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Tuesday January 31st 2017

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The last day of the month is starting out cold in the Valley at -9 and the forecast doesn’t look that great for the rest of the week - but it can only get better right?

This golden oldie popped up on FB this morning, & shows me passing a stuck Greeves rider in a Welsh bog, during a Time trial in 1956 - the spotted welder’s cap I’m wearing was a gift from my buddy Bernie Blomer, who spent some time working on the pipeline in Canada. - Helmets were still not required in Trials events at that time. ( Even though this was quite a race - similar to the famous Scott Trial)

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Although the Scottish Six Days Trial is still three months down the road - the super keen riders, are already out practicing rocky creek beds, which make up the majority of the sections.  Here is Beta Team rider Loris Gubian. - check it out.


The first “X Trial” of 2017, goes this weekend and is the 40th Anniversary for these events to be held at the Palais de Jordi in Barcelona - Here are most of the top contenders at a Press Conference.

Note: The Sheffield Event was not classified as a World Championship Round.
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I love this photo - to me it illustrates what club Trials are all about - getting out in the open Countryside on your bike - in this case both being older twin-shocks.  ->

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Looking ahead to February - we have a meeting planned to go over details regarding the WTC Silver Star event - as mentioned previously, this will be a very hectic few days, with a lot happening, so we are still debating which day to host the Trial - at this point it looks like Sunday September 24th.  - We did consider holding the Trial on Sept 17th or Sept 30th, but at the moment it appears we are tied in with the big 23rd weekend - some of the things on the schedule  will be  riding schools by Steve Foord & Lexi Pechout - plus a kids ride - the Enduro X, and the Hare Scramble.

We hope to confirm more on this event later in the month. - Round #1 of the WTC Championship is slated for August 13th at Revelstoke.

It all starts here, with simple turns and body positioning - this is a Spanish Trials School - but we like to teach the basics to anybody wanting to learn Trials Technique. Only by studying video and photographs of themselves, can a rider see what they are doing “Right” and “Wrong”  - Anybody wanting to book a test session on either the Beta or TRS Trials bikes - give me a call (250) 545-6139.

Previo Curso de Trial en Becerril de la Sierra 11 y 12 febrero


In Moto GP news - The tests continue in Sepang - with all brands (except Honda) showing great speed - after a slow start on the Ducati - Lorenzo is now well up on the time sheets - but it was Suzuki new recruit Iannone - who was fast today, with Rossi also in the hunt.


Monday January 30th 2017

Monday, January 30th, 2017

With the forecast being for +5 on Sunday, we were looking forward to a ride with Shane near Kelowna, but when I arrived at our favorite spot, the wind was howling off the lake, and pretty darn cold. - We took the TRS out yesterday for the first time this year, and had a great ride. - some of the snow had melted so we were able to make it up to the fence line above the parking area, but still very slippery and quite a work out for the old guy.  I took a bunch of pics and video ( posted on FB) - but perhaps the best one of the day, was this very last one of Shane jumping out of a hollow not far from where we parked.

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Sharp eyed readers, will notice that we have installed a red Talon sprocket on our demo 250 - only one tooth larger, but it does make a difference, as the TRS is quite high geared, compared to the 6 speed Beta. ( It also looks neat)

As we have mentioned before, getting out on the bike in the snow is great practice for throttle control, with body positioning crucial in retaining traction - the exercise also helps after the Christmas inactivity.

Glad to say that the TRS  both 250 and 300, performed flawlessly - very smooth power & able to pull 3rd gear without a problem, the diaphragm  clutch now used on many of the modern bikes, is light and easy to operate with no slipping or dragging, and the transmission is superb.  All in all a great day.

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As Sunday was a TRS day for us, it’s interesting to note that Ross Danby won the National Vic Brittain Trial in the UK yesterday on his Steve Saunders sponsored TRS - he literally blew everybody else into the weeds, but there were quite a number of other TRS riders well up in the results as well, a sign that the marque is starting to make an impact in sales.

Here is a pic of Danby - courtesy Heath.

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Meanwhile at another  big event in England - Richard Sadler trounced the opposition on his Factory Beta - here’s a nice shot of him showing the nice snow-free  countryside.

