for $9650.00 - ( He paid over $11,500.00 for it)  contact Outlaw for further info:


We have heard that our buddy Josef, may have broken his ankle yesterday in a practice incident - also on the walking wounded list, is Steve Day, who is recovering from a Hernia operation - and Chris Tronnes, is getting over surgery on his hands.  - being “laid up” when you are a competition rider, is very frustrating, and while the young guns appear to bounce back quickly,  older bodies seem to take longer to heal.


The end of September is always the time, when we send out our Opti Snowmobile Bookings to the dealers, a reminder that winter is not far off - in fact they have already had a big dump of snow in the Banff area.


Tuesday September 20th 2016

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Here is an update on the weekend Silver Star event by Dave Chambers.

Silver Star Mountain Resort Rev Limiter September 24-25…/motorcycle-hare-scramble-and…

POST #900,000:-) I promise there will only be two more!!!!

A few tidbits and important reminders:- Camping…/lo…/accommodations/camping-rv- ********This is a big one!! No riding anywhere on the mountain or in the parking areas other than competitors riding from their vehicle to the race site either EX or HS.************

- Silver Star will run a shuttle bus between the Village and the EX in E lot parking both Saturday and Sunday so spectators can easily view that part of the action.

- Pit Lane will be first gear and no passing!

- Antler Restaurant open breakfast lunch and dinner. Bull Dog might also be open. Both are great! I can highly recommend the espresso at the Antler. Some concessions available in the Town Hall.

- EX practice rental spots still available on Friday the 23rd contact Kyle Phulmann 2503067617.

- Make sure you catch Sam King’s Beta Trials demo on Saturday. He is bringing another pro Trials rider to double the fun and show. - WTC Champ Tino Marin !!!
- Beta demo ride Friday and all their product line on display in front of Pit Lane on Saturday and Sunday.

- Yes there is an easy out on the EX for Sunday’s race!! It will be a dead engine bike push around the outside of the EX.

- There is NO Sportsman or kids race. Saturday Family Fun Ride replaces those classes for this event.

- Organizers have firmed up the timing for the race. 2 hours B and 2.5 A if all things normal. If over 200 riders or raining then 1.5 hours B and 2 hours A.

- Pro pit lane reservations contact me David Chambers on FB Messenger.

- There will be an over 59 Legends Class. Five riders committed at this point and three others a maybe. Legends will start with the Super Senior.

- More info to come this week. Likely one more post on Wednesday and the last you will hear from me on Friday:-)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Silver Star Mountain Resort Rev Limiter!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am a little excited about this?????


The CPTA - Iron Mountain Trial sponsored by Cascade Motorsports last Sunday, had 26 riders, with Alex Walton taking the Expert win, Brandon Schmidt took the Advanced Class, Dave Nunn the Senior 45, Ryan Dey the Intermediate, Bob Clark, the Sportsman, Amelina Smeeth  the Junior, and Dave Bloxham the Vintage.


To see the full poster go to Trials Canada.
Click for the poster for the Brown Memorial Trial (Outlaw Series)