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Wednesday November 30th 2016

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016


Breaking News - after two very successful seasons with Vertigo, James Dabill is moving on - the question is where? - My guess would be Beta  - watch this space for all the latest gossip. - The latest hot rumor is that Dabill has signed for Gas Gas & will ride only in Spain - he will not ride the British Championship Series.  - Beta need a  top rider to compete in both World Trials, and in the UK Championship - Will they surprise us ? Your guess is as good as mine.

Well my pic of Yrgo Vesterinen on the Bultaco, taken by Roger Boothroyd at the 1975 World Round in Calgary, certainly created a lot of interest when posted on face-book - the posts are still coming in from all over, including this one of the results by Dan Farago.
As mentioned in previous accounts of this event, although I spent the best part of a year planning the route and sections for this first ever Canadian World Round, I was so busy on the day riding out front of the entry, to make sure the checkers were all at their sections, that I never did see one rider ride one section.  - The course I had set up, was a very long 69 miles, with 40 sections, and as the torrential downpour the previous day, had made many of the sections super tough, I was getting feed back, out on the loop, saying everybody was taking fives, and the Europeans were complaining, so I eased up a lot on the degree of difficulty.

With Ron Mallett looking after sign up, and a large number of the Calgary Motorcycle Club  acting as checkers, it was  a huge undertaking to even consider hosting this Trial, the first year for the FIM World Championship Series. ( I still wonder how I got talked into it)  - Just in case I forgot, a HUGE Thankyou to all the people that helped out with this event so long ago. - As I said, many including Ron Mallett are now dead, and others are missing from the results sheet.
As I recall, my main buddy, who helped put on the Trials back then, Terry Porter, had taken a job in Toronto, and was unavailable for the months leading up to the big event, and although I did get help from John Whitby, there were a lot of days, when I was out in the mountainous terrain West of Bragg Creek, by myself searching for new trails and sections. ( Something that I would never consider doing now)
Suffice to say, that by the end of that very long day, I was completely exhausted, mentally and physically. - In fact I remember being very disheartened as I thought I had really “Blown it”  -

It was only later on the Monday, when Mick Andrews and Malcolm Rathmell  cheered me up over  supper at the Calgary Tower Restaurant, that I realized what we had accomplished.   - It WAS the first ever World Trial in Canada, and while we (I) made a few mistakes, at least from reading the comments now on Face-book from people like Yrgo Vesterinen, and Martin Belair, - it was a ground breaker and enjoyed by most.

As you can see by the results, there were a lot of Canadian riders - a couple of these are now dead,  Roger’s name was spelled wrong in the results, as are maybe others.  I do have a CD of the event, taken by John Whitby on Super 8 ( no sound) then converted to disc by his daughter Janice, -  John now lives on Vancouver Island.  ( You see a quick shot of myself at the trophy presentation shaking hands with Vesty - I’m wearing one of the white Yamaha Trials caps made up specially for Mick)

Tuesday November 29th 2016

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

To most people, this old Bultaco, might look like junk, but it is in fact the Factory bike that was ridden by Charles Coutard in 1975, and was “Found” in the USA, by former World Champ Yrgo Vesterinen. - The bike has some very special features, and is now being restored by Vesty to add to his collection. We will post a pic of this when it’s complete.


We had a nice long email from Peter Neary from Calgary, with a couple of pics from one of their Indoor practice nights. - It appears that this Friday activity held near Innisfail is quite popular, and certainly a way to keep away the “Cabin Fever” during the long Alberta winter months.


In other Trials news - The VMC had a good turn out of 37 riders at their Lohrmann Memorial Trial, in spite of very wet conditions - this included seven riders from Nanaimo.

A full report will soon be posted on Trials Canada - but the winners in each class were >

Beginner Raquel Cottier

Junior  Rob Edmunds

Inter  Sal Hutson

Snr Inter Steve Mawer

Sportsman  Riley Fergusson

Snr Sportsman  Dave Nunn

Expert  Ryon Bell

Thanks to Roger Boothroyd for the info:

Josef stopped by yesterday, with his Repsol Honda, which we crated up ready to ship to a Victoria customer. - We have shipped quite a number of used bikes across the country, and this is not as expensive as you may think.  ( Last year I shipped a used Beta to Winnipeg for just $120.00)


Although the 2016 Trials season has just ended, we are already planning for 2017 - Just heard from our Revelstoke WTC Rep Florian Schott, that the club now have a new Executive, and they will be letting us know what dates may be suitable for the National next year.

The Final Round of the WTC National, will be held on the September 22/23/24 weekend at Silver Star Ski Resort near Vernon. - This will be a “First” for a National Trial in Canada, and promises to be both exciting with a very full three days of Motorcycle activity, including an Endurocross and a Hare Scramble.