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Here is a nice shot of a beautiful vintage Triumph Trials bike - I always liked the “Rasp” sound of these bikes - in fact it’s the sound of motorcycles that really do it for me - sorry for you guys who think electric is the way of the future. ( but they are great for the kids)

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Sunday January 29th 2017

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

This was the best photo I could find to post today - What a message this sends, in a World that is filled with kids walking around like zombies looking at a cell phone.

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I see Eli Tomac won the Super X last night - but the best scrap was for second between Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey - Good to see Reed back in the hunt.


Today I’m heading down the Valley to meet up with Shane - last week I was out on the new 2017 Beta Evo 200 - this  time I will ride the TRS 250 - will post some pics when I get back  >>>>>>>


Saturday January 28th 2017

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

It’s very early on this last Saturday of the month - but I couldn’t help but laugh at this item posted on FB by Christy Williams - reminded me of similar things we saw on Yamaha translations back in the day.

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I’ve had a few people comment recently, about how they like to see the old photographs posted on the blog - so here is another one - this time of riding a Trial in Wales back in 1955.

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There were a ton of British lightweight motorcycles produced in the years following the Second World War - this was a James 197cc with the popular Villiers engine. - Some other 2 cycle makes were - Francis Barnett - Norman - Cotton - Dot - Greeves - Sun - Excelsior - and no doubt others that I’ve forgotten - Triumph had the Tiger Cub and BSA their 250. - Then there was Ariel, AJS,  BSA, Matchless  Norton, Triumph & Velocette in the heavyweight class.  -

John Baxter wrote asking if I had read the book by Bert Hopwood, about the demise of the British Motorcycle Industry - He has a treasured copy, which he will loan me at some future date.

Of course I already knew that this was caused mainly by Trade Unions and poor workmanship, but also the fact that the Mini Minor car was built as cheap transport  for the masses, and that took a lot of sales away from the Motorcycle Industry.  - Then along came the Japanese. - the final nail in the coffin.

The first Snow bike X Games are now in the book and it was Canadian riders taking 1st and 3rd.

More later >>

Here’s a neat video of Kyle Redmond on the Beta  - for some reason Beta USA elected not to resign him for 2017 - He looks pretty good to us.

Don Juan ft Kyle Redmond


Friday January 27th 2017

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Here’s a “Blast from the Past” - that shows me as a very young lad “Scrambling” my 197 James at a place called the  Sand Pit, near Oswestry in the UK - In those days not long after the war, money was tight, and we rode the same bike for everything, including as transport on the road. - I had fitted a different gas tank on this model to save damaging the original ( just as well as I had a big crash while practicing)

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Like most folk, we are fed up of all the political stuff being posted everywhere, - seems as though you can’t turn the TV on without seeing all the BS from both the US and Canada.  - I did watch a bit of the hockey game last night, but another loss for the Cannucks.


We had an email from Graeme Manning, with a bunch of pics from his Mexican vacation - He contacted me about a problem he was having with his Scorpa - but it sounds like he might have got it fixed, with help from a local machine shop. - Graeme hooks up with another old BC Trials rider, Bob Bell, while enjoying the warmer weather South of the border .


The weather forecast for the weekend looks encouraging, with a +5 high for Sunday - no doubt a lot of the snow we churned up last Sunday will now be melted. ( or frozen into icy ruts !!)


The caption I put on this shot from last year was - “Snow is melting - time to thin out the herd”  same thing applies this year as some bikes will be hard to come by - “You snooze - you lose”

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More News as it happens >>

Thursday January 26th 2017

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Breaking News.

Press Release-

Arctic Cat Announces Agreement to Be Acquired by Textron in $247 Million All-Cash Transaction

Delivers substantial all-cash premium to Arctic Cat shareholders;

Textron committed to continued, long-term growth of Arctic Cat;

Combined businesses better positioned to be powersports industry leader

Somebody posted this on FB - to all the Aussie readers on “Australia Day” - So here we go Andrew & Sam. ( That should get a laugh)
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As we head into the last weekend of January, I was thinking that for myself at least, February has to be an exciting month, as for most of us ( at least in the West) it brings hope of an early spring, and a time to get out on the bikes after a long cold winter.  - In fact if I could pick the one month of the year that I find depressing, it would be January, - so lets get it over with and bring on the rest of the year !!

Of course with February comes the rain - check out this video clip of Adam Raga on the TRS in very slippery conditions.   >   Instagram video by JordiTRS • Jan 26, 2017 at 6:12pm UTC Image may contain: one or more people, mountain, outdoor and nature


No this isn’t a pic of the Outlaw Shop - it’s Gordon Farley Motorcycles in the UK. - Not sure how long they have been selling Beta, as Gordon made his name riding for Montesa in the early 1970’s - in fact he was the first rider to topple the great Sammy Miller in the British Championship.  Gordon always wore a spotted woolly hat, when most riders used the traditional “Flat Cap” ( Before helmets became mandatory)
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We are now in our 24th year, as a Beta dealer, and it’s 30years since we started Outlaw Accessories      ( We added the Trialsport later) - Our business has never been about being the biggest - just being the best at what we do, to help our customers, and promoting the sport at every chance we get. It’s more than a business - it’s a way of life.
( End of advertisement !!)

We love this pic of Florian Schott’s little guy at the Revy track - Working with the kids has to be the most rewarding thing for any organizer - and we really enjoy this aspect at our Outlaw Trial in Scotch Creek.  - Florian is of course our WTC Rep for the Revelstoke area, and the main man involved with our National Trial on August 13th.
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Here is a nice pic of Glen Kemp admiring the Mountain scenery while dressed in his Wulfsport Enduro Jacket - These have zip out sleeves, plus a rear pocket, and are made in Scotland, - the quality is second to none.

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Wednesday January 25th 2017

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

As mentioned previously, we did not attend any of the 2017 Motorcycle shows, but this is a nice pic from 2014, when Mountain MC were still the Beta Importer. - It shows our very good buddy Peter Brown chatting to Ron Walsh. - Pete and myself used to spend the day at the Vancouver show, and enjoyed meeting old friends from the past.

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We heard from Jimmy Corkle yesterday, he said there were 13 snowmobile riders, given $300 tickets last weekend in his area near Elko. BC - It seems they have 20 Conservation Officers doing checks for the Off Highway Decals in that region - so be warned - they are going to be out everywhere this year, a big concern for everybody who doesn’t have the sticker on their bike.


Also chatted to Sam King on Tuesday - he brought me up to date on what he’s been up to - seems he had a bunch of buddies over from Oz, and they toured around BC in his bus ( No doubt creating havoc) He mentioned that Tim Coleman might be over this year - possibly be at the Silver  Star event in September.

If the Alberta Government have their way, scenes like this in the Pincher Creek area, will only be captured by hikers, as they plan to stop all Off Road activity in this region. - Check out the info: being posted on Face-book. Local enthusiasts from Lethbridge  have got a petition going.

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Here is my Retro: pic of the day  - Former World MX Champ Jeff Smith. - Jeff moved to Canada to work for Can Am in the 70’s, and raced at the 76 Moose Mountain in Alberta. He now resides in the USA.

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TRS in the News with Trial Mag UK >

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Tuesday January 24th 2017

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

The video we posted on FB from our Sunday ride, certainly got a lot of views - the one of the old guy had over 90 last time I checked. - It’s only Tuesday, but I’m already looking forward to doing this all again at the weekend.

The caption to this photo was “Why we ride” - and a very good reason for buying a Trials bike.

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Without a doubt, there is no better feeling, than reaching a spot like this high up on a Mountain, with the breath-taking scenery stretched out below. - This is one of our favorite pass-times, and also the reason we encourage people to ride our OK Trials, - there is more to Trials riding, than hopping from rock to rock.


This is a great photo by Heath Brindley of Kurt Brain (TRS) winning a high scoring January Trial in the Wessex Center Championship Series. -

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Here’s my “Retro” photo of the day - this is a 1978 shot of Charles Coutard on a nice SWM - a popular bike at that time.

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Some good stuff in this issue - check it out.

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Monday January 23rd 2017

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Well yes, it’s still January, although on the video I posted on face-book late yesterday from our ride at Bear Ridge, I said it was February !! - Old age plays hell with your memory !!