The year will kick off with the first round of the Outlaw Series at Ioco in April, followed by our usual Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek on the May long weekend. ( We will post a full Calendar  asap)

Finally for today - I saw this posted on FB - seems quite appropriate.

Monday November 28th 2016

Monday, November 28th, 2016

As we head into the last few days of the month - there are quite a few reports of Snow in the mountains, but this pic is of the Scottish Highlands, where the organizing team for the 2017 SSDT have already been out scouting new areas for sections.  - As it is with all good events, the planning has to start early.


For many football fans, the Sunday Grey Cup held in Toronto was likely a real thriller - but for me I preferred  to watch the “Downton Abby Marathon” - we only caught the odd segment of this wonderful series, which was a huge hit on PBS Television. - Although I hated the “Class distinction” and snobbery when I lived in the UK, the story which takes place in the early 1900’s, was very well done, and showed  how wealthy people lived in those days. - My Welsh Grandfather was a coachman at a large mansion in that era, but I’ve never seen any old photographs in the family archives.


As it turned out, the weatherman got it wrong for the Okanagan yesterday, and it was quite a nice day - I know some of the lads were out riding - either at Noble Canyon or Bear Creek - we will post some pics if anybody sends them to us.


No reports as yet from the VMC Trial in Victoria yesterday - but I think the whole West Coast was pretty soggy!! - plus they had really high winds that caused some ferry delays.

This is a fantastic shot (courtesy Trial Mag) that illustrates what to me, is the whole essence of Trials riding - beautiful scenery and riding the mountainous terrain. ( nor sure where this was taken)


There was a vintage Trial in Ontario at the weekend - here is a shot of a very nicely restored Aprilia.

Sunday November 27th 2016

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Saturday November 26th 2016

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

The final race of the Formula One Season goes tomorrow and if Nico Rossberg can stay out of trouble, he could win his first World Championship. - He will start alongside his team mate and nearest competitor in the title chase, Lewis Hamilton, both driving for the almost unbeatable Mercedes Factory.  -             Daniel Riccardo was 3rd in qualifying with Kimi Raikkonen 4th.


It was a gorgeous day in the Valley on Friday, so I took time to drive down to Kelowna & deliver some oil - also stopped in at Kelowna Yamaha, but Randy (McBee) wasn’t there. - I noticed that the store was full of Snow bikes. - The boys were likely up in Vernon, where the Snow Show goes this weekend. ( No I will not be going)


Tomorrow is the last Trial of the year for the Victoria Club - probably going to be a wet one - you can see the poster on the Trials Canada site.


Christmas is coming and we have more Wulf Clothing on the way which will arrive next week, the quality is great as are the prices on all the gear which we Import from the UK.


I guess a lot of people will be tuned into the Grey Cup tomorrow - but as I have absolutely no interest in this, I can’t even tell you who is playing. !!


As I can’t seem to find any interesting Motorcycle pics this morning - how about this one ?  love those old World Wat Two planes.

And here is another one - the wonderful Spitfire.

Friday November 25th 2016

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Well, it’s just past 4am in the Outlaw Office, and the only thing that’s “Black”  on this Friday morning is the view through the window - hopefully we will not see any “White” on the ground later as we make our morning coffee.


Looking at some of the latest offerings by the motorcycle manufacturers,  with what to me, seem to be a lot of ugly street bikes - I thought back to the glory days of the British Motorcycle scene, when companies like BSA, made numerous models of the same basic bike under their “Gold Star” emblem.

Customers could buy this bike in standard road trim, or clubman’s, plus both Scrambles and Trials versions, and they also had a USA model, made for desert racing. - Sure made a lot of sense from a “Tooling” perspective.   - But they still went broke !!

Driving past another closed up Motorcycle shop this week in Vernon, reminded me of just how different the market is these days. - The Mom & Pop operations, are slowly becoming a thing of the past, even with Harley Davidson, replaced by huge Box stores, filled with product, but with few sales people who know or actually ride the bikes. ( I hear these stories all the time) - There are exceptions to this, but they are few and far between.

Just last week, I heard about two more dealers in the Interior who will soon be closing shop, and yet another one that has changed hands for the second time within a year. - There is no doubt that this is a tough business, with the Factories all wanting big sales numbers, from dealers, and loading them up with product that is very hard to move when the economy is in a downturn.  - People buy groceries before toys, when money is tight.

So what really is the point of this “Black Friday”?  - While many products such as electronics etc, have a large profit margin for the dealers, when it comes to the Motorcycle market - things are much different, with dealers sometimes selling non-current bikes & sleds at a loss, just to move them, in a kind of “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” business approach.  - not hard to see how this all ends.

For the consumer, this might seem like a great deal, - they get their new bike at a bargain price, but what about the parts back-up ? - Anyway - for me, Black and Friday, just don’t do it.


On a brighter note - things appear to be going great guns with the fledgling TRS company, under the watchful eye of Jordi Tarres - staying small and catering to a specialty market, with dealers who understand the sport of Trials, could be smart - I recall one of the Japanese staff at Yamaha Canada back in the day saying “Go blig - Go bloke !!! - sad to say this is often true.

Here is a nice shot of Steve Saunders, perhaps one of the best Trials riders, never to win a World Championship. - Steve is the UK Importer for TRS.


This is the new 2017 Bosi Evo 300 2T - neat looking bike - complete with lightweight exhaust system

Thursday November 24th 2016

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Today is my brother’s birthday - not sure how old he is, but I’m thinking he must be 83 - still in pretty good health as far as I know, although we don’t keep in touch very much, unlike myself and elder brother Don - Doug never did ride in Trials or Scrambles.  But did have a street bike at one time.  Anyway, with the wonders of modern technology, I was able to send him birthday greetings today.


The other big event happening is of course the USA Thanksgiving, and a bad day for Turkeys South of the border !!!


This is a great pic of Emma Bristow and Mick Andrews taken last year at the FIM Awards Gala. - ( First time I ever saw Mick dressed up)

Pretty lady Emma will be at this event again this weekend in Berlin, but says she will not be wearing high heels, as she still has her ankle in a cast. - Emma is both a Trials and Enduro Champion.


We are already taking orders for the 2017 Trials models, both Beta and TRS - some of these are going to be in very limited supply, so if you already know what you want, I suggest you contact us quickly to get your name on the list   - first come - first served.


If you want to start your day on a high note - click on this link & turn the speakers up !!!

A V4 125cc Yamaha on full chat. .>  yamaha v4 2 stroke 125 race bike


Here is another video worth watching - Tim Coleman on the brilliant Beta X Trainer.

Tim Coleman : Wildwood Extreme Enduro Beta XTrainer



Trials Torque: Sport7 set to liven up World Champs Published Date: 23 November 2016 SPORT7, the company appointed by the FIM to promote the 2017 Trial World Championship, released the calendar early this week, slightly delayed while some final details were sorted – and there’s a big surprise. There are eight rounds in total with two-day rounds at the ‘flyaways’ in Japan and United States the main surprise being that all six of the rounds staged in Europe will features just a single day’s competition. They will still be two-day events though with the first day devoted to official practise followed by a Qualifying session to determine start position – similar to other motorcycle sports like MotoGP, British Superbikes, MXGP etc The new-look season gets underway on May 13/14 – the weekend after the Scottish Six Days Trial ends – at Camprodon in Spain. Just two weeks later Japan follows, at Motegi as usual, when a three-day format will see two days of competition following the opening day’s practise and qualifying. Great Britain kicks-in for Rd5 – after Andorra and France – on the weekend of July 8/9 when the event returns to Tong, Bradford, following its successful debut as a TWC venue this year. The second flyaway follows to the USA and the series ends on September 16/17 in Italy. The Trial des Nations brings the season to a close at Baiona, Spain the following weekend. The Ladies series begins with the round in America, the first time the Women have competed outside Europe while the Trial125 class will contest the opening five rounds – including Japan. All in all the series is being treated to quite a shake-up and we’ll bring you further news on the run-up to the opening round. Said Jake Miller on behalf of the promoter Sport7, “The 2017 calendar is part of the plan to deliver more consistency across the championship in-order to improve the overall standard of all the events in the future. “Our focus is very much on quality, and as such the one-day competition format for all European events is with this in mind. “Our aim is to create two days of great entertainment with official practice, the chance to meet the riders, other extra activities in conjunction with the local organiser plus qualification (for start position) scheduled for a packed Saturday programme ahead of the main event on the Sunday. “We are currently awaiting final approval from the FIM regarding a number of different proposals we have made in order to sharpen things up, and to bring TrialGP up to date and in line with the other motorcycle disciplines in terms of its professionalism now that it has a promoter. “As the calendar shows we have reduced the number of Trial125 events to try to increase entries in this class and are taking the Women outside of Europe for the first time ever having first consulted with the girls. “We believe that qualifying for start position will shake things up, as giving the best riders the best starting positions without having to fight for that right as we currently do now seems like an unfair advantage before the Trial has even started. “We are sure that the best rider will still be the champion come the end of the season, but hopefully the changes we have proposed and the new format will create a much more exciting and enthralling battle at each of the events along the way.” By: John Dickinson

Read more at:

Wednesday November 23rd 2016

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The weather was so nice yesterday, that I decided to take a pic of the beautiful 2016 Evo Factory that we have in stock - this is going at a very good year end price, so shout up quick if you are interested.