Anyway, Shane and myself did get out for the first time this year, and had a blast - although I got played out pretty quickly having had no exercise & too many calories over the holiday.

I took the new 2017 Beta Evo 200 for it’s debut - and as expected it worked fantastic, except of course brand new tires are very firm, even at extremely low pressure.  - Shane was on his TRS 300, and soon found out that this bike is more than equal to the Beta,  getting traction in the snow - which was, by the way, quite slushy with the +4 temperature. ( very easy to lose the front end)

I took quite a few pics and video, with this smile on Shane’s face saying it all. - Goodbye cabin fever !!

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Here is a video clip that Shane took of me - 4th gear on the 200 was a must to go anywhere in the loose slushy snow.
Now Playing David H Rhodes What a 79 year old guy does on an Okanagan Sunday in February - 4th gear on the 2017 Beta Evo 200.- Better than watching the Football game !! “I don’t want a pickle - I just wanna ride my Moto-sickle” 530 Views 0:41

And here is Shane in the same spot - it was the first time he had ever ridden a bike in the snow.

We found a few brown spots in the parking area, and made up some tight practice sections - there is a slippery tree root on this one, before Shane has to wick it up the hill, then down into snow on an adverse camber followed by a very tricky exit - all very good stuff.

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Later on Sunday night, Lee Usher stopped by, to pick up the new 2016 Beta Factory 300  - we had a great chat, about some of his rides with his two youngsters, Oscar and Nina  - what a great family they are, with Momma bear also helping out at our Trials over the years.

Lee has his 2011 Beta Evo 290 up for sale now - great bike for somebody at $5700.

How about this great photo of Jordi, back in his prime on the Beta !!

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Sunday January 22nd 2017

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

I saw this photograph posted today, which shows Italy taken from Space, an interesting shot ( although one person responded that it was fake) - As recent events have proven, this land is very volcanic, with earth-quakes not uncommon.  - To the right is the Adriatic sea, a wonderful area for people going on vacation, and I often think of the last trip my wife and myself made to Cattolica, near Rimini, riding a 600cc Norton Dominator, in 1963, traveling through France and over the Swiss Alps, to camp on the white sandy beach overlooking the Adriatic - it was late in the season, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.
This is a land full of racing Heritage, with the Beta factory in the North, plus Ducati, Ferrari and other well known manufacturers.  It is a land full of passion for the sport, as well as people who love Opera.

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Today could be the first ride of 2017 - if it doesn’t snow !! - the temperature has been above zero for the past few days, so Shane and myself, will be checking out our favorite spot near Kelowna - I will take the camera along and post some pics later - I will be taking out the new Beta Evo 200, as well as the TRS 250, so we will see how they stack up riding in the snow. ( We already know the Beta is fantastic in these conditions - easily pulling 4th gear gear)  - Shane will bring his TRS 300, so it should be fun, but after almost two months of very little exercise, I’m sure we will feel some aches and pains later tonight.

This weekend has been the Super Enduro of Alles in France, with the three part race, bringing out all the usual Hot shoes - Graeme Jarvis , Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker, and newcomer Billy Bolt, all seem to be well up there to take the overall. - We will post more on this later.


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The Second Super Cross race of 2017,  went last night - we will check out who did what via Cycle News.

2017 Anaheim 2 Supercross Results

2017 Anaheim 2 Supercross ResultsRyan Dungey got the win and, with it, the points lead. Photography by Steve CoxThis video shows Ken Roczen crashing while chasing Ryan Dungey in the Main.



Like Italy, Spain is full of passionate people who  love Motorcycles - but for them it’s mostly Trials - for years, tiny factories have built small numbers of machines for the World Market, with Bultaco being the first to take over most of the sales, back in 1965 when Sammy Miller joined  the company. - The latest Factory to challenge for a piece of the small Trials Industry, is TRS - the brain child of 7 time World Champion Jordi Tarres. - Here is a neat video from last year, showing why these bikes are being bought up like “Hot-cakes” -  check it out. >  TRS – Craftsmen of Dreams


Here is another good video from 1987, showing the top riders competing in the US - including the only American to ever win the World title - Bernie Schreiber - mounted on a TY 350 at this point as his career was winding down.

1987 storia USA GP