It won’t be long before the 2017 Betas arrive !!!!!!!


I saw this on line today  - reminds me of when Opti Oil gave out Coffee mugs with the logo on them - and glasses advertising the Calgary Olympics !! - All still stacked away in the cupboard someplace - I wonder how many people would be interested in buying a “Trials” mug, if I got some made up?


Although Yorkshire England has already had some snow, causing cancellation of at least one Trial, the ground looks pretty green in this pic of John Lampkin, getting ready for a Trials demo - he looks a bit like the Michelin man in that jacket.


I was chatting to one of our old Trials riders yesterday, in Vernon, and we had a laugh about the great times we had in the past, he asked about various people that used to ride in our area, and if they still had bikes etc. - Unfortunately, most of these people seem to have faded away - sold their bikes, or just don’t ride anymore, which is sad really.  - Maybe we should try to contact some of them for an old fashioned “Get together”?  - What ever happened to Tyler Sinclair who bought a Sherco from us, & seemed so keen for a while, or Terry Scott & his son ? -  Fred Zillinger from Armstrong, seems to have dropped off the map, and we never see Barry anymore.  - Hopefully some of these guys will get the urge to ride again at some point - as they say, life is short, and any day out on the bike is a good day.


I wonder how many of our readers  know how to pronounce this word ??

It’s an advt for the Famous musical festival held each year in North Wales, not far from where I grew up. - This is called an “Eisteddfod” - the Welsh name for the event, which attracts choirs from all over the World.  - We used to ride lots of Trials events in this region, in fact I won my very first award at an event near this small town built on the banks of the river Dee.

Hint ! - the double “L” is pronounced “Thlan” - have fun and give it a go !!

Tuesday November 22nd 2016

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

At this time of the year, the Valley’s are often socked in with cloud,  but if you head up the local Mountain for a ride, you break out into the sunshine and see incredible images like this one that Sammy just posted today, from Golden BC, sitting on his Outlaw Sponsored Factory Beta, enjoying the last few days of the riding season, before the snow blankets this area.


The CPTA held their annual Graham Jackson Memorial Trial on Sunday at Ioco, with 35 riders in attendance, on a day that promised heavy rain, but actually turned out not too bad. - You can read the full report on Trials Canada, but these are the winners in each class.  Thanks to Don Doerksen for this info:
Expert - Alex Walton  Beta  11 points

Advanced - Mike Crumly  Ossa  75

Snr 45    - Dave Nunn  GG  40

Intermediate - Vic Roberts  GG 21

Sportsman  - Bob Clark  TRS   5

Junior - Dave Siefort  ?    6

Vintage - Colin Yarrow   Yam  40


This pic just popped up as a “memory”on FB - and indeed I recall this one very well - first day out on a new Evo 300, and got things a bit radical, but managed to hang on.


The video clip today - shows a beach race in Holland - if you want to see something crazy, check it out.

Or if you like the sound of exotic road racers from the 50’s - click onto this one - I saw two of these V8  Moto Guzzi monsters in the Isle of Man in 1957 - absolutely incredible sound, seeing them blast by at over 100mph on Sulby straight -

Moto Guzzi V8 Thundersprint 2012

Or if are a car fan - take a look at this >>



Here’s a great Trials pic posted on the Ontario Vintage site - not sure who the lady rider is or the year, but the bike looks like a BSA Bantam ( Cylinder head looks different though) - I grew up riding mud sections like this - sure teaches you throttle control.

Monday November 21st 2016

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Although the weather forecast wasn’t that great yesterday, it wasn’t raining when I picked up Josef and his Beta 4T Factory 300, & headed South to meet with Shane in Westbank. - The plan was to explore a riding area that Shane sometimes uses for a bit of practice near the Gorman’s Saw Mill, which turned out to be really good. - Here is a shot of Shane jumping an uphill log in one of the tricky sections that I set up for him.


Here’s another one of Shane - he is getting on with the TRS 300 really well.

It was good to have Josef out with us after a couple of months nursing a badly bruised up ankle - his Factory 300 Beta four-stroke  sits on a ridge overlooking Lake Okanagan - as you can see, the snow level is now quite low on the hills.


This is a great photograph of Bob McIntyre on the howling Gilera 4 cylinder at the 1957 TT in the Isle of Man - he won the race setting a new lap record of over 103mph -( And I was there to watch that.)  - Bob Mac, was later killed in a racing accident at Oulton Park.